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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by tunjilee003: 7:34pm On Jun 17

Just pray make God save you from their hands.

Bybit is notorious for suspending people's account and asking them for useless documents.

If you doubt what I'm saying, go to Reddit and read their reviews.

I think there is a guy on this thread with the same issue.
I'm fed up already
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by tunjilee003: 3:58pm On Jun 17
How can I solve This on my bybit app

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Got Sacked After Asking For My Four Month Salary. by tunjilee003: 8:44am On Oct 31, 2023
Travail of roadside school teachers.

I don du that kain work before was preggers with my first kid,the school owner bro managing the school happened to be my neighbor and also a pastor.

He held my salaries for 2 months,I had to go to his upstair,asked him to pray for us as either one of us would be visiting God that day.
With just 2 days to my delivery.i hate that job with Passion

My mum inlaw had to come get me that day because she was around waiting for my delivery n omugwo,she was the one that freed the man from my grip.

In the evening I got my money in full,the rest teachers were paid halves of their salaries na that day I quit teaching.
Teaching job nor be ham one bit...e be like GNLD job.

Business / Facebook And Snapchat Account For Sale by tunjilee003: 9:53am On Oct 13, 2023
Facebook and Snapchat for sale, send a DM let's deal 🤝🤝🤝...
Sports / Re: Sir Alex Ferguson's Wife, Cathy, Is Dead At 84 by tunjilee003: 6:20am On Oct 07, 2023
I'm not surprised.
Women are better off single or with dogs than men.
why you mumu like this
Politics / Re: President Tinubu To Set New Minimum Wage Next Week by tunjilee003: 4:50pm On Sep 20, 2023
Mtchew. Solution isn't increase on wages, except its 400%, which isn't possible. D solution is to identify the causes of inflation, such as price of fuel, which affected others.any other measure can't work.
I have the feelings increase in wages will lead to inflation

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Crime / Re: Cult Clash In Sagamu Leaves 25 Dead (graphic) by tunjilee003: 6:27pm On Sep 18, 2023
More reason why I avoid Ghetto areas like plague.

If only we voted Obi, I'm sure anything "killings" would have died a natural death in Nigeria by now
rest yiure saying stupid things
Business / Re: In Simple Terms What Makes A Currency To Keep Falling? Use Naira As A Case Study by tunjilee003: 7:50am On Sep 17, 2023
Countries that import more than what it produce will like have its currency weakened, exchange rate depends on the producing capabilities of every nations....
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Don't Want To Stay Idle by tunjilee003: 6:20pm On Sep 09, 2023

Why not try making money with your phone ? There are skills you can acquire that would be a monthly income for you even in camp.. I can hook you up with one if you want.
I'm ready,can we exchange WhatsApp digits
Jobs/Vacancies / I Don't Want To Stay Idle by tunjilee003: 4:17pm On Sep 08, 2023
I just finished my hnd program and I'll be going for service in few months time,nairalanders please help me with something i can be doing before i leave...i stay in Lagos.i will really appreciate your kind gesture....
Politics / Re: LP National Chairman, Julius Abure Urges Obidient Family To Sustain The Momentum by tunjilee003: 4:16pm On Sep 08, 2023
I just finished my hnd program and I'll be going for service in few months time,nairalanders please help me with something i can be doing before i leave...i stay in Lagos.i will really appreciate your kind gesture....
Nairaland / General / Re: At What Point Do You Complain Of Being Broke? by tunjilee003: 4:12pm On Sep 04, 2023

When all you have in your Acc can't buy ur simple Basic Needs. E.g N2000 or N3000. embarassed undecided

I remember in 2014 when I was always Broke because of my Yeye Girlfriend
that I always gave N5000 constantly for her School Stuffs. sad

She later went to Date her Class Coordinator. embarassed cry
And what makes you think wizkid is a stingy fellow
Today I Stingy pass Wizkid and HE PETER OBI put together! sad

They are my HEROES! 😊😎

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: A Strange Way I Landed A Job by tunjilee003: 8:20am On Sep 04, 2023
Your story is fake as Tinvbu is 71 years old

For Allah's sake 2005, Goodluck wasn't in seat and his Mismanagement is PHD of Ebola bulava Regime

Fictional Peter gave your number to the organisation

Hmmmm Oga lie small small

you lack comprehensive skills ,he said due to good luck mismanagement in 2012

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Jobs/Vacancies / I Need A Job by tunjilee003: 12:51pm On Sep 02, 2023
I just finished my hnd program and I'll be going to service in few months Time...I need a job somewhere in lagos.... nairalander ,please help me...
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Of P-square Calls Out GTBANK, Access Bank And Polaris Bank. See Why! by tunjilee003: 11:19am On Sep 01, 2023
Some Nigerians with bank accounts don't have BVN.They are carrying out daily transactions steady.
maybe those with opay and palmpay
Crime / Re: Police Arrest “Yahoo Boys” For Burying New Born Baby In Rivers by tunjilee003: 10:06pm On Aug 25, 2023
Police should leave all these boy abeg, they just want a better life, all na still hussle...At least na small pikin dem bury, no be adult..
oloriburuku e no go better for you
Politics / Re: Wale Edun: FG To Curb Rising Inflation With ‘Cut In Money Supply’ by tunjilee003: 10:28pm On Aug 23, 2023
What best way to do it if not through naira redisgn.
But then again, it should be properly implemented, banks should be given time frames to improve their data base to avoid glitch in transfer or overwhelmed data base.
Empower micro business users with POS like MONEI point and the rest, limit the daily cash withdrawal to 5k for all bvn users account.
You can't transfer beyond 5k to any POS.

I remembered the naira redesign saga gave the Naira strength against the dollar, if only Emefiele considered the SWOT analysis before embarking.
Infact in Abuja, the naira to dollar rate dropped to as low as 480 then.
When these policy is implemented, unnecessary spending would be cut short and it'll improve the naira to dollar speculation.
guess you've forgotten the problems encountered during the naira re-design,alot of people lost their lives...
Romance / Re: Story Of A Frustrated Ex by tunjilee003: 4:59pm On Aug 01, 2023
Block her on all social platforms, that how to deal with an ex
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Been Ghosted By Your Partner? Share Your Experience. by tunjilee003: 7:37pm On Jul 30, 2023
My last 3 relationship/situationship I ghosted them all. I don't need to be told before I can read their intentions.
One tried it and came back to beg. I asked her, "If Bobo didn't break your heart, would you have thought about coming back?". She was all about the lies and shii- Telling me she was with another guy while thinking about me and it was obvious she wasn't over me, that's why the other Bobo broke things off with her.

The next one stood me up when I had already made plans for our dinner date. She didn't even call to apologize. I just deleted her number straight and cut communication. She called and called, sent me multiple texts. I just replied her with "I am busy, I'll talk to you later".
The one that just ended this year, I was noticing some funny tones and behaviours when we talk on phone. She hardly replied my texts, always telling me about guys wooing her just to fill her ego-meter and trying to make me feel jealous. I just shook my head and smiled to myself. I just went "Willy-Willy" mode on her. She got the message after calling me a few times and I was cold in my replies. Told me she missed me, wanna hear my voice and I was like "Oh, really? OK, you've heard it,are you OK now?".

I learnt to smell their BS from a mile away and take off before they even realise I'm gone. They most times come back if they notice that you don't really give a damn.
I'm not a redpiller but I learnt a thing or two from Ubunja smiley
alpha male


Foreign Affairs / Re: How African Leaders Are Carried In Russia Vs In England (Photos) by tunjilee003: 5:02pm On Jul 30, 2023
That's an unfair comparison. During the death of the Queen, there were guests from all over the world coming to the UK. In the picture above, Putin invited a few African leaders to a meeting in Moscow.

Besides, the UK is a country that takes strict steps to manage their resources, unlike broke African countries living an extravagant lifestyle. When Boris Johnson was the British PM, he often travelled in the economy class of British Airways, but a broke Nigerian president always flies a NAF jet anywhere he goes.
you're talking off point..
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Been Ghosted By Your Partner? Share Your Experience. by tunjilee003: 5:01pm On Jul 30, 2023
Currently,I ghosted my gf,travelled 10km to pay her a visit, while using her phine she used another guy as her wallpaper, ever since then i didn't even bother to call her...its been two weeks now..

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Been Ghosted By Your Partner? Share Your Experience. by tunjilee003: 4:59pm On Jul 30, 2023
Currently ghosting my partner

Had bank issues and doesnt have access to funds this weekend. She was the first I told and didn't even bother to ask her for money since she is always claiming that she doesn't have.

Only for me to overheard her female friend on phone telling her “thanks my love, God should keep blessing you so you send me more “

She sent her money yesterday when we had non at home thinking I won't find out.

or your babe is lesb


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have They Increased Your Salary? by tunjilee003: 4:15pm On Jul 28, 2023
I wake up everyday with the thought of how to escape this rat race called job!

How long will I exchange time for money.

Time is limited, so if you are paid for your time, you already set the limit of your income to the limit of your time.

Wise up guys, earn and own assets
make una rest,shey naso e dey easy to earn and own asset
Business / Re: Fuel Subsidy: 9 Money-Making Opportunities In Nigeria’s Auto Gas Value Chain by tunjilee003: 8:15pm On Jul 13, 2023
Nice ideas. But this is not the solution.
The law of demand and supply will set in thus making auto-gas to go up.
Dumb leaders we have.

Give chance to women to try they refused. They keep taking us in cycles.
we should allow women to ruleso you people can make decisions based on emotions...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Lack Of Adequate Employment In Nigeria by tunjilee003: 4:24pm On Jun 09, 2023
Pride is the problem here.
Till date, no graduate has agreed to work in my shrine for N250k.
tell us more about your Shrine

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Family / Re: Delta Man Cries Out For Help Over Wife Allegedly Assaulting Him Repeatedly by tunjilee003: 9:50pm On Jun 05, 2023
To even go into marriage these days is scary, marriage is meant to be fun..

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Health / Re: Incredible Moment Paralysed Man Walks For The First Time In 12 Years (Pictures) by tunjilee003: 9:00pm On May 27, 2023
Hope religious people are seeing the wonders of science 🔭🔭🔭


Romance / Re: Funny Response Only: Why Are You Still Single? by tunjilee003: 7:02pm On May 03, 2023
We are finished in this country!!!

Is it not Ironical when a trader is steadily rolling out understandable and realistic statistics on how to govern a huge state like Nigeria, then a supposedly first class graduate of accountant rhetorically asked “na statistics we go chop?”

I ask again,,

Does Emilokan know the meaning of GDP?
emilokan is an accountant
Romance / Re: Share Experience About An Emotional Moment With Your Ex by tunjilee003: 5:26pm On Apr 25, 2023
My Ex is a very confused girl. We dated with a no cheating condition. I kept my own part but she didn't. Any small argument she will be the first to raise her hands on me simply because she knew quite well i won't beat a woman. I couldn't take it anymore so, i ended the relationship. She boasted to getting married the next month and i wished her well. Fast forward to last month ending, I saw her at front of Shoprite Asaba, she's now into hook-up. She was surprised to see inside my new car, with my son inside.
I feel for her


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Did This... by tunjilee003: 11:01am On Apr 25, 2023
Why are you so I secured? What it she's celebrating his birthday or something? Do you know the impact the guy had on her life before you came along?

Very insecured thing angry
a guy she used on her dp before my phone got faulty for more than three weeks
Romance / My Girlfriend Did This... by tunjilee003: 9:36am On Apr 25, 2023
my phone was faulty since last month,so i had to repair my phone yesterday,I opened my WhatsApp to chat her,what I saw was scary..
she had changed her profile picture to someone else's own,a guy...I challenged her,she said he's just a friend... ever since yesterday I feel like blocking her from all my social media platforms....
Phones / Re: Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus 5G Full Review + Price (photos) by tunjilee003: 7:34am On Apr 23, 2023
If you go to China, and pay a jobless tech worker $50 and he will create this phone for you.

C.E.O of redmi dey use iPhone 14
Davido brand ambassador ifinix dey use iPhone
Olamide brand ambassador itel dey use iPhone
Gateman for Tecno headquarters office dey use iPhone 12

These phones are so worthless in China
They can't sell in in Europe or America

So they flood them into Nigeria market
And our mumu just dey show like 3D
Anything China dump for here
See as Nigerians dey rush am

No wonder they release new junk every week and Nigerians will still pay.

China make una chop these foolish Africans. 200k for this plastic junk lipsrsealed
mr man,before you talk down on people's product, Nigerians buy what they can afford not what they like and they're okay with it

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