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Properties / I Want To Move Out After My Rent Expiration by uchedydy: 4:12pm On Feb 18, 2020
Hello Good people,

I am living in a 2 bedroom flat in Port Harcourt, and I want to leave at the end of my rent. I pay 350,000 annually and wish to relocate to a different part of the town.

Being that I am a peace loving person ,I called my landlady and informed her that I may leave at the expiration of my rent and demanded for a lil time to look for house.
She flared up and said I must leave on the dot of the expiration or I pay 6 months rent.

Please I want to ask, what is the position of the law on leaving your apartment when your rent expires.

I wish to know cos I always like following the law, I know I should have just kept mute and start playing on there with excuses of no money till I get a place. But I choose to do the decent thing.

Please who is knowledgeable on this should guide me please.

Thank you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy For Marketer And Business Dev. Officer -port Harcourt by uchedydy: 8:53pm On Jan 16, 2020
Hello all,

An IT company needs the services of a Markerter. Please see requirement below.


Career / Vacancy!! Vacancy!! Port Harcourt-Read Through. by uchedydy: 7:18am On Jun 01, 2019
Hello house,

I saw this advert somewhere and wish to share it with folks in Port Harcourt.

Maybe someone here might get it

Post is for Graphic Designer, portal admin/social media person

Also for a receptionist.

Science/Technology / Re: Facebook Locked Me Out, Demanding For Identity Authentication by uchedydy: 4:48pm On Mar 29, 2019
Thanks all, my account had already been reopened on the strength of the documentation I sent to them as I was typing and I did not know.

However, I totally appreciate the information and link sent by concerned nairalanders. I have always believed there are more reasonable people here than lowlifes, that's why I brought the issue here. I got my first job in a bank, zenith bank, via credible information I got here over 10 years ago, so I have great regard for this forum.

For those who feel insult is free in freespace, I leave them to their will.

Gracias all.

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Science/Technology / Re: Facebook Locked Me Out, Demanding For Identity Authentication by uchedydy: 3:14pm On Mar 27, 2019

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Science/Technology / Re: Facebook Locked Me Out, Demanding For Identity Authentication by uchedydy: 3:11pm On Mar 27, 2019

Lol employ me? Funny you, your dumbass got banned and “your staff” can’t help you solve the ish that you have to bring it on Nairaland. Anyway where solve I send CV or should I post it here since Nairaland is your office.

No need talking with a lowlife like you. I won't make u any more important by responding to you any further. But to clear your doubt, I am an entrepreneur with businesses in IT, Automobile and e-commerce. Next time it would in your own interest to be nice and civil on social media, you don't know who would help you. I repeat, it would pay you more to be respectful and civil on social media, insults don't add to your person at all. If someone makes a request and you don't have solution for the person, just pass. You would benefit more.

You may also decide to ignore this advice, but someday you would understand. Remember attitude is everything, in business, family and everything.

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Science/Technology / Re: Facebook Locked Me Out, Demanding For Identity Authentication by uchedydy: 10:27am On Mar 27, 2019
Out of all the worries in the word, it’s Facebook you are worried about. How old are you?

Too bad you are this daft, I can comfortably employ you as one of my staff. So next time, please think before you talk or keep quiet.
Facebook is more than uploading pictures and looking for girlfriends. Don't show your stupidity here.


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Science/Technology / Facebook Locked Me Out, Demanding For Identity Authentication by uchedydy: 9:43am On Mar 27, 2019
Hello everyone,

Please I seriously need assistance on my facebook account. My facebook wall tells me I need identity validation, that I should bring an ID card, I have brought and submitted my voters card with my name on it, yet no response from them for over two weeks now.
Please note that my name isn't different from my FB name.

Please who had experienced this, please assist me so I can get out of the quagmire. I really need my facebook page for legitimate business.

Attached is the screenshots of the message I get on facebook

Thanks for your expectations.

Politics / Re: Festus Keyamo's Brother Remixes 2face Amaka To Buhari Disappoint Me-video by uchedydy: 5:06pm On Oct 20, 2018
Politics / Festus Keyamo's Brother Remixes 2face Amaka To Buhari Disappoint Me-video by uchedydy: 4:57pm On Oct 20, 2018
Festus Keyamo's Brother, Endurance keyamo has made a remix of 2face's Amaka disappoint me. In a video in his studio which be title Buhari disappoint me, the man used his remix to state unemployment and other areas that Buhari has disappointed him.

Endurance who is also an MC and Comedian, with stage name MC Moutopause is well vast in his area.
And need I say, he has a first class degree in economics.

Please enjoy the video

Politics / Re: Nigerian Man Starts Bicycle Ride To Abuja For Atiku -pics by uchedydy: 12:08pm On Oct 13, 2018
Front page please @lala.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Man Starts Bicycle Ride To Abuja For Atiku -pics by uchedydy: 11:20am On Oct 13, 2018
More pictures

Politics / Nigerian Man Starts Bicycle Ride To Abuja For Atiku -pics by uchedydy: 11:19am On Oct 13, 2018
A facebook user, maxi Dubem from Ikeduru, in IMO state, today started a bicycle ride from owerri to Abuja for Atiku.
The man who wore an "Atiku disciple" crested cloth say he is overwhelmed by Atikus choice of an expert in Peter Obi and wants to raise sensitization for Atiku via his actions.
He called on people to follow and track him.

He started from owerri and is currently in Amaraku, a city after owerri.

Below are his pictures.

Sports / Re: Super Eagles Line Up Against Croatia. Etebo, Ndidi Mikel,omeruo Starts by uchedydy: 11:27am On Jun 16, 2018
I think tyronne ebuehi should have replaced shehu abdulahi


Sports / Super Eagles Line Up Against Croatia. Etebo, Ndidi Mikel,omeruo Starts by uchedydy: 10:51am On Jun 16, 2018
Upload shows Croatia and eagles lineup.


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Career / Certified Riverbed Engineers Urgently Wanted For Deployment To Site by uchedydy: 10:24am On Feb 12, 2018
Hello all,

We are in need for Certified Riverbed Engineers for immediate deployment to site.
Renumeration is attractive.
Contact sales@neuralict.com, phone 08030986360
Crime / Re: Lady Kills Her Uncle Who Tried To Rape Her In Enugu (Photo) by uchedydy: 7:12pm On Oct 28, 2017
She did nothing wrong.

You must be very silly, useless girl. A life is lost and you say she did nothing wrong. Did you hear the man's side of the story. Or u think people are still blind to the cover up people women use rape to do now. They slap you, it was due to an assault on them, you slap them, it's an assault still. Fool!!

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Politics / Re: Igbo Marginalisation: Why Does The South East Have 5 States. by uchedydy: 7:19am On Sep 18, 2017

Imo State Total Area : 5,530 km2 (2,140 sq mi)

Bayelsa State Total Area : 10,773 km2 (4,159 sq mi)

Now you have the figure, which you could have easily source by yourself.

Bayelsa is twice the size of Imo state

This land mass you are so concerned abt, who even created it and channelled it to south south, remember delta and edo was bendel state in Midwest and channeled to south south. Why not channel it to south East during the creation of geopolitical zones. You people reason as if it's not humans that created these zones and assign states and land mass to it, for instance, etche in rivers was East, but the carved it into rivers and called it ss. anioma was East, they carved it and gave to south south, even tho the niger river played a role dia, but there are many instances were there is no river playing any role in the land seeding.

My point is, these land mass and population was not small before the war, it was a clear cut idea after th e war to make it small, by carving out a south south so as to weaken the bargaining power of the east. Do you kn how many core igbo people that was carved to rivers?

When we argue and make inputs, let's do so knowing that it may be our turn tomorrow, cos truth is, there is always a justification even for the worst injustice put out by the perpetrators.

I ask again, equity be slaughtered on the other of landmass and population.
Politics / Re: Igbo Marginalisation: Why Does The South East Have 5 States. by uchedydy: 7:04am On Sep 18, 2017

At Independence in 1960 there were 3 regions, Western, Eastern and Northern regions. All from 2 protectorates, Northern and Southern

Today Eastern region has 9 states - Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Rivers, Cross-River, Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa

Western region has 8 states - Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, Edo, Delta.

If you genuinely have a true sense of equity, shouldn't you be campaigning for additional state for the western region to make it equal to the eastern region in number of states?

Does it not tell a lot about the prevailing Psyche of the easterner to feel marginalized over this issue while the westerners are calm and not feeling inferior to the east with 9 states while they have 8?

Will it be fair to the West to make East 10 states while 8 states remain in the West? If East gets 1 states is it not fair to add 2 more states to the West?

After all the above do you still feel easterners are the most marginalized over the number of states issue? Is all the agitations and needless deaths justifiable over this issue?

When you point 1 finger don't forget the remaining 4 are pointing back at you

Bros, I wonder why u intentionally want to drag us back....are we talking of 1960. So because you want to win argument, bayelsa,rivers is now south East. Hmmmm ok
Politics / Re: Igbo Marginalisation: Why Does The South East Have 5 States. by uchedydy: 9:58pm On Sep 17, 2017

You people sud av voice out during Jonathan time that you need more states. I think he's in the best position then to do it.
Why now?
When you're talking about having more states, what of south-west,how many do they have?

South West has 6 states, North East has 7 states. All other regions has 6 states, south East has 5 states.

On Jonathan, plz remember Jonathan is from bayelsa (south south), not south East. I am not bothered abt the politics of it, as to Jonathan or buhari, but the on how a region is denied development just by a single inaction of not giving it up to the states other regions have.
Politics / Re: Igbo Marginalisation: Why Does The South East Have 5 States. by uchedydy: 9:53pm On Sep 17, 2017
[quote author=reuben79 post=60563488][/quote]

I think am done with you. Yes you.
Politics / Re: Igbo Marginalisation: Why Does The South East Have 5 States. by uchedydy: 9:49pm On Sep 17, 2017
The South East have the lowest population in the country and have by far the smallest landmass. Every other region is at least double the size of the South East. Oyo state alone is as big as the SE region and many states in the North are bigger - some far bigger. We need to rid ourselves of the obsession of creating more states. Nigeria has many states as it is which aren't viable. If anything, if we're serious about restructuring which would bring about autonomy, states need to be talking about merging together and not this state creation rubbish.

So on the alter of landmass and population we are justified to slaughter equity. Have you wondered the amount of development that is denied the south East by virtue of having 5 states.
Consider this: if the "least " state in the country goes home with 2billion naira montly from farc. It means the this amount in development is being the se.
In 1 year...2billion x 12= 24billion naira
In 4 years.. 24billion x 4= 96 billion naira.
96 billion naira direct worth of development denied the se from farc, not to talk of private investments like banks and other foreign agencies that would set up in the state and impact the life of people of th e area.
Politics / Re: Igbo Marginalisation: Why Does The South East Have 5 States. by uchedydy: 9:34pm On Sep 17, 2017

Not clear, typical error I guess

I mean a state as small as bayelsa, is a state. Now bayelsa is so small it has 8 abi 9 Local govt areas... So if it's by landmass, why wud bayelsa be a state and south East can't have an extra 1 state for equality at least.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Marginalisation: Why Does The South East Have 5 States. by uchedydy: 9:31pm On Sep 17, 2017
why r u nt complain dis during d jonathan government?why now? cos no more lootin nd free contracts...............

Like the usual myopic Nigerian, you won't address the issues, you have gone towards politics, that is uncalled for now. Plz address the issue at hand or keep calm for intelligent young men and women to contribute.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Marginalisation: Why Does The South East Have 5 States. by uchedydy: 9:01pm On Sep 17, 2017
@nedfed, serious? Please also tell me why bayelsa of 8 lga can is a state. If it's by landmass.
Politics / Igbo Marginalisation: Why Does The South East Have 5 States. by uchedydy: 8:38pm On Sep 17, 2017
Let me say this: this is not a sessestionist idea. But why does south East have only 5 states. Whereas all other regions have 6 states, even the North East has 7 states.

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Crime / Re: Female Travel Agent Wanted For Duping Victims In Lagos. Photos by uchedydy: 9:44am On Jul 30, 2017
Can someone help me pronounce her name please? Am having difficulty with that. And plz don't go there, am not NCAN member, I just wanna learn tribal names biko.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Good Evening,thread For Npower Applicant That Are Yet To Receive SMS . by uchedydy: 8:47am On Jul 22, 2017
Please I registered for Npower teach, no text message. Should I have cause for worry?

Also, my sister registered for Npower health, no text yet. And the date is almost gone for the test. Please help.
TV/Movies / Re: BbNaija Housemate, Kemen Disqualified And Evicted From The House by uchedydy: 7:18pm On Mar 05, 2017
Lesson for every man, if woman no rock u, no body could. Since woman made me get 3.47 cgpa (2.2) instead of 2.1 in the university, I have learnt my lessons. Even tho I am doing well now, but I would never play with woman.
Fear woman, most of them are evil.

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Celebrities / Re: Between Pretty Mike And His Ex-Girlfriend by uchedydy: 8:30pm On Jan 24, 2017
For all u haters, una go dey dia, pretty mike go turn celeb....be like say na misbehaviour dey sell now.


Sports / Re: Jordon Ibe Robbed At Knifepoint, His N9M Rolex Watch Stolen by uchedydy: 1:41pm On Nov 21, 2016
No be this idiot say im name no be Jordan Ibe, we should call him Jordan Iybe.
So wetin carry your news come Nigeria.
Anyway na your layabout papa I blame, am sure he is one of those lousy Fathers that don't see anything good about home just because they travelled abroad.

No worry, next time, na ur manhood dem go steal.

Ewu ofia.
Family / The New Anomaly Called Feminism. by uchedydy: 4:27pm On Nov 07, 2016

Personally, I love and respect women, I feel they put in so much and deserve to be cherished. But this new madness called FEMINISM is really getting out of hand and needs correction by well thinking men and women. These days its easy to see women who blatantly say things and turn wisdom upside down just in the name of FEMINISM, for example, Chimamanda Adichie, harassed a reporter who addressed her by her husband’s surname, not for the noble reason that, as many people think, the 'Chimamanda Adichie' is a brand name and so no need to change it, but that she is an independent person, why should she change her name to that of her husband. She even question why her husband can’t change his name to hers. Personally I think that is silly. Tell me your name is a brand, like BEYOUNCE or RIHANNA, then I get it, but bringing that feminine lousy argument to it is just disgraceful and I abhor it. Come to think of it, when women talk FEMINISM and demand for equal right, i ask these question. Can there ever be equal right without equal responsibility?

Sincerely, I do not have a problem with a woman striving to be a great woman, I would encourage my wife to do so...but my worry with these 'FEMINIST' whose idea I dislike with passion is that they keep contradicting themselves. They want equal right at home, but they don’t want equal responsibility. When it suits them, they say 'be a man', same people would say 'treat me like a lady'. They would want a man to spend millions and give them a massive wedding and pay massive bride price, they themselves paying relatively lower amount, and same people would look for equality....hmmmmm, how can you give your right out and still want it? Abroad, they go dutch, equal payment, but let a man ask the woman to assist in paying bills...then that would be permanently in her memory as an anomaly if she eventually pays...but when a man pays all the bills, no issue, still they want equal right.

Granted, many women are coming up to the party in the family circle and assisting their husbands, that is commendable, but why spoil it with this equal right nonsense, when you can be bold enough to have equal responsibility. Besides the kind of respect and love btw couples preached in the bible or even quoran, is it feminist in its ideals.

Finally, I think our father’s generation was cruel to women, but our generation has really helped them a great deal, let women not push it too far. If a gender is being oppressed now, I think is the male gender, for instance, in times of war, they say women and children are priority to be saved, In Titanic, they save women and children, in disaster, women and children...so who saves the men? We have Min of women affairs, where is the Min for men affairs or even boys affairs? Who talks about the boy child as much as reference is made to the girl child welfare? When in pains, a man is expected not to cry, when a woman jilts a man, the man is talked off and told to go and make money that women would come, but when a woman is jilted, the man is a devil. A man is expected to work hard and provide for his family, and gets bashed as 'stupid' if he fails. Has this world ever been fair to men?

We love our women, but this newly invented power play and FEMINISM isn’t gonna take both sexes so far in our mutual love, and knowing that women need love and attention, I think it would hurt them more instead of helping them.
Please this is not a post on hatred for women, cos you don’t love your wife more than I love mine, but let’s say the right thing and save our homes.

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