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Health / Re: I'm Not Passing Urine: Somebody Should Help Me. by UcLloyd: 2:43pm On Oct 08
Bro what you have is prostrate cancer.... Your prostate has been enlarged to block urine path ways....find a way to leave what you are doing and go to the hospital....am 100% sure its prostrate.. Talking from experience

N:B if it goes on for 7 days without you passing out urine...am sorry you might loose your life

Which cancer? So benign prostrate enlargement no dey again? You guys can confuse people. OP disregard this man, you might have an englarged prostrate. Most of the prostrate enlargement are benign

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Health / Re: I'm Not Passing Urine: Somebody Should Help Me. by UcLloyd: 2:33pm On Oct 08
Somebody should please help me.
I'm in a rural area right now for a particular contract job that will take up to 2 weeks to be completed hence, making it difficult for me to visit hospital right now..

Since morning, I've been drinking lot of water but yet urine is not coming. Through out today, I only forcefully pass a little urine, as little as a handful of water.

I hope this is not the end for me.
I'm scared

Mods please help me push it to FP maybe I can find help pending the time I'll leave this rural area and go to my hospital

How old are you? Not being able to pass urine is in your prostrate gland. I hope yours is not enlarged, cus an enlarged prostrate gland causes difficulty in passing urine. Stop drinking water till you find out what's wrong, you're filling up your bladder
Education / Re: Bawa To Students: No Shortcut To Wealth, EFCC Will Catch You by UcLloyd: 9:21pm On Oct 06
It's obvious you don't know him. Sir, not everyone stole or used short cut to get to the top in life. Go and read the oil subsidy thieves he investigated and burst over 10 years ago. I am sure that by tomorrow if Rotimi Oyedepo, the young EFCC prosecutor sending ending the careers of corrupt SANs like Rickey Tarfa , becomes a SAN tomorrow, you will cry short cut, abi. Sir, guys like Bawa don't sleep and wake up on social media. Kyari that mixed his career with social media is now in a mess.

In life, the top is not crowded o. The Komolafe guy the Senate approved his appointment to be the pioneer head of the Upstream regulatory body today has 3 degrees in Engineering, Law and Industrial Relations with long years of hands on experience in upstream, downstream and policy strategy formulation.

Stop this joke before somebody believes it

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Family / Re: My Wife Is Having An Emotional Affair With Her Pastor by UcLloyd: 12:50pm On Oct 06

first, stop reading blogs that define relationships.

lets go practical. I speak the truth and it might hurt.

your wife and you got married not because you are best of friends but because you both seem to meet certain societal requirements you both set for yourselves. You wanted a virgin and a church girl from a good home. She wants a good man with a good job who will love her.

This is where the problem starts. You and your wife might be married but you are not friends. She needs someone to be free with and currently you are not..the pastor is.

Here is what you should do.

First ball is you. Are you the kind of guy that is not easily approachable by the wife on petty things? If you are, you need to change. She must have access to you on everything. If she thinks about ABC, she must be able to gist about it with you. Be more open. As regards sex, she is a learner...teach her...Sex is not just the penetration. Learn about taking it sloowwwww....For the next few days, make love without penetrating her. make her relaxed, give her a good massage, help her clean her ear, arrange her hair, help her try on different clothes, just lie on the bed and gist, kiss and cuddle, give her head, cut her toenails, do everything that involves touching but no penetration. This will loosen her more.

Take the pastor's phone number. Call him and tell him you are XYZ's husband. Don't allow him to 'pastorize' you. Tell him you have seen the chats and you are disappointed. Tell him he should never contact your wife again or he is going to see hell on earth. Tell him you will come into the church during service to embarrass him if he doesn't stop contacting your wife. Tell him you will report him to Winners Headquarters in Ota and via social media then hang up the call.

Next ball park is your wife. Sit her down and have this conversation with her. Tel her the most important relationship she has is the one with you. Every other one is secondary. Tell her you would love her more if she can make you her friend. If she has any thing to discuss, She should be free to do so with you. Show her love. Show her that she matters. Gist with her.

You will win her back

This is poo. What too many American romantic movies can cause. Clean her ears lol. The wife is stupid and disrespectful. U were caught, yet u continued. In this life, peace of mind is everything. If the Op stays with that lady, one day she will kill him with heart break and stress. If she can still go ahead and keep Unholy communication with her pastor after the husband asked her not to, she doesn't deserve that home. Divorce won't kill ur kid Op, but your wife can kill u with stress and heart break, Use your head

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Phones / Re: Iphone 13 Series Price In Nigeria, Kenya, And South Africa by UcLloyd: 10:02am On Sep 17
just so you know, it's illegal to own iPhone in the whole of Africa. Apple haven't licensed the sell of their devices here. So relax, Apple no even send African market

Why are you so backward in life? How can you say this kind lie?
Celebrities / Re: Uzoma Ohiri: Nedu Wazobia's Ex Wife Accepts Having A Child With Another Man by UcLloyd: 5:25pm On Sep 05
I think both of them contributed to the failure of their marriage, the woman, more than the man.

How could you be sleeping with your sister's husband till the point you got pregnant by him and pinned it on another man?

I think it's fair for them to go to the court to resolve their custody issues.

You will twist just about anything to defend your gender. Both of them contributed you said, yet you failed to name one thing Nedu did wrong based on your understanding. And just so you didn't read, he won custody, yes He did. Your comment reeks, I hope it ends on nairaland

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Health / Re: Please What Is Breaking Out On My Skin ? by UcLloyd: 10:58am On Aug 26
This bacteria infection, happens during raining season. Wash your towel, air your towel, avoid hanging ur towels on the door or wet places. Buy a good antifungal cream and rub. Change your soap to a medicated soap immediately. Keep your room and bathroom airy. It will disappear if you do all these
TV/Movies / Re: White Money Confirming He Is From The Street. by UcLloyd: 9:30pm On Aug 23
LA click, LA bend
Politics / Re: PDP: Oyinlola, Agbaje, Imoke, Jonah, Others In Race To Succeed Secondus by UcLloyd: 12:39pm On Aug 15

Oga you’re dreaming...

Power will return North ... will really want to argue with you... but you’ve not been outside southwest or anywhere north

You can come from heaven .. no be my business

Osibanjo is not selling in the north... what has he done for Northern Christians in his tenure .. talk more of Northern Muslims

East and south ... won’t vote osibanjo for anything..

Na only yorub they shout southern President... no other southern region is buying the idea..

So which Yoruba candidate is sellable in the south east north. .. maybe southwest?

Anything other than SE unseats the Southern Accord. If the whole South won't come all out for SE, let the North take back power. Enough of the SW shenanigans, they're the reason North keeps taking power. SE or the north takes back power, that's the stand of the igbos.

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Politics / Re: PDP: Oyinlola, Agbaje, Imoke, Jonah, Others In Race To Succeed Secondus by UcLloyd: 12:35pm On Aug 15

One good thing about Nigeria politics, SW know their way around. 2023 won't be different.

And when you are talking about South, kindly speak for your region SE... SE are not even in the scheme of things politically in Nigeria..

We are waiting to see how you guys would use your mouth to campaign for another Fulani in the name of Atiku...

We shall wait to see how Atiku would defeat any Southern candidate in the 2023..

Same Atiku that was given the opportunity to change the epileptic situation of our power sector but instead worsen it by inviting Mikano to the country and scattered everything.

We are patiently waiting

Truth is, the only candidate that will defeat the North will surely be from SE. No such thing as Southern again. I don't believe how SW expects SE and SS to vote for them against the North, when they should be coming together to align with SE and SS to help SE win. Anything other than SE from Southern is a sell out and won't fly. How do SW expect SE to support them when the whole south should come together and deliver power to SE
Career / Re: Your Thoughts On Nigerian Banks Salaries 2021 by UcLloyd: 5:35pm On Aug 13
Stanbic GT is from 350.
if you are a contract staff with them who just got converted and you have less than 2 years, You're given BTA 1 (Banking transaction assistant). The salary band max is 190k.

If you are a contract staff with them with 2 years or more experience and you get converted, you're given BTA 2.
the salary band max is about 280k.

these salaries are also dependent on the location you are posted to. If you are posted to back office operations, you earn more than people posted to branches.
This is asides appraisal bonus every march and profit sharing. 12 month salary and other benefits.

stanbic converts their contract staff. if you are not more that 33 if i recall correctly. they dont accept HND. if you have HND you will have to convert it to bsc.

Banks pay entry staffs 350k, I'm doubt o.

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Investment / Re: Recommend me a Business ( Offline ) To Invest N1m by UcLloyd: 5:23pm On Aug 13

I wouldn't want to talk about it publicly though, I earn online and transfer daily.

But you want a public advice on investment? How selfish. You don't want other students to learn from your feat abi

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Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Hacked PS 3 Superslim With Games by UcLloyd: 11:06am On Aug 11
Crime / Re: Wesley Pessano Santarem, Crypto Trader, Shot Dead In Brazil by UcLloyd: 3:46pm On Aug 09
how does he derail every thread and not get banned? mynd44
. So you're a male
Celebrities / Re: Aneke Twins - Chidiebere And Chidimma Celebrate Birthday - Pictures by UcLloyd: 8:04pm On Aug 07
Damnnn niggar

You're on every Frontpage post my nigga. Are you the silent partner of Seun?
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Hacked PS 3 Superslim With Games by UcLloyd: 4:36pm On Aug 06
Hacked superslim PS3 with 5 games. Fifa 20, Far Cry 4 , call of duty advanced warfare, GTA 5 ,Watchdogs. 50k Owerri is the location. 0902 762 7971
Business / Re: AGSMEIS - Nirsal Loan Applicants Rejected By Government by UcLloyd: 4:47pm On Aug 05
What of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund? Any news on that?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FMM Graduate Trainee Programme Placement. Who Else Got Shortlisted? by UcLloyd: 8:39pm On Jul 27

I'll assume this is the first time you're taking an online test.

All the same, NO, a computer with webcam is not required except if stated in the email you received, which I believe is not.

I can see you're told to confirm your availability, (do that first), this sounds like dragnet, if I'm correct, dont waste time jacking, just get a good sleep this night and write the test with a fresh undisturbed and swift brain tomorrow.


I remember writing a dragnet test in enugu years back. These guys are mean and unprofessional. I'm an applicant, yes, but you can't treat me like trash. Thank God I later got a better job elsewhere. I bash all of them and still forced them to allow me take the test. I hope Dragnet has changed and also changed some of thier staffs as well


Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Xbox1 Games For Sale by UcLloyd: 1:14pm On Jul 23
More games available

Can I see ur list please? The new ones. You're legit, bought Nintendo Switch from you and I was impressed
Politics / Re: Igboho Wept Like A Child, His Wife Was Crying Too - Lawyer by UcLloyd: 9:47am On Jul 21
grin grin grin grin

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Immigration Or DSS (Urgent Advice Needed) by UcLloyd: 9:45am On Jul 21

Courtsy of the above post in which esteemed Nairalanders were of immense help (thank you).
Now the options are between Immigration and DSS so which one should I go with I need the pros and cons of the two.
N.B safety is my topmost priority. Not money.
My qualifications are BSc Political Science (a 4pointer) and a two-year diploma (distinction). Thanks once again esteemed Nairalanders.

Since security is your priority, immigration it should be. DSS takes you on transfers unnecessarily, unlike immigration.


Autos / Re: Registered 05 Camry. 1.6m by UcLloyd: 3:43pm On Jul 18
1.6m for a used Camry. Hmmmm
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Euro 2020 Kicks Off Today by UcLloyd: 3:20pm On Jun 11
Either of Italy, France, Portugal is winning this

Portugal won't even make it out of the group stage sir.
Adverts / Re: Direct Tokunbo Engines And Gearboxes,,bodyparts by UcLloyd: 9:07am On Jun 08

#230k....direct tokunbo

Whereas my guy got 150k for 04 4plugs EOD Oga

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Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Xbox One With 7 Current CD Games(SOLD) by UcLloyd: 9:31pm On Jun 03
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Xbox One With 7 Current CD Games(SOLD) by UcLloyd: 9:22am On May 27
Make an offer
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Xbox One With 7 Current CD Games(SOLD) by UcLloyd: 7:50pm On May 17
70k... i will pay for waybill to Lagos

Chat me up
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Xbox One With 7 Current CD Games(SOLD) by UcLloyd: 11:24am On May 08
Make an offer
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Xbox One With 7 Current CD Games(SOLD) by UcLloyd: 12:32pm On May 07
Still available
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Xbox One With 7 Current CD Games(SOLD) by UcLloyd: 1:04pm On May 03
Xbox One with 2 pads and 7 current CD games for sale. With fifa20, need for speed, GTA 5, quatum break, call if duty, tomb raider, battlefield and Forza Horizon 3. Location is Owerri, 07053604598

Price 110k

Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Hacked Ps3 Extra Slim With 5 Games Including Pes 21. by UcLloyd: 7:07am On Apr 29
Does it have Fifa? I don't play PES .
Music/Radio / Re: Nigerian Idol Jury Should Be Disbanded: Opinion (photos) by UcLloyd: 8:45pm On Apr 18
I watched one episode, Asika was moved by the contensant voice, then after the performance, Sose asked him to speak first, the ode passed it to Sheyi, Sheyi shay in her blindness and deafness bashed the poor guy. What pissed me off more was I expected Asika to counter her, oga just agreed with her. Asika was obviously impressed. I think the show was built around Sheyi Shay. Asika is worse than others, oga is clueless


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