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Politics / Re: Akpabio: I Was Called Killer Herdsman By Men Of God After I Dumped PDP For APC by UMAR911(m): 8:12am On Mar 29
God is with you, only few of you don't differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian. By the way we're all one and serving the same God.


Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Calls On Atiku, PDP To Form A Parallel Government by UMAR911(m): 4:07pm On Feb 26
So PDP can not loose election now? Sick man.
Politics / Re: "The North Never Told Us They Do Not Like Suffering And Poverty" - Fani Kayode by UMAR911(m): 8:37am On Feb 26
See a doctor pls
Politics / Re: President Buhari Spotted At His Farm In His Hometown Daura, Katsina (Photos) by UMAR911(m): 7:18pm On Feb 24
I pity some people in this life. . . We all don't know where we'll be in future.
Politics / Re: Mary Efeturi: Amaechi Holds Me Hostage With Military, Wants Me To Write Results by UMAR911(m): 12:51pm On Feb 24
What's the source and prove
Politics / Re: Atiku On Course To Win, Buhari Should Pack His Bags – Fani-kayode by UMAR911(m): 6:35am On Feb 24
Scammer, little thief.
Politics / Re: You Must Accept Defeat. PDP To Buhari. by UMAR911(m): 6:12am On Feb 24
PDP Wants to start causing problems again.

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Politics / Re: Maiduguri Under Attack On Election Day, 7 Explosions Occur Within 10 Minutes by UMAR911(m): 6:53am On Feb 23
Pray for Maiduguri and Pray for Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Won’t Return To Aso Rock If I Lose On Saturday – Buhari by UMAR911(m): 4:14pm On Feb 22
Inn Shaa Allahu you'll surely win.
Politics / Re: Moses Jolayemi: Buhari Doesn't Know How To Send Text Message by UMAR911(m): 3:51pm On Feb 22
And so what?
Politics / Re: INEC Set To Announce Staggered Elections by UMAR911(m): 3:39pm On Feb 21
What of if Reno Omoke is totally wrong
Politics / Re: PMB In Lagos: See The Original Video That Was Allegedly Edited By Reno Omokri by UMAR911(m): 9:24pm On Feb 09
We will get there gradually
Politics / Re: Nigerians Blast Buhari's Son-In-Law, Ahmed Indimi For Comparing PDP And APC by UMAR911(m): 6:31am On Feb 07
Naija... What of if the facts are real?
Politics / Re: Benue Youths Wash The Ground As Buhari Leaves Makurdi, Burn Brooms by UMAR911(m): 11:41pm On Feb 06
Poor people, where are Gov Ortom Family? I think they should have also per take on the sanitation. . . .
Politics / Re: Why Saraki Should Be Declared President Now – ADC by UMAR911(m): 2:03pm On Jan 28
Politics / Re: Onnoghen: Osinbajo Is An Embarrassment, Should Be Stripped Of SAN Title - Fayose by UMAR911(m): 4:01pm On Jan 27

Legally Nigeria is a country built on a clear written constitution.The 1999 CFRN is such a document that Nigeria practices.Its section 1(1) of the 1999 CFRN makes it as a supreme document that binds on every citizen and institutions that honestly and genuinely believes that it is within the confine of any enabling provision.It is therefore impretive that any action done cannot be said to be a coup against any institution in Nigeria.

The recent upheavals in Nigeria judiciary which by section 6 of the Constitution is one of the Arms of the Government has as its head the Chief Justice who by all implications is a Nigerian who must equally respect the efficacy of section 1(1) of the CFRN is unfortunately found to be robbed in certain infractions is a big constitutional aberration.

It is necessary to explain some silent questions which hids certain factors tend to paint the Federal Government and by extension the President of the Federal Republic black.These silent issues that beg for the answers are:
i- Is CJN not appointed by section 230 (1) of the 1999 CFRN.
ii-Is it possible that CJN does not know of the existence of Code of Conduct laws.
iii- Is CJN not supposed to respect the provisions of Code of Conduct as stipulated by the provisions of Fifth Schedule Part 1 of the CFRN.Why then that CJN blantantly told the World that he has forgotten to make declarations of his assets upon his elevation to the position of CJN.
iv-Why is it that the CJN refused to honor the CCT invitation having being served with the CCT documents through his Personal Assistance.
v-Why two courts of co-ordinate powers that is Federal High Court and National Industrial Court gave orders to CCT.Is it not to cause confusions into the system.
vi-Why should the Court of Appeal ruled that CCT should stop entertaining the case against CJN having know that CCT is the only Tribunal conferred with the powers to handle breach of Code of Conduct by public officers.

In a Nation that practices democratic system of government under three clear Arms of Executive,Legislature and Judiciary under the supremacy of a President who doubles as Commander-In Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should watch to see to these dangerous drifting.Will the President not be regarded as not failing on his constitutional roles as the custodia of Nigeria.

Therefore the suspension of CJN is never a coup against the Nigerian Judiciary but a good step to safe the integrity of the judiciary as well as to enable the suspended CJN ample opportunity and time to prove his innocence.

Nigerians should avoid any sentimental actions and allow the law to take its rightful course. May we be guided.

Barr.Lakpene Yusuf Bida.
Politics / Re: Own Goal!! APC Shares Throwback Of How Saraki Sacked Kwara CJ. Nigerians Reacts by UMAR911(m): 12:16pm On Jan 27
Nigeria Government did not sacked the C.J rather suspended him pending the outcome of corruption charges laid against him.

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Religion / Re: Apostle Little-David Foc: ‘Atiku Will Win 2019 Presidential Election’ by UMAR911(m): 8:43am On Jan 27
Only Almighty God Knows Tomorrow, Pls the prophet should tell us when he'll die. Thank you.

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Politics / Re: US Embassy Reacts To The Suspension And Replacement Of Chief Justice Of Nigeria by UMAR911(m): 3:24pm On Jan 26
Still on the Suspension of the CJN, Ghani Rotimi wrote:

Part of the problem with our public debate is lack of knowledge of the facts driving the debate and a lot of sentiments. So on this issue I will try to explain what the President meant by the former CJN and his legal team using their privileged position to undermine the judicial process.

When this matter first came up, the CJN did not appear in Court. Why? He could not be served personally because he rejected service! Now no other person in this country can try that and get away with it but the CJN did.

When in Court, his array of SANs filed a motion challenging jurisdiction of the CCT and insisted it must be heard. The CCT said it will hear it but the accused must first be arraigned before any question on jurisdiction and this is elementary law that the accused must first take a plea because that is how proceedings are commenced. The former CJN still did not show up and his legal team instead filed an Appeal. Will he say he was not aware of proceedings that was carried even by international media houses? Of course not but he was simply abusing his power by ignoring judicial proceedings! No other person can try that and get away with it.

While the appeal was pending, several Courts Ex-Parte granted injunctions restraining a competent constitutional tribunal from doing its work even though they had no appellate jurisdiction over the tribunal!!! Even the industrial Court granted a restraining Order!!! Industrial Court!!!! All sorts of Courts were issuing all manners of Court Orders to protect the CJN who until now had ignored a quasi-judicial proceeding.

In other words, the continuous stay of the former CJN in office was impacting and impairing the ability of the CCT to do its constitutional job. Then the government brought a Motion on Notice seeking that the CJN steps aside and the President replaces him with the next in line. Apparently, the same motion was brought Ex-parte and for ex-parte applications the other parties need not know. As we now know, that application was granted.

On Wednesday, we witnessed the unbelievable!!!! The legal team of the former CJN filed a Motion to Stay of proceedings at the Court of Appeal however, there was no Ruling from the Lower Tribunal in the Record of Appeal! Ask any lawyer who has done any work at the Court of Appeal, an Appeal cannot be entered without a copy of the ruling or judgment included in the Record of Appeal because it is at the heart of the case at the Court of Appeal! That is why you are there- to complain about the Ruling or Judgment! The only alternative is to apply under the Court of Appeal Rules to Depart from the Rules!

In this case no such application was made but somehow, the appeal was not only entered within hours with Appeal number given, the motion filed based on that appeal was slated for hearing! Counsel to former CJN admitted to this irregularity and addressed the Court for 2hrs urging that his Motion for Stay be granted. Again, ask any lawyer, no ordinary Nigerian can get this because this procedure and practice is unknown to law. The Court however, reserved its ruling for 30th of January but granted an Interim Stay till that date which in the circumstances was the right thing to do.

What is the point of all this? Evidently, the former CJN was using his position and office to push the entire judicial system beyond its limits in defense of himself. Whereas he alone was the first to admit that he forgot to remember that he had $700,000 in a domiciliary account. He alone could not explain why he had not touched his salary for 18 months! He alone was later discovered to have $3,000,000 elsewhere!!! And someone says ending such acts of abuse of office to shield questionable acts is a fight against the judiciary? Is the judiciary the harbinger of such? This is the same judiciary that produced erudite Jurists like Justice Niki Tobi, Justice Kayode Esho, Obaseki JSC and many many other eminent men!!! Can the conduct just chronicled stand beside the records of such greats? Please let no one ridicule the judiciary.

Finally, beyond our support for one political narrative or another, we must always ask ourselves what kind of Country do we want to build for ourselves and our children. PMB has done his part and even if he loses or wins in February, it does not change much because he has achieved almost all his heart desires. The man is 76!!! But we the young ones are still here with a country to live in! If we support such behavior then we are sowing the seed for an unfair, unjust and ultimately a pariah state!

In sum, the CCT gave an Order which to my mind is the proper Order to give in the circumstances. Let no man be allowed to throw the weight of his office around in defense of himself especially a lawyer and in this case a respectable Justice of the Supreme Court. The bench is a sacred chamber and a holy ground occupied by men, great in their courage, boundless in their knowledge and unsurpassed in their moral rectitude. No one has said Onnoghen JSC is not but in the light of the allegations against him and his admissions/responses let him prove it just the way an ordinary man will because we are all equal before the law.

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Politics / Re: Tanko Muhammed Has 32 Kids - Reno Omokri Reveals by UMAR911(m): 1:54pm On Jan 26
Only, 32 is small.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians React to the suspension of Walter Onnoghen by UMAR911(m): 9:16pm On Jan 25

The great soothsayers of Nigeria played with the Supreme Being and denied PMB Leadership of Nigeria in 1983 and in three other times till 2015.

These soothsayers were with the fear that,PMB if allowed to ascend the leadership position of Nigeria their buttocks with frightful long hairs would be exposed.Thus they called him names such as tribalist,religious bigotry and anti south.

But watch these his objective approach to National issues.In 1983,when he was a military Head of state,he had a Northern Yoruba as his Chief of Staff.The three times he fought for the elections he each time had Southerners as his Vice President.Each of these were also Christian brothers.

The Soothsayers failed to believe in Allah/God and HE showed them HIS supremacy and in 2015 made PMB as the President of Nigeria.They did everything possible to stop him but to no avail.They attempted to eliminate him from the surface of earth.All to stop him from give to Nigerians what the leaders are supposed to give them but denied them only for themselves and their cronies.

Today PMB is on the chair and he is making everybody happy.From Maiduguri to Lagos all said '' Sai Baba''From Delta to Lagos all clamoured for Baba Buhari.The testimonies can be seen everywhere he moves to.A President of the people and for the people.At 76 years he moves about like a ball while others are like snail in action.The difference and reasons are quite clear which is to strive for positive things for other without an iota of illegalities.

Since his coming Nigerians are getting better and better every day as:
i-Farmers are smiling to the banks as a result of his ardent agricultural policies.
ii-School children are happy in their schools with the feeding policy
iii-Market men and women are empowered with Tradermoni and other economic empowerment.
iv-Road transporters and commuters are happy across the 36 States with good motorable roads.
v-Railways are back on the rail,making movement easy,cheap,safely and enjoyable.
vi-Peace and tranquility returned to Nigeria despite all sabotages
vii-International respect returned to Nigerians world over.
viii-Light moved from mere 2800 megawatts to 7000 megawatts within three and half years of sojour.
ix-The great Nigerian wailers are crying about helter skelter for PMB not to return to the power.While the majority poors are on daily basis trooping out praying for this great masses emancipitator to return come 16th -2-19.

By HIS grace the poor masses fervent prayers for the return of this great man of the downtroden shall be back on his exotic seat on the 16th February 2019 to seal his good works for Nigerians.
May we be guided.
Barr.Lakpene Yusuf Bida.[color=#006600][/color]

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Politics / Re: Buhari Speaks On Suspension Of CJN Onnoghen (Full Statement) by UMAR911(m): 6:56pm On Jan 25

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Religion / Re: Prophet Wale Olagunju 2019 Prophecies About Nigeria, Saraki, Buhari, Agbaje by UMAR911(m): 8:46pm On Jan 24
Everything about this Prophet is 2019 Election, For me only God knows tomorrow.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Full Speech At Chatham House,london by UMAR911(m): 11:02pm On Feb 26, 2015
God bless the good leaders of our dear country "Nigeria". I sincerely pity and have concerns for the people in this house 'Nairaland' cos most of us here are ignorant of what's happening in this world as a whole. Just remember we're all humans and one day we'll all die, do good and good deeds will follow you to your grave. GEJ or GMB (politics) must not change who we are and the love we have for another, I'm at the opinion of us embracing one another in respective of our religion or tribes. One Nigeria pls. . . . !!!


Politics / Re: Jonathan Campaign Team Disowns Fayose's Death Advert by UMAR911(m): 7:11pm On Jan 20, 2015
We'll all die sooner or later and Fayose should no death is inevitable and he might also be the first to die. . . May God help us all.

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Politics / Re: Crowd Escorting Buhari To The Palace Of Emir Of Kano (Pics) by UMAR911(m): 5:32pm On Jan 20, 2015
# I feel bad for some of the people that quote ill statements of people (Nigerians) all because of politics, I wonder one day where they'll find themselves and the situation. Let's respect ourselves and love one another. May God see us all through here and hereafter... Amin!

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