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Autos / Ford F700 Spare Parts by unikwa: 6:32pm On Mar 20
Dear auto experts and mechanics,

Are spare parts available in Nigeria for Ford F700?
See photo.

Health / Corona Virus Vaccine by unikwa: 8:14am On Mar 20
Dire warning about Coron virus vaccine

Foreign Affairs / How The USA Does Census by unikwa: 8:52am On Mar 15
Nigeria is faced with a lot of problems. Most of it self-inflicted. Based on this, I'm certain the census is the last thing on people's minds.
Nevertheless, a nation needs to know the count of its citizens.
So here I'm sharing info about how the USA does it.
I hope our leaders take a cue from this.

Business / Re: 5% Charge For Bank Deposit by unikwa: 3:50pm On Mar 14
As far as I remember, this has been put into action since

The rules start April 1, 2020.

This is Nigeria...

Nigerians are too docile. The politicians know Nigerians won't do a thing about it. And they will still vote the same way in the next election. That is why the people are treated badly.
Nigeria is the easiest country to be a politician. If anybody speaks up, they lock him up.
Politics / Re: How We Plan To Manage Economy In This Crisis Period - FG by unikwa: 9:22am On Mar 14
I think senators should accept lower pay for a few months.
Business / Re: 5% Charge For Bank Deposit by unikwa: 9:13am On Mar 14
Imagine a bank deducting 15,000 naira as as processing fee on your 500,000 naira deposit. It calls to question if I am working for myself or I am working for the bank.
What is 5% of 3,000,000 ? What is 3% of 500,000. What exactly is the purpose of financial institutions? Is it to reap people of their earnings? What exactly are they processing with over 15k

You are exactly right. This is daylight robbery.
Developed countries build infrastructure, which help businesses create jobs for the people. The people in turn pay taxes that fund government.
Nigerian government refuses to develop infrastructure. Instead, it chooses to dip into bank depositors' hard earned cash.
It won't be long now before people return to keeping their cash at home, instead of allowing 5% of it to be taken by banks.
Business / 5% Charge For Bank Deposit by unikwa: 5:03pm On Mar 13
Dear Valued Customer,

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in its updated Cashless Policy has directed that all cash deposits above N500,000 for individuals and N3,000,000 for businesses will now be subject to charges Nationwide effective April 1, 2020.

This is in addition to the cash withdrawal charges already in existence.

Going by the above, all amounts in excess of the advised threshold will attract the following charges.

Account Type // Withdrawal/Lodgment Limits // Processing Fees for Deposits // Processing Fees for Withdrawals

Individual // Above N500,000 // 2% // 3%

Corporate // Above N3,000,000 // 3% // 5%
Politics / Re: Ban On Street Begging Forces Almajiri To Dumpsites In Kano by unikwa: 6:32am On Mar 01
Boko Harams in the making.
Politics / Re: Trump Finally Adds Nigeria To His Restricted Travel list - NY Times by unikwa: 5:35am On Feb 01
The security situation in Nigeria has grown worse in recent years.
One thing Nigerian leaders don't know is that world leaders closely monitor situations in every country around the world.
Buhari has refused to fix Nigeria's problems. Then the most recent event with Sowore really blighted Nigeria.
Couple that with Nigerians being prone to overstaying their visas in the US, and you get a perfect reason to ban the country.

Some are calling Trump racist. He is not. That is just a CNN line they are repeating.
I follow Trump well. He has done more for blacks in 3yrs, than Obama did in 8yrs. Why would a racist do that?

Let's look at some things Trump did for black America...
- He is protecting jobs held mostly by blacks by tightening the border.
- Taking blacks off welfare, and back into the workforce.
- Black unemployment is the lowest in American history under Trump. See this (start from 18m 45s):

- Trump is fighting against abortion, which disproportionately affects black people.
- Huge increases in scholarships for black people at HBCUs.
Obama gave $8B in 8yrs
Trump gave $25B in 3yrs
- 400% increase in black businesses under Trump.
- Opportunity zones. Trump signed executive order to revitalize black urban communities. $100 billion to be invested into these communities. Democrats refused to support it, so Trump signed executive order.
- Criminal justice reform initiatives.
- Trump pardons boxer Jack Johnson. Obama had 8 yrs to do it, he refused to pardon him.
- Trump sold fighter helicopter to Nigeria, to be delivered soon. Obama refused to sell to Nigeria.
- Trump restored education voucher program, which Obama cancelled.
- Approval rating among blacks:
29% under Trump.
15% under Obama.
- Policies for black people:
Ashanti alert act
sickle cell anemia law
prison reform first-step act
MLK upgraded to national historical park.

- Trump helped Whitney Houston when she was on drugs.
- He helped Mike Tyson.
- Johnson amendment.
- Support for Trump has exploded among black Americans. See this (start from 20m 20s):


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Politics / Re: Buhari: Lack Of Foreign Investments Denying Youth Employment by unikwa: 12:00am On Jan 20
Foreign investors don't like it when there is no freedom of speech, and the executive branch refuses to obey court orders.

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Travel / Re: All Africans Travelling To Nigeria Can Get Visa On Arrival by unikwa: 3:45am On Dec 20, 2019
Thousands of migrants flooding Nigeria on foot after visa policy was announced.


This is exactly what I said is going to happen. When these people arrive Nigeria, and they can't find work, they'd turn to crime.
Travel / Re: All Africans Travelling To Nigeria Can Get Visa On Arrival by unikwa: 7:32pm On Dec 16, 2019
From todays newspaper. As you can see the visa on arrival policy is dynamic and allows for specific targeting and response to emerging threats. It's not an open door policy. It is just a layered one that places itself behind other pre flight checks instead of in front of them.

I quote "They go through security checks and we have a stop list that guides us. On entering Nigeria, the system will alert us of a suspected terrorist because we already have their names with us"

Please read the article below. Have a great weekend.


Modified for visual ease

Same concerns as I have are highlighted here:

Let's call this chat an impasse. No way to prove something like this anyway. Even if my apprehension comes to pass in the future, where would you be to do a mea culpa?
Travel / Re: All Africans Travelling To Nigeria Can Get Visa On Arrival by unikwa: 5:56pm On Dec 14, 2019
I have applied for visa on arrival for expatriate partners and it is no cake walk.

You just buttressed my point that visa application should be made at the embassy, not at the point of entry.
Nobody can convince me that Nigerian has hit the perfection mark in digital technology, in a country where electricity problems affect even airports.
I guarantee you that the process will turn into rubber stamping for those who can "drop something". Unless it's not the same Nigeria I know.

We already have free entry to ECOWAS citizen

Free movement for enhanced economic activity has not been without a hitch in the ECOWAS region. We all know what happened to Nigerians in Ghana recently. It's partly because of the liberalized visa policies.

I can tell you that this policy will not increase risk to national security.

That has not been the experience in the European Union. So what magic wand would make Nigeria's case be any different? Debates raged in the past about discontinuing the Schengen Visa policy due to the increased security risk it poses.
Also, US passport holders enjoy free movement to certain countries. This has been dialed back somewhat due to security threats.
I think being bullish on Nigeria's new visa policy is naive at best. Yes it has some pros. But be willing to admit the cons as well.
Travel / Re: All Africans Travelling To Nigeria Can Get Visa On Arrival by unikwa: 8:13pm On Dec 13, 2019
There are several differences between Nigeria and the US that make the security threats against them quite different

Not really. We cannot just sing the virtues of policies arbitrarily imposed on Nigeria without thorough consultation.
We know that ISIS sponsors Boko Haram in Nigeria. Does a weak visa policy not weaken security in that regard?

I maintain that this weak visa policy is knee-jerk in nature, and not well thought out.

Let's lurch to the extreme end of the spectrum and just let anybody and everybody in. Why not? Would that augur well for Nigeria's security?

Part of granting visas involves embassies scrutinizing the individual. A policy of "Visa at the gate" eliminates that step. To what end?

Also do bear in mind that President Trumps security measures have been wildly derided

Yes, the opposition Democrat party, and their media surrogate CNN deride every single thing Trump does. Like I said before, Obama had the same exact ban, and Democrats never uttered a word of condemnation. Why the double standard? Also, SCOTUS later vindicated president Trump and upheld his original ban.

The largest risk of terrorism is by home grown terrorists not foreigners jetting on and out of airports

To the extent that this is true, outside threats can be just as potent if allowed to fester. A weak visa policy lays that groundwork.
I gave you the example of ISIS funding Boko Haram. Unchecked movement makes it easy to form terror cells ready to unleash hell at opportune moment.

It takes a lot of local knowledge including language, knowledge of geography to decide what to hit.
Of course, it does. Collaborating with locals fills that gap well. Nigeria in particular is vulnerable to foreign influence, since there is so much poverty in the land. If Nigerians can fly into other countries and turn to crime, why do you doubt that other people can come to Nigeria and do the same thing?

Having said this, foreign terrorist movements are tracked across borders by different countries in near real time
Good luck with that within Nigeria's borders. A police ASP was kidnapped recently. A phone call was made by the police to the kidnappers that lasted almost half an hour. What happened to tracking there?

Policies in Nigeria more often than not are "gra gra". Ramifications of the aftermath are rarely considered.
Travel / Re: All Africans Travelling To Nigeria Can Get Visa On Arrival by unikwa: 3:12pm On Dec 13, 2019

The people who may "turn" to a life of crime after they arrive Nigeria dont buy air tickets
You must not have been following events globally.
Executive Order 13780, titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States, is an executive order signed by United States President Donald Trump on March 6, 2017. It places limits on travel to the U.S. from seven countries (Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea and Venezuela) and also bars entry for all refugees who do not possess either a visa or valid travel documents.

FYI: those are people traveling to the USA by air. Also, president Barak Obama had the same ban in place.
Travel / Re: All Africans Travelling To Nigeria Can Get Visa On Arrival by unikwa: 10:22pm On Dec 11, 2019
Refugees may flood Nigeria though. And with the present lack of jobs in Nigeria, they may soon turn to crime.
There are people from countries who have done nothing but fight wars all their lives. Will they bring that warring mentality to Nigeria?

Also, what does "without visa" mean? Does it mean they can come to Nigeria on a visit only, or can they come and stay permanently?

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Politics / Re: RMAFC Sets 2020 For Politicians Pay Cut by unikwa: 4:09pm On Dec 10, 2019
There is no reason salaries should be higher in Nigeria compared to the USA.
In the US, salary for senators and House Representatives is $174,000.
In the UK The basic annual salary of a Member of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons was £79,468.
Politics / Sowore In Uganda by unikwa: 11:53pm On Dec 08, 2019
Africa as a whole is full of leaders who are despots.

The same thing that Omoyele Sowore is going through in Nigeria is what Bobi Wine is being subjected to in Uganda


In fact, the attacks on Bobi Wine are more pronounced, as assassins target him regularly. On one occasion he narrowly escaped death, but his driver was killed.

Nigeria, Africa, loosen your grip on power. The people are tired of being oppressed. Black people are hungry for development.

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Politics / Re: Presidency Justifies Sowore's Rearrest, Says He's Person Of Interest To DSS by unikwa: 5:51pm On Dec 08, 2019
Note to those supporting injustice, remember that it is the same country that your own children and grandchildren will live in one day.
Politics / Re: DSS: We Didn’t Arrest Sowore In Court — His Supporters Were Only Acting by unikwa: 10:48pm On Dec 07, 2019
The USA fired a warning shot at Buhari. Get your act together, or we're gonna come after you.
Buhari and the DSS had to come up with some explanation for what happened.
Sowore has done nothing wrong. Stop persecuting him. You have turned Nigeria into a police state.
Crime / Re: Mus'ab Sammani: Policeman Shoots Graduate Dead (Graphic Photos) by unikwa: 10:33pm On Dec 07, 2019
Police kill in the USA too. However, in most cases it is in response to an armed suspect. If you're told to drop your weapon and you don't comply, or you make any sudden move, you're dead.

In Nigeria, people are not armed. So there is no threat to the police officer. So why shoot?

This lawlessness needs to end. But I don't know what the solution is. Maybe Nigerians need to start protesting in large numbers in front of the parliament. Imagine if 50 thousand Nigerians came out in one day with placards! Somebody would take notice.
Politics / Re: We Attacked Rotimi Amaechi In Spain - IPOB Shares Video by unikwa: 10:00pm On Dec 06, 2019
Forget about climate change. That is the least of Nigeria's problems right now.
Electricity, roads, jobs, corruption, security, etc. Those are our problems.


Politics / Re: Rotimi Amaechi Attacked In Spain by unikwa: 7:03pm On Dec 06, 2019
What they are doing to Sowore is not normal.
I really don't see a reason for it.
Congo governor beaten up in Paris
Soon, it will be Nigerian leaders. Nigerians really have had enough of the oppression.
Travel / Re: Vandals Stealing Clips, Bolts On Lagos-Ibadan Rail Track by unikwa: 7:16pm On Dec 04, 2019
Who are the Chinese contractors who built this? They should have thought of this problem before it happened.
Just use one-way security bolts. Problem solved.
Business / Re: POS Stamp Duty: FG Reviews 50 Naira To Transactions Above 10 Thousand Naira by unikwa: 3:08am On Dec 03, 2019

See niggarz above me complaining
Nobody wants to pay anything in this country
We all want the government to keep working to better our lives without we contributing anything

We all want Nigeria to become London and Rome
Education in Nigeria is the cheapest because government keep on subsidizing it
Nobody wants to pay tax. Nobody wants to do anything for the government

They keep on subsidizing every part of our fuckkking life and still we keep on wailing

I think if the people saw what the money is being used for, they would gladly pay taxes, fees, and levies. Most of Nigeria's money is stolen by a few people. Who wants to pay taxes when roads are so bad, no power, poor expensive Internet, no security.
Nigeria has the money to build infrastructure if corruption is checked, and the cost of governance is reduced.
Kenya has no oil. Check out how far ahead of Nigeria they are.
Politics / Akwa Ibom govt keeps mum on banker’s detention over ‘annoying’ Facebook posts by unikwa: 7:23pm On Dec 01, 2019
The Akwa Ibom government is yet to make any public comment on the arrest and detention of a 21-year-old banker, Michael Itok.
Mr Itok was accused of publishing “damaging and annoying” materials against Governor Udom Emmanuel on Facebook.
PREMIUM TIMES, Wednesday, reported how Mr Itok, a marketer with Prudential Microfinance Bank, Uyo, was arraigned on Tuesday before a magistrate court in the city before he was remanded in the Uyo prison.
He is being prosecuted by the SSS.
Mr Itok was reportedly arrested around November 8 and detained for more than 40 days by the SSS.
The charge against the bank marketer reads, “That you, Mr Michael Itok and another now at large, sometimes in October, 2019 at 1000 Units Housing Estate, Idu Uruan, Uruan Local Government Area, within the Uyo Magisterial District did constitute yourself into a nuisance by publishing damaging and annoying articles on your Facebook page with the aim of harassing, blackmailing and bringing to disrepute His Excellency Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel and other staff of the Akwa Ibom State Government House, and thereby commits and offence punishable under Section 6(1) (f) of the Akwa Ibom State Internal Security and Enforcement Law, 2009.”
READ ALSO: Police arrest, molest two Nigerian journalists covering protest
Mr Itok, according to his Facebook profile, claimed he has worked before as a steward to Governor Emmanuel.
Uwemedimo Nwoko and Charles Udoh, the state attorney general and commissioner for information respectively did not respond to calls and text messages from PREMIUM TIMES before this paper published the story.
The information commissioner, Mr Udoh, responded on Thursday to a call from PREMIUM TIMES on the matter. “I need to talk to the attorney general first, I don’t know the details (of the case),” he said, with a promise to get back to the PREMIUM TIMES reporter.
A day after, the commissioner is yet to call back nor respond to calls from PREMIUM TIMES.

Crime / Re: Robbers Attack UNIABUJA Medical Hostel Again, Many Injured (Graphic Photos) by unikwa: 7:31pm On Nov 26, 2019
Stop sharing the nation's resources among a few leaders, and use the money to fix the country.
The solution to the spate of robberies everywhere is not rocket science. Fix Nigeria, or expect crime to continue.

My advice to people plagued by attacks like this is to buy smoke security system
Crime / Re: Robbers Target POS Operators In Ogun State by unikwa: 6:27pm On Nov 19, 2019

Don't be Ill mannered undecided
I wish you would take your own advice. Nothing exasperates like when people put words in your mouth.
Politics / Re: DSS: Only Sowore’s Sureties Can Secure His Release by unikwa: 6:24pm On Nov 19, 2019
DSS has no plans to release Sowore. They just want to intimidate the sureties.
After the court order, DSS said nobody came for Sowore.
Then they could not release him over Eid.
Then if they had released him, a car could have hit him on the road.
Then they said the officer that could release him was on vacation.
Then Sowore himself said he prefers to remain in DSS custody, because they provided him with TV and phone.
The latest travesty now, is that only sureties can secure his release.
DSS is a joke. They could release him to Falana. What is wrong with that? Besides, Sowore's passport has been seized. So he's not going anywhere.

Buhari's DSS really thinks Nigerians are stupid.

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Crime / Re: Robbers Target POS Operators In Ogun State by unikwa: 11:43pm On Nov 18, 2019

So, you think it's better they just Rob ordinary hustlers? They should double their effort and go take from what the bigger thieves have stolen from the poor masses. There is no way they won't get valuables from them... it's not all about the cash undecided

Don't be daft. How did you read from my post that "it's better they just Rob ordinary hustlers". Can't you read?
I said attacking a senator is a harder target. Why would a thief want to go and rob a senator who has soldiers guarding him, when softer targets are available? Such a home would also have electric fence and surveillance.

There is no way they won't get valuables from them... it's not all about the cash undecided
They have to get in first. Furthermore, if the police ignores a common man's call for help, I guarantee you they won't ignore a senator's call.
Crime / Re: Robbers Target POS Operators In Ogun State by unikwa: 11:34pm On Nov 18, 2019
All our past leaders in this country should be stoned to death.they ruin this country now the frustrated youths have taken to violent crimes.

So true!
That was exactly what happened during the French revolution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Revolution
All the leaders embezzled, and taxed the citizen heavily.
Hunger and poverty ravaged the land, while the leaders lived in obscene opulence behind massive stone walls.
The people endured. Until they could take it no more.
The French people stormed the king's palace, and tore down the walls.
They killed the leaders, and forcefully seized power back.

Nigerians are among the most tolerant population in the world. But I doubt this suffering will continue forever. They leaders will either have to fix the country, or face the people's wrath. Locking up freedom fighters won't save them then.
Education / Re: Cost Of Studying And Living In Russia by unikwa: 11:23pm On Nov 18, 2019
Good luck learning the Russian language in 6 months, and expect to be ready for studies at the university.
Even after one year of going to school six days a week, you'd still struggle with the language.
Do yourself a favor if you choose to go to Russia, do not start your university course after 6 months of learning Russian language. You would die of stress, especially in science and engineering.

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