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Science/Technology / Re: Hamza Abubakar Ningi Manufactures A Solar Stove In Bauchi (Pics) by ViolentMooslim: 6:48pm On Jun 18
This yellowish flame reeks of fossil.

Supposing this 'invention' is solar powered as claimed, the end product will be burning bright bluish flame, not the yellowish-soot-ladden flame as seen in the picture.

This is worse than a mediocre invention, its a daylight fraud. People all over the world view this site, we shouldn't be celebrating fraud in this country (UAR)

Young Man, if it's solar, there won't be any flame, yellow, blue, black, white, invisible, etc. There won't be any flame.


Science/Technology / Re: Hamza Abubakar Ningi Manufactures A Solar Stove In Bauchi (Pics) by ViolentMooslim: 6:35pm On Jun 18

...a solar panel can be used to create heat with a resistive element

Wetin you come dey talk?

Solar energy CANNOT creat heat with a RESISTING ELEMENT. It can only creat heat by light incidence and incident.

Solar can also only generate electricity of which the glow can be resisted by a resistance (which you call a resistive element), causing accumulation of charged electrons, rubbing against each other (at electron level) and releasing hear.


Stop using bad words on simple Engineering.


Science/Technology / Re: Hamza Abubakar Ningi Manufactures A Solar Stove In Bauchi (Pics) by ViolentMooslim: 6:22pm On Jun 18
now let me school you...

The electricity from a solar panel can be used to create heat to start a fire. A resistive heating element like a cigarette lighter, toaster or stove element could be used.

However, a photovoltaic solar panel is about 10–15% efficient. Using the solar heat directly through a magnifying lens is much smaller, cheaper and efficient (more like 80%) depending on the surface being heated.

Now let me give u example...

PV panels can cause fires if installed improperly, just as anything electrical can, by creating a spark.

One dey even use Google to debate with me grin

Later Una go dey shout quota system up and down!!!

But na una be the real quota system products!!

I wish you didn't intend sounding Intelligent. If you had made this statement with an intention to be corrected, you would have been better.

But let me help you. Since you like helping people.

When you see any flame (flare), it is not just light as in radiation from electric cooker. But it is gas. Flames are gases emanating from the thermal degradation of matter.

So, if you see flare, it means that it has nothing to do with solar energy. If the purpose of the solar was to cause a spark as you foolishly explained, then the guy has succeeded in fooling himself in developing a system that consumes resources for less work.

Even modern day gas cooker have a spark lighter that last for the life time of the cooker and don't need any external energy source.

Infact, I feel stupid for responding to you.

And yes, you have just prove yourself and the whole north to be a quota system people, trying hard to fight their Inferiority complex by celebrating rubbish so as to stand in par with people who celebrate the same rubbish they call INVENTION too.

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Science/Technology / Re: Hamza Abubakar Ningi Manufactures A Solar Stove In Bauchi (Pics) by ViolentMooslim: 6:13pm On Jun 18
We are gradually getting there!!

I'm very surprised that most people in this part of the world still don't believe that solar power can ignite fire!!

So most Nigerians dont even know anything about solar thermal energy?

This explain why Africa is backward!!

See your life?

You step out to insult people, yet you are strongly backed with the power of ignorance

What is the meaning of "SOLAR" "THERMAL" ENERGY.

Did you invent that one in your village?

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Science/Technology / Re: Hamza Abubakar Ningi Manufactures A Solar Stove In Bauchi (Pics) by ViolentMooslim: 6:11pm On Jun 18
Nigerians and the word "INVENT" are like five and six. Yet in reality they don't know each other.


Politics / Re: June 12: Port Harcourt Residents Storm Pleasure Park: Pics & Video by ViolentMooslim: 8:24pm On Jun 12
Hausa boys will come and gloat over this.

grin grin


Politics / Re: O.K Ugba's House, Cars Burnt In Abia. IPOB/ESN Accuse Him Of Installing Cameras by ViolentMooslim: 8:29pm On Jun 01
Igbos and stupidity are becoming a synonymous term

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Crime / Re: Police Arrest 15 Over Violent Protest On Zamfara Highway (Photos) by ViolentMooslim: 8:13pm On Jun 01
If only you understand the psychology of a northern Muslim, you won't have problems with them.

Let me attempt explaining:

Naturally, they (northern muslims) have a strong inferiority complex. And this complex is as a result of their naturally inferior intellectual capacity, spiritually and physically inferior religion, and unnatural approach to issues. That is why, even a highly placed Northerner will feel intimidated by a lowly placed southerner, worst of all, a South Easterner or South Southerner. That explains why a highly placed CCT judge will bring himself so low to physically fight a Security man. Because, in his mind, he is fighting an "Igbo" guy (he directly said it).

This complex from these sources makes them violent and oppressive. They don't enjoy being violent, but they see violence as a means of venting their frustration.

The scary part is that, they are not doing anything to help themselves off this complex, but are justifying it with a religion which is infact the cause of their complex.

Its pitiable as Nnamdi Kanu have given the northern muslims an opportunity to vent there complex and frustration in the South East and South South. He doesn't know that to them, everything is ISLAMICAL. They will attempt to "prove" a superiority over you (Igbos) with brutality and cruelty. And I dont think the Igbos are prepared for that. They've not even recovered from the civil war.

Understand the psychology of the Northerner and you will see that his drive for violence is actually a call for help. Help them. They actually need help.

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Crime / Re: 50-Year-Old Man Defiles 3-Year-Old & 5-Year-Old Girls In Katsina (Photo) by ViolentMooslim: 8:07pm On Jun 01
It is Islamical.

Don't stop us Muslims.

Our animalistic nature is religiously divine.

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Politics / Re: Prominent Nigerians Killed By Unknown Gunmen In Last 3 Days by ViolentMooslim: 3:21pm On Jun 01
Can you make list of Nigerians that have been killed by the Nigerian security forces BEFORE and WHICH NECESSITATED the birth of UGM

Remember: for every action(first move) there is an equal and opposite reaction(second move)

May to be a victim of these reactions

Politics / Re: Gunmen Attack Military Checkpoint In Anambra, 5 Soldiers Killed by ViolentMooslim: 2:18pm On Jun 01

LOL, the Oil in Okija alone is overflowing. Aguleri is still untapped, Ogbaru is even being stolen by the Chinese. Besides the remaining life span of your own oil is 36 years but mine is untapped thanks to Nigeria hatred that they didn't do oil exploration in SE, especially Anambra.
You need to read more news.
Anambra doesn't only have the highest inland gas reserve now but oil.
Good morning

How Nnamdi Kanu boys choose to read news from his mouth other than books or papers really baffles me.

It was still the Nnamdi Kanu that told you guys that IPOB have weapons of mass destruction and are really hoping Nigeria starts a war so that they will unleash it. But today, all we see around dead IPOBs waist are powerless charms.

Good afternoon
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower: Shortlisted Candidates Please Share Your State by ViolentMooslim: 9:20pm On May 31
The process has been as rigorous and tasking as applying for a senior political analyst in 10, downing street

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Politics / Re: Zamfara Youths Block Major Highway, Destroy Vehicles In Protest Against Bandits by ViolentMooslim: 7:54pm On May 31
A typical Northerner acts like an animal.

They react violently to what they shouldn't, and not react at all to things they should react to.
Politics / Re: Zamfara Has Spent 970 Million On Ransom Payments by ViolentMooslim: 7:43pm On May 31
Northerners and Stupidity are Siamese.

An average Northerner see everyone who kid in the name of Allah as a hero.
An average muslim support strongly, the works of Bokoharam.
An average Northerner will support anyone killing, as far as they shout ALLAHUAKBAR
Politics / Re: Gunmen Attack Military Checkpoint In Anambra, 5 Soldiers Killed by ViolentMooslim: 7:41pm On May 31

Then why do you need the losers around you?
Scared that you can't survive alone?

You really think you will survive with oil from my father's Land (Ibeno) or the rivers from Oron?

My brother, you landlocked Biafra are a set of defeated people.
You should be thinking of how to survive. Not the South South my son.
Politics / Re: Gunmen Attack Military Checkpoint In Anambra, 5 Soldiers Killed by ViolentMooslim: 10:49pm On May 29
when the people say they don't want you, you become an invader and terrorist if you insist on staying with them or at worse forcing yourself to rule and control their future.
what Nigeria and their allies should be pushing for now is referendum not more military men that will still die in Igboland.

As for those that will quote me to talk rubbish. That is those that come here everyday looking for my post to quote and say "you are burning your house down"
Tell me what we as Ndigbo have to lose?
Tell me.
It's not like we have ports to lose,
or International airport to lose
or Equity and Justice
or free flow and transport of goods,humans or services
or International firm's that will run away
or civilians that you might kill for the first time (you people kill them for sports before)
or Security (when crime rate is dropping after police checkpoints were dismantled)
or Leadership (we don't control our future. It is no news that an Igbo man cannot be president of Nigeria unless he is detribalised. That is another way of saying that he must hate his tribesmen and won't represent their interest)
Just tell me what we as Ndigbo have to lose

Onye no na ani anaghi atu egwu ndida "someone who is on the floor is not scared of falling"

Tantrums of a defeated people.

All I read in this your bibliography is: we are loosers!
Politics / Re: Abia State CID Set On Fire By Unknown Gunmen (Pictures) by ViolentMooslim: 10:45pm On May 29

What of men you sexist?

You fool never cared to read what he wrote.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islamic Practical Tips To Controlling Your Temper by ViolentMooslim: 2:01pm On May 28
"Our Islam" is only but a religion of inferiority complex.


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Education / Re: Covenant University Recruits 103 International Visiting Scholars - VC by ViolentMooslim: 8:59pm On May 27

Stfu and acknowledge good wen u see good. Ts naysayers like u Dat hv dragged africa in the mud fr ages because we r making an attempt to be different. I too didn't believe in their system till I began working with some of d best minds out there I hv ever worked with. And d funny thing na say none of dem graduate wt 2.1 or 1st class. But come n see level of knowledge and certifications. I almost tore my ownpriv8 uni certfc8 in annoyance fr cheating me all ds yrs

You attended a private university, that's why you feel cheated.

If youhad gotten admission into the public university (maybe OAU, ABU, UI, UNN) which to surely applied as your first choice, before you failed and was received by Private Universities who are meant to be second choices to these schools, you would reasoned better.

You would have gotten to know that: KNOWLEDGE is not "seen" neither is it in certifications as you claim, but it is seen in a long term consistency in value contribution.

And, you just tried to cover your shit talk up by saying, they didn't have a 2:1 or 1st class. cheesy
Now tell me, have you ever seen a Covenant university graduate or any Nigerian private university graduate without a FirstClass or Second class upper?
Even you don't trust the FirstClass that you are holding that's why you are not proud to say you finished with a FirstClass.

But I'm sure that that Bowen University, abi Redeemers or Bells that you finished from tore you a first class grin grin
Come on, don't be shy, use it. grin grin angry
Programming / Re: Thinking Of Dropping Out Of College To Focus On Programming by ViolentMooslim: 8:04pm On May 27

If you love your life and future drop out and chase your passion now...

School was not designed to make you a boss but to advance slavery....

The best thing that can happen to a man is to pursue a career that equalizes with his passion... In that way you will never regret and you will never have to work ever because you will never feel like you are working but you will always get the feeling that you are being paid to have fun...

The smartest people from schools end up as employees who make more money for billionaires, many billionaires didn't go to university because they had a plan bigger than wasting 5 years in a 1800s classroom setting

Can you please list those billionaires that didn't go to school?

More so, you have been saying he should drop out to pursue his"CAREER". Do you even know what a "CAREER" means?

Sorry son.
Programming / Re: Thinking Of Dropping Out Of College To Focus On Programming by ViolentMooslim: 8:00pm On May 27
Spoilt child.

You watch too much fiction.
And you also listen to Nigerian motivational speakers.

You want to spoil your life this early

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Politics / Re: National Association Of Poly Students To Disrupt Flights In Abuja by ViolentMooslim: 7:45pm On May 27
ASUP fighting for their own gain at the detriment of the student.

there was a country

All these ogbomosho mooslims.

Travel / Re: Boat Carrying 200 Passengers Break Into 2 In River Niger, Many Feared Dead by ViolentMooslim: 9:34pm On May 26
Just like Nigeria
Education / Re: Covenant University Recruits 103 International Visiting Scholars - VC by ViolentMooslim: 7:54pm On May 26
Church ruling the world

Christ taking the Glory.

Wake up. A violent mooslim is ruling Nigeria.

Having universities by church offering is no sign of Gods rulership.

But the church rising by reason of all the believers rising is true Glory.
Education / Re: Covenant University Recruits 103 International Visiting Scholars - VC by ViolentMooslim: 7:51pm On May 26
How on earth did I ever argue that Federal universities are better than private universities in this Nigeria? How? cry

And I once argued that a second class lower student in a federal university is better than a first class graduate in private universities.

Lord, forgive the words of my mouth for I knew nothing.

CU is doing so well. So it is for other private universities too.

Your pitiable self will still come out to eat these recent words of yours.
Education / Re: Covenant University Recruits 103 International Visiting Scholars - VC by ViolentMooslim: 7:50pm On May 26

the new management at CU. are trying lately. but this one they graduated over 250 first class recently.

Its written on the school fees slip of every private university. The FirstClass is paid for.
Education / Re: Covenant University Recruits 103 International Visiting Scholars - VC by ViolentMooslim: 7:49pm On May 26
This is wonderful!

We all can see reasons why the tuition is expensive. Good thing is, you get what you pay for...unlike in public schools.

Respect to the brains behind the CU project; respect to the students of CU.

The brains behind the CU project are simply the church members who spent their lives resources to build it. Not any man of God.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mali's Coup Leader Assimi Goïta Seizes Power Again by ViolentMooslim: 11:26am On May 26
African with Balls

May this be the fate of Nigeria
Romance / Re: The Trend Of Public Proposal Amidst It's Dicey Nature by ViolentMooslim: 11:04am On May 26
I don't see reason why i should be kneeling down to ask a girl I'm dating and we've been intimate several times to marry me.

She's suppose to know we are going to marry soon, she should be the one pressurizing me indirectly, kneeling down is like I'm begging you to be my wife, hell No.

My style during a nice weekend together, after making a dish for you and giving you a great sex, i will tell you straight up, i want this to continue forever, will you be the mother of my kids and my dear wife?

If she say No, good, she can still be supplying me the good sex, why I'm looking for another woman to marry.

Not me kneeling down, and all this public display of marriage proposal na nonsense to me, maybe all this guys na theater arts guys.

In Conclusion...Everyone should do what makes them happy, what do i know? But that's my style i just stated up there.

Thank you Sir.

Thats also my opinion
Family / Re: Cutting The Connection Between My Wife And Her Male Besty by ViolentMooslim: 11:51pm On May 25
a 22 year old isn't old enough for marriage?

You want them to be prostituting and become an old dejected lovlorn-shrew like you?

Old frustrated feminists like you won't allow these young girls breathe except you corrupt them and level the playing field for oold oafs like you whose pussy is as dry as the biblical wilderness.

Many women now see their menopause in their 30s, but a damaged community object like you would even encourage a woman to keep close male friends in their marriage when it is clear the male friend wants only one thing.

Na God go punish bitter old olosho like you.

From two things:
Your Opinion and Manners

I can draw out one thing:
You're a Muslim.

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