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Foreign Affairs / Re: Joe Biden Gifts Vladimir Putin $300 Aviators & $3200 Crystal American Bison (Pix by vivilafrosh(f): 9:13am On Jun 18
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Politics / Re: Wike: Nobody Obeyed IPOB's Sit At Home Order In Rivers by vivilafrosh(f): 8:04am On Jun 01
Wey evidence

Joblessness dey worry Wike!

Did you go to everyone's home to know that they did not comply Childish governor!

Everything that has a beginning must surely come to an end!

All this your gra-gra go soon come to an end and the people will still remain!


Oga I dey ph nobody obey anything. His not just bragging is a fact

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Travel / Re: My First Flight Experience; I Won’t Lie I Almost Peed! by vivilafrosh(f): 2:00pm On May 04
I’ve never flown before but I’d like to narrate my first experience traveling by air. It’s a very interesting experience and fearful for the faint hearted. Lols. But the thing is..... whether you are scared or not you’d definitely get to your destination. No doubt about that. So stay tune.....

Traveling too from ph to abj on the 12 is your ticket the only thing you are to take with you to the airport. No I'd card?

Few days ago, I went for an important event in Abuja. I reside in portharcourt. I stayed about 4km away from the airport. Since I had no business in the airport, I stay clear. Sometimes knowing fully well I’d be hitting the plane sooner enough I decided to visit the airport but something kept dragging me back. So I backed off until the day I was scheduled to travel. I left the house for the airport at about 7:45am for a trip scheduled by 10:25 am. ( from what I was told you should be early enough).

We got to the airport around 8:15. Got into the check in hall. On entring we were asked to drop our phones and bags in a conveyor that scans our belonging. It rolls with your belongings the way your bags would roll to a place you’d pick it up. But this conveyor is quite short. So you’d need to be there to see that your load passes through that load scanner before picking your belongings.

Now I picked my bag and headed to the boarding pass ( please you’d always need to ask questions in the airport o! Before you loose your flight all in the name of forming). I was directed to the boarding pass where I’d show them my flight ticket number. ( mine was sent to my phone so I showed them from my phone). They’d type it and confirm you’re the actual passenger.

After that I was given my flight ticket.( mind you, if you’re flying aero for instance please do not go to stand on arik queue. Find aero and queue there. That’s how it works ).

After taking my ticket I headed to the departure area..........

To be continued...........
Politics / South-east Governors Endorsed The Establishment Of A Peace And Reconciliation by vivilafrosh(f): 11:00am On Apr 26
Apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has been directed by South-East Governors to set up a committee that will address “unfair treatment” of Igbo people.

In a communique issued after Governors from the region met in Enugu on Sunday April 25, Ohaneze Ndigbo were also asked to set up a peace and reconciliation committee to engage Igbo people for peace and security in the region including their visitors.

The committees will become functional in the next 10 days. Governor of Ebonyi state, David Umahi also said the newly established security outfit of the region, Ebube Agu will work closely with security agencies to restore peace in affected states.

The communique read;

“South-east governors and leaders re-stated the adoption of a common joint security outfit called ‘Ebube Agu’, with her regional headquarters in Enugu. ‘Ebube Agu’ will work with the police and other security agencies in her operations to protect lives and property in south-east.

“We agreed on the structure and operational modalities of ‘Ebube Agu’ and to set up an advisory board for the security outfit. The honourable attorney-generals and commissioners for justice of the south-east states have been directed to work with the joint security committee to come up with the amendment of the existing state laws to reflect the new ‘Ebube Agu’ outfit.

“The meeting directed Ohaneze Ndigbo president to immediately form two committees: South-east peace and reconciliation committee to engage our people for the peace and security of our people and her visitors; strategy and welfare committee to engage and protect our people, especially those who are being unfairly treated.

“These committees must become functional within the next 10 days from this date.”

The Governors who reiterated their support for restructuring and state police, also condemned the attack on the country home of Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo state.

The South-East Governors who further agreed on the implementation of various EndSARS youth empowerment programmes as soon as possible, stressed that the ban on open grazing is still in effect.


Romance / Re: “23 & Still A Virgin” – Nigerian Lady Brags, Sparks Reactions Online by vivilafrosh(f): 8:25am On Apr 21

women and lies are like 5&6

she thinks we don't know she is tired of fucking different dick, whe know she really wants to settle down.

when you finally fvcked her and almost lost your life, she will tell you how someone raped her and she will start crying.

three girls I have met told me they are virgins we fvck my brothers and sisters I nearly drawn in her hoe but God saved me.....

Idiot have you bleeped her before? If no shut d Bleep up


Celebrities / Re: Pete Edochie: Feminism Is Why Women Get Beaten Up In Marriage by vivilafrosh(f): 5:00pm On Mar 31
You are the goat here not to know that anyone can be addressed as Mr ,or you want me to put sir, lord and savior or something. What a barbaric fool, you deserve a palace in the grave with your ancestors,only them still hold this mentality. Nitwit.

Exactly there's no better way to reply me than acting like the goat I called you. If you had differed I had apologized...but then the goatism in you won't allow you. Oya goat say something...

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Celebrities / Re: Pete Edochie: Feminism Is Why Women Get Beaten Up In Marriage by vivilafrosh(f): 4:54pm On Mar 31
So in other words ,prior to feminism ,there has been no case of domestic violence in Nigeria and Nigerian men have not been throwing their wives and kids on to the streets?

Infact before feminism it was very common for a man to just wake up and throw his wife and kids onto the streets and the woman's family will still come and beg him.

Before feminism ,it was common for a woman to forebear torture from her husband because she knows even if she leaves she will be turned back to her husband's house by her own family.

And Mr peter ,I am sure there are many things that defines a woman in general than what type of dish she is able to prepare to keep her horseband.

And with no apologies ,I put it to you Mr peter Edochie that you are a misogynist.

And Mr Peter? Seriously? If I address your father that way you will be happy right? U see what his complaining about. You think you are intelligent? Goat

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Celebrities / Re: Pete Edochie: Feminism Is Why Women Get Beaten Up In Marriage by vivilafrosh(f): 4:51pm On Mar 31
First it was: If your husband is cheating, buy him condoms.

Now it is: Feminism Is Why Women Get Beaten Up In Marriage.

How is women empowerment the reason for women getting beaten?

If these are not symptoms of old age what are they?

I got it now. He means when women get empowered, their husbands beat them cause they are scared their wives would be doing better than them.
Men and their low self-esteem.

I stop taking him serious the day he said if a man wants to buy a car for his married daughter, he should buy in her husband's name. What rubbish? He thinks this is stone age. Even his son does not support him.

It's old age

Look at the way you are insulting a man old enough to be your grandpa. Is this your statement a digital statement. I blame civilization...your type would have been used to appease the gods. Wasted sperm


Romance / Re: Why You Should Not Cheat On Your Cheating Partner As A Lady by vivilafrosh(f): 4:15pm On Mar 23
BTW, what does the picture stands for or are you advertising the lady? Just needed clarity, that's all.

You have made conclusions already what further clarification are you seeking
Romance / Why You Should Not Cheat On Your Cheating Partner As A Lady by vivilafrosh(f): 3:37pm On Mar 23
If a man cheats on you & as a lady you decide to cheat on him too. Know these; He is a player and you are a bitch... Don't allow motivational speakers conform your dignity into mockery.

Romance / Re: I Just Found Out Her Hiding Place by vivilafrosh(f): 12:24pm On Mar 20
but she did wrong in withdrawing his money .though op made an error in letting her know his pin code but then that does not give her any right to just collect his atm and withdraw his money to go play ponzi.which Kain irresponsible behaviour be dat.wat of if the money he saved in his account was for more important stuff like school fees or his house rent.

I'm responding to you because you didn't resort to name calling like some kids do here in nairaland. I don't know the said girl and I am not defending anyone. A girl who happens to know much about you as to your pin is more than a girlfriend. The op is not saying the exact truth. Somehow his been able to find a story to paint her bad. If she had intentions of stealing from him he won't be running his mouth the way his doing. He claims she ran away from him yet he knows almost all her close friends. I pity the girl for ending up with a man who has to table their personal issue in public delight and even goes further to bribe police men. The only reason his not in jail is either the girl is not intelligent or she's still stupidly in love with him.
Romance / Re: I Just Found Out Her Hiding Place by vivilafrosh(f): 11:45pm On Mar 16
thunder scatter ur mouth there

Same way it will destroy your destiny
Romance / Re: I Just Found Out Her Hiding Place by vivilafrosh(f): 11:40pm On Mar 16
She didn't scam you stop misleading people. She room from you just as you have been taking from her. Do you have any plans of getting married to her? NO! So why won't she take money from your purse? That's the only price she can get for your play boy role. I just blame her for not being smart. I hate weak guys that's why I'm not going to burg to any idiot.


Pets / Re: Zimbabwean Woman Caught Breastfeeding A Snake by vivilafrosh(f): 12:03pm On Mar 15
The woman

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Pets / Zimbabwean Woman Caught Breastfeeding A Snake by vivilafrosh(f): 11:59am On Mar 15
BREASTFEEDING is beautiful and natural.

It is a sacred bond between a mother and her young one.

However, it becomes scary when a woman in menopause breastfeeds a snake.

This is the case of a Chimanimani woman who has sent tongues wagging after being spotted at her friend’s house breastfeeding the giant reptile.

The hard to believe incident is now before Chief Mutambara’s court as two elderly friends — Gogo Savie Nenohwe and Gogo Ethel Sithole — are answering to the witchcraft allegations being levelled against them.

Gogo Nenohwe was spotted by a 12-year-old girl as she breastfed the snake while uttering names of fellow villagers whom she wanted her ‘baby’ to deal with.

Chief Mutambara urged the two women to consult a white garment prophetess, Madzimai Loice Mukono. The visit to Madzimai Mukono’s shrine saw the skeletons tumbling from the duo’s closets as the prophetess revealed that a snake that resides at Gogo Sithole’s homestead is used by the ladies for witchcraft.

When the case was heard before Chief Mutambara’s Court last week on Saturday, the key witness narrated the spine chilling incident.

“I saw Gogo Nenohwe breastfeeding a very big snake which had a red cloth and beads tied around it. After breastfeeding it, she took out a plate of food and fed the snake. I did not see what food she was feeding it, but I heard her muttering names of fellow villagers and telling the snake to deal with them,” narrated the minor.

After reporting the case to Gogo Sithole and realising that she was not taking any action, the young girl then reported the matter to other villagers. It was also brought before the village head, Ms Molline Nenohwe’s attention, who then took the issue to Chief Mutambara.

The two women were then summoned to the traditional leader’s court.

“Why is it that when this girl told you that she had seen your friend breastfeeding a snake at your house you did not take any action? It is clear that this girl is traumatised by what she saw,” said Chief Mutambara.

In her defence, Gogo Sithole said when the girl brought the matter to her attention, she could not travel to the chief’s court to make a report.

“I did not have money to bring the matter to your court. I also did not confront Nenohwe because I knew that once I confronted her, I would need to bring the matter before the chief’s court, yet I couldn’t do that at that moment,” she said.

But Gogo Sithole’s niece, Maria, said she used to share a room with the snake.

“I used to sleep in the room where Gogo Nenohwe was seen breastfeeding the snake. The snake stays in that room. I stopped using the room because of that and begged my aunt to move me to another room. Sometimes the snake comes out to bask in the sun,”
said Maria.

Other villagers in Nenohwe Village also said they have come across a giant snake that has a red cloth tied around it. Villagers say the snake has been spotted basking in the sun at Gogo Sithole’s homestead.

Gogo Nenohwe remained tight-lipped during the hearing and refused to entertain the media after the court session. Madzimai Mukono is now on a mission to capture the snake.

“We went to Gogo Sithole’s homestead to capture the snake on Monday, but failed to do so as a multitude had gathered to witness the drama. We will go back later this week and we hope to succeed in our mission.

“After capturing the snake, we will bring it to the chief’s court,” said Madzimai Mukono.


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Business / Can 700k Start Up A Mini Mart In Portharcourt by vivilafrosh(f): 12:29pm On Mar 13
I have a budget of 700k and these provision store is my dream store for a start. I'm a fresh corps member who finished service in portharcourt. I need advice on how to start up these business with 700k.
Business / Can 700k Start Up A Business In Portharcourt? by vivilafrosh(f): 11:20am On Mar 12
What business can you do with 700k in a town like portharcourt. Please advice needed.
Health / Re: Harmattan In February: Nigerians React by vivilafrosh(f): 2:10pm On Feb 19
This morning own bad for PH................. Everywhere just look like yankee for me.

I build any kind of website you can pay when the job is completed.

Stop dey lie na
Politics / Re: More Police Officers Arrive Lekki Toll Gate (video) by vivilafrosh(f): 12:46pm On Feb 13
You can say whatever you like about the strategy of the police, but it cannot afford to sit idle and allow a repeat of the senseless carnage that enemies of the state visited on it in the guise of 'endsars' protest.

There's a saying that falling twice over the same stone is a proverbial disgrace.

Lagos isn't the only state requiring protest over one form of government failure or the other.

We need to see serious response from Nigerians in Aba, Onitsha, nnewi, owerre, enugu and abakaliki.


And yet you skip to mention one northern state, just one o. Fear fear. Yoruba's are proud slaves. This idiot in particular


Politics / Re: Police arrest Mr Macaroni at Lekki tollgate by vivilafrosh(f): 12:42pm On Feb 13
God bless you.

Yen yen yen... Only on social media. Ewedu keep ranting while the reasonable ones are making valid history
Politics / Re: Police arrest Mr Macaroni at Lekki tollgate by vivilafrosh(f): 12:39pm On Feb 13
Good for him.

Someone who spends all his day creating so boring comedy videos about freaky freaky and promoting SIMPHOOD is a leader of a protest group.

What is his job? Internet comedian or activist.

He has fallen into a deep trap.

Dont be moved by comedians or celebrities who suddenly turn activists, they are all sponsored and most are courted because of the followings they have on social media.

You are a fool and a but g disgrace to your family
Celebrities / Re: Ruggedman: Why Is Just Nollywood Actresses That Are Buying Cars, Building Houses by vivilafrosh(f): 6:14pm On Feb 06
Quit hatinnnng! It's not healthy!

We need to understand that the female has less responsibilities than their male counterparts –in most cases. As a result, have more extras to splurge. That is not to say both genders don't give in to vices for THE LIFE in some cases.

My resolve is this: nothing beats legit money making means.

I have an issue with people who do not read between the lines. Moreover, this is a simple writeup. Haaa!

I was answering to Ruggedman's post why female actresses live a more lavish lifestyle than their male counterparts.

It is because they HAVE LESS responsibilities. They do NOT cater to so many people as the case of their male counterparts who are in most cases the bread winner of their respective families.

Let's take AY for example, he is obviously the bread winner. Whatever Mabel makes is 99% hers in addition to the upkeep money she gets from her husband. Tell me why such a person wouldn't live fly?

Now, imagine she was an actress, she would have enough to flaunt as acting isn't her only source of income. Her husband/boyfriend is there to give her money plus other side businesses.

Whether the actresses eventually sleep with married men or not as the purported side business is what I am not in the position to tell.

Who ask you before? I hate when English makes people think they are clever�

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NYSC / Re: Lies About Sex During NYSC Camp & After Camp by vivilafrosh(f): 1:26pm On Dec 04, 2020
I smoked weed very well in camp, had sex after bonfire night, and took another one to Jos after the 3weeks in camp where we spent 1 week just fuccking cheesy cheesy The OP don't know anything



Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Golden Foot Award 2020 by vivilafrosh(f): 1:10pm On Dec 02, 2020
So no penaldo fans in the yard.

Even messi wont like this..

Na for Barcelona mercy dey hot. D award is for both club and country
Crime / Re: Kinsman Kicked To Death Over Bride Price Controversy In Imo by vivilafrosh(f): 4:07am On Dec 02, 2020
You just wrote off point here, how does the fight about money connected or brainwashed the girls, and also bride price is not the cause of the fight but greed. What about people who collect #100 only as bride price. The western world you are copying has the own culture so calm down.

Shut up
Romance / Re: How Much Should I Consider Safe To Have In My Bank Before Thinking On Wedding? by vivilafrosh(f): 12:03pm On Nov 25, 2020
Lmao Auntie dey vex grin You looking for Poverty Elevation Scheme cheesy Well I love your greed Na wetin Poverty dey cause Without your type ritualist won't find it easy
Motivational speaker...
Year in year out the same shoe,
The same shirt.
The same advice...
Well if you no dey around na who we for buy recharge card from for hold up.
It is well �
Romance / Re: How Much Should I Consider Safe To Have In My Bank Before Thinking On Wedding? by vivilafrosh(f): 5:56pm On Nov 24, 2020
undecided Spits

Spit on your children not me
Romance / Re: How Much Should I Consider Safe To Have In My Bank Before Thinking On Wedding? by vivilafrosh(f): 5:55pm On Nov 24, 2020
And how much do you have in your account
Abi you are Handicap cheesy

Hustle legal or illegal abi
You don't care as far as the money is coming in

So i should blame Buhari for the increment of Bride Price and other irrelevant stuff they put on the list

The ones that married guys with money did they die.

If my love for money irritates you.

Go and die
Romance / Re: How Much Should I Consider Safe To Have In My Bank Before Thinking On Wedding? by vivilafrosh(f): 1:28pm On Nov 24, 2020
@ Bolded
Pride Price and Wedding Ceremony have swallowed the 1milli

I have a friend in your kinda situation
He is also a nairalander
He has postpone his wedding simply because his in-law are demanding above 300k for Traditional wedding
Now guess how much he will spend on the White Wedding

If only our Parent can cut their greed of milking their Potential son in-law
Also the wives should cut their coat accordingly

So who told you that another reasonable well to do man won't cover up friend. Hustle and stop blaming our parents for nothing. I will not marry a man who can't boost of at least two million naira

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