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Romance / Re: About To Lose A Good Girl. Please Help! by whiteseed(m): 9:41am On Jan 29
Sometimes things happen for us to have a clearer picture so as not to be blinded by sentiment. Truth b told, Bro u bleeped up but take away dat scenario where u impregnated a girl, bla bla bla... Do u know dat this ur good girl has attributes of a maryam(tendency to kill). What of if u marry her and maybe make a mistake because iI know say dis ur prick no dey hear word. Bro, use ur head. Nobody holy pass
Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by whiteseed(m): 1:38pm On Jun 21, 2019

are you the OP??
assistant cool

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Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by whiteseed(m): 9:05am On Jun 21, 2019
OP majority of us expected to read about the spiritual effect or consequences of joining a cult, but you have based most of your discourse about the satanic kingdom in general.

You can shed light about the satanic kingdom, but don't forget the original purpose of this thread.
please allow the op move how he is being led. Besides, we don't know how long this thread will last.


Health / Re: Sister Has Fibroid But Afraid Of Surgery, Help With Alternative Solutions by whiteseed(m): 3:14pm On Jun 11, 2019
[quote author=JKisOK post=79223015]We really need your advice on this crucial matter. We have a sister who has been diagnosed with fibroid. Having seen a few doctors, she is confronted with solving the problem through undergoing surgery to evacuate the mass. However, she would prefer an alternative to surgery to evacuate the fibroid.

There is a bit of background. She has a daughter from a previous relationship. Her husband has two children from his previous relationships. However, they want to have children together, which has not happened. Everyone supposes that the fibroid issue may be blocking fertility between them.

Is there a confirmed non-surgical procedure that has worked with anyone out there? Where did the lady go for this non-surgical evacuation? What is the rate of success? What is the cost implication?

Please, counsel and insights are urgently needed.

[/quote I have seen cases of fibroid cured using diet therapy. I won't advise her to go cut her womb.
Health / Re: Which Swallow Would You Recommend For A Diabetic by whiteseed(m): 12:46pm On Jun 11, 2019
you won't even bear it

Talking about those already on meds

If you aren't on meds and noticing weakness, frequent urination, you've been using your scale and each time, high figures, its only a warning to you to change the lifestyle accumulating sugar in your blood, shikena!

You immediately stop every meds, chemically processed foods, smoking, alcohol, any wrong lifestyle

Get your citruses to push out every sugar from your blood and maintain this by never returning to your vomit

Maintain a totally natural lifestyle hence

Whoever scares you with death by not coming on insulin tabs, tell him/her " I know the truth already, its too late "
Education / Re: This Picture Has A Great Message. Who Can Interpret It ?? by whiteseed(m): 11:41am On Jun 06, 2019
Be flexible.One has to be book smart and street wise. Reading books alone will make u drown when reality beckons
Health / Re: Staphylococcus Is Ruinning Her Marriage by whiteseed(m): 9:21pm On May 13, 2019
a friend got diagnosed of heavy growth of staphylococcus n she is yet to get pregnant because she already a year in the marraige n she got to know about d staph today she been crying threatening to kill herself pls help is there cure for staph n she be able to take in immediately after the treatment n how long will she stay after d treatment to expecting thank in expectation to ur reply......
contact me to tell u how i cured mine with diet(natural foods)

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Politics / Re: Am Going To Run Mad If I Have This Fleet Of Cars – Hon Kazaure On Dino Malaye by whiteseed(m): 2:16pm On May 12, 2019
Viral video of Hourable Kazaure checking out Dino Melaye fleet of cars, the honorable who spoke in Hausa said

Hon #Kazaure said he is going to run mad if he has this fleet of cars, he will seat down alone and think what will he tell God. His problem is poor People. He said in this fasting if he has 100m he will buy food worth 80m. I like this man..

talk is cheap
Crime / Re: Set To Marry By August, Fiancée Battered By Fiance (Disturbing Photos) by whiteseed(m): 2:07pm On May 12, 2019
As shared by her cousin brother, he wrote: "This is my cousin who's engaged to be married by August. No, she was not involved in a bike accident. Her fiancee did this to her. Apparently, this not the first time. she's been covering him up in the name of "where would I start from"

The young man also advises Ladies, he said: "Ladies, God cherishes your life more than he cherishes 'marriage' don't kill yourself in an attempt to keep a man".

But the Dude is fine boy shaa,

See more graphic photos below, and See photos of the fine man that did that to her from here

from d story, I feel say d guy no won marry d girl but he no know how him go take tell am.
Health / Re: Epidermolysis Bullosa: Help Save My Sister's Baby With Solution To This Ailment by whiteseed(m): 11:51am On May 12, 2019

Can you drop your mail pls

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Health / Re: Epidermolysis Bullosa: Help Save My Sister's Baby With Solution To This Ailment by whiteseed(m): 4:27pm On May 11, 2019
Good morning Nairalander's

Please I need the input of doctor's/nurses/anyone that knows or experienced this child ailment before to help save my niece cry.

Here is the details..

My elder sister who lives in the east gave birth to her 3rd child, a baby girl in 2015 but she was born with this unknown ailment. It usually starts from the hand, they took her to hospitals but doctor's seemed uncertain of what the ailment was, they also took her to some other places trying to find solution to it but to no avail. Within few days it spread to her nails and they subsequently fell off. One week later it spread all over her body that if you lie her on the bed she cries all time due to the pain and when u raise her up her skin glues to the wrapper used in lying her down. After days of trying to find solution with no success they were confused. Then one early morning around 4am the father carried her to ease the pain and make her to stop crying without knowing the baby was dead 10 minutes ago, it was when they discovered they wept and made arrangements and buried her in the morning.

After that, they had another baby and she was free from it.

Now on May 8, 2019 she gave birth to a baby girl (photo attached) but the baby was born with this same deadly ailment. They took her to FMC they said it is "epidermolysis bollusa". Please I need information from anyone who knows about this ailment and how to cure it, I don't want a repeat of what happened last time abeg.

Please make una help me push this to FP to save a soul cry cry

contact me.I will direct u to where u can get solution. I think d mother needs to treat herself too.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Start This Business That Will Change Your Life by whiteseed(m): 4:55pm On May 06, 2019
I'm been seeing people around this forum complaining of how they've been searching for job with no remedy. I was in their shoes until a friend of mine introduced me to a business that changed my life last year. Normally people charge people 50k to teach this business which is called mini importation but my friend taught me for free. In a bid to at least reduce the rate of unemployment I want to teach 50 people mini importation for free. I'm going to create a whatsapp group for this training, if you want to learn and start making money like me, drop your whatsapp number let me add you, once it reaches 50 persons, I'll stop adding and start the training at my free time, thank you and God bless you.
, 08147486048
Family / Re: My Wife Abandoned Me While On A BP Of 250/150.(A Cameroonian Nairalander's Tale) by whiteseed(m): 3:43pm On May 03, 2019
As I look back at the last two years I acknowledge it's nothing short of a miracle to be alive. I got up on the morning of 2nd October 2017 feeling completely faint and light headed. Though I could get around I certainly could tell a whole lot was going inside me by the end of the day. Two days later when I couldn't take it any more I visited the hospital and behold my BP was 250/150. The terrified nurse in abit thought the BP monitor had malfunctioned..Lol With repeated readings revealing same numbers I was immediately placed on a Nicardipine iv drip..Whilst the Nicardipine drip was able to bring down my numbers, it bounced back to strastopheric levels as soon as it ran its course.. That was only the start of a long journey of consistently raised BP despite the best of treatments.

During hard times most folks would expect their spouse to be present lending emotional support and comfort. Quite frankly emotional support from loved ones during times of sickness is as good as the best medications. During my plight I hoped my wife and mother of our two sons will show me a tenth of the affection and attention I would readily give her had she fallen stead. How wrong I was!! I would describe my love for her in this way. If my wife had a kidney failure ( God forbid) and needed a transplant I would readily give of my one kidney without a second thought. If the operation wasn't successful and my second kidney was needed I would have given again. That is just how much I love(d) her.

To say I was abandoned by wife is an understatement. At the beginning of our relationship 11 years ago I knew she wasn't the most caring of women, but other things added up. Besides I wasn't looking for a Miss perfect and thus I indulged. One month after my health struggle I saw the true colours of the woman I had lived with for 10+ years... As I ran low on cash seeing different cardiologist so did my woman's attention diminish..Lol Infact her attention diminished faster than the cash.lol With a now restricted diet ( no salt, maggi, red oil, beef) I got up one morning to realise I had to go to the market buy food stuffs, cook them before I could eat. That was with Bp hovering around 220/130. As cash eventually dwindled I was now on my own. My life belonged to me alone and thus the responsibility to stay alive weighed heavily on my shoulders.. Shopping, cooking, doctor's visit alone, rushing to the emergency unit during points of heightened crisis etc.. I remember getting up at night with severe panic attacks, chest pain, shortness of breath to the attention of just my 5 years old son(God bless him mightily). Countless times I ferried my self to the emergency unit at odd hours unaccompanied..

By March 2018 my wife opted out of the relationship. I had taken 17 different medications over 6 months. Yet my wife didn't know the name of one..Medications that were scattered on the shelf of our room.. Fast forward to May 2019, my BP is now stable at 116/66.. That is after seeing 5 different cardiologist, 3 internists, 2 endocrinologists and 1 nephrologist.. I drink 5 medicines daily and its been a journey of extreme side effects getting to this point.. I now live with my two sons in a different town and despite the setbacks from the side effects life is still worth living and giving the best to my kids.. I still love my wife and is ready to take her back if there is a genuine repentance and willingness to make an effort in amending her ways.. Will I wait on her forever - No! If God brings a worthy woman into my life I will be willing to give love a try again..

P.S.. Blood pressure is measured in two separate figures.. The up known as the systolic ( pressure exerted on the artery walls when the heart beats) and the down known as the diastolic (Pressure exerted when the heart is resting between beats).. The systolic is expected to fall between 90-120 and the diastolic between 60-80. Thus the highest figure should be 120/80 now revised to 135/85.. Higher than that you are referred to as suffering from High Blood Pressure in different stages depending on your numbers.. High Blood Pressure is a silent killer and carries with it the risk of stroke, heart attacks, kidney diseases,coronary artery diseases, heart diseases etc.. So folks do well to check your BP regularly and get diet modification tips and or medications if appropriate..
Oga, pls for d sake of your kids do not continue with hope Meds.U will not like ur end. I'm talking from experience. If u want to b whole again,reach me. I won't collect a kobo from u.
Health / Re: Help Needed With Itchy Private Part by whiteseed(m): 3:01pm On Apr 10, 2019
Hello nairalanders, I have to create a new account to just communicate this because I have been having too much discomfort. I still don't know what is wrong with my body especially my private part which gets very dry, itchy and scaly.
I have done several test like HIV, syphilis, blood test and lots more and the result came out negative and I've also spent quite a lot of money getting medication and test which prove abortive.
Please any experience doctor in the house should please help with on what is wrong with me and how best to get rid of this because it's becoming embarrassing.
Thank you for your help and please mod, move this to front page and my life depends on it.
do a sperm culture. It will reveal more. I think it's a serious infection.


Romance / Re: I Love My Girlfriend But Her Vagina Odor Is Bad Please Help!! by whiteseed(m): 1:12pm On Apr 09, 2019
Please I need some help on this critical issue,
I’ve been dating my girl friend for a year and we love each other so much that we wanna get married. She is very clean and practice good hygiene. But with all these her honeypot still smell no matter how much she wash it the odor still get perceived and then she’s get wet a lot that her fluid comes out like mucus. Please I love her I want to spend the rest of my life with her but I don’t want to leave with that problem. I want to help her with everything and have.
She’s got no infections cos she did general test.
Please the mods should do the needful as this is important to my life I’m fighting for my future here. Please advise me on how to help her.
Mature minds please
forget all dis products people are trying to market. Since she has no infection, tell her to stop processed food like rice, tin_tomatoes, carbonated drinks, including ur so called five alive and d rest. She should stop using sanitary pads. use napkins and wash after every. Use clean thick wrapper if u don't get napkins. If u don't see changes after a month or two, then Cum quote me with every bashing u've got.

Health / Re: I'm Suspecting My Girlfriend Has Given Me HIV by whiteseed(m): 4:54pm On Apr 08, 2019

I'm the faithful and loyal type due to my fear of infections. I started dating this girl since June last year she looked innocent not the runs type we dated for three months before we had sex the first time. I used condom a couple of times for one month before I ditched it believing she's faithful too.
Fast forward to January I became suspicious of her when she picked a call in my presence and a male voice was talking to her when I inquired about the person she became all sweaty and nervous which rose my suspicion and denied that she doesn't know the person she received several calls like that until I got fed up and stopped her from coming to my place. A week later I developed a serious cough coupled with a sore throat a month later I developed rashes on both my upper arms and last month I experience vomiting in the mornings for three days I suspect she might have contracted HIV because she experienced similar symptoms too I'm too scared to go for a test is it too early to go for a test please I need your advice no insults.
bro, it's not HIV. Probably an infection in d acute state. Go for a test..


Health / Re: My Mother Has Fibroid, I Need Solutions To Stop It Permanently by whiteseed(m): 10:41pm On Apr 06, 2019
Hello everyone. Forgive me for this long post.

My mom has been bleeding as a result of fibroid for 2 and half months now. She is suppose to have a sugery and remove the fibroid but the doctors are saying they can't do any sugery until the bleeding stop as it is too risky to perform a surgery on her if she's still bleeding.

4 pints of blood was injected in her as she has lost so much blood, and was getting weaker by the day.

I am scared that the four pints of blood will be wasted again as she's still bleeding heavily.

I need solutions in stoping the bleeding, so the surgery will be done and the bleeding will be stopped. Pls if know anything that can be done so the bleeding can stop, it will be appreciated.

Pls, gynecologist in the house, I urgently need help.

fibroid is not just a tumour. It's womb swelling due to so many factors including wrong life style, . When an operation for fibroid is done,a part of your womb is cut off. Most people still suffer fibroid after some time even after successful operation. To tackle dis ailment properly, one has to go to d root of d problem.
Health / Re: How Do I Help A Baby With Epilepsy? by whiteseed(m): 8:23pm On Mar 28, 2019
[quote author=whiteseed post=77073298][/quote]dat child needs a diet therapy
Health / Re: How Do I Help A Baby With Epilepsy? by whiteseed(m): 8:21pm On Mar 28, 2019
[quote author=dee92 post=77066345]My 8 months old niece was diagnosed with epilepsy last month. She didn't cry at birth. She is on medication but it doesn't seem to tackle her seizures effectively. She's having subtle seizures as well. Any first hand experience from anyone with homeopathic remedies for epilepsy?[/quote iI know d next thing now would b to start pumping dat child with chemicals in d name of drugs which will definitely aggravate d situation. Pls dat child not a diet therapy to gradually get her self back. If interested, reach me. I no go collect shishi from u oo
Business / Re: If You Want To Be Rich And Make Money In 2019, You've Got To Read This!! by whiteseed(m): 5:20pm On Mar 26, 2019
Are you already rich? If not, you need to find a business to do to make money this Year and get out of poverty.

Some quick facts you need to know:
- Nobody will help you financially if you can’t help yourself. There is no spare money like before. ALL MAN FOR HIMSELF
- Economic situation in the country is not getting any better. (Don’t let us deceive ourselves)
- By this time next year if you don’t take ACTION NOW, you will still be in the same Financial Level as you are now.
- Nobody in the World can predict the Future with any degree of certainty.

But, let me tell you something: I CAN show you (if you ACT right NOW) how to make a lot of money this year!

Let me tell you a little about me. I did my NYSC at age 30, and after service for about 2 years I was jobless, broke and living on stipends from my Parents. To make matters worse since I was over 30, securing a good job was very hard. Then came the year 2016, and I stumbled on a business I could start with little capital and rake in huge profits (I’m not kidding!! Massive Huge Profits). In case you are wondering the type of business: E-COMMERCE and MINI-IMPORTATION.

I started well and things looked okay until I got stuck. Business was no longer moving. There was something I wasn’t doing right. Listen up!! I knew I needed help, but didn’t know where to get it from.

Anyway, just to stay "tuned-up" I got introduced to a mentor and I was able to get my business up again. He literarily walked me through the business ALL OVER again, and now I practically gross a minimum of #550k monthly. There are months I gross over #1million.

This Mentor PRACTICALLY breathes life into people’s finances. Call him The Grand Commander in this business and you would be very correct.

He has started lots of successful online businesses, and he's been doing E-commerce and Mini-importation for years now. He has mentored lots of Nigerians. At some point he picked the guy who does his car wash, set him up in this business and the guy’s financial level changed.

To be honest, I can teach you E-commerce and Mini-importation business. In fact I can send you my TUTORIAL GUIDE for FREE to read and start the business. But let me ask you a question: If you WANT to LEARN this business, and you want to be SUCCESSFUL in the business, who would you PREFER to teach you?

If you are Interested in having my materials sent to you for FREE, indicate your interest with your email address and I will send to you. Or CLICK this link to GET it: https:///2HHVGDY

If you would like to learn more about my mentor, CLICK on this link: https:///2HRWsgY to read more about him
Sports / Re: Picture Of Asisat Oshoala And Lionel Messi by whiteseed(m): 12:14pm On Mar 25, 2019
my people please I'm currently very sick and I don't have a dime on me for hospital bill. I have been complaining of sharp pains in both my eye sockets especially during the day-time when everywhere is bright. It's been giving me serious non-stop headaches and making me feverish. This is what I have been suffering since last week and I thought it will stop but as of today the situation is now worst as I can barely open my eyes. I've use all kinds of eyedrop and painkillers but it's only making it worst. I don't know if I'm loosing my eyesight because I can still see, it's just the pains that's the problem and I fear it may get out of hand if I don't do something about it, it's getting worst. I want to go to the hospital but I don't have money for it. I'm a student and an orphan and my aunt has been the one taking care of me and she is not willing to help because she say she has her own problems. Please i don't want to be a disable please I beg you In the name of GOD if any one can help me please contact either by mail or quote me. God bless you and every well meaning nigerian. Amen
get onions and blend. Sieve it to extract the water. Add honey to it. Use it as an eye drop. Thank me later. Note:This is just for relief and not a permanent cure.
Business / Re: Skills That Makes Money For You Instantly In Nigeria. by whiteseed(m): 7:22pm On Mar 06, 2019
For nairalanders who met me last week, it's been established that I train for free and there is no under tone to it. IT IS FREE.

For me it's service to humanity and my own way of giving back to the community (nairaland ) A platform that had been with me since 2008.

There is a massive flop with the approach we youth are employing to tackle poverty. To be frank we are jumping the ship, which is why we have money today and go broke again. We even say things like money has wings. Lol

First most of us youths claim we are business Enterprenure but in the real sense we have little or no money for business . How do u do business without money. Even if you do I can bet it will always be a struggle which eventually gets you tired and you let go of a good venture. (Lack of money)

What we need to maintain constant flow of money and have enough to save for business is SKILL.

Skills are what you earn to raise capital which will be used for business which in turn makes you loads of money.

In the nearest future I will teach the rectangular money trend that you can follow that guarantees generational wealth.

But On Sunday I will be teaching 10 SKILLS that can make money for you instantly in Nigeria.

You don't need any investment for this. That's why it's a skill. All you will need to do is choose the niche you think you can perform well in it and of you run along to make money.

After making money from your skill then you now put such money back into your business which males it flourish and you earn more. Then the journey to becoming money sufficient starts.

Stay with me as I reveal all this Free on whatsap.

Drop your Number here and I will add you.

You can chat me on whatsapp on my number on my bio/banner.

Note: if I have added you before , no need for duplication.

Edit1. Joining link on my bio

please add me. 08147486048
Health / Re: Staphylococcus Aureus Is Ruining My Life! Nairaland Please Help! by whiteseed(m): 6:42pm On Feb 05, 2019
I have been to state hospital but I don't like the way they attend to patients in a hurry
.I can relate to ur experience. Once had it. Send me a mail. I will help u.
Business / Re: How To Make 200K Monthly As Content Marketing Specialist Working Part-time by whiteseed(m): 12:12pm On Jan 17, 2019
Religion / Re: Samurai's Prophetic Thread. Drop A Post And I Will See A Vision For You. by whiteseed(m): 1:57pm On Jan 15, 2019
Hello op
Health / Re: Guys Help!!! Do You All Mean There’s No Cure For Staphylococcus? by whiteseed(m): 4:28pm On Jan 07, 2019

Less than 40 days now sir!!

So what do you advice a brother ??

and please advice me like your own blood is suffering from it!


Hope to hear from you. Thanks.
bro, don't let anyone deceive u. U can not get rid of dat stuff till u change ur lifestyle completely by going natural. Mine lasted for 10yrs but I'm free now. Being free wasn't easy but it was worth it .if u are on telegram, send me ur number.

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