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Celebrities / Re: Living In The Past by whiteseed(m): 4:09pm On Nov 11, 2020
Seen . Responded
okay.. Seen.. Thanks for your response.. Will update you as things unfold...

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Celebrities / Re: Living In The Past by whiteseed(m): 10:28am On Nov 11, 2020
Haruna ishola ....,,..oroki socials club grin grin
hello bro.. How is everything? I sent u an email.. Please,help kindly check..
Romance / Re: How Do You Get A Strong Withdrawal Game? by whiteseed(m): 2:08pm On Nov 09, 2020
Make I park for here .
hello bro... please, can you check your email?
Celebrities / Re: I Begged A Brazilian For 10 Years — Davido Changes His Instagram Name by whiteseed(m): 1:16pm On Nov 07, 2020
Big bags for the lucky Brazilian
hello bro, good afternoon.. please check your mail.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump's Supporters Pray & Speak In Tongues At Clark County by whiteseed(m): 12:40pm On Nov 06, 2020
eti edo edi edo
Business / Re: #ENDSARS: Access Bank Sued By Gatefield For Freezing Account by whiteseed(m): 10:53pm On Nov 04, 2020
Oral B KO oral F ni .. Mungun we sabi una na , paid assholes
hello bro... Greetings... Abeg no vex say iI don send u another mail..
Politics / Re: Governor Wike Dares IPOB Members To Harass Him Whenever He Travels To Europe by whiteseed(m): 8:35pm On Nov 02, 2020
I hope to meet you in battle field when chasing the igbos outta PH city.
kubwa, wats ur problem with igbos? I would really like to know. U seem not to like them...
Romance / Re: Happy New Month To You All by whiteseed(m): 12:35pm On Nov 01, 2020
May our joyous and glorious hearts see the send of this month and see the next and the next and the nexts
Happy new month bro... May all ur secret prayers be answered..Boss, I sent you a mail.. Please, kindly check....
Celebrities / Re: EndSARS: Enugu Asks Phyno & Flavour To Go To Their State. Patoranking Reacts by whiteseed(m): 4:24pm On Oct 20, 2020
, Bros, Abeg no forget me...
Romance / Re: Why Is It That Most Naija Ladies Don't Appreciate Their Boyfriends(Pics) by whiteseed(m): 8:37am On Oct 19, 2020
IN THE CITY OF DREAM , searching for love can be the greatest night mare grin... love is just a word it doesn’t mean anything to some Nigerian ladies . They see relationship as another form of investment
good day bro.. I sent you a mail. Sorry for the inconviniency...
Romance / Re: Reasons Why Women Expose Dia Bodies On Smedia. by whiteseed(m): 9:00pm On Oct 17, 2020
According to Sigmund Freud “Everything a woman does; is derived from a man penis envy” (end of quote). Freud was of the opinion that at childhood stage, we gain much pleasure in doing two things – we love to be aggressive – we madly fall in love with sexual pleasure as well.

It would reach a stage, a male child would see his father’s existence as a domestic threat, and would wish his father die; believing the sudden death of his father would grant him much freedom, to act like a husband to his mother.

This is what Sigmund Freud referred to as Oedipus complex. Oedipus, according to a Greek story, is a young man who killed his father and married his mother.

I know of a woman who says she wonders why her male children develop extreme likeness for her – her female children develop supreme love for their father. I explained the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud to quench her thirst of inquisitive curiosity, and she wowed.

Sometimes, we men find ourselves in a room, exchanging pleasantries, playing games or engage one another in intellectual discussions. Experience has it that, the social tempo changes immediately a strange woman is ushered into such room.

With the sudden appearance of a gorgeously looking lady, some of us would start flying polo of our shirts, adjusting our roughed trousers, perhaps to display how more civilized or socially exposed we are, or how best or perfect we can be her partner.

Some of us would start pulling down our polo - to show how morally sound and responsibly mannered we are. We don’t want to be called a good-for-nothing-thug, believing that looking more responsible than other men would make one the most preferable or convince her to fall in love.

As a social media commentator, I think this is a subject matter I have never commented on before, perhaps because of its sensitiveness.

I love to see females posting pictures on social media; in fact, it has always remained an undiminishing pleasure whilst I am browsing over the internet to pause, watch their fascinated smiles, like and sometimes drop some golden compliments in their comment boxes, depending on the level of elegance.

I love to see them showing their beauties through pictures like professional models, and celebrated fashioners; but this must come with all politeness, modesties and cultured mannerisms.

Having being blessed with three blood sisters - two elders (married) and a younger sister (unmarried), beautiful ones - I understand quite well how ladies feel when you tell them how gorgeous they look in their new dresses, how they appear elegant in their pictures.

How her golden smiles kill, how she walks like a professional model whilst she swings her hips from side to side, how she walks down the street and her beautiful walking steps cause you emotional disaster, how she sounds angelic in her utterances.

Research has it that an average social media user is psychologically depressed, seriously overwhelmed with sadness – when she posts and gets no likes or comments; sometimes comments or likes that negate her expectation. An average human is biologically programmed not to be ignored, snubbed or neglected.

This, to the best of my knowledge, is one of the few reasons ladies display their unclothedness on social media; we must not desert the truth; the simple truth is not farfetched - it is not worth it”.

please would need ur guidance concerning a matter. I sent u an email.
Business / Re: What Business Can I Do With 20k? by whiteseed(m): 4:17pm On Sep 07, 2020
send me a message, lemme help you with mini importation.
Boss, please help me too
Business / Re: How Can I Make Monthly Income Of 40k? by whiteseed(m): 4:10pm On Sep 07, 2020

bro, please can i also learn from u?
Business / Re: How Can I Make Monthly Income Of 40k? by whiteseed(m): 4:07pm On Sep 07, 2020
[quote author=ecomalchemist post=93504004]

Sure [/quo winkte]bro, please I need ur guidance on mini Importation
Business / Re: Mini Importation Business In Nigeria – Never Waste Your Time On It by whiteseed(m): 4:01pm On Sep 07, 2020
[quote author=izicode1 post=90000339]If you want to go into mini importation, I have a very comprehensive video training from App CLick that I bought for 7K. I will give it to you FREE. The course was very comprehensive, and it was through the course I did my first importation.

My opinion, which was what I wrote is that there is a better alternative not that I am condemning it. Just send me an email and you will get the complete course FREE

Agriculture / Re: My Sorjorn Into Rice Farming In 2020. by whiteseed(m): 10:15am On Aug 17, 2020
Where is your location? Better still, send your phone number.
Agriculture / Re: An Opportunity For OND Holders And Fresh Gradutes by whiteseed(m): 1:00pm On Jul 08, 2020
provide more details.
I have done that
Agriculture / Re: An Opportunity For OND Holders And Fresh Gradutes by whiteseed(m): 12:58pm On Jul 08, 2020
is this an employment invite?
yes it is
Agriculture / Re: An Opportunity For OND Holders And Fresh Gradutes by whiteseed(m): 11:38am On Jul 08, 2020
Tough activities like bush clearing and initial bed making will be given to casual workers. Every other activities will be handled by the accepted applicants.

Activities like: sowing seeds, soil sterilization, nursery set up, fertilizer application (side dressing and fertigation), frequent weeding, stakes installation for vines, pruning, spraying of agro chemicals at the right time, harvesting, bagging, etc. It involves energy draining activities, so, we aren't looking for supervisors.

Then, keeping data and well documented reports are required. Everyone interacts on whatsapp with a strategist who analyse constantly daily activities. We are looking for team players who are educated. People who will not cause confusion in the farm.

Everyone will be given a portion of the farm to tender and care for. To me, 2,000 tomato plants per person is not too much. So, that 5 people handle 10,000 tomato plants. In addition, the same people will have other responsibilities too.

All the responsibilities will be discussed and they are not subjects of public discussions here.

It is strictly a job for you to learn and you make some money for yourself. So, take it like we are teaching you. If you are coming for job and start controlling others that you are skillful, we do not require you.

We will discuss all activities with you, set a target for you, guide you in a way you make it easily, and if you meet up with the expected target, you are rewarded based on our agreement. For example, if a tomato plant should give 2kg fruits, we expect you to get around 2kg too. We will provide you all you need to get 2kg and you do not give any excuse you cannot get it. But our tomato variety yield far more than the example I made above.

I believe I have given you enough details. For more specific questions and clarifications, send me an email and I will attend to you.
Family / Re: My Wife Abandoned Me While On A BP Of 250/150.(A Cameroonian Nairalander's Tale) by whiteseed(m): 7:44pm On Jul 07, 2020

Can I reach you too. I need urgent help for a family member.
ofcourse u can
Agriculture / An Opportunity For OND Holders And Fresh Gradutes by whiteseed(m): 3:28pm On Jul 06, 2020
I will go straight to the point. I am creating a platform where young educated people can work, earn and learn. This is going to be in the farm. So, i need hardworking youths who are passionate about farming, but have no means . We will be focusing on tomato, cucumber and rearing of chicken. Accommodation and feeding inclusive. If interested, send cv to educhristian21@gmail.com.
Family / Re: I Just Don't Understand My Marriage Anymore... Please Help.. by whiteseed(m): 8:34pm On May 09, 2020
All will be well again .
Romance / Re: About To Lose A Good Girl. Please Help! by whiteseed(m): 9:41am On Jan 29, 2020
Sometimes things happen for us to have a clearer picture so as not to be blinded by sentiment. Truth b told, Bro u bleeped up but take away dat scenario where u impregnated a girl, bla bla bla... Do u know dat this ur good girl has attributes of a maryam(tendency to kill). What of if u marry her and maybe make a mistake because iI know say dis ur prick no dey hear word. Bro, use ur head. Nobody holy pass
Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by whiteseed(m): 1:38pm On Jun 21, 2019

are you the OP??
assistant cool

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Religion / Re: Cultism, The Spiritual Consequences And Deliverance Through Christ by whiteseed(m): 9:05am On Jun 21, 2019
OP majority of us expected to read about the spiritual effect or consequences of joining a cult, but you have based most of your discourse about the satanic kingdom in general.

You can shed light about the satanic kingdom, but don't forget the original purpose of this thread.
please allow the op move how he is being led. Besides, we don't know how long this thread will last.

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Health / Re: Sister Has Fibroid But Afraid Of Surgery, Help With Alternative Solutions by whiteseed(m): 3:14pm On Jun 11, 2019
[quote author=JKisOK post=79223015]We really need your advice on this crucial matter. We have a sister who has been diagnosed with fibroid. Having seen a few doctors, she is confronted with solving the problem through undergoing surgery to evacuate the mass. However, she would prefer an alternative to surgery to evacuate the fibroid.

There is a bit of background. She has a daughter from a previous relationship. Her husband has two children from his previous relationships. However, they want to have children together, which has not happened. Everyone supposes that the fibroid issue may be blocking fertility between them.

Is there a confirmed non-surgical procedure that has worked with anyone out there? Where did the lady go for this non-surgical evacuation? What is the rate of success? What is the cost implication?

Please, counsel and insights are urgently needed.

[/quote I have seen cases of fibroid cured using diet therapy. I won't advise her to go cut her womb.
Health / Re: Which Swallow Would You Recommend For A Diabetic by whiteseed(m): 12:46pm On Jun 11, 2019
you won't even bear it

Talking about those already on meds

If you aren't on meds and noticing weakness, frequent urination, you've been using your scale and each time, high figures, its only a warning to you to change the lifestyle accumulating sugar in your blood, shikena!

You immediately stop every meds, chemically processed foods, smoking, alcohol, any wrong lifestyle

Get your citruses to push out every sugar from your blood and maintain this by never returning to your vomit

Maintain a totally natural lifestyle hence

Whoever scares you with death by not coming on insulin tabs, tell him/her " I know the truth already, its too late "
Education / Re: This Picture Has A Great Message. Who Can Interpret It ?? by whiteseed(m): 11:41am On Jun 06, 2019
Be flexible.One has to be book smart and street wise. Reading books alone will make u drown when reality beckons
Health / Re: Staphylococcus Is Ruinning Her Marriage by whiteseed(m): 9:21pm On May 13, 2019
a friend got diagnosed of heavy growth of staphylococcus n she is yet to get pregnant because she already a year in the marraige n she got to know about d staph today she been crying threatening to kill herself pls help is there cure for staph n she be able to take in immediately after the treatment n how long will she stay after d treatment to expecting thank in expectation to ur reply......

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Politics / Re: Am Going To Run Mad If I Have This Fleet Of Cars – Hon Kazaure On Dino Malaye by whiteseed(m): 2:16pm On May 12, 2019
Viral video of Hourable Kazaure checking out Dino Melaye fleet of cars, the honorable who spoke in Hausa said

Hon #Kazaure said he is going to run mad if he has this fleet of cars, he will seat down alone and think what will he tell God. His problem is poor People. He said in this fasting if he has 100m he will buy food worth 80m. I like this man..

talk is cheap

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