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Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 7:24am
Mrs duress. I am sure you cancelled the response under duress, the same way Chidinma said she changed her bloody dress, stole the ATM and other belongings of the dead man and walked out of the apartment.

So how do we know which of the various confessions Chidinma made under duress?

Mark it. Chidinma would be given the death sentence. I hope you will be ready to "abobaku" with her.

More on this Chidinma saga...

I hope the prosecutors look deeper into this girls life. This girl will implicate a lot more people.

For example, she claimed she was adopted by Mr. Ojukwu. If there are no legal adoption documents and her parents were not aware of the adoption, then Mr Ojukwu would be liable for ABDUCTION. The court would want to know for what purpose Mr. Ojukwu abducted/adopted her and at what age? Mr Ojukwu would be in big trouble.
Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 6:19am
The media.

So it was the media that made her tell the very detailed story of how she searched and tented the house with fake story and fake identity, how and her sugar daddy lodged in the house for 2 days prior, how she first slept with the man, how she refused the second time and the man attempted to rape her, how the man attacked her and hit her head against the wall, how she was pinned to the kitchen table and how she reached for a kitchen knife and stabbed him twice in the neck and once in the chest.

It must be the same duress by the media that made her say Mr Ataga gave her his ATM and PIN before just before the fight (instead of him just making an online transfer which would have taken just seconds). So how did she then get his PIN to steal his money.

Abeg listen to the first confession again and explain how she was under duress.

I don't understand how Nigerians can support rubbish. With this her recant and new lies, she is playing with the death penalty, because she is revealing a cold hearted murderer with no remorse whatsoever.
Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 5:13am

So the elite muslim that do it are bunch of nuts cases?
I would not say they are nut cases. I would rather say they are perverts and Paedophiles. Elite Muslim men are obsessed with virgins and are prepared to sleep with 9 year olds to satisfy their fetish.
Besides, elite Muslims don't give out their 12 year old girls in marriage to dirty old men. They send them to universities abroad and marry them out to other elite billionaires or billionaire's son.

They don't function well in society because they marry that way.
Absolutely. Such girls that has been raped and abused can never function well in society. Show me one example of a pre-teen or early teen girl that was married off and had a functional life.

You are too arrogant with your one sided view.
You are just too perverse with your absurd view.

I checked your profile and posts to trying and understand the personality behind the moniker, because I was not even sure of your sex. The name Ada is feminine, but you hold ultra misogynistic and homophobic views.
Apart from this website hold similar views on lots of other issues. We are even both Arsenal and Messi fans.

Having such liberal views on other issues, I wonder what made you so misogynistic and homophobic? No matter how you look at it - physically, mentally or socially, under age marriage is harmful to all those involved and the society at large.

What consenting legal adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms should not concern others unless it is done in the full glare of the public. Whether a man decides to "chook" has "pinus" inside the asshole of another man or another woman is non of my business. He can as well "chook" it inside the mouth, ear or nose of another woman, it does not concern me.

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Politics / Re: IPOB To Edwin Clark: You Have No Mandate To Speak For Niger Delta On Biafra by wirinet(m): 9:39pm On Jul 23

Are their not ijaws in IPOB ? What's even your issue ...why not just vote no

There are IPOB in Kano also, Oya, carry referendum go Kano to enable them vote no also.


Education / Re: Kano Makes NIN Mandatory For Students In Government Schools by wirinet(m): 9:33pm On Jul 23
I suspect Lagos will soon follow the Kano example and make NIN compulsory for all secondary school children in Lagos.
Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 9:29pm On Jul 23

A 7yrs old Child can give consent on issues as complicated as gender reassigned surgery. But apparently they can't give consent to sex at 12.

The world is fooling you my friend. That man is not a bad man. He took his wife to hospital. Ask her if she is being abuse or loved correctly and hear her.

Where in your wrapped world can a 7 year old give consent to anything. I won't be surprised if you say a 7 year old can consent sex and marriage.
I think you are one of those religious nut cases that justify all sorts of rubbish like incest, multiple wives all in the name of religion.

You are the one that gave the gave the 12 year old in marriage to know they are married? And you live with them to know he loved her correctly?

I really wish we know the real identities besides monikers on nairaland. I would avoid anything to do with the families and even generations of people with your value system.

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Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 9:13pm On Jul 23

I can't debate you. You too full of insults. That the direction am leaving.

I am glad you are leaving. What you are writing here is the most disgusting thing I have read on this site. Justifying a fully grown man impregnating a 12 year old kid.

That man is a good man period. Some will rather sleep with 12 yr old than with a man. Everyone is entitled to their own taboo.

How can you compare sleeping with a man with sleeping with a 12 year old?

An adult man is a consenting adult, a 12 year old cannot consent and so is rape.

You sound like a homophobic paedophile.

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Politics / Re: Religious Population In Nigeria 2021 by wirinet(m): 8:04pm On Jul 23
Though I am a Muslim but let's say the truth for once. There are more Christians than Muslims in Nigeria. Know this and know peace.

Imagine, 99.4% of Nigerians are either Christain or Muslim and yet the country is one of the most poor, corrupt and morally bankrupt countries in the world.

Meanwhile, 90% of Chinese consider themselves atheist and the country is one of the most prosperous and moral countries in the world.
What an irony.
Politics / Re: IPOB To Edwin Clark: You Have No Mandate To Speak For Niger Delta On Biafra by wirinet(m): 5:23pm On Jul 23

Ipob is not speaking for anyone their demand is give referendum let people speak for themselves ...why is that even hard for u guys to get ...if ijaws vote no simple so that 50 years now they would say we abandoned them in Nigeria

Let everyone say no .

If only igbos say yes we go the rest of u can stay

Ghen Ghen .... Igbos are now Voltron - Defender of the Universe. You must save other tribes whether they like it or not. Even though they say they don't want referendum, igbos say they must accept referendum by force.

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Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 4:44pm On Jul 23
Prove what you typed here.
Her first confession was under duress. It is impossible for a 21-year-old girl to kill a trained boxer
You have any evidence that she was put under duress? Are there signed of torture.
What kind of duress was she subjected to and by whom? The Police, reporters that questioned her or the "real killers" of Mr Ataga?

For you to allege duress in court, you will have to reveal what kind of duress it was and provide evidence.
Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 4:15pm On Jul 23
See primitive reasoning. You are reasoning as if you still live in the dark ages.

As we progress down this lines of thoughts we will have to revisited our existing g laws what constitute fundamental truth.
Which fundamental truth? A very warped primitive fundamental truth.

All societies has their taboos. In Africans men vs men sexual acts constitutes a taboo. Weras in the west child sex and not men sex constitute taboos. Who is right and who is wrong. That's a matter of subjective reasoning.
Taboos change according to time, culture and enlightenment. In my culture, just 50 years ago, twins were a taboo and they were killed immediately after birth. Even in the west, gays were a taboo just 200 years ago. Marriage of pre-teen girls were the norm even within the aristocrats.

A man sleep with a 12yts old does not meet any criteria of rape or abuse. Not in the slightest bit. If he had sex with her, was it a willing act?, if he take her to the hospital and pays for the bills. Does that constitute an abusive act?..if so in what sense. How do we define an abuse. If he is still willing to take care of her and nuture her, we're is the " heart" of malevolonce?
You are truly a sicko. Maybe you were abused when you were 12 or less and delight to see other pre-teens suffer to feel good about yourself.

A 12 year old is mentally and physically immature to understand the rudiments of marriage, child bearing and child raising. It's like a new yam. It's just too immature to be eaten, no matter it's size. People have to wait for it to mature before they can cook and eat it.

I think we humans should be less rigid with our laws. If a girl can get pregnant at twelve it means nature and not the man has granted approval to her maturity. We are all strangely a servant to nature dictates. The subjective nature of things mean not all women mature at thesame pace or time. Some are approved earlier.
A girl getting pregnant at 12 put her life at great risk. Her body is not rope enough to withstand the trauma of child birth. Even her pelvic bone has not started expanding to accommodate the passage of a baby. Millions of girls die in the north as a result of VVF and other birth complications, but remain largely unreported. Governor Yerimah's Egyptian child bride died during child birth and it was not reported.

It is not subjective matter, it is an objective fact that girls (and boys also) are not mentally and physically prepared for child bearing.

The whole ideal that a woman should reach a definite definite age before sex act is permissive is just plain rationally primitive. A man should not go to jail or has his whole life taking from him for something as silly as that.

You are the primitive one here. Scientific evidence as well as historical evidence has shown that girls are not given the responsibility of adulthood until they reach at least 16 years of age.

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Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 12:10pm On Jul 23

Yes she will be charged in US. A 27 years old female teacher was jailed for sleeping with a 17 years old boy in Texas.

A minor boy in Nigeria will not even report it to anyone because he enjoys it

And all minor girl will report to anyone because she does not enjoy it? I wonder why people think it's only men that enjoys sex.

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Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 12:09pm On Jul 23
By the way, this girl acted under self-defense.
And you have proof she acted under self defense. You think a small girl 21 year old can kill a fully grown fit amateur boxed in self defense and she would not have a scratch on her?

I dey fear you and for your boyfriends o.
Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by wirinet(m): 12:05pm On Jul 23
Prove what you typed here.

Watch here confession here.

Business / Re: Illegal Debiting! Help by wirinet(m): 8:32am On Jul 23

To disable a card is different from CANCELLING a card. To cancel a card, you must be present in the bank

Disable, Cancel, the result is the same. The card cannot be used to make any transaction. If you disable a card, you will have to go physically to enable it. And I would not recommend re-enabling a card that has been compromised. If your card has been compromised, you might not have enough time to go to your bank before your account is wiped out.
Business / Re: Illegal Debiting! Help by wirinet(m): 7:26pm On Jul 22
If these subscriptions haven't passed 90 days, you can request for a refund via Google pay.
Google pay won't do jack. When it happened on my access bank account, I made a complaint to Google play. They relied me after 2 weeks that they could not determine it was a fraudulent transaction. As long as the transaction was from your Google account or with your ATM account details, Google will not do anything.
Business / Re: Illegal Debiting! Help by wirinet(m): 7:22pm On Jul 22
Go to your bank and cancel that card. I always advise customers/people not to store details of their cards on websites or apps. You can make payments as one off, but never save the details there because if these sites or apps are hacked, your account is exposed

He does not need to go to the bank to disable to card. Just call customer care of your bank and instruct the customer care officer to disable the card. He/she will do it instantly after asking your series of questions to confirm you are the owner of the account.

It has happened to me twice with UBA and once with Access bank. The onevof UBA was even on a Sunday and it was immediately disabled.
Celebrities / Re: Pregnant Khafi Shows Her Baby Bump In New Photos by wirinet(m): 12:48pm On Jul 22
Humans once walked the earth naked like animals, socialism will still take humans to the stage of walking naked again eventually.
Evolution is like a big life circle.
Homo sapiens shaa...
What's is the importance of baby bump for goodness sake.
Am glad to be a centrist.
Partial nationalism partial socialism.
Excess of everything is bad.

Social media is the importance of baby bump, baby shower and even the moment the baby comes out of the birth canal.
Celebrities / Re: Pregnant Khafi Shows Her Baby Bump In New Photos by wirinet(m): 12:43pm On Jul 22
So she has to expose her body..

Shameless women!!

Is it your body that she exposed or did her husband complain to you? Nigeria's biggest problem is taking chloroquine for other people's malaria.
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by wirinet(m): 5:19am On Jul 21

They think they are being smart trying to undermine Biden's administration's vaccine push so as to campaign on it during the midterms they are only killing their supporters cheesy what a smart idea grin

The basic strategy of Trump and the Republicans was to weaponize the Covid pandemic to win the 2020 general elections.

Trump deliberately went around the country spreading the virus in rallies and super spreader events. He discouraged the use of masks and promoted miracle cures. He mocked Biden and the democrats for wearing masks and observing social distancing rules.

Everyone in Trump's orbit caught the virus. He knew he and his family and closest aids would not be killed as they had access the best medical care available. But his supporters were dying like flies in their hundreds of thousands. He then encouraged in-person voting and attempt to suppress mail-in and absentee voting.

He undermined the US postal service so that mail-in votes would not be delivered on time if it was delivered at all.

Lastly he the proposed the stupid suggestion that all ballots must be counted and winner declared on election night and that any ballot not not counted on election night should be voided. Elections had never been declared on election night in US history. Counting goes on for weeks if not months after every election as absentee ballots from overseas sometimes come in weeks after election night.

To make things worse, some Republican states enacted legislation that mail-in votes and absentee ballots should be counted after in-person voting has been counted. When then Trump was leading when only in-person ballots were counted only to be upturned when mail-in ballots started coming in, Trump and his cults followers started screaming fraud.

I think that Republicans are now realizing that the virus is decimating their poorly educated base and these are their most loyal supporters. They see that it would affect their numbers in the next election as the margins in key battleground states are razor thin. They are now promoting vaccines that they had antagonized for months. Meanwhile they and their families are fully vaccinated.
Should they not apologize for the thousands of uneccesary deaths first?

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Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 8:09am On Jul 20
I personally don't pay my employees for unproductivity. Where will the GO pay him from. The Pastor has to work for his pay.

I will like to add that you are a bad businessman. Good businessmen don't bail out on their employees at the first sign of trouble. It will not build trust and loyalty between employer and employee. No business can expect to always be in profit not to talk of increase in productivity. Oyedepo's church business has existed for over 30 years and had made huge profit in the past. A few months or years of decreasing productivity will not kill his business.

During the lockdown in Nigeria which lasted about 2 months, I did not sack any of my staff of 6, and I paid them full salary even though they sat at home and there was no productivity at all. My staff are fiercely loyal to me.
Business and ethics, compassion and morals should go together.

This whole saga will have negative long term implication to Oyedepo's church business. Other pastors would learn that all the senior pastor cares about is "productivity" irrespective of conditions or situation, and does not care for their personal or even spiritual wellbeing. It might happen to them also anytime soon. So they would not be able to give themselves 100% to the business and will be looking for ways to secure themselves instead.

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Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 9:14pm On Jul 19

What infuriate most is a sentence in the letter where the man was commanded to hand over all the company properties and the Staff Identity card.


And when government proposed to regulate and tax church companies, Christians were up in arms screaming blue murder.
Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 9:38am On Jul 19

How you guys come to equate call for accountability is worldly to me is baffling when the bible is full evidences that shows God demands accountability from us.
I have refused to go into the critique of Pastors and I will resist every attempt to do that. Let's just take it that he didn't achieve the church growth target and he was released/sacked. He should take his disappointment and find the brighter side of life.

Let ask you this question; would Jesus drive any disciple from his ministry because because they did not meet his growth target? I had thought Christianity means Christ Like and not Oyedepo Like

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Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 9:29am On Jul 19

Your unit asking you for contributions 1500.
Is not a must you be in the department.
It was not a contribution. It was for a vest I was already given to enable me move around the church without being harassed by the security. When I was given the vest, I was not informed that I would have to pay. Later they started harrasing me that I owe the church N1,500.

Go back and tell your pastor. Let's apply for funds for the children church.
This incident happened about 8 years ago. I have never gone back to the church since. My still attends though.

I repeat no where in winners the local assembly undertakes a major project. Met your LCC. IT is a law the consequences is the pastor will be sacked
Maybe the law came in effect recently. In those days of "Double Double" they were collecting donations for everything - both minor and major. There was even a crisis when they told people to start paying N100 for the free transportation for Sunday services. Most people in my estate got angry and stopped attending winners then. The main pastor had to come to the estate to apologize to each member before some returned to the church.

The Local assembly must get an approval from the head quarters. Approval comes with release of funds.
As I said. This was my experience about 8 years ago. I would not know if things have changed.

Do you do more than one offering in a service apart from Thanksgiving offering once in a month?

This donation for the children church, is it offering done separately from the main offering.?

We did the main offering every sunday, then after that there was the children's church building offering. In addition they often asked people to donate building materials like cement, roofing sheets, etc.

Which branch of winners?

Ikorodu branch.
Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 8:43am On Jul 19
So who is now making stupid argument? Does it make sense to use the tithe paid by members of a hardworking pastor whose fruits are obvious for all to see and then use it to pay a pastor that has empty seats? If other pastors can work to bring people to the fold, why can't this pastor do same? Lazy People all over. Oyedepo pays every pastor so what is the argument that they are not using the tithe to pay the pastors working? What you are now saying is that they should also pay lazy pastors and if you believe the pastor's work is in heaven then heaven will pay him. You can't blame the pastor for that

Read my post once again and try and comprehend before rushing to take a bullet or strap a bomb for Oyedepo.
There is no where empty seats or lazy pastors were ever mentioned or discussed. The termed used was church growth index.


Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 8:39am On Jul 19

When God called the pastor, did he calling him to winners?

He should go and prove his calling. It must not be in winners.

The aspects of money. Ask anyone that attends winner's they will nerve emphasis money.

Is the only church that don't put anyone under pressure to give.

If any church lack anything just apply once approved the money will be released.

Every winners church have monthly impress. It is sent at the beginning of every month.

All workers are under a central payroll. It is not the duty of the local assembly to raise funds in winner's.

It is a taboo for a local assembly to raise funds it is forbidden.

If the church wants to build church, school, land or any other project. It is not the responsibility of the local assembly no member of the church is under pressure to donate. The head quarters mobilize the contractor to site.

This church is just unique.

Winner's transfer pastor every 2 - 3 Years. It improves effectiveness. As for the pastor sack there is more to it

Abeg dey lie small small now. Even Lai Mohammed no lie reach this.

My wife is a Winners member and in the beginning I followed her and the children to church to as support even though I do not even believe or like the church.

Not long after attending service regularly, i was asked to join the Publicity Unit. I was among those that took minutes of the pastors preaching for publication for the next bulletin.

Every Sunday they we always asking for one donation or the other. If its not the new children's church building donation, it would be to buy busses for the transportation unit. The first time I attended the publicity unit meeting I was forced to make a pledge. They were even using my apartment for the Saturday fellowships. In every meeting and fellowship we were required to make an offering. The last straw for me was when I was asked to pay N1,500 for the vest they gave me to identify me as a member of the publicity unit so I could walk around the church without any harassment from the security guys. I told them than I am using my resources and talent to serve the church free of charge and they expect me to pay for a vest I only use to do their job. I quit there and then. I told my wife that even though I love her and I will always support her, I would never step a foot it that church again.

Winners church exploit people to the fullest.

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Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 8:15am On Jul 19
You will need to answer this question first. Who employs the pastor? God or Oyedepo? If it is God, God will pay him since only God can appreciate whatever he does. Only God knows how many souls he saved in heaven. If you are now saying it was oyedepo that employed.. where do you expect oyedepo to get money to pay him? Since this is purely God's work, I expect you to condemn the pastor that was sacked not the one that sacked him..He expects another man to pay him for doing God's work. Does that makes any sense to you? Finally, you are asking me for a quotation about pastors in the Bible....There were no pastors per see in the Bible. There were priests.....and they were paid from the tithes by members of the congregation not by salary from a senior pastor. Even in the New testament.....the members brought everything they had to the church so it was shared. Bottom line is that it is not possible to pay or feed a pastor according to the Bible without members. Now that the church is empty...why should the pastor be paid by a senior pastor? Show me a reference in the Bible where it was the senior pastor that was paying salary to the junior pastor heading empty churches? Oyedepo did not sack him from church ..he only sacked him from collecting salary and since we are all doing this for God and not money, the pastor shouldn't be complaining

O boy see stupid argument to defend God of Men. I am sure you are ready to drink cool aid for Oyedepo's sake.

Ok, answer this. Why should it be the senior pastor that will take (kolobi) all the tithes and offering of all the branches? If the junior pastor is allowed to take the tithes and offerings of his branch, will he be asking for salaries from the senior pastor?

Does it then make sense for God to bless a particular branch with tithes and offerings and the junior pastor that God used to collect the blessings cannot be paid directly from that blessings.

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Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 7:50am On Jul 19
I personally don't pay my employees for unproductivity. Where will the GO pay him from. The Pastor has to work for his pay.
You now agree that church is a business enterprise and not a spiritual non governmental organization dedicated to spiritual and moral growth of it's members.

As a business man, how can you expect productivity growth during a pandemic? How many businesses has grown within the last 2 year's?


Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 7:47am On Jul 19

I don't know the pastor. I am only pointing out the deceit in church and how you guys have upended the word of God.

A soul that gives his life to Christ has no meaning to you again because it's all about the money. You will rather have a church filled with unbelievers. I repeat, there is so much celebrations among Angels in heaven over just ONE soul that gives his life to Christ.

Exactly! I had though that it was written in the Bible that "where two or three is gathered in my name, I would be in their midst". I now realize that it's about Church Growth Index.
Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wirinet(m): 7:36am On Jul 19
I lost interest in most of the Nigeria pastors, especially David Oyedepo. Check all his antics in the past, he is so arrogant, and he behaves as if he is above the law.

One thing that constantly surprises me is that, once a father becomes the head of the church in Nigeria, God must call his children and wife by default. Go and check where all their children are pastoring, if not a very well established church in a posh zone in Nigeria, it will be in the western world like the US, UK.

Oyedepo should put his son Muyiwa Oyedepo, who he has positioned to take over his church after his demise, in any of these church branches where these pastors were sacked and let us see the magic he will use to pull crowd. So much for God of men parading as men of God.

I lost interest in Christianity as a whole when this rubbish prosperity gospel started gaining ground over 30 years ago. And I never regretted it since.

I had thought Christianity could not go lower. Men of God or rather God of Men have now come up with a new one - Church Growth Index. Abeg which one is Church Growth Index again? How do you measure it? Is it by shear numbers, income generated, number of people truly saved? Where in the Bible is it written?

I believe the emphasis on material prosperity as against spiritual or moral prosperity is responsible for the moral decadence we have in all facets of the Nigerian society today.


Religion / Re: 'Magnificent' Ruins From Time Of Jesus Found In Earth's Holiest Site, Jerusalem by wirinet(m): 6:53am On Jul 19

Hold on to ur Believe and avoid Jesus Christ to ur Peril and Eternal Regret.
I hate any religion based on threats and blackmail. Lots of people avoid Jesus to dare him do his worst.
Religion / Re: 'Magnificent' Ruins From Time Of Jesus Found In Earth's Holiest Site, Jerusalem by wirinet(m): 5:46pm On Jul 18

Did you ignore the eye witnesses and servants of the.... in your criticism?
Eye witnesses and servants of who or what?

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