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Politics / Re: Nigerians Think They Are Smart But Really: by Wizardofoz: 11:12pm On Jun 12, 2011

I really wonder why we bother to talk about these things. Clearly there's no collective; whatever 'intelligence' is ascribed to Nigerians actually refers to individual and not collective ability.
We have our fair share of intelligent individuals, but since we don't belong (or see ourselves as belonging) to any collective, the individual sparks cannot and will not be harnessed for the common good.

That's why we can have a Soyinka or Achebe, or even a Kanu or Odemwingie. They are smart individuals, but there is no system that is structured to cyclically produce new Achebes or Osazes, or even sustain the existing talent. No culture, or value system exists anymore. Even the so called traditionalists have jettisoned whatever they learnt from their fathers for the lure of lucre.

You mean no system that is structured to produce new Miltons in the mold of the paul Krugmans of this world?
Religion / Re: The More I Know, The More I Feel Like Not Attending Church Again (pentecostal) by Wizardofoz: 11:09pm On Jun 12, 2011

Same thing here, the more I get into my studies, the more I question. Esp the knowledge of evolution and human species.

Well, God did punish Adam/Eve from taking a bite from the tree of knowledge. I wonder why.

So what part of the theory of evolution openled your mind?
Politics / Re: A Thread For Nigeria's Firsts by Wizardofoz: 11:01pm On Jun 12, 2011
First Nigerian Chief Justice of the Entire Federation of Nigeria - Sir Adetokunbo Ademola

First West African Woman Graduate - Kofo More

First African/Nigerian Judge to be Appointed President of the International Court of Justice - Taslim Olawale Elias

first President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) - Akintola Williams
Politics / Re: A Thread For Nigeria's Firsts by Wizardofoz: 10:48pm On Jun 12, 2011
Mai Suya:

As it turns out, she is in fact, according to Wikipedia, the First Female Vice chancellor of a Nigerian University.

@ topic,

Sir Louis Mbanefo - first Nigerian Lawyer.

First Nigerian Liar On This Thread - Mai Suya


First Nigerian Lawyer - Christopher Sapara Williams

First Nigerian To Be Called To The English Bar - Christopher Sapara Williams

First Nigerians To Be Made A Queen's Counsel - Chief Frederick Rotimi Alade Williams & Chief H.O. Davies

First indigenous Nigerian Law Firm - Thomas, Williams and Kayode

First Nigerian Senior Advocate Of Nigeria - Chief Frederick Rotimi Alade Williams

First Nigerian  Attorney General Of Nigeria - Chief Frederick Rotimi Alade Williams

First Nigerian solicitor to the Supreme Court of Nigeria - Chief Frederick Rotimi Alade Williams

First Nigerian Senior Advocate Of The Masses - Chief Gani Fawehinmi
Politics / Re: Nigerians Think They Are Smart But Really: by Wizardofoz: 9:47pm On Jun 12, 2011

@ aribasala0

Thanks sooo much for this post. I've often wondered at the sheer arrogance of our supposed "smartness", when 50 years hence, we're still digging one hole for water, one hole for our crap because we have zero or near zero sewage systems and now, we have to buy water filtration systems because our crap is contaminating our water!!!

I suspect the root of the problem is a fundamental laziness; on the political front, we're unwilling to hunker down to do whatever work is required if the return will not be nearly immediate, (so no sewage network, so national roads, no power, no water delivery systems). These things take time and the rewards are not immediate. On the part of the governed, we the people are unwilling to put in the long, hard, sustainable work to challenge our leaders to deliver. Furthermore, since we don't truly see ourselves as a nation (for all the obvious reasons), a collective sustainable push is unlikely.

You mean, you, your parents, relatives and your family?

I know Nigerians are hardworking.
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 9:36pm On Jun 12, 2011

The quality of graduates Nigerian Universities produce yearly is nothing to write home about. How many of these lecturers understand what they teach students? You can't give what you don't have.

In my 4yrs as a Computer Science Student I never made use of any Computer in the School as there were no such facilities

In my 3rd year, a particular lecturer(BABA KENYA) told us at our first lecture in the first semester that He was very sure less than 30 percent of the class would pass his course and he was very true to his words.

Employement in Nigeria should be based solely on aptitude tests and the quality of answers graduates give during interviews.

Who says a 2.1 can't be bought in naija? I personally know someone who had a 2.1 and never wrote exams all through his 4years.

Me too, I personally of someone, actually more than one, who made 1st class and never even wrote JAMB. They all got 1st class without ever stepping on campus Talk about miracles, TB Joshua style! BTW, I am one of those people, just so you know.

I also know this lady who doesnt shyyyyyt

And me, I know me, myself, I dont eat.
Religion / Re: The More I Know, The More I Feel Like Not Attending Church Again (pentecostal) by Wizardofoz: 9:30pm On Jun 12, 2011
Pastor AIO:

Circular is nigerian english for secular.  If you want to say circular as in round it is pronounced[b] SahKuLAH[/b].

.    .    .    not S[b]h[/b]ahkulah?
Education / Re: The Scandal Of Private Education In Nigeria by Wizardofoz: 9:26pm On Jun 12, 2011

Do you know how many private secondary schools are in Ore? Do you know several of these schools have population en excess of 500? Believe me, I was there and still visit the place. If you doubt me, try pay a visit to Ore and see the myriad of school uniforms. Maybe you will believe me.

Keep wasting your time with Kobojunkie?
Religion / Re: The More I Know, The More I Feel Like Not Attending Church Again (pentecostal) by Wizardofoz: 9:20pm On Jun 12, 2011
WTF is "circular?"

Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 4:34pm On Jun 12, 2011

grin grin now you are just playing dumb. or do you really mean to ask the question in this post ? shocked

My freshman-year introductory psychology course was designed like most courses one finds not just at the college level, but from middle school onward. The main means of teaching was lecture, and the main assessment of performance was a set of tests that measured our recall and basic understanding of the facts taught in the course. I got a C. My professor commented to me, "There is a famous Sternberg in psychology, and it looks like there won't be another one." I got discouraged, left psychology, and came back only when I was failing my introductory course for math majors and decided a C was better than an F.

If they had given him blank papers at the end of his first semester, he probably would have done better and his skills better assessed, acccording to @violet.

It is a sincere question.
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 4:19pm On Jun 12, 2011

The smartest people that ever lived were called smart not because they were able to come up with answers but because they were able to come up with questions!

Questions that opens up avenue for new studies to be conducted, questions that challenged old conventions, questions that challenge the logic surrounding an idea.

I wouldn't hire anyone simply because they were able to remember what their lecturers mentioned in class, . . .what if their lecturers are dumb?

So Third class people can come up with more/better questions than First Class people?

So you think Nigerian universities should do way with end of semester exams and replace it with what? End of sememter blank papers? At the end of each semester, they should give the students blank papers and tell them to write down questions and they should be graded on the quality of the questions they ask?
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 4:12pm On Jun 12, 2011

Interesting thread, i should say Nigerians focus too much on grades and leave other things of substance, having a better grade in Nigeria is mainly to be boastful and seek respec[/b]t and not necessarily to imbibe knowledge or skills.

So people get good grades to be boastful, not to imbibe (i.e. [b]receive into the mind and retain)
knowledge and skill, because in the process of trying to learn, you skip the knowledge acquisition step?

That is:

You learn something and know it by heart/mind

You are tested on it

You are adjudged to have learnt it excellently/intelligently, hence, the First Class

Yet, according to you, you have not really imbibed aka received into the mind and retain  the knowldge?

I like your logic. No wonder.
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 4:00pm On Jun 12, 2011

I beg to differ on this opinion!

Having a first class in a Nigerian university is hardly a measure of raw intelligence. . .it's  however  a measure of an unrelenting determination to succeed against all odds, with some extra memory capacity!

Variables such as street smartness, business acumen, human relations, ability to communicate effectively, ability to persuade and convince even the most cynical of all beings,  a diplomatic approach, a logical and thematic approach to problem solving. . . .etc etc which are hardly measured in measured by the class of your degree, has proven to be more sustainable drivers to long term success.

Many people make first class in Nigeria [/b]simply by reading a [b]page over and over again, only to write the same word for word, in an exam, not questioning arguments or logic, they simply return what's given in their textbooks-----that's not exactly a sound measure of intelligence, just a good measure of memory capacity!

If you cant do something as simple as that, then why should you be trusted with something more intellectually demanding?

I dont get you point, if person A cant answer a simple question, it must be because he is more intelligent than that?

Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 3:49pm On Jun 12, 2011

i[b] think whats silly and equally obtuse is you thinking that a human being has the authority on classifying and compartmentalizing something as infinite and ambiguous as 'human survival instincts[/b]'. you and your sternberg are pseudo-intellectuals who like to stroke their egos with mumbo-jumbo science.

If that is all you got from that article, then I am not surprised you end up with a Third Class.

Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 3:45pm On Jun 12, 2011

There are worse things in life than having a 2:2, like having Papillary Cancer . . .

Do you have a thyroid problem?
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 3:44pm On Jun 12, 2011

bros, all i am saying is[b] that you take people on their own merits[/b]. a lot of things can influence a person into a third class grade. here are a few

And that is done by classifying people with First Class as less intelligent that people with Third class?

And how do we go about taking people by merit? Definitely, according to you, it is not by going by the only thing we know about them, their pali?

1.youth, alone in a big UNI for the first time in your life after living with mummy and daddy all your life. some people drink and smoke all their uni time away. they wise up later on and then become stellar students during Msc or Phd

We all have a choice to make. If you decide to work hard from scratch, from year 1, knowing fully well, intelligently if I may hard, that everything counts and that you have all the time after graduation to do whatever you choose to do. Hence, "wising up early."

To you, wising up early = less intelligence


Wising up later = more intelligence?

2, adequate food. most uni students spend half their time looking for gari and groundnut to drink

Including those with First Class, No?

3, environment, too many people in a room can be a distraction

To people with Third Class? but not to people with First Class?

4, chasing women

Choice baby? Intelligence plays a role in the choice you make, No?

Are you insinuating that people that spend more time chasing women, and end up with Third Class are more intelligent than those who chose to concentrate on their studies so as to make First Class?

5, failing grade by a prof who hates you

So people end up with Third Class because their professors hate them?

And, for instance, people who fail JAMB, fail because Dibu Ojerinde hates THEM ALL?

etc etc etc.
so basically all am saying is that, dont judge a man by his grades. at least not in the bachelor level.

Of course not, when NEPOTISM is a fairer, more objective standard
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 3:26pm On Jun 12, 2011

Do you mind people thinking with their hands rather than their heads?Our people always have reasons for their failure;if it is not the lecturer, then it will be the environment or babes on campus.

Most people expect results that are not commensurate to the effort applied.But do you blame them?They all live a a society where mediocrity, criminality and ''make it quick'' is the norm.

Making a 1st or 2.1 requires great effort, commitment and discipline.I am yet to meet any 1st class graduate who does not know his onus.Yes, they might not be physical strong like the rest of the pack, but mentally they represent.The truth remains, whether you make a 1st or third does not mean you cannot perform, after all the 1st was only on what you were taught in class, and does not represent the entirety of human experience.

Bravo, brother!

I totally agree.

I dont know why people try to make themselves feel better by rubbishing the achievements, and superior intelligence of others!

They are better ways to argue First class/Third class dichotomy, but to characterize First class 'peeps,' like our own Jarus, as less intelligent than people with third Class is the height of mediocrity, IMO

1 Like

Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 3:18pm On Jun 12, 2011

survival is just that. survival. nothing to do with intelligence. the most intelligent people in the world have the worst survival skills. they are like fish out of water if dropped in unfamiliar sorroundings. thats why they are called geeks. people with stong survival skills are usually the primal and primitive types.

I define [intelligence] as your skill in achieving whatever it is you want to attain in your life within your sociocultural context.by capitalizing on your strengths and compensating for, or correcting, your weaknesses

Thus, a central feature of the triarchic theory of successful intelligence is adaptability-both within the individual and within the individual's sociocultural context


That is from Roger Sternberg, a cognitive psychologist. The former head of APA.

Anyway, my job is done here. if I had to go through you post and expose the stupidity inherent in them, I'd be seen as too egotistical. I think I have passed my message.
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 3:06pm On Jun 12, 2011

I don't know why you clowns are taking Panadol for another man's headache. Were you there when the man was paying school fees for his son?
Is the father MANDATED to pay for his son's University education?
It could well have been a contract of some sort. I pay for your education, in turn just ensure you come out with a good degree. Isn't the man allowed to feel dissapointment when his son came up short?

If the boy did not have the ability to make a 2.1, perhaps the dad would not have been bothered. But the man must have been let down by a son with potentials who failed to live up to his side of the bargain.

For the record, anyone that claims that you can only get a 2.1 by bribing lecturers is immediately identified as a mediocre student.

So it matters not if you know someone with a 3rd class who has made it in life. The bottom line is that the dad paid all school fees + housing. In return, the son underachieved academically. Why do you not expect the man to be upset?

I am handing over to you. Please no fall me oooooooooo grin
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 2:58pm On Jun 12, 2011

you are quite the bellicose, loquacious, belligerent, rambunctious and boisterous fella, aintcha ? all the millions of people nigeria has produced with 1st class and we still cannot manufacture chocolate sef. you are are suffering from an extreme case of myopic anaemia. now me personally if i owned a company i will never hire 1st class students. these are the book smart people. their wherewithal and critical thinking faculty is always lacking. i got no use for someone who gets 1st class from a nigerian university.  

So the reason Nigeria hasnt moved forward is because of the millions of Ist Class graduates Nigeria has produced, not because of the Billions of Third class we have handling assignments way beyond their ability and intellect? I am sure you know, as I do, that in every graduating class, there are more 3rd class grads than first class people.

So we should blame the less that 10% people with "1st Class brain" for our backwardness, not the more than 50% with "Third Class brain/attitude?"

And even if you are correct, you think the solution is to produce more people with Third class?

their wherewithal and critical thinking faculty is always lacking

Black and White issue we have here? As in, All First Class graduates, like our own Jarus who graduated with First Class in Economics form the prestigious OAU, LACK "wherewithal and critical thinking faculty?"

And, since to you,

First class = NO wherewithal and critical thinking faculty

Your Brother with a Third Class = Very intelligent

Is it safe to say that, after thorough research and great analys[b]e[/b]s, with your brother of couse (n=1), you have come to the conclusion:

Third Class = Immense wherewithal and critical thinking faculty skills?
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 2:37pm On Jun 12, 2011

on a more civil note, some people just dont do well under substandard conditions. my brother was a prime example of that. i remember visiting him once in UI and there were like 8 people or more to a tiny room. hence why he struggled in UI. nothing to do with a 3rd class brain as that fella so eloquently put it.

Of course, being able to adapt in/to a rough terrain isnt a sign of intelligence. Those who made first class, despite the rough environment, did so because they were less intelligent than your "intelligent" but not intelligently adaptable brother.

Adapting and surviving in a bad environment is a sign of less intelligence, I guess, or why would a less intelligent specie like ours survive where the more 'intelligent' Neanderthals failed.
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 2:30pm On Jun 12, 2011

Excuse you? Do u just wanna hear urself? Point is: not all those with 3rd class or 2nd lower are slow. Some of them re quite intelligent & can compete wit our so-called 1st class or 2.1 nowadays, in a country where u're given a result u dont merit and are failed if u dont behave like the 'joneses'.

Yeah right.

I also believe that hardwork is overrated.

Very simple; when you want to employ people, give priority to those intelligent people with 3rd class ahead of the 'less intelligent' people with 1st class.
Education / Re: The Scandal Of Private Education In Nigeria by Wizardofoz: 2:21pm On Jun 12, 2011

It's a silly article. Private education is not the problem; the problem is the corruption in WAEC.

Very silly way to reason.

People fail SSCE in droves, and are morally corrupt with no modicum of discipline whatsoever; yet, you want to blame WAEC, an exam body with mandate to test and assess students' knowledge? So who should we blame for the moral decadence of our students? WAEC again? or should that be NECO? and what do we blame JAMB for? For condoning yahoo 2.0 in our universities?

If the same people fail SAT, will you blame the ETS?

I am always impressed as to how you guys reason, very very irrational and outdated.

Just so you know, the biggest exam misconducts in Nigeria, at the secondary school level, are perpetrated in/by private schools.

And yes, I expect Emperor Seun to ban me me after this!
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 2:08pm On Jun 12, 2011

you missed the point. the point is 'dont throw the baby out with the bath water'

That is how someone with a Third-class brain would interpret it.
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 2:03pm On Jun 12, 2011

Its on a scale of six as follows: 1st class; 2nd class upper(2.1); 2nd class lower(2.2); 3rd class; pass n fail. According to him, he said that 2.1 n 1st class is very very difficult to get in his school except if you are actually out to sort d lecturers (paying 4 gud results). He sch in Esut(enugu state university).

I think third class is the same as pass.

Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 2:02pm On Jun 12, 2011

TRUE STORY. this is my brother. same mother, same father. went to university of ibadan. studied mathematics. not the best student. he graduated with a third class. lets just say what he was. he was a lukewarm student. then he went to england. did a masters. scattered the whole class. got a phd. scattered the whole class. was recruited by alastair darling to work for the british ministry of transport. then the first ever vacation he took to nigeria he was heavily recruited by fashola to be one of those to oversee the transportation issues in naija with regards to roads etc etc. he can be frequently seen on nigerian tv delivering speeches in a british accent. from 3rd class in naija to one of the hottest maths phd to ever come out of london.

I know him.

So he finshed with a 3rd class? As in a 3rd class brain? And you, if we are to go by genomics, have a third class brain? Not to talk of the people that gave birth to you? And your kids would have.      .      .   maybe I should stop now. grin


Anyway, congrats to you and your brother, Mr. 3rd class brain from UI. This is one of the reasons this country will never move forward, nepotism and the elevation of mediocrity (3rd class-ism)  over excellence (1st class-ism). No wonder the whole BRT, and transportaion issues in Lagos, was poorly concieved and 'third-class-ically' implemented. When you allow '3rd class-tic' brains to run something, you should not expect a '1st-class-tic' result, or should we?

After all, you cant give what you dont hand.
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by Wizardofoz: 1:52pm On Jun 12, 2011
Why does he care what his father thinks?

He has a degree, go get a job and move out of his house.

Let the father continue to get angry, while you/your imaginary friend continues to make money.

Why is this even on the front page?
Politics / Re: How 37-Storey NECOM house Was Sold To Bankole's Firm For N4 Billion! by Wizardofoz: 1:16pm On Jun 12, 2011

I'm[b] bent to think that Bank'Ole used his Dad to cover face to buy that prime National Property[/b].
So it may not be legitimately done.

Really?  I am bent to think that the Obama administration insructed the GEJ administration to plant this story in the media to give them a reason to arrest and unduly prosecute Bankole, No?
Politics / Re: How 37-Storey NECOM house Was Sold To Bankole's Firm For N4 Billion! by Wizardofoz: 1:03pm On Jun 12, 2011

I'm bent to think that Bank'Ole used his Dad to cover face to buy that prime National Property.
So it may not be legitimately done.

I thought you said it was bad for GEJ to arrest Bankole; that he was just acting a script from Wasgington, No?



grin grin grin

Some persons are so daft that they base their Judgements on Sentiments. Do you think it was a coincidence that Bankole's arrest came on the heels of GEJ's meeting with Obama?

I guess you have no convictions. You post depending on the levl of your estrogen and time of the month.

Lemme guess, you just finished your menstruation? I hazard three days ago?
Politics / Re: Neo-Colonization Of Africa: US Battles China; Clinton Draws First Blood by Wizardofoz: 12:48pm On Jun 12, 2011

Ha, She is warning us, because we are dumb and we need the US to tell us what to do and how to act. What brainless mofos we all are.

Ha America, a force for good in the world; always protecting Africa's interests.

Thanks for the advice, madam secretary. We will surely heed to your friendly and sincere advice to ignore the Chinese for wel meaning progrmas like SAP, US bombs, dumping of refuse/expired American goods in Africa, to name just a few.
Politics / Neo-Colonization Of Africa: US Battles China; Clinton Draws First Blood by Wizardofoz: 12:47pm On Jun 12, 2011
LUSAKA, Zambia -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday warned[b] Africa of a creeping "new colonialism" from foreign investors and governments interested only in extracting the continent's natural resources to enrich themselves and not the African people.[/b]

Clinton said that African leaders must ensure that foreign projects are sustainable and benefit all their citizens, not only elites. A day earlier, she cautioned that China's massive investments and business interests in Africa need to be closely watched so that the African people are not taken advantage of.

"It is easy, and we saw that during colonial times, it is easy to come in, take out natural resources, pay off leaders and leave," Clinton said. "And when you leave, you don't leave much behind for the people who are there. We don't want to see a new colonialism in Africa."

Clinton said the United States didn't want foreign governments and investors to fail in Africa, but they should also give back to the local communities.

"We want them to do well, but also we want them to do good," she said.

"We don't want them to undermine good governance, we don't want them to basically deal with just the top elites, and frankly too often pay for their concessions or their opportunities to invest."

Clinton said that American development aid and infrastructure projects come with good governance conditions and that the Obama administration is interested in Africa and the African people. Their success, she said, is in the long-term interest of both the African people and the U.S.

She spoke in a pan-African television interview in the Zambian capital. Her interview followed the handover of a U.S. built pediatric hospital in Lusaka to the Zambian government.

Earlier, at the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-Zambia Chamber of Commerce, Clinton laid out the U.S. strategy for helping Africa.

"We want a relationship of partnership not patronage, of sustainability, not quick fixes," she said. "We want to establish a strong foundation to attract new investment, open new businesses ,  create more paychecks, and do so within the context of a positive ethic of corporate responsibility."

"We think it's essential that we have an idea going in that doing well is not in any way a contradiction of doing good," she said.

Clinton is the first secretary of state to visit Zambia since Henry Kissinger came in 1976 to lay out the Ford administration's policy for southern Africa as revolts against white minority rule in South Africa and what was then Rhodesia were intensifying.

Clinton, on the first leg of a three-nation tour of Africa, arrived in Zambia from the United Arab Emirates, where she attended an international conference on Libya. After Zambia, she heads to Tanzania and Ethiopia before returning to Washington next week.
Health / Re: Yam Eating Is Responsible For Multiple Births In Ekiti? by Wizardofoz: 11:30am On Jun 12, 2011


Now that you know the secret, you better start eating the yams. Ko je su, ko momi si.

Aigbofa at his best!

I have missed your posts gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! grin

The wittiest NL!

Hope you are good

Long Live Aigbofa

Been looking for your input on the Tinubu/Omatseye Vs. HID Awolowo threads!

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