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Investment / Re: "Binance Stop Scamming Us!" - Nigerian/African Traders Lament, Blast Exchange by Wizklynd23(m): 9:50am On Mar 01, 2022

From your interactions with them, you seem like a genuine person ready to provide all the information needed for verification but unfortunately most of the guys crying online are scammers. I hope they lift the suspension on your account.

They have uplifted the ban on my account.. Thank you


Investment / Re: "Binance Stop Scamming Us!" - Nigerian/African Traders Lament, Blast Exchange by Wizklynd23(m): 12:53pm On Jan 27, 2022

Chaiii!! It's a pity. But just keep following up.. you wont lose your funds

I will continue doing so hopefully they freed my account, the whole thing is depressing and annoying
Investment / Re: "Binance Stop Scamming Us!" - Nigerian/African Traders Lament, Blast Exchange by Wizklynd23(m): 12:41pm On Jan 27, 2022
After sending my ID

They said 1 month , all my life savings is there..

Binance sha

Investment / Re: "Binance Stop Scamming Us!" - Nigerian/African Traders Lament, Blast Exchange by Wizklynd23(m): 12:39pm On Jan 27, 2022
Binance have blocked mine too

Below us our conversation
This is real for those saying otherwise

Romance / Did You Ever Experience This ? by Wizklynd23(m): 10:00pm On Aug 17, 2021
I use to hear of stories during love making a lady will faint or accidentally die I never believed it until it happened with me.

My Experience :

It is was a horrible experience for me, the lady in question took a deep breath and immediately stop breathing and was motionless for a while , I was confused and my thoughts was she's death as I was naive and that is my first time experiencing such.
At the time this happened it was past 11pm, I shacked the lady several times in confusion in a bit for her to come back but all efforts prove abortive, the thoughts of her fainting didn't came as I was already shivering thinking she's death and what explanation could I give to the world.. What I see happening in Nigerian movies here it is happening with me. A lot of thoughts was racing through my mind few minutes later she came back with another long deep breath out, asking me what is happening bla bla I told her everything and how I thought she's death , she apologized telling me she's sorry that her heart used to cut bla bla when she's scared etc. I really got angry with her and demanded why didn't she tell me she had this problem long ago why should I discover it in such a way.

Early in the morning have to dismissed her and that is how we broke up..

My advice :

1. Ensure a Girl is not having any health related issues before she come over to your place

2. Dating a asthmatic patient ; ensure she comes over with her inhaler

3. Keep water constant in your room and other minor drugs or pain relievers .

So share your experience Guys.

Moderators help push this to front-page please
Career / Re: What Would You Do In Case You Graduate And Didn't Get A Job by Wizklynd23(m): 9:34pm On Aug 17, 2021

Big Man, can you help me out, can I follow your signals?
Help a newbie out

Check my signature
Career / Re: What Would You Do In Case You Graduate And Didn't Get A Job by Wizklynd23(m): 9:34pm On Aug 17, 2021

Please, can you suggest the best and faster way to learn crypto trading to me?

Thanks boss.
YouTube is your Friend..

Download tutorial videos and watch them
you will learn very fast
Career / What Would You Do In Case You Graduate And Didn't Get A Job by Wizklynd23(m): 11:30am On Aug 16, 2021
I find this question interesting
when my brother asked me this some time
I am not a graduate yet but I told him I will
focus on my hustle Crypto trading which with
good signal I make an average of 10k weekly I replied him.

So am throwing this question to you too looking at the fact there is no job in this country now even there is na with connection ohh
Education / Re: Pls Help Me out am Seriously In a Hot Soup by Wizklynd23(m): 8:24pm On Aug 08, 2021

Please how did you get it refunded. Something similar just happened to me. Please help

I went to the Bursar Office filed a complained,
Gave a account number where my Monet money will be refunded and they refunded me

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Nairaland / General / MTN @20: What Did You Use Your Free 5 Minutes Call For ? by Wizklynd23(m): 8:21pm On Aug 08, 2021
I use it to call my kid sister who is in School

Drop yours cheesy
Romance / Re: Ever Visited Someone You Met Online? Share Your Experience by Wizklynd23(m): 5:27pm On Jul 31, 2021
Here is my own story too grin

1. We have been friends with this Girl for over
2 years on Facebook chatting not constantly
though but it got to a point we starred calling each other baby. Well we fixed a match , I met her was so disappointed guys, she's short, chubby with a fat tommy not really attractive.
We went to my apartment had some deep romance, damn it she's good in romance and
she can tweak very well. I make moves we get intimate, damn it she resist it. This is how it all ended we are still friends, chatting steadily till date.

2. My ex, we met on Facebook, chat for few days, we fixed a date to meet, well we met, omoh the Girl tall and fine. Immediately I fall in love , we talked brief and departed , immediately she came online I became restless chatting her non stop expressing my love, well she agreed, visited me, we bleep and started dating for months we later break up.

3. Another ex, same story,
4. Another ex same story
5. Another ex almost same story

Almost all my relationship are through Facebook I initiated it, online relationship don't last cry


Crime / Re: Help Out : Police Confiscated My Desktop by Wizklynd23(m): 4:14am On Jul 30, 2021
It it's go get it.....but it will help if you get a letter and contact number from the school you purchased it from with all docs bold tell them you don't have cash to give and insist on collecting you property ..make them no turn turn you waste time.

Thank you, I will ensure that before I go
Crime / Help Out : Police Confiscated My Desktop by Wizklynd23(m): 3:18am On Jul 30, 2021
Hello everyone, my story is a long one but I will try to keep it short.
I bought a Desktop two months ago from a friend which happens a College of Education here did upgrade and brought new computers
in their labs and sold off the old ones issuing
receipt to every person that bought it
So I also came and bought the Desktop from a
friend and at the time of purchased I was nonchalant about the receipt and paid for the Desktop anyway.
Fast forward, one month ago a friend took the Desktop and traveled with it to do some work in where he resides Adamawa State, somehow I got into a messed I needed money to pay up
and I told him to sell the Desktop, only for him few days after given him the directive to call and informed me am needed in the Police Station narrating to me how my Desktop was confiscated by some men which the matter escalated rendering my Desktop to land with the security men reasons that, their have been
cases where Desktop was stolen from schools
and mine carried school logo on the wallpaper.
He narrated everything to them how he got the Desktop and my ownership but they insist
according to him I must come with a receipt to prove its not a stolen Computer.

I got devastated hearing that almost gave up on the case , because as of that time am penniless and was facing serious financial crisis that made me nearly lose my senses, I
wouldn't like to add anything to myself.

After due consideration, I have collected the receipt now, I am making plans to travel from Taraba to Adamawa to claim my Computer .

My first question is : Can the Police men easily release my Desktop for me or is there any process , could that incur me some money ?
and many more, please experience people should advised me.

Secondly: I made a suggestion I web bil the receipt to him and he present to them but he objected I must be there, so I am thinking is it possible someone should represent me ?

Meanwhile today is my birthday , wish me well cool
Religion / Living Faith Church : Position Of Law On Pastors Dismissal by Wizklynd23(m): 3:41pm On Jul 20, 2021
Source : https://thenigerialawyer.com/living-faith-church-an-analysis-of-what-the-law-says-about-dismissal-of-pastors/

The cyberspace is awash with the news of sacking of Pastors by the Living Faith Church, popularly known as Winners’ Chapel. According to the letters available online, the pastors were sacked because their “church growth index falls below expectations.”

The situation has elicited mixed reactions across the country. This article aims to analyze the situation strictly from legal perspective leaving out the spiritual or moral aspect. To achieve its aim, this article raises the following questions: can those pastors sue for unlawful dismissal? What if the pastors refuse to leave the offices as ordered by the church? Are the pastors employees of Living Faith Church in the eyes of the law?

Whether pastor is an employee of the Church

The answer as to whether a pastor is an employee of a church will be easy only when he (the pastor) can produce an employment letter or agreement as proof. In a situation where an employment letter or agreement cannot be produced, it will be difficult to know whether he is an employee or not. Nonetheless, preponderance of decided cases tend to suggest that such a pastor who cannot produce letter of employment is at best a voluntary worker of the church.

The position of a pastor in church was an issue in the case of Reverened Gideon Iheanacho V. Rt. Rev. Dr. Cyril Okorocha & The Registered Trustees of the Diocese of Owerri Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), (Unreported Suit No. NICN/OW/83/2016 delivered on 11th April, 2018).

The pastor in this case challenged his voluntarily retirement by the church as unlawful, irregular and void. He argued that the acts of his appointment into various positions in the church and the salary and allowances paid to him constituted sufficient facts from which a contract of employment could be inferred. The National Industrial Court rejected the argument. The court said employment cannot be presumed. That it is a fact which must be proved by evidence. That the fact that a person was being paid salary and allowance by another is not proof of contract of employment. Also, that the pastor’s postings by the church to other parishes of the church could not by themselves create any employment contract between him and the church.

The court concluded thus: “The dispute in this suit arose from Exhibit C communicating the decision of the Defendants not to renew the License granted to the Claimant as a priest in the 2nd Defendant church. It is not a labor issue but a dispute arising from the internal administration of the 2nd Defendant’s church. I quite agree with the arguments of counsel for the Defendants that the case of the Claimant comes within the domestic or internal affairs of the 2nd Defendant and it is thus not justiciable.” (Bolded and underlined for emphasis)

The most recent case of Rev. Deji Olaleye & Anor v. Incorporated Trustees of Foursquare Gospel Church (Unreported Suit No. NICN/LA/589/2015 delivered on January 10, 2019) is also relevant to the present discussion. In this case the Claimants were ordained as pastors in the Defendant church but later dismissed. They challenged the dismissal and filed an action before the National Industrial seeking reversal. The Claimants argued that the letter of their dismissal and the Handbook for pastors in the church were tacit and direct evidence of their status as employees in the church. The court rejected the argument and held that the Claimants were not employees of the church. The suit was therefore struck out.

In another case of Rev. Dr. V. C. Iwu vs. The Board of Trustees Assemblies of God Church (Unreported, Suit No. NICN/OW/41/2014, delivered on the February 12, 2015)., the Claimant pastor was accused of making advances at a church member consequent upon which he was dismissed. When he challenged his dismissal, an issue arose as to whether he was an employee of the church or a voluntary worker. The pastor argued vehemently that he was paid every month like every other worker or teacher in the church and as such was not a voluntary worker. The church countered the argument and submitted that the Money paid to the pastor was a stipend to take care of his family, not salary. The court agreed with the church and held that the Claimant was a voluntary worker. That even if he were an employee, he couldn’t be imposed on his unwilling employer – the church. The court emphatically held that a contract of employment cannot be presumed. That the fact that a person was being paid salary and allowance is not proof of employment.

The court held as a follows: “Since the subject matter of this suit is not covered in Section 254C (1) of the 1999 constitution, it will amount to probing into the internal affairs of the church should this court proceed with this matter. This court will definitely be going outside its bounds or undertaking a futile exercise if it refuses to decline jurisdiction at this point. Therefore, in the absence of a master and servant relationship between the parties, this court cannot entertain this matter. The court will be probing into the internal affairs of the church should the court proceed with this matter. I hold that this court has no jurisdiction to entertain and determine the Claimant’s suit.”

The implication of the position taken in the foregoing cases is that in the absence of any letter or agreement of employment, the pastor is not an employee of a church. A pastor is ordained to serve a church voluntarily. Therefore his service can be terminated at anytime. Secondly, the dismissal of a pastor is an internal affairs of a church and therefore not justiciable. In other words, courts will not be willing to interfere in internal affairs of a church to query the dismissal of a pastor.

What if a sacked pastor refuses to vacate office?

The only thing the church can do in the circumstance is to sue the sacked pastor and seek court order directing him to leave the church and its properties. The law frowns at self-help. [b]Surprisingly, a similar attempt by a church to stop a dismissed pastor from attending its programmes and parading himself as its pastor failed in the case of the Registered Trustees of Four Square Gospel Church in Nigeria v Rev. Isaac Adeyemi. (Unreported, Suit No. NICN/LA/599/2014). In this case the Registered Trustees of Four Square Gospel Church filed a suit against one of its former pastors, Rev. Isaac Adeyemi, seeking an order of perpetual injunction restraining the defendant from ministering, attending, interfering, delegating, performing or holding out or describing himself as a member, pastor, cleric or overseer of the claimant’s church. The National Industrial court Lagos struck out the suit on the basis that the relationship between the pastor and the church was not of employer employee, it therefore declined jurisdiction and refused to grant the restraining order. With profound respect courts are stretching their refusal to interfere in church disputes too far. The court should have made pronouncement in the circumstance.[/b]


The foregoing discussion leads person to only one conclusion – courts are unwilling to assume jurisdiction on pastor – Church relationship. They see it as an internal affair of a church which the church alone should handle. The implication is that the recent mass sacking of the Living Faith pastors is not justiciable – they cannot be entertained by courts. In Rev. Dr. V. C. Iwu vs. The Board of Trustees Assemblies of God Church Church, the pastor established a clear case of breach of right to fair hearing because he was not availed the petition used against him yet the court turned blind eye to his submission. This author suggests that the courts need to revisit its position and intervene in deserving circumstances.

Another point that surprises this writer in the decisions of courts above is the rejection of salary and nature of work of Pastors as proof of employment. Must contract of employment be in writing? Contract of employment is defined under section 91 of the Labour Act 2004 as “an agreement whether oral or written, express or implied whereby one person agrees to employ another as a worker and that person agrees to serve the employer as a worker”. Thus, to me, the Claimants in all the cases above established implied employment relationships sufficient to warrant the National Industrial Court to assume jurisdiction. Assuming jurisdiction will not necessarily mean that the sacked pastors will be reinstated. At least, the lawfulness of their sacking will be known and damages will be ordered in deserving circumstances.

Romance / Re: My Relationship Is About To Hit The Rock, Pls Advice , by Wizklynd23(m): 12:26am On Jul 18, 2021

You already know what to do. Problem solved. You caused everything.

1. You don't have principles to checkmate your relationship (a woman that doesn't allow you have access to her phone should only be a f*ck buddy and NEVER make her look like your girlfriend, but friends with benefits)
2. You've cheated on her, but you didn't mention it (true or false? The answer is true)
3. You beat her (yes, beating do reset some women's brain, but I would prefer you reset her brain with principles, but you don't have them)
4. You don't pity humans for too long — those you pity for too long will hurt you for too long
5. Marry a woman that loves you, not a woman you love (the ones that love you will open up to everything and they'll be your partner in crime — they'll tell you about all the guys disturbing them and show you their chats)
6. Don't let a woman emotionally blackmail you
7. When ending a relationship, don't be the one to end it — make her end it; e get why
8. Also, not all relationships end with conversation and closure — some end by being absent and incommunicado for a long time (ghost them)
9. Be emotionally unavailable for all these silly relationship stuff, else you'll drain yourself — don't derive Joy from relationship, but your progress in other aspects of life
10. The less you care while possessing the qualities they need, the more they care and become open to make sure they don't lose you

Any girl who doesn't want to lose you and at the same time doesn't want to open up is a mini Devil in disguise — flee.

Look at how pretty and innocent Chidinma Ojukwu looks and how handsome the man she killed is. She couldn't spare him — she had lots of secrets she was hiding from him and the end is death.

Same thing for women. When a man hides too much, run.

When one partner has lots of secrets, death comes to one of them faster than their appointed time.

It's either the person with the secret will die, but most times, the person who doesn't know the secret is the first to die a premature death.

Damn it , you are too brilliant Sir, I love the way you present everything..
Can you please tell me how you gained all this verse knowledge ?

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Romance / Re: Was This Guy Too Blunt To His Girlfriend ? by Wizklynd23(m): 5:39pm On Jul 13, 2021
No big deal. It's just a guy jilting a woman. Or are we getting used to women jilting men?
Yes but his reasons are genuine worth to look at

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Romance / Re: Was This Guy Too Blunt To His Girlfriend ? by Wizklynd23(m): 5:38pm On Jul 13, 2021
Girls need to hear this... I like this Guy Bluntness!!

When I saw this immediately I tagged my Girlfriend, let she read it ..

90% of our conversation is just love and some romantic talks ..
Which I hate it, I tagged her let she read it and unfortunately if she didn't do something which I will continue to press her , this may be her fate too


Romance / Re: Was This Guy Too Blunt To His Girlfriend ? by Wizklynd23(m): 5:17pm On Jul 13, 2021

What is it nonsense here ?
A average Nigeria Girls they only know about make up and how to look beautiful.
When you talk about politics,economy, sports, history, religion, education, carrier and some other interesting topics immediately they become Silent and tag the conversion boring

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Romance / Re: Was This Guy Too Blunt To His Girlfriend ? by Wizklynd23(m): 5:02pm On Jul 13, 2021

So what can you say please

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Romance / Re: Was This Guy Too Blunt To His Girlfriend ? by Wizklynd23(m): 4:57pm On Jul 13, 2021

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Romance / Was This Guy Too Blunt To His Girlfriend ? by Wizklynd23(m): 4:54pm On Jul 13, 2021
I saw this on Facebook and screenshot each to come and share here , what is your take on this ?
I think he is right , he has endured her for 3 years

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Politics / 2023 Presidency Must Not Come From The South by Wizklynd23(m): 12:17pm On Jul 08, 2021
*2023 Presidency Must Not Come From the South But Shifted To South For Peace, Unity And To Maintain One Nigeria.*
I heard the Southern Governors resolved 2023 Presidency must return to the South through the communiqué agreed by it's member states, which is a good outcome but the word ~must~ is not necessary because we are in a Democratic setting not some kind of chieftaincy thing. I understand is a usual practice power should be rotated between North and South for oneness or federal character as some may called it but is not a ~must~ . I _also support 2023 zoning Presidency to the south_
to back federal character but the choice still falls on the masses not on some communiqué, it is the voters who votes who to lead them and who will best serves their interest and the nation at large. However, if candidate(s) from the South under any political party found to be unworthy for the Presidency by the voters and end up voting a candidate from the North under any political party this invalidates the *must*.
Career / Re: B.sc In Economics Or Accounting.please Advice by Wizklynd23(m): 10:27pm On Jul 07, 2021
WTF 2015 Post making FP now

angry sad
Education / Re: Aerial View Of Bayero University Kano (photos) by Wizklynd23(m): 11:36pm On Jul 04, 2021

@bolded. I'm impressed.

Does the school accept southwest candidates

Yes they do
Education / Three (3) Categories Of Students About School Resumption by Wizklynd23(m): 9:35pm On Oct 09, 2020
ASUU : We will fight with the
last drop of our bloods to see
our demand are met by FG.
It is UTAS we want not IPPIS

FG : We are not paying you ASUU if
you don't want IPPIS .

Students :

Category 1:

wow let the strike continues
cheesy cheesy

Category 2 :

ohh no we tired of staying at
home , please ASUU call off
embarassed embarassed

Category 3 :

Nonsense, if them like mey dem resume, if them like mey dem not
wetin concern me

Which category you belong to

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Investment / Tron Price Analysis by Wizklynd23(m): 8:57am On Sep 09, 2020
Tron price Analysis ��

from the percentages below
you can see 1 hour , 24 hour
7 days 14 days, 30 days & 1 year
percentage increased or deceased.
The red means decreased and the green
means increased..
Now let's say for example ;
you bought N1,000,000 Trons 1 hour ago
it means you will have lose 0.9%.
If you had bought it 24 hours ago
it means you will have make 1.8% of
1 million.
If you had bought it 7 days ago it means
you will have make 0.9% of 1 Million.
If you will have bought it 14 days ago
mean you could have make 51.6% of
1 million in just two weeks.
If you had bought it 30 days ago
it means you could have make 71.5% of
1 million in just 30 days .
If you had bought it 1 year ago
you could have make 122.8% in one year.
Meaning 1 year ago you could have make more than double of your investment..

With this analysis what do you understand ?
Meaning the bigger the days , the bigger
the Return of investment .

So do you need prophet to tell you buying
Tron keeping it for a while will make you a millionaire

link to check
full price analysis

Check my signature to buy Tron at cheap rate
Politics / Re: Osun Deputy Governor Storm Ondo APC Campaign Rally by Wizklynd23(m): 1:14pm On Sep 06, 2020

I predict Victory to APC.

Meanwhile check my signature

I sell Tron Coin at Cheap rate

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Politics / Re: Vaccine Distribution Should Be Accessible To All – Osinbajo by Wizklynd23(m): 1:12pm On Sep 06, 2020
Of course You don't expect to be like Mr. Vice
He who has the God makes the rule .

Meanwhile check my signature

I sell Tron Coin at Cheap rate
Crime / Re: How We Killed Nursing Mothers, Snatched Their Babies – Child Traffickers by Wizklynd23(m): 1:08pm On Sep 06, 2020

See their faces , it shall not be well
with them such a wicked act.

Meanwhile check my signature

I sell Tron Coin at Cheap rate

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Politics / Re: Enugu State Airport: More Pictures Emerges- PICTURES by Wizklynd23(m): 1:03pm On Sep 06, 2020
Wow great work.
Check my signature
I sell Tron coin at
Cheap rate
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland Trends At The Top Of Twitter Nigeria Based On Its Influence by Wizklynd23(m): 12:56pm On Sep 06, 2020
Wow ..
Meanwhile I sell Tron coin
@ cheap rate .
check my signature

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