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Technology Market / Re: USA to Naija Shopping/Shipping@$4.5/Lbs,Amazon, Ebay @355 by wunmite90: 11:27pm On Apr 05
hi... how do I go about it.. want to get some bike parts from eBay. and have it shipped to me in lagos
Technology Market / Re: ORDER UR GOODS Via EBAY ,Amazon,CRAIGSLIST ,OFFER-UP AND LETGO! $4.50/lbs, by wunmite90: 1:07am On Jan 29, 2018
hello guys.. please I know you guys are more involved in techs.. but I was hoping some1 here can help me get this items on eBay. i need the exact ones displayed before some1 else gets them . please i need this items to fix up my bike. also both sellers are in usa. I have tried buying them myself.. but it seems naira accounts don't work. thanks

Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by wunmite90: 5:25am On Oct 22, 2017
Due to the help and advices I got from this forum, I would like to also like to help my fellow folks ... if there is anyone who needs a temporary stay in cleveland for few weeks before they get their own apartment ...
yeah am also admitted to cleveland state university am coming early next year pls help kindly tex ur contant
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by wunmite90: 8:58am On Sep 26, 2017

you should have paid for the private courier services and your form would reach you in less than one week
pls what the cost for private courier services cause have just gain admission to cleveland to

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by wunmite90: 6:31am On Sep 19, 2017

1 You first collect your i20.
2. You proceed to pay for you sevis fee. (I can be of help for this).
3. You pay for visa fee at any gtbank around you.
4, You fill ds160. The website is www.ceac.state.gov
5. You book appointment. www.cgifederal.secure.force.com
6. You prepare for the interview physically, spiritually, morally and so on.
7. You attend the interview.

I hope all things listed above help
ok thanks so how will i get my i 20 or what will i have to submit to get my i 20

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by wunmite90: 11:15pm On Sep 18, 2017
finally I got admission to study in Cleveland State University for spring semester(UG) I have submitted my SOA and I got a confirmation email from them, please how many days does it take for i20 to get to the country ?(though I don't stay in Lagos) And after getting the i20 what's next? Thanks
have just gain admission to study at cleveland state university to pls what my next step help a broda and pls what did you submit and the confirmation
Technology Market / Re: Buy Plasma, Lcd And Led Televisions For Affordable Pricein Lagos. by wunmite90: 7:10pm On Aug 10, 2016
hi boss
i am a follower of your thread. just dint want to disturb you until i am ready.

please i need a nice led tv{ not smart}. I plan to get it by the end of the month. but decided to start my search early. i prefer a 50inch. thank you.

tried your number on page one but it dint connect. please update me on options i can select from.

and it will be nice if you can keep me informed on a nice sound system too( i know its not your core) But i intend acquiring them same day.

thank you.
Politics / Re: Photo: See What CNN Said About The New PDP Chairman by wunmite90: 6:53am On Feb 27, 2016
just graphics editing it's a lie. you try small sha. I almost fell for it
Properties / Re: The Making Of "The Port Harcourt Duplex + Penthouse" by wunmite90: 12:15am On Jul 29, 2015

let me rephrase pls

how many 6 inches blocks should be set with a bag of cement.

what is the ratio for "sharp sand" to "3/8 Sand" to "Cement" used for blinding the foundation for a fence.

Thanks again

U can set as much as 70 6inches blocks( but I prefer less) with a bag of cement.

Blinding is actually different from actual footing, but not to pretend I don't understand what you are refering to cos most of my own workmen self actually call it blinding.

So for fence we don't usually bother ourselves with engineering standard practice because its not expected to carry extra load. D major factors that determine our footing is actually the soil type.

I will say use 1:3:6 and make it 2 to 4 inches thick. Dat is for every head pan of cement put 3 headpan of sand and 6 headpan of granite. But if ur ground water level is high things might have to change.

Assuming 60 by 120 feet land and 4 inch thick footing you will be needing. 21 bags of cement , 5 tons of sand (u need less but dats d smallest truck available u just add the remaining to that which you need to set the blocks) and 5 tons of granite.

For setting assuming u want to set 3000 blocks as fence just buy additional 10 tons of sand and 45 bags of cement.

I just gave out all d information cos I don't know d intended use.
Properties / Re: The Making Of "The Port Harcourt Duplex + Penthouse" by wunmite90: 11:51pm On Jul 27, 2015
1 bag of cement to 70 blocks is ok

I will only agree to that if its 6 inch blocks.
Properties / Re: The Making Of "The Port Harcourt Duplex + Penthouse" by wunmite90: 1:48pm On Jul 27, 2015

pls how many blocks should be set with a bag of cement.

what is the ratio for sand to 3/8 to cement for foundation.


well a standard motar mix is ratio 1 : 5 ( 1 headpan of cement to 5 headpan of sand). but over here in our country we go as high as 1 : 8

also for 9 inches block one bag of cement is naturally expected to set 30 blocks. but we also see people setting as high as 50 blocks with a bag.

i dont fully understand your last question. you can please rephrase it to help me understand.
Properties / Re: The Making Of "The Port Harcourt Duplex + Penthouse" by wunmite90: 7:24am On Jun 27, 2015
Hello Oga Spyder and other Oga's in the house. I am about to start up my other project which is a twin four flat storey building (8flats). The two buildings are going to be built in a 100 by 100 land at Amagba in Benin City. Please kindly help me check out the quotations the engineer gave me. for each of the building. I think the measurement of each building is 25200 by 9750 and 26225 by 10500.

Setting out 30000
Land clearing 10000
Pegs and profile 15000
Total 55000

Labour for Digging 40000
Labour for Foundation base casting 40000
50 bags of Cement @2000- 100000
3-Sharp sand @15000- 45000
Water 6000
15 tons granite - 65000
Total 296000

6"Blocks 2000
Block laying Labour@50per block -100000
20 bags of cement@2000 -40000
2 trips of sharp sand @15000- 30000
1 tank of Water 6000
Total -176000

12mm for column Baskets 16 lengths@1250-20000
12mm for Starter bars 20 lengths@1250-25000
12mm for Extension columns 30 lengths@1250-37500
8mm for Stirrups 30 lengths@800-24000
1 roll of Binding wire 6000
Iron bender 30000
Total 142500

15 1*12 planks @1250-18750
5 2*2 wood for bracing @450-2250
3"Nail 6000
Carpenter labour 10000
Total 37000

15 tons of granite @65000
4 trips of sharp sand @15000-60000
20 trips of filling sand @8000-160000
Sand filling labour 40000
Ramming 8000
2 tanks of Water for wetting after sand filling 12000
70 bags of cement @2000-136500
Machine Floor casting 80000
Total 565000


Blocks 3000
Cement 30bags@2000 -60000
Block Labour@50per block 150000
Water 1 tank 6000
2 trips of Sand 30000
TOTAL - 246000

25y12mm @1250-31250
10 y8mm@800 -8000
1/2 Binding wire 3000
Iron bender 20000
TOTAL - 62250

Casting labour 15000
Sand 1/2 trip @7500-7500
Granite 15tons @65000
Cement 15 bags@2000 30000
Water 1/2 tank 3000
TOTAL - 120500

20 planks @1250--25000
5 2*2 wood @ 450- 4750
1 bag of nail 5000
Carpenter 10000
Supervision 100000
Miscellaneous - 100000

Total cost - 2145000

This estimate is for one of the building.

Actually d prices he gave you for each material are fair to me. But not sorry to say this. Your building will be of low quality

First of all d guy is planning to use just 2000 blocks for the foundation of 2flats ( since its 2 down 2 up) if my calculations are right it means he will only be digging into the ground by just one or one and half feet. Dats bad. People do it. But its bad construction and also u should try to be atleast 2feet off ur natural ground level ( cos of other works). Dat numbers of block can't get u dat level.

2. He has plans to set 100 blocks with a bag of cement. Pls don't allow him to do dat. Don't be penny wise and pounds foolish.

3. I recomend a minimum of 16mm bars for column (pillar) reinforcements. Thr is a way to arrange 12mm bars dat it will be equal to d strength that 4 16mm bars will give u but seeing the guy is already planing to use 100 blocks to a bag of cement I am guessing he will also use just 4 12mm bars in the columns (pillars)

He is nice to you on d prices. Except 4 cement you can get dat 4 less

But you will be building a serious low quality and unsafe house

I dint even see d 6inch block b4. Ar u sure u called an Engineer?

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Politics / Re: PDP Has 49 Senators, Why Didnt They Elect A Senate President From Their Party? by wunmite90: 6:41am On Jun 10, 2015

Please stop spreading falsehood. It takes only 32 senators to for a quorum and elect a senate president but the PDP unlike the fraudulent and deceptive APC decided to take the honorable part. Give it any day to them cos they are the real men.

Really, in wich country does 32 people choose a leader out of 109

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Politics / Re: PDP Has 49 Senators, Why Didnt They Elect A Senate President From Their Party? by wunmite90: 6:37am On Jun 10, 2015
You didn't get your analysis right regarding the impeachment numbers. I educated you on that. Don't let sentiment cloud your judgements. Buhari is not a politician and has zero experience of democratic presidency. The success of presidents worldwide depends largely on the assembly support so you need people who take you serious. Tinubu knows what he is doing and pdp celebrates because apc is polarized. It takes a Crack to bring down an edifice. This is the Crack. No sentiment

Mr man what Tinubu was trying to do was to have external influence in the chambers just like he does in the lagos house of assembly. And I am happy it back fired.

Secondly from your numbers game, does PDP have the numbers to impeach the sitting president?

Pls don't flatter yourself I don't see any impeachment in this administration. And you must be a novice in military rule for you to not know there is serious politics also in the military.


Politics / Re: PDP Has 49 Senators, Why Didnt They Elect A Senate President From Their Party? by wunmite90: 6:13am On Jun 10, 2015
Someone pointed out that you need 2/3 to impeach. And APC doesnt have that number. Its now clear that PDP could have elected a PDP senate president and APC wouldnt have had the number to impeach him. Why they opted for an APC senate president is still a nagging question begging to be answered.

Oga u still don't get it, 49 people can't elect a senate president.

D number is too small to elect a senate president.

What you are looking at is 49 out of 57

But what the constitution is looking at is 49 out of 109

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Politics / Re: PDP Has 49 Senators, Why Didnt They Elect A Senate President From Their Party? by wunmite90: 6:08am On Jun 10, 2015
You don't know PDP. They are like a cult. Even Amaechi is missing the brotherhood. This act by Saraki is PDP script. He can not be impeached. The only person that can be impeached now is Buhari. He is clearly inexperienced. You don't ignore NASS. They can throw him out of Aso Rock overnight impulsively

You were getting your analysis rite b4 but u missed it whn u allowed civilian sentiments to cloud you.

You forgot APC has d majority and even the so called Saraki's friends are also notherners.

Also you missed something. No matter what happened yesterday, Buhari simply allowed it to happen. Do you really think a voting process could have happened in the senate without the president being aware of it?

Y do you think fayose was always aware whn the APC lawmakers wanted to impeach him ( he will quickly get gather tugs and block the entrance to the assembly building)

For you to think buhari did not know some lawmakers gathered in the senate house to vote means you under estimate the power of a president.


Politics / Re: PDP Has 49 Senators, Why Didnt They Elect A Senate President From Their Party? by wunmite90: 5:47am On Jun 10, 2015
you need 2/3 majority to impeach. APC doesn't have that number.

Yes you are rite.

But like I always tell people who cares to listen

The masses vote base on sentiments ( dats y the politicians always bring things like tribe and religion up whn they are canvassing for votes)

BUT POLITICIANS VOTE BASE ON INTEREST. So believe me when I say if he looses his friends he can be impeached.

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Politics / Re: PDP Has 49 Senators, Why Didnt They Elect A Senate President From Their Party? by wunmite90: 5:33am On Jun 10, 2015
Because it would have being a waste of time and effort. APC is the majority in the house. Even if all PDP members decided to elect a Senate President in the absence of APC senators. They won't be enough as required by the Constitution so the election would become void.

And if you are thinking they could have back stabbed saraki and voted for a PDP candidate, all APC needs to do gather next week and impeach the person they elected because they are the majority.

Even rite now Saraki must hope his friends in APC now continue to remain his friends, because if he looses those friends, at any little chance to impeach him, the APC majority will impeach him immediately and PDP won't be able to do anything about it.

Don't forget there is no longer police backing them to storm a impeachment process and cancel it.


Politics / Re: No Fuel Scarcity In Ebonyi State. by wunmite90: 6:30am On May 24, 2015
Federal govt just wan suffer APC states. That is their aim. He who laugh last laugh best. Our enjoyment time is coming soon, we just have to suffer small bfor enjoyment come.

No one is punishing APC states. U can't compare a state with 20million people and aleast 11million cars. With a state of less than 5million people and at most 2 million cars.

If there is scarcity of fuel it will surely be more scarce in a state like lagos than a state like enugu, or ekiti or osun or any state with 1/4 of its population.

And all u need is one more week of scarcity that one they are presently selling at 120 in your area will not be available again cos they are not refilling those petrol stations you are buying from.

If u are wise rather than seeing punishment in lagos. Go and quickly stock a few kegs of petrol in a safe space to use incase the scarcity continues.
Business / Re: Obi Okeke Sold 39 Cars To Floyd Mayweather by wunmite90: 11:44am On May 04, 2015
I have heard an interview of the guy b4. Whn floyd called him at 2am to deliver a bugatti within 24 hours. He said it was the hardest thing he has ever done

But he is just like chiweto ejeofo. His only connection with africa is the name, he even has pure american accent.

I hope his father tells him about his root though

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Politics / Re: Buhari Did Not Get 2/3 As Required to be declared winner by wunmite90: 11:42pm On Apr 24, 2015
Only 26 state matter in nigeria. the people of western nigeria are only sharing passport. Thé united state or canada or britain etc can decide look i want to issue passport to western nigeria.

in the nigeria président election those. 26 state are were you need to get. 2/3 . Because western nigeria is oversea voting.

buhari did not get 25% in any of the 9 east state.

Na wa o. Pls are you from ARO or YABA apa osi?


Politics / Re: Buhari Did Not Get 2/3 As Required to be declared winner by wunmite90: 11:35pm On Apr 24, 2015
You are required to get it in 26 state. he fail to do that before the certificate was given to him. 10 state are overs

Shey na for maths you poor ni or u ar just a agent of mischief?

Pls what's 2/3 of 36 states?

Or make I help you

12 in 3 places equals 36 that is 12 + 12 + 12. That's 3 places

So now pick 2 out of 3 that's 12 + 12 equals 24. So now go back to the election results and count the number of states where he got 25percent of votes.

Thank you


Politics / Re: Ambode Wins 15 Lgas In Lagos As Expected by wunmite90: 7:58am On Apr 12, 2015

But majority of the voters are non Yoruba and they are the game changers, true or false. Meanwhile, in Ekiti state, it is 26-0. APC gradually losing South west. If you like continue to play the ostrich

Apc dint loose more in this election. Rather they gained more. They now have more reps in 5 out of 6 at both federal and state

Some reps in ogun whr divided b4, but now apc has more

More in oyo. Even ondo that was impenetrable for them b4. Now has apc reps

Yes they lost in ekiti.

But you seem to forget ekiti offers the least benefit to yoruba states in terms of allocation, resources and population.

The Apc gained a lot bro

And I am not a supporter just telling you what is obtainable.
Politics / Re: Ambode Wins 15 Lgas In Lagos As Expected by wunmite90: 7:30am On Apr 12, 2015

Are you trying to console yourself? This is a time for introspection. The APC in Lagos is not getting some things right with the so called immigrants. Losing 5 LGAs back to back to them is no small beans.

Oga jimi is not getting votes only from non yorubas get that clear. Even in those areas you are pointing to a whole lot of yorubas voted for him there

Their local government chairman thr is not from the east, south south or north

So you are not in control atall


Politics / Re: Remi Tinubu Wins Polling Unit- Vanguard by wunmite90: 6:56pm On Apr 11, 2015
U wake up for morning

The first greeting u hear outside ur compound na EKARO O

You bath finish go out side. You hear conductor saying WOLE PELU CHANGE E

You turnon your tv/ radio The Official TV and Radio station broadcast 80 percent of their programs in YORUBA

You go market the official language of communication is YORUBA u hear tins like EJA KOTE wa o

You go church most have ENGLISH and YORUBA service

Even whn you enter bus you hear most people communicating in YORUBA

Before you reach home for nite you done hear atleast 10 new yoruba words

Then you reach home for nite come open your mouth talk say YOU ARE 90percent of the POPULATION

shey your case never need deliverance so?

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Sports / Bible Reading From Chelsea To Arsenal And Man U by wunmite90: 4:23pm On Apr 07, 2015
By Fisayo Dairo
Bible Reading: Psalms EPL 2:1-7
To ka bayii wipe:
" Why do the Gunners rage, and the Mancunians imagine a
vain thing?
2. The clubs of EPL set themselves, and the referees take
counsel, against Roman and his army, saying...
3. Let us break their point gap asunder, and cast away their
3 points from us.
4. He that sitteth in the dug out shall laugh: the Special One
shall have them in derision.
5. Then shall He speak unto them in the press and vex the FA
in his sore displeasure.
6. Yet have I set my Hazard upon the unshaken Bridge of
7. I will declare the decree: the Owner has said unto me,
This is my trophy; this month have I wrapped you up.
May the Lord bless his words and use it for the deliverance
of the Heathen.
Co-authored by Fiscosports and Emmanuel Witty Aweda.
Politics / Re: Poll: If Today Was Election Day, Who Would You Vote For? by wunmite90: 7:43am On Mar 15, 2015

BUSTED, time registered feb 15. 14 posts

What is this one saying self. Are u tryin to say nairaland is no longer growing and shouldn't have members who registered in march?

And also are u saying new members shouldn't have a person to vote for or rather new members should only vote GEJ

And do u expect 1000 post from some1 who registered in march

If u want to comfirm a double nairaland ID that's not how to do it.

Pls grow up


Politics / Re; Igbos Denied Voters Card In Lagos by wunmite90: 1:05pm On Feb 08, 2015
for few days now, since a PDP spokesperson in Abuja had a press briefing that voters cards of people from other parts of the nation are being burnt is lagos, people majorly from the EAST and a few from the SOUTH have created several threads to create what I will term non existent " tribal sentiments between lagosians"

But a surprising thing is that we have over 1.3 million registered monikas on nairaland, and I am quite certain that a few hundred thousands of these were registered by people from the EAST and SOUTH. And majority of this people reside in LAGOS

Now why is it that all we have heard for the past week are report of FRIENDS in LAGOS having their PVC's seized. Why don't we have at least ONE PERSON who can act as a LIVE WITHNESS on this issue

It is only reasonable that if EASTERNERS and SOUTHERNERS are being targeted to get their PVC's seized a few NAIRALANDERS on the forum would have falling victim.

So if this allegation is true please come to this thread and proof.

I AM NOT TARGETING ANY TRIBE, I just hate this politics of DIVISION it does not help anyone.
Politics / Re: North Rejects Election Postponement; To Resist Any Attempt To Sack Jega by wunmite90: 7:58am On Feb 08, 2015
Politics / Re: Thugs Thumb-Printing Ballot Papers For Aregbesola (Video) by wunmite90: 7:38am On Feb 07, 2015
I don't think Seun and his Mods give a dam about their INTEGRITY anymore. What's all this na

A simple research will remind you that this is the video evidence Omisore tendered during the tribunal. And it got rejected by the court because it is clearly staged

And if u don't have shot memory u placed this on front page when he tendered it. And that's less a year ago


Politics / Re: Buhari Boycotts Presidential Debate by wunmite90: 3:47pm On Jan 29, 2015
This man should just do us all a favour and step down. If you can't debate with the so-called 'clueless' GEJ, how do you intend to tackle the intellectually-tasking and complex demands of running a democratic country?

If he suspects any form of connivance, he should suggest that a more trusted body handle the debates. APC and co have been asking the PDP to forget the certificate issue and face real matters. Now the time to face real matters is upon us and they're looking for an escape route.

Please help us answer this question.

Will GEJ attend a debate organized by sahara reporters, the nation newspaper and premium times?

If your answer is no. Then shut up. Thank you

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