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TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by Xmen149(m): 1:15pm

I'm looking for good scripts to shoot


am not too good in the writting part ,.so how do we go about this
Celebrities / Re: Francis Duru Celebrates His 52nd Birthday (Photos) by Xmen149(m): 9:17pm On Jul 27
Ahanna the rattle snake
Sports / Re: Leicester City Ashleigh Plumptre Trained With Super Falcons by Xmen149(m): 11:13am On Jul 20
1) Ashely and her family..notice the colour of the lil sister.

2) and 3) are images of biracial twins (Black and White parents).

She is a black,and her dad is Nigerian(probably with white mum not sure).

Allow her be guys,she has identified with a place where her inner self feels peace

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Sports / Re: Leicester City Ashleigh Plumptre Trained With Super Falcons by Xmen149(m): 10:49am On Jul 20
Una sure say we no go need DNA test reason this girl matter

Look all through her legs Dark tarn(light brown) ,that shows she is mixed her face and is shaped like Caucasian and that's the mums strong gene. Have you seen her lil sisters picture? No one will tell you that one is a black girl..Lol

I have seen blacks marry White ladies and have,mixed kid,white kid and black kid all in same family and all of them identify with the father's origin

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 10:34am On Jul 18
Washing machine 40k
Amaze 43inches TV...65k
Stab...1000va,1500va and 5000va
7k. 9k. 25k
Polystar home theater.....50k
Lagos and we have a bus going to Ibadan and Kwara incase you are in these locations

Can you post pictures of the 5kva stab please
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 10:30am On Jul 18
the person said he won't be available 2day because the owner of the place "POS" he put it won't come 2day

Ok no problems.
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju To Obi Cubana: You Will End Up In Jail Like Hushpuppi by Xmen149(m): 8:28am On Jul 18
Night Life business is a terribly big business money made in almost every thing.I could even remember when him and chief priest went for a tour in a brewery in an European country(that signifies some kind of partnership or so).
The guy get big business and he get money..

Again I don't think I have a problem as to how he spends the money.

Besides if you run such outfit you will know well to do people.mind you the ones you are seeing doing doings are his celebrity friends.

The coded ones will still come off camera come do condolence visit..

Button line,its showbiz enjoy it or shutdafkup.

(Atleast if am an A-list artist visiting Nigeria I will be rest assured that a man that can spend such amount that if I buy the most expensive drink in his club it is definitely original,i go come put am for my plans if I visit naija.

Ego ka eji achu ego

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 7:53am On Jul 18
it must be today. call me when you get to berger bus stop so I can direct you to who you will see at new garage.

Can't the person be present at Berger bustop.i stop there pick up,give him money start going home.

I don't know those areas and wouldn't want to start wondering. Give me your number if this is ok
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 8:35pm On Jul 17
make it 5k

4k baba,as e dey hot�
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 6:57pm On Jul 17
thats one of the reason I don't want to put up the person's no so my houseclearance pple no go bombard am with assorted curses and insults.

4k cash make I go pick those speakers tomorrow
Crime / Re: Caroline Kangogo Found Dead At Her Parents’ Home by Xmen149(m): 3:50pm On Jul 17
When you Hunt animals long enough you tend to become one. Hence the need for consistent scheduled psychological evaluation of all force personnel..oyibo nodey Play with this..

Las las "the devil made me do it" if you know you know
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 10:10am On Jul 15
USB Rechargeable WiFi Security Cameras
Good for your Shop, Office, Apartment.. Compound (Waterproof)
081 2841 07 62

Education / Re: Does This Child Deserve A Pass Mark For This Answer? by Xmen149(m): 11:43am On Jul 14

I understand perfectly what you are driving at but the thing here is, should I encourage such attitude to school work?
Is it advisable to encourage them to do their class work/activities by guessing or using their intellect?

You may not understand the angle I'm viewing this as a teacher. I see that most people who have commented are parents hence viewing the whole thing from a parents angle and not as an educationist. so I totally understand you guys and appreciate your contributions too. smiley.

As an educationist,..What exactly made you arrive at the conclusion that the student was making a guess work
Education / Re: Does This Child Deserve A Pass Mark For This Answer? by Xmen149(m): 9:33am On Jul 14
We are talking about kids that constantly Play all sorts of games on their parents smart phone including Cross word puzzle,word rearrangement games and Scrabble without guide and believe me after constantly getting words correctly some words will stick even without them knowing what it means but they know it's correct when they win Everytime they play on those words there.

I started playing rearrangement as far as primary school and Scrabble(board Game). believe you me I knew big words I use some times incorrectly because I don't know the meaning.

Like someone said there are words you would have chooses with better research. But if this kid is like I explained above they will protest further when you mark them down by asking elderly ones out there and when they get a positive nudge their perception of you and the system will start changing.

My best suggestion is Mark her right and explain to her it was a wild guess including the meaning and move on. Everyones learning curve is not same and you shouldn't bring down those theirs is high to match other low ones just to make your self feel right or make others feel belonging.

From my primary school to higher education graduation i have always been the type that challenged teachers. I pull educational stunts that teachers will always try to contain me instead of broadening my knowledge at the primary school level. My mum after several close monitoring started picking teachers I will stay in their class at each level(she teaches in same govt primary school).it helped me alot. Mind you only land phones are in use then..

My two sisters and eldest brother are very brilliant I was constantly picking things from them.

Cut the kid some slack and boost his/her confidence with small side lecture
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 10:23pm On Jul 13

Na the conversation rate of the device is not upto 90->230 so the price is good..It's just like other stabs
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 7:13pm On Jul 13

Bought brand new 42k, according to owner 2 weeks ago. He saw no use for it as the power supply in his new apartment is very stable.

Price - 35k
Call or WhatsApp (08164272477)


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Family / Re: I'm Going Through A Terrible Breakup. Please Advise. by Xmen149(m): 12:59pm On Jun 28

I didn't cheat. It was just a behavior issue he couldn't deal with.

Cool,.then you have to let him go,delet his contacts and Ghost off.

Little lecture: in a serious relationship there is : DEAL BREAKER and DEAL MAKERS and MANAGEABLE TRAITS for each of the parties involved.

This is why communication is important so you Dont end up spending years were you will eventually not be needed else you plan on hidding your traits and deceiving your opponent.

From beginning: you will look out for deal breaker first(yes be that selfish).if you possses your opponents deal breaker just quit..If he posses yours just move on.

Manageable traits are the ones two of you can work together and work your ways around.

While deal maker can be endless and includes those things that attracted you to the person in first place.

You posses his deal breaker (which he mistakes as manageable trait).

Profile your next relationship b4 giving it your all and communicate with your partner to be sure of what's in their head(use questions like: what do you like,what do you hate,favourite colour etc).

Sorry to say: you possess your partners deal breaker. It will never work (you will always appear to be at fault,worst case you will hide it,but it will always show once in a while).



Don't creat avenue for further communication with him ,you will simply turn besty..and yea besties are fvck buddies and will stunt your growth in next relationship
Family / Re: I'm Going Through A Terrible Breakup. Please Advise. by Xmen149(m): 12:23pm On Jun 28

I am.

Thought as much,know this: everyone deals with anger differently. If you brought the problem.. allow him handle his anger.. chip in a message after 3weeks and if no good reply on the relationship delete him from your memories learn from your mistakes then move on.

But if what you did is cheat(as you have refused to say) then move on and let him be please.Good people don't deserve torment
Family / Re: I'm Going Through A Terrible Breakup. Please Advise. by Xmen149(m): 11:17pm On Jun 27
He broke up with me over a month ago. We still talk because I keep trying to convince him why we should get back together but he'd rather we remain friends. I've begged, I've cried, I promised changed attitude.
I get panic attacks at night, I can't cope properly during the day. I had built my life around him.

I can't do the no contact thing because I fear he'd forget about me and move on. Please talk to me. This is the worst I've felt.

You sound more like in remorse than heartbreak. Are you the course of the breakup ? What did you do wrong

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Romance / Re: Igbo Guys Marrying Very Young Girls by Xmen149(m): 5:07pm On Jun 21
I prefer 25 to 27..at this age they must have been through with school(lived away from home,anyone without control and life experience at this age has lost it forever) and have idea of what they want. Still have time for child bearing.

28 to 30 is a risky selection for me

30 to 35 (majority in that 32 and 33 above once they take in doctors usually recommend CS you don't know y?) Is a no no. And what do you mean by experience at this age biko (experience in different men?, keeping which home is she a divorcee? )

And 18 to 24 is growing stage,.If you marry a girl at this age and you don't have patience you will divorce her by 25 or she will burst that energy out by sleeping with random boys . 18 to 24 is the age girls discover and explore their inner monsters.The lucky ones then heed to mamas warnings and lectures and settle down at 25 up while the (carear,life explorers etc) continue after this age.

Women have biological clock,mothers teach their children this and follow up. If a woman after 25 is not interested in marriage let her not confuse her self by making her self available at age 30 to 35 they should get their priorities right.
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 7:10am On Jun 10

Samsung (32 Inches) is up for sale.
N45,000 (Firm).
Is in perfect condition.

Location: Ogudu
Contact: 08137411875 (Whatsapp only)

Led or smart
TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by Xmen149(m): 11:09am On May 27
I have two movies idea

1) A horror movie (adventure)

2)Action thriller (Any good writer that can work with me?)

I write songs too.

quote me if we work together
Family / Re: Cutting The Connection Between My Wife And Her Male Besty by Xmen149(m): 1:20am On May 26
Op seems like one of those "I don get money" kind of guys that will go and snatch one small girl from her boyfriend in name of marriage,she will then balance well and be knaking the boyfriend well.

She told you all those gibberish you leave her come dey disturb NL,.who married who again cheesy

Please leave us alone,.Go and take control of your wife and House.

Also get the guys number and have a one on one discussion with him to leave your wife.

If he persists use police harras am,small boys nowdays nodey use their head.

Tell your wife to stop and if she persist pause the marriage and seek marriage counselor,if not checked now you go soon train another man pikin,or carry disease...be the man or .

And for those arguing will you allow you child of 22 to get married,if anything happens to the husband (God forbid) will she be able to earn and take care of kids this age won't even know how to keep extremely clean during period sef alot still living in childhood fantasy.

If a lady of 26 27 that got married knows she can't play rough play with her husband.. the 22 s in my area na kids na still wearing torn Jean,skirts and dirty underwears

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Xmen149(m): 6:47am On May 25
They are not on Government pay roll yet because natforce hasn't been fully approved. The natforce bill has passed second reading tho, so there are high hopes that it would be approved soon. Appointment letters are being given out currently, if you have the opportunity to get it, you should. Anything can happen.

Thank you my brother
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Xmen149(m): 8:59pm On May 24
Items I have for sale

5,000 watts Stabilizer

Realme Airpods

H2 Powerbank Spy Recorder

Bluetooth Auxiliary For Home Theater

NIA audio Bluetooth FM Player

Laptop Fan

Storm Spray

OudTouch Spray

Kisonli Speaker For Phones

Nike Palms

Call or Chat 09090907136 for details and purchase.

Picture of the 5kva stab,price and location
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Xmen149(m): 8:51pm On May 24
Hello chairmen and ladies in the house

Please anyone know the salary for entery level NATFORCE (National Task Force)

They combat illegal importation of arms, ammunition,light weapon,chemical weapons and pipeline vandalism).

What is it like working there.

Anyone with information i ,I will greatly appreciate.


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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can A Man Who Earns N80,000 Marry In Lagos? by Xmen149(m): 2:37pm On May 18
But how ??

lol,.ok am going to be doing few case scenario

say you have cash on you after marriage (as expected) you pay for house rent.

wife is working and can support for perishables (vegitable,fresh fish etc),you remove your tfair and utility bill for the month and buy food stuff (garri,rice,stock fish,dry fish etc,).

Next month do same and get rice,beans etc .(one person cant finish a bag of rice in on year 6months,.two persons..atleast a year and) target one year supply (this will help you save alot along the way).

Cook all liquid food and store in freezer (some can last 1month plus)(remember from now you are buying only perishables).

after the first 2 or 3 months of stocking the only money going out of your salary is house rent,utility bills and transport. then small change for madam you will be having nothing less than 40 to 50k.

(get fta tv and sub for data)Note The rent goes to a separate account to be delivered in whole to house owner at end of the year.

join a good cooperative and make contribution of at least 20k per month buy only what is necessary.(some cooperative allow you to take loan of 2times the amount you contributed at year end.)

then try save atleast 10 to 20k in another account. wify can be helping with minor needs.

by year ending you will have at least 200k (cooperative),100k personal savings (amusing emergency took 100k),150k rent delivered ,wife can come to the table if she made any savings.

(delay pregnancy to atleast 7months plus to 1year) now she is pregnant. use some money from the first to get HMO (some go as low as 30k per year or 50k per year and they take care of mother till delievery,then care for the baby to certain months,research this),reserve the rest for baby food and still contribute more use money from the 100k to restock the house for another 1year.

continue the rent savings and utility then then be sure to save more than 10k now 20 at least.(for emergency) continue the process.

During the first year learn a skill and use for side huzzle.

by child delivery you should have 3 to 400k in cooperative, 100k after baby things shopping.

what now goes out of your salary is baby food,tfair,perishables and utility house rent... even if baby food gulps (30 to 40k) per month by one year e don dey chop adult food...

hings you can do with the money in cooperative,.1) take a loan of upto 1mill (if its upto 500k) and start a business,. get a car and move people around after work(uber or private),mini importation,etc.

thing is,you can only go into all this with your soulmate ready to make it work( not some i have come to chop kind of lady). your wife must be supportive ,skilled and your "ride or die"

with proper planning you can only get better from there.

when its time for child school pick the one your hand can reach.

people earning big in lagos a few apart from big CEO,oil and gass and few tech guys....the rest do proper planing and use loan to build them selves up but will never say the truth ,...even the so called CEO does business with bank and peoples money...plan with what you have and move up ,have eyes for the future and you will see.

but dnt ever go into it because you were told to,.you it bcs you have found the one and ready upstairs.

yes(alot of places dey for lagos where you can even get 3bedroom apartment for 150k,my guys house he built b4 redeem na 140k he rent all cheesy)

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can A Man Who Earns N80,000 Marry In Lagos? by Xmen149(m): 11:46am On May 18
if you have been good with minding your business then you can do it.

if you have been all about super comfortable life then forget about it.

1)do HMO for wife/kid (1 oh)

2)you can get 2 to 3 bedroom apartment in some remote areas in lagos at 150- 200k

3)buy food stuck in bult and stock (mostly to last 6 months to one year)

4)have savings plans and join cooperatives (they wont tell you the truth but majority of Nigerians achieved alot of success through this particular means). When you get loan use it to setup side huzzle
5)your wife must be skilled or working or both(ready to build with you or kuku sit one place).
quote me i will break it down further for you. people will be shouting no way but they will be earning same amount and have their siblings living with them yet feeding well and happy.

quote me if you need more clarification

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Romance / Re: If your student is fond of sitting like this in class. by Xmen149(m): 8:08am On May 18
my ekiti students show me that year sha cheesy ..they try am e no work some started blowing kiss and sexual blink cheesy e no work..some now went full swat,came to the staff room and profess love grin grin grin

ikole girls i hail oh cheesy cheesy cheesy

i told a mean female teacher to be coming around unannounced to be handling the situation or else she wants me to kill them with my hands cheesy and she accepted...
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Free To Air Satellite Tv General Thread by Xmen149(m): 10:59am On May 14
People are confusing people already.

Some channels in mytv has disappeared except betting channels and Tara.

Vsn went out on small dish,even someone I called assured it was still there and spent hours doing nothing even when he was stairing at my 90cm dish.

All I have now is nigcomsat.

If mtv is working please give me the frequency if you have,. again I need instructions on how to transfere my vsn to the 90cm (nothing to lose again) any one that can aid should please help.
TV/Movies / Re: Mortal Kombat 2021: What's Your Review? by Xmen149(m): 4:28pm On May 13
To think I just finished downloading this movie a minute ago make it more sweeter for me kiss

Where you download am from abeg,.I won know where to download these new movies,. anybody!

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