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Romance / Re: My First Experience In Wooing A Lady, An Edo Girl by yemi15(m): 11:01pm On Feb 15, 2020

Bro, Liver cuttage is almost as bad as a serious medical term in the wooing game ooo.
Once infected...
It turns an able-bodied, good looking dude to a chronic stammerer in the presence of his dream girl.

In severe cases, one can even be disoriented, sweaty and even feel feverish from within, and end up asking the most silly questions.

Fear Liver cuttage oo!

Romance / Re: My First Experience In Wooing A Lady, An Edo Girl by yemi15(m): 10:54pm On Feb 15, 2020
Does Every Guy Experience This?

Good Day My Fellow Nairalanders..

I just felt like sharing my first experience trying to woo a girl, it was like hell tho... so funny

Each time I remember this event it always make me to wonder if it was normal or maybe I wasn't bold. Some times ago I was on my way to visit a friend when I came in contact with this edo girl, she was so pretty that I kept on staring at her forgetting that i'm supposed to cross to the other side of the road cos where I stood was a very busy Junction.

I dismissed the idea of visiting my guy and followed her closely. I wanted to know her street, that was mission accomplished as I was able to get exactly where her house was and asked some dudes for few information about her.

Her name was favour, from then I started preparing to woo her after which I showed her to my friends secretly, trust niggars they started pushing me to confront her but the problem was how best to approach her and do the wooing tricks.

Two weeks later of cramming some lines and tricks, I wore better clothes with my neighbor's perfume. Minutes later I was standing at their street and it wasn't too long when she came out I guessed to buy something, I swear the more she approached was the more my heart beat increased, sweating profusely even it got to some extent that my legs wasn't steady anymore, so I pretended I didn't see her as she passed.

Oh my God, my urine was hot as I rushed to the gutter to ease myself I don't even know if removed smoke sef.. that one passed, months passed still I was not able to approach her.

One day I made up my mind to approach her. It was more like do or die, I wore my clothes dressed casually this time and memorized things again both how to greet her and all that, God made it easy as I saw her before I got to her street, she was walking and gisting with a female friend. I began to feel cold inside as I approached but I kept walking towards the due.. her friend stopped a bike and bade her good by so she turned and started walking to her street.

I quickly walked up to her and said Hi! She turned and stared directly into my eye.. Jesus I froze instantly, my people I said hi to this girl like four good times, every down thing I memorized had now flashed off, my head was empty in fact I regretted ever confronting her she stood for a while trying to figure out who I was cos the expression on her face showed it all, emm please can we be friends? That was what I heard myself say, immediately she heard that she hissed loudly and crossed to the other side of the road and walked away.. I swear I couldn't sleep that night..

Abeg my people is it that I don't have liver or its a normal thing in guys, but i see guys do wooing anyhow as if it was their calling... let's discuss about it..


No be only you my brother, till today my heart beats fast when I try to woo a Nigerian girl. Did not experience the fright with foreign ladies sha.


Politics / Re: Community Policing To Be Infused Into Amotekun - Muhammed Adamu, IGP by yemi15(m): 12:13am On Feb 15, 2020
The news that the supreme court sacked David Lyon and declared Diri the winner was posted at exactly 1:52pm on this forum. Mannabbqgrills went offline at exactly 2:18pm...just some minutes after the news hit front page. He has since refused to come online! grin The shame dey too much.

ROTFLMAO grin. Mannabbqgrills, where are you okay, come out and respond to this o, I can't take it, I won't take it, lol grin
Politics / Re: Ekiti Assembly passes Amotekun Bill into law by yemi15(m): 11:29pm On Feb 14, 2020
Your government failed us.
Abi o, my brother
Politics / Re: Police Impose Three-Day Curfew In Bayelsa After Violence by yemi15(m): 11:16pm On Feb 14, 2020
His senseless comments makes one begin to think whether, the dude is suffering from Anti Social Personality Disorder (ASPD)

Knockout, I can't take that, I won't take that, lol, MANNABBQGRILLS where are you?

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Romance / Re: Valentine Prank Special, Share Experiences by yemi15(m): 11:12pm On Feb 14, 2020
Damnnnnn niggarrr Got no valentine prank experience
Just relaxing with two of my beautiful girls at irex bar
Barman give me more bottles of Heineken
Ladies and Smirnoff Barman give them more Smirnoff
Two ladies, only you, my niggarrrr, your head dey dere

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Crime / Re: Jos Sex Video: For N30,000, Married Women, Girls Engage In ‘Immoral Act’ by yemi15(m): 11:13pm On Jan 24, 2020
Video wey full everywhere. Quote me if u need the video lipsrsealed
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Self Employment Opportunity: Transcribing For A Living In Nigeria Part 1 by yemi15(m): 1:39am On Jan 22, 2020

Go through the first page of this thread, I believe the link is right there, as well as the steps to take. Open Lesotho PayPal, if you like. I have been using Saudi Arabia PayPal and I haven't had any issue so far. So, the choice is yours.

Please how do you open Lesotho PayPal?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Self Employment Opportunity: Transcribing For A Living In Nigeria Part 1 by yemi15(m): 1:38am On Jan 22, 2020
Yes you can be self employed anywhere you are in the country transcribing for a living.

This thread will teach you everything you need to know to start up and the tools needed to deliver the goods.

You would need

1. A PC, tab or mobile phone
2. Affordable internet connection
3. Good head phones
4 Good command of English

Everything else can be learned on this thread. For those of us who have already started transcribing, we're welcome to share our ideas here so that this can be our online community.

To avoid this thread being banned, kindly let us adhere to all the rules of Nairaland.

Should we want to share screenshots, kindly let's block the company and important call info.

Also all forms of advertising is prohibited and will be reported.

Edited 9/7/2019 posted by samsard for newbies. Once you master these, the rest go easy

Rep: I was gonna, uhmmm, I was gonna tell ya about, about the new product we launched.
What they need: I was going to tell you about the new product we launched.

Punctuation: Hello, Philip. It's Emily calling from CLH Group. How're you doing today?
Cust: I'm fine, thank you. And how are you?

Longer calls will be more complex in terms of punctuation but for a start
A comma before and after a name in mid sentence. A comma before or after a name in salutation.
You're also allowed MINOR corrections for making clear transcripts.
Anyway, read through the FAQ and regularly Consult it while working at least till you acquaint yourself with it's detail

All full company names, PayPal email addresses and screenshots that include confidential company information must not be shared on this thread and will be reported

Please the PayPal for Nigeria does not support receiving money. Can you help me open one that can receive money. Thank you bro.
Romance / Re: Runs Girls Have Taken Over Tinder In Nigeria! by yemi15(m): 10:40pm On Nov 08, 2019

Which other app operates like inmessage
Badoo but runs girls no longer on that app again
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Employment Agents by yemi15(m): 9:11pm On Oct 22, 2019
call me now 08022838304
Can you help me too please
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: All Working Class Lets Meet Here And Help Other Unemployed by yemi15(m): 12:45am On Oct 22, 2019
This is really a great thread.

Are you smart and and can demonstrate above average intelligence?

Have you lived in Lagos for more than 5 years?

Are you energetic and can work in a very mobile position?

Is your integrity above board and can you be trusted with huge sums of money on a day to day basis?

Do you reside in or around Ojodu, Ogba, Agege, Abule, Ikeja, Egba, Fagba axis?

We could interview you for a role which requires your input 5 days a week.

While academic laurels and experience could be considered a plus we are willing to consider all applicants with at least an O/Level qualification.

Salary will range from 20,000.00 to 50,000.00 monthly.

Resumption for first batch is 1st August 2019.

Interested candidates should quote me directly on the thread with their contact details preferably emails.
I will extract their info and forward it accordingly.

You can also do this on behalf of someone you know who needs a job desperately.

08102763459. Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please Help Ooo by yemi15(m): 12:39am On Oct 22, 2019
Okay send a personal message so I can add you to the group..

08102763459. Thanks.
Phones / Re: USSD Charges: MTN, Nigerians React To The Introduction by yemi15(m): 12:08am On Oct 22, 2019

It’s worth it
More than worth it! Thanks bro!
Phones / Re: Banks To Charge You For Recharging Via USSD As From October 21 by yemi15(m): 2:06am On Oct 21, 2019
Would there be charges if I recharge from my bank app?

None. Only cost is your internet data.
Phones / Re: USSD Charges: MTN, Nigerians React To The Introduction by yemi15(m): 1:21am On Oct 21, 2019

Really, will try that now

Thanks bro, download the app guys! Easy to navigate, 10% bonus on airtime and 10 naira per bank transaction from funded wallet instead of 52.50 from the bank!
Phones / Re: USSD Charges: MTN, Nigerians React To The Introduction by yemi15(m): 1:14am On Oct 21, 2019

You don’t get charged funding your palmpay wallet,when you fund to the wallet and make a transaction to a bank it is N10

Really, will try that now
Phones / Re: USSD Charges: MTN, Nigerians React To The Introduction by yemi15(m): 1:07am On Oct 21, 2019
That’s why I keep telling people to use palmpay the most reliable and cheap alternative for transactions, you pay N10 for bank transactions using the app and you can also buy data and airtime and still gain 10% cash back for your first 10 transactions of the month,and also get 5% cash back for utility bills for first 10 transactions . Gain bonuses and points when you refer people.with enough accumulated points you can offset 50% of your future transactions.

Follow the link to get started at no hidden cost or charges.
Less than 5mins you are done.

register and login to PalmPay to earn new user rewards. https://h5.palmpay.app#/sign/sign-up?invitQrCode=NZJ536&code=0234

Actually, it is not 10 naira per bank transaction, actually it is 50 naira.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Mini Importation Training by yemi15(m): 12:20am On Oct 18, 2019
If you want to learn how to startup a profitable mini importation business, i am organising a free training where i cover all aspects of running a succesful mini importation business, from importation to sale...

Drop your whatsapp number below to be added to the group...

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Felamok Partners O’pay, Begins Recruitment In Lagos by yemi15(m): 9:51pm On Oct 10, 2019
I don't think those people follow the thread anymore, nonetheless, I will be there tomorrow. People are saying it is true.

I sent you a DM, please reply.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Felamok Partners O’pay, Begins Recruitment In Lagos by yemi15(m): 9:45pm On Oct 10, 2019
Did anyone get the job?
This advert is now circulating in Ibadan.
I also want to give it a trial.



*FELAMOKHR* has opened recruitment for *OPay-OFood Nigeria* for the Month of *OCTOBER.* _*Ibadan Residents Only.*_

Remember that OPay Nigeria recently invested 50 Million USD in Nigeria, and it is by far one of the most visible Direct Foreign Investment into Nigeria to complement the Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari on job creation.

We have successfully implemented OPay Money and Oride Platforms. We are rolling out *OFood internet Application.*

Interested SSCE, ND, HND, BSC applicants eager to work with OFood Nigeria should *attend the recruitment trainings and interviews in person.*

Also, new positions are being advertised for High-End Executives who have served as Directors or General Managers in Multinationals and Top-Rate Nigerian firms, and will be willing to lead OFood as Operations Directors, Operations General Managers, Marketing Directors,
Marketing General Managers (We are willing to negotiate and pay fantastic salaries for this category).


ND and SSCE:

Marketers 50K with Performance Bonuses.


HND and BSC:
Relationship Managers

HR Staff
80K - 150K

Operations Staff
100K - 150K

Marketing Managers 120K

Business Developers 100K

Business Development Managers 150K

Key Account Managers 150K

Brand Assistants/Promoters 100K

Brand Representatives 100K

Brand Manager 120K

Data Analysts 120K - 150k

Digital Marketers 120K - 150K

Regional Managers 300K


Operations Directors

Operations General Managers

Marketing Directors

Marketing General Managers

Top Notch Salaries to be negotiated based on experience, background, certifications and past official positions.

_A Curriculum Vitae is compulsory for all applicants who should come in person with it._

It is also important that you forward a soft copy of your CV to *Felamokhr@gmail.com* and come for the interview in person.



*TIME:* 9am prompt.

No 7, Osuntokun Avenue, New Bodija, former Inspiration FM.

*FelamokHR* is the Recruiting Agency that has invited you. Ask for FelamokHR Managers at the venue for adequate documentation.

*For residents of Ibadan only.*

Our module is to have our workers work in the OFood Zone closest to their residences. We have zoned Ibadan into 8 zones for easy outreach for our staff. No matter where you live Ibadan, you ll work in the zone closest to you.


Please did you or anyone finally go for the interview? If yes, when and where is the training?
Education / Re: Sex For Grade: Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu’s Facebook Page Stormed By Nigerians by yemi15(m): 11:29pm On Oct 07, 2019
See the film here Buy data and watch

Thank you sir. Really appreciate it sir.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by yemi15(m): 10:14pm On Oct 07, 2019

sorry! it's onasanrichard1@gmail.com

Thank you sir. CV and application letter already sent from amusan.adeyemi15@gmail.com. Thank you once again sir.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by yemi15(m): 10:10pm On Oct 07, 2019

At Bashorun, oluwo Nla side
Thank you sir.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by yemi15(m): 10:47pm On Oct 06, 2019

You need to be specific, Ibadan is very wide, so make your environment/location known

Please help me too. Would love a teaching job in Mathematics around Bashorun, Akobo or Gate areas. Thank you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kindly Help by yemi15(m): 9:54pm On Oct 05, 2019
I don't advice anyone to attend an interview where the position applied for isn't clearly spelt out. If I were you I would be cautious.

Thank you sir
Jobs/Vacancies / Kindly Help by yemi15(m): 12:00am On Oct 05, 2019
Please if anyone has gotten an email invite like the one below for an interview and went for the interview on Friday, please reply to this thread

Hi ,

Thank you for applying to the Selcouth Group.

Your application as been reviewed and it stood out to us  we are using
this opportunity  to invite you for an interview at our office at :

No. 7 Joseph street
Opebi - Oregun Link road
Opebi Ikeja.

Date: 4th and 7th of October 2019
Time: 10 am

During the interview, you’ll have the chance to discuss the position’s
responsibilities and learn more about our company.

Come along with your CV, Results and any other training certificate.

For direction call: 09077335555

Looking forward to meeting you.

   Thank you.

HR Department .

Selcouth Group
7,Joseph street Opebi link road
Opebi , Ikeja Lagos,Nigeria
Tel : 0907 733 5555
Email : hr@selcouthgroup.com
Web : www.selcouthgroup.com

Thank you in advance.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by yemi15(m): 11:51pm On Oct 04, 2019
Teaching Vacancies For Immediate Employment at :
For Post of;
1. Mathematics Teacher
2. Chemistry Teacher
3. Yoruba Teacher
Interested applicants can forward their CV and application letter to: onasanrichard@gmail.com or visit the school along Iwo Road/Ojoo Express way, Amuda Ojere Junction, Olorombo Area, Ibadan with their credentials and an application letter stating the role being applying for starting from Monday 7th of October, 2019.
You can also call the Principal on 08038540715 for further details.

The email address is not working. Please check it. Told me that the email address was not found when I sent my application to the email address.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: We Are Hiring : Admin Assistant And Customer Service Personnel by yemi15(m): 11:29pm On Oct 04, 2019
A Lagos based company is recruiting qualified candidates, both male and female to fill the following positions :

• Administrative Assistant
• Customer Service

Age range : 25 - 30yrs

Interested applicants should send an email and full picture to : hr@selcouthgroup.com with your CV and Full picture.

Minimum Qualification Requirements :

Location :
Lagos State

Deadline : 25th of October 2019

Note : Email subject should carry the position you are applying for.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Questions I have
1. Is the company a real company and not GNLD?
2. How much salary is the company paying for the customer service personnel position?
Technology Market / Re: UK Used Iphones And Samsung For Resellers From Shopnig Mall Starting At 15k by yemi15(m): 10:52pm On Oct 01, 2019

yes pls
Thank you sir
Technology Market / Re: UK Used Iphones And Samsung For Resellers From Shopnig Mall Starting At 15k by yemi15(m): 12:22am On Oct 01, 2019
ShopNig mall is an e-commerce website with physical stores in Ibadan and Ondo Nigeria.
we sell new and uk used gadgets from the Us and Uk.

we shall be updating reseller prices here for those who wants to buy to resell, please check this thread always to keep yourself informed about our available products.

ONDO - ShopNig Mall ,office 1, beside Olayinka Ojo Photo studio, Un building ACE Ondo
IBADAN - AB 15 albalka Shopping Complex adjacent bodija market, Bodija IBADAN


Iphone 6 16gb 40k
iphone 6 64gb 45k
iphone 6 128gb 52k SOLD OUT!
iphone 6 plus 16gb 55k Sold OUT!
iphone 6 plus 64gb 60k
iphone 6s 16gb 45k
iphone 6s 32gb 55k
iphone 6s 64gb 60k
iphone 6s plus 32gb 65k
iphone 6s plus 64gb 70k
iphone 6s plus 128gb 75k sold out
iphone 7 32gb 80k
iphone 7 128gb 90k
iphone 7 plus 32gb 120k
iphone 7 plus 128gb 130k
iphone 7 plus 256gb 145k SOLD OUT!
iphone 8 64gb 130k
iphone 8 128gb 140k SOLD OUT
iphone 8 plus 64gb 140k
iphone 8 plus 256gb 150k SOLD OUT
iphone x 64gb 215k
iphone x 256gb 230k
IPhone Xs Max 64gb 310k
IPhone xs max 256gb 330k

Galaxy S4 16gb 25k
Galaxy s5 16gb 30k
Galaxy s6 32gb 40k
Galaxy s6 64gb 45k
Galaxy s7 32gb 55k
Galaxy S7 edge 32gb 65k
Galaxy s8 64gb 80k
Galaxy s8 128gb 90k
Galaxy s8 plus 64gb 100k
Galaxy s8 plus 128gb 110K SOLD OUT
Galaxy s9 64gb 120k
Galaxy s9 128gb 140k SOLD OUT
Galaxy s9 plus 64gb 140k
Galaxy s9 plus 128gb 145k SOLD OUT
Galaxy S9 10 plus 128gb 180k
Galaxy note 8 64gb 130k
Galaxy note 8 128gb sold out
Galaxy note 9 170k
Galaxy note 10 256gb 330k NEW
galaxy note 10 plus 256gb 360k NEW

Galaxy A30 32gb 55k
Galaxy A30 64gb 60k
Galaxy A50 64gb 85k
Galaxy A50 128gb 95k
Galaxy note 10 256gb 330k
galaxy note 10 plus 256gb 360k
Samsung j7 16gb 35k

Other phones available.
Google pixel XL 32gb 40k. UK USED sold out
Google pixel 32gb 35k (with pack)
NOKIA 3310 3G 15K New
NOKIA 105 dual sim 7k new
Blackberry q20 16gb 35k
Huawei honor 8a 32gb 45k
Xiaomi Redmi 7 32gb 50k

Other Available Gadgets
Uk used Samsung gear s2 classic 30k
aplple watch series 1 30k
Apple watch series 2 45k
Apple watch series 3 65K
Apple watch series 4 100k
Apple Airpod 1 NEW 60K
Apple airpod 2 NEW 70K
lacie 2TB hardisk 24k
NEW HP 4GB/1TB 15.6 INCHES 100k
IPAD 4 16GB (UK USED) WITH cellular 50k

something too affordable to be true, every week
Huawei p 30 lite 128gb NEW 100k

This thread will be updated weekly on ne stock and a representative will be here to answer all questions.

To Order
visit any of our stores or chat 09078501473 watsapp

* Most Times we are glad you will come into our store to buy(preferably Ibadan)
* If we must deliver, the customer bears delivery cost.
* DHL doorstep delivery southwest 1500 north and east 3000
* for same day delivery you may decide to use public transport, but we are not responsible for the risks involved.


LAST UPDATED 24/09/2019

Is your Samsung Galaxy A30 64GB still 60k?

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