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Travel / Re: What Is It Like To Live And Work In Vienna, Austria? by yemmyma: 11:47pm On Jan 09, 2014
First of all,
Housing; In Vienna, it will cost you cheapest 350euros per month. If you are very lucky 300. Now, you can get accomodation from places like oead.at, wihast.at

Living: Living in Vienna is like most Western European countries. it is cool, nice and lots of people around. lest i forget beautiful

Working; Depends on what he can do, but i would suggest to your brother to pick up German before he arrives. Would make life easier for him
Travel / Re: How Convenient Is Student Life In Austria? by yemmyma: 5:41am On Dec 20, 2013
LOL ,that's very funny.i am going to vienna and you are coming to prague.i will likely come on the 24th cos i hv got a serious boatparty here on the 23th lol.let me know your schedules okay.holla

cancelled the plan. i will be in Vienna during the period. holla at me when u here.
Travel / Re: How Convenient Is Student Life In Austria? by yemmyma: 10:12am On Dec 07, 2013
Dude lets hook up,i am doing my masters in Czech but coming to Vienna to chill for Xmas break.
Depending on when you would be arriving Vienna. Anyways, i also plan to be in Prague to chill for few days.
Travel / Re: Working Legally In Austria by yemmyma: 10:13am On Nov 30, 2013
@Juvante, not necessary. I think the Embassy understands. But you could get another one done at the police. So when you go apply for your visa and they talk about expiration, just give them the new one. I am sure they should legalize that for you immediately without any verification like they did to the first one. Abi you don commit crime in that short period? lol

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Travel / Re: Discrimination Towards Our Parents At Finnish Embassy Abuja! by yemmyma: 10:09am On Nov 30, 2013
The choice of country you choose is dependent on what you intend to do with your life.

First, what skills do you have that would give you a professional job in any of these countries. Be reminded that all of these countries are language speaking, and i know mos of them are not easy to break into professionally without language proficiency.

So if i were you, i would start by,
1. Are you in an Engineering field, most notably Petroleum Eng. or related engineering field? If yes, i may want to consider Norway because of their low population but oil and gas jobs that might be available.
2. If you have the money to study in the U.K., i would consider that either as a first option or second. Because, if you apply there, then you will be getting an EU residence permit because of your wife. That is, you should not be affected by the work visa stuff after your study. And language won't affect you like the other countries as well.

Those are my recommendations. All other countries listed are very good countries to make money and live a decent life if you just want to work (odd jobs or better earn a vocation) and earn a good life without strong emphasis on professional career.

Good luck with your decision making process.

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Travel / Re: How Convenient Is Student Life In Austria? by yemmyma: 1:42pm On Nov 18, 2013
I am in Vienna at the moment. Send me a PM, i will get back to you.
Travel / Re: How Convenient Is Student Life In Austria? by yemmyma: 10:47pm On Nov 17, 2013

I would like to give you my opinion, but the smartwise moderator might decide to delete my post.

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Travel / Re: Help Me Make A Decision. by yemmyma: 1:08pm On Nov 07, 2013

Go ahead with that.

Another arrogant post from you. I have written something very modest for you to provide an answer to, instead you chose to ignore that and follow the aggressive path. You do not appear to be benign enough to be doing this job.

Anyways, i still maintain my original post which is, is it a problem to try hooking up with a Nigerian in a foreign country via Nairaland?

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Travel / Re: Help Me Make A Decision. by yemmyma: 3:26pm On Nov 05, 2013
Hey Kingmaker Justwise,

I made an honest post yesterday about meeting this guy in Czech. But to my surprise, it was deleted. I would guess that was your hand work. Why did a post like that get deleted. So i can't go to Czech to meet a Nigerian anymore?

Could you please explain because i won't want to say something that would hit your person in a wrong way?

Travel / Re: Confused!.do I Stay In Nigeria Or Travel To Europe by yemmyma: 7:34am On Oct 11, 2013
I would advice you to stay in Nigeria and continue to grow your business.

You, a black woman heading to Finland a country full of white people to become a model does not sound good.
You are not a professional model.
Finland is not even a hub for models in Europe.

I don't know your friend but i think he has other plans. So be careful because he is obviously not giving you a good offer.

All the best

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Career / Re: Does School Matter? by yemmyma: 8:20pm On Mar 19, 2013
It depends

As you have rightly explained the case of Bill Gates. He was actually a brilliant student just did not see the need to continue school when he started raking in the windfall from his coding abilities.

Back to the topic. In an elitist society, school does matter. All the Fortune whate'r companies like to have employees from the very top schools for various reasons. Some of which but not limited to are:

1. The process of getting into schools like Harvard, Stanford and the likes goes beyond money. They actually have to be very convinced you are a very brilliant student before granting you an admission to a program. And you have to be that brilliant because you are competing with tens of thousands of very focused candidates from around the world.

2. Schools in this category are of premium brand. Employers know this and the schools will want to hold on to that insignia they have carved out for themselves by not admitting mediocre students.

3. They have fat accounts from which they use some for research purpose. That is why disruptive ideas usually come from these top schools. They are constantly on the look out for new ways to change the way things are done. Probably, the reason they also ask applicants to write essays, motivation letters and the likes to make see that they candidate is not only brilliant in class but can as well think creative and smart.

4 Employers know they are insured by choosing prospective employees from these top institutions.

That is not to say lesser ranked institutions cannot have good students. I personally hold the opinion that regardless of the institution you attended, you can as well make yourself competitive. The key is to keep learning, reading and researching in your field. This is the information age and about almost everything is readily available online or in books.

Even if you don't get into Goldman Sachs by the influence of the school you attended, you can always try again perhaps by doing another degree in one of the top schools for instance an MBA from Stanford after couple years of work experience.

Or even better, go for an exchange semester or year at these top institutions. You just won't get the degree but you will gain knowledge.



Career / Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by yemmyma: 5:43am On Feb 24, 2013
To start with, if you want the best school for Logistics and supply chain in the U.K., i would advise you look towards Cranfield School of Management. They have a reputation in that field. Close to it is i'd say Warwick, Lancaster and Harriot Watt. I'd put my money on any of them.

About Canada, i don't know how well their Supply Chain studies are ranked but i know UniManitoba has a research focused Supply Chain Masters. The same goes for Wilfried Laurier Uni. But apart from these two universities, other schools are probably doing their supply chain programs as part of an MBA specialization. So if you are open to that u might look at their MBAs as well.

Personally, i don't see Canada as a supply chain place but i believe the jobs are there if you go there. The United Kingdom has very good Logistics reputation but the schools i listed up there are top of the pile.

Hope that helps

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Politics / Why Nigerians Should Not Bash The U.K., Lets Wait For The U.S by yemmyma: 9:23am On Feb 23, 2013
In recent times, i have seen the bashing of the United Kingdom on Nairaland as a country where one cannot get RICH. In fact, some have gone as far as saying that the U.K income style does not suit a black man. The debacle facing the U.K today is that it neglected the basic principles that underpins a well functioning economy. According to Peter Drucker, to Grow your GDP all you need is EFFICIENCY and INNOVATION. On efficiency, the United Kingdom suffered from a lazy population, uncontrolled immigration, off-shoring, outsourcing, unsustainable welfare package amongst others. And on innovation, a focus on banking and service economy has done more damage to the economy than any other single thing. This can be explained better if you know that the U.K imports coffins. That to me is a result of bad economic management. It is pertinent to know that the U.K, is going through a serious austerity period which is one of the cushions to prevent a more serious economic collapse in the future. The effect of this is seen in stagnancy in real wages compared to inflation, lay offs, reduced public spending, increased taxes and reduced government income.

On the other hand, the United States a mixed economy but with a more capitalist DNA. Nigerians in the U.S have have praised the country as a place of opportunities which cannot be disputed from any quarter. But it is also very important to know that the U.S. has yet to carryout a single cost cutting measure despite her Debt to GDP crossing the 100% mark. What this means is that every dollar spent by the government is borrowed. For instance this can be explained by the Chinese holding of U.S debt instruments. The United States also have the luxury of having the dollar as the world's residual or reserve currency which means the U.S. can borrow money at a lower rate compared to other debt ridden countries amongst the OECDs.

Is it common knowledge now that Nigerians in the U.K are moving home more than ever for reasons explained in the first paragraph. As the anti-U.K threads keeps coming up on Nairaland, is it enough for us to bash that country? I personally would think the United Kingdom has produced more levellers for Nigeria than any Western country. As the United states is about to get serious about her own austerity measures in a week's time, does that mean that the U.S. is also going to get a lot of stick from our fellow Nigerians as the economic opportunities gets slimmer?

What are your thoughts on the future on the world economy? Are you preparing for a plan B?

You can get more insight in to this on :http://edition.cnn.com/2013/02/21/politics/budget-congress-pay/index.html
Education / Re: The Problem With HND Certificate – By Femi Olabisi by yemmyma: 4:25am On Feb 22, 2013
Personally, I think the Polytechnic education should be scrapped but better still be upgraded to University of Technology. [b]Even the countries that once had them have already upgraded them to Univerties.[/b]There should be more well equipped and funded universities to accommodate more prospective students. The Lecturers as well should be well equipped. This is only way I think we can compete favourably with other countries of the world in this century. The world has really gone beyond where we are now at the moment. Nigeria qualifications are not directly recognised abroad. It has to be subjected to serious test and scrutiny, whereas, SA qualifications are recognised. We call ourselves giant of Africa, our education should be seen at the fore-front. A Nigeria trained doctor, if you must practice abroad, you have to be subjected to rigorous examinations. The same thing goes for other professions.or instance if you must migrate to Australia an HND holder, you will be considered as some who have Advance diploma/OND, which will earn you only 10 points but whereas,University degree earn 15points. That 5 points means alot. Who can we blame for this, when none of our Universities is in the list of the best 1000 universities in the whole world? This calls for concern.

My piece of advice for any HND holder is to upgrade himself/herself because this issue will still resurface at one point or the other later. For example, either to go back and obtain degree in University (locally or foreign) or to obtain certifications in your chosen profession so as to compete favourably. There some Universities in the UK that do Top-up programmes. Personally, I don't buy the idea of the PgD stuff, it is purely a waste of time and money. Also, some universities abroad do take HND holders directly for Master's programmes.

You see, i really do not have time to write much now. But how many countries are scrapping them? U.K, U.S? Kidding me for real. These countries are changing the way education is done because they are exporting education. Why do you think a country like Germany without resources to tap into is doing extraordinarily well in manufacturing and so on? Go and see how their education is structured and you stop all these things you say about polytechnic been scrapped. If the purpose for creating a poly remains the same as it is in Germany, Austria, Finland, then you will appreciate what i am talking about. Go and find out that Germany does not sell education, yet her economy is always gonna be in good shape. Simple lesson from Peter Drucker, how to improve GDP.
Entertainment / When Kim Kardashian Came To Lagos And “419ed The 419ers” by yemmyma: 4:04pm On Feb 18, 2013
Post by Jeremy Weate*
Eko Hotel, Victoria Island: the scene of so many expensive misdemeanours in the past, did its best not to disappoint. Kim Kardashian (pictured sailing into the salubrious Murtala Muhammed International Airport) was billed to “co-host” an event with R’n'B crooner Darey Art-Alade in honour of “Love..Like a Movie”. In other words, it was a “Vals” thing. Lagos being familiar to the metallurgy of snobbery, this involved platinum ticket holders being invited to an exclusive pre-dinner event with her K-ness. Pseudo-ogas lower down the corporate food chain only got to see the show.

I was just over a thousand miles away from the action in Freetown, watching my Twitter timeline cascade with commentary as the evening unfolded. Tweets purred with pleasure at the acrobatics segment, and at the godly qualities of Waje’s voice. There was a sense that in production values and packaging, Lagos had outblinged itself.

And then Ms Kardashian appeared, said, “hey Naija” and vamoosed. The rumour was that she’d been paid 500,000 Benjamins for the honour of mixing with the petro-class. She arrived on Saturday evening (on Air France), and left within twenty-four hours (someone Instagrammed her back at MMIA). Prole class tickets were apparently N100,000 ($640), although quite a few got in gratis on the guest list.
The Lagos elite blows money at puffery, while most of Nigeria suffers. It’s the same as it ever was. I recall Carlos Moore railing against the Gowon era on his trip to Nigeria a couple of years ago – how Lagosians were partying while bodies were lying unburied in the street. Gowon was famous at the time for saying that the problem in Nigeria was not money, but how to spend it.

Reflecting a little on the unfolding disappointment in Lagos, I couldn’t help but think that the narrow slice of KK the audience were granted reflects a cargo cult/import economy/colo-mentality, that dresses its shame in dandified arrogance. Last year, Hugh Masekela played the Motor Boat club. I was lucky to be there (I think I paid 15,000 naira for the privilege). People chatted noisily throughout. The great jazzman could hardly hide his disgust.

There’s something Dubai-esque about the children of the Islands. Pampered lives told in British public school brogues. Bubbles of air-conditioned comfort, which we might think of these days as “Lekki blindness”. Fela is long since dead, but his words rework themselves in the present with ease.
As the disgruntled tweets flowed out on my timeline, I thought of Special K, comfy in her jimjams, the plane rising gradually above the Atlantic, safe from all Lagos harm, smiling to herself that she’d actually 419’d the 419ers. And I went to bed with one final thought: oil turns all who touch it completely insane.

Is this how Nigeria is perceived out there?


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Food / Re: DrSid Launches "Indulge" Chocolate Cookie by yemmyma: 4:12pm On Feb 10, 2013
Nigerians both home and abroad are seriously doing business to target the upper class of the society.

Are there considerations for the middle class at all? To go to a show they ask you for N5,000 or N15,000. To buy cookie, i drop N3,500. I mean if i paid that, what do i eat for the rest of the month?


Career / Re: What Name Would You Call A Job Like This? by yemmyma: 3:50pm On Jan 26, 2013
Well if only you are doing more. But for now, i fear your job function is pretty straight forward.

Here is a definition for you

The Business Developer
Business developers perform business development tasks and processes. As such, the business developer is concerned with the analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities for the senior management or board of directors as well as the subsequent support and monitoring of its implementation. Both in the development phase and the implementation phase, the business developer collaborates and integrates the knowledge and feedback from the organization’s specialist functions, for example, R&grin, Production, Marketing, and Sales to assure that the organization is capable of implementing the growth opportunity successfully.[1] The business developers' tools to address the business development tasks are the Business Model answering "how do we make money" and its analytical backup and roadmap for implementation, the Business Plan..

Travel / Re: Legalization Of Document At Austrian Embassy by yemmyma: 3:35am On Jan 25, 2013
Get in touch with them by email and state your case. They will answer you.

Career / Re: What Name Would You Call A Job Like This? by yemmyma: 5:38pm On Jan 24, 2013
Truth is many people make their living as importers. So i don't think there is anything wrong with 'Importer' on your business card. In fact many people are just that.

When you talk with people casually in a networking event you'd start by calling yourself a businessman/woman. But when talks go beyond the 2-3 lines of formal introduction and tend to go longer, you can then explain you are an importer.
Career / Re: What Name Would You Call A Job Like This? by yemmyma: 1:10pm On Jan 24, 2013
Well i don't know about vitamins grin

But if your job is to sell it for them and also make a return for yourself then you are more of an importer or like our people would say businessman/woman but a profit sharing or (on your percentage) basis.
Career / Re: Average Salary And Bonuses Of Investment Bankers In Nigeria. by yemmyma: 12:58pm On Jan 24, 2013
nitrogen: ^^^^ undecided undecided undecided
Please what is bad in dreaming na? Infact, you people are discouraging us sef! Abeg o

As for me, I want to get an Harvard or manchester university scholarship soon, then during the programme, I make sure I pass my CFA 1-3, then FRM and ACCA, I must do all that within a year or and a half, then I move to JP morgan straight.

God help me!

You see now, its almost even the same dream, so please don't kill our dream(s) o cos it is easier said than done.

Oh, nothing bad in dreaming. Did you see how complex her plan was and not well thought out? Biochemistry --> Petroleum --> Business(MBA) --> Investment banking CFA) --- Accounting(ACCA)

Americans are the best when it comes to career disruption. I mean you see someone spend 4 years in IT(programming/project management) and unconsciously moving to sales. Before you know it he/she may be heading to Finance through an MBA programme and lets say decide to become a professor later in the future. These cases you see because people want to do something new either consciously or unconsciously. They usually never planned it 10-20 years earlier. But for this Wharton dreaming poster, that mind map she wrote may have started a strong wind of confusion in her.

i'd say people need to do things first for the passion they have for it and not for the prestige or glamour they are hoping to get from it. All those other things you had hoped for will follow naturally.


Career / Re: Success by yemmyma: 6:51pm On Jan 15, 2013
Brought tears to my eyes.

I faced the same fate as you some years ago. I did not do the UME because i was gonna go to the UK to study for undergrad. I was denied the visa. That was how i took a late PCE form.

My aunt told me 'never put your eggs in one basket'.

Hoping the very best for you and i am sure you will smile soon.
Career / Re: Have I Missed Out On My Career Path? by yemmyma: 5:54pm On Jan 14, 2013
Your career aspirations from what i can see can be described as scatter-shot.

Why don't you try these:

What were you doing during your 8 years in Oil and gas? Your answer here is important for your future decision.

Is it something you like and would want to continue in?

If no, choose two compatibles (your likes) from the list of unfinished certifications you have put forward and go on from there.
Career / Re: by yemmyma: 8:48am On Jan 01, 2013
Good suggestions you have there already.

On a more different note, i would also advise you choose a topic you are not too familiar with during your studies. That was exactly what i did and i learnt a lot in that area because we did not touch on it in class and i know i needed that knowledge. The essence of your thesis is research and finding out yourself on a lesser known topic makes it sink.

Hope that helps

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Career / Re: 6 Signs That You've Made It To Middle Class by yemmyma: 5:53pm On Dec 29, 2012
I have more than mile 12 to go. God dey cheesy
Career / Re: The Art Of Management -Bending Your Own Learning Curve by yemmyma: 3:45pm On Dec 28, 2012

There are flaws alright,
but I think the X and Y theories when viewed in a generalistic way is quite on point

In the western world, as the economy moves from products/manufacturing to service delivery they tend to emphasise theory Y over X. Industry regulations and legislations also ensure that Theory Y is further explored

However, in a country like Nigeria where production/manufacturing/trade is the business of the day, it might be more appropriate to use Theory X for most staff. Wether in Public or private enterprises

But with the thrust of foreign trained Nigerians into private enterprises, i bet management will be one tough job where Theory X is prevalent.

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Career / Re: Engineers From All Fields Lets Meet Here by yemmyma: 6:26pm On Dec 27, 2012

i'm Anniversary.

Pleased to meet you !

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh smiley
Career / Re: Recent Graduate Regrets: Top 10 Career Mistakes Made In College by yemmyma: 10:03am On Dec 26, 2012

It's probably both. But I knew that with this degree, there is no way I can stop at just a bachelor's and make a good living, so I've already begun applying to grad school's-joint JD/PhD.

What is your degree(s) in?

Logistics Engineering. So what are you planning for a grad degree?
Career / Re: Recent Graduate Regrets: Top 10 Career Mistakes Made In College by yemmyma: 5:53pm On Dec 25, 2012
MainAttraction: I just recently (Dec 16) graduated with a B.S in Psychology and Biology, and it really is true that finding a job in this market is tough. I'm not in Nigeria, but where I live, entry level jobs for recent college grads are hard to come by. I really do wish I had paid more attention to the first point listed and searched for degreed jobs earlier.

This is a quote I read on a blog and it's so true: "It was a rude awakening. It's like going to college, and then having everything hand fed to you, only to get out into the real world to apply for a job, only to realize that 30 other people have a lot more experience than you. Even though you have all of these great degrees, you still have to go out and prove yourself."

I would think differently about your situation. It is either the combination of your degree is giving you a hard time finding your true calling.
Your location is not working for you. But then you are a new grad, so it is not yet a full blown disaster for you yet.

I am saying this from experience.
Career / Re: Recent Graduate Regrets: Top 10 Career Mistakes Made In College by yemmyma: 8:42pm On Dec 19, 2012
^^^^ Oga mi sir, I think you are right, but I will still disagree with you, reason is that for those stated up there, like six or seven out of them are relevant, how? Let's take them one by one:

1.I would have started looking for jobs earlier.

Seriously, like one's year 4 and 5 can be good times for this, at least we have some that got jobs before graduation. Okay, it is a 20-80 situation, so, its out.
How many people get good jobs without NYSC? Like who cares about a non-degree holder?

2.I would have actually networked.

Please what do you think about this? Since networking gives 60% assurance of jobs. Knowing the right people and believe me, this can be done in school, just be dilligent and know how to mix with people, both mates and those established.

With who? IF only you went to Babcock, Covenant and the likes

3.I would have taken on a job or an internship in addition to my course-load.

This is possible in Nigeria, just that it won't be easy, but I think with lots of searching on the students side and the willingness of employers, then it is feasible. Btw, most multinational coys and firms give chances to students as regards that.
Well you faced the fact

4. I would have gotten more involved in career-relevant extracurricular activities.
Of course! This will go a long way esp. When looking for jobs after school. It will tell employers somethings about the jobseeker. It is very simple to do.

5. I would have applied to more jobs, earlier.

This with no 1 are quite tough anyway, but a trial might bring something positive.

6. I would have focused more on becoming professional.

Oga me sir, no need to do justice to this, except for the sake of those still in school. Professionalism is the best.
7. I would have done more to figure out what my career goals were.

This is something personal, we can say personal discovery and development.

Maybe Guidance and Counselling section in Universities would help cure this horrible

8. I would have gone to the career center.

There are non in our universities, but uncles and brothers that have experience can help out here, just to guide them.

9. I would have kept better track of my achievements.

Whaoh! This is quite important especially if you want to get into this multinationals and big coys.

Maybe a First class is enough? or debate competition, essay?

10. I would have focused more on developing relevant skills.

Seriously, this is very very important, as in, development of skills is quite necessary and it will go a long way, no need to explain further because it is always stressed here on nairaland. You can do this in many ways when in school.

Yeah, now possible in a more global environment. Thanks to computers

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