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Politics / Re: Kenneth Okonkwo Defects To Labour Party (Pictured) by yugoo: 12:41pm On Aug 24
Average Nigerian politician, he has switched over to Labour party sharp sharp. If anything happens again tomorrow, he will zoom off to PDP or APC again. Let him ask himself how many times a fellow actor turned politician , Arnold Schwarzenegger switched from Republican to Democrat . Yeye de smell. Before I forget, dont come and use propaganda and big grammar and come and spoil our LP for us. Leave it for the masses o

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Romance / Re: If You Find This At Your Boyfriend's Bathroom, What Would You Do ? by yugoo: 4:07pm On Aug 17
Gee, you're finally back. Nice to know Ukrainian bombers didn't get you. Nice to have you here again though
Damnnn niggar

Not bad...

For masturbating

That soap don pass through hell....thick and thin...

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Over 3000 Fans Sign Petition To Bring Back Beauty by yugoo: 9:24am On Aug 10
Are people really doing this? They have started distracting some group of people with this show again. Misplaced priorities is one of the bane of the Nigerian society. Can we leave this madness out of our front page for now at least. Dollar is back to N680, forei6 reserve has been dangerously , no more foreign reserve, ASUU has no plans of calling off. Get those petitions signed against the Senate committee on education and let's see how it goes
Politics / Re: The Untold Story Of Saraki And Buhari In Pictures by yugoo: 9:52pm On Aug 09
I know a lot is happening behind the scene in the Aso Villa. How can the first lady just disappear and go to stay in Dubai instead of the villa. A Muslim woman fa? There are things happening here that is a pointer that something is obviously wrong. I know for the sake of security of lives and property, men like Obasanjo and co cannot speak cos it will be a total shocker. I remember when Rochas said if they dont give him Senatorial ticket, he will open up on what is going on in this country, BOOM! ticket was returned to him instantly. We are in bad times as a nation

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I'm Depressed And Tired Of Life Oo by yugoo: 10:37am On Jul 22
I was in your shoes when I graduated years back. I kept job hunting, sending Cvs up and down with little or no response . Even when I go to interviews and come out good, all I hear is" we will get back to you" that ends it. I woke up one day, went to my sent items on my mail box and saw limitless CVs, that day, I decided to end job hunt and develop myself and create employment for myself.

Fast forward today, am doing my own business and doing quite good, married with a good family, living in good location today. Moral of my long story, never five up cos of job hunt, look inside you, there is a solution you can offer and make a living from it. Most of us a wired to be our own boss.


Politics / Re: 2023: Why The North Would Have No Problem Supporting Peter Obi by yugoo: 9:19am On Jul 22
Face the car you're selling and leave Obi alone Sire
This is a very bitter truth but it has to be said. Obi cannot win the 2023 presidency. He's not even in the conversation. For an ibo man to become president, the two major parties have to micro zone the position to the south east. 2022 was a ripe time to fight for that but even south Eastern governors supported the North in zoning the office to the north in PDP.... In summary, the SE has to get their political act together. That said, I'm not a prophet nor a pessimist. An Obi presidency would have been something I'd like to see. Not because I believe he's the messiah or he has the solution to the myriad of problems bedeviling the country nor do I even believe he'll do better than his predecessors but I'd have wanted an Obi presidency in LP to break the stranglehold on our polity by APC and PDP. Unfortunately, it won't happen. One reason it won't happen is, agree or not, tribe plays a huge part in our elections. The online noise might say otherwise. We educated folks might not give much thought to the tribe of a candidate but a farmer in A village in Osun state would rather vote for a fellow Yoruba man than an ibo man. Let's not even talk of the north. Same way an ibo man will vote for his fellow ibo. Secondly, forget talk of structure doesn't matter. Structure does matter and it matters a lot. How do you intend to win a national election when your party doesn't have candidates for most elective positions apart from the presidency? Who takes your campaign alongside theirs to the real grassroot? See, an Obi presidential campaign only benefits a Bola Tinubu presidential gig and harms Atiku's presidential bid. Why u may ask? The SE and SS have traditionally been PDP's strongest bloc. It's where majority of their votes historically come from. Now, these same area is where the Obimania is strongest. This will result in divided votes from PDP strongest bloc. Advantage who? As for Kwankwaso, that one is not serious and will most likely eventually work for Tinubu in the NW. The north east has always been an are where the APC since the days of ANPP has traditionally performed well and I don't see that changing in 2023. Atiku will win Adamawa, Bauchi and Gombe... But not convincingly. Borno and Yobe will go for the APC. In the north Central, Tribe will come in play in Kwara and parts of Kogi. I expect the APC to take the two states. Because of the Muslim Muslim ticket, APC will lose both Plateau and Benue and win Niger and Nassarawa with very low margins. In all, Obi won't win more than 2 or 3 states and they'd all be in the south.
You might disagree with this analysis of mine. Before you do, please check out this auto deal I've got. Imagine a 2011 Benz C300 going for 3.9 million Naira. Sweet right? Well, I've got several more auto deals that will blow your mind. Mobile number is 08089945511. Call or send a WhatsApp message and I'm available to attend to your auto needs. Location is Lagos
Politics / Re: 443 Inmates Have Been Recaptured: NCoS Provide Updates On Kuje Jailbreak by yugoo: 4:54pm On Jul 06
How can we keep hearing these stories everyday in his country. If Abuja can be held captive for hours, seat if power ni, then the danger in the country is incomrehensible
Politics / Re: Adamu Garba Apologizes To Nigerian Youths After Pulling Down APC Flag by yugoo: 3:03pm On May 12
I have watched this man closely and clearly since 2014, i must say he's a jihadist and unrepented terrorist. Forget all theis his dramas...We all know why he's doing this knowing Buhari is completing his tenure and they all know what they've planted underground.
See that mark on his forehead. It confirms all you said

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Schetkin Leonid Petrovich: Ukraine Captures Russian Tank Battalion Commander by yugoo: 2:04pm On Feb 28
Most Ukrainian commanders have the same trainings as their Russian counterparts. It's going to be a very tactical battle. The invasion isn't going to be an easy ride for Russia. Ukraine is bleeding, Russia has bloodied nose as well. In the case where Putin succeeds in pushing through the cities, Russians should get ready for Guerilla warfare cos arms are in the hands of almost every Ukrainian by now. This battle was needless

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Health / Re: 632 Nigeria-Trained Doctors Practising In Canada As Of 2020 by yugoo: 7:49am On Feb 17
Their chicken will come home to roost someday wink They should ask the doctor son of late Dr. Mailafia , former CBN deputy governor. When his late dad collapsed and he was on frantic calls attempting to give instructions of intervention to revive his dying dad, he was ignored. If you are trained in Nigeria and you head overseas, Guys who stay back to serve and build Nigeria do not take you serious.

They ,especially those trained with tax payers money but immediately eloped overseas, should enjoy it while it lasts or just do themselves a favour, take your parents along for the time being wink

For those of you from non-dysfunctional family background, my advice to you is; do not join them on a voyage that usually end in regret.
Some of them are moving to stay far away as possible from their dysfunctional family background and most times most of them never return or return until hardship,hunger and lack of care as a result of abandonment of their parents eventually terminate the lives of their poor parents.

There is a reason why despite all the 'green pastures' they see and claim to recieve overseas, no single one has made it to the Forbes list.

You can not cheat the tax payers that their resources were used to train you and wishfully think you can build a sustainable wealth from cheating them, it is a lie. You will lose las las and one more thing; Your children will abandon you too and reality will hit you hard.

The Cuban healthcare professionals are one of the least paid in the world yet they are very patriotic and they stay back in their country for the love of their parents and their fatherland.

Here is why I blame FG, you use tax payers money to train them and allow them transfer your resources they held in trust to the service of another country and for years now being watching these exports return home with regrets, spent and even behind their class mates who stayed back to avoid the "curse of the taxpayers" .

Whoever wants to take the next flight overseas can go tomorrow,but for as long as you were trained with tax payers money and you did not return the value of the sweat of the taxpayers invested in you, you will lose las las. Yours will be another statistics to be added to those who embarked on a voyage of regret. And you will still not make Forbes list like the others that cheated taxpayers before you.

In fact, your own case will be worse than that of some folks I know. You can not cheat people and get away. Karma will definitely catch up with you wink
I sense bitterness and frustration here

Career / Re: A Fintech Or A Bank Job? by yugoo: 1:32pm On Feb 10
To me, there are different gains attached to either of them. If he wants salary job security without much exposure and personal development, he can stick with his bank job but Fintech job is going to expose and diversify his ability and even if anything happens tomorrow cos of policies, he might be able to take a lot home and even stand on his own, trading crypto for people cos his experience will surely give him an open access to a lot of things, that's with the Fintech company

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Politics / Re: State Of Emergency In Anambra: "You're An Ignoramus" - Falana Tells Malami by yugoo: 6:46am On Oct 07, 2021
Malami is a total disgrace to the robe. He represents everything that is wrong with the leadership of Nigeria. I thought Aandoaka will be the worst AGF this Nation will ever experience, but this Malami of a man is a billion times worst than Aandoaka. Sometimes I imagine if he even went to secondary school. The man is too daft to even be a Clark in a village magistrate court. How did Nigeria end up with such humans at the helm of her affairs? May God deliver Nigeria from these hyenas.
That's the root cause of this shambolic and decayed leadership we are experiencing. The best of a Fulani is still nothing to write home about intellectually, compared to other regions at least


Business / What's The Cost Of Pure Water In Your Location by yugoo: 6:59pm On Oct 01, 2021
We woke up Tuesday morning bon Abuja to the rude shock of Pure water producers on strike. Just yesterday, they called off the strike and now a bag of Pure Water sells for #300 - #400 naira while a single sachet goes for #20 - #30, depending.
Is this the case in other parts of Nigeria?
Health / Re: My COVID-19 Vaccine Experience by yugoo: 6:35pm On Sep 16, 2021

My story is similar. I contacted covid19 in the first wave around April. I suffered almost everything someone would suffer, except for dying. I had throat problems, shortness of breath, 3 times I had sudden inability to breath, blood cloth.

I later developed long covid syndrome (what they call long haul or long covid). I suffered from it till this year. It's been a horrible journey with lost of money spent. I still have reduced exercise ability and post exertion malaise.

I had wanted to take the vaccine but wasn't sure of how it would impact my long haul syndrome. Some people experience relief, other had worse situations after the vaccine. I was in a dilemma.

So when I contact covid19 again this August and from all my experiences, it seems to correct a greater part of my long haul syndrome, i decided it was time for the vaccine and was fortunate it was moderna they offered and I became a Guinea pig.
Bros, na only you and Covid-19 follow come?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Afghanistan Women's Youth Soccer Team Escapes To Pakistan by yugoo: 8:03am On Sep 16, 2021
This is the consequence of Islam.as a religion. A religion that keeps it's wpshippers in captivity, in the name of doctrine is as good as slavery

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Sports / Re: Pitch Invader Runs On Pitch In Granada Vs Manchester United Match (Photos) by yugoo: 12:21pm On Apr 09, 2021
Sometimes I wonder if these insane oyibos come de for Naija, with this type of hardship here, what they would have turned into. If you're in a very functional system and behave this way, what happens if you're in Nigeria where everyday living is a big risk; Insecurity, hunger, joblessness and herdsmen

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TV/Movies / Re: Anita Joseph, Her Colleagues Remove Their Wigs To Dance In '7 Rules Of Marriage' by yugoo: 9:18am On Apr 01, 2021
Na dem...Association of useless Nigerian women( Eastern branch)
Why so much bitterness in your criticism?
Politics / Re: FFK Won't Be Welcomed In APC - Bashir Ahmad by yugoo: 4:57pm On Feb 09, 2021
We should stop to blame president Buhari for every evil done in Nigeria,
Buhari is never Nigeria problem,
Nigeria problem is Nigerians,

Northerners are the problem of North,

Igbos are the problem of Igbo

Yorubas are the problem of yoruba,

South South are also problem of South South,

Why blaming Buhari for everything?
That's unfair

Nigeria corruption was at highest level before Buhari came to power,

What do you expect from him?
To transform Nigeria to paradise over night?
He is doing that no doubt,
But he need our support,

Nigerians always in a hurry, we need to take things easy,
Instead of accusing Buhari, use that energy to pray for him,

I want to ask you?

Have you ever ask God in your prayers to give Buhari all that it takes to put Nigeria in order?

Buhari is not a wicked man as people think,

My message is clear,

Nigerians please stop saying evil about Buhari, stop wishing him dead, because he is not your problem.

Thank you all,

you can reach me on phone for more information

07067967359,By the time they call your line now for information,you start asking if you can send account number.Na them
Crime / Re: Gunmen Attack Imo Police Headquarters In Obowo, Kill 2 Policemen, Injure Others by yugoo: 6:43pm On Feb 06, 2021
I want to advise the Nigeria police to re strategise now. If bringing back Sars will save your lives, do it now! Nigeria police fight back now. I hate nonsense. Why murder police officers in cold blood? Nigeria police officers, protect yourselves at all cost. These are people fathers, brothers, husband's, wives, mothers , daughters and sons too. Stop killing them
But the policemen are killing people's husband's,wives, children and sons and daughters
Business / Urgent Vacancy by yugoo: 6:53am On Jan 28, 2021
A Dispatch Rider with a good background in the job and also with a good knowledge of Abuja roads is urgently needed by HIOPPS CONSULTING LIMITED.

Salary package is very okay with an option of weekly returns if interested.
Call 08038974204
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by yugoo: 6:47am On Jan 28, 2021
A Dispatch Rider with a good background in the job and also with a good knowledge of Abuja roads is urgently needed by HIOPPS CONSULTING LIMITED.

Salary package is very okay with an option of weekly returns if interested.
Call 08038974204 for a chat
Business / Re: Cleaning by yugoo: 3:53pm On Dec 15, 2020
Good morning Mr femi, plz sir, I have plenty of empty cartoon to sell, in ikorodu. I want to ask, do you buy in kg or tonne, how much? this is my whatspp 08031112929
We are back to buying used cartons in but in Tonnes and within Lagos for now

Price per Tonne is 45k
Goods must be well packaged in bales or price will drop
If you're interested call me on 08038974204
Business / 750sqm Land For Sale At Dunamis Estatekarishi Abuja For 600k by yugoo: 4:28pm On Jun 15, 2020
750sqm Land for sale at Dunamis Estate Karishi
Development is ongoing very fast with a new road that links to Apo ShopRite
Estate Allocation Papers Complete
Price is 600k
Call 08038974204 for further details
Properties / 750sqm Land For Sale At Dunamis Estatekarishi Abuja For 600k by yugoo: 4:09pm On Jun 15, 2020
Good land situated at Dunamis Estate Karishi, Abuja for sale
Size is 750 Square Meters
Development is fast ongoing with a link road that goes through Apo; Maximum 20drive

Call 08038974204 for further Inquiries
Business / Quality And Affordable Corporate Shirts On Sale by yugoo: 2:58pm On Jun 14, 2020
We offer you Quality and Affordable and well tailored Shirts with delivery wherever you are in Nigeria.
Price is N4700 (Inclusive Delivery)
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Agriculture / Re: Vegetable (fluted Pumpkin) Ugu Planting Learning Thread by yugoo: 9:14pm On Jun 11, 2020
Business / COVID-19 Decontamination And Disinfetion Services by yugoo: 10:57am On Jun 08, 2020
Tinaspa Resources Consulting is a certified trained Environmental health and safety professional on Covid 19 decontamination.

Contact us for your schools/Churches/Business /premises/Hotels and Plazas Covid 19 decontamination in Abuja environs and get your decontamination Certificate promptly..
Call 08038974204

Business / Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes And Vines by yugoo: 2:59pm On May 22, 2020
Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes is a new variety of potatoes richly fortified with Vitamin A , which also acts as antioxidants.
This specie of potatoes comes with the following benefits;
It can be eaten Raw or cooked
Tastes exactly like Carrots
Contains high immune system booster
Can be cooked and mashed for baby food
Sweeter than the regular Sweet potatoes
Matures 90 days after cultivation
1kg cost 500 Naira(for consumption)
Bundle of Vine (for cultivation) is 800Naira(contains over 100 Vines in a bundle)per vine
Hurry while stock last.Limited stock available

Call 08038974204

Business / Kitchen Mata Foodstuffs Delivery Service by yugoo: 4:40pm On May 14, 2020
While staying Home and Staying Safe, Kitchen Mata Foodstuffs Delivery Service delivers quality and the affordable Food items, fresh farm products and groceries to you,at your doorstep within any part of We take orders from Monday to Friday and deliver every Saturday.
Call or Whatsapp us:, 08065681700 for orders and inquiries

Health / Affordable COVID 19 Hand Sanitizers;disinfectants And Face Mask by yugoo: 9:53am On May 08, 2020
As part of the plan in place for the safety of everyone; we supply every range of sanitizing materials; protective mask and gloves; sanitizing chemical etc!We deliver free in Abuja
Call 08038974204

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