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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please Help Me To Identify And Arrest This Scammer by Zector(m): 12:08pm
You remember Esther Breakthrough.Hmmm
He must have gotten your name from your year book or NYSC booklets . This fraud has been in existence since 2000, I almost got scammed told back in d days then but because I was not eager to get a job save me. I only fell for EBT ( EstherBreak through ) recruiting scheme . Pls be wise

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Family / Re: Not In Love With Husband by Zector(m): 7:16pm On Sep 20
[quote author=Oblongata post=105977197]Reflect on this post from a friend

Marriage has three stages. The first stage is called honeymoon and lasts about two years. This stage is very sweet, nice, and romantic. This is where you find names like honey, sweetheart, baby, and so on.

In this stage, everything is perfect. This is a stage where a man returns home and dumps his socks and shoes anywhere but in the morning, he will wake up and find them placed where they're supposed to be. This is where madam doesn't go to bed until you return home. She sits in the living room and receives all the mosquito bites waiting for you till you return, takes a shower, and enjoys supper. Even if you return at midnight, you find her waiting for you.

This first stage is beautiful with a lot of tolerance. This is a stage where at night while in bed, you release very toxic gas and your spouse instead apologizes. Remember, you have gassed but again he tells you, "Sorry darling, it's okay." This is unbelievable. Madam has gassed but to you, it's okay. Oh my God, this is sweet. Everything is just merry-making during this stage. In conclusion, enjoy this stage as much as we can.

The second stage lasts for ten years! This is where the honeymoon is over. This stage is red hot. During this stage, perhaps financial challenges have come in. You have given birth and the children are also disturbing you. Sometimes you are yet to give birth but really want to and the pressure on you is mounting from all corners. Landlords have become Landlords. There is a loss of employment. Things are just tight.

Life is hard in this second stage. The man who used to return home early now returns very late. Sometimes he doesn't even return home. There are suspicions of infidelity and cheating. You don't trust each other. You feel your spouse is cheating, and in fact, he or she is cheating. When you return home and leave your shoes outside, in the morning, you find them where you left them. Things are hot here.
This is a stage where at night, you release toxic gas and your partner asks what you ate during supper time yet you ate the same meals. He can even leave the bed and spend the night in the sitting room simply because you gassed. Imagine only gassing.

The second stage is hot. There are fights; spiritual, physical, and in all aspects. This is the stage where you reach the point of considering separating. Each spouse shows his or her true colors in this stage. A night dancer switches on the reggae mixes the music, and punches the baseline. Your relatives taste the greedy side of your wife.

Those who persevere and overcome this stage end up keeping their marriage till death does them part. However, very many hang up the towel in this stage. They quit. In conclusion, Those who are in this stage should fight a little longer, not hang up the towel. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Just a little longer and you are done with this heat.

Finally, there's the last stage. This comes after the ten red hot years. This last stage is lukewarm. It's neither cold nor hot. You gas at large and no one applauds you or complains. You have seen enough of each other. You have known each other's true colors.
In this stage, whatever your partner does no longer surprises you. If she quarrels, you just say that is the nature of this woman. If he is still late out in the night, you don't even bother to call since you know he will return. If she doesn't serve you food and you feel hungry, you just go and serve food otherwise, hunger hits you for nothing

This stage is not for disturbing one another. There is a lot of calmness and commands are few. This is where if you are watching TV with her in the sitting room and you feel thirsty, you don't send her to bring you drinking water but only wait when she's moving in the direction where there is water and you tell her if she is coming back, she can come along with some water. If she asks you to repeat what you just said, you have to pretend like you didn't say anything. All of a sudden, she shocks you and returns with drinking water. There is mutual respect in this stage. In conclusion, Those in this stage should just work for eternity.

Congratulation to those who are in this stage for, they have come from far.
Amen and amen
Have a wonderful reflection on this post.
This can be related to new couple-to-be, less than ten years marriage & finally btw 20 - 80 years of marriage
Wishing you a blessed night.

God bless u, You speak from Great experience and understanding.

Thanks,for the write up, I'm bless with understanding from your words
Politics / Re: FG, Ogun Commence Palliative Works On Sango-Ota-Idiroko, Lagos-Abeokuta Roads by Zector(m): 8:26pm On Sep 14
Thurder fire them
Politics / Re: TCN Statement On System Collapse On The National Electricity Grid. by Zector(m): 7:38pm On May 12
This is my 5years of using my solar power system without PHCN AND GENERATION.

I have 32 numbers of 300w solar panels 3kw Voltron to inverter ,4 number of 220ah Tubular battery and 2 80a of mppt charge controller.

You can check my signature for my contact
PawaZec Nigeria Enterprises
Crime / Re: NSCDC Dismisses Officer Who Looted COVID-19 Palliatives In Abuja by Zector(m): 7:33am On Oct 28, 2020
This is clear evidence that something is seriously wrong in our country. Ask the man ,how much is his salary ? I'm very sure the uniform and the shoe was bought by him not government.
Now do you expect the such officer not to misbehave.

Let fight for restructuring of Nigeria!!!!
That is the only way out.....
Crime / Re: NSCDC Dismisses Officer Who Looted COVID-19 Palliatives In Abuja by Zector(m): 7:33am On Oct 28, 2020
This is clear evidence that something is seriously wrong in our country. Ask the man ,how much is his salary ? I'm very sure the uniform and the shoe was bought by him not government.
Now do you expect the such officer not to misbehave.

Let fight for restructuring of Nigeria!!!!
Politics / Re: Development: Oyo Governor Order Immediate Employment Of 5000 Youths, Approves Di by Zector(m): 8:21pm On Oct 26, 2020
On how much salary

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Autos / Re: 2008 Lexus RX 350 For Sale by Zector(m): 12:18pm On Oct 07, 2020
Why is it that all our car seller in Nigeria always fail to show the ODOMETER of their car.
I smell foul in you all .
No full information display just body photo abah!

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Crime / Legal or illegal to record public officials doing wrong thing on duty by Zector(m): 4:39pm On Jul 04, 2020
lipsrsealed[b][/b]Your opinion needed..!!
Legal or illegal to record public officials doing wrong thing on duty

"Hi, I want you to help me post this up, I don't know if what I did was wrong enough to get the treatment I got. On Wednesday, I was beaten and had my iPhone roughly collected and confiscated by LASTMA officials at TBS. I had just come out from a canteen just opposite Muson center when I saw many LASTMA officials and people gathered there, I took a closer look and found out that these officials were beating a man blue-black, they beat him like he stole money, area boys who always follow them also joined in the beating, I decided to record that incident cos it wasn't right to me, some elderly women were pleading on the man's behalf but slap from different angles kept landing on the man balds head, his face and head was already turning purple cos he was fair in complexion. I stylishly held my phone to my face and was recording, one of them saw me and walked up to me and immediately slapped me and started dragging my phone with me before I could say anything, hands had started descending on me, the area boys held me by my trousers and were beating me, I was really scared at that point I had to let go of my phone and I didn't get to see who actually took it. It took some of those women who saw me earlier at the canteen for the boys to free me.

My left eye was badly hit and I couldn't open it for some time. People started asking what I did, I told them, and they said what I did was wrong, that it's a crime in Lagos to record public officials. I was amazed, to be honest. One man now saw my confused State and asked me if I knew who took my phone, said no. He now took me to one of the LASTMA officials, and he said I should come to Sura to get my phone. Till today, I've not been able to go cos I'm scared I'd be jailed for breaking a law in Lagos. My phone is still with them as I'm typing this, the headache from the beating that Wednesday is still resounding.

My nose is still paining me. I don't even know the condition of my iPhone if it's still intact. Please, I'm asking those who know about the law, was my action a crime? In case, they want to deny it, The video should already be in my iCloud, as I don't remember any of them, I'm sure I captured the one who came to me and slapped me first. Please help me tag Sega and Lagos State govt handles, and any other appropriate handle, thanks."

What would you advise him to do, go to sura to collect his phone, or just forget about it?

Please I would love to hear from you, comment in the section below. Thank you.
Business / Solar Inverter System By Pawazec Nigeria Enterprises by Zector(m): 12:24pm On Jun 19, 2019
Pawazec Nigeria Enterprises
We are company fully into renewable energy system .
Our packages are for different categories of user

All our products are manufactured in USA with minimum of 2 years warranty

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Phone/Internet Market / Re: Clubkonnect Please Credit My Account by Zector(m): 11:03am On Feb 23, 2019
The are scammer, I made a payment too tru my atm 5days ago they did not credit me.
Their lines is either busy or switch off.

Let others becareful

Politics / FRAUD ALERT: The Unknown Story Of Lagos Television’s Broadcast Equipment Deal Th by Zector(m): 9:21pm On Sep 13, 2018
FRAUD ALERT: The Unknown Story of Lagos Television’s Broadcast Equipment Deal That Fractured Ambode’s Relationship With Tinubu
By Olalekan Smart September 09, 2018 29494

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Governor Akinwumi Ambode of Lagos State Governor Akinwumi Ambode of Lagos State

...the Steve Ayorinde; Lebanese contractor, Delkash Farez and UK Firm Connections

Our Senior Correspondent, Olalekan Smart, in this eye-opening investigative piece, writes on the crisis of confidence currently plaguing the bond between the man referred to as Governor Emeritus of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the incumbent Governor of the state, Akinwumi Ambode, stressing that unknown to many, the hullaballoo in their associations might not be unconnected to a multi-billion naira contract for the procurement of OB Van and numerous transmission gadgets for Lagos State Television (LTV) and other sundry issues;


Like a thunder strike sounds in the midst of fun seekers, most Lagosians were shocked to their marrow when sometime in early 2014, the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akinolu, a retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, declared that Akinwumi Ambode, a certified Chattered Accountant from Epe would succeed the then Governor of the state, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN.

“The Eleko of Eko is joking, who is he to tell us who would be the candidate of our party?”, Sikiru Olorunwa, a chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) from Ajeromi Ifeolodun Local Government Area of the state told this writer at a function while reacting to the endorsement of Ambode by Akinolu.

As a reporter who has been in the political cycle of Lagos for over two decades, i knew Akinolu was speaking on behalf of Tinubu, his man-Friday but many people took the endorsement of Ambode, a totally unknown character in the political firmament of the state as a normal error of judgment from the former police officer.

Day by day, the name Ambode began to ring bell. Those who could read the game well began to align. Two weeks after Akinolu’s declaration, Ambode declared his ambition. Fashola, considering the egghead of politicians interested in his seat, never took Ambode serious.

After many twist and turns, Tinubu, the man who own the political machinery of Lagos, in July 2014 formally informed Fashola of his intention to back Ambode in the presence of Oba Akinolu. The dumb-folded Fashola, according to reliable sources, was said to have left the meeting without uttering a word.

“Ambode is from Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State, he can’t be Governor of Lagos”, Fashola’s men in the media fired back through invincible proxies, but the story failed to have effect.

“Why Ambode, the man sacked for multibillion naira fraud by Fashola in 2012” Fashola’s men queried in disappointment but they lacked the charisma to confront Tinubu, the man whose through structure they all rode to political stardom.

After the intra-party opposition against Ambode collapsed, the competition from the popular and acceptable candidate of the then Nigeria’s ruling party, Jimi Agbaje of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) was not enough to stop the emergence of Ambode as the 5rd democratically elected Governor of the state on May 29th 2015.


Since his day of inauguration till few weeks ago, Ambode, like Fashola, takes instructions on every developmental policy from Tinubu. All the 40-member state executive council were singlehandedly handpicked by Tinubu and handed to Ambode to swear in. The 57 council chairmen, board members of commissions and parastatals, including permanent secretaries and directors were appointed by Tinubu for Ambode.

All major contracts approved by the state executive council were drafted by consultants working for Tinubu for Ambode to sign. I can say very expressly that no road is awarded in Lagos State without the blessing of Tinubu.


And many times without number, the Governor emeritus with his house situated at 1, Bourdillion Road, Ikoyi, had overruled several contracts awarded by Ambode without his blessing among them is the procurement of an OB VAN worth N1.5billion and Cameras worth N900million for Lagos State owned Television, LTV aimed towards improving its services and coverage.

However, when Tinubu got the hint of the contract through a top Director in LTV (name withheld), he was said to have put a phone call to Ambode that the contract be suspended the pending further instruction from him but Ambode, backed by a cabal led by his Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde, who is now in-charge of Ministry of Art and Tourism, urged the governor to ignore Tinubu, a decision which he (Ambode) indeed took and proceeded to award the contract against the instruction of his godfather.

Like a usual African godfather, Tinubu wasn’t pleased that his ordered was rebuffed but he overlooked the contract which he had thought would be executed by an Ondo man who served him when he was Governor.

However, month after months and after two years the contract was awarded, the OB VAN, is yet to be delivered while the Cameras, though delivered, falls below expectation and failed due process and quality and assurance control integrity test.


The contractor, a Lebanese hired to supply the OB VAN by the Steve Ayorinde led Cabal of the information unit of the state government, according to reliable sources, was paid 50% upfront to purchase the OB VAN, Cameras and other gadgets from a British Firm called Excellence Transmission Inc Limited based in Manchester, United Kingdom with an agreement to complete the payment within six months after payment of first instalment.

The OB VAN, according to the agreement paper signed between Excellence Transmission Inc Limited and LTV, was expected to be released upon completion of payment by Lagos State Government. Out of Two Billion Four Hundred Million Naira (N2.4billion), a sum of One Billion, two hundred million naira (N1.2billion) which was 50% of the contract sum was released on the order of Ambode.

However, while 50% of the Cameras were released, the OB VAN was not released until full payment is made as agreed. Meanwhile, the cameras, upon delivery were confirmed to be substandard and fell below standard, contradicting the sole purpose which the cameras were bought.

The existing cameras of the station were said to be of higher quality than the ones supplied from England. Two Directors from the station, backed by Tinubu were said to have refused to sign the due process paper confirming that the cameras were delivered as agreed in the contract paper.

The refusal of these two Directors of LTV, whose name was concealed by this writer, was said to have angered the governor who ordered their transfer out of LTV. New Directors were posted to LTV to sign the due process paper for the cameras which are currently rusting away at the station situated along Agindigbi road, Ikeja.

Three months after the resumption of the two directors posted to cover the fraud at LTV, another set of senior staff jointly wrote a memo to Steve Ayorinde, asking for the where-about of the remaining cameras and when the OB VAN would be delivered.

Ayorinde, according to insiders, rushed to the governor to show him the memo containing some scratching remarks which goes as thus “Sir, the rest of the cameras were ought to have been delivered two months ago with our OB VAN but despite several letters written, no response from Mr. Delkash Farez, the Lebanese hired by your office to purchase the gadgets on behalf of our station”, a paragraph in the memo from five top staff of LTV sighted by this writer to Ayorinde, reads.

“What an effrontery”! Ambode said upon reading the memo, wondering who gave the memo-writing LTV staff the audacity to question his action. But upon investigation by Ambode, the LTV staff were said to enjoy the support of Tinubu which prompted the governor to again, transfer them out of the station.

When the hues refused to die down as rumours against Ayorinde led cabal continued to boom like wave of ocean within Alausa, Governor Ambode redeployed his image maker to Art and Tourism Ministry. As expected, the hullabaloo about the OB VAN and camera contract scam reduced but failed to die down as envisaged by the Governor.


N1.2billion deposit out of N2.4billion was paid to Delkash Farez, a Lebanese to procure an OB VAN, 25 Cameras and other transmission gadgets for Lagos Television from Excellence Transmission Inc Limited based in Manchester, United Kingdom. However, while cameras and transmission equipments not worth more than N50million were supplied, the OB VAN, over two years after 50% deposit were made, has not been delivered.

Over One Billion Naira of Tax Payers’ Money went down the drain, Tinubu queried but the interest of the masses may not be the cause of Tinubu’s anger if not for the fact that the contract was awarded against his wish yet, OB VAN was not supplied and substandard cameras were delivered.


Acting on a petition secretly forwarded to him by some concerned staff of LTV recently, Ambode was told by Tinubu to explain the situation of the OB VAN which he had planned to use at his (Tinubu) owned private broadcast station, Television Continental (TVC) for LIVE transmission of political rallies for commercial purpose ahead of 2019 general elections.

An angry Tinubu, without mincing word, was said to have listed several blunders and steps Ambode had taken to undermine his authority such as the termination of refuse collector contract to party chieftains to hire the obviously in-efficient VisionScape Concept to the LTV contract scam, Tinubu warned the governor to provide the OB VAN before July 2018 or forget his 2019 second term ambition.


But Ambode, in his response to Tinubu explained that the Lebanese hired to represent LTV before the British Company manufacturing the OB VAN has disappeared to the thin of air and all efforts made thus far through the Lebanese embassy in Lagos and Abuja to locate him have proven impossible, an excuse that failed to convince Tinubu.

Ambode, on the advice of his think-tank group led by Ayorinde, in a move to outsmart their godfather, concluded to push Tinubu into defence, hence the recent petition written by a former ally of Tinubu, Mr. Tunji Apara to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over the activities of a tax consulting firm, Alpha Beta, said to be owned by the former Lagos State Governor in the state since 2003.


Nonetheless the rebuttal of Ambode, this writer gathered from very reliable sources that the OB VAN was purposely designed to fail by the governor and his boys. The Lebanese was instructed by Steve Ayorinde to disappear from Nigeria until the dust is settled.

According to the contract paper between LTV and Excellence Transmission Inc Limited, the payment must be completed within six months, failure which the company would entertain offers from other interested buyers.

And 15 months after 50% payment (65% higher than the value price) was released by government and money transferred to UK, LTV failed to pay the balance.

But the UK firm, when lobbied by some staff of LTV said the market price of the OB VAN compared to when Lagos State Government paid 50% had gone higher, thus, government would have to pay more to get a VAN equivalent to the one initially ordered for as the original van paid for has been sold to a Television Station in Malaysia when Lagos State Government failed to pay the balance as agreed in the contract paper.

A check at the 2017 appropriation of Lagos state however showed that the balance of the OB VAN whose initial deposit was captured in 2016 budget, has been released clandestinely without following due process. And to cover up the fraud, 11 staff of LTV have either been redeployed or retired from the service of Lagos State Government.

I therefore ask, will the LTV OB VAN ever return? Only God, the creator of Time, a creature that changes day to a night with an amazing ease, can tell!!!!

Politics / Re: Full Text Of Buhari's Speech After He Received APC Nomination Form by Zector(m): 7:48pm On Sep 11, 2018
First to comment is dedicated to my new born baby girl. Your are welcome to the world. Dominion, TIWATOPE

I beg let Fashola and his ministry attend to Lagos Ibadan Express road. Form or no form that one no be my priority. #fixlagosibadanexpressfast


Autos / Re: Now In Nigeria �� Lagos by Zector(m): 9:03pm On Aug 24, 2018

Autos / Now In Nigeria �� Lagos by Zector(m): 9:00pm On Aug 24, 2018
Rav4, 2005
Serious buyer call

Sports / Re: Football Betting A Cancer Killing The Nigeria Youths by Zector(m): 2:20pm On Jun 25, 2018
Pls let this be on front page, so people can give their opinions.

I think the guy is saying 100% sense of what is happening
Politics / Re: Oyegun Bows Out As APC National Chairman by Zector(m): 9:54pm On Jun 23, 2018
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Iceland : World Cup (2 - 0) On 22nd June 2018 by Zector(m): 4:55pm On Jun 22, 2018
Zeal is totally absent from our player. Can someone tell them to stop playing backwards


Romance / Re: Man Caught Pregnant Wife In Bed With Another Man (photos) by Zector(m): 6:17pm On May 31, 2018
E wooooo
Politics / Re: Ali-modu Sheriff To Join APC On Thursday by Zector(m): 10:21pm On Apr 25, 2018
U Re welcome


Career / Re: List Of Minimum Wages By Countries. by Zector(m): 10:21pm On Mar 06, 2018
Source of your write up?
Crime / Re: Man Attacked By Fulani Herdsmen In Benue Recovers.check Out His B4 & After Pics by Zector(m): 12:22pm On Feb 28, 2018

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Politics / Re: ‘state Police Is The Only Answer’, Governor’s Forum Concludes by Zector(m): 4:42pm On Feb 13, 2018
Romance / Re: I'm Marrying My Son Cuz I Spent Money To Train Him In School And I Am Pregant by Zector(m): 9:42am On Feb 05, 2018
Zimbabwe, again?


Crime / Re: Benue Killings: 24 Arrested, 19 Arraigned In Court – Owoseni by Zector(m): 9:24pm On Feb 01, 2018
Benue Killings: 24 Arrested, 19 Arraigned In Court – Owoseni

Channels Television

Updated February 1, 2018

About a month after shocking killings erupted in Benue State on New Year’s day, the State Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni, has said that 24 suspects have been arrested with 19 arraigned in court in connection with the incident.

Owoseni stated this on Thursday during a telephone interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily where he vowed to ensure that justice would take its course to serve as a deterrent to others.

“A total number of 24 suspects that have been arrested in connection with some of these cases which borders on culpable homicide, grievous hurt, and mischief by fire, the total number is 24. The number that have been arraigned in court are 19 while five of the cases are still being investigated,” he said.

The CP said there would be no sacred cow in the fight against crime.

He also promised to completely eliminate criminals as all those found guilty will be made to face the full weight of the law.

He, however, noted that the state is currently enjoying relative peace due to the collaborative efforts of the police and the public.

The police boss, until his assuming duties last month as the police boss in the state, was in charge of Administration at the Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (FCIID) at the Force Headquarters in Abuja, the nation’s capital.


I love this too much,though he don't knows me. he did what make me like him when he was in Lagos .Greater future in Jesus name

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Crime / Re: Irigwe Militia Attacks Fulani Herdsmen In Plateau, Kill Them & Cows. Graphic by Zector(m): 8:55am On Jan 25, 2018
Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Strike Kill 4 Benue People In Fresh Attack by Zector(m): 7:54am On Jan 25, 2018
Politics / Re: Are Nigerians Finally Catching Up To Igbos? by Zector(m): 8:08am On Jan 24, 2018

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Properties / Upgrade To Solar System by Zector(m): 1:45pm On Jan 23, 2018
Hi Guys,
PAWAZEC NIGERIA is here again with affordable solar system package for homes and offices.

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