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Romance / Re: Am I Too Choosy? by zolapeperenpe(f): 10:52pm On Jul 27, 2017

Hmmmm...you are slowly drawing me out Aunty. Even the dreamer in you should know when to gently tuck her tail in, don't you agree? You've been ousted...geskia.

Noticed how you couldn't refute or affirm the allegation? Don't be too dull...your time is up.

Somehow, one serious detective has taken it upon his/herself to send me evidences to support this allegation. In fact, your ipp (abi wetin them dey call am sef ) address join. Whew! Give it up and call it a day! Now the question should be whether or not this whole thing concerns me. It doesn't, I just can't help being entertained by your obvious derangement. Sheet happens, its no secrets that 'senior girls' tend to lose it at a point.

By the way, having a younger guy on one's tail shouldn't be a big deal...I get them all the time yet I no want tongue Yeah, I prefer slightly older : tongue tongue. Why you come take am as a badge of honor, sootey you created an imaginary one? Flavor kor...magggi ni grin

Really, having a fantasy shouldn't be harmful. However, it becomes a problem when one takes it too far...duh, you are far gone babes.

Biko adjust yourself before I put you on a blast...I don't wanna waste data attaching evidences biko grin

What a small world! One of my friend sabi her konkolo tailor shop for Onipan sef, since i'm very much 'jobful' at the moment, i will personally find out about her 27y/o alleged fiance and the new Onipan neighbour/new fiance she's lieing about.

Onipan! Here i come grin


Romance / Re: Am I Too Choosy? by zolapeperenpe(f): 8:59pm On Jul 26, 2017
lols. Her story is fake.
Marriage proposal without dating? No way.

My sister, according to her plenty stories on NL,she's the sweetest/best thing that has ever happened to the whole of Fadeyi area o

Let's just believe this current story and help her plan this 'wedding'

Im even thinking of combining Mint and teal green for the aso-ebi grin
Romance / Re: Am I Too Choosy? by zolapeperenpe(f): 8:51pm On Jul 26, 2017
This story get K-leg.
How can a man propose to you when both of you were not dating?
And you rejected him because you don't want to live in ikorodu?
So if he is not living in ikorodu, you would have accepted the proposal? Without any dating?
K-Leg forge forge story.

Na so she dey get engaged every three three months oo,please help remember her in your prayers.
Even if a mad man toast her tomorrow! She go open a new thread that she's getting married soon.

Her matter don tire us! cry

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Romance / Re: Am I Too Choosy? by zolapeperenpe(f): 8:41pm On Jul 26, 2017

How you wish! cheesy grin grin

Keep on consoling your deluded mind grin

Dumping indeed. cheesy

Yes Miss butter abi na Nutella skin you get?

Ever heard of 'gerund or present participle?
Ohh sorry! I forgot your world only revolves round your swarovski embellished butter pvssy. Mabinun


Romance / Re: Am I Too Choosy? by zolapeperenpe(f): 8:32pm On Jul 26, 2017

grin grin grin grin

Alright, give it up. She didn't mean to insult us.

But if she's really Amelian then it is finished grin

Our very own miss Nutella is the same person as Amelian grin

Romance / Re: Am I Too Choosy? by zolapeperenpe(f): 7:39pm On Jul 26, 2017

Bitterness will destroy some women sha

Because no man has ever gotten to a stage of marrying u and zolapenperenpe, and begging for your hands in marraige? shouldn't be blamed on me

Am amongst the most sort after amongst guys.

And am as fresh as butter.

Pls no need hating on me, biko hate the game.

If my experience is paining both your brains, abeg dont click on any of my thread.

Its not by force to read my topics.

And anyone of u who wishes to change my moniker, Oya come and collect alexialin and change nah.

Miserable things.

I think i'm more interested in why they are using and dumping you after few months cry

Oma se ooo. *singing* ayele ibosi oooooo

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Romance / Re: Am I Too Choosy? by zolapeperenpe(f): 1:34am On Jul 26, 2017
Ohh my dearest Alexialin! I knew this day would come!

Few months ago(with your old moniker- Amelian) you posted something about meeting 'the one' and claimed you were married,unfortunately for you,you were busted by some guys here,so you had to change to this moniker and you started afresh with a story of a new guy way younger than you, yeah? grin

Now,this 'new,responsible,rich' young boy who happened to be the best any lady could wish for already introduced you to his parent(according to you):'he's already making plans about walking down the aisle with you and NOTHING/NOBODY can change that fact bla bla bla bla

He pays most of your bills,tells you 'baby you are cool just the way you are-you are not fat atall,just a lil bit chubby' and all those 'sweet nothings' bla bla

Someone even advised you take things slow and stop talking about this imaginary small fiance of yours to your friends all the time,but you replied that moniker by saying 'no need to worry,getting married to him soon sure pass death'

So if i may ask you my dear chubby Fadeyi/Onipan tailor; where is the 26 abi na 27 y/o educated,rich,responsible small boy you can't miss a day without writing about on nairaland?

I've been tracking you for a very long time here. This is what you do: ordinary 'hesssszzz,heesszzz,aunty we are calling you' from a guy,the next thing you do is come here screaming about 'how you are the sweetest thing in the history of Fadeyi/Onipan and its environs and how a new 'toaster' can't wait to marry you'.

Kindly reply me biko; where is your 27y/o small fiance(person never give you ring sef,you don dey scream 'fiance)

Change your moniker again you hear? 'we go still track you'

Theedetective BLACKdagger you guys should come here o, our very own Miss Alexialin aka Miss Amelian is getting 'married' again oo

Sisisioge we have a wedding to plan grin

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Education / Re: See The Ridiculous Notice I Saw At FUTA This Morning (pics) by zolapeperenpe(f): 12:01am On Jul 23, 2017
RaptorX's people. I won't be surprised if that 'acquired property' belongs to RaptorX
Family / Re: Please, Advice Me by zolapeperenpe(f): 9:52pm On Jul 09, 2017

Ahn ahn madam, only 50k ?

Will you allow me to marry you with just 50k, biko lemme give you my number..let's meet and start planning to do the marriage sharp sharp. Don't worry iyam your spec tongue

If i may ask, what exactly are you bringing to the table? Your untreated Erectile dysfunction? Na real 'iyam your spec' Mtshew!

Career / Re: What Are The Necessary Steps I Can Take To Be A Commercial Pilot? by zolapeperenpe(f): 5:25pm On Jul 07, 2017
I will never enter a plane flown by a woman.

This is what happens when you are 'fortunate' to live in the 'abroad' but you still have Akure mentality

Career / Re: What Are The Necessary Steps I Can Take To Be A Commercial Pilot? by zolapeperenpe(f): 5:22pm On Jul 07, 2017
Health / Re: Gonorrhoea Is Becoming Untreatable, WHO Warns by zolapeperenpe(f): 4:41pm On Jul 07, 2017
WHO again?

Maybe God is using them today to speak to people who practice dangerous se.x

In an earlier warning by WHO,it was about mouth action,and now it is about if you do " Direct Entry"

If Doctors are running out of Anti-Biotics for the cure,all we Nigerians need to do is to buy a copy of Toke Makinwa's book.

The people that have read it,say she dedicated one chapter talking about how her EX husband gave her this STD,and how she used "Agbo" to cure it.

#Toke Makinwa # Local Herbs.
Hungerbad is back!!!

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Career / Re: I Have This Amazing Business Idea, But Scared To Quit My Job! by zolapeperenpe(f): 11:44am On Apr 24, 2017
@Op;maybe you should listen to egg.celent suggestion, try look for someone (a family member preferably) to manage the business while you are at work.
Take a leave from work at the inception, then use the few weeks to train the individual.

All the best


Romance / Re: Say No To Broke Men, Ladies Be Smart! by zolapeperenpe(f): 5:53pm On Apr 15, 2017

Well you are on Nairaland just last year. I don't argue with you. Sorry for even replying you in the first place, I thought you have a brain. it's filled with poverty.

Hahahahhahahaha. You wish
Romance / Re: Say No To Broke Men, Ladies Be Smart! by zolapeperenpe(f): 4:56pm On Apr 15, 2017

And you claimed you are reasonable. When they say that age is just a number, you are just a complete manifestation of it. You did well to check my profile and if you have gone deeper, you would have realize it was beyond what you saw. You are not in anyway better than anyone here and you shouldn't assume so. Get a life and think objectively. You saw such thinking in me and you made your research and still came out to type trash.

A clear analogy is when a living Faith Church member sees a deeper life church member as poor because they preach about money more in their church. Fallacy

Your funeral dude!
Romance / Re: Say No To Broke Men, Ladies Be Smart! by zolapeperenpe(f): 4:32pm On Apr 15, 2017

Your last paragraph spoilt everything. Maybe you first tell your brother such trash.

I was about replying you like you an adult until one spirit told Me to check you out by reading ur posts on NL. Alas,you are still a fetus who still depend on 19k NYSC allowance,who cook with 100naira pepper without fish/meat.
So,you are forgiven(from the bottom of my heart)

But I would like to advice you: DO NOT have the mentality of a wretched soul, just as winning Is an attitude,making money is also an attitude.So you see why I cannot understand some lazy ediot here on NL attacking OP as if they are comfortable with their wretched-lazy lives.

Take my advice or attack me further, I care less, whatever mindset you have towards this topic,na ur funeral

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Romance / Re: Say No To Broke Men, Ladies Be Smart! by zolapeperenpe(f): 3:15pm On Apr 15, 2017
Well I concour sis, even if dey end up having d mulla sef,dats wen dey realize that ur not their type anymore,some men are foolishly wicked on this part sad sad sad
You are so right,I know 3ladies who got married to jobless 'humble' guys, I swear years down down d marriage these ladies were breadwinners of d family,immediately d useless husbands land themselves better jobs,they evaporated into thin air, one of them was my close aunt,imagine taking care of 3kids nd hubby for 17yrs only for him to deny his family as soon as he land himself a good job!
God punish poverty and na broke guys dey fake humble pass.

But the question is: are you people(broke guys) even comfortable/happy with your current status before inviting wives/kids to your miserable lazy lives?

Oshi odanile Pako! Mtshew


Family / Re: My Brother Blocked Me On Whatsapp by zolapeperenpe(f): 1:01pm On Mar 01, 2017
Though he is an half-brother, same father different mother.

@op, he is your step-brother not half-brother.

Half-brother will be same mother different father. Step goes with paternity while half goes with maternity.

All the same, sorry about his attitude, may be derived from preconceived view of things, just move on with ur life, do good, and never let that influenced ur treatment to others cos if it doesn't bother you then it's never a problem. Cheers.
OP is right.
Half-brothers have a biological parent in common. For example, if after the death of Peter's mother, Peter's father marries again; and has another male child with his second wife, then that child will be Peter's half-brother.

Unlike half-brothers, stepbrothers do not have a biological parent in common. In the earlier example, if the woman Peter's father married already had another son from a previous marriage, then that individual would be Peter's stepbrother.

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Family / Re: Why Does My Son Prefer His Father Over Me? by zolapeperenpe(f): 11:02pm On Feb 09, 2017
@OP; you again!
You don come?
Pls how old are you?
Are you sure 'they' are not 'doing' you?


Family / Re: Am I Still A Virgin? by zolapeperenpe(f): 12:40pm On Jan 17, 2017
@sisisioge; plssssssss send me a mail. I can see you are an amazing person.
I've got sweet gist for you. Apparently,CORRECT-MATURE BOBO's plenty yakata,we just need to expand our horizons.
#2017isOurYearByHisGrace. grin wink

Business / Re: Abdulrasak Okoya Celebrates His 77th Birthday With His Wife, Shade by zolapeperenpe(f): 5:43pm On Jan 13, 2017
All ds girls get mind sha, anywayz i can't blame them.
Family / Re: Am I Still A Virgin? by zolapeperenpe(f): 9:00pm On Jan 10, 2017
What's so special about being a virgin?...The most important thing is about how you feel about yourself and your spouse.....I agree the guy might like to know that you are innocent and all ....

But please, try and read some books about sex.....Make a research....Just voicing out my opinion because the little story you just told about your encounter, I feel sorry for the next guy; presumably he might even be the husband...Do not make him regret breaking up with the EX as far as bedroom department goes....Get enlightened about this things...not necessarily doing it...but be prepared the way you prepare exams and tests........He will not eat innocence...he will like your innocence for a while but it's gonna be just a while....He will like to be happy the way u will make him feel despite your innocence.......

Family / Re: Am I Still A Virgin? by zolapeperenpe(f): 8:50pm On Jan 10, 2017
'what's dead may never die....'

In my humble opinion, don't sweat it. Just avoid any scenario like that till you're married.

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Family / Re: Am I Still A Virgin? by zolapeperenpe(f): 9:36am On Jan 10, 2017
*yawns* A beautiful morning to you all kiss
Family / Re: Am I Still A Virgin? by zolapeperenpe(f): 8:30pm On Jan 08, 2017
you go girl..........
I'm so proud of you!
*fist bump. cheesy
Family / Re: Am I Still A Virgin? by zolapeperenpe(f): 8:29pm On Jan 08, 2017
since you are sincere someborry. Keep yourself as you are. When the right one comes,and you are sure he is the one, be the first to tell him the situation of things at hand down there so he will be aware rather than him discovering himself hence the complications.

If you are sincere someone and your destined Hubby is understandable. Then it will go well, just tell him before he finds out.

Okay. Thanks alot

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Family / Re: A Nairalander's Daughter Clocks 1 Today by zolapeperenpe(f): 1:23pm On Jan 08, 2017
Happy 1st birthday Cutie kiss
Family / Re: Am I Still A Virgin? by zolapeperenpe(f): 12:40pm On Jan 08, 2017

You are still a virgin.

Hahahahahhaha.That cute lil baby pic plus ur comment got me ROTFL grin
Family / Re: Am I Still A Virgin? by zolapeperenpe(f): 12:39pm On Jan 08, 2017
Thank you all.
@sisisioge: exactly what i pland doing since i saw those guys comments on romanceland.
No need branding myself as one,lemme just wear my big girl pant and join the 'who virginity elp gang' wink,and if my future hubby saw stain of blood eventually,well cheers! Would just say 'i wanted to surprise u babe,so i din't tell u grin. if not lets just say 2fingers dis-V me(no need explaining what is hard to believe)

Life is too short to be bothered about trivial issues.


Family / Am I Still A Virgin? by zolapeperenpe(f): 12:24am On Jan 08, 2017

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