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Campus Life. The Girls. The Ghetto. The Garri. The Glory. / My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) / Life On The Run: Season 5. Life In Amsterdam. (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Love-life On Campus by Hadesparks(f): 9:25pm On Jan 11, 2013
U'r keeping us hanging...
Re: Love-life On Campus by Nobody: 9:27pm On Jan 11, 2013
Oh no! Jay Jay dnt gooooo. Stay wt Betty.. Thumps up gal

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Re: Love-life On Campus by greyce(f): 4:28am On Jan 12, 2013
WTF!!!!jay jay z travellin.....oh .no cry
Re: Love-life On Campus by Chirolechick: 2:03pm On Jan 12, 2013
Chai, its been 4 betty o, pls update na......
Re: Love-life On Campus by Bec(f): 3:58pm On Jan 12, 2013
Buks, thumbs up. Can't wait for the next action. Biko, make it fast.
Re: Love-life On Campus by cigaricon(m): 6:02pm On Jan 12, 2013
Chai, e don red for betty oh, her guardian angel is now leaving. Kai this G-gal go tear betty like tissue paper.

Bukky we are starving ooohhh cry
Re: Love-life On Campus by Phatkemi: 6:17pm On Jan 12, 2013
There's fire on the mountain and contrary to asha's song, i can see betty on the run.
Next update pleeaassseeee!!There's fire on the mountain and contrary to asha's song, i can see betty on the run.
Next update pleeaassseeee!!
There's fire on the mountain and contrary to asha's song, i can see betty on the run.
Next update pleeaassseeee!!
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 6:23pm On Jan 12, 2013
Thanks for your all comments.

Exams was fast approaching, all the serious students are getting excited, while the dull ones are getting nervous.

Betty was sitting with Emeka (they've reconciled) and Edith in the Library, they were studying with keen interest.
She soon got bored;
"I'm tired" she sighed.

"me too" Edith whispered while Emeka grunted.

"and famished too" Edith added.

"Lets go to the coke village, we can come back here later" Betty suggested.

"You guys go, I wanna finish solving this physics." Emeka told them.

They both left hurriedly because the Libarian was looking at them.

Betty sipped her juice.
"Girlie, I've been watching you for some time now, you seem withdrawn, always looking distant, wats up friend, or is it the exams?" Edith asked biting at her chicken.

"hmm" betty smiled

"come Betty! I asked a question and you just smiled?" Edith queried

"I'm fine" Betty's voice was low.

"I know that, but you aint fine in there" Edith pointed towards her heart

"Its just that..I...its Jay-Jay" betty told her.

"Whats with Jay-Jay ?"

"He said he's gonna be away for just two weeks, but its almost a month now, no trace of him, no calls, no texts...and worst of all Exams is just two weeks away." Betty explained looking down at her food

"don't worry, he's gonna be fine, He would be back soon, okay, Jay-Jay can take care of himself" Edith was trying to cheer her up.

"Okay" Betty sighed.

"Cheer up jor, eat up fast, Emeka is waiting!" Edith told her with a smile.
Betty managed a low laugh.

Jay-Jay was pacing to and fro in his room. He was deep in thoughts. He has locked himself up in his room since last night, not even his father's persistent knockings made him open the door.
Rubbish! He drew a sharp breathe, what was his father thinking anyway? Zimbabwe of all countries! His fingers ran through his hair roughly. For once, he regretted being a Robert's family member.

He wondered what could be going on with Betty, Tiger called this morning to say she is alright, but even still... He is not satisfied

The person who told his father he is a cultist will surely pay for this!

For the first time he wished he had a mother. He had never known her, neither did his dad tell him about her. He resigned never to ask about her, cos he thought she'd be dead.

A sharp knock interrupted his thoughts...

What the heck is this man looking for again! He groaned.

He moved away from the door determined not to open it. His dad should just leave him alone!
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 6:23pm On Jan 12, 2013
Sorry, double post
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 9:52pm On Jan 12, 2013

"Jacob please open the door" Robert pleaded.

Jay-Jay inserted his fingers into ears.

"Biko, open the door." Robert pleaded again.

"What is it?" Jay-Jay glared at his father, opening the door slightly.

"Can I come in?"


"We need to talk." Mr Robert looked sober.

Jay-Jay opened the door wider letting his father in.

"Sit down" Robert said quitely sitting on an arm chair.

Jay-Jay didn't sit down, he rested his back on the wall instead, folding arms across his chest.

"I said sit..."

"I don't wanna sit!" he cut his father short.

"If you don't sit,then we won't talk" Robert sighed

"That means you aint ready to talk"

"Jacob do you realize you're talking to your father?" Robert's voice was rising.

"yes I do."

"Jacobs what has come over you?" Robert yelled.

"Nothing at all!"

Robert gasped. He shook his head gently "Linda!" he muttered under his breathe.

"What?" Jay-Jay couldn't help asking.

"Your mother, you sound just like her, stubborn and unruly" Robert said gently.

Jay-Jay was shocked, his mother?!

"Jacob, you are just like your mum! She ran away when you were just one year old, I haven't seen her, I came back to Nigeria cos of her, but can't find her." He said painfully.

"Jacob, you are my only son..." he continued.
"I want the best for you. Ever since your mum left me, I've set my hope on you, my life is strapped on you..." his voice became shaky.

Jay-Jay melted within, he sighed.

"Jacob please, don't let me down."

Jay-Jay squatted beside his father.
"Dad I love you, you know that, I won't hurt you..."

"You already did, you joined a cult!"

"Okay dad, let's strike a deal, you'l let me go back to school and I'll shun cultism." He said placing an arm round his father.

"I want your happiness, you're going back to school tomorrow, please amend your ways" Roberts said quitely.

"Love you dad" Jay-Jay hugged his father.

"Love you son" Robert hugged him tightly.

"So dad, tomorrow right?" he sounded excited.

"Yea, promise me you'll look for your mother" Robert smiled faintly.

"Yea" Jay-Jay cared less.

"Come let me show you her picture..." Robert stood up.

Jay-Jay followed him, Oh yes! Tomorrow he'l be in school.
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 10:41pm On Jan 12, 2013

G-gal smiled to herself. She got the wind of information that Jay-jay was back, after all her plans, he still came back! She's gonna launch her last attack.

She glanced at her wristwatch 12 midnight, she climbed the wall fencing Jay-Jay's house and dropped with a faint thud. She took a quick look around her before proceeding to move.

She imagined Jay-Jay pleading with her as she squeezed life out of him. He's gonna pay for the humilation he caused her.

She heard a swift movement in the mango tree beside her, she quickly pulled out her gun.
She aimed at the tree, watching carefully to see what will drop.

She saw a boy jumped down, she aimed at him about to shoot when she felt the sharp edge of a dagger on her neck.

"Drop that gun!" Tiger growled

she quickly obeyed, Rox picked the gun.

"Please let me go" she pleaded
"I'l do anything you want"

"Hmn, carry her to the guard room" Tiger ordered Rox, ignoring G-gal.

Rox dragged her into a room, where 5 other boys were smoking weed while Tiger went to the main building to inform Jay-Jay.

Jay-Jay was busy studying his books, he's got alot to cover, he prays he'l make his papers.
A sharp knock interrupted him, he hissed. He had warned these guys not to disturb him.

"Wetin dey sup?" he asked Tiger who was wearing a mischievous smile.
Tiger quickly briefed him about G-gal.
Jay-Jay hurried after him sharply.

"What a suprise! You never told me you were coming, I'd have arranged a better reception for you." Jay-Jay said sarcastically patting G-gal's head.

He let out a high pitched laugh before turning to his boys.
"Where are the rest?"

"They don go back to campus." a boy replied smoking his weed.

"Guys! She brought her self, we're gonna give what she wants." He said chuckling.

"Exactly" Tiger roared amidst laughter, he knew what Jay-Jay would say.

"Each of you should have just One round, and when I say one round; you know what I mean." jay-Jay smiled

"One round?"Rox groaned

"Pity her, she is a fellow cultist" Jay-Jay explained.

"But you know what, make sure you batter the thing, injure am, so that if she see us tomorrow she go faint." He instructed.

"You first boss." Tiger said offering him a pack of condom.

"Oh no! Please don't spoil me. I am a virgin o, I want to reserve my body for my future wife" Jay-Jay squealed in a girlish voice and they all rolled with laughter.

"Ahoi! Get to work!" He told them leaving the room, with G-gal at their mercy.
Re: Love-life On Campus by Nduking92(m): 11:33pm On Jan 12, 2013
ride on
Re: Love-life On Campus by Bec(f): 11:49pm On Jan 12, 2013
I'm waiting o. Can't sleep. Please, let's have some more.
Re: Love-life On Campus by skoloppy31(m): 5:08am On Jan 13, 2013
Chei,,u. Bad ooo,nah where dem 1 chop from G-gal noddles u com stop..I no fits sleppp ooo,comout and continue this this now...badth guy,,G-gal ah!ah,ah!!sh- sh_hm!ye!*h!ah!sh, tone on a LOUD profile
Re: Love-life On Campus by Nobody: 7:59am On Jan 13, 2013
Hahahahaa.. Ds s interestin. I feeel guuuuuud tarararararararara...
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 10:38am On Jan 13, 2013
Thanks for all your comments.

Jay-Jay was standing facing the mirror, combing his hair. He thought of Betty, he's going to see her today immediately after his papers. He's gonna suprise her, he tried to imagine her reaction when she saw him.
A screaming voice interrupted his thoughts.
"haaaaaaa! Biko nu ooooo, please oooo, I will die ooo,".
It was G-gal.

"Badt girl!" he chuckled. He had better gone there before his boys killed her.

"Skull?" He banged the door.

One of the boys opened the door, holding his loose trousers.

"Una wan kill person?" he chided them.

"She deserve to die. The wages of sin is death" One of the boys said pushing G-gal roughly, aiming to have some more...

"Taaa! Abeg e don do na! Una no dey tire! Free the container na" Jay-Jay pulled the boy up.

"Hope you had a blissful night sweerie." he was chuckling.
He squatted beside her
"Now, I won't kill you, neither will my boys. I want you to leave this town in the next 24 hrs, If I set my eyes on you again...Hmn, read my lips" Jay-Jay growled pulling her hair roughly.
She let out a shrill, she looked miserable.

"Guys! I'm off to school, me get exam this morning, make una carry this thrash comot from my house." He addressed his boys.

"Give her some exercise before sending her away." He added with a mischievous smile.
He moved towards the exit "people talk to people-" He said

"People understand" his boys chorused.

He left, sauntering towards the garage.
He got into his car and drove off, he could still hear her screaming.

Betty sat down beside Emeka at the Biological Sciences Garden. They were engrossed in a deep discussion, she was telling him about the exam she wrote that morning, about the invigilators, the giraffe necked student e.t.c.

She felt a hand behind her, the hand covered her face. She sat still

"Emmy who's there?" she asked Emeka.

"Don't know" Emeka was laughing.

"Edith?" she asked


"Please tell me now.." she pleaded.

"Guess again" Emeka told her.

"Eeerrrrm.." she heard a chuckle, she damn knew that voice.

"Jay-Jay?" her voice was faint.

"Don't know too." Jay-Jay laughed taking his hands off her face.

She stopped momentarily to be sure she wasn't dreaming.

"Jay.." she sprung into his arms.

"Lil' sis" Jay-Jay said swinging her off her feet.

"Oh my God..." she whispered after he'd set her down.

"Hmn...how are you?" He pulled her cheeks before turning to shake Emeka's hand.

"I missed you.." she replied pouting her lips.

"Well I'm no longer missing you, cos I'm with you now" He chuckled.

"Guy you scarce o.." Emeka patted his back.

"Hmn...had no choice..." He smiled sitting beside Emeka.

Betty was standing before them, watching as Emeka and Jay-Jay exchanged pleasantries. They were no more enemies, but friends. She smiled, feeling fulfilled.

"I came back Three days ago" Jay-Jay told Emeka.

"Three days!" Betty squealed.
"And you're just coming to see me now?" she frowned.

"I had to study, that's why, anyway, I'm back!" He took her hands.

"Guess what, my guy" Emeka chirped.
He whispered something to Jay-Jay.
"Wow no wonder she has increased" Jay-Jay laughed.

"Who say men don't gossip! Amebos" Betty pouted her lips.
And they burst into laughter.
Re: Love-life On Campus by Hadesparks(f): 11:46am On Jan 13, 2013
Go betty... Go betty... Go go go go...

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Re: Love-life On Campus by Fishoy(f): 1:28pm On Jan 13, 2013
Can't wait fr d nxt upload.....nd im strtin 2 think jay-jay is betty's real sister
Re: Love-life On Campus by Bec(f): 1:36pm On Jan 13, 2013
Fishoy: Can't wait fr d nxt upload.....nd im strtin 2 think jay-jay is betty's real sister
Me too,their bond is natural.
Re: Love-life On Campus by Dreyl(m): 5:07pm On Jan 13, 2013
*subcribing*i guess i'm late.....
Re: Love-life On Campus by cigaricon(m): 5:07pm On Jan 13, 2013
***dancing azonto vigorously***
Thank God jay jay is back oh
Re: Love-life On Campus by greyce(f): 6:04pm On Jan 13, 2013
more updates plllsssss
Re: Love-life On Campus by Nduking92(m): 8:17pm On Jan 13, 2013
baby fire de go,peeps i know wetin d worry her,she need more comments.so una know wat is right na.*winks*
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 8:39pm On Jan 13, 2013
Fishoy and Bec when did you become prophets?
Thanks to ya'all o

Betty and Edith were busy arranging their things, they were vacating for the session.

"So would come visiting during the holidays?" Edith asked throwing her make-up kit into her hand bag.

"I'm not sure, you know mum restricts my movements when I'm at home" Betty replied neatly folding a dress- it was a gift from Emeka.

"Omo mummy!" Edith explained.

"Are jealous? Abeg help me push this shoes into that bag" Betty said pushing a pair of sandals towards her.

"Yo!" she exclaimed finally after zipping a ghana-must-go bag.
"Mum should be close by now"

Her phone rang.
"Hello momma?" she quipped.

"yea! Just a few minutes." she added before hanging up.

"She's here!" she told Edith.
They both dragged their trolley bags, Betty's mum will drop Edith off.

Dr Amah watched her daughter heading towards her direction with her friend.

"Hy mum" both girls chorused giving her a tight hug.

"you're both looking healthy." she patted their heads.

"Well we've got no germs in our school" Betty pouted opening the boot of her mum's car
They all laughed and sauntered back towards to hostel, they emerged again carrying their ghana-must-go bags. A Toyota Yaris pulled up blocking their way.

"Who is this one again?" Edith hissed.

"I came early enough!" Jay-Jay got down from the car.

"Hi brother" Betty hugged him, not minding that her mum was watching.

"I just wanted say goodbye.." Jay-Jay chuckled.

"You want her to start crying abi?" Edith queried.

"No! So where's the cab?" Jay-Jay glanced around, he was avoiding Betty's eyes delibrately.

"My mum is the one to take us, she is over there" Betty sniffed, tears were welling up her eyes.

"Can I say hi to her?"

"Sure" Edith chirped, whe wasn't ready for this their 'tears-shedding galour', na every session them go dey cry sef!

"Good afternoon ma." Jay-Jay greeted Dr Amah.

"How are you doing?" she replied giving him a suspicious look.

"Mum, this is Jay-Jay, my brother like friend" Betty tried to be formal.

"Jay-Jay?" Dr Amah corked an eyebrow..

"I'm Jacobs Robert ma." Jay-Jay explained chuckling.

Dr Amah froze a bit before managing a smile.
"Hope you are fine?" she said with a wry smile.

"I'm fine ma"
"Errm, bye" Jay-Jay said turning to leave.

he turned

"I'l miss you." Betty said despite Edith's pinch.

"Me too" He replied hugging her.
They were bonded for life, Her mother's reaction not withstanding.

"Bye" He waved them as they drove away.

"It seems her mum won't like me!" he muttered igniting his car.
Well he isn't Betty's date, just a good friend! He drove off.
Re: Love-life On Campus by Hadesparks(f): 9:02pm On Jan 13, 2013
Me think she z jay jay's m*m 2.... Ha reactiion cause am...
Re: Love-life On Campus by IZUKWU(m): 9:04pm On Jan 13, 2013
It's too short naw, more abeg
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 9:31pm On Jan 13, 2013
Betty watched her mum wash the dishes for a while.

"Are you sure you don't need help ma'am?" Betty said smiling

"No, don't worry." came her mum's sharp reply.

She wondered why her mum had been acting strangely ever since she came back. She sighed and walked into her room. The house was too boring. Her phone rang.


"Hello, baby, wats up?" Emeka asked

"I'm just bored.." she wished a million times she was in school.

"What do I do now to cheer you up?" Emeka's voice was low

Her mother walked into her room

"I'l call you back later" Betty ended the call, switching it off just incase he called back.

"Mum you need something?"

Dr Amah glared at her daughter who seemed so uneasy.

"Who were you talking to on phone?"

"A friend- from school" Betty frowned.

"A friend? A friend that has no name or gender?" Dr Amah's voice was rising.

Betty bit her lips, what was she gonna say.

"Firstly, it was you hugging a boy in my presence, now its you calling a guy." She glared, her eyes ogling

Betty shivered, she was in trouble.

"Betty you changed faster than I thought, So you are now an aristo girl ehn?" she shrilled

Whatever Aristo meant! "Mum...I.." Betty's voice trailed off.

"You left my house, told me you were going to school huh? You left here two 18 months ago an innocent girl, but now your eyes are opened, oh yes! You are becoming fairer, your bossoms enlarging, your hips widening, you now roll your buttocks when walking! I thought I gave you a solid home training" Dr Adams yelled.

Betty's eyes popped out, her mum of all people accusing her of sleeping around!

"Now, let me have that phone!"

She gave it to her mum quitely, watched her storm out of the room, before slumping into bed; sobbing into her pillow.

Jay-Jay was sitting beside his father, they were chatting away happily. He was telling him about Betty,

"Dad, if you see her, you'd think she truly is my sister." Jay-Jay said smiling.

"hmn" Robert grunted disbelievingly.

"Truth! A friend once remarked we had the same nose." He added.

"Jacob, same nose again?" Robert was laughing.

"Serious dad, I wish I had her pictures here, I'd have shown you, I left them in school" Jay-Jay chuckled.

"I'd love to meet her" Robert concluded.

"Really? Wow! Then I'l bring her here some day." He sounded excited

"Bia Jacob, is that girl an ordinary friend to you?" Robert smiled suspiciously,

"Daddy!" Jay-jay shrieked. This man is bad too.
"I told you she is like a sister"

"Well, there are different kinds of sisters, we have the neutral,acidic,and basic" Robert teased him.

"our relationship is neutral o, normal brother and sister." Jay-Jay said amidst laughter.

"I hope so.." Robert eyed him.

"Dad?" Jay-Jay frowned

"Ogini? I didn't say anything now" Robert chuckled.

"Hmmm, better talk your mind o" Jay-Jay warned, and they all rolled with laughter.

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Re: Love-life On Campus by cigaricon(m): 9:33pm On Jan 13, 2013
Kai u people should stop this na, story never reach half una don dey predict the end angry
Now how do u want the writer to keep us in suspense
If u got a hunch of how the story would end just keep it to urself since u are not the story teller

By the way bukky y the tit bits na sad
Re: Love-life On Campus by petokey: 9:41pm On Jan 13, 2013
Don't even dream of twisting this story in future, for i know how it will end. So just continue maintaining the tempo. Weldon, u gat a Gr8 piece.
Re: Love-life On Campus by cigaricon(m): 9:46pm On Jan 13, 2013
Nna oga seun u and dis ur word censoring nawa oh
Which one be 'bossom bits' again? grin
Abeg I meant 't!tbits
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 10:44pm On Jan 13, 2013
"Girlie, what happened? I called you during the hollys but your number won't connect. Even if your phone had a problem, you should have atleast called me through your mama's phone now" Edith nagged eyeing her friend, who just arrived campus-

Betty sighed, unpacking her bags.

"Betty.." Edith yelled.

"Please, I'm not in the mood now, I need to rest" Betty replied sitting on the carpet.

Edith sensed trouble, "any problem?" she lowered her voice.

"Frienie, this holiday was hell for me, momma siezed my phone, I had endless sermons, I cried almost everyday...she even called me an aristo..." Betty scratched her ears

"and now she reduced my provision by half, pocket money too she reduced...Oh my!" she ran her hands over her face.

"Serious? But why now?" Edith looked worried.

"What else? Cos she saw Jay-Jay, cos Emeka called and because I'm growing bigger and fairer" Betty explained waving her hands.

"unbelievable!" Edith muttered.

"Na you know that one!" Betty murmured rubbing her forehead.

"Baby what happened? I've been calling..."

"I no longer use a phone!" Betty cut Emeka short. She wasn't ready for any useless question.

"But why?" Emeka looked suprised.

"a choice! I don't need a phone."
she snapped

"But.." he started

"Emeka, we need to talk" she cut him short again.

"Yea?" He looked kind of worried.

"Can you just give me a break? I mean..errm, if we can part ways for now...I mean..." she became short of words and fell silent.

She wasn't sure of her actions, but she had to choose between Emeka and her Education, her mum had threatened to withraw her from school if she don't stop making boyfriends.

Emeka stared at her blankly.
"Are you saying we should break up?"

"Yea... No hurt intended, just wanna be alone for now" she felt her heart pounding

"Did I do something wrong to you?" Emeka asked confused.

Oh yes! You did, you made her sieze my phone! You made me loose her trust! She wanted to blurt out.

"No...just that, things aint okay.." she explained quitely avoiding his eyes.

Emeka felt the sky crushing him down, was it some kinda bad dream.
"Baby I'm sorry if I wronged you, please" he made to hold her hands but she stepped away.

"Please, let it just end here, now..." she sniffed, wiping a tear.

Emeka too was teary.
"Baby," he whispered.
"Don't leave me, if you do, I might not survive it" he pleaded.

"you would survive, you were living before I came, my absence won't make much difference, just let me go!" she said amidst tears.

" Baby.."

But she turned and ran blindly towards the hostel.

"So what are you telling me?" Jay-jay asked her.

"I left Emeka..." came Betty's timid reply

"hmn..because of what your mum did to you?" he said harshly

"You are a disappointment!" He blurted out. " Oh yes you are! That's how you're gonna pay that guy? After all the time wasted? After all he did for you? I guess one day, you'd ask me to leave you too" his eyes turned red

"No..." Betty was crying profusely, she had ran to Jay-Jay, to tell him her problems. And now, he was mad at her.

"Anyway, that's your headache not mine. I was wrong all along, I thought you were good..but...I won't wait for you to ask me out of your life, atleast after using me to get rid of your enemies.." He drew a sharp breathe
"Leave my house! Don't come looking for me again! Never!" he barked out showing her the door.

"Jay? You're asking me out of your house" Betty's face was full of painful suprise.

"and out of my life too." he added walking her towards the exit.
He pushed her out roughly, slamming the door shut.
Re: Love-life On Campus by Bec(f): 2:24am On Jan 14, 2013
Things are really getting complicated o. Can't imagine Jay sending Betty out of his life, just like that? I feel Betty's pains though but she went too far. Buks, well done.I dey feel you.

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