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Campus Life. The Girls. The Ghetto. The Garri. The Glory. / My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) / Life On The Run: Season 5. Life In Amsterdam. (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 11:16am On Jan 16, 2013
Story continues... Sorry for past mistakes and delay.

Jay-Jay and Edith went to see Betty the next morning.

"Good morning officer" Jay-Jay greeted the police officer sitting behind the counter.


"Please is the D.P.O in?" Jay-Jay asked .


"okay please, we would like to see Betty Amah, but I'd want to speak to the D.P.O first." Jay-Jay told him

"you can see Betty Amah, but you can't the D.P.O" the policeman replied.

"Listen officer, I need to see him, its urgent." Jay-Jay was trying to sound cool.

"You deaf? Abi kosko dey worry you? I say you no fit see the D.P.O" the police man said impatiently.

"I'm not deaf, I heard you, okay can we see Betty Amah now?" Jay-Jay was really putting on his best composure.

"Wetin be your name?" the police officer made to right their names.

"Jacob Robert,"

"Jacobu....Robat..." The policeman pronounced the name before writing it down. Jay-Jay rolled his eyes.

"You nko?" he pointed at Edith.

"Edith Oluwadamilare Ibukunbowa." Edith replied fastly.

"Abeg write am yourself, the name too long." He passed the book to her.

"So Jacobu..." he started

"Jacob please." Jay-Jay cut him short.
"or you call me Jay-Jay." he added sensing the policeman was offended.

"Wetin dey worry you sef? Mtchew! Oya pass something" the police stretched forth his hand.

"What?" Jay-Jay looked confused.

"wetin? Pass money for minerals na," he eyed Jay-Jay.

"I'm sorry, I don't give bribes" Jay-Jay shook his head.

"See this one o, that means you never ready to see her be that" the police said sitting down.

"You dare not stop me!" Jay-Jay voice was now a scowl.

"See dis one o, you come police station come dey form agbero...I go soon throw you for cell." He eyed Jay-Jay the upteenth time..

"Let's see who gets into the cell first, either the agbero or the police." Jay-Jay snapped as he made to walk into the inner part of the station.

"Stop! Else I'll shoot!" Another police man said from behind him.

Jay-Jay turned round, his eyes blood shot.
"Shoot? With what? That empty thrash you call a gun? Shoot if you want, I'm not scared of bullets."

"Who you be self?" other policemen were now emerging.

"I'm me, Jay-Jay!"

"Sharrap! Agbero! Throw this thing inside cell" a senior police officer shouted.

"Don't dare touch me! A blood gets spilled here, and now." Jay-Jay glared at some policemen rushing at him.

"Hey! What the heck is going on here?" Rotimi Badmus the D.P.O said coming out of his office.

The police men quickly supplied some infos.
"Young man, this is a Police station, you shouldn't make trouble here." Rotimi told Jay-Jay sternly.

"I'm not here for trouble, I'm here to see you" Jay-Jay replied.

"See me?" Rotimi asked.
Jay-Jay nodded in the affirmative.

"Come into my office."

Jay-Jay beckoned to Edith and they followed the D.P.O.

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Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 11:51am On Jan 16, 2013
Thanks Candis. I'm better now.

"Sit down." Rotimi motioned them to sit.

"Thank you" Edith and Jay-Jay chorused.

"So whats your name and why do you want to see me?" Rotimi asked Jay-Jay.

"I'm Jay-Jay" he won't risk his name to be ill-pronounced again.

"I'm Rotimi; the D.P.O, so why do you want to see me?"

Jay-Jay looked around, the office was bugged. Though the bugging deviced seem hidden, but his hawk eyes saw them all.

"I'm here to discuss something with you, about a prisoner you have behind the bars..." Jay-Jay said carefully.


"Her name is Betty Amah." he stoped to see Rotimi's expression.

"Oh..." Rotimi corked an eyebrow.

"I don't know if you've found out anything about her case," he said finally.

"Errm, Mr Jay-Jay right?" Rotimi started, Jay-Jay nodded.

"You see for now, she is the prime suspect, that why we've refused her bail. To worsen the situation, the body of Emeka was declared missing....errrm, though we don't have much evidence against her..." Rotimi said.

"So what efforts have you made in the investigations?" Jay-Jay asked.

"Beg your pardon?"

"I mean, are you just sitting down here waiting for the killer to fall from heaven? Are you just gonna detain an innocent girl?" Jay-Jay could hear his voice rising, he quickly checked himself.

"I'm soryy, no insult intended but...but you need to work harder." Jay-Jay added.

Rotimi kept mute, this boy has the guts!

"When are they gonna do the hearing in court?" Jay-Jay asked.

"Next 41 days." Rotimi replied, he was observing Jay-Jay closely.

"Limited time..." Jay-Jay whispered

"I'l make sure I try my best to get the real killer atleast before those days come by." He muttered.

"What your relationship with the girl?" Rotimi couldn't help asking.

"She is...is..is.. She is my sister." Jay-Jay stuttered.

"Its like we've met before, can't remember where we met." Rotimi stated.

"Yea, we have, I'm Jay-Jay..." he made more emphasis on his name.

"Jay-Jay?" Rotimi asked as if to be sure.
He knew Jay-Jay, a notorious cultist! Efforts made to arrest him years before seemed abortive cos no one could dare him.

"From Federal university..."

"Yea!" Jay-Jay cut him short.
"I need to leave now." he added quickly.

"Okay" Rotimi stood up.

"See you at the court of justice," Jay-Jay shook his hand.

"We'll try our best." Rotimi assured him.

Jay-Jay and Edith left the office, he was determined to get the culprit. He didn't mind travelling all the states in Nigeria.

He didn't go in to see Betty, he sent words through Edith to her. The last thing he would want to see now is Betty crying her eyes out.
Poor girl! He thought. Always in tears.
Re: Love-life On Campus by Supergirlie(f): 12:01pm On Jan 16, 2013
Wow! fantastic storyline u've got there..got me glued to my seat all through. i'd really apprec8 it if i can get to read the concluding part soon. takia!

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Re: Love-life On Campus by Nobody: 2:05pm On Jan 16, 2013
Now here is d story. And thanks 4 giving ur that,and also,get well soon,bukky.
Re: Love-life On Campus by cigaricon(m): 2:40pm On Jan 16, 2013
WHAT!!! Bukky you're ill? shocked. ***enters fasting and prayer mood***

Every witches and wizard die die die, I say fall down and die angry

Errm I don't think using 'mtchew' for hisses is appropriate, me think you should just put it as 'he hissed' or 'she hissed'.

By the way nice piece. Looking fowrd to more wink

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Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 3:05pm On Jan 16, 2013
Thanks supergirlie.

Jay-Jay drove into his house gently, he's just coming back from a northern state; Kaduna state to precise. He'd gone there to get some news from the "3 skull group".

The evening breeze was blowing cool, His boys were waiting for him, all dressed for a journey, all in their uniforms- black jackets. The Black Toyota Hiace was packed outside.

"Any news?" he asked Tiger, he had sent Tiger to OKO polythecnic earlier on.

"Yea, them say na the girl o." Tiger replied.

"same here!" Rox chirped rolling his weed, he also came back from Ibadan that morning.

"The problem is... We know the girl, but we don't know where she is." One of the boy's called Blackey said in despair. He too came back from Delta the night before.

"We know where she is..." Jay-Jay was smiling.
The whole group gaped at him.
."that's my boss...but where?" Tiger was smiling too.

"That girl was too fast, she is in Kano." Jay-Jay replied with a low laugh

"Kano? But the girl strong o, that far place?" Blackey said humourously.

"We are leaving for Kano now." Jay-Jay told the boys who nodded in agreement.

"Rox, get me my Jacket. Tiger go to my room, you'l find a bag of money, bring it please we need some money on us, Blackey get enough drinks for the journey ..." Jay-Jay shouted orders at them.

Jay-Jay quickly had a shower and they were ready to move. He assigned more than half of his boys to stay back, just incase...

He, Tiger, blackey, Rox and 4 other boys filed out of the house towards the waiting black Hiace..
Tiger took the wheels, he was the best in driving at such situations.

"Those Aboki's are gonna see things..." Rox sucked his weed.

"Leave the aboki's out of this o, remember she is not an Aboki, but an Igbo girl, okwaya?" Jay-Jay replied before sinking into his sit, he was damn tired.

The Journey to Kano was hitch free, they arrived by 10 o'clock in the morning, and that was because they stoped in Kaduna to pick up Scally- the leader of the "3 skull group". Scally knew all the nooks and cranny of Kano city, so he'd be of great assistance to them.

They drove straight to Sabongari and lodged in one of the hotel there. They decided to launch their attack by evening.
Jay-Jay retired to sleep, while Scally, Tiger and the rest played cards.

By 5pm that same evening they drove to the target hotel.

G-Gal was attending to one of her numerous Alhajis with pot-belly. She was definitely gonna extract not less than #200,000 from him..

Kpa! Kpa!! She heard the sound of gunshots.
"What was that?" she asked the Alhaji, rubbing his pot-belly

"i does not mind zem, flease. It is one of zose poolish folice feofle." The Alhaji replied in a thick Hausa accent.

Jay-Jay was at the wheels, they drove into the hotel. The got down, he, Scally and Tiger sauntered towards the receptionist, while the remaining boys took care of the environment.

They enquired of G-gal.
"Room 59" the receptionist replied shaking like a wet chicken.

The kicked the door open. G-Gal froze as she saw them. This must be a bad dream she thought..

Tiger pulled her unclad body roughly out of the bed. He pressed a gun on her head..

"Hey don't!" Jay-Jay stopped him,
"not yet!"
"Now missy, follow us quietly, any noise from you, will cost your life.!" He warned her.

"Now stand up and move!" Scally kicked her unclad butt.

"Sorry for the disturbance Alhaji." Jay-Jay laughed at the Alhaji who was already sweating.
"Move this thing," he ordered.

They pushed, kicked and slaped G-Gal towards the waiting Hiace.

"Get inside! Isi Ewu!" tiger pushed her roughly into the bus.

"Cover her with something." Jay-Jay muttered.

Blackey threw a blanket over her body.

"Now stay calm!" Rox whispered sitting beside. He brought out his gun and wiped some imaginary dirt off it.

"Move!" Jay-Jay ordered, and they drove off.

Jay-Jay sighed heavily. Damn! He felt fulfilled, atleast Betty won't be sentenced to Jail tomorrow.

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Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 3:08pm On Jan 16, 2013
Thanks alot Damex.

Hahahahahahaha, cigar icon, all dem witches must die...hahhahhaha, thanks alot.
Promise to take note of the 'mtchew' part.
Re: Love-life On Campus by mabebe1(f): 3:59pm On Jan 16, 2013
nice, ur story z rili gud, waitin 4 more updates
Re: Love-life On Campus by Hadesparks(f): 4:06pm On Jan 16, 2013
...BUkky how body?
Re: Love-life On Campus by HumbledbYGrace(f): 4:17pm On Jan 16, 2013
Eze called us WAN

Well m not complaining, hope u get well Bukky
Re: Love-life On Campus by bigsholly(f): 4:40pm On Jan 16, 2013
Just wanna repeat u r going places love u
Re: Love-life On Campus by Nduking92(m): 9:31pm On Jan 16, 2013
baby fire the goon,baby oku.
Re: Love-life On Campus by uchechrist(m): 9:49pm On Jan 16, 2013
Very motivating stroy! Thanks[color=#006600][/color]
Re: Love-life On Campus by uchechrist(m): 9:52pm On Jan 16, 2013
Very motivating stroy! Thanks & be bless
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 11:02pm On Jan 16, 2013
Thanks alot Mabebe, Bigsholly, Nduking, Uchechrist, Humbledbygrace and Hadesparks.
I'm better now at hadesparks.


Betty smiled for the first time in 3 months. So Jay-Jay still cared.

"Jay-Jay said I should tell you not to worry about tomorrow." Edith sounded excited.

"Hmmn, so did he say anything about me again?" Betty wanted to know.

"Errm..nothing really, he kept asking if you're fine." Edith supplied. She was happy her friend was acting like a sane person atleast.

"He also said you won't need your mum's lawyer." Edith added.

"But why?"

"He said the case would take care of itself." Edith replied.

Betty shuddered, she prayed Jay-Jay won't act funny at the court,- like shooting everybody.

"Hmn, I feel some how, whats he planning to do?" Betty asked quietly.

"To suprise you!" Edith quipped. Her friend would be free tomorrow, Jay-Jay gave her that assurance.

everyone stood up as the judge walked in...

"Case number one." the court attendant began.

"Betty Amah!" his voice was high pitched.

The police led Betty towards the dock. She stepped into it saying some silent prayers. She looked round,she caught her mum's eyes, Edith was there, Jay-Jay, Tiger, and...she doesn't know his name.

Jay-Jay smiled at her, her heart raced, she looked away.

"That you Betty Amah, a final year student, was with Emeka Jonas by 5:45 pm in the Evening on 13/10/2007. That you were there when he was shot, and you were arrested as the prime suspect...." Her case was read out.

"Not guilty" she pleaded, her voice was faint. She glanced at her mum, who was saying some prayers.

"My Lord, permission to ask the accused some questions." a female lawyer from the defense panel said.

Betty was confused, this isn't the lawyer her mum brought. She glanced at Edith who made some signs- Jay-Jay brought a lawyer for her.

"So Betty Amah, did you see it happen?" Barrister Mario(Jay-Jay's Lawyer) started.

Rubbish question!
"Yes!" Betty replied

"You saw the bullet?"

She hissed within her
"No, but I heard the sound" she replied timidly.

"Objection my Lord." a short storky man from the prosecution panel jumped up.
"She is not supposed to ask the accused such irrelevant question."

"Continue Mario." The Judge replied.

"Thank you my Lord. Permit me to call on a witness who saw it happen." Barrister mario bowed.

"Go ahead." The Judge stated.

"Thanks. The witness is Gloria Amaechi Linus." Bar. Mario called out.

The name drifted slowly into Betty's ears...she could feel her ears itch. She looked around and Lo and Behold, G-gal came forward.

Betty gasped for breathe, she could feel her legs go weak. Trouble! she glanced at Jay-Jay, he wore a stern look and his boys too. From which planet did G-gal drop?

"You are Gloria?" Bar. Mario resumed her meaningless questions.

"Yes.." G-gal replied in a thin voice.
She looked miserable.

"You were there when Emeka Jonas was shot?"

G-gal looked at Jay-Jay, he gave her a warning look, she looked at Betty briefly, she felt sorry for herself.

"I wasn't only there...I shot him!" she replied straightly.

"You what?" The Judge gaped.

Everybody in the court were like Ehn!


There was silence again.

"I beg your pardon?" Bar. Mario continued.

"I shot him, I am the killer not Betty." G-gal explained quietly.

The Judge rose from his seat.
"COOUURT!" everybody stood up.

The case continues after Ten minutes.

Betty was confused, was she dreaming? Is G-gal sane? She looked at Jay-Jay who kept a neutral face. Edith and her mum were weeping. Next ten minutes! It seemed like eternity.

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Re: Love-life On Campus by Nduking92(m): 11:31pm On Jan 16, 2013
no let me sue u my dear,yes i can sue u for keeping me in suspense.dis ur write-up bu ife m na eri,flavour na waga g ribe ukwu nwere nti.nne m no dulin joor.luv u
Re: Love-life On Campus by HumbledbYGrace(f): 12:23am On Jan 17, 2013
Nduking92: no let me sue u my dear,yes i can sue u for keeping me in suspense.dis ur write-up bu ife m na eri,flavour na waga g ribe ukwu nwere nti.nne m no dulin joor.luv u
wat language is this?

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Re: Love-life On Campus by Nobody: 12:36am On Jan 17, 2013
I go send opc after u, 4 hanging me in suspense lyk ds,oya arrest g-gal,and show us emeka.cos me knw say him neva die patapata

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Re: Love-life On Campus by ozor1: 12:45am On Jan 17, 2013
am sure at the end u will seee an ANDY BEST PRODUCTION.2013
NICE post sha..@op u for show us their pictures nah mo see dier face
Re: Love-life On Campus by bigsholly(f): 6:23am On Jan 17, 2013
Come and finish ooooooooooooo abi u won give
Person blood pressure ni,suspense can kill
Re: Love-life On Campus by cigaricon(m): 10:16am On Jan 17, 2013
HumbledbYGrace: wat language is this?

Fulani grin
Re: Love-life On Campus by cigaricon(m): 10:31am On Jan 17, 2013
Bukky oh dis ur story dey shak me for head or ahbeg come and finish ohhh
Re: Love-life On Campus by HumbledbYGrace(f): 10:46am On Jan 17, 2013
cigar icon:
Fulani grin
grin ketlo o hata molala...lkk
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 11:01am On Jan 17, 2013
Sorry o @Damex, Bigsholly nd Nduking.

The Judge came back, and the judgement resumed.

"Hope you know the implication of what you're saying?" a man with a worn-out wig sitting at the prosecutor's panel asked G-gal.

"Yes, I know, I'm responsible for it." G-gal replied, her eyes were full of pains and regrets.

"What makes you want to confess?" The Judge couldn't help asking. He adjusted his wid-rimmed glasses and peered through at G-gal.

"I...I...erm.." her voice trailed off.

There was a commotion of whispers in the court.

everybody kept quiet, the few moments of silence that followed by, seemed like eternity to Betty.

She bent her head gently, she resumed counting her toes. She was startled by G-gal's scream.

"Help o...see him o...his ghost is following me o..." G-gal made to run out of the dock but some policemen held her still.

"Ghost?" Betty shuddered.

"Ghost?" the Judge echoed after Betty.

"I saw him by the window, he was staring at me." G-gal whimpered.

Everybody turned to look at the window.

"Haaaaa! See him! See him o! Emeka Biko nu ooo, please ooo," G-gal screamed again, pointing towards the door.
Everybody turned to the door again.

Betty saw him, she gasped.
He was standing there, he looked fresh, he looked more of human to be called a ghost. She have heard of ghosts, she thought they were myths, but now she is seeing Emeka's ghost.
She was trying her best to breathe, she placed her hand across her chest as if to pacify her heart. She could feel her head spinning, her vision was getting blood, she was wet with sweat.

"I'm not a ghost, its the real me, Emeka.!" Emeka said as he confidently walked into the court room.

That was all Betty could hear, she felt her legs go weak, she tried to breathe through her mouth... And...she passed out.

Betty opened her eyes slowly, she felt weak. Where was she? She looked round, she was on a hospital bed, a drip attached to her hands, she tried to sit up but was held down by a strong hand, she looked up.

"Sorry.." Jay-Jay whispered.

She shut her eyes and opened them again to be sure whe wasn't dreaming.

"Sorry, ndo." It was her mother's voice.

What were they doing here? They were supposed to be in court.

"What am I doing here?" she said slowly.

"You need to rest." Jay-Jay calmed her.

"What did the judge say? I'll be jailed?" she whispered.

"No, you're free now." Jay-Jay smiled.

"And Emeka's ghost?" she asked again.

"Right here baby." Emeka sat down on her bed side.

She froze, her eyes wide, she opened her mouth to scream but her throat was dry.

"I didn't die, I'm alive, for you!" Emeka whispered.

"You didn't die?" she found her voice
"You are not a ghost? You're Emeka?" she sat up, she touched his hand.
"He is not a ghost." she muttered.
"He is alive!" she screamed hugging Emeka.

"So what about G-gal?" she hugged Jay-Jay after regaining her compusure

"She would be hanged." Edith quipped.

"Edith? You're here?" Betty hugged her friend.
"Thanks for everything." she sobbed.

"Its aiit now. You're free, I have my friend back!" Edith wiped her tears.

Betty sniffed.
"Mum, Jay, Edith, Emeka..." she wiped a tear.
"Thanks for everything, thanks for being there." she was crying.

Dr Amah held her daughter soothingly.

"how do I thank you, young man." she smiled at Jay-Jay..

"No need to thank me," Jay-Jay chuckled.

"Can we meet your parents, atleast to thanks them too." Dr Amah persisted.

"Well...errm, I'd take you to see my dad, but now, Betty need to rest." Jay-Jay replied.

"Guy, tell us how you escaped now.." he patted Emeka.

"Bros, no be small tin, its a long story o.." Emeka said humorously and they all burst into fits of laughter.
Betty laughed with all her strength, its been a quiet long time since she laughed.

Re: Love-life On Campus by HumbledbYGrace(f): 11:06am On Jan 17, 2013

Bukky I hope there is another update
Re: Love-life On Campus by bigsholly(f): 11:18am On Jan 17, 2013
Who asked u 2 stop i dnt think i told u 2
Stop writing lmao gud job dearie
Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 12:35pm On Jan 17, 2013
"Please sit down and make yourselves comfortable." Jay-Jay said as he ushered Betty and her mum into his father's house.

"Errm what do I offer you?" he added directing his question at DR Amah
He didn't wait for her reply before proceeding towards the fridge.

"Here." he said presenting two glasses of Juice to them.
" make yourselves comfortable, lemme notify my dad you're here."

mother and daughter both searched the room with their eyes. The sitting room was extra-large and beautifully decorated.

"His father must be very rich.." Betty whispered to herself.

Robert emerged with his son.
"Really so where are they?" he was saying.

He stoped in his tracks. He jaw dropped.

Dr Amah stood up swiftly.
"What are you doing here?" She countered, her lips wavered as she spoke.

"This is my house!" Robert said quietly regaining his voice.

"Oh my God!" Dr Amah muttered.

Jay-Jay looked at his father then at Dr Amah. What the eff was going on!

"Mum you know him?" Betty asked curiously.

"I...I...I..." Dr Amah's voice trailed off.

"You what?" Betty looked at her mum searchingly. She watched her mum broke uncontrolably into a sob.
She turned to look at Jay-Jay who was asking his father the same question.
Robert sighed heavily.

"Dad talk to me!" Jay-Jay barked loosing his patience.
"Who's she? You sister, your mistress, your client or what?"

"Your mother." Robert said slowly..

"My mum?" Jay-Jay whispered,
He looked at his crying new-mother, then at Betty who stood transfixed.

"I'm your mother." Dr amah broke the silence.

"he is your father." she addressed Betty.

Betty turned to look at Jay-Jay, he held her gaze, she saw that glint in there,

"So you are my sister?" Jay-Jay voice was faint.
Betty flew into his arms with Joy.

Robert moved towards his wife
"I'm sorry..I shouldn't have left, I should have..." Dr Amah said anidst tears.

He pulled her to himself
"Welcome home Linda." He whispered soothingly as he hugged and kissed her.

Betty and Jay-Jay watched their parents re-unite.
"awww" Jay-Jay muttered as he saw his father kissing.

"mum?" jay-Jay hugged his mum.

Betty hesitated as her father turned towards.
"Come to papa," he laughed as he hugged her tightly.
That night was a memorable one for the Roberts.
Jay-Jay hovered round his sister, they talked and talked, she showed him her engagement ring which Emeka gave her...He told her is in love with Edith..and so on

Robert was with his wife, one would think they were newly wedded.

"Welcome back home." He kept telling her.

And they made love that night after 23 years.....

And..They lived happily ever after


Re: Love-life On Campus by BukkyDan(f): 12:40pm On Jan 17, 2013
That is the end # wipes off sweat#
I'm not that good when it comes to ending stories, so sorry for the ill-ending.
Thanks to ya'al for reading and for your corrections and encouragements.
You are all blessed.
Thanks once again# Big hugs#


Re: Love-life On Campus by Hadesparks(f): 12:52pm On Jan 17, 2013
More ink 2 ya pen sweety.....
Re: Love-life On Campus by bigsholly(f): 1:21pm On Jan 17, 2013
Well as for me,i can say u did a gr8 job.
Well done dear
Re: Love-life On Campus by Nobody: 1:49pm On Jan 17, 2013
I talk am,say d guy no die,but g-gal shouldn't be hanged, it not murder anymore,it attempted murder. So she sud spend d rest of her years in jay's prison,[if u knw wat am talkin abt]. Thats a better solution. And @bukkydan, nice,gr8, work from a wonderful,superb writer lyk u. Looking forward 2 read more stories from you

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Re: Love-life On Campus by HumbledbYGrace(f): 2:01pm On Jan 17, 2013
Damex333: I talk am,say d guy no die,but g-gal shouldn't be hanged, it not murder anymore,it attempted murder. So she sud spend d rest of her years in jay's prison,[if u knw wat am talkin abt]. Thats a better solution. And @bukkydan, nice,gr8, work from a wonderful,superb writer lyk u. Looking forward 2 read more stories from you

@ Op thanks for ending it wy way

Wonder y linda left just like that

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