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Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by ADEBYTE: 3:43pm On Mar 06, 2012
This is adebyte. Can u send ur email address pls or alternatively, u can email biyiade2@yahoo.com
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by iiiyyyk(m): 10:40pm On Mar 07, 2012
adebite, do you people convert toyota avensis
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by ADEBYTE: 10:42pm On Mar 07, 2012
Yes pls. Send details of ur car( year and transmission) to biyiade2@yahoo.com
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by Akhbod(m): 1:52pm On Apr 07, 2012
Well fellow nairalanders, concerning auto conversion, i think you guys should check up D-AUTOFIXAS HI-TECH COMPANY, it is a company made up of experts in the automotive conversion field, with more than 10years of experience in the job, we convert all kinds of vehicles ranging from cars to even heavy duty trucks, we also update our customers on the progress of their vehicle on a daily basis via our bbm group we also intend doing that via our website very soon. for more info call us on 07068553116, 08023040386. or visit our website: www.autofixas.com.ng

Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by rasmani: 3:44am On Apr 16, 2012
hELLO sIENA, HOW MUCH WOULD cost rhd to lhd a Saab 9-3 1.9TiD about?
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by tsniper1: 10:02pm On Apr 28, 2012
Hello Nikola and Sienna, Can i get your contacts please. I want to convert an Avensis 2004 and a peugeot 407 from RHD to LHD, send the contacts to my email (tcmeks@yahoo.ca)

I need your feedback soonest.
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by cartier12: 11:55am On Jul 10, 2012
hi there Siena, how much would it cost to convert a 2003 shape Kia Sedona from RHD to LHD?
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by graphcard: 7:06pm On Jul 12, 2012
Siena: I'm starting this thread, in response to the RHD to LHD debates that have been popping up quite frequently.

For starters, a lot of people wishing to convert their cars tend to post wanted ads for just the steering rack and dashboard / fascia.
There's more to it than that!
I'll give a list here, some models may require more, or less, but generally, you shopping list should look like this:

1) Steering rack.
2) Dash / fascia (some recent models have a massive steel frame that supports the dash, pedal box, aircon / heater assembly and steering column).
3) Pedal box (very critical).
4) Steering column (very critical).
5) Instrument cluster (some models have a symmetrical cluster, so will fit both LHD and RHD cars).
6) Complete aircon / heater assembly (runs the width of the car, behind the dash, critical).
7) Aircon high-pressure hoses.
8] Wiper assembly / mechanism + arms.
9) Centre console (some models have console angled towards the driver).
10) Gear shift knob with release button (auto only).
11) Dash wiring harness (or RHD harness can be extended, if the technician knows his onions, retaining OBD / OBDII / EOBD capability).
12) Heater / aircon air ducting.
13) Glovebox (some models have a symmetrical glove box lid, so will fit both LHD and RHD cars).
14) Handbrake lever (if it's unique to LHD and RHD models).

I'll go through the critical parts now.

3) Pedal box: Generally, the pedals are angled to make the best use of space in the footwell. Transferring a RHD set-up to a LHD layout is dangerous! "Technicians" will usually bend them into shape, to allow them to operate within the confines of the LHD footwell. Unfortunately, 2 things happen - the pedals get shorter, and worse still, the spaces between them get tighter, especially on manual cars. It's not uncommon to find these bodged cars with pedals so close, in an emergency situation, where one may intend to stamp on the brake pedal, will jam on the gas pedal, and perhaps slam into the car in front, or whatever they were trying to avoid in the first instance. It could be a child! The alien configuration also hinders the free movement of the gas pedal cable, and the pedal may appear "stiff", and often the revs will be higher than normal, as the pedal often doesn't fully return to the idle position.

4) Steering column: The steering column on LHD and RHD cars are different. The bracketry that supports them is also different, and when a RHD column is used in a LHD car, the "technician" will attempt to weld on a crude bracket to support the mid and upper part of the column / bearing housing. These brackets will weaken, due to the fact the steering shaft is operating at an angle it wasn't designed to. Of course, it will bear greater load on the crude bracket that supports it, causing it to flex. Several cycles later, stress crack can appear, and the welds could break off. I need no say what happens, if the steering column suddenly detached at a critical moment, perhaps when overtaking a fuel tanker. . .

6) Complete aircon / heater assembly: This is an item that's commonly overlooked. LHD and RHD assemblies should NOT be adapted to work on the wrong side! The pipes that come from the compressor / condenser / receiver drier via the firewall, into the evaporator that sits behind the dash are extremely high pressure. If the aluminium pipes are forced / bent into place, the chances are they will fracture, and whilst R134-A refrigerant isn't flammable, it is poisonous, and will cause instant frostbite if it comes into contact with skin / flesh. Also, if the heater pipes split, at best, you'll end up with your feet scalded by boiling coolant.

Cars that have had the RHD heater / aircon assembly "modified" to work in a LHD layout seldom work properly. Oh, the cold air will come out all right, but sometimes not via the vents in the dash, as the ducting that directs air to the vents is either missing, or don't line up with the LHD dash. So, the air ends up coming from places they shouldn't - ashtray, stereo aperture, onto your feet only etc.

Of course the wiring is also an issue - I've had emails with pictures, where the cars have been so poorly converted, it's a wonder they haven't set the cars alight! Most recent was a lady client of mine, who exported her 2006 Mercedes CLK 230 Kompressor last March, and after the 3-day conversion by some shop in Lagos, the whole car shut down. The entire dash harness, which is the central electronic distribution point, melted. Luckily, the battery didn't have enough reserve, else the car would have caught fire.

I had to send her a new LHD dash harness, (the original was too far gone to salvage) a new ECU, and heater / aircon assembly, as besides the fact it was an "adapted" RHD unit, the melted wiring harness had burnt holes in it. She ended up with a bill from myself of just under £5,800. That was at cost price too, then add to that the labour incurred at a Mercedes Benz main dealer, it was an expensive lesson.

So guys, please, when going for a LHD conversion, don't limit your shopping list to just the immediate obvious - steering rack and dash / fascia, there's more to the conversion than that. Some of these items, like steering, pedals etc could put your lives at risk, not to mention your family and other road users / pedestrians. Do your homework, when you find a competent engineer to carry out the conversion, be it in Nigeria or the UK, please, please do your own research into the shop you're using, ask them questions - you can draw on this thread, if you feel you need to know more, I'm only too happy to give advice.

I always take pictures as I progress in a RHD to LHD conversion, so the customer at least has an idea what behind the dash looks like. Once it's all bolted in place, it's very unlikely you'll ever get to see what's hidden there, short of removing the dash / fascia yourself.

Moderator / Monitor_1, I'd appreciate it if this thread could be stickied, a lot of Nigerians at home, and abroad, can benefit from this. And use it as a checklist when considering a conversion.

Whatever you decide to do, please be vigilant, and stay safe!

Anyone interested to buy a car from US. Or Canada can get intouch 08068641212 or. pin:330FA088 to get full history report and advice.
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by graphcard: 7:09pm On Jul 12, 2012
Anyone interested to buy a car from US. Or Canada can get intouch 08068641212 or. pin:330FA088 to get full history report and advice.
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by Gotosub: 9:39pm On Jul 14, 2012
@Siena. Can you convert a Range Rover P38 from RHD to LHD? how much would it cost?
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by koka50: 1:48am On Oct 09, 2012
converting cars from right hand to left hand is more technical as pointed out in this forum unfortunately the reasons for conversion in the west African region is more complicated than sienna has carefully laid out from his experience and expertise. ( I wonder if he is from that region) Anyway not to deviate, for those living here in UK or any of the countries with right hand steered vehicles I will expect them to be more aware of the H&S aspect (which is not necessarily the case)
So before working out the maths deal with the safety first which means determine parts required from a reputable conversion specialist and ascertain viability
A cheap right hand drive vehicle may not mean good economic sense in the long run

Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by Nobody: 9:27am On Oct 09, 2012
Gotosub: @Siena. Can you convert a Range Rover P38 from RHD to LHD? how much would it cost?

A Range Rover P38 conversion will set you back £3,950 inc. parts and labour.

Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by pewepconsult: 5:09pm On Oct 29, 2012
hello need to know if you can handle and conversion from rhd-lhd in the uk before the cars are ship cos i know they do it in the uk. Also pls let me know the actual cost for conversion of the following vehicles benz ml320-500, vauhall zafira, benz c-180, toyota picnic,benz sprinter van,406/407. reply to pewepassociateconsult@yahoo.com.thanks to be honest some conversion had sent some people to there early grave in nigeria by dishonest mechanics who do not have the fear of God.but i do have friends who hv done there cars now 9years and still running very well .Hope your prices are competitive and does not take much time. am expecting your mail .stay blessed
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by Akgunshot: 1:07pm On Nov 16, 2012
hey Bro, Nice work here and I hope u keep it up. Please could u give me the price it will cost to convert a right hand drive 2001 peugeot 406 coupe to left hand drive and is the price the same with all 406's, 407 and 307 Thanks. You can reply to ma e-mail_ zealjigs007@yahoo.com. Thanks once again and God bless
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by cmax16: 3:35am On Nov 20, 2012

am new to this site and tread, my email is ailevbare@yahoo.com? how much would it cost to say convert a VW Golf Plus? am thinking of sending to niaja.
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by rich007007: 11:52pm On Dec 08, 2012
JustMotors: Please can somebody tell me what it will cost me to convert 2001-honda accord(UK) they call it Honda UK or Adida.

Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by getdayo(m): 3:20pm On Dec 21, 2012
Hello Sienna and other experience persons here on this thread, I have recently acquired this Nissan Almera tino, picture attached, vehicle is in Lagos now. Please advise on the cost implications of its RHD to LHD Conversion. Email: getdayo@yahoo.com if needed.
Thank you so much.

Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by abuabdullah: 5:56pm On Sep 20, 2013
Hi Siena,
My email address is freemee.pls@gmail.com, kindly inbox me yours.
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by ping2ping: 2:34pm On Oct 03, 2013
Sienna, please can Toyota Ipsum 2001 be successfully converted from RHD to LHD? Do you also have idea of what the cost will be in Nigeria.

I have attached the pictures.

Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by windud: 4:26pm On Oct 03, 2013
pleas advise me. i bought a 1999 camry tiny light and the dealer didn't tell me it was a RHD converted to LHD. I Discovered this while going tru the customs papers 3 days after the purchase. the ride is clean but i ve just been worried over this conversion. what is ur piece of advice to me?
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by ikeyman00(m): 5:29pm On Oct 03, 2013
^^^ enjoy ur ride

if its done well; nothing to worry about!

u mind me asking if u do believe in Harry Porter
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by koka50: 10:54am On Dec 19, 2013
We specialise in car conversion parts and LHD vehicles in UK
I recently visited Nigeria and tested a Lexus IS 200 that was converted for a friend on mine 3 years ago. I noticed that the cosmetics are still intact but the steering rack is faulty and stiff.
Car conversion has been common practice in the whole of the West African region for over a decade now which invariably can be argued is here to stay but how safe is the practice?
The cheaper the conversion the better for consumer, which unfortunately may not be the case for safety, so how are mechanics able to keep the cost down?
Are consumers entitled to know what they are paying for in terms of the parts and process?
Given all the information relating to car conversion will consumers still opt for it or the original left hand cars?
Could decisions be due to literacy or economic condition?

email: info@lefthanddrivespecialist.com
Manuals are also available in Nigeria request can be made via our email address
Re: RHD To LHD Conversion - The Facts. by jdots88: 6:36pm On Oct 19, 2014
Hello siena

I have a 2004 mercedes clk cdi 270 currently in lagos awaiting conversion from RHD to LHD. Could you give me a price inclusive of parts and labour as I am seeking the best quote. Please quote me in pounds .

Thanks and God bless

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