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Alone.. by PamelB(f): 5:31pm On Jul 18, 2016
A slap landed on my left cheek while I got a knock on my head from behind. "mummy,I swear,I didn't take the money. I haven't even swept your room this morning." She looked at me with scorn and had another reason why i would be dealt with. "Chy,go and call your father."she said to her daughter who was my age mate and had given me the knock on my head.

Chinenye ran into the house,leaving me alone with her mother who was my aunt.

My name is Chimamanda Okoye. I'm nineteen years old and just finished my waec. I don't know my real parents but I grew up with mummy Joy and daddy Alex. According to what I was told,daddy Alex was my mother's elder brother. They were the only children of their parents. My mother had died while giving birth to me three months after my father was buried. I grew up knowing Joy and Alex as my parents.

On the other hand,Chinenye and Chukwuebuka are the only children of mummy Joy and daddy Alex. They were twins. They're older than me with just two months. We three wrote waec together and were awaiting our results. Chukwuebuka left for Abuja immediately our exams finished. He was my best friend,my confidant and my saviour. Daddy Alex was also good to me but he was never around. It was from one country to the other and whenever he was around,mummy Joy tried her best to prove to him that I was worthless.

Alex: Amanda,why are you kneeling down? What did you do?

I quickly noted the frown forming on Chinenye's face. She had come out to the backyard with her father smiling sheepishly.

Joy: You won't ask me, your wife,why I'm punishing her eh daddy?

Alex: What did she do?

Joy: She stole my money.

Daddy looked at me and frowned. He came closer to me and squatted,daddy was a tall man.

Alex: Amanda,did you take your mother's money?

I shook my head as fresh tears fell from my eyes.

Alex: Speak my child and stop nodding. Learn to defend yourself.
He spoke in a very soft way that I wanted to pull him to me and hug him for loving me so much.

Me: Daddy,I didn't take the money. I haven't even gone into mummy's room this morning. I........

Joy: Shut up your mouth. I'm still talking about the money that you stole and you're drumming it into my ear that you've not swept my room this morning. What do I keep you in this house for?

Alex: And what will Chinenye be doing while she's working herself up in this house?

Chinenye: Daddy......

Alex: Shut up and get into the house. Make sure you've swept the entire rooms before I get back into that house.

Joy: Daddy leave this girl alone. How can she be suffering in her own father's house?

Alex: If sweeping the house is suffering,she should suffer. Now,get into that house now.

Chinenye ran into the house making noise like she was crying. She had never touched a broom since our childhood. I wanted to stop her and tell her to wait for me to do it but I caught daddy staring at me in a mean way.

Joy: Look how you overlooked this fool's mistake and carried it all out on my daughter. Nenye is still a child. She.....

Alex: Woman,don't provoke me anymore. You call that arrogant girl a child? If so,then Chimamanda is a child too. Why leave her to do all the work?

Joy: This is your house and Nenye is your child. If this bastard needs someone to pamper her,she should go and look for her late parents and live with them.

Mummy Joy meant to walk away but daddy slapped her and she fell on the ground.

Alex; You dare call my niece a bastard? Twenty one years ago,who was i? Who knew me in this country? Her father made me who I am. Her father restructured my life and that is why you even married me at the first place. This house belongs to Amanda because her mother willed everything to her,the money and every other thing you used in starting your business,it was from Amanda's money. Now,you call her a bastard. Is that how shameless you've become? I won't say this again,lay your hands on this girl just one more time and that will be the end of our marriage.

I knelt there and tried to think over all daddy was saying. The house was mine? I had money too? Then why did mummy Joy always refer to me as a wretched child who her parents left with nothing? I wanted to smile and dance around for joy but not now,not when my mummy was on the floor in pains.

Alex: Amanda,go and finish with whatever you're doing. Once I come back,you're leaving this house with me.

Mummy Joy left as soon as daddy left the house but while mummy came back later around 8:00pm,daddy never returned.

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Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 11:52am On Jul 19, 2016
would really love it if my work is appreciated. for those viewing,thanks a lot.

I sat down on the muddy ground,looking on as daddy's golden casket was being lowered to the earth. I had cried and gotten tired of crying. I couldn't believe that my foster daddy was gone,after promising to take me away from mummy and her constant troubles. I looked at mummy,dressed in a lacy white gown. She was looking at me and I wondered if it was pity or hatred that I saw in her eyes. She wasn't crying. She just kept her gaze on me.

****Three months ago****

After daddy left the house,I went into the house and saw Nenye struggling with the broom. I took it from her and swept the entire house before going into my room. I picked up my phone from where it was charging and dialled Emeka's number.

Emeka: Sisi m

Me: Emy nwa,how are you?

Emeka: I'm fine. How are you?

Me: I'm not fine.

Emeka: Ahn ahn. Are you sick?

Me: It's mummy. She.....

Emeka: Did she beat you? I'll call her up right now.

Me: No. No. She's having problems with daddy because of me.

Emeka: How?

I took time to explain to him all that happened that morning,including the slap.
He sighed deeply and paused for a while before speaking.

Emeka: Nne,I'm sorry about what mummy did. I'll round up my computer classes and come back as soon as possible.

Me: Daddy said I'll leave with him today.

Emeka: Sisi,you're not going anywhere. I'll call daddy immediately and plead with him. For my sake please.

Me: Its okay. I also want to stay with my family. Daddy is just angry,when he comes. back,I'll talk with him and we'll settle everything.

Emeka: Thanks Sisi m. Where is mummy now?

Me: she left while I was sweeping the house.

Emeka: Okay. But trust me,I'll be back as soon as possible okay?

Me: Better o cause I'm missing you too much.

Emeka: Me too.

We spoke a little longer before we said our goodbyes and I went to eat breakfast. Nenye didn't come out of her room till I served lunch. She ate and asked me to keep food for mum and dad before she went back to her room.
While frying plantain for dinner,hot oil poured on my leg. I cried out in pain and cried while the plantain burnt away. Mummy came back around 8:00pm and I served dinner. On a normal day,she would beat me once she sees any burnt part of the food but today,she ate it without saying anything to me.
I did the dishes that night,using the opportunity to wait for dad. I wanted to talk to him. He needed to stop beating his wife. I waited till I slept off on the couch.

The next morning brought about the worst news I'd ever heard. Daddy was found in his car along the road,dead. It was not an accident,he was not shot or injured. His head was on the steering,like he was sleeping.

I watched as the men from Kingdom Heritage funeral undertakers lowered the remains of my daddy to mother earth while on the other hand,mummy stared at me,not removing her eyes for once. We were all dressed in white but I didn't care. I was sitting on the muddy ground as it had rained heavily that morning. Emeka stood beside me. He was crying his eyes out. My friends from school were all around me but will there presence bring back my daddy Alex? I only came back to the present when Ginika tapped me,asking that the priest was talking to me. I stood up and realised that everyone was looking at me. I looked at Father Jude,he was our parish youth father. He was a close friend to the family. He was smiling but today,I wouldn't smile with him.

Fr. Jude: Amanda,show respect to your father.
The catechist handed me a shovel. I took it from him, collected some sand from the heap on the floor and held onto the shovel. For the first time in two weeks,tears fell from my eyes.

Me: Daddy,why didn't I leave the house with you? I would have being with you today. Why did you choose to leave me alone? Why daddy? Who did you visit? Who did this to you? Is this where you promised to end? I thought you promised to be there with me all the time? Are you happy seeing our faces this swollen and red? Daddy why didn't you fight death? Why didn't you come home like you promised? Or is this a better way of making peace reign? Daddy who will take care of us? Daddy I have so many questions to ask you but since you swore not to answer them,rest in peace. Since you were weak to fight death,daddy,fight now that you're immortal. Fight whoever did this to you daddy.

The shovel left my hand and landed into the grave,right on top of the casket while I slumped on the floor,crying my heart out. Emeka and some of my friends came and took me away into the house while the rite continued.

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Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 10:33pm On Jul 19, 2016
We remained at the village until all the rites were completed which was close to six months. Our waec result had being released and we all did brilliantly well. I must confess,while at the village,I enjoyed a little peace because mummy treated me fairly with Nenye. I knew without being told that it was to please our relatives but I had to enjoy it while it lasted. A week before we were supposed to travel back to Enugu,uncle Henry visited us. He spoke to mummy for a very long time before he sent for us. As soon as we sat down,mummy left. We greeted him and sat down. Uncle Henry was mummy's twin brother. They didn't look alike one bit but I knew for sure that Uncle Henry was nicer than mummy.

U. Henry: Beautiful children. How're you all doing?

We replied casually. We were used to him calling us beautiful.

U. Henry: I came to speak to the three of you and I'll do that the same way I'll talk to my children so I would love it if you listened attentively.

We all nodded in approval and listened.

U. Henry: I need not mention to you the kind of relationship I hold with your mother. I also know very well how you three came about being siblings. There is this bond that binds blood together and I want that bond to bind the three of you together. Your father,of blessed memory loved you all equally and treated you all with same hands but now that he's no more,I want each and every one of you to take care of each other,love each other and protect each other. I don't know how you live in Enugu but I know that once in a while,there's bound to be quarrels and disagreement between family members but as the saying goes,the hurt from a brother doesn't reach the bones,try to mend fences as quickly as possible. Don't look at your mother. I know women. She'll confuse you with having a favourite between the three of you,let it be. Show her that no matter her choice,you three can still pull forces together. Let love lead and direct you all and in the long run,I believe that you all must surely be where your late father planned that you'll be.

Tears ran down my eyes. I thought about daddy and all he normally said to me about loving my mummy no matter how bad she treats me. I was lost in thought that I didn't know when Uncle left. It was Emeka who took me out of my thoughts.

Emeka: Sisi m,where are your thoughts?

I looked at him and he hugged me immediately. He was my companion and best friend.

Emeka: Stop crying. Am I not here for you? Or you want me to cry too?

I shook my head and he used his hand to raise my chin.

Emeka: Daddy left for good. Do you know what our condition will be if he were still here? I believe that everything that happens on earth happens for a reason. We've cried enough so stop please.

Me: Daddy just left. He was the only person who understood me,he believed my words and .........

Emeka: I'm here now. I promise never to leave you alone. Remember daddy opened an account each for us for our university education? This is time to prove to mummy that we're no longer kids and I won't let her hurt you anymore. We'll both go to tansian university. I googled the school,even told daddy about it and he agreed so now that I know he gave his consent,we'll both attend the university together. I promise you,I'm still your best friend. I won't leave you,not in this life and not ever.

I smiled and went into his arms. At that same point,the door swung open and in she came,with the worst kinda devilish look I've ever seen. My smile quickly went sour and I struggled to get away from Emeka's arms but he wouldn't let go,unaware of the volcano that was waiting to erupt.

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Re: Alone.. by Milonis(m): 11:41am On Jul 20, 2016
Cc: pamelIB

Keep writing, sweetie, you've got prospect. And if you wish to develop this into a book, I will be glad to oblige

Meanwhile keep updating


Re: Alone.. by Missmossy(f): 12:53pm On Jul 20, 2016
Interesting plot,try to develop this story in paragraphs and endear to use the necessary punctuations.


Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 3:07pm On Jul 20, 2016
Cc: pamelIB

Keep writing, sweetie, you've got prospect. And if you wish to develop this into a book, I will be glad to oblige

Meanwhile keep updating
tanx dear. Glad that I'm being appreciated afterall

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Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 3:10pm On Jul 20, 2016
Interesting plot,try to develop this story in paragraphs and endear to use the necessary punctuations.
Re: Alone.. by Milonis(m): 3:52pm On Jul 20, 2016
tanx dear. Glad that I'm being appreciated afterall

This material is worth publishing. I'm with you each step
Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 4:41pm On Jul 20, 2016
Mummy: Amanda,get inside.
Emeka reluctantly left me and I made fast steps into the room. On a second thought,I came back and hid behind the curtain.

Mummy: What's the talk about going to Tansian? Who made that decision in this house?

Emeka: Mummy,I had told daddy about it and he supported the idea.

Mummy: Did he also support that Amanda goes?

Emeka: Yes mum. In fact,he said that we all can go to Tansian. He.....

Mummy: If you all go to Tansian,who would stay with me? The house will be so lonely and dead. You know I need company especially now that your father is no more. Maybe you and Nenye can go while Amanda will go to Esut or IMT.

Emeka didn't say anything. There was silence in the sitting room.

Mummy: Daddy talk to me nau.

Emeka: Till we get back to Enugu first. Amanda also has to make a decision y'know.

Mummy: But.....

Emeka: Mum please don't stress it. I'll be inside.

I quickly walked down the corridor to my room. I prayed like I had never prayed before,asking God to see me through.
I didn't mind going to any school so long as I was going to further my education and get a degree.

Our journey back home wasn't bad. The driver drove us and we didn't say much on the way. As soon as we entered our compound,I knew I was back to being the slave. We all got down and was waiting for the driver to come open the boot when mum called for our attention.

Mummy: Drop all the luggage downstairs. We'll be having a meeting now.

Nenye: But mum,I'm hungry. Can't we at least eat something before the meeting.

Mummy: Don't worry dear. Its going to be a short one.

Emeka looked at me and smiled. I was too nervous to smile back? Instinct told me I was the reason for the meeting. He came to me and patted my shoulder.

Emeka: What's the matter?

Me: Nothing. I'm fine.

Emeka turned to know if anybody was close but he saw mum opening the door while Nenye stood behind her complaining of something.

Emeka: I know you're worried about this sudden meeting. You have to always believe me, I'm here for you and I'll always be. You need not worry about mum and her wahala. You'll be safe okay?

I nodded,trying hard to fight the tears and stop them from falling.

I lifted my box and dragged it into the house. Mum and Nenye were already seated. I quickly dropped my box where Nenye had dropped hers and took a seat. Emeka entered shortly and the meeting began.

Mummy: First of all,I want to thank you all for the good behaviour you all put up in the village. It shows you all are now matured enough to know between right and wrong. Thank you very much for not disgracing me at the village.

Nenye: Don't you trust me mummy. I knew that those wicked men and women at the village will be monitoring all our movements so that they'll have something to gossip about when we return,but I'm glad there plan didn't work at all.

Mummy: That's my girl. Now,to the reason why I called this meeting,I'll go straight to the point.

I adjusted in my seat,waiting for the worst.

Mummy: Amanda!
I swallowed hard. Here it comes.

Me: Ye.....yes mummy

Mummy: I want to state how the affairs of my family will be ran from now onwards. If you're not happy with it,you can pick your box from that spot and walk out,I'll be kind enough to give you transportation fair although I know that you made new boyfriends at the village who gave you enough money.

Nenye chuckled and my eyes got wet.

Mummy: Did you get me clear?

Me: Yes mummy.

Mummy: Good. From today,you'll be seeing to all the domestic chores in this house; cleaning,washing,mobbing,drying,cooking,every damn chores. Did.....

Emeka: Mummy please wait.

Mum: I'm not talking to you. Will still get to your part.

Emeka: But mum,if she handles all the chores,what will Chinenye be doing?

Nenye: Mummy tell Emeka not to call my name there again o. Is it bad if I don't do anything?

Emeka: Ihere mee gi(you should be ashamed of yourself). Look what is coming out from your mouth. At your age,you can't do any thing. Spoilt brat. If its to have boyfriend now,you'll know how to do that one. Emulate Amanda for once and......

Mummy: Now shut up both of you. Nobody is going to speak anymore until I'm done. Do you get me?

Nobody said anything. Was I talking before?

Mummy: As I was saying,Amanda will handle all the domestic activities of this house. After this meeting,you'll go back to your former room,pack out everything you have there and move them to the boys quarter.

I raised my head in shock. I was alarmed. I never knew it would get to this. Tears ran down my face and I began to miss daddy.

Emeka: Why? Why will she move to the boys quarter? Has the rooms in this house finished? What will you do with all the rooms here? Mummy this is wickedness. It is not fair.

Mummy: Ikwusigo?(are you done speaking?) Nobody will flaunt my orders in this house not even you Chukwuemeka.

Emeka sprang up immediately like he's being bitten by something.

Emeka: I'm sorry mum but I'm going to flaunt your orders this time. Amanda is not moving to the boys quarter but if she must,I'll also move in with her.

Mum sprang up immediately and launched an attack towards Emeka. He stood his ground and looked on as she approached. She raised her hand to give him a slap but somehow,she missed the target. I quickly went between the two of them and knelt down.

Me: Mummy please,Emeka biko. Don't say anything anymore. I'll move to the boys quarter. Don't fight because of me. Mummy,I'll do anything you say don't just fight anymore please.

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Re: Alone.. by adeyinkao28(m): 10:07pm On Jul 25, 2016
Nice work Pamel, keep it up, i'm following...
Re: Alone.. by bibijay123(f): 10:33pm On Jul 25, 2016
Interesting story babe, pls keep it coming!
Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 11:36pm On Jul 25, 2016
Nice work Pamel, keep it up, i'm following...
Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 11:38pm On Jul 25, 2016
Interesting story babe, pls keep it coming!
Don't really know if I should take your advice and keep updating when no one appreciates my work. Its really heartbreaking that's why I decided to stop and read other updates since mine isn't good to get viewed and appreciated. Thanks all the same

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Re: Alone.. by bibijay123(f): 11:48pm On Jul 25, 2016
Don't really know if I should take your advice and keep updating when no one appreciates my work. Its really heartbreaking that's why I decided to stop and read other updates since mine isn't good to get viewed and appreciated. Thanks all the same

Babe don't just write because u want to be appreciated. Write because you want to be a better writer n wen u get to that stage u will be begging ppl to stop commenting. You ve a beautiful story, make it interesting , n suspense filled. D suspense will keep ur fans coming back for more. BTW good job,! Keep it coming!


Re: Alone.. by adeyinkao28(m): 8:04am On Jul 26, 2016
Why are people so blind to see the beauty of this work, and some are there enjoying it bt won't comment, ur own time is coming o
Re: Alone.. by amicable09(f): 8:43am On Jul 26, 2016
Don't really know if I should take your advice and keep updating when no one appreciates my work. Its really heartbreaking that's why I decided to stop and read other updates since mine isn't good to get viewed and appreciated. Thanks all the same
Hey babe, now I don't like the way you sound. Pick yourself back up and update your story. It doesn't matter whether it gets appreciated today or not, if it's good, it's good.

And always know that every story, every work of art has its peculiar audience. What appeals to A in literature, may not be appealing to B. Therefore get back to work. I owe you my likes and shares cheesy. Forgive me if I don't drop another comment, I can be carried away like that grin.

Just to encourage you, guess what I saw this morning when I logged in?
3 likes! Lol

From where?
I don't know but it was on three posts I dropped on a thread LAST YEAR! Last year o. So don't kill the spirit.

Looking forward to more updates.

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Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 9:31am On Jul 26, 2016
Amicable09,tanx.....and,I'm going on with the story

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Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 10:24am On Jul 26, 2016
Emeka: If someone else was treating Nenye like this,how will you feel about it? I don't see any wrong Amanda has done but if you insist that she moves to the boy's quarter,fine. I'll move in with her.

Mum stepped back and her eyes were filled with rage. I kept on kneeling,waiting for the next reaction.

Emeka: Listen to the voice of reasoning mum. If daddy were here,would you send Amanda to the BQ? You're just doing all this things because daddy is no more. This is wickedness.

Nenye: Don't talk to mother like that. Even if you will,not because of this thing here.

Emeka: Call her a thing one more time and I'll slap out a tooth from your mouth. Look at you,spoilt brat. Trust me,you'll regret all this in the near future.

Nenye: That's your own cup of milk. I'm beginning to wonder if you two are up to something secre......

Emeka rushed to her and held her arm and she cried in pain.

Emeka: You should bed grateful that I'm your brother. One more word from you and I'll beat you to pulp. Look how mummy has spoilt you. God forbid but I'll never attend same school with you because you'll end up rubbing mud on my face.

Mummy: That is one place you're right my son. You don't need to tell her that. You'll be going abroad to further your education.

There was silence in the room. I was shocked. This was a plot to send Emeka away. I looked at Emeka. I couldn't look at anyone else. He started with a smile and then he started laughing. I became confused. Why was my life like this? Every saviour I had known always left me alone. Why?

Emeka: If you're still planning,better stop it cause I'm not going and if you've planned it already,I'm sorry because you just spent your money on nothing. I'm not leaving Nigeria for anywhere. Dad never wanted it and I'm going with dad's decision. I don't care how you'll do it but just give up the passbooks to our accounts and we'll see ourselves through school.

Mum: Chukwuemeka,what do you think your mother is? Nenye will go to Tansian,Amanda will go to open university and you're going to oxford. Take it or you leave it.

Emeka: That's your business mum. I.....

Mum: Mind how you talk to me boy

Emeka looked at his mum and shook his head.

Emeka: Making your hatred for Amanda go this far has made me loose all the respect I have for you. Eat your Oxford. I'll be in this house and see how you'll maltreat Amanda.

He turned to me.

Emeka: Get your bags. We're going to the boy's quarter.

He picked up his bag and left. I remained in my position,with streams of tears running down my cheeks. I could feel there eyes on me. I needed no Jupiter to tell me that.

Mum: And you,get out before I loose it.

Me: Mum please I'm sorry for......

Mum: Get out. You're worthless and I don't care about whatever nonsense you want to vomit from your mouth. Get out.

She was screaming so loud that I thought her voice would ache from it. I got up and picked my box and made to leave.

Nenye: Mum had said you should take the things from your room upstairs as well.

I turned around and went upstairs,packing everything I called mine including daddy's pictures which hung on the wall.

Two hours later,I was in my new room at the BQ. I had put everything in place with the help of Emeka. We had sat down to rest when I got a text message on my phone.

"will you just sit down there and lazy about? get your sorry self in here and make lunch for my children and I".

Me: Emy,I need to go and make lunch for us.

Emeka: They should prepare it themselves.

Me: Are you not hungry? Won't you eat as well?

Emeka: Listen sisim,so long as they don't want you in the main house,we won't go there either. We'll make do with what we have here. I'll go out now and get some money from the ATM so I'll buy some foodstuff we can use here. Don't worry yourself. We'll be fine here. By Monday,I'll go and see Barrister Kelechi. He was daddy's lawyer. I believe he'll help us out a lot.

Me: No please. I don't support this idea of yours. Mummy deserves our respect and......

Emeka: Now don't provoke me. Sit down here and I'll be right back.

Me: Wait Emy. Let's go and discuss it with mum first.

Another text came into my phone and before I could read it,my phone started ringing. It was Mum. I looked at the screen and Emeka took the phone from me. He picked it and put it on speak out.

Nenye: Bia,mummy is coming there now. You better come out from there and come and make food o.

She hung up before Emeka could say anything. He dropped the phone on the bed and walked to the door. The door flew open hitting Emeka so hard and he fell,hitting his head on the wall before falling down on the tiled floor. Mum came into the room just as I stood up to run to Emeka. She froze on the spot. What has she done?

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Re: Alone.. by Missmossy(f): 10:29am On Jul 26, 2016
See what her hatred has caused. Evil woman, keep it coming dear.Thumbs up.

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Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 11:14am On Jul 26, 2016
See what her hatred has caused. Evil woman, keep it coming dear.Thumbs up.
tanx for following
Re: Alone.. by Mindfrick(m): 11:47am On Jul 26, 2016
No poo!....Jst Dat I Nid A Bottle Of Best And Chicken Burger. #PamelB.
Re: Alone.. by tineey464(f): 11:50am On Jul 26, 2016
Following......keep it coming
Re: Alone.. by Adesiji77: 5:58pm On Jul 26, 2016
Don't really know if I should take your advice and keep updating when no one appreciates my work. Its really heartbreaking that's why I decided to stop and read other updates since mine isn't good to get viewed and appreciated. Thanks all the same

Now following cool
Re: Alone.. by bibijay123(f): 9:30pm On Jul 26, 2016
Some women ehn angry nice work babe kiss
Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 11:09pm On Jul 26, 2016
Tanx all for giving me the privilege to continue this story. tanx for following as well. Story continues tomorrow

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Re: Alone.. by PamelB(f): 8:06am On Jul 27, 2016
We were at the hospital. I was pacing around the reception. Mummy and Nenye were sitting down. Both of them were crying. My prayer was for nothing to happen to Emeka. I looked at my wristwatch, 7:45pm. The same day we came back from the village,how could things go wrong like this? I heard some footsteps and I turned around to see the doctor walk into the waiting room. We rushed to him but I stood behind mummy. The doctor's face wasn't encouraging at all.

Mum: Doctor,how is my son please?

The doctor shook his head.

Doctor: Its terrible madam. His condition is very critical. I don't know if he'll survive this.

Mum: No doctor. Please do anything. Do something please.

Doctor: We'll try our best. For now,let's pray he survives.

I carried myself to a nearby chair as tears ran down my cheeks.

Mum: Doctor,he's my only son. Please do something to help him.

Doctor: Like I said,let's pray he survives.

Mum: Can we see him?

Doctor: Yes. Follow me.

We walked down the corridor into the private ward. We entered one of the numerous rooms and there was my brother,lying stiff with closed eyes,bandages on his head,his face obvious he was in pains. Some nurses were attending to him. I moved forward and went beside the bed. The nurses and doctor left us. I touched his head and my tears fell on his chest.

Me: Emy nothing will happen to you. God won't let anything happen to you.

I looked at mummy and Nenye and they were both crying. What hatred would do to someone. Look how Emeka is suffering because of his own mother. I hated her that instant. She noticed the way I was looking at her and she left the room. Nenye came closer and sat on a chair close to the bed.

Nenye: Ejimam(my twin),please open your eyes. Please fight this thing. Mummy is sorry. She didn't mean to harm you. Open your eyes please.

None of the words we said got him to open his eyes. Nenye left the room crying. I went to the chair she had earlier occupied and sat down. I wondered if he was still alive. If he could hear us after all. If there was a better word to qualify my feelings at that moment,I would have explained how I felt,watching my saviour lying helplessly on that bed. What caused all this? Food right? I hated mummy that moment. I was still lost in my thought when I fell asleep.

I was hearing my name in whispers. Who could be calling my name in that manner? I opened my eyes and looked around. Memories of what happened came to me immediately. I heard that faint whisper again and I looked at Emeka,his eyes were open just a little. I looked at him to be sure he was the one whispering my name. His lips moved and that whisper came again.

Me: Emeka, you're awake. Oh! Thank you Jesus.

The wall clock took that instant to sing its 12:00 hymn. I looked at the clock and it was strange. It wasn't here earlier when we came into this room.

I looked at Emeka and he was smiling. The bandages on his head was gone.

Emeka: Sisim,I'm healed. I'm well now.

I was confused. What's going on. He was just whispering my name some seconds ago and now,he's fit. I looked around and this was no longer the hospital room.

Me: Where is this place? We're supposed to be at the hospital.

Emeka: Yes,I know. Its only those who are sick that need the doctors and hospitals. I'm here because I'm not sick. Sit down let me talk to you.

I sat down,not removing my eyes from him. His smile was constant now,like it was a permanent birthmark.

Emeka: Nothing happens without a reason. I'm here today is because that is how God wrote it in my destiny. Don't live in fear of anybody because you're the light shining in our family. You're a great girl sis and nobody can ever take away your light.

I smiled. He always knew how to praise me and he used every opportunity he had to do that.

Emeka: You'll go to school. I may no longer be there to support you but trust me,you'll go to school. No matter the school it is,just put in your best to it,something good will come out of it. Another thing,don't fight them. Please don't. They'll find every reason to taunt you but just don't fight them. You're a great girl and you'll go places.

Me: But.........

Emeka: Wait for me. Daddy is calling me.

Before I could say anything else,he walked away. I decided to wait for him on that chair. I relaxed on it and closed my eyes.

Some minutes into my sleep,I felt the urge to ease myself. I opened my eyes and I was back in the hospital. That was when it became clear to me that I've being dreaming. A look at my wristwatch told me it was twenty minuted past 12. I shrugged my shoulders and went into the toilet. I did my business and came out. I looked at Emeka and he was breathing heavily,like it was difficult to get the air out of his lungs. I rushed to him but I didn't know what to do. I ran out to the waiting room to call the nurses there. I also woke mummy up,she was sleeping at the waiting room.

Me: Please help me nurse. My brother is breathing heavily.

What I said got mummy standing up immediately,waking Nenye whose head was on her laps. We all rushed back into the room and this time,the tears ran down on there own. Emeka was throwing his arms around,like he was struggling with something. His eyes were now open but he was still breathing heavily. The nurse ran out to call the doctor while mummy went and sat on the bed and carried Emeka on her laps. His struggle didn't stop. He fought whatever it was. He fought with his strength, not taking his eyes away from me. Suddenly,he stopped struggling. A tear ran down to his ear. I saw his chest go up and with a loud grunt,it fell back heavily,his eyes still on me,but he was no longer breathing.

I went closer and mummy shook him. My throat suddenly went dry and I couldn't speak. The doctor came in that minute,he asked mum to leave him alone. Mum stood up and Emeka's body fell back on the bed. The doctor straightened him up,ran his fingers in some areas of his body while the nurse wrote down something in a file. I watched as the doctor used a sheet to cover him entirely and Nenye started wailing. The doctor turned around and the next thing he said after looking at his wristwatch was;"time of death,12:30am."

I passed out.

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Re: Alone.. by Feyikemi12(f): 10:08am On Jul 27, 2016
I'm tear shot
Re: Alone.. by Missmossy(f): 11:42am On Jul 27, 2016
Awww so painful... Keep it coming, kudos.


Re: Alone.. by Vidamia(m): 1:28pm On Jul 27, 2016
nice story.....Keep the update flowing like no tomorrow
Re: Alone.. by bibijay123(f): 1:55pm On Jul 27, 2016
Awwww cry

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Re: Alone.. by saxwizard(m): 2:05pm On Jul 28, 2016
madam u are doing excellent. ....is it fiction or some real life story. ...looks real anyway

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Re: Alone.. by princefelix44(m): 10:58pm On Jul 28, 2016
Hmmmmm, so touching, waiting for the next episode

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