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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:33am On Jan 24, 2017
Show Gratitude
It does not matter how small or how great you feel. It matters that we are aware that at any point in time, we have what other people do not have. No matter how small your situation is, you have another person somewhere who seeks to have exactly what it is you have.
Life is not the same for everyone and would never be. It is rather important that we are appreciative of what we have at any point in time which is what matters. Know for sure that to have more, you need to be grateful for what you have already.
Never seek to be well off before you show gratitude. Show gratitude for even the small things that happen to you every single day. The same thing that happened to you and you are still alive is the same thing that happened to another person who is dead now. It does not matter what happens, whether what happens seems bad to you, it is always good to be grateful.
A habit of gratitude is all we need to be happy. Take a few minutes today to say thank you to that person, that friend, that boss and always be grateful to God
Thanks for Reading

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:07am On Jan 27, 2017
My Goals Are Overwhelming
We all want to be the very best versions of ourselves and the movies have tried in creating that version for us such that if we are not that person everyday of our lives, we feel bad and want to do more. We aim for so much goals that we achieve none and we really begin to blame ourselves for the success we have not yet achieved.

Timing for everyone in life would be different. We would not all marry at the same age, get a nice job or buy a fancy car at about the same time. But one thing is certain, we can build towards these goals one step at a time. We can start small, THINK BIG, START SMALL. This is the new mantra I want to give myself.

Whatever goal it is I want to achieve, I want to take small steps everyday at making it manageable. We sometimes take a goal too big to handle that we are even afraid to start. For example, preparing for an exam. We can make a simple decision to learning two new words everyday rather than saying preparing for the exams. The two word activity seems rather small and easy to achieve and as such we are in action mode rather than being inactive because of the fear of the magnitude of the task

Take one of your goals today and break it down into manageable tasks. Take one step towards executing the task today and keep going.
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:32am On Jan 29, 2017
Be Yourself
The idea of being yourself is not only about doing what you feel is right but doing what is indeed right. You can always achieve what is right by being yourself. You do not need a mask to create a different version of yourself before people who truly trust and care for you would follow suite.
To be oneself is to do things without fear of criticism although deep down, you are afraid. We all are afraid of one thing or the other.

However, bravery is not the absence of fear. Rather, it is by being able to take your fear and put it into the mind of what is making you afraid.

If it is a certain project, take the fear and push it back into the project. Whatever it is, try within you to always look your fears straight in the year and be deliberate in practicing how to handle our fears.
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Re: For Computer Science Students by Lordsurh: 4:38pm On Jan 30, 2017
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:03am On Jan 31, 2017
One of the best definitions of Respect I have found so far is “due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others”. We all want to explain how we feel at times but at what expense. Are we considerate enough of the feelings of others as we do that? To respect is to be compassionate about doing something while thinking about how the other person might feel.

Respect is a two-way business. You have to give it to get it. However, most times you try as much to give it but get nothing in return. The problem with not giving respect is you never expect it. However, people’s attitude should not determine whether we are respectful or not.

We are humans and at one point or the other, we make mistakes and our emotions overpower us and we disrespect. The beauty of humans is not being perfect, it is making the mistakes, realising the mistakes, apologising for it and trying as much to never do it again. We all once in a while fall back on the promise, but the ability to sincerely apologise would always help us through the situation.

Make it a habit today to respect whoever you meet, no matter how small or how big the person is. Respect their opinions and decisions. However, in trying to be respectful, watch out for the thin line between being respectful and being fearful. Because being fearful does not mean respect.

Thanks very much for Reading


Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:51am On Feb 01, 2017
Why Documentation is the Next Big Thing
Code documentation is underrated. Once we write code and we test it and it works fine, we assume the task is completed and move on to the next big thing. But God forbids, something happens to that code and we have to revisit it sometimes, we feel as if we never wrote the code. The only proof that we wrote the code is the name of the author bearing our names. The idea of the logic and every other thing about the code is out of our mind.

Our state of mind changes very fast and it is rather important that we take note of that when we write code. The world is becoming a more open-source community and code you write would need to be read and understood by another person. So it is far from your code simply running and working fine. Can the logic of the code be understood right away by another developer?

I think we need to start writing code and thinking of the next Junior programmer who would have to upgrade our code. We need to put in more effort at writing code that is easy to learn and understand. Because I believe in the future, as we continue to have more programming languages, people would begin to learn only languages that are very easy to understand once written. 

The computer is not the only thing that needs to read our code now. With the concepts of code review, standards should be enforced to have a better code for us all.

 Code Readability as I often define it is the ability of a code to be read and understood without seeking help from the programmer who wrote the code.

Once code becomes readable, ideas become easier to implement and build on. Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:14am On Feb 02, 2017
Managing Other People
It is rather easy to coordinate ourselves and decide what we want to do for the day. However, when we have to work with other people, it becomes an entirely different ball game. Working with other people would mean some of them are as optimistic as you are about the project, some would be more optimistic and some would be less optimistic. How do you deal with people who have different energy level with you on a team?

I have found that to be able to manage other people, the basic idea is to respect their decisions. However, this comes after the rules for discipline has been set. The rule for respect. Without respect, the idea of working together would never get anywhere. Other people might do something they consider irrelevant, but to you might really mean a lot. Whatever, we do when managing other people requires that we all communicate and respect each other’s decision.

The decision to do something in a better way should always be welcome. Complexity in any form should be deleted and free flow of idea should be encouraged. The idea of leadership should only be noted when responsibilities are to be shared, but beyond that, everyone should see each other as equals who are all trying to achieve the same result.

The idea of the blame game should be omitted. Mistakes are ways of learning and should be welcome, but however, validated learning is needed. Making a mistake once is not as bad as making the same mistake twice. Whatever mistake any member makes, take time out to explain that we are all not perfect and that mistakes are meant to make us better.

Talk as friends and not as bosses to employees and I believe working together with others would really be more fun and interesting than it currently is.
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:01am On Feb 03, 2017
The 60/30 Rule - Day 1
So I just read about the 60/30 rule which explains how to spend 60/30 minutes daily on something you really love to do. I have for a very long long time wanted to complete a project I started called the Errorlog. The idea of the project is to enable documentation of errors as they happen when coding and also the solutions so that other programmers can easily learn from there without having to start solving the same problem again.

But for a while, I have been stuck at logging into the application. Cannot seem to be able to create a session to enable me log into the system. However, I am able to create an account.

I am using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front-end and using Java for the back-end. Would love to keep going everyday and explaining what I do everyday using this post.

So kindly help in making me complete this project by providing suggestions on what to do and how to do it. The Project is already on GitHub and anyone interested in helping out can always get across to me.
Would be using this opportunity to explain what I am able to achieve everyday.

Thanks for Reading and Sharing

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 3:47pm On Feb 06, 2017
Love With All Your Heart
This is something I have heard people say a lot of time but it is something I have come to see as very difficult to achieve. We as humans want to be happy, but are also afraid of being unhappy. You have to decide for one or the other. It is like telling a train to move slowly so that it can brake easily. For you to enjoy a train ride, it has to go as fast as possible. You sometimes also have to give it all you have without being afraid of whether your train would derail or not.

Moving at a slower pace is never also the answer to the problem of a train derailing, because as one problem is solved, it might simply lead to another. People on the train would simply wish they took a bus ride. So is life. If you decide to be very careful at loving with all your heart, so is what would happen. You would walk through life okay, but never at your best.

The attitude of people is mostly due to the conditions around them and people cannot give what they do not have. You have to give out without care of what others think or feel about you. It is with this that we can achieve the real value of true love.
Some people are not very trustworthy, but that does not mean we have to also be untrustworthy. Give to life without expecting anything in return. This is hard, but sweet when you try to do it and really get to do it. Immediate gratification would not always show up for every kindness that we give out but we need to do more to be more.

The world is so in chaos that people fall in love for the wrong reasons and cry for the evil that this brings. As you love with all your heart, love for all the right reasons and never for a wrong reason. When you love for the wrong reasons, it is really not love, it would rather be called lust or I prefer to say you are simply lost.

The world needs to be a better place and there is so little that we can try to do today to make the world better. Start today and love yourself, your work, your family and everything around you with all your heart. If you seem to not fall in love with something, maybe it was not meant to be. Let it go and move on to something else that gives you joy and happiness.

Thanks for Reading

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:47am On Feb 08, 2017
Being Time Conscious
To be successful means that you are better at something. To be good or even better at something means you spend a good amount of your time trying to understand what needs to be understood. From what I have just said, one of the most important item is TIME. How you spend your time determines how well you would be in life.

When you talk about managing time, it does not mean you have to be active or productive all day of the week. You would definitely have time to relax and do other things not really productive. But what matters is that your time is accountable. It really matters that you know how your day goes.

Most of the time we just observe that the week has ended and we cannot really point at something we achieved. Being able to know precisely how we spent our time gives us the ability to be able to amend the way our time was previously spent and how we can indeed make it better.
By being time conscious, we can discover how to make better use of our time. With that, you can discover when you are most active and when you are not and that can allow you to place your most pressing activities in your most active periods and let you put the not so important activities in your less active moments.

The effect of our age and time on earth is not how long, but how effective it is spent. Seeking for more years on earth is not the solution, but spending every single minute of everyday consciously.

Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week.

Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by Emmyjay111(m): 3:38pm On Feb 08, 2017
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Re: For Computer Science Students by bidexpaul(m): 5:03pm On Feb 10, 2017
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:12am On Feb 11, 2017
Finish It
So you know about the concept of whatever you do everyday becomes a part of you right? So you want to move on to a new idea or project and leave the last one uncompleted. Yes right? But NO, wait a minute. You have to finish that first. Whatever new idea you have in mind, kindly write it down somewhere and keep working on your current idea. Kindly finish that first before moving on to the next idea.

Why is that? This is because we become good at what we do everyday. Not completing your tasks, you become good at that. Keeping a string of uncompleted projects and ideas. Stick with it and finish it before moving out to the next big idea.

You know something about completing a task, it is that it gives you the strength to move on to the next task. The feeling you have when you complete a task is so contagious that it moves onto the next task and allows you time to focus and move to the next time.
Take a few minutes today to look at the tasks you have not completed and make a commitment to have your tasks finished and completed before moving out onto another task. 

Whatever you want to start or continue today, make a commitment to finish it. Whatever it is you are doing, finish it.
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by Auseayo(m): 1:01pm On Feb 12, 2017
Good day all.
I need a Siwes/IT Placement.
Course: Computer Science

Location: Lagos Mainland


IT Duration: 6months, July to December.

Contact Details: Phone no - 08137363638. Email - auseayo@gmail.com.

Please contact me 4 available offers, Tanks
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:41am On Feb 13, 2017
The Law Of Spending
I recently read about a law that states that our task seems to fill up all the time we allocate for it. If we allocate small time, we finally really spend less time and if we allocate more time, we indeed use up more time for the same task. This law has happened to some of us at some point in time, while you were in school, at work or somewhere else. A task that can be completed in a day is spread over two weeks and simply started and completed on the last night of the two weeks.

This is similar to how we spend money. The law of spending I am proposing is that our spending fills up all the amount of money we allocate for spending. Or simply put, we spend the amount of money we have access to. If you have access to more money, you spend more, you have access to less, you spend less. If you have access to less, you definitely cannot spend beyond what you have, I believe.

So it is important that as we try to save up more, we need to spend less, to spend less, we need to not grant ourselves access to more than what is basically needed. When you earn a certain salary, you live by that amount. The day you get a raise, you begin to live my another standard because you simply have access to more money.

So today, make a decision. Open another bank account where you cannot withdraw the money deposited for a fixed amount of time and begin by saving at least one-third of your salary in that account. You would become uncomfortable in the beginning, but with time, you would learn to live within your means and saving would no longer seem like a big deal to you.

Call To Action
Make a decision today to open that bank account. No Credit card, nothing for withdrawal from the account. Choose a bank very far from your home and ensure that you have a policy that really discourages you from withdrawing any amount from the account.


Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:43am On Feb 13, 2017
Good day all.
I need a Siwes/IT Placement.
Course: Computer Science

Location: Lagos Mainland


IT Duration: 6months, July to December.

Contact Details: Phone no - 08137363638. Email - auseayo@gmail.com.

Please contact me 4 available offers, Tanks

My first advise for you is to really know what it is you want to learn by going for your SIWES. What type of an IT organization are you looking for? What do you really want to learn? Only after that can we really think of places for you, but just any IT firm is not what you should think of.
Please let me now what you want so that we can move from there
Re: For Computer Science Students by Auseayo(m): 10:36am On Feb 13, 2017

My first advise for you is to really know what it is you want to learn by going for your SIWES. What type of an IT organization are you looking for? What do you really want to learn? Only after that can we really think of places for you, but just any IT firm is not what you should think of.
Please let me now what you want so that we can move from there
Yes, true talk.
Ok,.I want a place where i can really learn, Networking,Hardware or web.And gain work field kind of experience that i can apply when i want to get a JOB in future.
I stay @Mainland, Ogba to be precise, so am hoping to get to do my IT within Ikeja, agege, oshodi, ojota, berger or anywhere in dat axis.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:49am On Feb 14, 2017
The Law of Spending — Part 2
So after writing about the law of spending Part 1, a friend made a comment and I thought it was necessary to add the second part. So I was able to save a certain amount of money over a period of time, then I just spent it on a not-budgeted item and the money was gone. So what is the essence of saving in the first place. This made me think about something while saving, what is the purpose or essence for which we are saving.

If you have no specific goal of saving, something you want to purchase, something you want to have, then saving the money would be of no need. So what I am trying to say is if at any point, you decide to start saving, ensure that you have a seasoned reason for which you are saving. A reason that is so hard to break. Ensure that the reason is not much, just a single reason and hold onto it.

It is easy for other reasons to take up the space as the most important issue and that you need to spend your savings on them, always have a convincing reason before you start saving that would ensure that the reason why you are saving would start on top of your list until you have achieved it. A lot of reasons would come, but endure and endeavor to finish what you have started.

Kindly try out this method but do not beat yourself up if it does not work the first or second time, you cannot get it right always. Give gap for human errors. Endeavor to keep in mind that sometimes, our plan would not go 100% as planned and that is fine. But that we would get back up and save again anytime we have problems saving
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:45am On Feb 15, 2017
Making Mistakes
One of the most hated thing we do not want to do is make mistakes. Mistakes can make us look so incompetent, fearful and would like to just do nothing. Making mistakes makes us really afraid of trying to do any other thing.

But one thing I have learnt about making mistakes is that if we learn from it, we definitely become better than we were before making the mistake. Our level of fear reduces and we get better at what we made the mistake at.

It is really difficult to see people talk about the mistake that you made, laugh about it and you would wish the ground would simply swallow you. But note that your friends would definitely laugh and make jest of you, but the resolution to learn from your mistake is left to you and you alone.
We all make mistakes, its not the mistake that shapes us. Rather it is what we do after making the mistake that makes all the difference. So at work, I am afraid of making mistakes, but the more I make them, the more I become better and better and also learn how not to make the mistake again.

Learning to learn from our mistakes is one of the greatest gift we can ever have. Because we cannot really run away from making mistakes, so the best we can do is to learn from it and make sure it never happens again and learn as much as possible from our previous mistake.

Life is too short to waste it on a mistake. Learn to see mistakes as ways of validating what you think you know, rather than invalidating what you already know. By getting up every day and making mistakes and learning from them, we are definitely reducing the total number of mistakes we can ever make.

Ensure to always learn from your mistakes. Although no one is perfect, but we can always learn from our mistakes and become better
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:27am On Feb 18, 2017
So Small To Matter
Sometimes, we want to do something but stop because we think it is not worth it or its too small. Doing something good is never too small. The concept of good is not measured by size but by the sincere intention.

Do good not because its small, do it because a lot of people out there need a little bit of goodness to become better. To the beggar on the street, a simple smile might be all they need to be reassured that they can become better and would indeed be better.

To your spouse, that small kiss, that small reassurance talk, that small gift might be all they need to be reassured that the love you have for them is real. A lot of great things always start on a small scale and finally escalates to a big level.

Take a few minutes today to do something good no matter how small, but never stop doing just that small bit and see how much it would help the community. To help does not have to be financial, we can smile at someone, teach what we know, listen to people when they are down.
These very small things would definitely make the world a better place. Go get started
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:22am On Feb 19, 2017
Be Ethically Conscious
Sometimes, we do things without considering whether it is good or bad. We sometimes go along with the flow. Since others are doing it, that means I can also do it, no problem. But do you sometimes take a few minutes out to look at what you are trying to do and really understand that what you are doing is really right or wrong.

Consider the next task you are going to do and really look at the ethical aspect of it. Whatever task it is, it is time we start asking the fundamental questions of ethics. While studying ethics back in school, I thought it was something easy to do, but now I have come to realize that it is really important and something we must take time to understand. This is because we keep doing a lot of very small unethical things but when all combined together is something big.

Kindly keep in mind that the best way to work is to follow the ethical way without which we would make the world around us rather unbalanced. Take a few minutes today to understand the ethics surrounding your job and business and ensure that you try as much as possible to be ethically upright.

Nothing pays as much as being ethical
Re: For Computer Science Students by severus(m): 1:21pm On Feb 19, 2017
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:49am On Feb 24, 2017
Correcting Others
Making mistakes is something every single one of us has done in one point or the other of our lives and would most likely make more in the future. However, making mistakes makes us look incompetent, ashamed and makes us lose confidence in ourselves.
However, when we make mistakes, what we need to do is to learn from the mistake and ensure it never happens again. But when you observe a person making a mistake, it is necessary to explain to the person what exactly the mistake is, why it is a mistake and point to the solution. In organizations where a lot of people work together and a lot of mistakes are made, it is rather necessary to find a really good way to correct others so as to prevent malice and jealousy among staffs when corrected. Below are some few points I think we can adhere to when trying to correct others.

Establish that the problem was indeed a mistake. Sometimes, some things might look like the person made a mistake, but was trying to get something else done. After establishing that it was indeed a mistake, then move to step 2

Seek to have a moment with the person privately. Most people do not like to be corrected in public. Explain what you believe is the right answer and how the person can get to make it right

Rather than only talking, try as much as possible to put the person through to avoid a future recurrence. Also try have the issue documented so that other colleagues who have the same issue would simply read up rather than you having to repeat the same thing.

Try to never correct a person over a general communication medium. Where everyone can see the mistake. Rather do so using personal communication medium

Be calm and composed when making corrections, rather than by being in a very loud and rude manner simply because you feel you need to correct a person

Always refer to mistakes by the event rather than by the person who made the mistake. This rather seems like the person who made the mistake is always tagged with his/her mistake

Know that making mistakes is something that should not be looked at as a very bad thing but rather as a tool for learning and ensuring not to make the same mistake twice

These few points are some of the ways I believe we can go around correcting ourselves.

Call To Action
Simply try to follow at least one of these points when correcting a friend today
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:28am On Feb 25, 2017
Say No Clearly: Promise Wisely
So we do not want to disappoint our friends when they ask for a favor so we do not decline directly. We kind of promise to do something but at the end, we do not. It is rather important that we carefully look at the things we say Yes or No to.
Some of us are truly willing to do what is asked, but we have already too much on our plates. When such situation happen, it is rather better that we do not decline but do not speak in a way that makes the person have high hopes about what they have asked for.

Sometimes, the person asking expects a No, simply check out within yourself and decide whether you would be able to fulfill the promise or not. Also, when you are not too sure, rather postpone making the decision and inform the person to check back on you later to complete the discussion rather than answering at the spot.
When we make promises, we make people fix some things in their lives that would be hard to change if we do not go on with our promise. I believe we need to start with the very small things that we do think do not matter. We should say things only when we mean it. We should be a person with a very good reputation of meaning what we say.

A person who says NO to a lot of things and YES to very few things is far better than saying YES to a lot of things and not keeping up with the promise. A lot of us are guilty of this, but if we start trying now, the world would definitely be a better place for me and you
Re: For Computer Science Students by uvalued(m): 12:37am On Feb 26, 2017
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:23am On Feb 27, 2017
The Art of Being Confident
At times, we see people who behave confidently as if they knew exactly what was going to happen and we stand looking surprised and amazed as to how easy those kind of people are able to appear confident. One little secret you have to know is that it is either there first time and they are very afraid that it would not work out or they have practiced over a long period of time and it has now become second nature to them.

Most people in life do not have all the things they have just as it was planned. Some get it more easily and others have to do extra great work to achieve the success they currently have. Being confident is an art to be built over time and not something that simply falls to our laps without working for it.

Being confident is the belief that what you are planning would go exactly the way you have planned and if it doesn’t, you would do everything you have to do to make it right. Simply thinking and not acting would not make you confident, and one more secret is that things appear to be more difficult than they really are.

Remember something you once told yourself was too difficult to achieve then you later achieved it and you keep asking yourself what exactly was difficult about the whole task. Same as confidence. You need to try as much as you can before you finally know whether it was hard or not.
Remember, things appear to be more difficult than they really are. So is being confident. Various questions flow through your mind, what if it does not work out, what if I am not the right person. A lot of what ifs would definitely blow your mind, but the most important what if to work with is what if I win?

Let that if be the only if that would keep pushing you forward and never look back at any other form of ifs. Keeping going and keep moving forward, confidence is a daily practice.
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:47am On Feb 28, 2017
Just Try Again
Sometimes, we want something so bad but the fear of being rejected makes us stop. We convince ourselves that we are not good enough and that it might be better for us if we do not try it out. We say things just to make us feel okay but in the end, we do not really feel okay, all you feel is guilt and unhappiness

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.
Sydney J. Harris — Brainy Quotes

I saw an opening for a speaker at the CMS AFRICA SUMMIT but I was not sure if I could be invited to speak due to the level of international speakers speaking at the event. But anyways, I tried and I have being officially invited as a speaker at the event. I am really I did apply and would never know what would have happened if I never applied.

A lot of things like this pass us by everyday and we are too afraid to even try. We give up even before trying. To fail does not mean you are a failure, it might simply mean you have discovered your mistake and would be willing to do better next time.

Please whatever it is you want to do and have been afraid of trying, kindly try again today and see what happens. By trying today, it does not mean you will surely get it, but it means you are no longer at the same place you were yesterday and that means you are progressing. Keep going everyday until you have achieved what it is you really want. Never let fear hold you back
Re: For Computer Science Students by afeesalau(m): 9:14pm On Feb 28, 2017
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:01am On Mar 02, 2017
Oh, Forgive Me
This message is to you, yes You. It is my little way of apologizing for all the things I have done to hurt you. To seek your forgiveness is all that I ask for. The world would never be a perfect place if we do not make mistakes and learn from them. I have made my mistakes and as such learning from it right now, kindly forgive me

There is definitely someone out there who you need to say this to today. We are not perfect, we make mistakes and as time goes on, we look back and wish some things are not the way they currently are. It could be with your parents, your relatives, colleagues at work or any other place. You feel out of place to be the one apologizing, but if that is what your real you wants, you have to give in to it because that is exactly who you are.

A Nice and forgiving human. Very few human beings has ever made it through life without hurting one person or the other. We hurt others and other people hurt us. It is in our capacity as humans to ensure that we clear whatever differences we have between ourselves and move on to greater things in life. By the way, would that issue matter 10 years from today?

When we forgive, people sometimes sabotage our efforts and rub it over our face about being weak. Never let people determine how you would behave. Keep your calm and always try to reason things out first when people push you to your limits. You are human you know, so no matter how much you wish to calm down, you break up at some point. So always try in your own possible best to be good and forgive as much as you can.
The world needs a lot more of forgiveness and love. Contribute your quota today.

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Make a decision today to forgive that person. Place a call and try resolve issues. Thank me later
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:42am On Mar 04, 2017
The Idea of Finishing Touches
Have you ever looked at a product and seems to think that is something missing about this product or service. You look up and down but you cannot seem to find out exactly what that is. I would like to advise that to have a final product that you really like, the foundation must be strong and solid.

You need to pay close attention to details from the beginning of your design. You pay attention right from when you conceive the idea to the moment when the idea becomes a value. To pay close attention from the beginning to the end is all that you need to have a complete product you would like.

For example, you want to build a shoe. You do not look to see if the shoe is fine at the end stage, you have to pay complete attention to every fine detail from the beginning. The leather to be used, the sole of the shoe and every single thing about the shoe needs to be in place at every single step. However, never be too dramatic with the details. It simply pays to be very observant about what it is you want to do. 

Always at every point be careful with whatever it is you are doing. Be it programming, going out on a date. Anything you can think of, always ensure that the details is followed but never feel trapped in finding the best. Ensure that you apply your best to every detail that you have. It is really the best you can offer at that point.

So on your next project, simply look up every detail that needs to be updated and put your best at it.
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:11am On Mar 05, 2017
CMS Africa 2017 Was Awesome
The CMS Africa 2017 event was held at Chelsea Hotel, Abuja and was indeed a great event to have attended. All the mighty forces in the CMS industry were all there. Talking about WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many more. The event also geared at improving Open Source Community Collaboration in Africa.

Events like this are where you come to see what other technologies you could use to help solve your most pressing issues and get to network and meet people face-to-face. There is always a different feeling when you get to meet a person physically rather than communicating online. It helps improve collaboration and also introduces one to cutting-edge technologies you did not believe was ready for use.

Creating events and conferences should be something encouraging not only because of the fun part but also because it helps improve on what you already know. Various speakers speaking from their various angles and people sharing ideas. One is never always the same after these kinds of events.

I would also like to use this opportunity to appreciate the effort of the organizers of the event and all the speakers who have spoken. Because I am personally touched and changed by some of the things I have heard at the event. The idea of writing a book to promote a business is something I am looking forward to. Creating a developer evangelist profile to help improve community relations and development is also something I would also like to look into.

These are things I would never have known right now if not for being at the event. Many more ideas I might not be able to state are all in my mind. The idea of writing documented code is also something I would be more careful about.
Once again, a great shout out to the organizers of CMS Africa 2017. Thank you

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:03am On Mar 08, 2017
Show Appreciation
Every day I open my tap to fetch water, water gushes out until I have to put it off. With this cycle, I have come to see having water as something easy and less appreciative. But yesterday, the main pipe that supplied by area water had a problem, so right now, there is no water to use and we have to seek other places to get water. With this scarcity of water, I have come to appreciate water.

In our lives, it might not be water that we have in abundance that we do not show appreciation. It might be a gift of life, the gift of love. Whatever it is that we have everyday that has so become easy that we do not show any appreciation. We need to take some time out and really be appreciative of what we have.

It might be a wonderful spouse, a nice job and a lot more. We need to show more appreciation to the people we see around. To the air we breathe, to everything, let us show more appreciation

We seem to forget how to appreciate some things when we have them in abundance. We seem to think it is normal to have those things and no need to show appreciation. Whatever we think that we have and is normal to be, someone is somewhere wishing he/she has what we currently have. So for what we have, let’s show more appreciation.

Take a few minutes today to look at those things, people and other stuffs around you and show appreciation. We do not need to loose anything before we seek to ponder and reflect. In abundance and scarcity, reflect.

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