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Re: For Computer Science Students by alankacee(m): 5:34pm On Mar 08, 2017
We are setting up an IT Lab.If you are interested to be part of the team, you can send a mail to alankacee@gmail.com stating your IT proficiency and previous projects. But no sweat if you have never worked on any project as along as you are trainable.

Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:20am On Mar 12, 2017
What’s Your Story? Share It
We all have different stories at different point in time. Why not tell your story today. It might help someone. I remember being an undergraduate and wishing and praying to get a nice job after graduation. Now I am a graduate and I have a nice job, are the feelings and expectations the same. Well, not really bad for my expectations and feelings.

But I do know that someone is at that same point in life right now thinking of how life after graduation would be. Take time to tell your story because it could help someone else. You might not immediately see the effect and value of what you are doing, but as far as you are doing it to help another, then it would definitely be of value to someone out there. It might take a while but it would definitely help.

Starting out as a Computer Science student, I wish I could write a simple program. I would go online seeking how to do that. But now, I wish someone had shared their stories and experiences earlier maybe I would not have done the same exact thing another person did.

Whatever it is today that you think you have passed through and you think it might likely happen to another person. Kindly write about it. You do not need to be a great writer to write that, people that need it would connect to it no matter how bad it is. People with some health issues would relate to the issue if someone who has once had the issue reports how he/she went through it. Same as you.

Do not forget to leave a little part of you in writing. It makes it easier to get past some stages earlier rather than starting from the beginning.
Share your story today

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:21am On Mar 13, 2017
Find Happiness Within You
Sometimes, we badly want someone by our side. We want someone who would love and cherish us, be by our side at every moment. But we realize that the more we try, the more we drive people away. You seek to find a relationship but is broken even before it started. You are willing to give all you have but you seem not to find anyone to give it to.

Life does not always give us what we want but it sure gives us what we need. You might say you need a person to love you, but do you really love yourself. How much do you know about yourself? What are the things that make you happy? People will not necessarily make you happy if you cannot make yourself happy. It takes more to be happy than having someone to make you happy. Be happy with yourself and please do know about yourself before you seek happiness from others.

Life is great when we share with others. However, you need to be as happy as you can be. Partners make what is good better. So be sure to be good in yourself before you seek happiness in the eye of others.

I have since tried to seek happiness from others but lately I have discovered that it takes only me to find what really makes me happy and be happy. Your partners would not be perfect. They are humans. So when they make mistakes, we can find happiness from ourselves that can help push the relationship forward.

Do not look to someone else for happiness, find it within yourself. Stay Moral
Re: For Computer Science Students by lukmanbolaji(m): 7:31pm On Mar 13, 2017
add me up 08186554303

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:38am On Mar 15, 2017
What Is Your Goal?
Well, this is more like a personal message for me. A message to my future self before I become 30. By the way, who says I would be 30. I wish I would be and I pray to be. Beyond that, there are a lot of goals I would love to achieve before I am 30. Well, how old am I now? Well, just know that I would be clocking 30 by 2024. That is not really far.

So what I would really love to have achieved are not much. Just some few normal stuffs and some few hopeful wishes. 
I want to have a PhD in Computer Science 
I want to be married and have kids
I want to be better at my religion, helping others and better at my job

Well, I really love to complete my education. Beyond having a degree in Computer Science, I would really love to further my studies. But finance is hard to come by and scholarships are becoming harder to get. So, I keep pushing and keep trying.

Oh, abut getting married. I really wish to find and be with my better half as life is good but better with your truly beloved partner. And well, kids just make you want to be young again. A great inspiration for parents.

Better in every aspect. My religion of Islam is what I need to improve the most. Becoming a better Muslim, treating people with care and respect. And loving all with all my heart. My job as a Software Developer is something I would really love to get better at as I seem to have a lot of holes to fill.

And well, just a little inclusion. To become a world-renowned speaker. Well, more like a programmer speaker.
Well, my Creator, I seek your mercy and favor towards achieving my goal.

What is your goal? Share it, we can all help each other become better
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:47am On Mar 20, 2017
How Hard Do You Want It?
So you really want to become that person you have been wishing to be like? You think all day about that job you wish you had and you would probably continue wishing if you do not take the step. Most of us want something so bad but are we really working so hard.

Success comes easy after a comprehensive hard work. It does not come easy. So you have been working on a project for a few months and you think you have already worked hard enough. No, it is not enough. You need to try harder. Keep trying if and only if it is what you truly love.
If what you are working hard on is not what you love, then I am sorry. You have no future in it. What are you reasons for doing what you do? Those are the basic principles that push you forward. If you really love what you do, you would find a way. However, always know the boundary between love and obsession. Always read the writing on the wall. Do not compare yourself with others. It might not be what you like.

Comparing yourself with others is one quick way of overworking yourself and thinking you are not achieving any goal. We all have different time zones. The time of Obama becoming President is different for Trump but both have now held the post. Do not compare yourself with others and base your hard work on that.

You need to do more for what you love. What you really love is what is going to take you to where you want to go. Keep going and keep doing more.
All it takes is Hard Work
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 3:22pm On Mar 25, 2017
It Takes Time
So I have been programming for the past 2 years. I seem to be progressing at a slow pace. I really wish I could do more. I try all I can but it all seems to be going slow. Look at my boss, he has already achieved it all. Why am I still at this point?

These are some thoughts that comes to my mind times without number. I wish I would simply wake up and every issue I have has been fixed or does not even exist at all. I wish everything was perfect. I know a lot of people out there also want to have a life like this. But after speaking to one of my bosses at work, he explained things to me from a different perspective.

He said listen, it takes time. You cannot wake up and simply have everything you want. To be a successful person in your profession, you need to have a lot of challenges. You need to give it time. The most important things you need to work on are your habits. Your habits are the most important things that would determine how your life would be. This is because your life is a summation of what you do everyday. To become better, you need to do incremental good things everyday.

Also know that the result does not immediately come up. Sometimes, you see no result at all. You need to try and try again. Be sure to give yourself time when you are trying to become a better you.

Development of a kid does not happen in a day. So would your own current growth and development take time. Take some minutes and reflect on when you wanted what you currently have. You wanted to get married so badly but now you are married. It takes time for great things to manifest. Ensure you are always taking small steps everyday towards achieving that which you want.

Please do not be discouraged on your path to greatness. If you are discouraged, it is a good symptom that you are going for something great and different. Try the possible best you can everyday and keep trying your best. That is all that you need.

Thanks for Reading and Sharing
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:42am On Mar 26, 2017
Begin With The End In Mind
Imagine that today was your last day on Earth, you have done all you could have accomplished and have left this world. How would you like others to remember you? What would you like people to say about you? What would you like to have achieved in life?

If today was your last day on Earth, what would your spouse, your best friend, colleague or neighbor say about you? Do you really think they would say what you really wished they would have said. No matter who you are, you would want people to say good things about you when you are no longer here. Well, you cannot be here forever so you have to face the reality of the end.

Whatever you do today is what people would talk about about when you leave. You do not have to die before people talk about you. You simply have to live for people to talk about you. As you currently live your life, what do you think you would achieve in the end if you continue like this?
You would most likely say I am trying my best. I am always very busy at work doing one thing or the other. But if you were not here, would what you are doing be really important. Would you be missed for that task or would the task even be important. People seem to mistake busyness for productivity. You might be working very hard to cut a tree and later discover you were cutting the wrong tree from the beginning. Have you achieved your goal? The answer is obvious.

So is what you are currently doing now. At the workplace, whatever it is that you are doing, is it the right thing? Are you doing things or acting only because you want to be praised and appreciated in the short run. When you are no longer here, it would become clear if you were doing the right thing or not.

Always think about the end on whatever activity you want to do whether personal or for your organization. A lot of people want to make a lot of money, but very few people when dead really wish they were really rich. Well, who needs money when they are dead. Seeking to be rich is not a bad thing, but chasing it at whatever cost is something I know you would not wish you did when you are on your death bed.
Life is sweet if lived well. Live everyday to the fullest, love with all your heart. Give your best because at the end, that is what you would have wished you did.

Please as you get to work today, always remember to begin with the end with every activity you want to work on. Do the right things right and abandon the wrong things. Because even the wrong things perfectly does not make it right. 

Do exactly the right thing and never do things because of what people around you would feel. Ensure it is the right thing and go for it.
Thanks for Reading and Sharing
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:53am On Mar 27, 2017
So why do we comment our code? To give a better explanation about a code we have written. But why do we have to explain a code we have written as code are meant to be self-explanatory. So if you are adding comments to your code, does it mean that your code was not self-explanatory? If your code was not self-explanatory, do not bother adding comments to the code, kindly refactor your code. What is the essence of commenting a bad code?

A lot of programmers want to give better clarification about what they are doing and as such, employ every means possible to achieve that. However, following some basic naming principles, we would not have to comment our code. But be careful, I do not say you do not need to comment at all. There are cases in which comments are a must, but where they are not necessary, they are a source of nuisance and space misappropriation.

Unlike codes, comments are rarely refactored. Most of the time, it is rather difficult to refactor comments after they have been written. Be careful, because a bad comment is far worse than no comment at all. It misleads, it lies, it causes a very great level of inaccuracy when reading the code. Try as much as possible to explain yourself in your code and far away from comments.

Beyond stating the bad sides of comments, listed below are some of the places where comments can serve good purposes, but even in those places its use should be limited

Legal Rules: This is where the copyright law for the code and the organization and the authors of the code are written. Since this type of comment can be found in almost every file, it would rather be important if it can be written in a separate file for the project

Informative Comments: No matter how descriptive our namings are, we sometimes need some helper comments to shed more light on certain names. In these cases, use comments. but be careful as these cases are really rare. Always explain yourself in code

Intent: Some implementations need to be followed by the intent why the programmer chose to use some certain concepts to solve the problem. In this case, comments can be used to explain intent.

Warning: Some implementations can use more resources than needed at some certain time or do something we do not want all the time. A certain method execution might drop all the data in the database. For these rare cases, comments can be added to warn anyone before they try using a certain method

Todo: Not all tasks can be completed at once. Comments can be added to explain that certain code is still in progress or another programmer looking at the code should complete some other items in progress.

Emphasis: To lay more emphasis on a certain piece of code. Comments can be added to give the developer a heads-up.
There could be more reasons why you want to add comments to your code but the reasons stated above are some that scaled through the acceptable comments bar.
Beyond acceptable comments, what comments are bad? Check it out in Part 2 of this article
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:19am On Apr 01, 2017
Pause For A Moment
Sometimes we simply flow and go along with the norms. We want to buy that car because that is what is in town. You want to go out and party because that is what everyone is doing. For how long would you continue doing what others do. If you do what others do, you become what they become. You choose some certain situations you want to be in rather than simply follow along with what everyone does.

Do be different, you have to act differently. You need different results, be different. A lot of people today spend a lot of money organizing events because that is what everyone around them is doing. You spend so much organizing a wedding party, a house-warming-party.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself what would happen if you never did what others were doing. Would it make you any less of a human being? The answer is clear. NO. Then why do you still continue in the shadows of what everyone is doing?
Take some time today and analyze how your current life is moving. Would it matter if you stopped what you are doing? What benefit are you creating from what you currently do? Ask yourself some very important questions. We act every day as if our lives go on forever. But no, it stops at some point. So why do we act differently?

Read through all you do every day and ponder if it really makes sense. See to it that you modify your daily activities in such a way that your life is impacted positively and the people around you. It is not always about you. It takes more to life than just getting things done alone. Try to make sure you impact the people around you?

In the end, all that matters is not that you alone is happy. It matters that everyone around you benefits from the goodness you share around. We came into this world with nothing and we would never leave with nothing.

Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:57am On Apr 07, 2017
Why Are You Doing It?
I sat down at my desk trying to do something and then the question popped up in my head. The question was “Why are you doing this?”. I simply stopped what I was doing and took some few minutes to ask myself exactly why I was doing what I was doing. But the answer came back really fast and it was because it was what someone else wanted and I did not thing it was the right thing to do. Do not get me wrong, you can do something because that is how it is done or you could choose to do it the right way. It is your choice.
Whatever it is you choose to do today is mostly your choice. There is no I cannot. There is always I would not. Try asking yourself the next time you want to start a task if the task is really important or simply because someone else wants it done that way. You only have one life to live and you want to be proud of every single moment. Doing the right it at all time is all that matters at the end. On your death bed, all you wish you did were all the right things and not have done something because someone else thought it was the right thing.

Do not get me wrong and start going against your boss at work over what is right or wrong. You have to execute tasks at work and you need to follow orders if you need that paycheck. But even if what you want to do is not right, you should have civil ways at discussing it. 
Taking time to really discuss what your tasks are is really important. Do not be confused between being busy and being useful. Do very important things and not very busy stuffs. At the end, all that matters is that you did the important tasks. 

Please do take some few minutes to analyse whatever task it is you are taking today and determine whether you are doing the right thing or not. Most importantly, are you being busy or useful. Most people convince themselves that what they are doing is really important. But try stay away from work for a day and see if work does not go just as fine as if you were never absent. The flavor of being busy has made you so blind to the very important tasks at hand.

Kindly check it out today and determine if you are busy or useful. Its your choice
Re: For Computer Science Students by Deicide: 1:09pm On Apr 07, 2017
@azibit i created a form using Html now the problem is how do i use mysql to get the data the users would input?

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 11:08pm On Apr 08, 2017
@azibit i created a form using Html now the problem is how do i use mysql to get the data the users would input?

Hello, what language are you using for your backend connection to the database?
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 11:09pm On Apr 08, 2017
Blame Not Your Situation
Most of the time when we feel stuck in life, our only means of seeking comfort is blaming every single situation around us. We blame the government, the weather and every single thing we can blame. This gives the responsibility of improving our lives to another person and another thing. We say things like “Only if I was not born in this country, I would have succeeded”. You are passing your function of becoming successful to a function of a location.

The power to become whatever you want lies within you. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason. All you have to do is never be a reactant to your situations and challenges. Be an actor, not a reactor. It is easy to react and wait for instructions from your environment before you take action. However, all you need to do is act on your situation. Never wait to be acted upon before you act.

The situations around you are not what determines who you would become. Your situation is not a factor of who you should become. It is really difficult to act as if our environment does not affect us but we need to be conscious of our environment and never be made to react because of what our environment passes on to us.

You should lead your life in the best way that you want. Not in the way another person or your current situation is. You alone is the person to make your life decisions.

So make a decision today to be an actor rather than a reactor. Be the person who gives command about how your life would go rather than receiving instructions from your environment about how your life should go.
Re: For Computer Science Students by Deicide: 6:39pm On Apr 09, 2017

Hello, what language are you using for your backend connection to the database?
i dont even know what you mean by this or is it something like perl?
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:43am On Apr 10, 2017
Do Not Give Up
It is sometimes easy to tell someone not to give up hope especially if you are not in their situation. We say I feel your pain, but do we really feel exactly what the other person is feeling. We might feel it and we might not but the most important thing anyone can do in any situation is never to be a reactant to their situation. Never let your situation control who you are. 

Have a clear goal and go for it no matter what. This does not mean to follow blindly when all the signs are there that says that you should not continue. Some situations are simply apparent but for others, we need to keep pushing until we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some people find it difficult to determine situations to give up and situations to not give up. It is really hard to tell but you can really always find a ground to choose from. It is a game of numbers so persist as much as you can with all that you have.

Do not see yourself as a loser rather see yourself victorious at the end of your struggle. You have to believe in yourself as no one can see for you what you see for yourself. The future is still at large. A lot of what our future becomes is how we make ourselves. The future is just like a machine, it is the output of our input. Your inputs are your thoughts and actions today and every other day. You cannot let your present day make you produce less of an input than the best. You can only have this chance right now.

Do not give up. By giving up, you simply produce no input to your future machine. Without any input, there is essentially no output. Remember, your future is an output of your present day. Make the result a wonderful one. Take some few minutes today to really analyze what your input is. You can do better than what you think you are doing and giving up is not an option. 
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:53am On Apr 10, 2017

i dont even know what you mean by this or is it something like perl?

Okay, so let me rephrase my question. So you write computer programs using languages. The front end languages are mostly what you see on the screen. The backend language is the language does the logic. You mostly cannot see the backend logic directly on screen which is where you do all the database connection and other server side code.

So that is my question. What language do you use for the connection to your database and other backend logic
Re: For Computer Science Students by Deicide: 11:16am On Apr 10, 2017

Okay, so let me rephrase my question. So you write computer programs using languages. The front end languages are mostly what you see on the screen. The backend language is the language does the logic. You mostly cannot see the backend logic directly on screen which is where you do all the database connection and other server side code.

So that is my question. What language do you use for the connection to your database and other backend logic
Thats what am asking na If i had would i be asking you sir?
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 11:06am On Apr 20, 2017

Thats what am asking na If i had would i be asking you sir?

Okay, so you could use PHP or Java as the backend code or an array of other languages. You could simply look up connecting to database using PHP online. That would be a cool way to start. Let me know if you have issues finding any resources for that
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 11:07am On Apr 20, 2017
The Three Stages of Human Development
When we come into this world, we are dependent on our parents for everything. We cannot eat or do the basic items of life without seeking help from others. At this stage in life, it is only natural that we remain dependent for as long as we are still growing up. However, this stage does not go on forever. At some point in time, we stop depending on others and start fending for ourselves. At this point, we become independent.

By becoming independent, we seek to fend for ourselves without seeking support from others. We at this point are in definition independent. However, no man is ever fully independent. We simply become independent to a certain level. There are still some aspects of life where we would still be dependent. We still are dependent on air, water and all the basic natural needs of life. It means we still are dependent on the creator of the universe.

Beyond being dependent and independent, we need to look at another stage of life. Do we become our best only by being independent? The answer is NO. We still at one point or the other depend on other humans for growth and development. To achieve the best in life, we need to transcend to the level of interdependence.

By being interdependent, we do not rely on people for what we need, but we try to work with others to achieve the best we all can be. It is definitely possible to become the best alone but it is more fulfilling when achieve success with others. When we make others become better, then the true meaning of success is achieved.

In life, one’s goal is not only to better ourselves, but to better people all around us. We do want to make a mark on the world when we leave, but this cannot be achieved by only staying at the level of independence. We need to become interdependent.
In the real sense, no human is truly independent, so we strive at becoming interdependent. By becoming interdependent, we do not look up to others for dependence, but we strive to achieve the best out of our independence.
Countries like America must at some point depend on other countries, but that does not mean America is dependent on those countries. By becoming interdependent, countries achieve more and do more.

So is human. However, this development must be gradual. You do not expect to become independent all at once. But we should at some point, learn to grow and move from one step to another.

In the end, the goal is interdependence, NOT INDEPENDENCE
Re: For Computer Science Students by Deicide: 9:05pm On Apr 21, 2017

Okay, so you could use PHP or Java as the backend code or an array of other languages. You could simply look up connecting to database using PHP online. That would be a cool way to start. Let me know if you have issues finding any resources for that
ok thanks
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 5:53pm On Apr 30, 2017
Team Work is All That Matters
As a software developer, we get ranked by how many programming languages or how many projects we have contributed to. This is the current trend and I think it would not last long. The reason is because you can find the resources to learn what you need when you need to. And once you have learnt it, it sticks with you forever. By the way, the basics is what you need to know to survive a lot of Software Development project.

So what would matter? In my own opinion, ability to work with others would be one of the required skill in the future. This is because a lot of people would be able to do great things alone but you know when two great minds come together, the result is amazing. So would be programming. Programmers would be able to pull off great projects alone but those projects would have hit a whole lot of people if the project was done by a lot of people. A lot of brilliant ideas makes a project flourish

I am not talking about having to work in groups on every single project you have. No, the whole idea is to start cultivating the habit of working with teams. Working with teams means a lot of things have to change from the current way you are used to doing things. A lot of programmers like to start and finish something all in their own space and simply push it out to the next developer once they are done. No communication while on the project or anything as such. But it would be difficult if the project would go perfectly fine because as we all know it, one bug or the other would definitely crawl into the project out of nowhere and every developer would say their code was fine.

You do not need to always be in a team to work fine, but it matters that you learn from time to time about working on a team. A lot of open source projects have issues where people find it difficult to work as a team. The idea of a team is to have a unified way of seeing a problem even if we all individually see it otherwise. Everyone needs to bring up their suggestions in a calm and organized manner and that is how a team would grow.
Every single Software Developer needs to be able to understand how to improve the overall goal of a team by working hand in hand with other programmers. Imagine yourself as a football team, one single player cannot do it all. It takes the team to make it work. Even the world best footballers need to be in the right team to grow. All that matters is that the end goal is the same. So in programming.

It might take a while to get used to that but it would definitely pay off if we all learn to work together as a team rather than just single entities.
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by Harbioye(m): 6:06am On May 01, 2017
Nice writeup on this thread so far
It's really motivating

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Re: For Computer Science Students by Harbioye(m): 6:18am On May 01, 2017
What’s Your Story? Share It

Share your story today

Let me start by introducing myself
I'm Yusuf Ridwan, a Comp. Sci undergraduate HND1.
I could remember back then in 2012, I chose computer science as a course of study coz there was no other course o could apply for in JAMB buh fast forward to 2017, I av no regret of choosing comp. sci.

Like most other students, I fell in love with programming buh I couldn't develop myself in 1 language (back then as an ND student).

Thank God for meeting someone I call the "Right Person", I began to develop myself in C# WinForms, MySql database and I'm currently learning drupal CMS and Android PL.

The journey so far, has not been smooth buh it's been encouraging.

I'm not a good writer buh I hope my writeup pass a message to whoever is reading this right now.


Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:31am On May 02, 2017

Let me start by introducing myself
I'm Yusuf Ridwan, a Comp. Sci undergraduate HND1.
I could remember back then in 2012, I chose computer science as a course of study coz there was no other course o could apply for in JAMB buh fast forward to 2017, I av no regret of choosing comp. sci.

Like most other students, I fell in love with programming buh I couldn't develop myself in 1 language (back then as an ND student).

Thank God for meeting someone I call the "Right Person", I began to develop myself in C# WinForms, MySql database and I'm currently learning drupal CMS and Android PL.

The journey so far, has not been smooth buh it's been encouraging.

I'm not a good writer buh I hope my writeup pass a message to whoever is reading this right now.

Your message has indeed passed a message to me. Keep up the good work bro and never stop going higher. Thanks for sharing
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:32am On May 02, 2017
How To Look At Failure
The first time I received a rejection letter from the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, I was devastated. I could not understand why I did not get the scholarship even though my friend got it the first time. I took up courage and applied again. I was rejected the second and third time. 

I applied again the fourth time, this time changing my course from Computer Science to Software Engineering with the hope that fewer people would apply and I would get lucky. However, the result came back the same. I was once again rejected. But the feeling I have now is no longer the same feeling I had the first time. I would not say I am now used to failing. I have simply being able to turn the rejection into a force driving me to get admitted.

I am planning on taking the GRE exams, but because of my rejections, I plan on getting the perfect score I could ever get. The rejection notice I see on the admission letter is what really pushes me to go further than I did the last time. It really is not failure, it means I have another shot at giving the admission board the best that I have got. And this time, they would have no option than to accept me. Well, I pray God makes it work that way.

Sometimes, it is not always about losing. It is about how we look at it and what we do with the failure that matters. I used to simply think to stop applying for graduate school and just work. But the more time I spend working, the more I realize all I want is to go back to school and get the best that I can. I even dare think of applying to MIT. All these are as a result of the failure I had while applying to KFUPM.

I hope my strong will to continue would never break because I do want to go beyond having a masters and eventually a PhD before I reach my 30th birthday. I do not know if it would happen but if I keep changing my perspective and keep doing my best, I believe God has the ultimate key to success and would grant it when he wants.

Education is something I really love and cherish, and the more I get these rejection letters, the more I believe I should go for it. GRE exams is really fun to ace but kinda hard while practicing. I hope I would be able to have a perfect score in the exam and try apply to all the schools I never thought I could dare apply to. Would really take my time to go through the Magoosh course content and give it all I have got.

Well, failure is not about being rejected, it is what you do when you see the rejection letter. Give up or keep going, the choice well I choose is to never give up. You also should not
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:18am On May 04, 2017
Should I Ever Try?
As a kid born in Africa, the first time you hear about MIT is either in the movies or on the Internet. Well you might be lucky that people around you talk about MIT.

MIT — Massachusetts Institute of Technology is unarguably one of the best Tech schools in the whole of Planet earth. When I see people seek and gain admission into that school, I simply ask myself if those people are as human as I am. They must be way better I guess.
But should I just stop there and think that those people who graduate from MIT are simply better and there is nothing I can do about it. Well, it is a choice. There is no guarantee that I would ever gain admission but what’s the worst thing that could happen if I apply.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and I wish and hope that one day, I would be bold and qualified enough to seek and gain admission into MIT. Whenever that day would be, I would give it all the best I can give.
Your case must not be about seeking admission or trying something really hard. It might just be about giving it a try. No matter what the case is, you can still try. Even if you have tried a thousand times, try try again. It makes a lot of sense when you finally succeed after a lot of failures. Even better, no one remembers the failures you had. All they can think of the many success you have achieved.

Would it be possible that people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never failed at anything. If they never failed, they would never have succeeded. It does not matter how long it takes, all that matters is that you didn’t give up.
Inaction is the one regret most people have at the end. Become an exception. Try whatever it is you wish you could have done with the time you have left because no one knows tomorrow.

So get up and give it all you have. Try again and never sit in the room of Inaction. Get up and get into the room of activity and no regrets.
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:26am On May 05, 2017
Am I In Love?
Sometimes, we ask ourselves the question “Why Am I in Love with this person?” We might get an immediate answer and sometimes, we cannot really figure out why. We simply know we want to be with that person. Whatever your reason is, always consider love as a verb not a noun.

Love is not a feeling you get mostly explained by movies. Love is not only about that one time gaze that makes the whole world come down to you. Love is care and feeling in action. It is a feeling confirmed by our actions. It is the ability to think about making another person better while also growing.

Sometimes, we do not get to choose who we care and love. They just happen and we feel we need to be more attentive and caring to certain people. It does not matter how we met. It just happens.

This feeling is what I am currently feeling about a lady I met recently. Not exactly sure why I really like her, I simply just want to get to know her and really love her. Love as a verb. But the more I try, the more it seems to never work. The more I try to see reason with her to give it a chance, the more she gets away from me. Well, when a guy says he likes a girl, it does not always have to be romantic. It could simply be a innocuous feeling which if given a ground to grow can blossom into something great.

Whatever the latent reason for loving this young lady is, it does not seem to go away any time soon. I hope she would one day read this and truly understand that I do truly care and want to be friends with her.
We say we have a reason for doing something. Just because we have a reason does not make the reason right. We can always look at the issue from another point of view and angle. Some might say this is obsession but it is not. It is simply an innocent young man’s way of saying he is really interested.

The most important quality I think anyone should have in a relationship is to be sincere about their feelings. Letting out whatever their heart and mind carries without fear of devaluation or brutish criticism.

My short writing might not carry any more weight than that of a young boy madly in love, but the only thing I can tell you is I profusely let out my heart feelings and for you to know that I really care.

One of the greatest regret people make is Indecision or Inaction. I would not want to make the same mistake with you and which is why I use this medium to let you know that I truly care.
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:20am On May 07, 2017
It is not always really clear why we do what we do sometimes. We try to simply put our best in anything we do so that we are sure we have given the best we ever can. But what if there was something we do that would give more into whatever it is we are into at any point in time.

Have you ever thought about being sincere about whatever it is you are doing at a certain point in time? Being sincere here means having a clear and feasible reason for doing whatever you are doing backed up by God. Most people believe that doing something real hard is the only way to achieve success. I am not criticizing that but rather suggesting that doing hard work with all sincerity is a better way to achieve greatness and success.

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, a feeling of being sincere makes you give it all you have with the faith that God would definitely help you out. It does not matter what it is you are going, all that matters is that you give it all you have with the strength that you have with the time that you have. That is all that matters.

We need to be sincere in our jobs, relationships, friendships and every other aspect of our lives. It does not matter what action we participate in, all that matters is that we are sincere and giving it all we have. To be sincere is to state specifically why you are in a relationship with another person with no fear of being rejected but with the firm faith that all you have stated is nothing but the truth. It matters that we are sincere in everything we embark on.

The world would definitely be a better place if we become more sincere in the way we carry out our everyday activities. It does not matter how significant or insignificant the task is, all that matters is that we are sincere in it.
Take some few minutes to really be sincere in the activity you are currently participating in and all other activities you would ever participate.

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:55am On May 08, 2017
Is Your Customer Satisfied?
Most of the time, engineers believe that if they build the right product that people would come. This issue is somewhat true but a new wave of whether a customer would use your product or not is sweeping across the whole market and no amount of advertising can surpass that. It is called Customer Satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction is a really complex issue but any organization you ask about their customer satisfaction always believes that they are satisfying their customers 100%. But is that the case? Most organizations only talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. What I mean is that it is easy for any organization to say they are satisfying their customers while they are indeed doing the opposite.

I sincerely believe it is rather important that organizations start focusing on customer satisfaction rather than merely spending more money on advertisement. From an article I read recently on medium, the effect of advertisement is greatly reducing as a lot of people have began developing a phobia for adverts and simply do not want to see or believe them anymore.

What most people want is trust. They want to have organizations who are loyal to them and they would in turn reciprocate the gesture. However, as clear as this is, a lot of organizations still prefer to do adverts than listen to the voice of their customers. An organization might maintain monopoly in a market, but if they provide poor customer service, only time would tell before their monopoly no longer exists no matter what type of industry they are in.
The truth be told. People would rather buy a product on the suggestion of a friend or colleague who has tried the same product rather than mere jingles of advertisements. Even the power of salespersons is gradually becoming less effective as customers are more skeptical about what salespersons have to say. All the salesperson wants in the end is a part of your wallet.

It would be wise for any organization to focus rather on customer satisfaction than mere advertisements. I would also recommend that the top advertisement companies like Google take more time to work on how to get Customer Satisfaction rating apps than mere adverts. This is because a lot of people are beginning to get tired of adverts and the only way adverts can work is through words of mouth. Well, I consider this a free but paid adverts. You customers should be the ones doing the advertising and marketing for you rather than spending an extra dime in employing salespersons. Let your customers become your salesperson.

This might not directly translate to a huge financial upsurge immediately but in the future, adverts would definitely be considered one of the least ways of persuading customers. Words of mouth of customers means customers are loyal to your product and more loyalty only means more promised sales in times to come. You have guaranteed sales and you have loyal customers who would go out of their way to become your salesperson.

This might be a long shot but it is time organizations began considering the need to up their games in the area of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Idea from the Book Satisfaction of J.D. Power and Associates
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:03am On May 12, 2017
It Matters That You Do It Right
Some few months ago, I was serving as a corp member and I had to teach some of my students Fractions. Fast forward to today, I am revising fractions in preparation for my GRE exams and I still remember exactly how I taught my kids proper and improper fractions, mixed fractions and so on. Woow, in such a little time, I have been able to see the effect of something I did.

That made me think that what if I never taught those kids Fractions in the best way that I could have. Two things would have happened. I would have to definitely focus and learn fractions again and the guilt of not teaching the kids very well would taunt me for the rest of my live. But I am happy that I did just the best that I could for those kids.

This is one scenario in life. Everyday, we are faced with challenges and what matters is that we solve them with all the best we have got. It does not have to be a big task before we give it our best, we simply need to give our best no matter the situation. For those at work, it does not matter whether the boss is watching you or not, give the best that you can.

It does not matter whatever task it is that you are working on, it matters that you do it right. Ensure that you have met all the standards that indeed makes whatever you are doing right. It does matter that you have contributed in making something right no matter the size. It matters that we do things the right way because we do not know what the future holds. The same thing we underestimate is what might land us in trouble tomorrow.

It does not matter that the problem was solved or not. It matters that you have looked at yourself and admitted that you gave it your best shot. That is all that matters. I would like that you look into your daily live and give the best to whatever it is that you are currently doing. It does not matter whether the effect of doing it right can be felt immediately or not. 

Great countries have had people who did the best for their countries. Great people also gave it their best in whatever they became great at. It does not matter where you are right now, all that matters is that you have given it your best. So today, give your next task the best that can give. It matters that you do.

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