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Re: For Computer Science Students by yhormekeyz(m): 8:48am On May 14, 2017
Nice one op.. ....great places awaits u

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:09am On May 18, 2017
What Am I Grateful For?
Can you remember five years ago when you were wishing for what you currently have now? I personally remember five years ago, I was an undergraduate at the Ahmadu Bello University wishing and hoping to have a perfect GPA score and graduate with a perfect degree. Today, I have achieved all that. But am I grateful?

A lot of us have all we used to wish for but they suddenly become things we are entitled to rather than things we are grateful we have. Whatever it is that you have today, someone with your same qualifications is someone seeking for exactly the same thing. So be grateful and humble for what you have.

I am personally grateful for the gift of Life. This week I lost a senior from my university days. He died of Cancer. May His Soul Rest in Peace. Hmm, I believe I should be grateful for the gift of life as a lot of people younger and older than I am are gone but I am still here. I hold no special secret to living longer but the Creator of the Universe has been merciful.

I am grateful for the gift of having a family to call my own. One cannot fully understand the value of family until you do not have them. I am most grateful. For the gift of being a Muslim, I am grateful. To believe in One and Only One true God is something you should cherish. 
I am a job I cherish. Less than a year from graduating from the university, I have a job I look forward to continuing for the rest of my life. I am indeed grateful.

The challenges I have faced that has shaped me in who I have become today are something I am also grateful for. The challenges we wished we never had but have become something good for us in the end.
For my boss and colleagues at work that makes the environment more than interesting. I am grateful. For the gift of everything, I am eternally grateful.

The things we should be grateful for are infinite. But it makes a lot of sense if we sometimes take a few minutes to be grateful for at least one of them. I may not be able to list every single thing I am grateful for because I am human. We all are human. So take a few minutes today to be grateful for something.
Let us Share. What are you grateful for today?

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Re: For Computer Science Students by Harbioye(m): 6:09pm On May 18, 2017
What Am I Grateful For?

Let us Share. What are you grateful for today?

The breathe of life and every other goodies that follow
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:40am On May 22, 2017
I Love to Teach: A lesson from the Ron Clark Story
One of the most fulfilling things I love to do is to teach. I teach as a way to relearn what I already learned and to also pass on the knowledge to someone else. Well, that is what every teacher does. But sometimes it is not as simple as passing on the knowledge. The people you are passing this knowledge onto sometimes do not understand its value and do not give into your teaching. So you have issues passing on the knowledge.

Others, however, know the value of what you are teaching them but might have one or two issues trying to hamper how they learn. They may have issues at home and as such, they find it difficult to learn in school or anywhere else. They deep down want to be accepted and loved before they can give in to learning but that is sometimes difficult for the teacher to understand.

Well, the last category of students simply understand the value of knowledge and are willing to learn. As teachers, we should ever be ready to move our students to the last category where they understand the value of learning and are willing to learn. It is not easy and sometimes seems impossible, but with great effort, it is definitely possible.

I am currently in a situation where I teach about 20 kids how to program but the larger percentage of the class are not in the last category. After watching the Ron Clark Story, I have made a decision to give it all my best to take all my students to the last category. It would not be an easy task but the end goal is worth it. My students are really caring and loving but it seems that we all see things from different perspectives.

After going through the Ron Clark movie, I realized that every good teacher would have a fair share of the good and bad students but the most important task of the teacher would be to try as much as possible to move all the students to the last category. It is a hard task I must say but I am willing to give it all that I can.

Some of my students seriously do not understand why they must program and I think it would take a while to make them understand but I am willing to go all the way.
To every teacher out there who is trying to give his/her students the best learning experience, I say keep up the good work. It would be worth it in the end. To my teachers who have made me a better student, I say thanks.
To all teachers, let's go make our students the best they can be.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 6:55am On May 24, 2017
Do The Right Thing: Let The Consequences Follow
In a world where a lot of people are after riches, people want to be rich no matter what it takes. The best cars, houses and the best spouses that money can buy are the only things a lot of people focus on. They believe that without money, very few things can be achieved.
But is that truly the case? Would having the best car and house give you a fulfilled life. Take a moment to think about that. Most of us want what other people have not because it is of use to us but because others have it. That’s all. I want a nice car like the one my friend is using. If you have the nice car, then what happens.

People have stoop so low to the point that they can lie and cheat just to make money. Well, the law is simple. If you gain money illegally, the money would also go away illegally. Well, that is a simple fact. The time it takes for us to realize this is small. Look back into history into people who lived wrongly, how did they end.

It does matter that you do it right. At work, it matters that you work right. In a relationship, it matters that you love right. Be a good person. Always do the right things. The consequences would always be right.

I remember while I was a kid my mother used to force me to brush my teeth. I never saw the reason for doing that. But today, I fully understand why she did what she did. We may also not fully understand why we must do the right thing today, but give it time, you would be happy you did.
The rules of life are simple. Do good always. Let the consequences follow. Do what is right, not what other people are doing. We all have different lives to live. Just imagine for a second people that were assassinated about 100 years ago. Where are they and the people that assassinated them? Even the people that assassinated them are also dead now. What a waste. It just matters that you do it right. The right thing matters in the end
Please take your time today to always put in your best and do the right thing. The consequences would, in the end, be alright. If it is not alright, it is not the end.

As Victor Franklin said in his book If you understand the reason why you are suffering, suffering no longer looks like suffering. You understand you are in something more powerful than you can ever imagine. You are on a path to something greater.

Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:44am On May 27, 2017
Why Everyone Should Write Code
Can you imagine how people used to improve the efficiency of work in the past? What you need was to hire more people to make the work faster. However, these days what you need is a computer. 

For teachers that know how difficult preparing teaching materials are, what they need is a computer. For the doctor who does not want to make mistakes in diagnosis, all he/she needs is a computer. In whatever scenario you find yourself, when you need more to be done, you get a computer.
One might ask “Are there not Computer Scientist?”. Why should I write code. Well, in the past, only few people could read and you needed to find someone who could read to help you read a letter whenever you have a message. But imagine these days, if you still had to find someone to read your emails and other messages for you.

So is writing code. You do not read to become a professional reader. You simply read to hep cover your basic needs. There are still professionals in the aspect of reading. This is also the same wave that is moving across in the aspect of programming. Everyone would have to one day work with the computer and the ability to be able to instruct the computer on what to do would make a great difference.
You simply should understand that writing code is just like speaking to the computer. If every field is been remodeled by computers, you field would soon be next. And your ability to be able to use the computer would make it easier to work on more important tasks than having to battle with trivial issues.

Imagine when the Apollo satellite was to be sent to space. Issues of calculations was one of the most difficult issues at that time. However, when computers were introduced, the issue of calculations was not the biggest issue and that aided in sending the Apollo team to the moon.
So is a lot of tasks we feel today are overwhelming. If we are using the computer in trying to solve our most crucial issues, our most crucial issues would simply become trivial and other significant issues would come up.

Computers would come to take your job whether you like it or not. But the most important decision you can make is to make the computer your slave and you the master. By being the master, you can control the computer on what to do and what not to do.
This is in essence why we should all learn to code. Computer programming is for us all. Let us embrace it
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:25am On May 29, 2017
Your Personality Matters
Sometimes when I work into a restaurant or supermarket to buy something, the reception at the store is such that I wish I never was there in the first place. But well, as a Nigerian, you cannot blame a lot of those attendants at the store. Some are simply doing the best they can, but others simply have a personality that stinks.

It really is difficult to work at a job that enervates you. These kinds of jobs suck all the energy in you and leave you far more depressed than you were in the beginning. You sometimes feel you never had to work for anyone in your life.

But whatever situation we are in, we have two choices. Either we less the situation control us or we control the situation. We have a choice whether to speak calmly to the next customer or behave rudely. It is definitely not easy. It is easy to talk to talk but hard to walk the talk.

Whatever the situation is, we should try to make the best out of it. However, this does not mean you have to act dumb even in cases when you are out rightly right. But it is always better to let a matter die off than keep elongating it. Whosoever is right or wrong, you have a choice on how to behave. A simple sorry and a smile are what would repair a lot of our situations but a feeling of pride is what causes most of the problem.
Take your time today to do your job well.

Check out your personality and try to always be the better version of yourself. It definitely is not easy but you need to do it anyways.

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 6:15pm On Jun 01, 2017
Why I Believe In Hope
Recently, I was at an event where a lady was trying so hard to explain why she is a realist. She explains that she prefers to say things the way they are rather than believing that something magical would happen. But then she explained a situation where one of her students made progress in spite of the great challenge she faced earlier.

I was in the audience listening to this woman and when she explained the case of one of her students, I felt like standing up and shouting at the woman to simply keep quiet. What other proof does she need to know that things are the way we think about them rather than believing things are the way they are.

We view certain situations not based on how it is but based on our prior experience and our current environment. Very few people really see things the way they really are. Imagine when Microsoft started the dream of having a PC in every home, people who claim to be realist would definitely want to say one or two things why it would not work out. But today, the evidence is everywhere. Children of nowadays even find it hard to imagine a home without a PC. So is the dream and hope you currently have in you. A lot of people might not see what you see, a lot of people might not believe in you. But one thing is certain, nothing is ever the way it is, believe in hope and keep going.

Many people along the way would find one or two reasons why your dream would never come to pass. Why you are not the right person, why you do not have what it takes. Keep all these thoughts in the trash can as they are simply what would remind you of the limits you have to cross. Every single thing they say you cannot achieve, surpass it and send those people a post when the achievement has been done.
Never let anyone even you limit the dream you can achieve. It might look difficult, but nothing is ever impossible. If it was impossible for another person, it does not mean it would be difficult for you.

Always have hope in whatever you are doing. It might not seem to work, but it can work. Take your time and have hope. Anyways, beyond having hope, you also most know when to remain adamant and when to pivot. That is also very strong characteristics you should have.

Re: For Computer Science Students by abdoullfurya: 1:44pm On Jun 02, 2017
What a very helpful article, thanks
Re: For Computer Science Students by hontimmy(m): 6:36pm On Jun 02, 2017
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:23am On Jun 05, 2017
Appreciate What You Have
As humans, we always seek to have more. In school, my teacher taught me that human wants are insatiable. Our needs are never satisfied. Immediately a certain goal is achieved, we immediately strive to have something better. However, we should always be careful in whatever it is that we wish and hope for. At the moment, be grateful for what you have.

Actually, this is a rather complex situation. Because whatever you have, you should always tend to achieve more, but in our quest to achieve more, we should appreciate whatever it is that we currently have. You should not get too comfortable as my dearest friend said. But keep looking ahead. But always wait and appreciate what you have because if you don’t, you would never be really happy. All you want is that which you do not have.
To be appreciative, you need to always remember where you were some few years ago. This should make you appreciate how far you have come. It should make you really hopeful that the future is indeed bright, but never stay stuck in your past. Your future is the real deal. But many a time, we cannot really say when we are in the future. Future by itself is something that would come, not something we are in. 

Take time to appreciate whatever it is you currently have. But always keep your dreams higher. By appreciating what you currently have, you can enjoy the happiness of today while still looking forward to the happiness of tomorrow.
Take a case of a family that struggles every day to make ends meet for their family. They are so involved in making ends meet that they even forget who they really are working hard for. The kids. They put too much attention into the future that the present lacks and would definitely affect the future. My message is not to forget the future but always appreciate the present.

Appreciating the present is not to simply say thank you and that is all. It is about doing the best you can do with the little time that you currently have. Whatever it is you are doing today, make the best use of it and make sure other areas of your life do not suffer. Aim to have a balanced life. Seek to be happy in the present and never grant your happiness only to a certain event in the future.

If you have come this far, you would reach the future. But never stay too comfortable. Keep creating better relationships, being beneficent to everyone around you and most importantly to your creator. Appreciate the little and great favor of every day and keep dreaming because your best is yet to come.
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 6:22pm On Jun 07, 2017
You Cannot Always Be Right
A friend once asked me if every post I write was the right thing. I simply answered NO. Not because everything I write was wrong but because everything I write is based on my experience and ideology. Why do I still write if not everyone that reads my post agrees with me?

Well, I write because I want to share my own view of things as I have experienced them. A lot of people might not have experienced the same thing, but the few that have would not always feel they are alone in what they feel. They can know that someone else somewhere has experienced the same thing.

This type of discussion happens in our daily lives where people wish they are always correct or right about their opinion and impression. It does not always have to be true. We all might see things in different ways. Seeing things in different ways does not mean they are all wrong. They are the simply different expression of the same thing. The things we see in life depends on how our minds have grown. They all cannot be the same.
Next time someone tells you you are wrong, simply acknowledge that everyone cannot all be right. By saying that, you are simply using the same inference for them. When they say you are wrong, they might also be wrong. Do not create a big deal out of people saying that you are not correct or right.

Understand that it is just another opportunity to reanalyze your situation and determine if you could really see it from the angle of the other person. Understand that you and others do not need to always see eye to eye on a lot of issues but the most important thing is to respect everyone’s view.
You are right and you are also right. The other person might simply be right only when more or less information is provided. When their minds are introduced to more information, they would basically see what you now see.

So be happy when people criticize you. See an opportunity to become better.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 10:44pm On Jun 09, 2017
A Sense of Purpose

Having watched Mark Zuckerberg’s commencement speech at Harvard, I was moved by the concept of Sense of Purpose. The speech made me reanalyze what I was doing and if I indeed had a sense of purpose. Before understanding whether I had a sense of purpose or not, I needed to understand what a sense of purpose means.

So a lot of people have a purpose for doing what they do. People go to work because they have to go to work, people enter relationships because relationships are sometimes fun and sometimes interesting. People do a lot of things for a lot of reasons. But do all reasons really matter?

Having a sense of purpose involves having a higher meaning for what you are doing. The purpose is beyond every single physical purpose. You have a much higher meaning to whatever it is you are doing. So for example, you go to work not only because you have to work but because you need to make your family comfortable and happy. You want to be a source of someone’s happiness. These type of reasons transcend our basic reasons for doing a lot of the things we do.

It does not matter what it is that you do. All that matters is that you do your work diligently with a sense of higher purpose. You simply do not work to make money. You want to make money to better people’s life. Imagine what Facebook’s sense of purpose is. It is to connect the world. Google’s sense of purpose is to organize the world’s information in a way that is easily accessible to everyone on the planet. Microsoft’s sense of purpose is to ensure that every household has a computer.

All these people made these commitments when it seemed really impossible to achieve what they have envisioned. A lot of people never believed in them. But today, the people who did not believe in them wish they did and the people who indeed believed in them are happy they did.
Take your time to analyze what your sense of purpose is. In your relationship with your spouse, what is your sense of purpose? In your job, in your family and in every area of your life, what is your sense of purpose?

A sense of purpose should serve as a compass that directs your life towards a long and fulfilling period on earth. It does not matter how long you spent on earth, all that matters is that you spent your years with a sense of purpose.
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 6:04pm On Jun 14, 2017
Moral Uprightness

The question of what is considered right or wrong has been debated for time immemorial. Some feel something is right and others feel it ia wrong. We have a lot of these types of issues in our daily lives and environment. However, beyond the issues we might feel are right or wrong, some are out-right wrong. I am writing this to admonish myself and my readers about some of the habits we need to watch out for. These kind of habits are easy to fall into and are very difficult to get out of.

I recently observed my attitude of talking about people behind their backs. It is a very common crime we all make. The issue with this attitude is that when we do it for a person, another person would do the same for us. Any issue we might not feel comfortable talking about behind a person’s back is better kept unsaid. We sometimes feel we understand the situation perfectly well and fail to realize why others do not see the problem. You waste time doing this and you would definitely hurt yourself.

It is an easy offense to commit which is why I want you to take your time in realizing that it would make the world a better place if we became morally upright. The feeling of peace we have with ourselves is second to none. We might see this as a small offense but it really matters that we consider it a big offense.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said to Speak only when your words are good or keep silent otherwise.

This is something we all need in this age and time when technology has made access to people easier. The more we come in contact with people, the easier it is to commit mistakes and as such, we need to develop a heart that forgives and also a heart that is courageous enough to walk up to the other person and tell them how you feel. It is a difficult step but I believe it would make us better people.

Imagine it was you someone else was talking about behind your back. How would you feel? The answer is obvious. You would feel really bad. So do not do the same to others.
Treat others as you would like to be treated.
An African saying states that humans are like water, we do not know where our paths would meet again. So it is important that we create a very good relationship with everyone we meet every day. It does not matter who and what they are.

I really feel bad every time I remember talking behind someone. I feel like a coward, cravenness creeps all over me. I wish I never did it in the first place.

So I use this medium and opportunity to see forgiveness from everyone I have said something bad behind their backs. To my friends and colleagues at work, to my family and to everyone I ever have offended in any way. I really wish I could take it all back but I definitely cannot at this point. Henceforth, I would do much better at telling people how I feel right in their face rather than keep the matter lingering in my heart.
I hope you also do the same thing. We would indeed make the world a much better place.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 10:07am On Jun 24, 2017
What Programming Language Should I Learn?

This is one of the most asked questions about learning to program. I have had a countless number of people ask me this question and much more would do in the future. Before I give my honest opinion, it would be important to understand what programming language means and how to go about choosing a language.

A programming language is basically a way to tell your computer what to do. To tell your computer what to do involves writing certain instructions. Learning a programming language involves understanding the syntax and semantics of a certain programming language. So what factors must be considered before choosing a programming language?

One of the most important factors to consider is which section of programming you want to be based. Do you want to be a web developer, an application developer, a mobile developer? A web developer basically develops applications for the web. An application developer developers application for Desktop or other media and mobile developers develop for mobile devices. There are definitely more than these sections of programming. So after determining precisely what you want to learn, then you can decide which language to go for.
Before choosing a language, ensure you understand the fundamental principles of programming like loops, methods or functions, programming paradigms and much more. Understand the core concepts of programming even before you start. The various levels of abstraction of programming languages should also be familiar. These concepts allow you a brighter view of how programs are executed and as such would help in making choose the right language.

After understanding the core basics, then you can move on to choosing a language. Ensure your first language is a language that has a high level of difficulty. Well, I give this as a personal advice. This is because it is easier to start with the tougher ones so that future programming languages you would learn would not give you a tougher time than you have already experienced. Because of this, I would advise that you never start learning to program with a framework.

A framework is like an abstracted version of a particular programming language providing you only with the abstract and not the main core concepts. A lot of things you need to learn would have been wired and you would simply be consuming an end product. You do not want to do that as a beginner in programming. You would need to get your hands wet with codes before you become much comfortable.
Well, the most important part which even professional programmers face is that the journey is challenging. Ensure you always have a high level of motivation to keep you going even when a single semicolon prevents your code from executing. Be steadfast and consistent.

Also, stay away from too many readings and tutorials without real implementations. Start something as soon as you have understood a concept, create something and build something. That is how it all starts.
Also, ensure you have made a good research in the invention and scope of your chosen language because new languages keep coming up and some people are easily persuaded to join another language. Do not be desultory in choosing languages. Do not keep jumping from one language to another. Learn well your language and definitely be open to new changes if the new stuff makes your task far easier. But ensure you know the basics.

Programming is the world for everyone. Choose a language today and get started
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 5:21pm On Jun 27, 2017
Should I Continue To Code?
Things happen for a reason. That is what I have learned in the past few days. I have always love to be the best at what I do. But sometimes, I feel I am inadequate or not competent enough. Well, do not know why I feel that but I think it happens to a lot of people. You try all the possible best you could ever have tried and you realize you have missed the important step. You feel weak and ridiculous, you feel unwanted and you try all you can to salvage the situation.

But sometimes I ask myself if maybe I am incompetent and I may be got by job by luck. A lot of depression sets in and I wish the situation was over even before it started. Anyways, I have also learned of a word called Quitter and I am not ready to be that.
All I know is challenges would always creep in. What matters is that we present our best effort to that problem and know that we did the possible best we could ever have done. Nothing more. After graduating from school, I thought I would get a job and all my worries would just be over. But I have come to realize that a certain form of worries would go away and another would simply creep in.

Worries about when to go for lectures and preparing for tests would definitely be over. But worries about becoming better at your job, getting a pay raise, getting a better job, meeting a nice and lovely lady/man to marry would be the next worries to battle with.
So to answer my own question if I should continue to code. The answer is YES. I would continue to code for as long as I am capable of coding. As long as Allah gives me more strength and power to code. I would continue to code and become a programmer to help encourage all those who are out there and are having a bad day like I am. Today is not the end, keep trying. I have to be better than I was yesterday is my mantra.

I have also realized that why we sometimes feel inadequate is because we are sometimes inadequate. But the best thing is to realize it and work at becoming better. Get to read more books, practice more hands-on programming and do things you have never imagined possible. It takes time to become better.

Just assume that the challenges you are currently facing are meant to mine the best out of you. Realize that until a gold is mined and refined, its real value is never exposed. So go through your challenges with your head held high and give in the best you have all day long. Take every day as it comes and you would definitely be the best at the end.
I say to myself, Do not give up. Keep coding
Re: For Computer Science Students by Kingpinukecy(m): 12:47am On Jun 28, 2017
zero seven zero,three zero six,five two two, zero three
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 11:24am On Jul 01, 2017
Conformity Kills
People are influenced by their environment whether they like it or not. But the ultimate decision to be influenced by our environment lies within us. We are what we continuously pray and work towards. However, in choosing what we want to become, we should learn to never imitate and become others. Become the very best that you can be.

Can you imagine how hard it would have been if Bill Gates wanted to be like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg wanting to be like Dale Carnegie? Everyone of us have a different path in life and we can only become the best when we truly discover who we are and follow it. The possibility of your parents giving birth to someone exactly like you is 1/300000. Imagine that and let it sink in for a minute. We are all here to play different roles. Seeking someone as your role model is different. What I mean by conformity is seeking to do something just because that’s what everyone is doing.
You ask someone why he goes to work every day and you barely get a good answer. Why? Because he conforms. Until you begin to understand the problem you have been sent to this earth to solve, the person you have been sent to make happy, the goal you have been sent to achieve, then you must continue to strive. Strive in your own way possible, but do not live only to conform.

The greatest loss to this whole planet is you missing out on your mission to this earth because you conform. Live every day to its fullest in the fullest potential that you can achieve but never to live another person’s life. You have only one life to live. Live it wholly. Be all you can be. 

Becoming your real self requires a lot of patience and dedication. It would not be easy. No one said it had to be easy. Take the time to discover what makes you really inspired and live every day for that. You do not have to currently be on that path yet, but be conscious of precisely what you want and how you are going to get it. Then go forth. 
Keep going and keep seeking to find your true calling. Thanks
Re: For Computer Science Students by Mrbabra: 12:59am On Jul 15, 2017
Mark Zuckerberg facebook (founder) make speech concerning programming.

Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 4:00pm On Jul 15, 2017
What Would You Regret?

One of the inevitable things to happen to every human is death. If we all know that we would die one day, why then do we act as if we are immortal? Why do we put up the tasks of today till tomorrow?

Take a few moment to imagine what you would regret you did not do if you are to die today? List them. Make sure you live every day without regret such that if you were to die today, you know that you have no regrets. Some of us have very large goals to accomplish but we sometimes put them off to another day and sometimes another day never comes. All we have is today.

Most people usually think that to follow a goal, we need to take big steps towards them everyday. It sometimes require baby steps every day to achieve what we really want in life. All that matters is that we remain consistent.
You do not need to take all your tasks at once. Simply think and note the ones that you can start with. Start with those ones. All that matters is that at the end of everyday, you can tell yourself you did the very best you could have done. Sometimes, what we regret is not doing the very best we could have done.

Some of us did not have very wealthy parents, but we are truly happy because we know that our parents gave us the best they could ever have given. Sometimes in life, that is all that matters. Your best.
Start today and list out the things you wish to accomplish before living this earth and take everyday at a time. All your plans might not be very connected, but simply keep them anyway. All that matters is that the tasks you have listed give you enough joy and happiness in your heart.

As an example, here are some things I would really regret not doing if I die today:
Worship my Lord more and be more grateful
Do more for my family
Do more to help humanity
Be more truthful in everything
Give my best to my job
Marry the girl of my dream
So, would I just sit still and regret? No, I make sure that in all tasks I do everyday, I find how to fulfill all these tasks in them so that I live with no regret. For example, I would like to further my educational career and be better at my job to serve as an inspiration to upcoming generations. That is still in line with my goal 3.

You also have a lot of those goals in your mind, It could be mending broken relationships, telling someone how you truly feel. Whatever it is , live today with no regret. And live everyday to its fullest. Let the past be in the past and let the anxieties of the future remain in the future.

All you have is today and make sure you live it with no regret. Today is yesterday’s future. Live it well.
Re: For Computer Science Students by Sanmix2007(m): 11:37am On Jul 16, 2017
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 10:17am On Jul 18, 2017
Living Life The Agile Way
Recently, my boss gave a wonderful presentation on the Agile methodology of building Software. Agile methodology is simply a diversion from the well-known waterfall model of developing Software. Well, I’ll explain a little about what each of these terms means.

In a Waterfall model of developing Software, you have different stages in Software development and you move to another step only after you are completely done with the previous step. And once on the next step, no going back. You have to take all the time you need to complete a stage before moving onto the next one. This model of Software Development did indeed allow for the development of Software, but recently it has been found to be too restricting. It limits the ability of what programmers can do.

So then new models have grown but they all share in the model of the waterfall in that they understand a certain stage well and then move on. But recently, a new kid on the block of Software Development, the Agile Methodology was born. The idea behind Agile is not to have a set of rules but to simply create a set of principles one should adhere to when developing Software. This gave birth to the Agile Manifesto
Agile Manifesto is based on a set of 4 ideas which I believe can as well be applied in Life as is in Software Development

Individuals and Interactions OVER Processes and Tools
Too much in life have people been focused on the irrelevant things. People focus on things that are not the most important. For example, in seeking to get married, people are too focused on the process and tools rather than focus on what is most important. The individuals and their relationship. People at a wedding do not even care to understand whether the couples are happy, people are only interested in the way the husband proposed, the event center and very very immaterial things. Examples abound about how we focus too much on processes and tools. I believe that if we all begin to look at life through this lens of Agile Methodology, we would develop more and more useful and long lasting relationships.

Working Software OVER Comprehensive Documentation
This is a really tricky one to explain. Most people are interested in what is written on a piece of paper. People want to rank people not by what they have done, but by what they have on paper. This is not a very bad thing but it limits the level of progress that would be made. It matters that we give more focus to things that work rather than what we hear people talk about. It matters that we care for originality in our lives. Not playing to the script that has been documented by our family members. You have to become a medical doctor now that no one in the house is a medical doctor while what you want to become is a teacher. We need to value people working at their best rather than following a certain written document that is only strengthened by repetition.

Customer Collaboration OVER Contract Negotiation
In different real-life activities, people are more concerned about what they would make out of the whole process in terms of monetary value rather than creating the real impact on the community. People sign contracts waiting for the day the other party would be at fault and they would gladly collect the whole profits of their partners. Married couples are simply waiting for the proceedings from divorce or waiting for the other partner to die so that they inherit the whole property. And in this process, people forget to enjoy the only time which they have which is NOW. People are always looking over their shoulders hoping that no one finds out their secrets and eventually leave this earth with no impact.

Responding to change OVER following a plan
“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable”- Dwight D. Eisenhower
This quote by Eisenhower I always remember when people talk about plans. Plans are meant to give you a picture of how you hope the end should be. But it should never restrict you in your everyday plan. Most people are so focused on a single plan that opportunities pass them by without even noticing it. The plan should be simple and clear. It should be easy to comprehend and understand but the path to achieving our goal should be malleable. It should be open to change. All too much, we become rigid in our plans. We follow the waterfall model and in the end, if it does not work out, we follow through life with regrets.

Our plan should be to live this earth a better place than we met it. But the path to achieving this should never ever become rigid. Keep an Agile method of achieving your goals.
These ideas of Agile Methodology I believe are reproducible not only in the Software Development environment but also in the Human Development environment.
Thanks For Reading

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:43am On Jul 23, 2017
Thinking About The Positive Side

Too many times, a lot of us are limited by our fear of if something goes wrong. We are paralyzed by the thought of our next project going wrong, not getting a better job if we resign at our current job, or not being able to get the partner of our dreams if we do not stay with the person we currently are with.

Well, all these thoughts could happen. But wait, its opposite could also happen. We can indeed get the next project right, we can get a better job, and we can indeed get the partner of our dreams. Imagine how the world would be if we did begin to think more of the positive side.
I do not say that we all have to start doing things without properly considering the negative effect. But many a time, we are limited by the fear of the wrong. And this has even translated in causing more issues than we can realize. For example, people seem to want to be corrupt for fear that they may not have the same opportunity tomorrow. What if we all thought that the opportunity would be available tomorrow?

A lot of people do not want to get married because we are too focused on the negative things that could happen. Financial issues, health issues and much more. But have you ever considered the positive things that could also happen? Think of the type of love you would have to share, having someone who would care for you as much as they care for themselves.

It matters that we are not only limited by our negative thoughts. Another example is giving birth to children. Many people want to have few kids so that can they have enough resources to care for them, but have you ever thought of having many kids and still having the resources to care for them? Have you ever thought of having a large successful family? Why are we only limited to a small successful family?

I believe it is a time we did some soul searching and begin to limit the effects of negative thoughts in our minds. Rather than thinking of the negative things that could happen, think of all the positive things that could happen anyways. None is sure. But why do we empower one over the other?

It makes more sense that we have positive thoughts and positive outlook on life. Because our thoughts are indeed what becomes our actions and our actions create our life.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:53am On Jul 29, 2017
How To Change The World
Most of us want to have this great idea that would simply make everyone marvel. An idea so cool that everyone wishes they thought of it first. But certainly, not every one of us would create this idea before leaving this earth. Some of us would simply have thought of the idea while some would have indeed implemented it. Some would never have thought of the idea at all.

But the secret to creating this idea is simple. Ask yourself this question: “If I had all the resources on this earth, what would I use it on?” This type of question tries to take our mind away from monetary values but into a more beneficial realm. Most of us want to have a lot of money, but what would you do if you had all the money. This question would help give you a vision of what you want to do.

For me, I want to make people better. I would love to make people think wiser and be better in whatever endeavor they find themselves. I would love to help people discover the better part of themselves. Isn’t it funny that these days, we have more resources at our disposals but a lot of people now use less of their mind? People think less and consequently, do less. It matters that you have a vision.

You do not need to have a very big vision. Just a small one that would indeed keep you going. Where you are going, you might not know and that is all right. Start with a very small idea. Do not overthink it. You can start implementing your idea in your current job, your school or anywhere you currently find yourself. It is limiting to say that you would need a certain resource to achieve your dream. Start with what you have, start small.

After the idea and starting small, keep going. Be consistent. You do not need to change the world in a single day. That would take a while. Steve Jobs spent a greater part of his adulthood changing the face of Apple. Bill Gates has spent almost his entire life changing the world. It means your changing of the world would take time. But most importantly, be ready to be consistent. Consistently start small. That gives you the momentum to continue. As one of Newton’s Law of Motion states: A body at rest continues to be at rest and a body in motion continues to be in motion unless acted upon. So if you are at rest, you need to start small. If you are already in motion, you need to be consistent.

All the paths to your changing the world would not be clear at once. So you need to keep trying everything you can lay your hands upon. Failure would want to force you to stop, but remember that the people who changed the world were never quitters. If Graham Bells had given up on making the telephone, If Steve Jobs had given up on making the Macintosh, If Mark Zuckerberg had given up on making Facebook. They all might not have been successful. So you also should not be discouraged by failure.

And lastly, I am trying to make people a better version of themselves which is why I write these articles. I do not know whether it would change you or not, but I hope and pray it does.

Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:11am On Jul 30, 2017
Living Life To Its Fullest
Have you ever had a time when you wanted to do something? Then you hesitated. You said, okay, I would do it when I have more money. I would do it when I get comfortable. Then fast-forward to sometimes later, you have all you wished you had but you still cannot do that one thing you wanted to do. This is the way a lot of us live life. We add impertinent issues in the issues of life. Issues that make life less auspicious. But we are meant to live on this earth once, enjoying all it has without being prodigal or profligate.

How then can we live life to its fullest? By using our physical, mental and spiritual powers to its fullest. Not denying any one above the other. It is about living life with such great hope for the future but never having a parochial view of life. Anything you pray and work towards would most definitely happen. But why then do we hold ourselves back by the fear that might never happen? Some of us create our own vacuum and then stay stuck in there for life. You have to start doing things you are afraid of doing because if you don’t, you might never leave your comfort zone.

Living life to its fullest is always never comfortable in your comfort zone, trying to be better but enjoying whatever comes along the way. It is about enjoying all that you come across whether good or bad. Every human in life has one problem or the other, but the only way to live a full life is to have a positive mentality about your problems. It is about believing that your problems are meant to make you better, not weaker. It is by carrying the heavy weight that a boxer becomes stronger. So are problems. By carrying bigger problems, we become better problem solvers.
So we are indeed here on earth to worship and also solve problems. So what problems do you see that you can help solve or eliminate? Start working on that and enjoy yourself along the way.

The difference between a human and a pig is the mind. Every other thing a pig has. But if we continue to undermine the power of our mind, then we continue to become less human. Living life is about being more human than you were yesterday which means using more of your mind than you did before.

Using your mind involves understanding what the problem is, and rather than whining and complaining about it, you do something about it. You use your mind. Any animal can see a problem and complain about it, but it takes a human with a mind to see a problem and fix it. In your path to living a full life, you need to make optimal use of your brain.

Thomas Edison was quoted to have said that “The human body is simply meant to carry the brain around”. So the human body must also be optimally utilized to help aid the movement of the brain. So in living a full life, care must be given at all times to the body. Good food, good body hygiene, exercise and good sleep are ways to make the body function optimally.

A human who does not believe in a power higher than him/her is living in a mirage. Our lives are not amorphous and we want to argue that there is no creator. Oh, No. We must also seek to become spiritually optimal in our quest of living a full and great life.
Being successful is not among the wealth we amass, but the optimal use of everything we have here on earth.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:00am On Jul 31, 2017
Dealing With People
I recently started listening to “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and I must confess it indeed holds a lot of knowledge every one of us should know about. It explains why we should not have a parochial view when dealing with people but venerate every one we meet. People value their opinion and care about what they say. People want to be spoken about mostly in the right ways. The book does indeed explain to always use the right words and not to be parsimonious or frugal or stingy with kind words. We should always feel free to use the honest and most kind words for people even when we do not agree on the same thing.

However, in choosing our words, we must learn to not prevaricate. Speak only the truth. Do not flatter people. By flattering people, you simply tell them what they want to hear whether true or false. But to deal with people, you need to find the truth about people and say it. You do not need to be frugal with words.

To deal with people, never criticize, chastise, castigate or censure their opinions no matter how bad it is. By trying to correct a person, you simply try to belittle his/her intellectual capacity and people would see you as an enemy. What you should do is listen carefully and purposefully to the angle of the other person. Listen not to respond, but listen to understand. When two people are in disagreement, sometimes, one of them is wrong and you do not want to be the wrong person. Rather than criticize, simply explain from another angle stating the facts as you know them. But be sure to explain that you might be wrong. No one would really call you off when you explain that you might be wrong. It does not create a higher intellectual power, it simply creates an environment of diverse opinions.

Also, learn to appreciate the good things about people. Most of the time, all we want is an acknowledgment that what we are doing is indeed needed. But the number of responses we receive sometimes does not commensurate or measure up to the work we put into the activity. So by appreciating others, we help them achieve an innate goal which they may not be directly aware of. But never speak only to flatter, speak only the truth and be honest. Find something good about the other person and talk about it.

Finally, talk about the other person. Talk about their wants, their needs. Even if the other person is prodigal, profligate in their spending, they would not find it hard to admit when you focus the attention on them. Rather than lampoon people for every small mistake, take the time to really know them. You might not behave differently if you were in their shoes. So demur making a judgment and get to know the other person well. Talk to them and get all the information you need.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:01am On Aug 01, 2017
What Is Stopping You?

I recently realized I wanted something but kept procrastinating about how I am going to get it. What I want is to prepare and take my GRE exams but every day I find a wonderful, auspicious reason to tell myself that I would start tomorrow. Too many tomorrows have passed and I am yet to get started with the tempo that I want. I must have found a way to belie my wishes. I really do want to get my GRE. I so much want to get it that I am willing to be more gregarious with people who also have the same goal.

But this is also happening to a lot of us. What is that thing you want so badly but you convince yourself that you cannot get it? You assure yourself that it is only meant for the great among us. We seldom talk about what we want and become laconic about our goals. We develop a sense of brevity in the use of words to explain our goals. We reprimand ourselves when we even try. We chastise, castigate, censure or reprimand ourselves when we dare try to think of what we want to achieve.

We begin to think in terms of what we want not happening. What if I do not get the job or money I intended to get? What If? No matter what is stopping you, you can only get better when we decide to get better than we used to. It is when we say to ourselves that minimum is no longer acceptable. It is by looking in the mirror and saying that this day shall pass whether I achieve my goal or not. Then make the best use of the day.
I have decided to look straight at what is stopping me. The fear that I may not be able to get enough finance in the time when I prepare for my GRE and take a break from work. But who says I need to be broke. I can still find ways to compliment my finances while still preparing for my GRE. But even if I do get financial issues, would it not be better I face it now than face it 20 years from now when I would wish I did what I was most afraid of?

What separates a successful person from the unsuccessful? The successful person is able to look at his/her problems, pray about it and go straight to solving it. Nothing more. But most of us whine and complain about our problems without ever doing anything about it. We wish everything was perfect. Then we would also be better. Well, you know for sure that everything would never be perfect if you continue to wait for it to be perfect without doing anything about it.

So ask yourself today about what you need to do. Think about what is stopping you and move straight to fighting that. It is not the lack of knowledge that limits us, it is the abundance of fear in our hearts that limits us.
Never set a goal so small that you would achieve it because that creates a comfort zone where you would forever feel successful while you are indeed languishing in a pot of misery.
Start today. Fight that which is stopping you

Re: For Computer Science Students by hustleranthem(m): 12:43pm On Aug 01, 2017
Insightful post @op.. I want to ask which IT course will be good for me to apply for since I am not very good with Mathematics...will software development be a good one?
Re: For Computer Science Students by DeckXavier(m): 12:58pm On Aug 01, 2017
Insightful post @op.. I want to ask which IT course will be good for me to apply for since I am not very good with Mathematics...will software development be a good one?
yes or web development...you can check out both of them and carve a niche for yourself
Re: For Computer Science Students by hustleranthem(m): 2:51pm On Aug 01, 2017
yes or web development...you can check out both of them and carve a niche for yourself
thank u brother
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:00am On Aug 03, 2017
Sorry, I Am Busy
Every human wants to feel a sense of importance. When you are freely available, amenable to everyone, you become as some people think less valued. But by being busy, unavailable to a whole lot of people, you seem to be very important. So politicians, businessmen and a lot of successful people have a lot of things to do, so they are busy and people see them as very important, so you also decide it is time to feel important. You become busy, you become so busy that you forget to eat, drink and even sleep.

Being busy is not the problem, but have you ever thought of analyzing what you do when you are busy. What are you essentially busy doing? A life they say is short but it sometimes becomes shorter based on how you spend it. If you spend 10 years doing exactly the same thing every day, you simply have lived for just one day repeatedly.

So what decision are you going to make? Are you going to become busier or focus on what is more important? A lot of us spend a considerable amount of time doing mundane tasks while they seem very tasking. We finish and we say to ourselves, wow, I have been very busy. But excuse me, busy doing what? It is time you begin looking at your calendar and how you spend your time. Your time is your most valuable resource. Use it well.

By saying use it well does not mean having a complete plan of every single second of your life. It simply means doing more creative and value-added tasks than just doing the same thing over and over again. Have you ever considered that if it can be done over and over again, maybe a computer can do it? If a computer can do it, then get your computer to solve your problem and move on to more cognitive activities.

Our time here on earth is limited, it is finite. Let us make everyday count.

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