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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 7:13pm On Apr 22, 2017
Jarrael stepped on the coiling of the rope on his feet when he was sure the arrow have reached its target. He pulled hard on the rope until he was sure the arrow head has a strong fix. He tied the other part of the rope to solid iron bars on the windows of the bell tower. He brought out a strange contraption. A tiny wooden will with two leather straps at both sides. A groove is carved at the edge of the wheel. He fixed the groove of the wheel on the tauten ripe, holding both sides of the leather straps he jumped from the edge of the bell tower, while the wheel rolled on the rope through the groove on it carrying Jarrael to the other end where the rope have been fixed. The move was smooth and noiseless as he had oiled well the wheel of the contraption before use.
The arrow had sink deep into the stone and have given a strong support for the rope. When he go to the arrow, he lay hold of the edge of a window close by, touched the head of the arrow, with a certain twist, the arrow pulled out of the hole it ha sank in. Looking down at the street below, through the poor light from the twin moons, he made sure no one was below him as he gave the rope tied at the other end twirl and the rope got loosed from the other end. Slowly he pulled the rope to him and wound it round his body. Carefully searching for hand holes on this tower and avoiding peep holes and windows on the wall he climbed down slowly.
The palace was surrounded with a square inner fence five men’s height tall having four watch towers on its four edges. The palace proper was a circular building five stories tall of thick stone walls with a bulb dome top having a tapered point. Going through the rope had made Jarrael avoid the trench but he still have to go over the inner fence. A he climbed down from the tower, he shifted close to the point where the tower had joined with the fence. He jumped down on the fence and flatten him self down. The fence wasn’t that wide, a three cubit length at most but still wide enough to be patrolled. He had gauged his jump at the time he knew the watchful patrols will be at the other end of the wall. Well the informer who gave him this have been right so far. Seeing no guards, he grabbed the fence edge and slowly climbed down. Between the fence and the palace building is a short beautifully made road with trees on both sides and a small well kept garden surrounding the ground of the palace walls. These have created lots of shadows and dark places for Jarrael to hide in.
Running down the palace road he quickly hid behind the shadows of one of the trees as he heard footsteps. Two men walked past his hiding place. They were just the regular palace guards with their conical helmets. From the information with him, since the arrival of the baron here, security has been tightened and no single guard is allowed to patrol alone. They must be at least two at all times. Taking some more steps through the shadows, he got in sight of the palace door. It was locked. With guards standing outside it. Four of the guards were the regular palace guards, but the other four were not. Their specially made armored Jenkins and rounded helmets with ear covers and straps for the jaw marked them out a the baron’s special guards. A major indication that Tarikh is somewhere within.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 7:15pm On Apr 22, 2017
From the information available to Jarrael, the baron occupies one of the special room located at the east side of the building. Jarrael knew he can’t go through the door if he wants to maintain his stealth. He moved around the trees keeping to the shadows, got to the garden and crept down passing behind several guards. When he got to the eastern part he looked round to make sure no patrol was close by before climbing the wall. The palace wall have no foot hole but was made of rough stones which Jarrael easily mounted on. Soon he was at the window indicated by the information with him was the one for the bedroom the baron will be sleeping on this night. Jarrael checked, the window was barricaded with thin but strong iron rods. He wasn’t however disappointed because his informant had reliably informed him of such. Well it should because the informant is well aware that any slight missing details will cost him his head. Considering too that Jarrael had paid him handsomely. Jarrael’s goal for coming to this window was to create a means of quick getaway after the deed is done. So he uncoiled the rope around him, tied one end strongly to the barricade and allow the other part to hang loosely around the bars so the rope won’t drop down and alert a passing guard.
His point of planned entrance was way to his left, a porch which leas to the audience chamber of the section of the palace the baron is occupying. At he porch, he was hanging below the entrance, he pulled out a thin blade, half a cubit in length and clenched his teeth on the handle. His information has said something about a guard stand watch around there. Pushing his head a bit out, he saw the shadow of someone by the guardrail of the balcony. The guard was there.
In a single bound Jarrael vaulted from the balcony up above the height of the guard who turned back when he heard the sudden sound of wind. The guard got confused at first because Jarrael appeared like a mass of black shadow been blown by the wind. This was because of the large black cape Jarrael have hung on his neck to better help him with his shadow cover and his face wrapped with a black cloth too in form of a hood but leave a triangle area around the eyes open. Before the watchman can clear his confusion Jarrael landed on him, the thin blade moved just once across the guard’s throat, blood pumped out from the cut. The guard held tightly to his neck, his attempts at screaming only ended in gurgle. Jarrael’s cut had been precise. The cut had gone deeper than the throat, but even to the wind passage of the guard’s neck so he wouldn’t be able to make a sound. Jarrael side stepped the body as it struggled with death to avoid the spilling blood touching him.
“Dunim what is that? “ someone asked from inside the audience chamber. Quick footsteps sounded.
Jarrael already had a throwing knife in his left fist. As the second guard appeared, he flicked his hand, and the knife point struck the guard on his forehead just below the helmet line. The blade sank in as the guard got frozen for a second and dropped down dead.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Ibunkun1(m): 11:44pm On Apr 22, 2017
Cool,e Tesiwaju
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 9:58pm On Apr 23, 2017
The audience chamber was a wide circular shaped room with wide pillars. At one end is a raised dais having a throne like chair, with wooden frame overlaid with gold and cushioned at the back with soft leather and rich satin cover. Rich silk curtains with paintings covered some parts of the wall and as well as being hangings on the high roof. Two polished marble images of a feline stood at both sides of the chair and behind the it is a huge polished gold facsimile of a roc bird with height touching the roof and the wings spread and curved as if to gather the throne like chair under its wings. The chamber was brightly lit with four blazing torches hung on the walls. From what Jarrael knew, four well trained baron’s special guards are always in this chamber and the door leading to it is always locked from inside fastened by two crossed metal beams making it difficult to break into the chamber through the door. But he never Intended to get in by the door.
Taking quiet light steps he walked into the audience chamber, allowing his heavy cape to come down and cover him totally to hide his drown twin scimitars. He looked out through the opening of the wrapped around cloth covering his face, hiding his features completely, at the four guards all standing with two swords and spears drawn out already waiting for him. These are well trained men in the act of close quarters skirmishes having full metal cuirass and shoulder plates. They didn’t scream or allow any outward show of surprise at his sudden unexpected appearance. They just stood in a semi circle backing the door to the bedroom he was sure the baron is sleeping in.
“Who are you? “ one of the four guards asked quietly holding his spear in an easy offhand skillful manner. “Tell me so I will know what name to carve on your skull when I hang it at the city gate. “
Jarrael’s reply was a quick dash forward allowing his cape to blow behind him giving a distorted image of his actual size. But the guards were prepared for such a move. They quickly scattered and surrounded him weapons pointed. Two spear moved in unison at him, not a full thrust, just a tiny jab to probe his defense. His scimitars came up, parried both thrust. He swirl using the cape to mislead the other sword thrust thrown his way.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 9:59pm On Apr 23, 2017
The spears came at him again, this time with a full strike to impale him. He deflected one thrust and quickly went for the other spear, instead of deflecting, he cut down hard on the wooden length. His scimitar cut deep and sliced the spear cleanly into half. The wielder stood surprised for an eye blink and was still in shock and disbelief when the second scimitar severed his head from his shoulders. The helmeted head rolled to stop at the foot of the second spear wielder. The decapitated head wide eyes blinked once looking straight at its colleague with mouth open wide and blood pouring out from the stump. The standing headless body dropped heavily to the ground.
“Devils curses rain on you dog, your head will be joining him soon enough . “ screamed the second spear wielder as he lurched at Jarrael launching several strikes all which he parried. The other two holding on swords came hard at him from behind. He blocked them with his scimitars too, the ringing sounds of clashed metals echoed through the chamber.
One of the sword man quickly moved seeing an open, did a quick thrust with the point of his blade only to find out his sword pierced through an empty cape. While Jarrael was by his side. With the sharp point of his scimitar he thrust through a thin opening of the armpit of the cuirass body armor. Being one of the deadly twelve strikes of itachi, that cut was fatal. The scimitar’s point passed between the spaces of the rib bones and pierced the lung with mortal punch. The guardsman staggered backwards, his hand attempted to close the bleeding wound under his armpit, but the armor covering on that area prevented it. A shocked look crossed his face, when he tried to speak, blood spew from his mouth. He crashed to his knees and smacked face down to the marble floor.
The spear wielder’s eyes blazed with anger but he said nothing. Slowly he reached his right hand by the left side and unsheathe the sword there. Holding both the sword and spear forward looking for an opening to strike at Jarrael. He would have told the other guardsmen to go signal for help. But it will take time before the door can be opened and by then this killer may have dispose of him and still go ahead to kill the guardsman where he is struggling to open the door. He took his time to access the stranger quietly and come to respect his speed and skill. This is no ordinary fighter. This killer have very unique skills, a type of fighting prowess he has never seen in all his years as a soldier and his special elite training into the personal guards of the baron. Skills like these are only whispered in dark taverns over poor ale. They are skills known to be possessed by the enigmatic black robe assassins.
Who would hate the baron so much as to risk hiring one of these very dangerous and unpredictable people to kill him. Granted the baron have stepped on many toes, one can’t be a great man without having enemies, but to employ a black robe? That is the height of desperation and madness . And their services doesn’t come cheap. So a very powerful and wealthy person is after the baron. Who could that be? Well that is none of his concern, he has never been a politician and could never understand the intricacies of the games of nobles anyway. He just need to look for how to survive this encounter. His other guardsmen already have fear written over his face.
Jarrael quietly waited for the guards to make their moves. As he had expected the one holding both the spear and sword dove at him, both weapons bearing down on him. He side stepped and instead went for the other guard who fear had frozen his movement. The guard brought up his sword and parried away the swing of the first scimitar but the second one passed lightly through the front of his neck creating a very thin line that spew out blood few eye blinks after the scimitar's passing. The man held his bleeding neck, gurgling and vomiting blood he crumbled to the floor.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 10:06pm On Apr 23, 2017
Turning slowly, he faced the last remaining guard, who despite the fear now showing on his face came at Jarrael with savage attacks swinging both spear and sword with well coordinated skills. But the paring barrier raised by Jarrael’s twirling scimitars was just impossible to breakthrough. The guard out of desperation pressed more his attacks. A particular awkward flick of Jarrael’s scimitar surprised the guard. He was even more surprised when Jarrael moved back out of immediate reach of his spear. The surprised was complete when he heard something tumble to the floor at his side. It was his sword with his fist still holding fast to the hilt but was detached. He raised his sword hand only to discover a stump at it end pouring out blood. He didn’t even know his hand was severed until he saw the stump on the floor. He opened his mouth to scream as the pains hit him with the suddenness of a sand storm but Jarrael’s scimitar was a blur as it flew unerringly at the guard’s neck and the head dropped to the floor without uttering a word. The headless body followed and jerked for a bit before going still.

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by stephenGee12(m): 10:37pm On Apr 23, 2017
appollux. feels good to be back. iaremozelle drop something otherwise I wud judge and jai u.
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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 11:19pm On Apr 23, 2017
appollux. feels good to be back. iaremozelle drop something otherwise I wud judge and jai u.
Apollux u no even ask of ur chief whip sef na so life be
Lol bow u dey jare? Don't mind me o. I have been trying to check when this thread enter trending. I didn't see it at all. Maybe na me ni check well den.
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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by JohnGainsville(m): 7:19am On Apr 24, 2017
You're really a wonderful writer, I'm solidly following you to the finish...BTW thanks for the mention. Fire on
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by ashatoda: 2:55pm On Apr 24, 2017
guy you are good the description of the swordfight is explicit keep it up I am following
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 5:21pm On Apr 24, 2017
Picking up a key ring holding four keys from the still body, Jarrael moved to the bedroom door, sourced for the right key, inserted it to the key hole and twisted it. The door slowly parted from the middle and swung inside. The bedroom was a wide room, with richly embroidered silk curtains hanging around it. Intricately carved figures on the walls not covered. The poor light in the room came from three candles put on scone. A bed is on a circular raised dais on which rest a very wide bed that can easily accommodate ten sleeping bodies. As Jarrael had expected the baron was already awake, sitting on the bed.
The long bow was already in his hand, an arrow notched and the bowstring pulled back. It had taken a little time for Jarrael to decide which weapon best to kill the baron. He had thought of the knife, very quick, quiet and efficient, same as the sword. It will bring him close to his target so the killing can be very personal . He can watch as the life slowly ebbs from the eyes. But he needed speed, he is sure very soon the whole place will be roused up. So no time for personal sentiments. Dead is dead no matter the manner. And besides he will want his target to have an idea of his crime. He fixed the baron on the arrow’s target.
The face of the baron looked older than the last time he saw it. He now have cubby cheeks with folding jaws and very fat shoulders that seem to hide his neck. His dark brown hair surround the shine of a bald dome head. He wasn’t wearing any clothes, so the fat of his body made his breasts and stomach to fall in several folds. But from his waist down was covered in very rich satin which formed part of the bed’s cover. Fear painted the sweaty face of the baron and turned it pale. His body visibly trembled at the dark apparition that suddenly stepped into this room. With the noises he heard outside before the door slowly opened, the baron was sure his guards have been disposed of.
With fear and trembling in his voice, the baron asked slowly, “Who are you? “
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by JohnGainsville(m): 5:27pm On Apr 24, 2017
Thanks for the update.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 5:32pm On Apr 24, 2017
“I am here to pay you back for the wrong you did me years ago. “ Jarrael said quietly his hands steady on both the bow and arrow.
“ And what justice will killing me serve? “
“I’m not here for justice Tarikh , I’m here for revenge. To give you the same treatment you gave to my parents. You killed my father, the greatest man in Hocklam. “
“But I have never personally participated in the killing of anyone. “ sweat flew from his body as the baron trembled once more. Try as he may he couldn’t see more of the features of the person because of the low light until he discovered that what covered the face of his assailant is not the shadows but a black cloth wrapped around his face.
“Still you ordered their deaths. “
“But if you parents are criminals and the law found them guilty, then I’m not the one who sentenced them. The law found them guilty. “
“Laws made by you to satisfy your selfish indulgences. You made my parents criminals but they were not so. “
“Aye then can you please tell me their names, if perhaps I can recall and see if adequate and satisfactory recompense can be made. “ the baron now sat up more on the bed his confidence returning.
“The only recompense is your life in forfeiture. “
“My life? “ at this the baron burst out in raucous laughter .
Jarrael was taken aback by this sudden change on the baron’s attitude. One moment he is shaking with fear and the next he is bursting out with laughter without a single care in the world. He noticed suddenly that though there is still fear in the baron but something strong have over ridden the fear and given Tarikh a sudden burst of confidence. Taking a note of his face, he saw that the baron’s eyes flickered to a point behind him on his left. Jarrael noticed a rustling of the curtains covering that place. He jumped away from where he was standing without a second thought.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 5:38pm On Apr 24, 2017
Fire shot out from between the curtains aimed at Jarrael, but his quick moved saved him from being touched, yet a bit of the flames touched his cape. And suddenly all parts of the cape behind him caught fire. He quickly loosened the cape and dropped it as it suddenly burned to ash.
Cold fear travelled through the spine of Jarrael tingling his back bones with icy fingers. He saw the sudden fire before it struck and disappeared. It wasn’t the yellowish color of normal flame, this fire was totally red and didn’t give off any single light. The reality of what that portends struck fear into his heart. There are very few things that can make him afraid and this seem to be one of them. Even before the shadowy image moved away from between the curtains where the red fire originated from, he already have his answer, the red flame’s source is sorcery.
The person stepping out of the curtains was wearing a black silk robe that covered his whole body down to his feet. The only exposed parts of his body are his face and hands. These parts are all tattooed in black colored runes. A dark colored silver circlet surround his neck on which a dark purple gem that pulsate with shadowy light is affixed in the center. This can’t be possible, the only people that dresses that way are the priests of the dark god Nemphis.
What is a priest of Nemphis doing in the city of Aram? The priests of the dark god shun society and hardly ever leave their fortified black tower south of Aram. Because of their introverted attitude, they are always viewed with suspicious, fear and strongly concealed disgust in any place they appear in Ghemmaria. Does that mean the baron have a priest of Nemphis in his employ? That is impossible. They are never loyal to any one except to themselves and serve no one except their dark god. Just what could be the interest of the priests of Nemphis with Tarikh? Jarrael realized that this just got bigger than he is.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 9:46am On Apr 25, 2017
Looking at the priest’s face, he saw his eyes closed and lips moving which means he is making an incantations . From his experience in dealing with sorcerers and wizards, the best way is to strike before they finish the words of casting a spell. Fortunately for Jarrael, when he dodged the flames and tugged off his burning cape, he didn’t cast off his long bow and arrow. He lifted both now to the direction of the whispering priest. Arrows shot from a longbow are one of the swiftest and almost impossible to avoid. He drew back on the bowstring and let fly the arrow. The arrow flew quick towards the priest but stopped about a step before him. The priest eyes were still closed and his lips continuing their silent incantations. The arrow just hanged in the air then sudden burst into flames and turned to ash which poured on the floor.
Jarrael knew he was out of time, the priest was already shielded by sorcery. He quickly took another arrow and notched it, this time he turned to the baron. At least before the priest will complete his spell casting, let him finish the main reason he was here in the first place. When the baron saw Jarrael’s next move, fear gripped him and he screamed. Jarrael shot the arrow the same time he screamed. As the arrow flew towards the baron it bounced of on an invisible barrier before it could get to him. Jarrael mouthed a curse under his breath turned to looked at the priest again only to discover that the priest’s eyes were open and looking at him. The face of the priest looked marble white pale and haggard in the poor light. The eyes looked like two tiny pinpricks of light in the hollow like sockets of a skull. The priest simply waved one of his hand and the bow on Jarrael’s hand immediately turned bright red and crumbled to dust.
With another curse Jarrael somersaulted as the priest pointed his five fingers at his direction. Bright jagged points of lightning bolts came out of them and struck out for Jarrael, but a desperate body rolled pulled him out of the way of the lightning which struck the wall behind him and blew them out. The wall was the part where the windows facing the outside wall is. The stone debris from the wall flew outside crashing to the ground below.
If every other things going on haven’t alerted those around about what has been happening, this definitely will, Jarrael thought grimly. That means it's time to leave and indirectly the priest in trying to kill him had created his way of escape. Looking out through the jagged hole newly created on the wall, he saw the window the rope he had tied on the barricade. The only problem is that a little distance separated him and the hole. He can cover that distance in just two fast bounds but with a spell caster around it may just be like a mile. Surprising the priest will be his only option.
He twisted his arms a bit and the two knives hidden under his leather armbands dropped to his palm and at a blurring speed he hurled both knives at the priest. Just like the arrow, the knives stopped and hanged in the air a meter before they got to the priest. Both knives started to melt. Jarrael took that time to make his move. He dashed for the hole at the wall. The priest pointed his fingers at the running figure, lightning shot out again from the fingers. Most missed their target, hitting the wall and creating new holes on the them. But as Jarrael jumped, he felt a painful shock on his back. One of the jagged lightning bolt hit him. He almost lost concentration but the realization of what that will result forced him to clear his head despite the intense pain. His hand reached out as he jumped and grabbed the metal barricade covering the window. He quickly laid hold of the rope he kept there in began to drop down
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by URANTAALLWELL(m): 10:02am On Apr 26, 2017
I must commend your impeccable writing skills, and your ability to transform your imagination into comprehensive words. I followed your previous work here on nairaland and I think you credit, and attention than you are currently getting.

Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 3:49pm On Apr 26, 2017
When his feet touch the paved stone floor of the palace surroundings, he pulled out his scimitars. As he ran and meld with the shadows to avoid detection, he felt his back burning right where the single lightning bolt had greased him. Jarrael had to look at his back again while sprinting, to be sure no visible fire was burning on his back. There was none.
The burning sensation continued and he felt it increasing and the smell of a roasting flesh, his flesh, assaulted his nose. Damn he should have known. It was a magical strike, the priest could have conjured the spell this way. He sadly realized that he can slowly burn to death from this invisible fire. Quickly reaching down to the pouch strapped at his left thigh, he sort for a particular vial. He opened it and poured its liquid content into his mouth. It was a rare healing liquid, one of the magical objected stolen from one of his former employer. Immediately he felt a slight relief as the healing liquid halt further spread of the damage been done to his body. But Jarrael still feels the pains from the already done damage to his body. On a normal injury, the liquid would have stopped the burning and healed him totally but it seems the priest’s sorcery is way too potent. But at least the continued burning have stopped. Jarrael knew he still have healing salve that may heal his wounds when applied to them directly but he can’t do that now and not here while still within the palace compound.
Still thinking about this he stumbled on two regular palace guards just doing a routine patrol. At first they were surprised but quickly recovered. But before they could effectively offer any sort of defense Jarrael struck. They were still bringing their swords out of the scabbard when the scimitars punched their chests cutting easily through the hard leather jerkins and stabbing their hearts. Both bodies dropped on the ground with blood spilling. Jarrael had no time to hide the bodies, he needs to get out of the palace and into the streets. Time is running out. The pains from his wounds were clouding his eyes. Anytime now the bell will ring and every guards around will be aroused.
He was just jumping over the palace inner wall when the bell begin to ring. He ran quickly by the edge of the trench out side the palace wall. The edges were not level but Jarrael still ran swiftly on it avoiding several holes and depressions that would have crippled him had he stepped on any of them. He got to the small access bridge and ran along it. Two guards were at the end of it waiting. His scimitars were out and at a blurring speed he attacked. The sharp edges of his blades sliced the guards on their necks, one of them crumpled to the floor the other staggered of the bridge and into the trench. There was a loud splash which revealed that the dark trench was covered with water.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 3:50pm On Apr 26, 2017
Something fast whistled beside Jarrael in the darkness and through the low light he saw an arrow bounced off the floor ahead of him. Without looking back he knew the watchmen at the towers have seen him and they have started shooting at him but the low light is greatly impairing their accuracy. More arrows flew past him as he ran beyond the bridge and into the streets. Soon he was beyond the range of their shots.
His strength was failing him fast because of the injuries at this rate he can never leave the city this night. In the east, the dark sky there is beginning to lighten up. He dropped low and crawl into the dark space of a building as he heard several steps behind him and a gruff voice speaking.
“The watchmen at the tower said he ran this way. They weren’t sure if any of their arrows have struck their target. Well dogs we better make sure the fugitive doesn’t escape else our heads will roll for it. “
After several minutes, through the center area of the city he headed down to the lower parts of it. Avoiding the guards at the affluent areas of the city was more difficult because the streets there were wide, straight and well ordered. The effort was already taxing his endurance to the limit. But as soon as he gets to the lower region, it will be easy for him to disappear within the twisted and meandering streets there. As he got to one of the darken twisted streets, his sights clouded over and nausea started to overtake him. Quickly he ran towards the only place he knows he can hide, hoping strongly that he won’t pass out before he gets there. But constant steps and shouting continued as the city guard soldiers searched for him through the winding streets.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 3:51pm On Apr 26, 2017
♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

The lady took a look at herself on the silver reflective mirror and squeeze her lips in a pout. She had done a lot in the past to keep her body preserved in its youthful form. Mostly , she had succeeded. Her looks have maintained the youthful grace of a girl at her eighteen years not a woman in her early thirties. Her unique use of rare spices have given her that ability. With it she had been able to refashion her appearance into what ever imagined looks that crept into her mind. One of the earliest change to her appearance she had effected and maintained till now was turning the color of her hair, eyes, lips, fingernails and toenails to green. That was when she had taken the name Thorn. Taking a look at her at first with her young beautiful appearance will give you a misguided notion that she is young, vulnerable and naïve. So many had made that mistake but never lived to tell the tales. Her look had been one of her advantage but not her only one.
Her greatest asset is her vast knowledge in the mixture and preparations of diverse types of spices, lotions and liquid for various use. From facial and bodily treatment to fast acting poisons. Though most people in Aram have long ago stopped seeing her as the innocent beauty they once assumed her to be because of the kind of trade she runs and the services she provided. She runs two brothels, one in the highbrow area of the city center which caters for the dirty fantasy of the old nobles and rich merchants, she name that golden resort, to give it a respectable name. The other one is in a rough street among the lower region of Aram, she called it roseden. Where she presently is. Her troupe of whores where carefully selected, at least for those that meet the appetite of her more affluent clientele. She had discovered in the past that nobles and rich merchants continued to demand for whores younger each day till she had made her stand that no one lesser than a certain age will be employed by her. It had stayed that way and the richer patrons of her services had stuck to it though unhappy. Another thing that is inaccessible in her business is herself. No client can have her, no matter how rich or powerful, she is off limits. Those that have tried several times to have her had suffered terrible consequences. The few that dared kidnapped her died from horrible dose of poison. Till it had become something of a law in Aram, Thorn is untouchable.
This have led to several superstitious conclusion among the citizens of the city. Some believed she is refusing any man into her life because she hides a terrible secret. Some said the secret is she is a man underneath the female appearance. Others had discarded that and rather maintained that the period of time she spent with the Gondolians had infected her with a disease believed to afflict the snake people, that part of her is snake. The more liberal ones had rejected that notion but concluded that the goddess queen of Gondola had made her heart cold towards men. Still some believed she actually isn’t totally human. Well what ever the stories about her are in the streets of Aram, it had helped her business boom and kept her and her girls unmolested. As much as her heart is frozen against all men, no single man in all of Ghemmaria have been able to stir a tiny bit of emotions in her except just one. Still she doesn’t dwell on that anyway.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Oladim001(m): 4:31pm On Apr 26, 2017
Really nice bro. I want more plzzz
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by JohnGainsville(m): 10:29pm On Apr 26, 2017
I must not fail to comment. Sir your descriptions are superb...The Nemphis Priest I think is the only strong hindrance to Jarrael from killing the Baron. More inspirations to you OP.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 9:12am On Apr 27, 2017
She hissed loudly this time feeling quite disappointed with her image on the mirror. Her appearance still maintained its façade of perfect beauty but a careful scrutiny shows her that very tiny barely perceptible wrinkles have begun to show behind her eyelids. No amount of spice and concoction can stop the skin from aging. Gladly the green tone of her hair have remained. She breath in deep the relaxing scent permeating the room. The smell was from a spiced incense made from the water grass plucked from the Snake Swamp in Gondola. The incense was sprinkled on a beautifully carved golden brazier having burning cools.
She looked at her slim well formed energetic body that had taken her long periods of sacrificial pains enduring the punishing part of the Anargin exercises of the goddess daughters. Her face was a slim oval shape with thin line of her green lustrous hair coming down the middle of her forehead. Her eyes were slim with an innocent over view but a darkness clouds over them when you stare at them for long. Well formed long slim nose and a full glossy green lips.
Turning from the mirror she walked towards the well crafted bed where here discarded green gossamer fabric night robe have been dumped for her to take full stock of her open body before the mirror . Her lithe body took on graceful moves as she took her steps. The room was a wide bedroom, with the main door decorated with golden images. Curtains with richly embroidered tapestry filled the room. The only light there came from a huge candle three cubic high. As she took out her night robe and pulled off her rich satin bed covering she heard a loud thud. Her immediate attention was drawn to the door. But remembering she had instructed her girls that she doesn’t want to be disturbed and her single bodyguard, the mute Zimri will see to it that her instructions were followed. The thud increased to a persistent hammering. She wasn’t in the least bit afraid or concerned, just irritated that a bumbling fool is about to get punished for annoying her.
Thorn reached into a box pulled out a tiny bottle with a sparking yellowish liquid and prepared to deal with the intruder. Before she could get to the door, it crashed inward spilling a body inside covered in burns. Both the black clothes and the skin where scorched.
A voice weakened by pains spoke slowly from the fallen figure. “Thorn… help… use… salve… “ and the figure was silent and went still. It was of a man, holding out something to her in a circular vial.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Oladim001(m): 2:51pm On Apr 27, 2017
Nice update bro. More!!!!
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 4:03pm On Apr 27, 2017
Taking a look at the figure’s face, Thorn’s heart melted and a name spilled from her lips unbidden. “Jarrael? “
Thorn’s heart over the years and due to her experiences in the darker part of her past, have her heart frozen without a single drop of kindness or feeling of empathy for anyone. But something about Jarrael always stirs up a warm emotion within her that stimulate those human feelings she thought had died in her way back in the past.
She quickly took a look at him and noticed his back and parts of his hand have been badly burnt. When she got closer a rancid smell came from the wounds and she issued a curse. The injury is from a dark spell. Either from magic fire or lightning spell. She got up and took a delicately made silver lamp, lit it from the burning candle and came closer to the still body to better observe the wound. Since its source is sorcery, it may be dangerous for her to touch him first because spells like this always carry powerful poison that remains active on the body till the sufferer have died. Anyone unfortunate to touch the person before then usually gets infected. With careful examination of the wounds, she discovered they had stopped spreading long before Jarrael got here. He must have applied something to halt the spread of a powerful and fast acting spell like this. Then she remembered, in his delirious whisper, he mentioned a healing salve. She checked his hand, saw the circular vial clenched in his fist, took it out, broke open the cover and took a sniff. Yes this is a very potent healing ointment , from the scent, surely made no doubt by one of the expert in the White Hand coven. For him not to have died by this time means he must have used a very potent healing substance to halt the effects of this burns and stop the poison but not enough to completely heal the damaged tissues. Where does Jarrael get very rare objects like this? Well Thorn feels that is not important now, helping Jarrael is. And he had made it easier by providing what to use in helping him.
Thorn might look feeble because of her lean feminine appearance but she is much stronger than her looks suggests. She carried the stilled body easily and carefully lay him on her bed. Took out a small knife, sliced the burnt clothes and leather off him. With tender care she applied the healing salve on the wounds. As she touched the ointment to the burns, the salve immediately sinks in and before her eyes the wounds started to mend and the open flesh began to close.
When she finished applying the salve, she covered the exposed body with a soft silk cloth. Getting up to close her door, with the simple lock damaged by Jarrael’s forced entry, she shook her head in amazement, seeing the body of her well paid mute bodyguard Zimri laid out cold on the tiny passage leading to her door. Jarrael must have knocked him out when he refused him access to her room. Such a faithful loyal but dumb dog, Thorn smiled.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 4:06pm On Apr 27, 2017
♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

The palace bedroom where the baron had been sleeping seem almost as silent as the grave. Baron Tarikh stood before the broken wall, his chubby face taking on a hilarious grotesque appearance as it tried to grimace. For the first time since he became a baron, he had felt real fear. He knew by now he would have been dead if not for the intervention of the priest of Nemphis. Now he sees the need for the offered Alliance between him and the black tower. The sun was already coming up and casting its early morning light into the room through the hole. Though today is going to a hot day as is common in the desert city of Aram, at the moment, the chilling breeze of the night is still on.
Tarikh shivered both from the breeze and the knowledge of what would have happened during the night. Still looking at the breach on the wall as if the questions that plagued his mind can somehow get their answers from his continued stare . A light casual silk sleeping robe was on him. Finally he turned and stepped away from the open wall. About a dozen of his special guards were in the room now having drawn swords. None is allowed in here unless by the express permission of the baron himself. The priest of Nemphis in his all black gown, with his face looking more ominous as the light got brighter appeared like a carved image. The rune tattoos on his face seem to writhe around the skin. He stood quiet, rigid and still as if one of the shadows in the room.
A low voice of argument was heard from the door where another score of the baron’s guards where positioned outside. Tarikh have been informed earlier that the grand Khardi of Aram, his host was desiring to see him and apologize for the unfortunate incident of the night but so far Tarikh have been ignoring him. His special guards at the door had barred him from coming in. Even if the Grand Khardi is the ruler of Aram, the baron’s soldiers take orders from only one man.
Tarikh turned to the priest, “Do you think he survived? “
The priest’s voice sounded that the grinding of sand together, low and drudgery. “He should be dead by now if he had continued running and his body burnt to ash. The spell I used would have contributed to eat him up unabated. But I sensed he is not dead. He had magical implement he used that gave him some measure of salvation. And still he had someone that intervened too to save his life. “
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 4:06pm On Apr 27, 2017
“Can you locate him at the moment? “ the baron tried not to let the fear creep into his voice.
“No” the priest replied simply. His eyes closed for a moment and he opened them again. “The spell I cast on him should have been able to pinpoint him for me anywhere he is. But that was destroyed when he used the magical object to save himself. It successfully neutralize my spell. “
Tarikh sat down at the bed worried. A lot of things crossing his mind. Several attempts at assassinating him have been tried many times in the past but none have gotten close as that of last night. In Hocklam, he was well protected. The best they have done in the past is getting to his gate. Even in Hocklam, he have his intelligent network firmly in place, anyone even suspected of ill will towards his governance, was eliminated. It had cowed the citizen there and none will ever think of opposing him. But that was in Hocklam, where his power and control are absolute. But here in Aram, the only thing under his control are just his about four score loyal guards. He hardly ever leave Hocklam, but this trip to Aram is important, to cement his political power. He have harbored a long ambition to overthrow the king of Dhremoria, his brother in-law, married to his elder sister. He feels the king had usurp the land of the sovereign city state of Hocklam. Howbeit in a peaceful manner, by marrying his sister, the legitimate heir to the seat of power in Hocklam in that way Hocklam became a vassal state to Fressia the capital of Dhremoria. But the king, in order to appear like a benevolent and considerate monarch, had given the seat of power to the only surviving relative of his queen, that is Tarikh himself. The baron hated the king and will do all in his power to pull him down and seize the kingdom for himself. Even if it will take him to form an uneasy alliance with the feared and enigmatic priests of Nemphis or the semi civilized desert herdsmen of Aram that had necessitated this long and obviously dangerous trip. He had to if he must maintain the alliance. Aram might not be a military might worthy of reckoning when rated with other Kingdoms, but it has strategic importance. Tarikh knows if he opposes his brother in-law and starts a civil war, the very fearful and militarily disciplined Gondolians will rally to the side of the king. So here is where Aram comes in. They will be attacking Gondola from the south to force them away from Dhremoria and concentrate on keeping their borders from incursions.
As for the priests of Nemphis, he can’t really tell what their ultimate interest is in wanting him on the throne of Dhremoria but it doesn’t matter as long as he gets to have the throne. It was the priests of Nemphis that have reached out to him way down from the south, as if discerning his ambition. The high priest Mibazar had contacted him through this priest, Khaufir. And since then Khaufir had acted as a liaison between him and the black tower of Nemphis.
But something about the set up among the priests of Nemphis gave him a tiny bit of concern. The high priest Mibazar is not the highest authority among the priests. Their overall head is the Arc priest Achron. But Mibazar have very considerable influence among the priesthood of Nemphis. Tarikh suspects a power play between one of the most influential of the high priests and their supreme leader. Well he shouldn’t bother about that one. Who can fathom the minds of priests? All he needs concern himself about is what advantage he can get from this.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 1:07pm On Apr 28, 2017
Now the first time since his ascent to power he will be leaving his protected seat, someone have really gotten close to assassinating him. Who could that be? The person had claimed a grudge from the past. He had killed his family? That still doesn’t tell the baron much. Tarikh had executed so many families so that his hold on power can be secured. But all that happened in Hocklam. Will the assassin had followed him from Hocklam? But his trip was in secret, so how had he known about his trip? If not that he had done several purging of the circle of leaders around him, he would have suspected one of them trying to eliminate him.
Something else gives him concern. The priest, Khaufir, had told him the assailant moved like a member of the black robe. Now what will the Order of Assassins want with him, all the way from far off across the sea in Kyaka. Well something for him to consider later.
He waved to the guards at the door that they should allow the Grand Khardi in.
Turning to the priest he asked, “Can you get another way to locate this man? We really need to know who he is and who he works for. Also we need to silent him. Like you pointed out, your master never want your involvement with me a public knowledge. “
The priest responded in his usual low raspy voice. “My master is already aware of all that happened. He is sending a means by which your attacker can be located and destroyed.”
“That is comforting. Now I can face the work of diplomacy without looking over my shoulders with the fear that someone is after me. “ The baron stopped talking as the priest molded back into the dark area in the room the light had not touched yet, appearing as if he disappeared and the Grand Khardi stepped in.
“O most excellent lord baron Tarikh, it grieves me greatly that an attack on your person happened under my roof. “ the grand Khardi genuflected. “I’m greatly pleased you were able to drive the fool away on your own. Truly the stories of your prowess in battle have really been well told. “
“I’m pleased to see myself alive too. Well any idea who he is or why he would attack me, Shammir? “ the baron waved the grand Khardi up to join him as he stepped into the audience chamber.
“No my lord baron. “ the grand Khardi trailed behind the baron. “My soldiers are sure he was a thief with the wrong notion that he can steal from the palace. Be assured my lord, he will be found. The city gate is locked. No one goes out or comes in until we have located him. And all the holes and dens where unsavory characters have made their haven will be visited by my special city patrols. “
“Thank you for your swift response, Grand Khardi Shammir, I’m really pleased. “ Tarikh said sweetly. What a fool of a leader this Shammir is, he thought sadly. When I have had my way, I will look for a good replacement for his throne.
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Nimzzy(m): 3:07pm On Apr 28, 2017
I cannot...I cannot read this without commenting! this story is a masterpiece. brought me out of ghost mode. more updates needed ASAP!!!
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 6:44pm On Apr 28, 2017
I cannot...I cannot read this without commenting! this story is a masterpiece. brought me out of ghost mode. more updates needed ASAP!!!
Thanks for the vote. A lot more still to happen in this story. I promise u the plots will take a direction u will never have predicted

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Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Ofem26: 8:55pm On Apr 28, 2017
Once a ghost reader always a ghost reader, but this masterpiece here just brought me out of my dwelling... Kudos...
Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Apollux(m): 7:13pm On May 01, 2017
Sorry guys for the lack of updates here, the reason is I have be working on MARVEL CHRONICLES 2 : EXECUTIVE SANCTION which I promised will be premiering tomorrow my birthday day. So bear with me. Hopefully I will still try and squeeze in a little update here.
Here guys show some love for my birthday tomorrow.


Re: Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) by Ibunkun1(m): 10:37pm On May 01, 2017
Sorry guys for the lack of updates here, the reason is I have be working on MARVEL CHRONICLES 2 : EXECUTIVE SANCTION which I promised will be premiering tomorrow my birthday day. So bear with me. Hopefully I will still try and squeeze in a little update here.
Here guys show some love for my birthday tomorrow.
Hbd In Advance Bro

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