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Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 8:08pm On Jul 31, 2017
"Amanda please let's reason like the adults that we are,think about what people will say,think about both our reputation and that of our parents", he said pleadingly.

"I don't care about what anybody says, it's my life and in case you've not been listening to news,being a baby mama is the new trend.

"Sometimes I wonder how you think, being a baby mama is the new trend is that what you want for yourself".

"So what do you want us to do get married", she asked sarcastically.

"That's the only way out,that's what our parents expect from us",he murmured.

She started laughing," If you think that I'll venture into a loveless marriage all because of a pregnancy, then you are joking,I am waayy,too educated for that".

"If you as educated as you think you are, you'll know when you are ovulating, and take aftermath pills,when you are done with having sex",he dished out angrily.

She gasped at his words then a fat tear rolled down her cheeks," get out of my office, I don't want to ever see your face ",she said crying.

"I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to say that", he said moving close to her.

"Don't come close or I'll scream", she said still crying.

"I'm sorry... I truly am", he said trying to hold her,as she wanted to scream,he pressed his lips against hers,he kissed her until her resistance faded off and she was kissing back, when he tried to break the kiss, she pushed his head back to place, he gave himself a mental pat on the back and savoured the kiss as long as it lasted".

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Re: Mr Right by PreshyG(f): 9:01pm On Jul 31, 2017
Jason, gud one from u. I luv men that knw how to stop a girl from talking. Weldon Op! Nice story

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Re: Mr Right by kakakoshina(m): 9:50pm On Jul 31, 2017
waiting for more
Re: Mr Right by Shesweetdie(f): 9:13am On Aug 01, 2017
Nicely done. Hungry for updates o
Re: Mr Right by humeeh(f): 10:56am On Aug 01, 2017

This girl did not call me

I have a new friend sis, eyinimofeoluwa
Biko wait there,where's my special invitation sef??
Me i just want the baby of the house o.I need all the pampering i can get o jae
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 1:48pm On Aug 01, 2017
**********Episode 8**********
Jason pulled away and smiled on seeing the desire in her eyes, "just give us a chance, let's get married before it gets very obvious, yes we don't know each other very well,give it two years or even till after the Baby is born if you don't feel anything for me we'll get a divorce,in as much as I won't want a broken home for my child but...your happiness matters. So are you giving us a chance", he finished looking at her hopefully.

She nodded her head yes," till after the baby is born, then we'll know what to do, although it's not going to be immediately after it's born".

He smiled, "thank you", he made a mental note to knock her up again immediately after the baby is born, he chuckled inwardly at his evil thought.

"I'm craving a plate of ice cream right now", she said shifting away from him to her fridge".

"Have you had any client today"

"No and I don't think anyone is coming I'm,because I don't have any appointment today".

"Lemme take you home,you need to rest"

"It's still too early, it's just eleven am,the house would be so boring".

"I'll stay with you until you are ready for bed".

She turned and gave him a questioning stare,with her left brow arched up.

"Ohh!,come on,I won't touch you if you don't want me to".

She smiled," okay, let's go ",she arranged her bag and left the office.

"I'm done for the day,you all can go home too", Amanda said to her secretary, without sparing her a glance.
"I'll go run a bath,I need this makeup off my face",she said immediately they entered her apartment.

"Okay, I'm waiting", he said settling down on a settee in her sitting room.

Twenty minutes later she was out of the bathroom.Jason practically stopped breathing as she walked into the sitting room, she was clad in a white and pink shorts,snow white BYC polo and a pink furry slippers. It was very obvious that she didn't wear a bra under the cloth as her contours of her tips were outlined. Jason bit his lips to stifle a groan.

"Baby we are not done talking", he said stretching his hands towards her,when she took it he pulled her to his laps.


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Re: Mr Right by Ajicold(f): 2:31pm On Aug 01, 2017
Am Loving This Story O
Re: Mr Right by TessaJ(f): 4:02pm On Aug 02, 2017
Please update oooooo.
Re: Mr Right by Kimkardashain(f): 4:43pm On Aug 02, 2017
You are welcome to our family,am rev sister Jane
chim oh! which rev sis? jane
Re: Mr Right by Kimkardashain(f): 4:56pm On Aug 02, 2017
123456dr used my name in her story. thats my full name.
*wailing* queenitee, Evajael girlharley. pls come oh. wen did i becum so promiscus that i get preggy 4 a guy.
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 6:41pm On Aug 02, 2017
123456dr used my name in her story. thats my full name.
*wailing* queenitee, Evajael girlharley. pls come oh. wen did i becum so promiscus that i get preggy 4 a guy.
sorry no vex,I'll make it up to you with updates.
Re: Mr Right by Marchborn123: 6:57pm On Aug 02, 2017
Oya update nah
Re: Mr Right by Kimkardashain(f): 7:12pm On Aug 02, 2017
sorry no vex,I'll make it up to you with updates.
ok. oya update
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 8:18pm On Aug 02, 2017
"Let's fix a date for the introduction, I'll prefer it to be in latest three weeks"

"It's too near,like that would stun the media because they don't even know we are together".

"I want us to be at least traditionally married before the baby bump becomes noticeable", he said running his hands on her tummy, through her shirt.

"What about my brothers, it's going to be a short notice".

"Since they run your father's business empire,it won't be hard leaving the sits for a few weeks,a traditional wedding a week later,then our white wedding two weeks later in L.A".

"Seems like you've got everything planned out already"

"Yeah...so we will pick the aso-ebi for the introduction tomorrow,Sooo...let's make the relationship public", he said bringing out his phone," let's take pictures ".

"I'm not properly dressed at least let me wear a bra,I'll bring my selfie stick", she said as she rushed inside.

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Re: Mr Right by Jane1234f(f): 9:21pm On Aug 02, 2017
chim oh! which rev sis? jane
Re: Mr Right by Nmaglit: 9:31pm On Aug 02, 2017
dear ur story is very interesting and am following u till the end but please try & make ur update long so as to give ur reader something to comment than the normal nice one, keep it up and so forth. for example TRADITION by chumzy u will see the reader discussing about the story and looking forward for another update. my opinion tho but keep it up u r doing a nice job.
Re: Mr Right by cruzyteejay(m): 7:21am On Aug 03, 2017
Am no different from a witch if i toured through all the pages and didn't comment................interesting it is,backing off am not....kudos
Re: Mr Right by dview001(m): 7:35am On Aug 03, 2017
amazing story how sweet the sound! ...I think Jason will hurt Amanda in d nearest future
Re: Mr Right by aprilwise(m): 7:42am On Aug 03, 2017
this story is a wonderful story please update often. thanks
Re: Mr Right by Benedict885: 10:18am On Aug 03, 2017
Say no to poverty

Re: Mr Right by Dessydemmy: 11:29am On Aug 03, 2017
Please tell me this is not the end!!!! I love this story cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Re: Mr Right by oruchechuks(m): 1:02pm On Aug 03, 2017
I bumped into your story on the front page. Let me say congratulations. It shows you are doing a great job.
I have seen many praises to your work from your readers and let me add a few critics to the story because good or bad, critics are a way of boosting writers moral and confidence on story telling. Here are my few critics:

1. TYPOS: Typos no matter how small are turn off for readers. They are like pot holes on a fast ride. You won't want your readers to pause for while while they make some spelling corrections. I will advice you read all over at least twice before you post or you can make use of office reader to automatically detect typos as you prepare your work.

2. BE SPECIFIC ON CHARACTERS: When more than two characters are having a conversation, try to be specific on the character that is speaking. For example when Amanda's father and Ross where in Amanda's office together with her mum, you were repeatedly using 'he said' for the conversation of both men. This makes it difficult to know who is speaking. Why not try to mention their name at the end of their word. Try and work on that aspect as well.

3. DESCRIBE, NARRATE, EXPLAIN: Yes describe! Narrate! Explain! descriptions are like spices to your work. It paints the mental pictures to your readers and also makes your work full. No reader will be complaining of short updates if you kill them with loads of beautiful descriptions about the governors house, Amanda's house, office, and other environments. Believe me you will love it yourself when you use description very well.

4 MAKE IT REAL: Yeah, although it's a friction but make your story line as real as possible. This is Nigeria and your story is about a Nigerian character, so it will be real enough if Amanda's age is around 27 or 28. At least that will be real enough to tally with her achievements. The 21 year old you pegged it is not that realistic.

These are my few critics for now. I will love to see you work on them as you have a very superb storyline. Please don't be discouraged or disappointed, it is not easy to write and I commend you for this. I will be following your story and will like to see your improvements.

Well done!

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Re: Mr Right by Dejayi1: 2:46pm On Aug 03, 2017
Nice one. really love the story
Re: Mr Right by Upson42: 7:04pm On Aug 03, 2017
I am in love with this.... nice job op

keep it coming
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 7:38pm On Aug 03, 2017
**********Episode 9**********
"So you are getting married", Rob asked,the tone of his voice made them expect a laugh.

"As in ehhn", Chris said looking at Jason like a specimen," You didn't even tell us you slept with her".

"So you expect me to go around and announce I slept with her", Jason said taking a large swig from his drink. They were sitted at a night club, Jason had called them immediately he left Amanda's house.

"The pictures you guys took were nice though, she's on the busty side", Alex the most reserved of the squad said.

"Alex seriously... are you guys going to select a color to wear on the introduction or not, I'm dead tired, that girl can sap out your energy when it comes to taking pictures", Jason said in one breath.

"See this guy you've not even entered you are alrey complaining",Rob said in between laughter.

"I'm out I have a lot of things to do Tom, I have a wedding to plan", Jason said taking the last swig of his drink before getting up.
Two Weeks Later.

Amanda sat in her room in her parents house, it was the day of the introduction, her hands were clammy,some of her cousins, aunts, uncles and her three older brother and their families had arrived the previous day, her brothers had insisted on seeing Jason but their parents had convinced them to let things be.Amanda was in her room with her three sister in laws, and they won't even let her think.She had seen Jason the minute he stepped down from his car,he looked super cute in his native attire, which was sown with the same material as her's.

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Re: Mr Right by aprilwise(m): 7:59pm On Aug 03, 2017
Please bring it on more of the story. am expecting drama during the intoduction
Re: Mr Right by Ehi07(f): 9:47pm On Aug 03, 2017
Team Jason & Amanda grin
Re: Mr Right by Marchborn123: 10:44am On Aug 04, 2017
Its way 2 short joor
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 7:25pm On Aug 04, 2017
Amanda half listened to what her cousins and sister in laws were saying,she knew that they were talking about how many times their men could go when they were at it,she didn't even bother joining their discussion,she wanted to be downstairs, as if on cue,s knock sounded on her door, it was her mother, it was time to go downstairs.
As Amanda her SILs and cousins came down the stairs, every eye in the sitting room fell on them,she could see the flashes of cameras but she didn't look their way,her eyes were trained on one person, she smiled as she saw Jason ogling at her.Her father's voice made her tear her eyes away from him.

"My princess you look amazing", Mr Williams said with a smile dancing on his lips.

"Thanks sir",she said with a small smile.

"My son is very lucky", Mr Ross said rubbing his palms together.

"She hasn't said anything yet", Mr Williams said.

"That's because you've not asked her yet, didn't you see how they were looking at each other when she entered", Mr Ross said in a teasing tone,which made everybody giggle.

"My dear,these people came,they said that their son is interested in you, he wants to marry you,they came with drinks. Should we accept their drink, should we give them the list", Mr Ross asked Amanda.

Amanda looked at the faces of everyone present, was she ready to do this, was she ready to venture into a loveless marriage, what if everything goes wrong, what if she couldn't stay...Many questions went through her head,she was confused, while everybody held their breathes waiting for her answer.

Re: Mr Right by aprilwise(m): 8:53pm On Aug 04, 2017
suspense no good for my body. abeg come back .
Re: Mr Right by cuteesthy: 10:12pm On Aug 04, 2017
continue oooo, Amanda!! Amanda!!!.....how many times did I call u.
Re: Mr Right by samyfreshsmooth(m): 10:19pm On Aug 04, 2017
This story is gonna be fantasticsmiley
Ayam following it to the endwink

Herosakin777, samyfreshsmooth, akinwale14, stepheegee12, alamiendagash, clarabarbie, lankyannie, habeebat61, oly23, chizzymaris, nikz, michelle55 and jane1234f... how can i forget No.1 amebo moniker? Hormobolanle come and see Mr right.. skillful01 is not the MR RIGHT ocheesy

boss mi

greetings from above grin grin

i swear nl literature section is nathing without you o.......,.......you keep this place alive and the writers encouraged

thumbs up to you bro

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