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LOVESTRUCK - A Campus Love Story. By Demsid / Done In 60 Seconds (A Short Crime Story By Olumide Odusanya) / My Life On Campus (A True Life Story). (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 8:46pm On Sep 04, 2017
i know say na either lizzy or the ugly looking guys. but oabmedia y u come do this allow this kind thing happen to Debby like that.
Look out for Ázé's action... #UnlimitedPowers
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nobody: 9:00pm On Sep 04, 2017
I know, its a dream, "Aze den woke up only to find out it was a dream" Debby can't die now, its too early


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nmaglit: 9:10pm On Sep 04, 2017
Look out for Ázé's action... #UnlimitedPowers

but no make am test blood abeg
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Damibiz(m): 9:27pm On Sep 04, 2017
Na lizzy work be that oh,chaii
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by francis6611(m): 10:02pm On Sep 04, 2017
i no azeme is going to heal her
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by YasirAsiwaju: 2:45am On Sep 05, 2017
Nice story but the update was too short
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by levelss(m): 8:09am On Sep 05, 2017
Sorry guyz for the late updates.... Wish you can understand my hustle. #ThankYouAllForTheSupport
OP Biko continue with the update. I dey follow u step by step.
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nifeola: 9:26am On Sep 05, 2017
Hunmmm! I just pray Aze Is able to return LIFE to Debby
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Ichietome: 9:38am On Sep 05, 2017
I'm definitely following this story to the end.
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by seyilaw3(m): 10:54am On Sep 05, 2017
i no azeme is going to heal her
ominiknowest u always knw every tin
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Deo7(m): 8:46pm On Sep 05, 2017
thanks for the dedication man, in other news this is a fabulous story keep it rolling
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by FlourishBliss(f): 10:05pm On Sep 05, 2017
My very Debby
still following....
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 10:56pm On Sep 05, 2017
Hey guyz, just modified the name of Martins' cult.... Don't think they can beat me or do you think so? hmmm #waiting
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 10:58pm On Sep 05, 2017
Episode 15

Ázé jacked up screaming, Martins too jacked up and quickly made for his pistol under the pillow
"What is it?" Martins asked staying alert
"Damn, so it was a dream" Ázé got relieved, the both of them sighed.
Ázé had pass the night at Martins' place after hearing his story and found him a trust worthy.
It was already 6AM and they needed to prepare for class
"Martins please I would like you to accompany me to Debby's place before we go to school"
"Why, you know I and Debby are not in good term besides I don't intend going to class today"
"Ya I know but i need you to follow me, i just feel something is not right"
"How do you mean?" Martins asked
"I just had a dream that she was shot dead" Ázé said looking worried
"Shot dead! by who?"
"I don't know, it looks more than just a dream, I just need us to go there and make sure she is safe"
Martins thought for some minutes not wanting to disappoint Ázé
"But why are you so much concern about Debby?" Martins asked
"hmmm, Debby is the one with the camera we used in taking the photograph of your capon and the person he killed" Ázé explained
Martins paused and decided to go with him, he made sure he was fully armed unknown to Ázé, the Eiyes or the golden girls are very deadly people to deal with so he really needed to prepare himself for the worst as he has already made up his mind to renounce his oath with his cult.
They finally made for Debby's house after much thinking.

Debby was already set when she heard a knock on her door.
"Who is there?" She asked
There was no response
"Who is there?" she asked again
The person was still silent, she then decide to check who could be knocking on her door without identifying his or her self
She was shocked to see Lizzy pointing a gun to her face, Lizzy and three of her girls walked her inside
"Wao, what a beautiful place you have here" Lizzy said looking around Debby's room
"I'm not your class, what do you want here?" Debby thundered though doesn't know what gave her such guts
"What! You be witch! Mama make I burst her brain?" One of the girls with Lizzy thundered
"Hussh" Lizzy stopped her while she was approaching Debby
"Can you get me a bottle of turbo king from your fridge I need Highness" Lizzy asked
"I don't go for cheap drinks, ask for something better queen of unilag" Debby said boldly
The girls were getting ranged
"I can see you are such a stubborn bitch" she said giving a deadly smile and walking round the room
She was about pulling her gun when she heard "Drop it"......... It was Martins and Ázé

More comments.........


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 11:03pm On Sep 05, 2017
Pls bear the slow updates, my lebuke work no dey pay again that's why #StillDoublingMyHustle.

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Damibiz(m): 12:08am On Sep 06, 2017
Aze nd marto re going to form smthing different on Campus.nice work man
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by FuckBooy: 7:29am On Sep 06, 2017
Pls bear the slow updates, my lebuke work no dey pay again that's why #StillDoublingMyHustle.

Oga paste your whatsapp
Make man pay for this story. This update slow for here o
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by PASCALSILVA(m): 8:13am On Sep 06, 2017
Guy abi op i no like dis kind ..tin ..if u wan finish dis story kuku finish am nah..why u go jst dey make me think any aw..ontop ordinary story
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by itsandi(m): 8:20am On Sep 06, 2017
Interesting story! You can read other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nifeola: 9:14am On Sep 06, 2017
NYC update! More pls
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nobody: 9:39am On Sep 06, 2017
som1 drag d op here asap. half story affects makes me violent
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by kajsa08(f): 1:08pm On Sep 06, 2017
Azeme na wizzard, lol.
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Reuben07(m): 1:13pm On Sep 06, 2017
stop this suspense thing nd update kiakia jare undecidedstop this suspense thing nd update kiakia jare

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Reuben07(m): 1:13pm On Sep 06, 2017
stop this suspense thing nd update kiakia jare undecided
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by seyilaw3(m): 2:19pm On Sep 06, 2017
@p square voice,i go dey follow follow u,waiting clammily for the next update,sharply pls
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by flimzy24: 7:09pm On Sep 06, 2017
U na one week, one post

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 12:29pm On Sep 07, 2017
Episode 16
Lizzy turned and saw Martins pointing a gun at her
"Martins which kind levels b dis one na?"
"Lizzy you disgust me, you mean you want to kill all in name of your fake love! I'll blow you finky brain off if you don't drop that gun in 10 seconds" Martins said getting ready to pull his trigger
Lizzy thought for some seconds and slowly lowered her gun
"Marto you dey mad, you don forget say my name na lizzy de terror, or you forget the rules wey dey guide the eiye and the golden girls, Marto stay out of my affair this minute or else"
"To hell with you, to hell with the golden girls, and to hell with the brotherhood, go and tell Fodio i'm ready to die, when next I see you come close to Ázé or Debby, lizzy I swear I will send you a message to the devil" Martins spoked thunderously in good English
Lizzy was shocked at Martins' attitude
Martins has helped her carry out most of her killing escapades, what has gone wrong, but still on still, she can't afford to throw her personality to the dogs in presence of her girls else she would have beg Martins immediately

"Martins remember say most family members wey dey 6ft was as a result of their cowardice, if na the kind game wey you wan play be that, Martins watch your back"
She said and order her girls as they left the room
Each time there's is an encounter between Martins and his cult people, Ázé and Debby does nothing but to watch the action movie, Debby use to watch all this things on movies but she didn't ever imagine it happening to her
The three of them just stood Starring at each other
Debby could not decide either to send them out or ask them to sit down but one thing was ringing in her head
She has to get to the bottom of all this and find a better solution to it before it get out of hands

"hmmm, Debby please lets sit down, i think I can explain all this" Ázé broke the silence
They all look at them selves and decided to sit down

Ázé narrated everything that has been happening to Debby but he still kept his powers secret, he needed to be sure Debby is trusted enough to handle such secret

"So what do we do now?'' Debby asked
"You need to provide the camera you guys used in taking the photograph of Fodio and the person he killed so I can return it" For once Martins spoke to Debby

"hmmm, i don't have it"
"What! Who then does" Ázé asked changing his look
"I gave it to my friend Anita at the department of mass communication, she said something about sending it to the press.
"What! Most of the press people on campus belongs to the eiye confraternity, that will mean endangering her life" Martins explained
"Damn,Martins what do we do now?" Ázé asked
"We need to find her and recover the camera before its too late"
"Debby lets start going to Anita's place right away please" Ázé beckoned
She thought for some seconds and finally decided they should go
"Give me some minutes let me get my phone" she said and went inside

They got to Anita's house but she was not in, Debby tried her number but was not reachable
Where could have Anita gone to without letting her know, Debby wonder
"No problem, you guys can go to school, but make sure you are careful until we find Anita" Martins said
They all agreed and left for school, they searched for Anita after class but she was nowhere to be found, Debby kept trying her line but not reachable.......

Loading.. ...


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 12:30pm On Sep 07, 2017
Episode 17

The night was long dead, jews like they call them should be far asleep, it was really a time for evil doers to operate, the eiyes put up a mighty fire while all of them formed round it, they were all puting on; blue berrets with red rope tied round it, blue T-shirts and black trousers.

It was unlike their normal jolly night, the atmosphere was tensed with danger, if Debby was to witness this kind of gathering, she would lose her courage and wish she never had an encounter with them.
What of Martins who I can say was once part of them and knows what they are capable of doing, will he be scared right now!

Well I will say not really because he already said he is ready to die

And what about the almighty Áze, what do you think will be his fears!
Debby and Martins' safety of course
But all still, lets see how it goes
"One of our own, Martins has broken the rule and we all know the penalty, death, henceforth, when you see him on campus, take him as your number one enemy, bring him down" Fodio the capon passed his judgement
Some of them were sad while some who have been envying him as the number two man showed some sign of happiness.

The next day Debby and Ázé went to class and nothing happened
After class
"Debby I have something to tell you" Ázé said looking mean
"What is it Ázé?"
"It's a secret, promise you are going to keep it secret"
Debby began to imagine what Ázé has to say that was this secretive,has he gone to join cult and he now wants her to Keep it secret while they continue with their friendship! It has better not be because that will be the end of their friendship
"I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you won't like to keep alone ,and the kind you don't dare to let out, so which of it do you have to tell me?"
Debby speaks with so much intelligence
"hmmm, I choose to share this with you" Ázé said with discomfort on hearing Debby's statement
"Alright, you can count on me"
Ázé got relieved, ready to reveal his powers to Debby

"But I Would like us to be alone"
"So where do you want us to go?" Debby asked
"Lets take a walk out of Campus" Ázé suggested
They both agreed and left the Campus.....

See next episodes

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 12:46pm On Sep 07, 2017
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 1:42pm On Sep 07, 2017

Oga paste your whatsapp
Make man pay for this story. This update slow for here o
Drop your msg in the above E-mail.... Currently not chatting on whatsApp #Thanks@ Fuckbooy
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by okwypascal: 10:24pm On Sep 07, 2017
your the man mehn, nice story. keep it flowing
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 1:19am On Sep 08, 2017
Episode 18

They walked very far from school and found a bush path, Debby stopped, now loosing her trust on Ázé
"Where are you taking me to? She asked looking uncomfortable
"Come on I thought you are never afraid of anything? Ázé teased though not too jokenly
"Stupidity can never be mistaken for braveness Mr, that's a forest we about entering and I am moving no inch from here"
At this point no one was in sight but he still wanted them to go more further so as to be more careful
Ázé needed to convince her as she was no easy girl to deal with

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure, It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous but beyond our imaginations lays greatest of all" Ázé quote with so much wisdom

Debby was amazed, she knew Ázé was intelligent but she never knew he was this wild
Maybe what she is about to see will make her feel he is not from this planet, probably an angel of God who has come to make things right on campus

"hmmm, Mr smooth talker, whatever the secret is, it has better not be too bad because not only will it be exposed, the whole world will hear it

"Ok then, follow me, we won't go too far" Ázé said as he lead the way

They stopped at a point while Ázé turned, looking into her eyes
Curiosity was all over Debby, part of her was dead scared but she was that strong heart who could withstand anything
Before she could utter a word, Ázé muttered some words and his white wings were out
Debby could not believe her eyes, could she be dreaming in a broad day light! No this is reality, she wiped her eyes to it.

"Debby this is the real me"

"Ázé so you are wizard?" Debby asked though not looking scared

"No i'm not Debby, i was born like this, there is a gap between I and evil, no need to be scared for there is possibility for supernatural to live with nature, my destiny is to give life, my father told me that the day I taste blood or kill, that day evil shall overpower me, so you see I'm harmless, this is the secret Debby"

"hmmm..... " Debby was short of words, she just hope this isn't a dream because it was really really amazing seeing a human with wings, only angels does, she thought.
Ázé took her hand and before you knew it they were up in the sky flying
After some minutes of flying, they decided to come down to rest
They were about landing when Debby's phone rang
The caller was Anita
"Hello Ani"
"Hel.. Hel.... " Anita was in pain......

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