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LOVESTRUCK - A Campus Love Story. By Demsid / Done In 60 Seconds (A Short Crime Story By Olumide Odusanya) / My Life On Campus (A True Life Story). (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Donvalentino(m): 12:42pm On Sep 12, 2017
nice one don't STP ��

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Holakizzo(m): 2:50pm On Sep 12, 2017
nice one dude ..... More ink ... . . Inbetween thanks for the mention

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Gabriel6(m): 4:52pm On Sep 12, 2017
i have been a ghost reader for long but i can,t help but to comment. This story remind me of when i was in those confraternity stuff, but now my life belong to JESUS and him alone. Guy i cut cap for u abeg if u update reach ten. 200 naira card for u i promise


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Cmyname(m): 5:26pm On Sep 12, 2017
Good story so far Bro!

More grace!

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Davidabutu(m): 7:06pm On Sep 12, 2017
[quote author=david abutu........nice work

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 8:17pm On Sep 12, 2017
Episode 21

School was now becoming a little more peaceful for Ázé and his friends as external security personnel has been deployed to investigate the death of the senator's son, including the special anti-robbery squad.
Although they've all decided to look for hiding were no one could easily trace them until they figure out what to do.

Debby has decided not to notify her dad about the ugly situation, had that not be the case, all those chasing her around will wish they never go close. She will never forget how her dad shot her best male friend twice in the leg for boldly coming to her house to look for her. Now she needs freedom to live like a normal civilian but when bad turns worst, we shall see if she will boldly embrace death or call on her father to send troops.

"Guys I heard the SARS are on campus to investigate the death of Paulker Ikechukwu, the person we have in our photograph and the killer, the question is, how do we get to the right person who is going to deliver the photograph to them without getting into the wrong hands?" Anita asked

Ázé and Debby were sitting close to each other while Martins and Anita were also very close to each other like they've shared themselves to be couples already.

"Yes that's true, I think this is the right time for us to send those dream killers to where they belong, they really need to wrath in jail, I just can't imagine how many students who have lost their lives to those blood suckers, Anita would have be of the past if not for Ázé"

"hmmm, Martins I think you are the best person to suggest what to do right now" Ázé cut in facing Martins

I suggest we take the cam to office of the HOD, mass communication department while he help deliver the photograph to the dean, he is new, I think he can help out" Martins suggested

They all agreed to take the camera to the HOD'S office the next day as that will be their best way of making Fodio and his group face the law before thinking of how to handle Lizzy and her group.

The next morning, Ázé and Martins went to the HOD'S office while Debby and Anita stayed back.
They finally delivered the camera and decided to go back home quickly to meet the two girls
Immediately the HOD put a call to Fodio.
But how come Martins didn't know Professor Yakubu Usman to be member of the eiye cult!
Professor Yakubu Usman was once a lecturer in LASU who got sacked because of his attitude of promoting crime on campus. He has spent years at home jobless untill he recently gain employment into unilag. Why has he not changed! When you see him, ask him.
Before you could say jack, Fodio and his men were already on campus. He disguised himself as a perfect gentle on suite so as avoid much interrogation from the officers who were everywhere.
His men stood outside the school gate while he entered, opening his deadly and ugly eye balls.

The moment Ázé and Martins came out of the gate, Martins noticed some of the guys and drew Ázé's attention, they were about taking another way when the guys noticed them and started chasing them.

Some officers, SARS I suppose, who also disguise them selves, hanging around the school gate noticed the movement and decided to follow up immediately

The sound of a gun together with Martins voice was what made Ázé turned and noticed one of Martins' leg gushingout blood.

He was screaming in pain while Ázé tried to help, the guys kept chasing and finally apprehend them.

"Chai Marto, no b u be this?" One of the guys who made the shot thundered mockenly
"C am, your judgement day don come and e don clear for your eye" he continued
"And you, we don dig your grave and we dey carry you go there now now" he said refering to Ázé who was getting ranged like a lion ready to devor its prey.

He was pulling the trigger at Martins when he heard

"Hold it, all of you put your hands on your head" SARS

They tried to escape but end up embracing bullets. While the officers were aiming at them escaping, Ázé flew with Martins.
The officers came back to see that Ázé and Martins were nowhere to be found, they had no choice but to report back on campus with those they apprehended.......

More loading.. ..........


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by saxwizard(m): 8:54pm On Sep 12, 2017
we dey ur back

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Mrmoore14(m): 9:20pm On Sep 12, 2017
You are the bomb lol

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Holakizzo(m): 5:19am On Sep 13, 2017
Just picturing this for real

And the senator son was a cultist also , now he wants to punish the killers of his son ... Had it been it was an or a mere student that was killed , nothing like these force (sars) will appear at all,
the case gon close up
Mah no forget ... Mr writer
im in love with your work
ride on

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Lildiamond: 10:00am On Sep 13, 2017
I want more

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nobody: 10:09am On Sep 13, 2017
Thanks, more pls

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by ridoxe(m): 1:04pm On Sep 13, 2017
Correct Op' how far, no show for today undecidedCorrect Op' how far, no show for today

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Holakizzo(m): 4:02pm On Sep 13, 2017
OP can i get one that i will read jejely in a corner like that in my area ?

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 2:06am On Sep 14, 2017
Episode 22

Ázé had to make sure he lands in a place where no one was in sight with Martins so as to avoid scaring people who would think rapture is about taking place or probably been carried by NTA, AIT, CNN and other news broadcasting stations that a human was seen in the city of Lagos flying with another human on broad day light.

They finally landed in a place close to the cementry where no one could be seen, Martins could not believe his experience, he was damn amazed. Ázé muttered some words and his wings disappeared.

"Man tell me you're not a human!" Martins said in amazement

"hmmm, of course i'm a human, It's just the way I was born" Ázé replied with a little smile on his face.

"Thanks for saving my life"

"Come on, you don't have to thank me, lets start going before they catch us here"
They shook their hands as they took to their heels.

That week campus became more hot for students, both cult and non cultist kept their cool as the SARS and other security agents were not friendly at all.

Typhoid and some of his cult group were captured while some were killed during the process.

Fodio and his own group has ran into hiding until the securities decides to leave the Campus, though still planing on how to get Ázé, Martins and Debby.
He decided not to collect the camera from the HOD so as to avoid being caught by the securities though he paid him handsomely to maintain his loyalty to the brotherhood of which he was also a full member of.

The tension on Ázé and his friends was now relieved, the storm is over, they thought, though nobody heard if Fodio or Lizzy and their gang were arrested but they believe that with that clear picture of Fodio pulling a trigger at the senator's son! his case will soon become history.

Debby and Ázé began to develop some mutual feelings for each other and she did not wait for Ázé to carry the burden alone instead she let the cat out of the back.

They were sitting under a fruit in front of their rented four bedroom compound, the house was not that expensive as they only rent it to hide for a while until their safety is guaranteed.
Anita and Martins were probably inside.

"How can thoughts be real
They're not solid enough to touch
So how can someone manifest
A feeling such as love?
Can you hold it
Breathe it
Squeeze it in your hands
It's forcing us to trust
In the invisible
Once again
Because although you can't see it
It can still disappear
Love is the sad song
That left you crying in your beer
Blind sided
It can hit you
And you best believe it's true
Love is as real
As the way I feel for you" She quoted while Ázé just listen, putting on an handsome smile

"Amazing and beautiful,
not a flower or a tree.
Much prettier than that,
and only I can see" Ázé quoted back
"Debby I love you just that I didn't know where to start from" he continued now having more boldness to talk.

Ázé has been reading love books right from his secondary school days and he still reads some till date so don't ask where he learnt them from.
Debby! I will say probably when she was in her mum's belly because she does not spend a day without reading love poems but she does not allow guys pest her.

That night they slept in the same room and they could not overcome the temptation
It was a night of honor, they were both virgins who have not tested what was called sex.

Ázé woke the next morning to found out his white wings were turning reddish, his eyes too were changing color, he then flashed back to his father's instructions a week before he left for school.
He was instructed never to have sex with a woman until he bring her to Iroko's temple for purification.................. See what happened in the next episodes


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by collinometricx(m): 3:00am On Sep 14, 2017
Episode 22 ***********
nice update


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nobody: 5:50am On Sep 14, 2017

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by saxwizard(m): 7:03am On Sep 14, 2017
the forbidden fruit

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 7:45am On Sep 14, 2017
Hey guyz, I'm really sorry I have to pause this story for some reasons known to me....... I'll notify you all asap when i'm ready to drop the next update. #ThanksForFollowing #StayBlessed
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Lildiamond: 9:38am On Sep 14, 2017
Pls nothing should happen to Aze

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Godmond(m): 11:55am On Sep 14, 2017
thanks for the free story, we appreciate too

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Donvalentino(m): 12:45pm On Sep 14, 2017
can't wait for de next episode

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nobody: 3:04pm On Sep 14, 2017
Argh!, now you see what konji don cause?

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Cmyname(m): 4:40pm On Sep 14, 2017
Nice update!

Aze though, dude no gree hear better word, all thanks to Debbie.

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Holakizzo(m): 6:04pm On Sep 14, 2017
this bobo don go chop beans wey
salt no dey o
What if those guys get to know
their hideout with the new happenings
Hope his power is still intact
cuz i don't want to hear stories
that touch o
Op you get say
(iya Bisi abeg give am one
vodka make hin they see way
drive go)

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Damibiz(m): 10:03pm On Sep 14, 2017
So Aze don live book go the gbash abíii ?..i'm waiting to se what will happen next,weldon sir,kontinu

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by kbitss(m): 7:24am On Sep 18, 2017
Update and stop d suspense...
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by MichaelBlake40(m): 10:18am On Sep 18, 2017
Chai, forbidden fruit tinz loading in HDTV.I dey await u o aobmedia2017 kiss

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by hormobolanle: 11:58am On Sep 20, 2017
wow wow wow I no b siren o #Lol dis story is really amazing I just pray ameze don't transform into EVIL AM SO LOVING DIS STORY sorry for coming late though

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 4:57pm On Sep 21, 2017
CC: MichaelBlake40, FlourishBliss, Nifeola, Damibiz
uniqueogo, osirblero, Holakizzo, Herbertyne, glory419
uniqueflash, saxwizard, Nickibeauty, francis6611,
mamatdgolden, mfa6ix, Nmaglit, levelss, Ichietome
seyilaw3, Deo7, Kunzu, collinometricx, shollish, toxict14
richybankx, Donvalentino, babz007, flimzy24,
PASCALSILVA, Kamelot77, mjay05, kingin55, Emperortj93
Criis, xaviercasmir, meneski, darkid1, Remyboyhefty,
Lildiamond, Momoh7, boffinjay, pnet22, Mrlemuel
Godmond, hormobolanle

Episode 23

Ázé was dying slowly, he was groaning in pain, Debby screamed out for Martins and Anita, they rushed in only to find Ázé almost giving up a ghost

"Debby what happened? Martins ask as he rushed and grab him
Anita too was scared of the different voice he was hearing from Ázé but she summoned courage as she try to touch him.

"I don't know, I woke up to find him screaming" Debby explained, she really did not know what was wrong with him, how on earth will she know that the leisure of yesterday is now the pain displaying today.

"Please lets hurry and take him to the hospital" Anita suggested

"Call the cab man quickly" Martins said in a loud voice

Anita quickly brought out her phone and dialled the cab man's number but it didn't connect
Debby quickly made for her phone and dialled the digits of her cab man who is always at her service anytime any day, he was being paid by her dad to take her anywhere so long she's in school
To her greatest shock and Surprise, her cab man phone rang severally but he did not take his calls.

Ázé could hardly talk, he was gasping for air

"Pl..plea.... Please take me to my village" he finally spoke out but though in strange voice

"Village! Why your Village?"

"Pl.. ease ta.. ke me to the Village, they can't heal.. me in_ the__hospital" Ázé speak in pains

"Please who knows his Village" Martins asked the two girls quickly but none of them knew, the only thing Debby knows was that Ázé was a yoruba guy and he said something about ogun state when they talked about their state origin.

"Give me paper and pen" Ázé requested

"Please get paper and pen quickly" Martins ordered

Before you could say jack, Anita was back with pp, Martins quickly collected it and helped Ázé while he struggle to put down his home address.
Even I the story teller did not see the address proper but i saw something like IJEBU ODE, maybe most of you readers will know the place

Before Martins could utter a word Debby and Anita ran out in search of a cab man and in few minutes they were back with one

They hurriedly took Ázé to the car and the journey began......

The journey was some hours drive from Lagos according to the driver
Who knows if Ázé is going to survive it before they get to his village

Find out what happened in the next episode

Hey guyz..... Its been a while and I know many are upset already
No blame me, na hustle
#LetsDoItAgain though its still going to be slow even more this time

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 5:02pm On Sep 21, 2017
Update and stop d suspense...
Boss u dey para o, calm down #NotMyFault, no time man
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 5:05pm On Sep 21, 2017
thanks for the free story, we appreciate too
The country needs more people like you man #thanksVeryPlenty
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nickibeauty(f): 5:07pm On Sep 21, 2017
thanks for the update but i want something light just a full page update

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