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Re: Untitled Fiction by avicky(f): 9:16pm On Aug 20, 2012
Sapphiredamsel: Gentiejag,abeg continue the story nah. Since jul 25? Haba! Must we use God to beg Muhammad??
I wonder oh!
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 1:01pm On Aug 22, 2012
It was 2 weeks after her father had died and she was here lying in the arms of this man.

She needed to be distracted, pampered, and taken care of. She was tired of being the one taking care of people. Circumstances surrounding her father's death was mysterious, infact her mother and her brother's behaviour were mysterious but she was not going to kneel down under one woman with white flowing gown while she let some headache-giving incense into the air around her.

''Baby Tee'' her lover bellowed.

''Yes,darling'' she replied.

''What are you thinking about?''


''You just lost your dad, thats enough to think about''

''Am getting over it'' Teniola replied.

''Am here for you, if you need me.''

How she had gotten into sleeping with this man, she did not know, it had happened before her father died, the man was rich, but it was not about the money, he was quite older, but Teniola stil preferred him to other guys. She had thought of ending it before her father died, but now her father was dead and she needed someone to be with. Or maybe she too was undergoing some mental problems because she was sure what she was doing was not right.
This was not love, this was madness.

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Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 1:22pm On Aug 22, 2012
Micheal paced the room again, he was impatient, he had asked alex to meet him here an hour ago. He looked through the window again,

''What's taking him so long?'' Micheal said aloud.

He picked up his phone and called his number. He wasn't picking.

If Alex didn't show up then he would not be able to carry out his plan. Alex had to show up.
Mama Deji entered and sat on the mat inside baba's shrine, she looked sad.

Baba walked into the room with his back jingling a bell. He turned when he got to the very end of the shrine and sat down, he faced the little wood carving stained with blood, sitting in the middle of various sort of liquids chanting some incantations.

Mama deji looked on with her mouth shut, baba finished everything and sprinkled some powder into the air, after which he faced mama deji.

''Omo mi, kaaro, bawo ni'' he greeted.

''Baba e kaaro, mi o wa dada o'' she replied.

''What is the problem? Ki lo shele?'' he asked.

''Baba, elections are almost here o, its just 2 weeks away and you do not seem to be doing anything about what i told you''

Baba smiled ''Is that all?'' he asked

''That's all but this case is serious baba'' she replied.

''Ah, abike, I am working, you want me to be giving you updates?''

Feeling ashamed of doubting baba at all, mama deji looked down

''E ma binu baba, its just that yesterday night, baba deji came home and was talking to one of his friends on the phone, from their conversation that girl is still alive''

''Diedie ni, ah! Shey o fe ki n dede pa, kin shey akoba fun oko e ni?''

''Ah! Rara baba.. No'' she replied.

''Don't worry, am at work, wen am through wit her, she would not know what hit her.''

''Ese baba'' she said, kneeling down.

''A dupe ara eni'' baba said.

Mama deji opened her bag and gave money to the gods after which she headed home.
Re: Untitled Fiction by avicky(f): 1:24pm On Aug 23, 2012
Na wa for dis mama deji oh.
Still subscribing!
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 6:14pm On Aug 23, 2012
She opened the door and peeped at her mom and her dad, they were having an argument, dad and mom never argued, not ever, what could they be arguing about?

''He's going to kill us all'' her mom said.

''No, he won't.. He's just annoyed.''

''You should not have told him you knew about it'' her mom said, crying.

''Stop crying, nothing is going to happen'' dad said, dragging mom into his arms.

She shut the door and walked to her bed, she laid down and pondered on what she had heard, and then she slept off.

There was so much noise, dad was dragging her into the bathroom, dad was holding a big rifle, somebody was shooting and she heard her mom scream.

Daddy put his palms on her face and pulled her close.

''Tee, listen to me, am going to shift this wall that the washand basin is attached to, you are going to keep walking till you reach the door at the other side, when you get out, run to the police station and report this. Okay?..''

She nodded, she could not speak. Dad pulled the handwash basin hard and it the wall opened.

''Are you coming, dad?'' she asked

''Yes, i am, am right behind you, am just going to get mom''

She nodded and entered the passage.

Halfway into the passage, she looked back, what was dad doing, he was not coming behind her, she was not going to leave without her dad.

She walked back and returned to her room, she peeped through doorhole into the living room, mom was on the floor with so much blood around her, dad was holding mum and calling mum's name.

And then the man in black suit shot dad, a loud deafening sound and dad fell on mom.

''Take care of the girl'' the man in black suit said to another person. Then she saw a woman coming to her room, she quickly ran towards the bathroom, her leg kicked something and then she fell on dad's rifle
Re: Untitled Fiction by OmoKhary(f): 8:02pm On Aug 23, 2012
Hmm....continue nah...
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 5:36pm On Aug 25, 2012
She stood up, tears in her eyes, and ran to the passage. She gently pulled the door shut and ran down the passage.

She was sweating, she was scared, she was crying, it was dark and flashes of how dad fell on mum was replaying in her mind.

And then she woke up.

Teniola switched on the bedsidelamp, this was the 3rd time she was having this dream this week. It was more of a nightmare though, like a flashback.

They had killed her dad and mum when she was 7.
Re: Untitled Fiction by avicky(f): 12:00am On Aug 26, 2012
I'm loving this.

More power to ur elbow.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 4:19pm On Aug 26, 2012
You gat me confused oh
Re: Untitled Fiction by Heeyhun(f): 8:19pm On Aug 29, 2012
kinda consfused, tot teniola's mom's still alive
Re: Untitled Fiction by OmoKhary(f): 8:49am On Aug 30, 2012
Heeyhun: kinda consfused, tot teniola's mom's still alive
her mum died in the dream
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 5:30pm On Sep 06, 2012
Teniola sat on her bed, only close people knew that she was an adopted daughter of the roberts', she remembered when mr & mrs had come to that orphanage to adopt her, she had liked olajuwon as a brother from the first time she set her eyes on him. the roberts' had taken so much care of her, brought her into their family and they had taken care of her for 20 years. and now she was using evil to repay them, at least according to what the woli had told her mom. she decided there and then to go see the prophetess, but she told herself that she was not gonna succumb to any kind of demeaning actions, she was going just to satisfy her adopted mum. she laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling, she must have slept off because the next time she stared at her alarm clock it was 7am.

Alex picked up his phone and dialled micheal,

'Hey man' alex greeted.

'What have you been doing alex, i have been trying your number since.'

'Sorry man, the boss held me up but i have gotten what you want me to get'

'Oh, thanks alex i really appreciate it, please bring it to my place'

'Sure i will, but it might be tomorrow because am currently on a mission'

'I'll wait. thanks. i owe you' micheal said, ending the call

This was going as planned, micheal needed to know why teniola was on a death list, he could not wait for alex to bring the file the next day.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Fyngal1(f): 5:54pm On Sep 06, 2012
Owkay nah!
Re: Untitled Fiction by kolaoloye(m): 4:15pm On Sep 12, 2012
kiss Well done,keep it up.
In fact you deserved more than just a kiss. kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
Re: Untitled Fiction by Heeyhun(f): 10:46am On Sep 15, 2012
This is just great...i'm loving every bit
Re: Untitled Fiction by Burch(m): 5:43pm On Sep 17, 2012
Hope we wont wait for a month cause the suspense is eating me up.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 7:25pm On Sep 20, 2012
Holy micheal
E sokale, ke wa ya si mimo
Holy gabriel
E sokale, ke wa ya si mimo
Ogun orun
E sokale, ke wa ya si mimo
Baba wa lorun,
Jeeeesu!, jeeeesu, jeeeesu,
Wa ya si mimo.....

Teniola rolled her eyes for the hundredth time, she could not wait for the ritual to end, Mom said it was a prayer session but to her it was more like a ritual. This was not the type of prayer she knew.

Here she was kneeling in the middle of a circle of people with long flowing white gowns both men and women, they were chanting the song whole heartedly, while the woman who was obviously ''Iya woli'' was going round her with an incense, she had not been counting but she was sure the woman had gone round her more than 15 times.

Iya woli went round 6 times more, and dropped the incense in front of Teniola, the incense was choking Teniola, she wondered how a smell that was so choking to a normal human being was supposed to chase away evil spirits.

She was almost standing up when Iya woli started reeling out prayer points asking that the prayer band members should pray that the evil stench lingering over Teniola would cease.

Prayers started, with each of the elders screaming on top of their voices, Teniola looked at her mom also on her kneels saying loud ''Amen'' to the prayers.

''Ni oruko jesu la gbadura'' Iya woli said, signalling the end of the prayers.

''Amin'' they all replied.

Teniola stood up and walked to where her bag was, she was sure catarrh was not going to let her sleep tonight not to talk of the headache she was getting from the incense and noise/prayers.

Iya woli looked at her and said

''O o ti le lo, you have to bath with this water specially prayed upon by the elders of the church, there is sponge and soap too, you have to purchase that one''

Teniola turned to her mom, shaking her head,

''Mummy! Rara o..No o, i kant bath ere you know right?''

''Anike, joor, saanu mi'' Mrs roberts pleaded, crying again.

She could not bear to see her cry, she turned from her and stared at the rusty metal bucket that held milkish water.

''Dear God, save me from here'' she mutterd.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Kriskutter(m): 8:15pm On Sep 20, 2012
she is m∂ galfr♥nd ☺

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Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 8:28pm On Sep 28, 2012
Micheal could not contain his anxiety, he laid on his bed watching the clock in front of him tick slowly, it was 3:55 pm, Alex had kalled and said he would be coming to see him by 4pm, he was not sure how he was going to feel after he opened the file, he hoped Teniola was not an officer gone rogue.

He sighed, telling himself that the truth could not kill him.

Suddenly he heard a noise, if he had not been a killer well trained, he would not have heard it, it was footsteps, not just one person, it was like 5 people, he slowly reached out for his pistol under the bed and walked as quiet as he could to the window, he pulled the curtain a little inch aside and peeped, he saw nothing.

Just then, the clock chimed, it was 4pm, almost immediately, he heard a knock on the door.

''Dead man walking'' he heard. It was alex's voice.

He was walking up to the door when he heard the sound again, he turned around and walked back to the window. And then he saw them, a team on a mission right outside his window.

He didnt need to think for long before he realized that Alex had snitched on him.

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Re: Untitled Fiction by Fyngal1(f): 10:34pm On Sep 29, 2012
Oh boy!
Re: Untitled Fiction by OmoKhary(f): 7:28am On Sep 30, 2012
bollywood's INTERMISSION
Re: Untitled Fiction by HerHotness(f): 7:40pm On Oct 04, 2012
Please please Please continue...
Re: Untitled Fiction by larrystone: 8:29am On Oct 14, 2012
hmmn undecidedits getiin interestin......kip it cumin
Re: Untitled Fiction by Infamous(m): 4:57am On Oct 25, 2012
Pls help us. Story's too suspense-filled due to long pauses. Pls make am sharpardly
Re: Untitled Fiction by McAmah(m): 12:14pm On Oct 28, 2012
haba....diz one na alias season 6....abeg continue na
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 9:40am On Nov 01, 2012
Teniola stoodin the middle of ''the excuse for a bathroom'' she could see spirogyra all around.

She looked in the bath bag mum had packed for her, no doubt, mom had known that she would be asked to take her bath, she had packed teniola's towel and cream and even a pair of clean underwears.

She looked at the bowl that was meant to be the ''bathing bowl'', it was so dirty and even felt slimy. She undressed and stood Unclad on a stone because she could not imagine standing on that floor no matter how high her footwear was.

It was then, she started crying, whatever deity or god was at the cause of her misery must be really wicked! How could a family that had taken her in be such misery because of her.

She cried harder, begging the gods to have mercy on her and she see the kind of degradation and humiliation she was going through. Whatever offence she had commited, she had suffered enough for it.

She bent to pick the bathing bowl and scoop water on her body, that was when she heard her mum's voice.

''Mo fe ku oooo...aye mi ti baje''

Teniola knew something bad had happened, whatever it was that made mom scream like that meant something really terrible had happened.

She poured the water away, picked her clothes and hurriedly dressed. She ran to the church, saw iya woli and the other elders calming her mom down as she rolled on the floor.

''Ki lo shele?'' she asked.

No one seemed to have heard her. She ran to her mom and sat on the floor with her.

''Mom, what happened?!''

In the midst of loud wailing and tears her mum replied
'' Olajuwon has been kidnapped''
Re: Untitled Fiction by Splendblex(f): 11:17pm On Nov 02, 2012
Tank God u re back,can't wait 4 more...
Re: Untitled Fiction by LaurinaDavid(f): 7:14am On Nov 19, 2012
thumbs up, nice story, keep it up. smiley
Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 9:18am On Nov 19, 2012
Gentie. Gentie. Gentie, u dis gurl i dey warn u oh. Better come complete this story before i thrash you grin
Re: Untitled Fiction by Ariyke: 12:21pm On Nov 20, 2012
Subscribing ASAP grin
Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 3:08pm On Nov 24, 2012
Sapphiredamsel: Gentie. Gentie. Gentie, u dis gurl i dey warn u oh. Better come complete this story before i thrash you grin
Gentie, oya nah. Na beg i dey beg u. I no go thrash u again grin
Re: Untitled Fiction by Lyzbet: 2:03pm On Dec 20, 2012
E be lyk say na nxt year dis tory go finish. Na soso beg we dey beg op make she continue d tory. *places arm under chin and looks ahead at 2013*


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