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Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 6:45pm On Dec 23, 2012
Teniola dropped all her ''tushness'' aside and sat on the floor by her mom.

Ok...this was unfair! Haba!!!...

She pulled her mom closer and whispered in tears
''We would find him mum''
Micheal smiled at himself, he had been taught not to trust anybody.
Ofcourse, he was disappointed that he alex had betrayed him but he was happy that he was prepared. This was not going to go down well at the end for alex, but that is what he will get for betraying him.

Alex,wondering what was taking him so long knocked again. This time,micheal replied.

''Alex, your man is in his bathing suit, could you just slide the file under the door, the room is also in a mess, too much stuff at the back of the door''

''Whatever man, i will wait..'' Alex replied.

'Now i av to do it the hard way' micheal thought.

He pulled the bed very close to the door and on a count he alone knew, he opened the door, snatched the file from alex, closed the door, pulled the bed on the back of the door, opening a slab underneath his bed, he jumped into a tunnel.

As he got in, he heard two gunshots, alex was surely dead. He smiled at himself, only a killer could have done that fast.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Oluwafunmilayo95(f): 6:50pm On Dec 23, 2012
Hallelujah!! She's back grin grin grin grin
Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 6:54pm On Dec 23, 2012
Leyin igba ti a fi olorun be anobi. Glad u writing again cheesy

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Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 7:04pm On Dec 23, 2012
Teniola paced in her room, Juwon was missing?..who stole him? What for? No ransom call had been placed so this was not about money. What was it about? This is so unfair to mum. Why wasn't she the one that was kidnapped? Why was everything revolving around her? Ah!
On another note, she knew that whoever was after her family would be after her mum or her now. So she knew what she was going to do, she was going to put a tail on her and her mom.
Mama deji was getting restless, what was wrong with baba!...she was very sure he was not doing anything.

She had been using this baba for years now and she knew how fast he could work, but why was he bin slow this time?

Mchew...this baba was annoying her o. And before this harlot her husband was carrying would spoil her life, she would have spoilt hers a long time ahead.
Re: Untitled Fiction by movmentish(m): 12:35am On Dec 25, 2012
Nice story @OP.........I'm loving you already
Re: Untitled Fiction by avicky(f): 1:34pm On Dec 25, 2012
Lyzbet: E be lyk say na nxt year dis tory go finish. Na soso beg we dey beg op make she continue d tory. *places arm under chin and looks ahead at 2013*
Hmm. God don disappoint u oh. Our Gentie don update oh. Na only God knw wen we go see another update oh.
Compliments of d season.
Re: Untitled Fiction by avicky(f): 1:42pm On Dec 25, 2012
I believe in miracles. And i hope we'll get another update b4 2013.
Gentle Gentie... *oshe* in Dbanj's voice.

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Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 7:43am On Dec 31, 2012
Teniola had swore she would never do this but situations happen, she had promised herslef that she would never go to her old man lover's office considering the fact that he was a public figure and she ddn't want her face all over the tabloids yet. But this was not a time to uphold promises or oaths, infact it was a time to break them,

She got to the front of the building and took a deep breath. She needed help and she would go to any length to get it. She walked into the building, and wihout any show of courtesy, walked straight to the CEO's office, she found the way thanks to the map on the reception wall, she did not even care that people were sitting waiting to speak to him, nor did she answer when the secetary kept saying 'you can't go in''. Thanks to the heels the secetary wore, she could not drag Teniola back as she was already in the CEO's office by the time the secetary got round her table.

She opened the door and looked at the man who was bent over a stack of files on his table, she felt blood rush to her cheeks, love and its madness.....

''I need your help'' she said.

Chief shodipo raised his head to look at her.

Micheal sat in the restaurant and opened the file, he had gripped the file tight and refused to open it despite his heightened curiousity. He wanted to read it when he had enough alcohol running in his system so that he could digest whatever horror he would discover. He opened the third and fourth pages not believing his eyes and then he let out a loud scream making everyone in the restaurant to look at him.

The file was filled with blank papers.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Lyzbet: 4:02am On Jan 01, 2013
Hmm. God don disappoint u oh. Our Gentie don update oh. Na only God knw wen we go see another update oh.
Compliments of d season.
Thank God ooo. Same to you too and efribori.Happy New Year
Re: Untitled Fiction by avicky(f): 11:13pm On Jan 01, 2013
Thank God ooo. Same to you too and efribori.Happy New Year

same to u oh. Welcome to 2013.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Hoyeenz(f): 9:50am On Jan 02, 2013
same to u oh. Welcome to 2013.
Happy new year 2013
Re: Untitled Fiction by CaptCindie(f): 10:11pm On Mar 10, 2013
This story started last year..nd today it s incomplete..s it fair
Re: Untitled Fiction by Bluediamond1(f): 12:57pm On Mar 13, 2013
Too much suspense can cause hrt attack o.OP where u na??
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 6:08pm On Mar 13, 2013
am so sorry guys....... no access to internet where i am.. i promise to update as soon as i can. thanx for being loyal
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 8:00am On Apr 29, 2013
''Teniola..you look pale! Sit down'' Chief Shodipo said.

He picked up the intercom and asked no one should come into his office for the next One hour.

''First lady, what is the problem? Chief Shodipo asked.

On a normal situation, Teniola would have asked what ''First lady'' meant but this was a very abnormal situation.

''Chief, my brother has been kidnapped'' she said, tears running down her eyes.

Chief shodipo sat beside her on thhe sofa and pulled her close. He hated to see her cry.

''Kidnapped ke? Is it money you want? How much did they ask for?''

''That's the problem o! They have not called to ask for anything! I don't even know what to think anymore''

The story had been that Olajuwon was driving out of the house when a black bus drove to block the entrance and they snatched him.

The security guard said he did not see anything.

''We will find him'' Chief Shodipo replied. She cried harder on his shoulder....hopin that they would.
This cannot be right, Micheal thought, pacing his new haven.

An empty file So that was the plan all along, they probably knew that he was going to pull a stunt like the one he did. No wonder they gave Alex an empty file.

Where would he start from now?
He had to do something about Teniola because he knew that if they had not killed her already, they were slowly wiping her loved ones out.

That was how it was normally done
Re: Untitled Fiction by sleekicon(f): 8:09am On Apr 29, 2013
Hallelujah finally an update! Nyc one though.*still following*
Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 7:20pm On Apr 29, 2013
dancing azonto,finally gentie finally. Though, i av forgotten the story line.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 1:18pm On May 31, 2013
She had just finished answering tons of questions at the police station and it still did not make any sense to her.

Who would want olajuwon kidnapped or DEAD? She cringed at the thought of death! One more death and she was going to commit suicide, she told herself.

Mom was sick, sad and down life was slowly draining out of her, why wouldn't she be down? She had lost her husband and now her only son was nowhere to be found!

''Its all my fault'' Teniola said, breaking into fresh round of tears. If i had not come into their family, this whole problem would not have happened to them.

She stood up from her chair in the office, she had come to pack some things from there so she could stay with her mom. She picked up the box and walked out of her office.
She was sad, everywhere felt sad, even her workers could not fake a smile as they stared at her when she walked by.

She was not sure if their was any smile left in her soul.

She got to the car, dropped the box in the boot and entered into the drivers' seat. She kept the keys in the ignition and made to start the car when she felt the cold stell behind her head.

Trembling and shaking with fear, without being asked, she raised her hand above her head.

''Goodafternoon Teniola'' Micheal said.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Mynd44: 1:34pm On May 31, 2013
I will have to start flogging writers
Re: Untitled Fiction by IZUKWU(m): 7:22pm On May 31, 2013
Mynd_44: I will have to start flogging writers
i tell u ,it is no longer funny.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Nobody: 12:42pm On Jun 01, 2013
Mynd_44: I will have to start flogging writers
Ehem...nw u're acting lyk d mod u are...so which one u want;Water cane,Koboko,4by4 abi na Wire(any size)...cuz as I dey here so eh:I dey provoke!!
Re: Untitled Fiction by Mynd44: 12:45pm On Jun 01, 2013
Vickii Ro:
Ehem...nw u're acting lyk d mod u are...so which one u want;Water cane,Koboko,4by4 abi na Wire(any size)...cuz as I dey here so eh:I dey provoke!!
Fan belt will be better cheesy cheesy
Re: Untitled Fiction by Nobody: 12:46pm On Jun 01, 2013
Fan belt will be better cheesy cheesy
I'll email it to u ASAP
Re: Untitled Fiction by Mynd44: 12:49pm On Jun 01, 2013
Vickii Ro:
I'll email it to u ASAP
Please do
Re: Untitled Fiction by Nobody: 1:07pm On Jun 01, 2013
Please do
Aye aye captain
Re: Untitled Fiction by Hoyeenz(f): 1:49pm On Jun 02, 2013
Congrats to our dear Gentlejag on your convocation today have fun+ have a blast!!!!!!

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Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 8:56pm On Jun 19, 2013
''Drive'' Micheal said.
With trembling hands, Teniola started to drive, many things ran through her mind, should she swerve into the lagoon or probably try one of the bushes around. Micheal was not joking and it looked like he was out to kill her.

Maybe i should just open the door and jump out, she thought. But then there was the probability that she would jump right into the wheels of an on-coming vehicle and she would die anyways.

Death by a bullet and death by a car, Teniola weighed her options.

''Where are we going'' She asked.

''Home'' Micheal replied.
Chief Shodipo had just called the tails he had put on Teniola and they just told him that she was heading home, little did they know that there was something else going on inside the car.

All the same, he wanted to talk to his ''First lady'', he picked up his phone and dialled. After it had rung twice without her picking it up. His guts told him something was wrong, At first he wanted to think that it was because she was driving but then she remembered that she had connected her phones to the speakers in a car making it possible for her to speak while driving although it would be on loudspeaker.

He thought to himself that he probably was paranoid and the made up his mind to call one last time. If she did not pick this time, he was going to ask the boys to check her closely.
Micheal looked at the phone again wondering why the caller would not stop calling.

What is always wrong with people, when someone does not pick your call after you call twice, it should be obvious that the person probably does not want to speak to you, or is not available' Micheal thought.

After few seconds of ringing, Micheal looked at the screen, the caller's name was ''S''. Who saved a number with ''S'' anyways.

''Pick it'' He said.

Teniola pressed the green button and the car came alive with Chief Shodipo's voice.

''Dear, i have been calling you, You got me worried'' He said.

''I am driving'' Teniola replied, trying to hide the fear in her voice but at the same time convey that she was in a dangerous situation,

''Oh..Okay I will call you back then''. Chief shodipo replied, ending the call.

Teniola shook, gripping the steering wheel tightly and then the tears came running.

She got to her gate and then drove in after the gateman had opened the gate. Micheal had hid the gun when the car drove in and he had behaved like he was Teniola's friend.

Adamu, the gateman was shocked that madam brought a male home, as she never did. He smiled at the thought of madam finally getting someone to oil her engines.

He rushed inside his room to get the package that was left for madam by the strange looking guy, it was box wrapped with a ribbon and sealed tight cos adamu had wanted to take a look.

As Teniola and her companion got down, Teniola looked at Adamu hopin that he cold see the fear in her eyes but he was smiling like he had won the lottery. He was walking towards them carrying a gift.

Micheal whispered ''behave'' into her ears.

''Madam, one man bring this box for you'' Adamu said

''Oh! Thank you'' Teniola replied collecting it from him.

She got out her keys from her bag and opened the doors. They were not yet in the sitting room when micheal said she should open the box.

With trembling hands, she opened it on the waiting room table, the contents brought her to the floor, wailing and shaking.

Micheal peeped into the box to see the cause of Teniola's wail. He knew it, he had recognised the box but he did not if the content would have being the same like those he had delivered.

Teniola looked at the box and screamed louder.

The box contained Olajuwon's head.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 8:59pm On Jun 19, 2013
I have been terrible i know o..but abeg temper justice with mercy.....
Re: Untitled Fiction by Joy4mi(f): 9:58pm On Jun 19, 2013
your sins av been forgiven,go and sin no more.

fresh updates is all we ask for.

Re: Untitled Fiction by ihebrooke(m): 9:37am On Jun 22, 2013
Where is this girl? Abeg, Come and finish this story.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 11:43am On Jul 05, 2013
Mama Deji sat on the mat waiting for Baba to return from the inner chamber, this has to stop very soon, it had been confirmed by her sources that Baba Deji was using Teniola Roberts as his first lady. Men and their wickedness! After all they had suffered together, he decided to give a girl of no lineage the office of the "First Lady". What did the girl have that she did not have? She thought taking a good look at herself, was it English she could not speak. Anyways, kaka k'eku ma je sese afi sawadanu.

Baba stepped in and smiled at Iya Deji, women and their wahala, he shrugged his shoulders, what was his buisness?so far he was getting his money....

"Omo mi, how are you?" Baba said.

"I would be fine, if not for this issue on ground baba" Mama Deji replied.

"Maama Deeeeeji" Baba said smiling.

"Baba, I am listening to you" Mama said with a squeezed face.

"Have I ever disappointed you before?"

"No, baba"

"Then let your mind be at rest, if you knew what I have done on tthis matter, you would not be questioning me like this"

"Not that, Baba" Mama Deji replied, sensing that Baba was getting angry already.

"Anything else?" Baba said, signalling the end of their meeting.

"E ma binu Baba, O ka mi lara ni" Mama Deji replied, pleading on her knees.

"No problem, gbera nile"

"Thank you Baba" She said, opening her bag and bringing out an envelope, handing it over to Baba.

"Drop it there" Baba said, pointing to a small carved object with a calabash on its head.

Mama Deji dropped it and left.

"It is time to speed things up" Baba said aloud to himself.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Splendblex(f): 6:44pm On Jul 05, 2013
Interestin...welcum bck

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