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Jokes Etc / Re: PHOTO: If You Don ’t Know What This Is , You Really Missed by alex406(m): 6:26pm On Jan 22
Lolly. The beautiful old days.
Politics / Re: How Sani Abacha Died…AL Mustapha. NOT BY APPLE by alex406(m): 9:58pm On Jan 18
A lot of secret in the military. The larger part f the story have not been told. Though I have read about this somewhere before. Like someone once said, in nigeria there is official and unofficial news. Official for the govt and unofficial for the gullible citizens. More stories will still come out.


Nairaland / General / Re: New Year Countdown Thread (tracking The New Year As It Arrives Around The World) by alex406(m): 12:18am On Jan 01
Happy new year my people. From São Paulo.
Celebrities / Re: Photos: Meet K-cee’s Brother- E- Money by alex406(m): 5:36am On Dec 25, 2014
Ewwwww, that sounds so gay
pen1s head like you.
Family / Re: Why Do Men And Women In Diaspora Come To Naija To Marry by alex406(m): 5:27am On Dec 25, 2014

I do not agree with your opinion. ..some white women also are loyal and submissive to our African parents, they will make sure you call your parents and check up on them. I speak from experience
I am also speaking from experience. 80% of them don't want any interference in their marital homes especially from the demanding families.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Jails Lt. Col., 15 Others Over Chibok Girls’ Abduction by alex406(m): 2:15pm On Dec 24, 2014

Go to Chibok and hear the full story you will be amazed.

1. To you know that Chibok community wrote to State government through ministry of education 2weeks before the kidnapping of suspected attacks.

2. Do you know that 4hours before the attack military men in the area where informed of a possible attack that day.

3. Do you know that the kidnapping lasted for some hours without the intervention of any security force.

4. Do you know that the children of the principal of the school and community leaders who also attend the school were not among those kidnapped.

5. Do you know that the presidency was not briefed of exactly what happened and actual facts on time hence buying time for BH to escape to farther distance.

6. How could 300 students be kidnapped at once, what kind of vehicle was used to convey them, that the army could not tract and intercept, even before they left chibok town.

7. There also reports as at then that buses do come to town to buy food stuffs and drugs and drive back into the bush.

8. Some of the girls that escaped, told TVC reporter, that they were well taken care of, only a few of them were rude. But There leaders never allowed any one to hurt them.

there are a lot of things going on in this country, many people don't know. We only comment on the surface and from stories we are fed by the media.

Not until CNN reporters came, most of what was published about chibok girls were false.

I only pity guilible Nigerians, that are easily brainwashed, hence they blame GEJ for every thing.

Recently GEJ opened up that he's being wrongly advised, which is the truth. GEJ IS NOT LIVING IN BORNU OR Yobe. If the people working with him lie to him, there is little he can do.
He may be the C-N-C, but He's not the one that will assign the type of weapons and strategies to be used.
The whole system is sabotaged

Bh may have started as a religious sect in 2002. They were known, they didn't hid their identity. The religious leaders, politicians, Emirs, Elites knew them. They had a Mosque where they worshipped.


BH of today is politically motivated, with sympathizers across all sections.
Its on record most of their weapons are gotten from Nigerian Army Armory. How did they get to army base to steal weapons, except they have infiltrators and sympathizers.

The media is not even helping issues, every time we discuss security issues on TV, we only end up informing them on what next to do and governments next action point.

They may not look intelligent and smart and educated but the main sponsors and people running the shows are educated and are living with us.

BH will not be solved with military might. They have sympathizers that leak info to them.

It will be solved by calling the boys to order.
These boys are answerable to some top emirs, sultans, imans, politicians, elites. In the North

We have seen reports of BH members hidding in an emirs home or having meeting with political class.
A politicians phone calls have been traced to see that they have contacts with BH MEMBERS

militancy in Niger Delta was stopped by calling the boys to order, no amount of JTF stopped them.
They were sponsored.
Yaradua sent GEJ to ND. He held meetings with politicians and traditional rulers in the region.
And the boys were called to order and compensated with Amnesty.

God bless Nigeria
I wish all these brainwashed enemies and lazy people can read these. All pointing accusing fingers on the president from the comfort of their keyboard.

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Nairaland / General / FTC Now A Virus by alex406(m): 11:14am On Dec 24, 2014
The new trend of childishness on nairaland is becoming so alarming and downgrading to our foremost popular indigenous forum site. The term 'first to comment' has really eaten deep into the blood of so many users of this forum especially by children who has flooded the website in recent years and some adults who have refused to grow up.
They leave the topic which requires attention and reasonable comments and indulge in FTC act frustrating matured minds from commenting to reasonable topics.

Another problem killing and ridiculing this forum is tribalism. We need to be more careful of whatever we type here and control our bitterness towards others. Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world and others need to see our togetherness and unity to improve their own society.
Most times people blame govt. for every mishap and forget that their own attitude is contributing to the downfall of this great nation.

You guys need to know that a lot of people outside the country and even foreigners read and find this website so interesting but has refused to comment nor even register because of the attitude of most users.
I most times feel so embarrassed that even the moderators have neglected these issues and have left these selfish users to downgrade this interesting website worldwide.

My advice to Mr Seun.
Ban any user you find guilty of these attitude so that others can learn. If it continues like this, I see this forum site going down the drain sooner than you think.

My 2 cent though.

One love Nairaland
One love Nigeria
One love Africa.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Photos Of Alleged Nigerians Languishing In Prisons In Angola by alex406(m): 10:15pm On Dec 23, 2014
This topic should read: criminals giving Nigeria a bad name around Africa.
why not use your God given wisdom for once rather than being heartless.

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Business / Re: How A Lady Stole 55,000 Naira Inside First Bank At Lekki by alex406(m): 5:56pm On Dec 22, 2014
ThÉ LadÝ is PDP
The guy represent the masses
The money repressents our collective wealth
The boss represents our future.

The masses(guy) gave the PDP (lady) our collective wealth (money) to invest in our future, but the PDP took advantage of our ignorance to elope with our money. 2015 present an opportunity to punish the looters of our resources. Vote Buhari, Vote APC
I can't stop laughing. The lady sharp no be small
Celebrities / Re: The Worst & Best Dressed At Sound City Urban Blast Festival‏ (photos) by alex406(m): 11:26am On Dec 20, 2014
Dirty girls on rampage showing off dryy things.
Politics / Re: This Was How President Jonathan Met Our Railway System (Pictures) by alex406(m): 11:03am On Dec 20, 2014
Sometimes I wish I can walk up to Mr President and render a full handshake for his loudable achievements. If in his tenure, only railway system is brought back to sanity,then he has achieved a lot let alone when other sectors are experiencing drastic overhaul. For all of you criticizing him, which of the past leaders have achieved this?
God bless GEJ
God bless Nigeria
GEJ all the way.

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Sports / Re: The Ten Most Beautiful Stadium In Nigeria by alex406(m): 7:26pm On Dec 19, 2014
The recently built akwa Ibom stadium should be listed as either the first or second.


Politics / Re: Explosion Hits Akure (Photos) by alex406(m): 8:18pm On Dec 13, 2014
this is a serious tragedy

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Food / Re: Man Dies After Consuming 8 Cans Of ‘Bullet Drink’ To Win N1,600 by alex406(m): 10:54pm On Dec 12, 2014
Congrats to him.
Family / Re: Why Do Men And Women In Diaspora Come To Naija To Marry by alex406(m): 9:10pm On Dec 09, 2014
Its mostlyan ibo thing, they dont integrate well into other cultures so they find it easier to come back home. also an ibo guy can travel with primary school cert so what kind of people do you expect him to mix with over there? He often find it easier to come back to marry his village girlfriend.
a fool at your age will never know wisdom.


Family / Re: Why Do Men And Women In Diaspora Come To Naija To Marry by alex406(m): 9:05pm On Dec 09, 2014
Their way of life is different from ours. Marrying a white woman will definitely deny a man a lot of things including communicating with his own family.

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Mobile Photographers: Show Off Your Stuffs by alex406(m): 1:19am On Dec 09, 2014
Luz station, São paulo

Celebrities / Re: Checkout What Caused Rick Ross Drastic Weight Loss[photo] by alex406(m): 12:14am On Dec 08, 2014
Better for him
Celebrities / Re: Photos: Meet K-cee’s Brother- E- Money by alex406(m): 12:12am On Dec 08, 2014
Nice pix. He looks handsome and cute
Sports / Re: FIFA Women's World Cup Draw On Dec 6th At 6pm by alex406(m): 7:47pm On Dec 06, 2014

That's the official group of death
I dey tell you!
Sports / Re: FIFA Women's World Cup Draw On Dec 6th At 6pm by alex406(m): 6:54pm On Dec 06, 2014
Group D
I see this group as a very tough group.
. But I believe our girls will do us proud.
Education / Re: 16 Errors That Are Still Taught In Nigerian Schools Today by alex406(m): 1:58pm On Dec 06, 2014
What sugar does is that it
increases the quantity of calories in the
body. Too many calories in the body lead to
weight gain which significantly increases a
person’s likelihood to develop type 2
I keep learning everyday.

Michael Faraday invented electricity : No-one
actually invented electricity. The form of
energy now known as electricity has been
there since the beginning of the world.
Electricity occurs in nature. A lightning bolt,
for example, releases electricity.

Thomas Edison invented the light
bulb : While it is not clear who invented light
bulbs, they were being used as electric
lights more than 50 years before Thomas
Edison patented his famous invention in
1879. What Edison invented was the
world's first commercially viable
incandescent light bulb.

Humans have only five senses: It turns out
that sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste
are not the only sensory responses human
beings exhibit. Human sensory receptors
can also respond to pain (nociception),
changes in temperature (thermoception),
changes in balance (equilibrioception),
position (proprioception), magnetic
direction (magnetoception) and the
passage of time (chronoception).

Humans evolved from apes: This is a great
lie and misconception that has been here
with us since the day Charles Darwin
published his controversial “On the Origin
of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or
the Preservation of Favoured Races in the
Struggle for Life.” According to this well-
known biological framework, human
beings and the modern-day apes evolved
from a single, now-extinct ancestor. As time
passed by, these ancestors of ours began to
evolve differently based on climatic,
nutritional, geographical and social

Mount Everest is the highest place on
earth :
Mount Everest is the highest
mountain in the world quite alright, but it’s
not the part of the world that is closest to
outer space. Here how it works: the Earth
does not have a perfectly round structure
like the world globes you’ll find in most
schools. Geographers call this anomaly an
oblate spheroid, which means that the
earth has a bulge towards the equator. As a
result of this bulge, places close to the
equator are “further out” from the centre of the Earth
and are closer to outer space than
countries that lie towards the north and
south poles, such as the Scandinavian
countries, Russia, Canada, the United States
and Greenland. Going by this phenomenon,
the title of the highest spot on Earth
belongs to a mountain in Ecuador that you
may not have heard of. The rather
unspectacular Mount Chimborazo in the
Andes of South America has been identified
as the highest point on earth and its closest
part to outer space. The peak is in reality
1.5 miles “higher up” than Mount Everest
because it sits atop the Earth’s bulge,
though it only measures 20,564 ft from sea
level, while Everest measures 29,029 ft. But
for the sake of clarity, Everest is still the
highest mountain in the world from sea
level, but if two objects are descending
from outer space from the same distance
and at the same pace to the two mountains,
the one coming down to Chimborazo will
land before the one descending to
Everest. Everest is actually the fifth furthest
place from the centre of the Earth;
Huascaran in Peru, Cotopaxi in Ecuador,
Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Chimborazo are all further.

Information is power and we keep learning everyday till we pass away. Good job poster.
Celebrities / Re: Here Is Another Classic Video From Davido Owo Ni Koko by alex406(m): 2:37am On Dec 06, 2014
Why some people dnt sleep at dis time of d night
ask yourself.


Travel / Re: Pls I Need Help(direction) On How I Will Travel From Anambra To Ilorin. by alex406(m): 12:13am On Dec 06, 2014
Pls my fellow nairalanders,I will be travelling to ilorin this week for the ist time,and I will be travelling from anambra state,onitsha to be precise,pls I need your advice to know the transport company to use,I have contacted Good is good motors,they told me that they don't ply through that road.most of the people I asked here said they didn't knw much about kwara state.pls guys I need ur help on this,your advices re much welcomed.the place am going to is called basin.
You can journey down to ibadan from Onitsha then board another vehicle from ibadan(iwo road) to ilorin.
Travel / Re: Agodi Gardens! by alex406(m): 11:12pm On Dec 05, 2014

Huh? No, I didn't
so which of the schools did you attend?
Travel / Re: Agodi Gardens! by alex406(m): 1:14am On Dec 05, 2014
Woww! This is cool shocked I know this place well, my secondary school was around there. Big transformation indeed! Will be sure to visit when next job come around! Wow!
you must have attended oba akinbiyi high school 1
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Is The Oyo State APC Governorship Candidate For 2015! by alex406(m): 9:31pm On Dec 04, 2014
Of course I don't see any valid contender
Celebrities / Re: Happy Birthday To Britney Spears!!! by alex406(m): 12:21am On Dec 03, 2014
after the party na for my room grin me and her go pansh!!
day dreaming!
Celebrities / Re: Is D’banj In Love With Former Miss World, Agbani Darego? by alex406(m): 12:10am On Dec 03, 2014
That's serious.
Celebrities / Re: Happy Birthday To Britney Spears!!! by alex406(m): 12:02am On Dec 03, 2014
We have tuned to your network already. Waiting for the next program.
Fashion / Re: Ladies: Share Pictures Of Your Natural Hair Here by alex406(m): 11:30pm On Dec 02, 2014

lol....funny u
I am not joking. I don't easily get off my eyes from a natural woman especially without any single makeup.
Music/Radio / Re: "Praise Medley" Music Video By Kefee (Who Died in June) by alex406(m): 10:04pm On Dec 02, 2014
Nice video and cool music. Rest in peace Keffe

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