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Business / Re: How To Make Money Carrying Out Activities Online . Are You On Social Media ❓ by Bastiger(m): 10:52pm On Apr 07
Business / Re: How To Make Money Carrying Out Activities Online . Are You On Social Media ❓ by Bastiger(m): 9:49pm On Mar 27
Politics / Re: Sule Lamido: "Buhari Hated Yar'adua; How He Treated Him" by Bastiger(m): 10:47pm On Jan 19
Same Sule Lamido that is in court for embezzling Jigawa state resources. His sons are also in court for diverting billions of naira from the states coffers. If you put this criminal sule on one side and put the old and seemingly fragile Buhari on the other, i will pick Buhari any day. These criminals that have looted our commonwealth are really angry that Buhari has refused to give them any soft landing. They must refund all the money they stole or go to jail. Stupid sule!

Atleast he did not cross carpet and have his sins and looted funds forgotten.

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Politics / Re: The New Abia We Want By Dominic Barcity by Bastiger(m): 3:04pm On Jan 19
Right guy,wrong party his desperation drove him into APC and APC will never mark my words never win in Abia...take it or leave it.
Politics / Re: List Of States Owing Workers After Paris Club Refund by Bastiger(m): 8:59pm On Sep 06, 2017

Abia is not owing. The council workers are being taking care of. Stop your propaganda chino. Are you cursed? angry why must you always lie like umu ekwensu? Why, chino why?


Read that link and cover your face in shame you liar Muhammed child.

Sorry,which Abia are you referring to? Is it the one I live in or is there another Abia state somewhere? Abia state university teaching hospital(Absuth) workers are being owed close to 9months salary infact they have not received any salary since January 2017,Abia state polytechnic lecturers face the same predicament,they may down tools any moment from now,anybody who says Abia state is not owing salaries/pensions is incorrect.

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Crime / Re: Man Shot Dead In Aba By A Policeman While On His Back Home From An Eatery by Bastiger(m): 12:38pm On Mar 19, 2017
ipobarecriminals A policeman name IBE UCHENNA killed CHINEDU PETER.IPOB killed IPOB,no case.They are foreigners here.*Storm outa thread b4 angry jews stone me

May someone else make fun of your disastrous end since you don't respect the sanctity of life.AMEN!
Politics / Re: Mary Odili Wept And Begged Supreme Court Judges To Accept N5billion Bribe - SR by Bastiger(m): 1:30pm On Oct 12, 2016
Politics / Re: Senate Blocks Move To Summon Lawan Daura, SSS Boss Over Raids On Judges by Bastiger(m): 4:22pm On Oct 11, 2016
Of course. The question is: would the folks in question understand that the restraint or courtsey that's just shown by the senate (to promote national peace I suppose) does not in any way translate to cowardice?
I doubt if they would understand
Celebrities / Re: Rahama Sadau Features In “Sons Of The Caliphate.” Her 1st Nollywood Movie (Pic) by Bastiger(m): 4:14pm On Oct 11, 2016
All these Kannywood people are mofos!

Just cos she cuddle person for music video..them ban am!__ordinary cuddle oo shocked But nothing happens to those old bastards that marry 14 year olds..imagine a 50-year old getting married to a 14 year old! That's sad and disgusting!__what Law is that..a fùcked up one! Sooo wrong angry

But honestly speaking as I dey see this babe na wetin dey my mind be this grin
bros na wa o!
Family / Re: Wife Burns Husband's Official Documents In Lagos Over His Adulterous Acts by Bastiger(m): 4:06pm On Oct 11, 2016
Hahahahahahahahaha, these akpu-eating flat heads will never cease to amaze me.

You are a pathetic fellow
Nairaland / General / Faulks Road And A Line Ariaria Intl Market Aba This Afternoon by Bastiger(m): 6:10pm On Aug 21, 2014
whenever it rains in Aba,the following pictures show what people go through in these areas thanks to the ineffective and clueless government of Abia state. what baffles me the most is that this same governor of Abia state is vying for the senatorial seat of Abia central inspite of the fact that he will definitely leave the state worse than he inherited it.Na wa o!
Politics / Re: Wives Of Top Nigeria Politicians (pictures) by Bastiger(m): 4:51pm On Jul 26, 2014
kastonkastrol: grin christ..... What is the wife of a reknown rebel doing on the list? Her husband wasnt a politician but a rebel who killed many nigerians just to bring his Biafra into life... But unfortunately the nigerian army really dealt with him.. grin
Abe Lincoln once said " it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt".
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Re-sign Drogba by Bastiger(m): 3:35pm On Jul 26, 2014
chelseabmw: Arsenal go hear am this time cheesy
For your rechargeable mind

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Sign Alexis Sanchez From Barcelona by Bastiger(m): 10:02am On Jul 11, 2014
joeace2020: you guys will still be underdogs even if you sign messi+ronaldo+maradona+pele. i cant wait to laugh at you guys when sanchez begins to flop. His will be compared to torres of chelsea by seasons end
Keep on hating dude,seems that's what you are good at

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Phones / Re: Android Bbm Group. Drop Your Pin...were You Can Solve Your Issues... by Bastiger(m): 11:19am On Oct 31, 2013
Add me up plz...7AAD92C7
Music/Radio / Re: 17 Years After, Tupac Lives On... by Bastiger(m): 11:48am On Sep 13, 2013
Who do you believe in... Always in my heart pac
Business To Business / Re: Lay Your Hands On Hot Selling Products You Can Resell And Where To Sell Them by Bastiger(m): 10:47am On Aug 04, 2013
Politics / Re: Army, Police To Take-over Ladipo Market by Bastiger(m): 11:15am On Aug 03, 2013
Ndi igbo ntooooooo nu? Ana esi n'ulo mara nma puo n'ezi,kama unu gaa n'obodo ndi ozo unu aruora ha ahia,na ihe ndi di iche iche chefuo ala nna unu.ogini mere unu achoghi ilota ulo?ihe oga eme unu ugboro ole unu amuta ihe?ngwa leenu otu esi jiri unu eme akaja na legos...okwa ikemba nnewi gwara unu agwa...atuora omara..omara atuora ofeke...ofeba isi n'ohia.ndigbo ibem n'azu ahia na mba ndi ozo..unu mara asu,suo n'ikwe ma unu amaghi au,sujisie nu apata unu...ogwula ka oham n'onu!

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Politics / Re: Military Burial Of Officers Killed By Boko-Haram & UNAMID Operations (Pictures) by Bastiger(m): 10:42am On Jul 26, 2013
Cowards die a thousand times before their death but the VALIANT never taste of death but once....may the souls of our gallant and valiant officers and men rest in peace.my heart goes out to their families and loved ones.
Politics / Re: Infrastructural Development In Abia State (Pictures) by Bastiger(m): 12:25am On Jul 19, 2013
Abagworo: .

i would appreciate if the skyscrapper people that took those pics would go to(1) faulks road down to ariaria,(2)ngwa road,(3)omuma road,(3) ama ogbonna,(4)osusu road to mention but a few they should take the pics of the mentioned areas on a normal sunny day and on a rainy day.if you are able to get those set of pics,you can also post them here and make conclusions for yourself.
Politics / Re: Infrastructural Development In Abia State (Pictures) by Bastiger(m): 11:57pm On Jul 18, 2013
It beats my imagination how gullible people can be,i have not come to terms why people choose to live in denial.i read this thread,and i couldn't help laughing at some people's sycophancy.now,is Umuahia the only area that needs development in Abia?i saw seeing pics of secretariat complex,govt house under construction and a few other government buildings,how does that directly affect the masses?apart from umuahia,what has he done in igbere?Aba?obingwa?ukwa? What? I know somebody will say he has done some roads in Aba,which ones?unless patching and filling up potholes now amount to reconstruction of roads.T A knows he has failed and that he is a failed governor if not the worst performing governor in Abia state that is why he is setting up propaganda machines on all fronts to garner support but be rest assured that people are wiser now,no amount of propaganda will make black to be white.people in Abia know the truth and the truth is that the government of T A Orji has failed Abians,we are patiently waiting for him to run out his tenure.
Business / Re: How Can One Import Turkey Shirts Without Going There by Bastiger(m): 4:53pm On Jun 21, 2013
Mr okenna i'm also really interested in the info about the turkey shirt importation,would be glad if you send me d info too.basonyemobi@gmail.com
Business / Re: Guaranty Trust Bank: More Branches Needed? by Bastiger(m): 3:54pm On May 23, 2013
pureguide: they really need it o.
just imagaine say the whole of aba na only one branch me dy see ooo.
wrong,there's one branch @ Aba-owerri rd another @ port-harcourt rd,Aba.
Politics / Re: Your Shout-Out To Our Troops Participating In The State Of Emergency by Bastiger(m): 4:47pm On May 18, 2013
Gallant combatants....Godspeed..kill all 'em suckers,hit dem hard...peace 2 d fallen combatants.our hearts n prayers are with you gallant men.one luv! Naija 4 lyf.
Politics / Re: Why Do Some Nigerians Fly Isreali Flag In Nigeria by Bastiger(m): 12:00am On Apr 02, 2013
I don't know why people can't just mind their business,how does it concern or affect anybody if i decide to fly Afghanistan's flag or North Korea's flag or colombia's flag or even pakistan's flag in my car? Is it your car? If you don't like it buy yours and fly the flag of pluto or mars or even jupiter for all i care....people should put their noses where it belongs.

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Fashion / Re: Jim Iyke's Outfit At Tuface And Annie's Dubai Wedding - Hit Or Miss? by Bastiger(m): 12:53pm On Mar 24, 2013
D.a.m.n! Do u guys think he gives a Poo about your opinions on Nairaland about what he wore to 2face's wedding in far away dubai?...i mean why can't people just mind their phucking business...drinking panadol 4 anoda person headache

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Politics / Re: Security Of Abia Is Orji's First Priority by Bastiger(m): 11:13pm On Jan 20, 2013
franchizy: His Excellency Gov T. A. Orji has really done much in Abia state, he has brought Peace and sanity in Abia state and especially the security of lives and properties.
At the moment, he has rehabilitated almost all the major roads in Aba while work are ongoing at some major roads.
Below are some of the major roads;
Based on his developmental stride, he was awarded the Best SE Governor by the good Governance group.Your Excellency, we Abians are very proud of you and wish u all the best. May God continue to Bless you for us

i don't know why people live in denial,anyway i take consolation in karma,what goes around comes around...it will surely come to you and when it does don't think your kinsmen are out to eliminate you or somebody somewhere is out to get you.since you support wickedness and evil,it will never depart from your house.
Politics / Re: Nigeria To Charge Russian Sailors With Arms Smuggling by Bastiger(m): 12:14am On Jan 10, 2013
it's very funny that people in Nigeria still have this "colo mentality" fela been talk years back say na wetin dey wori us.if not the colo mentality that has taken hold of most African leaders and citizens who in da bloody hell are russians?are they above the law? so they can bloody h ell do whatever they like cos they are russians?or may be they are a member of G-8?they should go breaking the laws of other countries? anyway i no blame una na our weak govt i dey blame if not people for no come here dey glorify russia..nonsense, russians my a ss
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Will Be "Eliminated" - Ahmadinejad by Bastiger(m): 1:24pm On Sep 25, 2012
author=acidtalk]Let's call a spade a spade.
Irrespective of religion, tribe, or personal interest. Don't we all
think Israel and the United States are truly world bullies?

How on earth can Israel threaten to go and attack another man (Iran) in
his own home for cooking his food (Nuclear power) because your think the
taste won't be pleasant to you.

Israel would have long run be wiped out if not because the Americans
have been shielding them.

You can't go to other people's territory and be a nightmare to them.

Israel is the worlds biggest problem. Their bullying is as a result of
the frustration we are now seeing in the Arab world of today.

Please if you haven't read world history or of age to know what I am
saying just skip responding to my write-up. Its was meant for the
knowledgeable minds alone.[/quote]

knowledgeable minds indeed,so in all your wisdom does your narration justify the wiping out of the state of israel?does it it justify the incendiary remarks by a lunatic who has lost all decorum?a lunatic who implies that if you are insulted,you should go on a killing spree.you are just being cynical.

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