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Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by emindu: 12:05pm On Dec 19
T.a orji a proudly governor

Politics / Re: Few Pix From Abia State by emindu: 6:50pm On Dec 18
Ochendo have laid down a solid lasting legacy

Politics / Few Pix From Abia State by emindu: 6:45pm On Dec 18
The governor have strive a lot of development since he became the governor of abia state , , and has also transformed and empowers lots of youth in the state through his youth empowerment programme , his administration has also provide adequate security and electricity in the state which have attracts investors in the state . The present government may have not and may not complete all the infrastructural challenges facing the state in the last 23 years which is enormous, but her speedy effort in the direction so far has brought tremendous changes and relief to the people of the state. If successive governments in the state have made half of the effort before now, the state would have been an El Dorado by now.

Politics / Who Vindicated Abia Senators? by emindu: 12:45pm On Dec 15
By Madubuko Hart
Victory comes with it envy from enemies of the conqueror. Some persons and groups have towed this inglorious line since the polite Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu (PhD) was triumphantly elected the 2015 governorship flagbearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State.
While the governor of the state, Chief T.A.Orji has remained firm in making the state a peaceful and yielding place, the haters of anything good have been drumming their war drums of how to cause disaffection and disservice in the state for the reason that their preferred candidates were not elected the party’s candidate during the party’s primaries of Monday 8 December 2014 which took place at the Township Stadium, Umuahia.
They forgot that in a contest, one person must win. And here is Ikpeazu who was widely accepted by the PDP’s delegates during the time of the primaries in the state. No person or group would say that Governor Orji has not been performing creditably well. Anything short of this is mere propaganda as is today wont in many quarters just for the simple reason that the masses in Abia are drumming for tremendous support for Ikpeazu in the 2015 general elections.
Being transparent, Governor Orji who hates bad governance, impunity and corruption made sure that his government and him stayed aloof for the PDP’s delegates to choose who they wanted to be their candidate, hence anybody or group calling on the National Working Committee of the PDP, the National Executive Committee and most importantly, Mr. President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to ensure that Abia State is plunged into anarchy, is being Shylockic.
It baffles any sense with sound reason to believe the crassness from some quarters saying that the Abia State Government has not been erecting edifice and paying workers their salaries. The detractors in their figment of imagination have also taken Mr. Chinedu Orji to libelous height. When, who and where did they see the young man got hold of over 45 billion naira? The young Orji never boasted to any groups or associates that he was going to install Ikpeazu as the next governor of Abia State.
Previously, one Ebere Wabara published an article in The Sun edition of December 11 2014, titled, “Abia Senators vindicated”. After going through the inane essay what came to mind was who vindicated the Abia senators. It is observable that Wabara went to the market with his essay to draw people’s sympathy, but it is flagrant that by now he would be feeling disappointed, because the people know better and no longer take him and his insults against the government of Chief T.A. Orji, seriously.
In his maligned thinking, Wabara indicted the government of Governor T.A. Orji without any trial at a competent court of jurisdiction. Then, you wonder how democratic such a man that indirectly was writing that he was an advocate of justice is. What he failed to tell Nigerians is that the three senators he mentioned in his treatise in the persons of Senators Enyinnaya Abaribe (Abia South), Uche Chukwumerije (Abia North) and Nke­chi Nwaogu (Abia Central), started their campaign of calumny against Governor Orji on October 28, 2014, after the governor had made it known that he was standing on equity and justice.
Hence, they started to shout that the governor was manipulating both the National Assembly and governorship congresses and prima­ries for who knows whatever Wabara was writing about. Did it occur to Wabara that before the emergence of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu as the PDP’s governorship flagbearer in the state on December 8 2014, neither the governor nor his government said that they had an anointed candidate? They allowed the people to make their choice, and here is Dr. Ikpeazu.
So, where did the governor ‘manipulate’? Was it that Wabara was manipulating the truth for unpardonable falsehood he has been mounding and hyping around and against Chief T.A. Orji and his government? The election which the likes of Wabara have said was flawed was the best that even the officials who were at the election ground commended as the best they have ever seen in the history of the country.
Does Wabara want to say that the Returning Officer and Chairman of the electoral panel, Dr. (Mrs.) Angela Mba, who announced Ikpeazu winner with 487 votes to his credit, and said the exercise was the most diplomatic she had ever seen in recent times, did not know what she was doing? Let Wabara understand that this is not the way to draw attention!
Governor Orji has exalted the state from rubbles to the credible state it has become today. Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu is never the governor’s stooge as the governor did not anoint him nor did his government. The governor is a law abiding citizen and has never been selfish with power. Those who are doing everything to cause disaffection between President Goodluck Jonathan and him will not succeed. They should desist. Mr. President knows better that the governor is one hundred in support of his second term ambition. Nothing more.

Politics / Re: Open Letter To President GEJ: Pls Call Abia Governor, Orji To Order by emindu: 1:42pm On Dec 10
The Gov has done pretty well in the area of security, Energy distribution, primary and tertiary healthcare, development of human capital through various youth empowerment Programmes, infrastructural development...New essential structures like the workers secretariat, International Conference centre, remodeling of Abia hotels to boost the hospitality and tourism industry, the new high court buildings Umuahia and Aba...the more decent court houses the more judges the more jobs, the new Abia State library headquarters to boost learning and research, the Abia State Specialist and Diagnostic Hospital commended as the best in the entire south east and south south region, the new eye and dialysis centre in Umuahia, the new industrial market Umuahia and Umuahia Modern market to boost commerce and industry also to decongest the Umuahia city centre, the new motor Spare Parts and Mechanic Village at Ohiya Umuahia to create sanity and enhance environmental decency in Umuahia city centre, the new govt house Govt house currently situated in a private and rented property. A functioning skill acquisition centre training about 5000 youths currently. A new broadcasting House (BCA) building, a new JAAC, ASUBEB and Chieftancy affairs complex in Umuahia, A newly built ministry of Justice building in Umuahia, about 250 primary health care centres across the state, partnering with World bank to build Community Social Development program projects as demanded by communities in Abia State, A new House of Assembly Administrative and constituency complex within the HOA premises. A new ASEPA building, ASEPA is currently occupying a rented building, built &commissioned the Amaokwe housing Estate in Umuahia, Isieke, Amaudo and Aso small and medium income housing estates are currently ongoing in Umuahia, massive investment in the environmental sector...Opening up drains in Aba & Umuahia, provision of refuse dump equipment & Trucks etc. The govt has built numerous rural and urban roads in Isukwuato, Ohafia, Bende Umunneochi, Umuahia, Ikwu ano, Isi ala Ngwa etc including the 17 major Aba city roads recently embarked upon...Brass, Milverton, Ngwa Road, Faulks Road, Geometric, Ama Ogbonna, etc. All these are verifiable in addition to massive investment on security of lives and property. ABSG invested over 1.5 billion to evacuate power (electricity) from the Ohiya sub power station after the federal govt built but abandoned it. Power supply has improved in Umuahia and environs leading to massive boost in the small and medium scale enterprises sector. Umuahia, the capital city doesn't get dark at night as a result of the massive investment on street light project. Remember security globally requires huge investment and for Abia State to be known currently as a safe zone, massive investment is being invested to sustain the achievement made so far on security. All these and many more doesn't stop Abia State from having her challenges as a State but the good news is that those developmental challenges are being tackled with the funds available to the State without borrowing.
Politics / Re: Open Letter To President GEJ: Pls Call Abia Governor, Orji To Order by emindu: 1:41pm On Dec 10
was this an article or an English language dictionary? in the voice of Patrick Obahiagbon metamorphic Kparapoise!!!. LMAO. seriously tho, i would first of all like to tell the writer that Pres Johnathan will never get to read this article of yours in the first place, so sorry for wasting precious time. secondly even if he did, the president does not have the right to give orders to the Governor, because that only happens in a Military Govt. thirdly the primaries have been won by the candidates, why cry over split milk? everyone is entitled to their opinion, don't get me wrong, i have been and still am an avid supporter of T.A Orji despite all the media attacks being orchestrated by OUK and the likes.
Politics / Re: Open Letter To President GEJ: Pls Call Abia Governor, Orji To Order by emindu: 1:40pm On Dec 10
Petition writers and petition writing galore! You voted Orji as your governor and you want President Jonathan to embark on giving orders to Governor Orji? You think Nigeria is running a military government where the military head of state gives orders and instructions to the state military governors? You people have nothing to do with your time other than to write useless petitions.
Politics / Re: ABIA 2015, Cast Ur Votes For APGA Lets Humiliate T.A Orji Nd His Puppet. by emindu: 1:35pm On Dec 10
Some posts are not worth reading. Is T.A Orji a military officer ? Is it possible for him to vote himself into power ? Is it not the mandate of the people of Abia that he is using ? If the people of Abia feel he is overtaking the political affairs, they shouldnt have given him the support he has. Even if they are bought over with money, and so what ? Mr human rights, go and bring back our Chibok children
Politics / Re: ABIA 2015, Cast Ur Votes For APGA Lets Humiliate T.A Orji Nd His Puppet. by emindu: 1:32pm On Dec 10
if this is not consuming space, then i wonder what consuming space would be like. a lot of heavy words too, how does the lay man relate to this article? something a lot of writers fail to understand these days. that being said, Orji was voted in by the people of Abia State, the fact that he has been picked again to represent the state at a higher level should send a message. its pretty simple, he has done his job and no amount of facts or fairy-tales you write will overturn that.
Politics / Abia PDP Primaries, A Pass Mark To Ochendo's Leadership Qualities. by emindu: 2:56pm On Dec 09
The peaceful, free, fair and credible conduct of PDP primaries in Abia state is an attestation to the fact that Ochendo has indeed stabilized the political horizon of Abia state, before the coming of Governor T.A.Orji (C.O.N) in 2007, elections in Abia has always been marred with violence as we have witnessed in some states of the federation whereby the conduct of primary elections in those states has been a war situation where politicians even go as far as attempting to eliminate and in some cases kill other aspirants vying for the same political positions with them, he has also held the party together by ensuring that all political stake holders in PDP is treated with deserved respect, times were in this state when the Abia PDP was in tumult with each clique having its own factional leader, as we are witnessing today in Enugu, Anambra, Akwaibom, Bayelsa, Delta and so many other states being controlled by PDP.
Ochendo as a peace loving leader came and brought every body together under one umbrella and the result is the political peace and stability we are enjoying today in Abia state. its an open fact that today, some states though under the leadership of peoples democratic party have as many as four different factions within the same state.
In an effort to achieve a sustainable stability within the political circle, political thuggery has been eliminated in Abia state by ensuring that youths who prior to this time are being used as thugs to cause trouble and create confusion during elections are today empowered, gainfully employed and kept busy through the youth empowerment and Skill Acquisition programmes of the state government under the able leadership of Ochendo global.
Politicians who before now are known for leaving the party in droves after primary elections no longer do so because the conduct of the primary elections in Abia state has been widely adjudged to be one of the best in the federation as it was seen to be free, fair, credible and devoid of violence even by the losers, some of them have also gone ahead to congratulate the winners and have also pledged their unalloyed support and loyalty for the party irrespective of the fact that they lost the elections.
To some aspirants their loss at the primaries though may come as a surprise to them but are consoled by the fact that the process was free and credible because the party gave every aspirant a free playing ground to test their popularity in the contest. the Abia PDP has exhibited a high sense of responsibility and fairness in this rudimentary stage of the contest since it is also natural that in every contest there has to be a winner.
Its also an open fact that no election the world over can be said to have been hundred percent free of any electoral malpractice, it is therefore worthy of note that the Abia chapter of the Peoples Democratic party and its leadership has indeed shown that the leader of the party in the state Governor T.A.Orji is a man of justice and fairness going by the united nations definition of a free and fair election, any electoral contest devoid of violence should be seen and accepted to be free, fair, and credible.
Given the background that one cannot completely rule out maneuvering by politicians in any electoral contest the world over, it is therefore fair enough to give Abia PDP and its leadership a pass mark in the just concluded primaries held in Abia state.
Its advisable for politicians who lost out in the contest to embrace those who won in the spirit of sportsmanship and also work towards ensuring that the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) wins all the elective political positions in Abia state in the general elections, it is also appropriate for those who won not to see their victory as a winner takes all affair but rather should bring those who lost out closely and work with them to ensure that come 2015 Abia PDP will come out stronger than it is at the moment even after the exit of the present government

Politics / Fani-kayode Thumps Up T.A Orji’s Efforts In Abia by emindu: 1:50pm On Nov 28
Former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has expressed
satisfaction with the developmental efforts of Governor Theodore Orji,
describing the rate of development in Abia State as extra ordinary.
Chief Kayode who made his feelings known during a visit to Abia State,
said that he is impressed and satisfied with what he saw in the state.
According to him, after visiting the various projects both completed and
on-going by the Governor, he was not surprised at what he saw, adding that
it is a lasting legacy that the Governor started them from scratch.
He was of the view that the projects will stand the test of time and said
that he was proud of the Governor and the achievements he has made in the
He stated that Governor Orji has a lot to offer the country maintaining
that it is befitting to have him as senator in 2015 as a reward of his
good job in the state.
He further stated that Governor Orji has proved himself and done his
party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) proud, pointing out that the
contribution he is making to the national scene is commendable.
The former Aviation minister who described the governor as a man of great
intellect and courage was of the view that Nigeria would be different “if
we have more leaders like the governor from the South East zone.”

Politics / Former Governor Orji Kalu And His Senatorial Ambition Mirage. by emindu: 1:20pm On Nov 28
By Uche Aguoru
When I heard the news that the former Abia Governor Chief Orji Uzor Kalu has dropped his senatorial ambition, I received it with mixed feelings, a mixture of happiness and disappointment.
I was happy because those who had followed him all along can now see how slippery the man they have been following is, they can now begin to understand how unreliable he is, right from when he bought the form I knew all along that he wasn't contesting he only wanted to show case himself and tell the world that he has managed to rejoin PDP after much attempt and not that he has come to contest elections in Abia knowing fully well that the people are not happy with him and therefore cannot even win a councillorship election in his electoral ward talk more of winning a senatorial seat in the whole of Abia north which comprises of five local government areas based on his performance as a governor who could not boast of any meaningful achievement for eight years.
Lies are easily told but not to ones self, OUK,s supporters may have been living on the false illusion that he is still popular but he OUK knows that his popularity rating is next to zero in Abia and Nigeria in general having been dwarfed by Ochendo,s performance in areas of security, Infrastructural development, human capital development,politics etc.
At the same time I was disappointed because I had expected him to go into the contest knowing fully well that he is going to be floored officially by his opponents in the race and that will give him an opportunity of x-raying himself and his performance when he had the chance to make a positive impression in the minds of Abians, but as unrepentant as OUK is, he is blaming his failure to go through the full contest on Governor T.A.Orji and I wonder what that means, the following questions began to run through my mind as to the possible reasons he chose to blame Ochendo for his personal decision to back out of the race.
1) Did Ochendo stop him from contesting or picking the PDP nomination form?
2) Is he contesting on the same senatorial zone with Ochendo?
3) Is Ochendo by any chance a member of the screening panel set up by PDP national body.
Why is OUK blaming every of his failure on governor Theodore Orji knowing fully well that he caused his problems by him self for failing the state and its citizens.
Is it not an act of self deceit and mischief for one to keep blaming others for a self inflicted wound Chief Orji Kalu had always boasted of his political prowess and popularity and I wonder why he decided to chicken out now that the political game is at its peak, those who had the guts is still in the race trying to woo the people into supporting and voting for them, those who felt that they won't get the party tickets in PDP moved to other parties because they are sure they will make impacts and possibly win the elections, if Orji Kalu is popular as he claims why can't he contest and win the elections from either PPA or any other platform since he is convinced he can't make it through PDP, also for him to be asking for a reimbursement of the money he paid to PDP for the purchase of the PDP nomination form is the funniest part of the whole drama, may be if he had bought the form from Abia PDP he would have said that Ochendo is the one that ate the money he paid for his nomination form and that was the reason he failed to show up for the screening, just as the saying goes a bad work man always quarrels with his tools.
The Peoples Democratic Party is a very big party with a very large umbrella that can accommodate every tom dick and Harry and therefore any one who feels he has the capacity to vie for an elective office is free to do so without let or hindrance and the Abia PDP is one that is peaceful and does not stop or hinder any one from pursuing his legitimate ambition.
Governor T.A. Orji in as much as he is the leader of the party (PDP) in Abia is not the party chairman and does not hold any office within the party and the implication is that he cannot dictate to the party how to carry out its party functions I also do not see how he had stopped Chief Orji Kalu from running as he had alleged in his complaint, the screening was not conducted by Abia PDP executives but members sent by the national exco of the party, and any aspirant who scales through the screening will go to the field for primary elections, how then did Ochendo stop Orji Kalu? what Orji Kalu did is simply a smart cowardly move aimed managing further disgrace that he would have encountered if he had gone through the full stretch of the contest.
Orji Kalu should blame himself and his inability to develop Abia when he had the chance rather than blaming Ochendo or Abia PDP for his personal decision to back out of the electoral contest where he would have eventually faced a bigger disgrace.
writes from Umuahia

Politics / Kalu Demands Refund Of N5.5m Senate Form Fee by emindu: 11:51am On Nov 25
Former Governor of Abia state, Chief Orji Kalu, has said he is no longer running for senate on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party.

The former governor has therefore asked the party to refund the N5.5m he paid for the nomination and expression of interest forms which he paid thinking that he would contest for the party’s ticket for Abia North Senatorial district.

Kalu, in a letter to the PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, dated November 24, said he was withdrawing from the race because the Abia State Governor, Chief Theodore Orji, has allegedly concluded plans to handpick PDP aspirants in the state.

“Since I was not screened, and neither did I go through any of the stipulated processes that lead to the emergence of candidates, I hereby also ask the party, as a measure of honour and good faith, to refund the nomination fees I paid. I will use the money to further empower my constituents in many other ways,” he said in the letter.

He lamented that the governor allowed some high profile members of the party to resign from plum positions to contest for the PDP ticket when he should have advised them to keep their positions since he already had aspirants he has handpicked to fly the PDP ticket.

According to him, “Along the line, however, it became apparent that the Abia State Governor, Chief T.A Orji wants to handpick all candidates, both into executive and legislative positions. He wants to choose his own successor, fill the 24 House of Assembly seats, the eight federal constituencies and the three senatorial seats.

“Governor Orji knew ahead of time that he had a candidate in mind but deliberately allowed eminent Abia citizens like Dr. Alex Otti, GMD of Diamons bank to resign from his lofty position when he should have advised him to remain there.

“He also allowed Chief Emeka Wogu, minister of labour to resign and lose Abia slot in the Federal Executive Council and other ministerial committees; he equally allowed two ranking members of the Senate in the person of Senator Nkechi Nwogu, chairman Senate committee on oil and gas and Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, chairman Senate committee on Media and Information to pick gubernatorial forms when he should have advised them to go for re-election in the senate.

“I find all these very disturbing. When Governor Orji was to be elected the first time in 2007, everyone knew where I stood three years before then that he was my anointed candidate. There was absolutely no ambiguity unlike now that he has allowed these people to lose their positions and resources chasing shadows. It is quite obvious that Governor Orji’s plan is to bring everybody down.”

While maintain that there was no Ward congress in Abia state, he said the Governor and his “collaborators” just compiled the list of delegates and this has forced some members of PDP to defect to other parties.
He warned that it is dangerous for PDP to hang all its hope on one man as elections are won by collective efforts and not as solo run.

Kalu also declared that an alleged earlier arrangements he claimed he had with the national leadership of the party that would enable him to be screened in Abuja was not adhered to.

He said, “I know that members of the National Working Committee have intervened severally and assured me that i would be screened between Thursday and Friday last week for the senatorial race.

“However, it did not happen, causing me to conclude that the party has perhaps acquiesced to the desire of Governor Orji to handpick all the candidates.

“If this is the true picture of things, I wish to defer on the judgement and decision of the party. Rather than be an intractable issue in the Abia chapter of our great party, I would rather subordinate personal ambition for party cohesion, and quit the forthcoming electoral race. I hereby formally withdraw from the bid to represent the good people of Abia North in the senate next year.”

He, however, assured PDP leaders that he will remain a loyal member of the party and work for the success of all candidates of the party in the 2015 polls, including President Goodluck Jonathan.
Politics / Social Media Mob Action On Abia State Government by emindu: 11:33am On Nov 19
For the past two to three years, there has been a consistent and malicious mob action and propaganda spewed daily against the CEO of Abia state, Governor T A Orji.

For the proponents of this propaganda, anyone who spoke freely, unbiasly on what is happening at Abia state was/is labeled as a bribe taker or insincere person. To many of them, they have absolute right to speak against the government, while others have no absolute right to speak for the government.

For long this attitude has been sustained with pictures which succeeded in making people to tag Abia a failed state and Gov. T A Orji the master of all failures. These people have not in any way brought to fore the good deeds of the governor and the government for objective comparism. All that came from Abia is bad. (They do not know they scare investors away).

Many people have compared Abia with a certain state that beautified its city with flowers whose image was laundered to be the most working government of our clime, a state which has been in existence for close to two centuries where the resources of the country were used to develop it and yet pot holes exist across the state.

What did T .A Orji do wrong?

T .A Orji did not do well in establishing a foundation on which successive governments will thrive on. He did not do well, when he built roads, relocated markets to ease out living and movement within the city. He did not do well by establishing 100 bedded hospital and primary health centers across the state. He did not do well when he restored the state to a path of glory after being bullied by the kidnappers. He did not do well by constructing a new government house so as to move away from rented apartments. T .A Orji did not do well that you will not see a single filth in Umuahia city. What is the benefit of International Conference Centre to a state which lacks a comfortable venue to host events? State Secretariat is not needed at all and T. A Orji constructed two blocks of four storey buildings in addition to the existing one for the workers of the state. The state does not need a well-equipped e-library and T.A Orji built one. The state does not need a guaranteed security of peoples’ lives and properties for economic growth. Schools are not needed as students are expected to at this point in time be learning in dilapidated buildings which safety is not insured. BCA does not need modern building and equipment for information dissemination, they are supposed to be stagnant and remain in the old building built years back. All these bad things T.A Orji did!

Some will question projects done in the PPP arrangement and argue that it is not the state government's funding. I dare ask, is the private company coming to invest where there is no favorable atmosphere for it to thrive? If the government did not provide the land, and necessary infrastructure, how will SPA come in to build a large mall in Umuahia?

In Abia state did I see an housing estate dedicated to traders. In Abia state did I see Umuahia city undergoing expansion.

Lest I forget, for those who want to invest in Umuahia, there is room for your business to thrive and a lot of land to acquire at affordable price. Your investment is secured and good market is ensured.

In Aba, I saw the roads tarred and commuters ply the roads freely. Azikiwe road, Aba Owerri rd and numerous ring roads are tarred. So what did this man do wrong?

Yes Aba used to be filthy but the intervention of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu as the head of ASEPA solved the problem of a dirty Aba.

While these castigations are on-going, those campaigning to pull down T .A Orji on the instance of Aba should also endeavour to go out to re-train the inhabitants of Aba. Individuals can take up this job. I challenge Abia pull-down commentators to pick up this challenge.

I shall also not look away from the waste packed along the express-way; efforts should be made to re-locate that as that sight and the odour oozing out of there is very bad.

T .A Orji has not claimed to be the solution of all problems in Abia state but he has done a fair share to write his name on stone. The legacy projects which he is doing are all durable with sophisticated architectural designs.
ABIA: God’s own state.
Politics / How Gov Theodore Orji Saved My Son— Ngozi Abochi Tom. by emindu: 10:49am On Nov 04
But for the benevolence of Abia State Governor, Theodore Orji, Master Chidubem Godswil Tom who was diagnosed with a hole-in- the- heart three days after birth would not have lived to see his first birthday. Tom is alive today and his family is ready to tell the story over and over.

*Gov Theodore Orji
Tom’s mother, Ngozi Abochi had run from pillar to post seeking help to keep her son alive without success. Ngozi had cried to Nigerians through the media for urgent assistance for a life saving operation but help was nowhere to be found.
She and her husband had visited the Abia State government office in search of help apparently due to alleged man – made bottle necks they were not able to succeed until Vanguard published Tom’s story.
Luck smiled on Tom when the daughter of the Governor read the story and called her father’s attention to it. Immediately, the Governor speedily made funds available for Tom to be taken abroad for further treatments in far away India.
Today, Tom is hale and hearty.
Speaking to Good Health Weekly, Ngozi said: “I’m a living witness to the fact that Governor Orji popularly known as T.A is a man that shares the joy and sorrow of his subjects.
For Instance, when my son Tom was diagnosed of a hole- in -the -heart two days after his birth, in our bid to get help, the only place left for my husband and I to go seek help was the spirit world. And then, the story of my boy’s ill-health was published in some national dailies.
“When His Excellency read the plight of little Tom in Vanguard Newspapers, he immediately invited us. We went and T. A. paid for the boy’s treatment in India. ”
According to Ngozi the conferment of the Governor a National Honour as the Commander of the Order of the Niger, CON, did not just come by chance. For her, the honour is well deserved because Abians are better off under the administration of the Governor.
Ngozi, the Ariam – Eluelu born woman in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State who is based in Lagos, is convinced that the recent award received by the Governor is well deserved.
“Anyone observing and following events in Abia state in the last seven years would have seen this honour coming. It is a worthy honour, well-deserved and timely too.
I think it is a way of the President saying well-done to his Excellency, T. A. Orji and other recipients for working tirelessly to keep the nation going.Stories of such humanitarian gestures abound where Orji had rescued Abians from untimely and avoidable death.
Testimonies abounds that today, the health sector in Abia State has witnessed tremendous transformation since his coming into power. This could be seen in the establishment of the state-of-the-art Abia Specialist and Diagnostic Centre in Umuahia and Aba which completed through a Private-Public Initiative, PPI.
These investments in the health sector are presently saving Nigeria huge capital flight because a number of medical treatments for which patients would have been flown abroad are now, carried out in those facilities. These facilities can compete with those in developed climes.
The government is presently planning to expand the scope of services offered at the centre. Also, the renal dialysis and ophthalmology centre initiated by this administration are billed to take off soon.
About 11 years back, basic infrastructure was practically absent. Those provided by some of the founding administrations had deteriorated completely. Abia ranked high among the states with less than optimal healthcare.
Presently, state-owned health facilities which before Orji were ordinary First Aid Units are now functioning in full capacity. And because the health of Abians is of paramount importance,the Governor picks up hospital bills of indigent citizens of the state especially children and the aged.
Under its primary healthcare services, government has constructed and equipped more than 210 community health centres in different parts of the state. These health centres are provided with boreholes and tricycles to convey patients.
Hospital in each of the senatorial zones in the state has been equipped and up-graded and at least, one hospital in every Senatorial Zone has been transformed into a referral hospital for specialist treatments and diagnosis.
The state government has also acquired the defunct gigantic Alaoma Hospital on Aba Road in Partnership with MEI-CARE of India, with the intention to make it one of the best referral diagnostic centres in the South East. In order to compliment the Federal Government to ensure the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, MDGs, has built and equipped 165 health centres.
- See more at:
Politics / The Truth And Lies About Abia State (ckn Visit Report Part 1) by emindu: 4:07pm On Nov 03
After a barrage of media attacks coupled with several pictures of what has been termed the rot in Abia ,i decided to embark on a fact finding tour of the State to see things myself.
I arrived Umuahia late Thursday evening 29th October 2014.
Umuahia is not a new place for me.I have known it all my life.
My first impression on arriving Abia is that the city has transformed. Without any form of contradiction, Umuahia is one of the neatest town in Nigeria (i have seen so many ) .
Traffic was light,new hotels seems to have sprang up along the Umuahia-Obowo road towards the Abia towers.
I also noticed a complete absence of Okada,there are more of Keke napaep and Yellow cab taxis.
This must be a new Umuahia i was witnessing.
The major market in Umuahia was no longer there in its stead is a wide expanse of land where some slight development was going on.
Thursday 30th October 2014.
I decided to Visit Key Areas where for several months i have received several pictures from.
1. The revived Golden Guinea Brewery
2.Newly Built Amachara Specialist Hospital
3.The newly built Ultra Modern Market with over 5,000 lock up shops.
4. The New E Library.
6. New State Secretariat Umuahia.
7.The International Conference Centre
8.The New Government House
9.Major Roads In Umuahia
10.Government House
12.New High Court

A. Golden Guinea:
My visit to Golden Guniea Brewery (the oldest brewery in South East) was nostalgic.
The Brewery was devastated by fire about 25 years ago. The company which was a major employer of labour in the then Imo and later Abia State was shut down due to the fire incident.
Several lives were lost .
Successive Abia State government have not been able to revive the industry which has a capacity of creating over 2,000 jobs.
I was taken round the giant edifice buy the Engineers on ground.All have been put in place by the current government with private partnership to revive the company.
New Equipment running into millions of naira have been brought in and installed. The company is moving from analogue to a digitalized brewery.
If all works to plan from what i saw, the Brewery will be back to full operation in about four months time.
Before my trip, the Amachara Spcialist Hospital was a priority project i wanted to see.
The initial pictures sent to me were quite unbelievable. Most people believed they were Photoshop.
I visited the Hospital as well as its annexe.
Several new buildings have been built including a 100 bed hospital which i personally inspected.
I also found out that the Hospital has one of the best dialysis centres in the Country.
I was taken on a guided tour of the facilities by Dr Chima Chukwu..The Centre has six functioning dialysis machine (4 for regular patients, 1 for HIV/AIDS Patients and 1 for Tuberculosis Patients).
I witnessed the processes of blood transfusion and purification..The centre can handle any kidney failure patient at very very subsidised rates.
There was also a functional MOMOMGRAM machine for women with bosom cancer diseases.
They also have world class live size Xray machines in place.
The centre provides optical and other services.
I also inspected the recently built well furnished doctor quarters.

The Umuahia market which has for years been at the city centre roundabout have been demolished. The thatched roof stalls have been removed and a modern market with all facilities have been built away from the main centre.
The fully occupied market have over 9,000 stores from what we saw. Items ranges from household items to fashion, eateries, spare parts shops, electronics, telecommunications etc
I was made to understand the stores were sold out to the traders at a soft loan of N400,000 payable back in four years.

So much noise have been made about the International Conference Centre.While the opponents of the current government in Abia State believe the International conference centre was a big elephant project, the Government felt in its wisdom that a State like Abia deserves such a befitting centre since there is none like it in the State.The State according to it has not been able to host any major event due to lack of an arena.
Several conferences and entertainment events meant for the State were neighbouring States of Imo or Rivers due to this.
A visit by our crew saw the conference sitting on a large expanse of land.It has a sitting capacity of over 5,000 with all modern day gadgets.
From what we saw,the centre is over 90% completed.
All that is remaining are major fittings and electrical worlks.It also has a large car park that can conveniently take over 2,000 cars at a time.
The major problem as we noticed is the road..It is hoped that this will be taken care of before commissioning.
The E Library has been a measure issue between T A Orji’s men and most social media users.
When the pictures were posted most people believed the edifice was not on ground.CKN Nigeria can authoritatively confirm that the building is not only on ground but ready for commissioning too.
The Library,one of the most equipped that i have seen in modern era has all the necessary equipment to operate.
Computers have been installed with Internet facilities.
Several sections have been demarcated for use.The library is fully digitalized.
We understood, the idea was to advance learning for young Abia people who are craving for learning and education.
When commissioned, the library will be used for free.
We only hoped that the facilities will be maintained and upgraded periodically by successive government.

Abia State has no functioning Secretariat of its own except the one built by the Federal government.,
From what we saw, ministries were squatted in shanty bungalows not benefiting the status of the Ministries. A visit to the Ministry of Sports for example was an eyesore.
It baffled me how successive administrations in the State have existed without caring for the welfare of its workers.
We were able to see the newly built State Secretariat by the State Government. A section of the Secretariat was already occupied while the other section has been completed awaiting occupation.
It is located right beside the Federal Secretariat in the State Capital.

Years after its creation, Abia State Government is still operating from rented apartments from what we saw.
The Government House, Governor Lodge and Executive Council Chambers were glorified shanties.
While the former administration of the State led by Chief Orji Uzor Kalu had a magnificent palace in his home town Igberre ,Abia State,it was surprising to note how he would have operated from the shanties we saw on our visit as Government House.
Good enough,the T A Orji twilight hours of its departure has built a befitting government house and offices for the incoming government.
The project from what we saw is nearing completion and will be commissioned before the end of the tenure of the current government.
We don’t know what will become of the old government house.

The judiciary has not been left out too.A befitting new High Court building has been completed in Umuahia and stands to be commissioned.

Another area where the T A orji has made tremendious in road is in the area of Transportation.
Within the State capital,the ease of transportation has been key.
Vehicles and Transportation has been highly subsidised .Cabs and Busues painted in Yellow colurs are every where.We were made to understand that the cabs and buses were purchased at very subsidised rate and given out to operators.
The ease of movement was very noticeable in the State capital.
But the Federal roads linking Abia are terrible.The Okigwe-Umuahia-Aba Federal Highway is a death trap of sort.
A large section of the road has given way.Some lanes were completely closed to traffic while other sections are not motorable.
A large section of the Aba Port Harcourt road is also bad.Though there were effort being made to fix the road but all seems not to be going well.
Federal government presence on these roads was non existence.

The current administration also pride itself to have taken the bull by the horn through its security agenda.
It will be recalled that there was a time when Abia was a no go area for anyone.
Kidnapping was the order of the day, even Journalists were not spared. Areas like Osisioma was a kidnap heaven but all that seem to have died down.
The administration prides that as one of its major achievements.
Movement around the state was easy with local vigilante groups asw well as the Police and Army were in full patrol and could be seen at strategic places in the State.

While the government deserves commendation on some of these feats, the major source of worry and sore thumb of a sort for the Abia Government remains the terrible state of infrastructure in Abia State major town of Aba.
All the terrible pictures that have adorned the social media in the past months which tends to have painted the Abia government in bad light comes from Aba.
As a matter of duty,CKN Nigeria took a trip to Aba on a fact finding tour.
Aba to a large extent was a bad sore taste in the mouth during our visit.
Starting from Aba –Port Harcourt road,the whole place was littered with dirts.
Wastes were dumped on the roads unattended to and not cleared.
It could be seen stretching for kilometres.
We couldn’t ascertain why the Abia government was having serious problem disposing the dirt which has practically taken over some sections of the highway.
We also visited areas like Parks Road,Faulks Road,Asa Road as well as the popular Ariaria market.
While the inner roads in Umuahia were excellent and well maintained, same cannot be said of roads in Aba.
Government officials we spoke to told us of the challenges faced in Aba.
According to them, redeeming Aba will take a holistic cleansing..Over 5,000 homes may have to be destroyed to re-plan the place (just as it happened in Maroko Lagos) and no government can afford to displace its indigenes just like that.
The government according to them is doing everything humanly possible to continue to give Aba a facelift with the meagre resources at its disposal.
It promises to redouble its effort at making sure that it touches the lives of every Abia State indigene irrespective of where they found themselves.

Note:Part 11 Of This Report Will Showcase Pictorials of My Visit

Chris Kehinde Nwandu is the Editor In Chief Of CKN Nigeria

Politics / Gov Orji Commissions Ultra Modern 100 Bed Ward, House Officers Hostels, by emindu: 2:51pm On Oct 29
Gov Orji Commissions Ultra Modern 100 Bed Ward, Administrative Block, Others at Specialist Hospital Amachara
.Donates Ambulance
Abia State Governor, Chief Theodore Orji, has commissioned four projects completed by his administration at the Amachara annex of the Abia State specialist and Diagnostic centre,Umuahia.
The projects include the Administrative block, house officer’s hostel, one 100 bed ward housing an intensive care unit, a cardiac centre and a modern laboratory and an accident and emergency department with ambulance which the governor donated to the hospital.
Speaking at the event, the Governor who said he was interested in the elongation of the lives of Abians added that it was for that reason that he was moved to replicate what he saw during one of his trips to the United State of America where major medical facilities are located in one place.
The Governor disclosed that his administration has expanded health centres in the state from 250 to 710 scattered in parts of the state.
Additionally, the Governor said his government has successfully built 100 bedded hospitals in nine Local Government Areas of the state and intends to replicate it in all the 17 LGAs to enhance health care delivery to the people.
The Governor expressed happiness that that the first batch of medical interns at Amachara Specialist Hospital, have completed their training while plans were on to admit new ones.
Earlier,the commissioner for Health, Dr. Okechukwu Ogah who said the hospital hopes to pursue postgraduate residency training programme in general and family medicine in the near future disclosed that the government has approved the recruitment of specialists and other healthcare workers to ensure the objective.
He also stated that the government has partnered with chevron oil company to construct a chest clinic and the MDG to construct TB/HIV/AIDS/malaria treatment and research centre located within the Amachara hospital.
Speaking, the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, prof. Augustus Mbanaso, thanked the Governor for transforming the health sector of the state as shown by the numerous health centres, changes in the general hospitals in the state and the transformation at the Amachara Specialist Hospital.

Politics / 2015: Orji Uzor Kalu's Senatorial Bid Crashes by emindu: 2:45pm On Oct 27
Ahead of 2015 elections, the confused and demystified
ex-governor of Abia State Orji Uzor Kalu has returned to
trenches after many months of political hibernation
that did not yield any result.
In a letter to the national chairman of the PDP, Alhaji
Adamu Mua'zu, Kalu seek to secure a waiver to contest
for the Abia North Senatorial Seat. According to the PDP
South East where his letter was referred to, the party
argued that the fundamental requirement for
membership of our party is registration at the ward and
having the name entered in the ward membership
register and payment of necessary fees.
PDP stated that they took time to carefully inspect Orji
Kalu Igbere ward 'A' membership register and ward 'B'
membership register. His name could not be found in
the said registers. And for those reasons Kalu is not a
member of PDP and therefore cannot contest election
under PDP. His application was therefore thrown out.
Politics / Breaking News: PDP Denies Uzor Kalu (OUK) Membership. by emindu: 1:29pm On Oct 25
Breaking News: PDP denies Uzor Kalu (OUK) membership.

Former Abia State Governor Orji Uzor Kalu’s attempt to secure a waiver in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to enable him vie for the Abia North seat has been blocked.
PDP in the Southeast has described his claim of being a member of the party as spurious and unfounded.
The ex-Abia State governor in a letter dated October 9 sought the waiver on the grounds that he rejoined the PDP on January 16, 2012; the day he also claimed he was registered in his Igbere Ward ‘A’ home.
Kalu said in the letter: “I write to inform you that I returned to the PDP on January 16, 2012. As one of the founding members of the party, I do not think I need a waiver to contest the senatorial seat. But if I do, I hereby apply for a waiver.”
The party in the Southeast where Kalu’s letter was referred to for comment, denied knowing the former Abia governor as a member.
The National Vice Chairman of the PDP in the Southeast, Col Austin Akobundu (rtd), reacting to Kalu’s waiver request, was said to have raised what the zone referred to as eight strategic points, which knocked off Kalu’s claim of being registered on January 16, 2012 in his Igbere Ward ‘A’.
According to the party, since Kalu “left PDP seven years ago and founded his pet party, the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), the ex-governor has not taken any step to rejoin, be admitted or re-admitted into the party.”
The PDP Southeast said: “The fundamental requirement for the membership of our party is registration at the ward and having the name entered in the ward membership register and payment of the necessary fee. It is only when the name of a prospective member is entered into the party’s register that membership card is issued.”
Said Akobundu: “I took time to inspect the Igbere Ward ‘A’ membership register. The register has 244 names. Kalu’s name is not in the register.
“I also extended my search, for the avoidance of doubt, to Igbere Ward ‘B’, which has 256 registered members. His name could not also be found in the register.”
Reacting to Kalu’s purported PDP membership card issued at Igbere Ward ‘A’, which was referred to him by the National Organising Secretary, Abubakar Mustapha, Akobundu described it as spurious and baseless.

The Nation

Politics / Re: T. Orji For Senate - His Son For Speaker State House Assembly,his Puppet For Gov by emindu: 12:24pm On Oct 25
Ikuku OMA abia. Founder ochendo youth foundation. An illustrious son of ibeku land. God will keep you for ndi ibeku and abia in general. Ride on my amiable engr. Idi okIkuku in my next generation i pray that God will still give me a man like you . because you alway their for your people.
Politics / Re: T. Orji For Senate - His Son For Speaker State House Assembly,his Puppet For Gov by emindu: 12:22pm On Oct 25
Honestly , I have studied this Man with all my intellectual capacity and analysis , to find out who this man is as well as to compare what others say or think about him , I came to my realisation that this Man Comrade Chinedu Orji a.k.a IKUKU is a Man of peace , full of wisdom, intelligent, humble, quite, God fearing. His humility is what surprises me atimes irrespective of the fact his the son of a state governor yet his humble to a fault . The plight of the youths often becomes his burdens that he displeases himself to please those who come close to him . Chinedu Orji is a man of the youth and loved by the youth . He is a good man that people always try to paint him black just an opposite of what he is yet he is so strong and never bothered about what he is been written or said about him that's a quality of good man with a good heart . The truth is that Ikuku deserves the opportunity to represent his people based on his philanthropy and good heart,ride on the Ikukuoma.

Politics / Re: The Bad State Of Roads In Abia State by emindu: 4:40pm On Oct 23
Ochendo is working hard to make sure that he strives for development in the state

Politics / Re: The Bad State Of Roads In Abia State by emindu: 9:17am On Oct 22
Governor T.A Orji has embarked on more than 50 different road projects in various parts of the state in the recent times. While a good number of these roads have been completed others are at various stages of completion. Some of the roads are Faulks Road Aba, Nkata – Alaike roads,Umuahia, Ndiokereke-Ndioji, Abam–Arochukwu road, and the Aba -Owerri road, Aba which has opened up another vista of business opportunities for Aba residents. Also commissioned is the popular Ukwu-mango road in Aba which hitherto had remained not just unmotorable, unpassable but in a very deplorable condition. Ukwu-mango is a very indispensable link into the Ariaria International Market.

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Politics / Abia Govt And Workers’ Welfare by emindu: 6:21pm On Oct 21
SIR: I refer to an article on page 20 of The Nation, Friday October 17, authored by one Ibe A Uche titled Abia government and workers’ salaries. In the article, the author maliciously tried to portray the Abia government in bad light in the area of workers’ welfare. Even though, he acknowledged the decline in the monthly federation allocation to the states in recent times which is affecting governance one way or other, he turned the logic upside down on the true situation in Abia State.
Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State before joining partisan politics was a renowned public servant who spent greater part of his youthful life in the civil service of Old Imo State and Abia State. On assumption office in 2007, his administration inherited N29billion debt from his predecessor which included 10 months salary owed local government workers and others.
His administration liquidated the unpaid salaries.
The government moved quickly to promote workers whose promotions have been stunted over the years following the politicization of the service by the previous administration. For the workers, it was a dream come true as some of them got triple promotions with their entitlements and other perks paid without delay. Those who were due for retirement, but decided to sit tight were retired and settled. The government commenced the construction of workers’ secretariat, first of its kind in the whole of South-east zone. Today the secretariat has been completed and occupied by the workers just as the Old secretariat has been renovated to international standard and is operational now.
It is pertinent to know that since the present government assumed office, workers have not embarked on strike because the government has been living up to its expectations. That is why the workers on two different fora conferred award on governor Orji as workers’ friendly governor. While other state governors foot-dragged and are still foot-dragging on the payment of N18,000 minimum, Governor Orji’s government was the first to pay. Instead of the N18,000 approved minimum wage, Governor Orji’s government is paying workers N21,000.
For the tertiary institutions in the state namely Abia State Polytechnic Aba, Abia State University Uturu and others, the present administration increased their subventions astronomically from N29 million to N95 million monthly.
Towards the end of last year, government released the sum of N5.4 billion to the management of the state university, ABSU to tackle infrastructure projects in the school. The government also restored peace and harmony between the University and its host community, complete liquidation of the arrears of six month salaries of staff, which gulped a whopping sum of N960 million. The government had also redeemed her promise to implement the 2009 FGN/University Staff union’s package in the University from January 2011 which cost the Government an additional N528 million. This is apart from their monthly subvention and Internally Generated Revenue from tuition fees and others.
As it is today workers in the State are not at loggerhead with the state governor neither are they on strike. If they have grudges against the government, they know the appropriate channels to take, not pages of newspaper.
• Dr. Romanus Uwa,
Aba Abia State.
Source: The Nation.

Politics / Late Dimgba’s Family Rejects Ouk’s 3 Million Naira by emindu: 12:24pm On Oct 16
Family members of late Dimgba Igwe have rejected the sum of 3 million Naira offered to them by the publisher of Sun Newspapers Orji Uzor Kalu.

Dimgba Igwe was buried last weekend in Igbere amidst tension as kalu who was booed by the youths is linked to the late editor, having had a shouting match with the veteran journalist on the eve of his controversial death.

Southeastonlinenews reporter who covered the event was told by a family member that the three million was rejected based on the fact that the money is not even up to the eight months salary being owed Dimgba. The three million is it for the training of Dimgba’s children or the salary arrears, Kalu should keep his money we don’t need it, the family members queried.

Politics / The Difference Between Governor Theodore Ahamefula Orji’s C.o.n. And Chief Orji by emindu: 3:18pm On Oct 13
The human society, especially governments, has always been confronted with challenges of varying degrees. The challenges, if left unaddressed, could generate tremendous consequences on man and society. Responsible and responsive segments of the human society have, at various times, shown commitment to problem – solving and conflict resolution. Evidence of such commitments has been found in the family, village, church, school, community, industry, bank, government and other forms and levels of human organization.

In the family, for instance, a single member of the family, realizing that the family is poverty-stricken, could decide to sacrifice his or her own personal aspiration, growth and comfort in order to propel other members of the family grow and, by so doing, break the back-bone of poverty. At the village or community level, some individuals volunteer themselves to ginger activities that transform to enormous human development. In the church, many have been known to have single-handedly built a place of worship for God. Many security operatives have patriotically put their lives on line just to save their father- land.

In recognition of these selfless sacrifice made by individuals in order to guarantee peaceful, safe and progressive existence of the human society, it became necessary, for purposes of motivation, that individuals or even corporate bodies that distinguish themselves in any credible field of human endeavour, are not left unnoticed but recognized and honoured.

On March 25, 1863 the President of the United States of America; Mr. Abraham Lincoln, in the name of the U.S. congress awarded honours to some Military personnel that had excelled during the American Civil War which began on April 12, 1861 and ended on April 9, 1865.

In Nigeria, the Federal Government instituted the National Honours Act No. 5 of 1964, during its First Republic, just to honour her citizens and friends who have rendered service to the benefit of the Federation. The Nigerian National Honours, in descending order of importance, are;
(1)​Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (G.C.F.R)
(2)​Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (G.C.O.N)
(3)​Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (C.F.R)
(4)​Commander of the Order of the Niger (C.O.N)
(5)​Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (O.F.R)
(6)​Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (M.F.R) and
(7)​Member of the Order of the Niger (M.O.N.)

The said Act No. 5 of 1964 purely confirms the fact that the Nigerian Government appreciates contributions by her citizens and friends. By this Act, there are seven categories of honour, arranged in their descending order of importance. While commander of the Order of the Niger (C.O.N) is the fourthon the rung, the Member of the Order of the Niger (M.O.N) is the seventh, the last and the least.

Before Chief Orji Uzor Kalu (should it not be Nsiegbe) emerged as Governor – Elect of Abia State in 1998, he had arrogated to himself the conferment of the National Honour of Member of the Order of the Niger (M.O.N). many Abianshad reasoned that if the Nigerian Government could consider him fit and proper to be conferred with Member of the Order of the Niger, even though the least in Order of importance; it meant that the Federal Government had found him to be worthy of responsible leadership. Unknown to the unsuspecting Abia electorate,that claim by Orji Uzor was completely false. No Nigerian government had everconsidered Orji Uzor Kalu worthy of any honour.

However, a time came in the course of his governance of the down-trodden and economically emasculated people of Abia State when people decided to find out if Orji Uzor Kalu actually was a recipient of the country’s M.O.N. All therelevant books of record were looked into but Orji Uzor Kalu (M.O.N) was conspicuously absent.

Realizing the significance of such a discovery of spuriousness, Orji Uzor, being the con-man he had always been, quickly and cunningly claimed that his version of M.O.N. meant “Madu Oha Nile”, that is the Igbo interpretation of ‘a man of the people’.

The absurdity of Orji Uzor’s claim goes very far depicting the crass of depth of deceit and extortion the innocent people of Abia State were hauled into simply for voting Orji Uzor, whose only agenda was to milk them to a state of unparalled economic deprivation and socio-political instability.

On the contrary and as the Holy Bible puts it, when the righteous is one the throne, the people rejoice. With the emergence of Chief Theodore Ahamefule Orji; an accomplished gentle-man, whose paternity and maternity are well known and impeccably documented and whose father, Chief Tom Ikoro Orji, was among his generation of very wealthy Ibeku indigenes and, so, could not have abandoned his family name to adopt another because of excruciating poverty, Abia State started wearing another look. The toga of deceit for which Abia state Government was characterized during the inglorious era of Orji UzoKalu had to give way to collective governance based on collective aspiration.

For purposes of leaving facts as they are, a very brief juxtaposition would suffice here, (1) while Orji Uzo Kalu coerced Abians into oath-taking in juju shrines before giving them any assistance, Governor T.A. Orji rewarded Abians for their contributions and on consideration for humanity (2) Orji Uzor Kalu used divide and rule and disunity as weird instrumentalities of exploitation of the people of Abia state but Governor T.A. Orji clings to the use of unity and harmony as essential apparatus for state integration, (3) Orji Uzor’sabandonment of the intendment of Abia Charter of Equity gave rise to a highprofile of insecurity that produced the likes of Osisikankwu, stone, Onyime, Dabul, Shalama, and many others who boldly, in their own way, resolved to rebel against the state but Governor T.A. Orji’s approach of carrot and stick restored security and peace in their state, (4) Orji Uzor Kalu left the state with embargoes on promotion of public servants but Governor T.A. Orji came in and gave automatic accelerated promotions to Abia Public Servants , (5) Orji UzorKalu left the state without building a single Maternity or Clinic but Governor T.A. Orji has built well over two hundred Health Centres, an Ultra Modern Dialysis Centre at Umuahia, a second to none Ophtalmological specialist Hospital at Amachara and has carried out quantifiable improvement at the Abia state University Teaching Hospital at Aba, (6) Orji Uzor Kalu, who claims to be an Aba boy and whose mother traded on local gin, kola-nut, bitter kola and snuff, though on a table-sized level, did not build any market all through his tenure as Governor of Abia State but Governor T.A. Orji, who had neither been a trader nor a business man, built the modern Ubani-Ibeku Market, the timber market at Umudike and the Ohiya motor spare parts, (7) Judges of the Abia state Judiciary operated in dilapidated court-buildings during the dark era of Orji Uzor Nsiegbe but under Governor T.A. Orji, they now sit in buildings that are symbols of modern architectural edifices, (cool when Orji Uzor Kalu was Governor, no single political appointee left office with a vehicle but Ochendo has never asked any appointee to drop his or her official vehicle at the end of his or her appointment, (9) Orji Uzor felt self-esteemed giving Abia Youths Wheel-barrows and tokumbo Motor-cycles as a Governor but Governor T.A, Orji doledout cars and vehicles to Abia Youths, having earlier given more than five thousand tricycles, (10) While Orji Uzor was unconcerned that Abia Civil Servants squatted in distantly separated rented accommodation, Governor T.A. Orji, being a quintessential Civil Servant, did not only renovate and rehabilitate the old Nnamdi Azikiwe Secretariat built by military but went ahead and built a very befitting twin secretarial complexes, (11) the military built the Michael Opkara Auditorium that can hardly accommodate five hundred persons yet Orji Uzor Kalu did not comprehend the utility of a modern auditorium and its connectivity to tourism but Governor T.A. Orji, being the well educated man that he is, appreciated the significance of what Orji Uzor Kalu’s intellectual limitation could not allow him embark upon and, no wonder, he initiated and is almost completing an international conference centre that is structured to accommodate up to five thousand guests at any given time, with more than ten different events; seminars, workshops, conferences, or talk shops, going on simultaneously, (12) Orji Uzor as Governor who had right over the issuance of certificate of occupancy felt comfortable operating the affairs of Abia state in aGovernment House rented from the late Air Commodore Emeka Omerua but Governor T.A. Orji, whose first three years of Governorship were shockingly hampered by intrusion and imposition by Orji Uzor, his mother; Eunice Nmecha Nsiegbe and siblings, liberated the people of Abia state and has since the emancipation, embarked on the building of a Government House, (13) While Orji Uzor Kalu recklessly put Abia state at war with the Federal Government of President Obasanjo, Governor T.A. Orji simply reconnected the state to the main stream of Nigeria’s politics and (14) Orji Uzor had vowed and boasted that the people of Ukwa and Ngwa would remain perpetually marginalized and dominated by people of Old Bende but Governor T.A. Orji believes that no society can have peace and development in the absence of equity, hence he is in synergy with the leadership of People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to zone the governorship of the state to Abia-South in 2015.

The choice of Governor T.A. Orji as a commander of the Order of the Niger by President Jonathan is desirable, justifiable, commendable and clearly shows the difference between Governor T.A. Orji as Commander of the highly reveredOrder of the Niger and Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, whose M.O.N. has been reduced to mean “Madu Oha Nile”, instead of Member of the order of the Niger.Congratulations Ochendo.

Politics / Igbere Youths Protest In Front Of Orji Uzor Kalu’s Home by emindu: 3:08pm On Oct 13
The mysterious tale following the sudden death of the Pilot 1 driver, Uche Orji, to the former governor of Abia State [Orji Uzor Kalu] continues to spread within the Igbere community. This is as information made available to through sources close to the family of the driver indicated hat angry youths from the hometown of the former governor gathered at the entrance to Orji Uzor Kalu’s home to express their anger towards the former governor over the mysterious death of their kinsman, Uche Orji. The youths had accused Orji Uzor Kalu of killing Uche Orji for ritual purposes.

Orji Uzor Kalu in his his water sport vehicle – earned from the collective treasury of Abia State
Uche Orji was buried on October 9, 2014 by a irate youths of Amankalu Igbere. Uche Orji was the Pilot 1 driver to Orji Uzor Kalu until his sudden collapse inside the home of Orji Uzor Kalu after having had a meal. Orji Uzor Kalu was at home at the time of his collapse on August 22, 2014. The body of Uche Orji was immediately smuggled out of the home and kept away from the suspecting eyes of the community, or the media. Orji Uzor Kalu was quick to deny and wrongdoing. He stated that he had the same meal that the late driver had before collapsing. The governor also told the family of the late Uche Orji thay he will cater to the burial – and to make available money for the upkeep of the ones left behind by the sudden death. Uche Orji was married with 5 children. Both his parents are dead.

On the day of the burial, Orji Uzor Kalu failed to show up for the burial. Sources close to the family indicated that Orji Uzor Kalu also failed to make true on his promise. The youths of Igbere who were unhappy with what had happened had gathered at the burial site in readiness to express their anger to the former governor. But they were disappointed by his absence.

Yesterday, they took the protest to his home.
Politics / Igbere Community Accuse Orji Uzor Kalu Of Murder, Orji Uzor Kalu Skips Town by emindu: 10:04am On Oct 11
October 9, 2014 saw the former governor of Abia State in the person of Orji Uzor Kalu avert possible mass lynching by the irate youths of Igbere community – as the remains a former driver to Orji Uzor Kalu was laid to rest at his hometown of Isiegbu Amankalu, Igbere in Abia State. This is following information available to obtained from community stakeholders in Igbere, the hometown of Orji Uzor Kalu, indicating that another associate of Orji Uzor Kalu had collapsed again at the residence of the former governor under circumstances that raises more questions than answers.

On August 22, 2014, a long driver, Uche Orji, of the former governor of Abia State collapsed at the Igbere home of the former governor after eating a meal with the former governor. According to available information, the unfortunate incident occurred as the former governor arrived his home from a political meeting. Shortly after arriving from the meeting, the driver collapsed after having a meal at the residence. The body of Uche Orji was then smuggled out of Orji Uzor Kalu’s home away from possible dictation by the public or the media.

Laying Uche Orji to rest
In attempts at deny having played a role in the death of Uche Orji while responding to the growing tension in his hometown community, Orji Uzor Kalu explained that he eat the same food that Uche Orji did – and so, he could not have played a role in his sudden death. But Orji Uzor Kalu’s denial appear to not have dissuaded the irate youths who appeared convinced beyond doubt that Orji Uzor Kalu murdered Uche Orji. Some of the youths point to possible ritual as the reason behind the sudden collapse of Uche Orji.

The day following Uche Orji’s, the former governor skipped town for Lagos. From Lagos, he telephoned the Uche Orji’s family promising to make a large sum money available to the family for the upkeep of Uche Orji’s children. Unfortunately, Orji Uzor Kalu has yet to redeem his promise nor visit the grieving family or widow.

The driver, Uche Orji, was the ‘Pilot 1’ to the former governor, and was popularly referred to as Pilot 1. He was 37years old, married with 5 young children.

Laying Uche Orji to rest
Uche Orji was laid to rest on October 9, 2014. Orji Uzor Kalu was not present or represented at the funeral. According to sources from the scene of the burial, Orji Uzor Kalu made a security based decision not to attend the burial because irate community youths had organized themselves ready to pounce on the former governor in a violent manner. The youths from the hometown of the former governor had come to burial ready to attack the former governor because of the mysterious death of their brother.

Angry youths – Laying Uche Orji to rest
The latest death of an associate to the former Abia State governor comes following the controversial collapse of a female friend, Chinwe Masi at the Maryland [USA] home of the former governor, four years ago as Orji Uzor Kalu prepared for the presidential elections of 2011. Chinwe died at Kalu’s 14900 Rivers Road, Potomac, Maryland home on August 19, 2010 according to Montgomery Police officers.

Sources who confirmed that Chinwe was at Orji Uzor Kalu’s mansion the day she died, also revealed that he immediately relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in the US where he maintained a low profile while waiting for police to conclude their investigations. This was as the family members to Chinwe expressed concern that the police will not find the real reason Chinwe died because, according to them, Orji Uzor Kalu is vested heavily in occult practices, and may have used Chinwe for unknown rituals. She was 47 years old.

Both mysterious death which occurred in the month of August, according to a local politician within the area is to ‘signify something’. The politician refused to elaborate on what it may signify.

Efforts to Orji Uzor Kalu failed.Igbere Community Accuse Orji Uzor Kalu Of Murder.

Politics / Leadership Lessons From Peter Obi To Orji Uzor Kalu by emindu: 9:47am On Oct 11
Leadership Lessons from Peter Obi to Orji Uzor Kalu

By Uche Aguoru

There is usually a time in a man's life when he takes the ultimate decision in life and such decision is usually associated with great achievers, men who put others first before self, men who place the state first before material gain. As I stood there in Chief Peter Obi's residence in Government Reserve Area! Onitsha, Anambra State, waiting for the moment he will say he has joined PDP knowing that he has left APGA and all what he stands to gain materially from the state in the hands of Obiano the incumbent governor who Obi single handedly made the governor of Anambra State. We all know that it is a very hard decision to make, leaving a comfort zone and moving to an unknown terrain, that was exactly what Peter Obi the former governor of Anambra State did on the 7th of October 201. He chose to play politics on the basis of national interest and to shun greed and high handedness. I looked round his residence and all I saw was a modest residence, modestly furnished and at that point I asked myself can such a man who manned the affairs of the richest South-east state for eight years live such a modest life style? My mind quickly ran back to the era of Chief Orji Uzor Kalu who used the period he was the governor of Abia State to run the state down while developing his business empire and was busy building Camp Neya in Igbere when the state he was governing does not even have a government house.

What differentiates Obi from other greedy politicians like OUK is that once Obi had successfully insured that he has secured the state by ensuring that he handed over the mantle of leadership of the state to a man he is sure that wont mismanage the resources of the state but will rather try to improve on the achievements he had on ground already, he totally hands off from the governance of the state and had to move on with his life in other spheres even to the extent of joining another political party, Peter Obi left 75 billion naira for Obiano to work with that was why it took Obiano little or no time to put his government in order and to also start some key project implementation which has already been budgeted for by his predecessor.

This is a very big lesson in stewardship and honesty as against a situation where by your predecessor will take away every little fund left in the states purse and even go ahead to borrow money and also tactically and falsely obtain funds from donor agencies into his private account leaving the debt and bad image for the incoming administration such as we saw in the case of Orji Uzor Kalu where He had to accrue so much debt for the state and left nothing for Chief T.A. Orji to work with.

For Peter Obi to have moved over to another party means that he is not ready to play God fatherism of any sort on the incumbent in as much as he has been his boss all along even before politics, for Okwute ndi Igbo to have left the party means he shunned greed and materialism for the interest of his state, Anambra. For Obi to have left APGA for PDP means he loved his state and has the interest of his people at heart and has placed them first before self.
Since Obi handed over to Obiano I have not heard or read him any where criticizing and telling lies against Obiano on the pages of every newspaper.
Okwute ndi Igbo did not appoint those he wants Obiano to work with, he has brothers, he has relations he could have placed in strategic positions in Obiano's government even as Chief of staff to Obiano but he did not do that because he wanted Obiano to succeed and for Anambra to grow beyond the level he (Obi) left her.

That is selflessness Peter left APGA for PDP so as to attract more federal presence to his state and today he is received into the PDP like a hero he is and the whole world witnessed his entry into the party.

Who received OUK back into PDP and who witnessed his return to the party? If Obi had chosen to be highhanded like Orji Kalu he could have divided APGA or try to destroy it before leaving but he did not even tamper with the APGA structure that he built down to the wards in Anambra, he simply moved to a party where he felt has a wider reach, a party at the centre where his voice can be heard the more for the interest of his people.
And to prove to the world that he is not having any face-off with the incumbent, he stood by him all through the electoral process down to the Supreme Court victory before decamping to the party with the widest Umbrella on planet earth (PDP) and today whether we like Obi's action or not he has taught some of our leaders what selfless leadership should be and these are some of the lessons that those who help Orji Kalu to write his leadership series in his Sun newspapers should help teach him, they should tell him that:

(1) Greed had cost him more than he had gained,

(2) That it was greed and high handedness that made his party PPA loose two states that are already in their control namely Imo and Abia,

(3) That it was greed and high handedness that made him not to belong to any political party today not even his PPA, and

(4) That it was greed that killed his party the Progressive Peoples Alliance.

These are some of the lessons in leadership that Orji Kalu should learn from Okwute Ndi Igbo, Chief Peter Obi.

.Aguoru writes from Umuahia
Politics / Re: T.A. Orji: A Case Of The Worst Leading The Rest. by emindu: 6:32pm On Oct 07
T.a Orji can not be compare with any governor

Politics / Re: T.A. Orji: A Case Of The Worst Leading The Rest. by emindu: 6:28pm On Oct 07
T.a Orji is the best governor in the south east region.

Politics / Re: T.A. Orji: A Case Of The Worst Leading The Rest. by emindu: 6:23pm On Oct 07
Based on what everybody can see on the ground, Governor T.A. Orji can't be compared to former governors of the state, though Ochendo is not in competition with
anybody. He is only doing what he knows how to do in governance. People are asking what the former governor, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, did with state funds in the eight years he was in office. He built neither did any tangible projects nor did he provide viable amenities.
It has become obvious that since the creation of Abia, no past governor has performed as much as Orji. He has distinguished himself. He is the only governor that has really paid attention to important structures that will improve the state. Some of his projects include: the construction of New Government House, Workers Secretariat and the InterBefore the administration of Governor T. A. Orji, no past administration thought it wise to provide solid structures that could give the people a proper sense of belonging. Whenever the Abia State Government organized an important function that involved majority of people in the state, there was no venue that accommodated such a huge number of people except the stadium. For instance, if government wants to have a town hall meeting with the people, you cannot hold town-hall meeting at the stadium. Presently, major national conferences are seldom held here simply because there are no comfortable venues to accommodate a large number of people like you have in other state capitals such as Enugu, Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Ibadan and recently Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital. When the Abia International Conference Centre is completed, many organizations both local and International, will be having their conferences, seminars and workshops here in Umuahia, including major wedding ceremonies by well-to-do people. The Umuahia International Conference Centre being built by Chief T. A. Orji is the best in the country, maybe only second to the Federal Government's International Conference Centre in Abuja. Today, the state boasts of several monumental projects that would stand as legacies of Ochendo many years after he has left office as governor of Abia. national Conference Centre.
Abia Liberation Farms have been established to employ over 1000 jobless youths. The Abia Youth Empowerment Programme of Governor Orji has impacted so much on the lives of the poor and previously aimless youths. The youths rather, than engage in crimes, are now happily and gainfully employed which makes the environment safe for everyone. On the construction and rehabilitation of roads, about 60 roads have been worked on and made motorable. After the rains, more roads will be worked on as promised by the Governor. New markets have been built to replace the existing ones that had so defaced Umuahia, the state capital. The industrial market has since taken off, the New Motor Spare Parts Market and Mechanic Village at Ohiya in the Umuahia South Local Government Area is booming with activities. The relocation of the Umuahia Main Market to its new site at Ubani Ibeku will decongest the Umuahia city-centre and make room for other developm

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