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Politics / Re: Opinion: APC Making A Self-Destructive Impact In The North by koruji(m): 1:45am On Mar 30
You are being a little clever. In 2011, it was the same. Buhari swept the north, Jonathan swept the SE and SS, the SW decided the winner. But the votes that came out of the SS and SE were in the form of 95% for Jonathan, with turnout 90% in most locations. It will likely be the same in the states where PDP still hold sway in 2015 i.e. except Edo and Rivers. So please save the addendum. PDP has perfected rigging for the last 16 years but Tinubu's strategies and Joe-boy's abysmal rule caught up with them.

Don't get this wrong. I voted for the Peoples' General too but the kind of results being reeled out from the North for the Federal legislative elections should give every discerning mind a cause for concern..

There has been serious voting along party lines in all regions where considerations are not given to individuals concerned as long as he's an APC (Buhari) candidate. Imagine where APC sweeps every available positions, Senate and House of Representative alike all in the name of making a 'Buhari Statement'. This has been shown to occur in virtually all NW and NE states results reported so far. This is a disturbing trend for our evolving democracy.

Nigerians might end up creating another version of a monster they are trying to get rid of, with their own hands.. PDP started the same way in 1999 before they became untamable.

On another closer look, INEC should be held responsible for this as the presidential and parliamentary elections would have been held at different periods to enable voters choose their representatives properly as most voters who found themselves holding three ballot papers simply thumbprinted their party logo in the three. Most did not understand the implication of such impulsive act.

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Politics / Re: INEC Source Confirms Jonathan's Lead So Far by koruji(m): 10:29pm On Mar 29
Go bet on it then, if you are so sure....
Politics / Re: PDP Wins Enugu LG By Landslide by koruji(m): 8:23pm On Mar 29

Until they fail to get 25% in one more state.

He got 40% in Ekiti, although you guys were here saying he got less than 10%

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Politics / Re: Jega And APC Fault Fani-kayode’s Pdp’s Victory Claim by koruji(m): 8:19pm On Mar 29
He was specifically asked about the statement at the media briefing. What else is he supposed to answer? Plus, his answer applies to everyone in general.

Jega always get to reply PDP partisanship but never gets to hear about APC's purported claims of victory in dreamland.

I hope Jega is truly non partisan because I 'v been seeing Apc result sheets everywhere since morning and Jega never said anything about that until a PDP stalwart spoke up.

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Politics / Re: Jega And APC Fault Fani-kayode’s Pdp’s Victory Claim by koruji(m): 8:11pm On Mar 29
Ignore the scion of a rabble-rouser family of alatenujes. It was the same Fallacious-Fool-of-a-Konkobility who declared that Omisore was leading in Osun State when it was crystal clear the latter's political light had just been extinguished.
Politics / Re: INEC Releases Presidential Results From 10 LGs In Ogun State by koruji(m): 4:13pm On Mar 29
The vote in Ekiti was neck and neck, so whatever you are drinking get off it.

PDP have more than the required 25% votes in Ogun State unlike Buhari who scored zilch in the released results of Ekiti.

Buhari would never make the required 25% across Nigeria.


Politics / Re: PDP In Early Lead In Ekiti by koruji(m): 9:04pm On Mar 28
It is obviously NOT true.


Is this true?
Politics / Re: Jonathan Will Win Saturday’s Presidential Election With Big Margin- Nuhu Ribadu by koruji(m): 8:33pm On Mar 26
A terrible disappointment, this Nuhu.
So all he ever knew was the girargira of EFCC chief, nothing else up there. Otherwise, there is no way a man who rejected a big bribe from Ibori can endorse a corruption-ridden bumbling-bat like Jonathan.

Jonathan gave a post-humous merit award to Lord Luggard. For that alone he should have been impeached for extreme foolishness. Away with Jonathan gridlock.
Politics / Re: 2015 Elections In SW Planned By PDP To Be Inconclusive - APC by koruji(m): 2:44pm On Mar 22
Those who claim this is propaganda are engaged in self-deceit. The Ekiti tape is enough to convince even a dead man of the evil of Jonathan and the PDP when it comes to elections. The same fraud wad perpetrated in Anambra and attempted in Osun. They will attempt it again on March 28.

Besides, the intelligence reports provided by APC so far has been solid. APC told you how Jonathan is funding militants groups and encouraging them to protest. It appeared counterintuitive at first but turned out to be solid.
Politics / Re: Could This Be True? by koruji(m): 4:58pm On Jan 12
John Oyegun is the National Chairman, and their is no party leader south/north. Although Tinubu is the known national party leader, this is not an official position.

I am sure there are other lies in your post.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Deserves Another Term by koruji(m): 3:42pm On Jan 12
Jonathan deserves a slap to the side of the head as he carries his things back to Otuoke whence he came. Jonathan is a nightmare that cannot pass soon enough!!!
Politics / Re: PDP Campaign Rally In Ibadan, Oyo State. LIVE UPDATE!!! by koruji(m): 3:39pm On Jan 12
Disabled the Nigerian Navy and gave billions of dollar contracts to erstwhile touts to patrol Nigerian waters, leading to a free-for-all stealing of Nigeria's crude to the tune of 4000,000 barrels a day and losing billions of dollars in the process.

Genuflecting and blaming everyone but his newfound shoes for the inability to procure weapons to crush BH, his hidden hands of Tompolo had no problem finding and buying 6 sophisticated light-attack warships that cannot even be found in the arsenals of the Nigerian Navy.

Instead of being a true Nigerian president GEJ is stockpiling arms for a sectional war!!!
Politics / Re: PDP Campaign Rally In Ibadan, Oyo State. LIVE UPDATE!!! by koruji(m): 3:31pm On Jan 12
Lost Nigerian territories to a ragtag army, with no end in sight.

10s of thousands of citizens have been sacrificed on his altar of wishy-washy thinking capabilities and egregious incompetence!!!
Politics / Re: PDP Campaign Rally In Ibadan, Oyo State. LIVE UPDATE!!! by koruji(m): 3:25pm On Jan 12
14 new universities whose current infrastructure are no better than a high school.

Meanwhile all new and old universities were shut down for nearly a year because GEJ would not fulfill the funding pledge he signed. Talk about a retrogressive govt!!!

The most shameless policy is the so-called almajiri schools, and please tell us the location of these schools - bet they no more than with the rest being "school in the skies"!!!
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Re-election Only Solution To Peace In 2015​ – Godswill Akpabio by koruji(m): 9:19pm On Jan 04
In other words, Jonathan allowed 1000s of his countrymen to be killed for political ends? You, his so-called supporters are not even doing him a favor.

Besides, APC came into existence less than 2 years ago, and most of those states affected were PDP until a few months ago, and BH as been a problem since 2009. Self-deception is a terrible disease!!!

To break the fortress of the highly partisan APC north-east, jonathan deliberately prefers not to end the insurgency so that election will not hold in those areas comes feb. He should face trial in the world crime court for the masacre of the innocent citizens in the north on purpose because of his political manipulations.

I subscribe to the multitude who believe that our president is ingenuous and attained power by accident, no blueprint whatsoever. He has successfully divided Nigeria along religion and ethnicity. He condones unprecedented corruption to the highest degree. Dont you think there is a need for change, the only constant thing in the world?

Ultimately, to apprehend to the present pandemic plague of corruption and ineptitude, to foster unity and propel this nation to an enviable feat, we need to eschew ethnicity, and religion bigotry. Either muslim, christian, agnostic, traditionalist or atheist, we all need unite as we have assiduous tasks before us. God bless Nigeria!!!
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Re-election Only Solution To Peace In 2015​ – Godswill Akpabio by koruji(m): 7:34am On Jan 04
And if GEJ is not re-elected you will start a war?
I hope the one-eyed GEJ, DSS and POLICE that will only hear when APC gives it back to this buffoon will turn on their hearing aids Pronto and clamp Akpabio into detention.
Politics / Re: Buhari: Army Ridiculing Me With Certificate Scandal by koruji(m): 7:30am On Jan 04
GEJ show your certificates, declare your assets, bring back our girls, find our $20 billion, and much more....

Buhari which level

Show us your certificate

Gej till 2019
Politics / Re: Buhari: Army Ridiculing Me With Certificate Scandal by koruji(m): 7:28am On Jan 04
And your Jonathan, slower than a slot, thieving more than a fox, is your alternative? That Buhari is better than Jonathan shows you that Jonathan is an absolutely useless president.

In case you have not heard anyone can drop dead at any time t, place x!!!


Bro... What u need to understand is, this isn't about Jonathan.... But let's think back to the years when Buhari took over from shagari ( shagari was a civilian) Buhari was a soldier.... He is one of the reasons Nigeria is the way it is today.... You think Buhari is upright? Trust me he's not.... He only makes himself look like a bunny, his got serpentine fangs.... No be by PhD ..... Buharis military age is 73.... What is his real age?
Even at that do u need a president who can drop dead whenever he pleases?
We need. Vibrant person who will not leave a vacant seat in a few months of assuming power....
Politics / Re: Buhari: Army Ridiculing Me With Certificate Scandal by koruji(m): 7:23am On Jan 04
You should worry more about the whereabouts of your $10 to $40 billion unaccounted for under your Ph.d. president than a certificate that is not required by law and the man who attained the position of a Major General obviously possesses.

Ask yourself what is the relative benefit of seeing Buhari certificate and stopping a thieving president? It is like Nigerians are cursed or something!!!

Was really lukin 4wrd 2 him teln us d whereabout of his certificate buh unfortunately all i cld c was him getting all defensive n playn d victim...smh
Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Says They Now Have Gen. Buhari's Certificate by koruji(m): 10:10pm On Jan 03
The earlier "news" came from the usual GEJ propaganda toilet paper Vanguard Newspapers. It no name, quoting an "army source".

SR reporters has helped to debunk that made up story by directly contacting the army and receiving a reply from the appropriate and named army source.

Here is a note for those who want to keep GEJ's propaganda machine at bay - Keep a mental note that any news concerning GEJ/PDP from the Vanguard is most likely useless propaganda.

Embedded on the Vanguard staff are government agents responsible for publishing most of GEJ'S propaganda, including the infamous suggestion that no Chibok girls were kidnapped and many, many others.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Can't Win South West For APC - PDP by koruji(m): 6:47am On Jan 03
This people never cease to amaze with their sel-imposed fallacies.

I say zero vote for GEJ in SW come 2015.


You don't represent south westerners.
One thing you failed to see is that south west don't follow trend like sheep.
They vote with an independent mind even from the days of Awolowo. So stop giving yourself a false hope.

Politics / Re: Osinbajo Can't Win South West For APC - PDP by koruji(m): 3:40am On Jan 03
Liar, Buhari won 12 northern states in 2011, including Katsina his home state!!!

My broda did I hear say the NE is for Buhari? Jus wait a little while it will be clearer to yu and the rest. 

Has Buhari won in Kastina his home state b4? Go check that out. 

GEJ all the way.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Can't Win South West For APC - PDP by koruji(m): 3:33am On Jan 03
In the way you attribute the glory of my motherland to strangers, may your hard work be attributed to another, and your property be claimed by strangers and become the loot of armed robbers.

you should know this my dear, most of your neighbours are probably not yorubas, you will be surprised when GEJ will win southwest clean and smooth as you like.


Politics / Re: You Are Not Fit To Rule Nigeria, Fasehun Tells Buhari by koruji(m): 3:22am On Jan 03
Please forget Fasehun. He was caught red-handed trying to trade Yorubas for a pipeline contract from Jonathan. I guess he has finally received his egunje.

Elders that lose their thinking capabilities will be belittled. Let Fasehun tell us what the manifesto of his party's presidential candidate will do for Nigerians rather than displaying his own signs of memory loss.
Politics / Re: We Are Not With Buhari’s Original Copies Of Certificates — Army by koruji(m): 3:08am On Jan 03
Jonathan and his propaganda machine are the most forsaking of all humankind. They concort information and then congregate to pat themselves on the back for it.

In other news:
"A source in Aso Rock informed the press that Jonathan will resign as president at 2am on Jan 5th 2014"
Politics / Re: Nigerians Should Not Vote A Leader Above 70 Years - Peter Obi by koruji(m): 7:50am On Jan 01
Hehehe...what are Nigerians supposed to do when Jonathan administers the country like a kindergarten kid with an IQ of 70? Even at 70+ Buhari's reasoning abilities put Jonathan to shame!!!


Health / Re: “ewedu” Can Prevent And Cure Ebola – LUTH Consultant by koruji(m): 8:44pm On Sep 05, 2014
All these unfounded & exaggerated stuff are distracting us from taking concrete actions to address the immediate and longterm issues raised by the spread of Ebola in WA.

We have being eating Ewedu for aeons - may be it does boost the immune system LIKE MANY VEGETABLES EQUALLY DO, but it has not cured and will not cure any disease, talk less of a virulent/acute one like Ebola.

Enough already!!!

icnsystem: A consultant at the Lagos University Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, Professor Adebukola Ositelu, has said Ewedu ‎which is known in English as the Long-Fruited vegetable, is capable of preventing and curing the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by boosting the immune system.

Ositelu stated this at the annual African Traditional Medicine Day organised by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) on Thursday, at Ikeja, Lagos.

According to her, the vegetable had a high potency to boost the immune system such that it’s usage would prevent an individual from being infected with Ebola, or get rid of the virus in the case of an infected person.

She, however, noted that chances of being cured by an intake of Ewedu when a victim has gotten to the stage of vomiting was low, but could still be administered.

Ositelu, who is a professor of ‎Ophthalmology at the University of Lagos, Akoka (UNILAG), said to administer the ‘treatment’, the Ewedu should be rinsed thoroughly with liquid vinegar “blend and cook with drinkable water, without adding salt or kaun (pottash) or any other ingredients; then take a 25cl or half a tumbler measure once a week, first thing in the morning before any meal” for prevention, adding that those already infected should take it every morning for seven to five days.



Politics / Re: Confab’s Real Winners And “losers” by koruji(m): 2:21am On Aug 25, 2014
Just like GEJ to declare victory too soon. What vision is he talking about? The same still-born vision he had in 2011? Or another vision coming out of his sleep-walking rule since then? Everything is falling apart under his watch, but it is cheaper to attack phantom enemies "as in those who said our country will break apart" than to show evidence of performance.

Whatever Nigerians do in 2015 GEJ should be given a courteous thank you, and told to step aside.

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Politics / Re: Osun Poll Today, What Is Happening In Your Area? by koruji(m): 10:51pm On Aug 09, 2014
It is indeed near 30% when you consider that only about 990,000 out of about 1.45 million actually collected their voter cards that were used for the election. Another total tally that I have seen is about 400,000 which will make it closer to 40-50%


This can't be the final results!!!!

Osogbo has 100k voters and the number of votes here is less than 15k (15%)

ife central has 95k voters and the number of votes here is less than 8k (7%)

this doesn't add up!!!! Average voters turnout in Nigeria is always between 30-40 %

And the media reported huge voter turn out!!!

lemme wait for INEC!!!

cc caseless
Politics / Re: Adolf Hitler Made A Mistake: He Should Have Attacked Africa First by koruji(m): 5:27am On Nov 16, 2013
Your brain has turned to mush.
If you so hate your race that much you know what to do.
There is a big river with hungry crocodiles near you.
Take yourself out of this misery - go join your hitler.

Going by what the dark continent had turned out to be after colonialism, I make bold to blame Adolf Hitler. I blame Hitler for Africa's problems because he could have put Africans out of their misery by simply wiping them out. If Adolph Hitler had attacked Africa first, the rest of Europe and would not had been perturbed because they all hated Africans anyway and Africans were still under colonialism.

If Hitler had attacked Africa and killed of everything on the continent, we would not have had all the conflicts that sprung up in Africa then and now. The reason why I say these things is because Africa is a huge mess and it need to be put to an end. Africa is a breeding ground for all manner of sadistic folks as seen in nigeria, Somlia, Congo DRC, Sierra Leon, Liberia etc. Most of these places had witnessed (and still experiencing) wars in which civilians are put through the most inhuman kind of treatment. Pregnant women's foetus cut open, civilians thrown in wells, raping of young girls, as displayed by Ahmed Yerima, beheadings, and all kind of evil you can think of.

So, somebody should tell me why we should have an Adolf Hitler to put out the dark continent of Africa?
Politics / Re: Yahoo Posts Offensive Article On Nigeria!!!!! by koruji(m): 4:26am On Nov 15, 2013
You people need to stop getting all twisted over this article.
If you know anything about the writer of this article - Ann Coulter - you would not even bother.

She is a true-and-true crazy human being who would say anything just to make a few dollars.

She has no other skills than to be the extreme-extreme spokesperson of the Republican Party.

You have been warned - he who argues with a MADMAN will soon be called one.

Ann Coulter, and her Adam's Apple bigger than Arnold Schwazeneger's, would be a perfect fit in the deepest part of Aro.

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Politics / Re: Criticisms Of My Style No Longer Bother Me - Jonathan by koruji(m): 4:58am On Nov 02, 2013
Who cares about your style?

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