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Health / Re: “ewedu” Can Prevent And Cure Ebola – LUTH Consultant by koruji(m): 8:44pm On Sep 05
All these unfounded & exaggerated stuff are distracting us from taking concrete actions to address the immediate and longterm issues raised by the spread of Ebola in WA.

We have being eating Ewedu for aeons - may be it does boost the immune system LIKE MANY VEGETABLES EQUALLY DO, but it has not cured and will not cure any disease, talk less of a virulent/acute one like Ebola.

Enough already!!!

icnsystem: A consultant at the Lagos University Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, Professor Adebukola Ositelu, has said Ewedu ‎which is known in English as the Long-Fruited vegetable, is capable of preventing and curing the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by boosting the immune system.

Ositelu stated this at the annual African Traditional Medicine Day organised by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) on Thursday, at Ikeja, Lagos.

According to her, the vegetable had a high potency to boost the immune system such that it’s usage would prevent an individual from being infected with Ebola, or get rid of the virus in the case of an infected person.

She, however, noted that chances of being cured by an intake of Ewedu when a victim has gotten to the stage of vomiting was low, but could still be administered.

Ositelu, who is a professor of ‎Ophthalmology at the University of Lagos, Akoka (UNILAG), said to administer the ‘treatment’, the Ewedu should be rinsed thoroughly with liquid vinegar “blend and cook with drinkable water, without adding salt or kaun (pottash) or any other ingredients; then take a 25cl or half a tumbler measure once a week, first thing in the morning before any meal” for prevention, adding that those already infected should take it every morning for seven to five days.


Politics / Re: Confab’s Real Winners And “losers” by koruji(m): 2:21am On Aug 25
Just like GEJ to declare victory too soon. What vision is he talking about? The same still-born vision he had in 2011? Or another vision coming out of his sleep-walking rule since then? Everything is falling apart under his watch, but it is cheaper to attack phantom enemies "as in those who said our country will break apart" than to show evidence of performance.

Whatever Nigerians do in 2015 GEJ should be given a courteous thank you, and told to step aside.

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Politics / Re: Osun Poll Today, What Is Happening In Your Area? by koruji(m): 10:51pm On Aug 09
It is indeed near 30% when you consider that only about 990,000 out of about 1.45 million actually collected their voter cards that were used for the election. Another total tally that I have seen is about 400,000 which will make it closer to 40-50%


This can't be the final results!!!!

Osogbo has 100k voters and the number of votes here is less than 15k (15%)

ife central has 95k voters and the number of votes here is less than 8k (7%)

this doesn't add up!!!! Average voters turnout in Nigeria is always between 30-40 %

And the media reported huge voter turn out!!!

lemme wait for INEC!!!

cc caseless
Politics / Re: Adolf Hitler Made A Mistake: He Should Have Attacked Africa First by koruji(m): 5:27am On Nov 16, 2013
Your brain has turned to mush.
If you so hate your race that much you know what to do.
There is a big river with hungry crocodiles near you.
Take yourself out of this misery - go join your hitler.

Going by what the dark continent had turned out to be after colonialism, I make bold to blame Adolf Hitler. I blame Hitler for Africa's problems because he could have put Africans out of their misery by simply wiping them out. If Adolph Hitler had attacked Africa first, the rest of Europe and would not had been perturbed because they all hated Africans anyway and Africans were still under colonialism.

If Hitler had attacked Africa and killed of everything on the continent, we would not have had all the conflicts that sprung up in Africa then and now. The reason why I say these things is because Africa is a huge mess and it need to be put to an end. Africa is a breeding ground for all manner of sadistic folks as seen in nigeria, Somlia, Congo DRC, Sierra Leon, Liberia etc. Most of these places had witnessed (and still experiencing) wars in which civilians are put through the most inhuman kind of treatment. Pregnant women's foetus cut open, civilians thrown in wells, raping of young girls, as displayed by Ahmed Yerima, beheadings, and all kind of evil you can think of.

So, somebody should tell me why we should have an Adolf Hitler to put out the dark continent of Africa?
Politics / Re: Yahoo Posts Offensive Article On Nigeria!!!!! by koruji(m): 4:26am On Nov 15, 2013
You people need to stop getting all twisted over this article.
If you know anything about the writer of this article - Ann Coulter - you would not even bother.

She is a true-and-true crazy human being who would say anything just to make a few dollars.

She has no other skills than to be the extreme-extreme spokesperson of the Republican Party.

You have been warned - he who argues with a MADMAN will soon be called one.

Ann Coulter, and her Adam's Apple bigger than Arnold Schwazeneger's, would be a perfect fit in the deepest part of Aro.

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Politics / Re: Criticisms Of My Style No Longer Bother Me - Jonathan by koruji(m): 4:58am On Nov 02, 2013
Who cares about your style?

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Travel / Re: My Experience In Port-harcourt Airspace & Airport Today by koruji(m): 3:16am On Nov 02, 2013
Yeah, it is the president we are talking about...the president who is president only when we are talking about the spoils of office. At all other times he is the "excuse-giver-in-chief". Did you even read about the 8-year road construction that happened to be completed just in time for the funeral? This is the same thing he did when he was going to collect blessings at RCCG along Lagos-Ibadan road. Good thing Jerusalem was not in Nigeria, he would have fixed the road to that place too for his pilgrimage !!!

Goddex: What do you mean sef? The President should have boarded Arik or Chanchangi to Port Harcourt or what? Or other sympathisers who could afford private jets should not have used them? The scenario you described here is not new for those of us that worked in airports. It's the President you are talking about. Bear it, afterall, it's once in a long while.
Politics / Re: Bizzare: Aregbesola Introduces Ifa As A Subject In Osun State Schools by koruji(m): 5:06am On Oct 07, 2013
Obviously, you have little knowledge of that which you speak of.
Ifa corpus is the codification of ancient Yoruba sacred knowledge and practices.

I happen to have a text of the Ifa corpus collected by a European who travelled all over Yoruba land and translated it into English.
What strikes me in reading part of this book is the close similarity between specifications of animal sacrifices to tackle adverse human conditions and those in the Bible book of Leviticus (boring to read in both cases I must tell you).

The fact is that all the religions of the world have a common origin - they are all different stories that have changed with time and distance from their initial source of origin in the "land of the gods" in middle north-east Africa.

What we call religion today was actually human's first rudimentary attempt at science - an attempt to study and provide explanations for the mysterious. In those days what you call Ifa worshipers or devotees today would be the ancient professors of that science i.e. Ifa in the Yoruba sphere of influence.

I would not object to introducing this as a subject in schools - so long as it is voluntary.
We already have our schools teaching Bible and Quaran knowledge - and I hope these are voluntary as well.

In addition, Ifa is common to all those gods you mentioned - as it codifies all sacred knowledge.

....hehehe I am probably wasting my time here, as your post (quoting as it is from another forum post with no link to any other public source) probably has a more sinister motive as usual.

Sincere 9gerian: Osun State governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, said last week that his administration plans to introduce the study of Ifa as one of the subjects in the state’s secondary school. The schools’ computer tablet already have application for Ifa studies.

Ifa is a combination of traditional belief and worship of the gods that remain obvious in the names of the yoruba race. There are other gods that may need studying, Ifa is just one of many traditional ways in yoruba land.

The reason for this choice is not clear but the Governor has spoken, Nigerians really don't care as they have more socio-economic headaches to worry about, but parents may want to take their kids away from public schools on the account of being thought the Ifa ways.

There is a need to increase and sustain the teaching of our culture and values in schools, however, the introduction of the study of Ifa may not be apt for attaining this objective.

Maybe the worshipers of Ogun, Obatala, Sango worshipers etc also clamour for the introduction of their own studies? Should traditional studies be introduced in schools? Please share your thoughts on this as a student!


Politics / Re: Tinubu- Planned National Conference Is Deceptive & Diversionary by koruji(m): 4:32am On Oct 07, 2013
Please tell us how many committees GEJ has set up on serious Nigerian issues.
After you have performed that "onerous" job then come back and tell us what he has done with the outcome of any of them.

The simply moves for selfish purposes, and his bootlickers are not helping matters.
I am sorry for those joining his kangaroo committee because they are putting their reputation on the line to serve selfish interests.

tomakint: This is what you get when weed is too much, imagine a drug addict trying to whip up sentiments against a noble cause that will take us out of the wilderness of nothingness we all as a people have been trudging on for ages! I know the National Conference has come to stay and not even 1million Tinubus can stop it this I know for real!
Politics / Re: Governor Aliyu Bans Old Boats In Niger by koruji(m): 4:25am On Oct 07, 2013
Ban, ban, ban...still doesn't solve half the problem and is counterproductive in the final analysis.
Politics / Re: My Critics Implemented A Shoddyprivatisation Programme – Jonathan by koruji(m): 5:12am On Sep 24, 2013
And how many privatizations has he done successfully?

ochejoseph: Atiku was Chairman of NCP and El rufai was his Boi Boi at BPE. This was their score card

1. Nitel - big fiasco
2. Daily times - comatose Asset stripped
3 . Alscon 3.2Bn dollars sold for $130 million
4 . Ajaokuta steel messed up
5.Many more
80% of the companies privatised by Atiku and Elrufai are not working today.

President Jonathan went through He'll to reclaim the Ajaokuta steel from the Indians who took Nigeria to court! yet this guys have the guts to Abuse the president anytime their wives deny them sex .
Only in a country like Nigeria will a man like Atiku who undersold the SNO license to Globacom in return for half the company will come and be preaching transparency to a sitting president !
Car Talk / Re: My Road Trip From Lagos To Ibadan. Pictures! by koruji(m): 3:23am On Sep 24, 2013
@OP Great pictures. Wished I took pictures like these about three weeks ago when I passed through that terrible road.
Your pictures provide good pictorial evidence of my point in another thread, where GEJ's people were reconstructing the Lagos-Ibadan road online by subterfuge. What I saw on that road were about 10-15 RCC workers shuffling feet on less than 1 km of their section of the road - no real work was going on, they were moving around like they really were there to show up.

That "GEJ bootlicker" said I was praying for the road not to be finished - when asked them to to wait for it to be finished before showing us pictures of less than a kilometer of some movement on the existing road, instead of mixing RCC signs with JB trucks. That is not how you construct a 5-lane each way road. The fact is there is nothing to write home about being done on that road, as far as construction or even rehabilitation is concerned. That is the unmitigated truth!!!

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Politics / Re: Lagos-ibadan Expressway: President Jonathan Lies Again by koruji(m): 4:50am On Sep 17, 2013
When I passed through that terrible road about two weeks ago there were about 5-10 RCC workers - shuffling around. It occurred to me that GEJ was getting ready for another campaign of subterfuge. This was the same man that had Julius Berger come shuffle feet on that road almost a year ago - but proclaimed it like a reconstruction contract.

Well, to all the GEJ praise-singers, those pictures are worth exactly nothing. The project is supposed to be 5-lanes on each side. There is nothing in the pictures that show anything close, and the total length of the section where they are "shuffling feet" is no more than 1/2 a kilometer. There is nothing to indicate the kind of monumental work implied by the proclaimed re-design of this road is about to take place.

Incidentally, on that very day I had just passed through the ongoing work on Aregbesola's LOOP between Osogbo and the Ibadan-Ife road, and you are left in no doubt about the plan and the ongoing work. Compared to the proclaimed redesign of the Lagos-Ibadan road this loop is a much smaller project, yet the amount of equipment and men all along that road was impressive.

It seems RCC is there, for some reason, to provide a photo-op for exactly this type of NL post. Or may be Mr. GEJ is on his way back to the Lagos-Ibadan road praying ground!!! JB probably refused to do the dirty work for them this time, so it is RCC's turn to play along!!!

Whichever is the case, this post is a waste of time. It needs to wait until the road is about to be commissioned.

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Politics / Re: Alamieyeseigha' S Decision If He Was The President by koruji(m): 7:06pm On Sep 14, 2013
What will he do? What do these rif-rafs think it means to be president anyway? GEJ and his dame had shown they lack any kind of respect for others, and they don't deserve respect. GEJ looked for trouble with a lantern but trouble has found him with floodlights - there is no hiding place.
Politics / Re: Asiwaju Tinubu Down With Parkinson Disease - Paparazzi Press by koruji(m): 12:14am On Sep 14, 2013
Probably another fat lie of do no-gooders who have brain-diarrhea!!!

father ab: Idle rubbish paper seeking relevance at all cost!! I have bad new fø̲̣̣я̅ you: Your zero-tolerance fø̲̣̣я̅ opposition in Nigeria will soon quench Ūя̲̅ paper.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Moves Into Lagos, Ogun, Rivers States, Says Senator by koruji(m): 1:52am On Aug 08, 2013
GEJ is about to score an own goal.
Politics / Re: Nigeria: Arms Build-up In Rivers State For “operation Amaechi Must Go” by koruji(m): 1:43am On Aug 08, 2013
I am sure u say this becos it just sounds downright ridiculous. But so it sounded when we heard that 5 lawmakers would try to overrule 27 but they did try - did they not? Be not surprised when things begin to blow up in Rivers. Our countrymen are that ridiculous.

too much propaganda! Sheeesh! Don't you guys get tired? Every imagination of the heart, you attach skin and give it life. Na wa!


Politics / Re: PDP Ask Ndigbo To Ignore Okorocha, Calls Him A Political Prostitute! by koruji(m): 11:41pm On Aug 07, 2013
I often read your opinion, but the one below is too broad a brush.
What policies and ideologies are you talking about?
Please elaborate.
And pray tell, what exactly does PDP have to offer?

If this is directed to me

There is nothing bad about Ndigbo associating with APC because the right to freedom of association is written in our constitution

That said the next phase of Nigerian politics and this will happen in not too distant future; will be ideologically driven. When this time comes it will be very obvious to most people that the policies and ideologies of APC have no place in the South East.

PDP deviated from the dreams of Ekwueme. It will eventually grow up may be if she does loose power someday. Going forward South East will either be controlled by APGA or PDP. But APC has no place.
Politics / Re: 2015: Apc’s Invitation Shows Jonathan’s Best Man For The Job – Presidency by koruji(m): 6:40pm On Aug 07, 2013
Abati is becoming too clever by half - whoever said they are inviting GEJ to be president...but I guess one sly remark deserves another.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Lawyer Sues Israel Over Jesus' Death by koruji(m): 6:02am On Aug 01, 2013
When they say don't spend too much time under the Kenyan sun...this is what they are trying to save you from...BTW he forgot to include Judas Iscariot in his case and the devil who instigated him!!!


Politics / Re: Lets Just Admit The Truth About Wole Soyinka by koruji(m): 5:15am On Aug 01, 2013
Stop talking with your mouth so full of GEJ's breastmilk.
Even if Kogi is of "average intelligence" - that would still be a thousand times greater than your parent's, and infinitely greater than the near zero intelligence that calls your upstairs home.

Ikengawo: Wole Soyinka is not an intellectual for one. Someone needs to just admit this and move on. He doesn't show the traits of someone with an above average intelligence. He's just against any and everything moving and like a person of average intelligence will delve into petty insult matches. He has no ideas, no solutions, and no vision like people of high intelligence, he just attacks without resolve. In a functioning country such a person would be the 'average' citizen, but in a land where the low IQ is the loudest, Soyinka is seen as some type of intellectual or sage. People that are ready to say he's an intellectual sage can not name any of his works, have seldom read any of them, and when you have, as I have, you have a difficult time admitting that it was average par work because you're made to believe this guy is a 'brain' in the nation.

Typical to tribal fashion though, the 'corruption' and 'mismanagement' he's 'against' wasn't a big deal when he worked for the most openly corrupt, middle class eliminating opposition killing election botching dictator nigeria has ever had, Babangida.

Typical of a man without vision he has been caught being for and against the exact same things at the exact same time not because of it's moral or intellectalcandor but because of a fixation on what average to low intelligence people fix on: person. When GEJ and Okonjo Iweala was ready to take away the fuel subsidy, Soyinka was stiffly against it. When Ribadu wrote a report announcing what Okonjo Iweala had announced almost a year before him; that there's corruption in the subsidy sector, Soyinka was asking for heads to roll and wondering why the evil GEJ wasn't doing anything about it.

So what is the end result of years of passionate opposition to GEJ? Against his corruption, and mismanagement, what happens when Soyinka has a chance to get off the streets and meet GEJ face to face?
(above: opportunity for self promotion)

Politics / Re: Jonathan Is Going Down Everyday – Asari Dokubo by koruji(m): 2:04am On Jul 27, 2013
Don't believe this guy farther than you can throw him.
He is quite heavy too - so...

Prowizy2: ASARI_ am happy ur eyes are openinq qradualy 2 realize dat dis ur broda is a 'RETARDEN'
Politics / Re: Volunteer To Be A GEJITE, Nairaland Chapter!!! by koruji(m): 2:02am On Jul 27, 2013
Imagine that cheesy cheesy cheesy
I don't want to imagine what Nigeria would be like if GEJ "was" not performing this magical "phantom" transformation only you and the other bootlickers can see.

Sincere 9gerian: So much of my time and financial resources (for internet data subscription) has already gone into the GEJ project.

My reward is in the bumper HARVEST from the TRANSFORMATION TRAIN: power reforms, railway revival and modernization, roads and bridges,etc.

Ikuku ndu ebee ebuna igara!

FRESH AIR everywhere you go!!

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Politics / Re: EZIACHI- I Will Be Signing Off For A While by koruji(m): 1:54am On Jul 27, 2013
Sorry to hear about your surgery.
Wishing you a quick recovery.

Eziachi: Hello people, due to serious health reasons I will be signing off for a while. I HAD AN ABOVE THE KNEE AMPUTATION OF MY LEFT LEG ON WEDNESDAY at my own hospital in central London. The surgeon was my own son, which made it a bit comforting. The leg had been problematic for a long time and I had used all my knowledge and skill as an orthopaedic to managed it until now when it worsen, I was told two weeks ago that the leg is now almost dead and had to go.

I have performed this surgery on hundreds of people over a span of forty odd years, but still, it was mentally challenging waking up for the first time as an amputee. So I will be reading your posts when I can, but will be signing off for a while. You take care.
Politics / Re: Al-mustapha For President In 2015 Rally In Kaduna by koruji(m): 6:26pm On Jul 24, 2013
He may not be an ex-convict but by hus own adnission he was involved in the death of others. By your twistes logic Abacha was not a killer too. Fine military officer? Are you drunk? If you take orders to commit a crime you are a CRIMINAL!!!

seighapaul: why are Nigerians so biased when it comes to things like this. Almost all the comments here are obviously borne out of sentiments. Most people have said all sorts of nonsense against the judiciary since Al-Mustapha's release because they are opposed to the court's verdict to release him. I'm not surprised. Meanwhile they have applauded the same judiciary moments ago because of appeal courts verdict on Rev. King. When will you guys learn to look at the facts and not your feelings.

Al-Mustapha is NOT a Killer but a fine Military officer who was not afraid to carry out orders as is the norm in the military profession. He quite admitted those he committed but did not mince words to say he acted on orders. The court saw reasons to acquit him on those based on the obey before complain practice in the army but he had repeatedly told everyone that he was not involved in Kudirat's issue, a fact the court looked through and thought it wise to acquit him. Having been discharged and acquitted, he is not an ex convict, for those of you who does not understand what that means.

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Politics / Re: Al-mustapha For President In 2015 Rally In Kaduna by koruji(m): 6:22pm On Jul 24, 2013
Go sitdown with your nonsensical rabble. Perhaps he wasn't involved in this specific case but he is a KILLER nevertheless...because HE HIMSELF has admitted being involved in many others.

kinguwem: The use of the word 'killer' for a man who has been acquitted & discharged by a court is character assasination.

Politics / Re: Al-mustapha For President In 2015 Rally In Kaduna by koruji(m): 5:56pm On Jul 24, 2013
Al-Mustapha is seriously delusional.
Politics / Re: George Zimmerman Emerged From Hiding For Truck Crash Rescue by koruji(m): 2:16am On Jul 24, 2013
Thank God there was no black person in the area !!! The obssessive-compulsive policeman-wannabe would have shot him because he looked like...any excuse would do. He better realize that he forever carries the mark of cain - forever a cold-blooded, racist killer !!!
Politics / Re: 2015: Governors, Ministers, Opt For Foreign GSM Lines by koruji(m): 3:30am On Jul 22, 2013
An abject nation on its knees.
Politics / Re: Marriageable Age Of Places Around The World by koruji(m): 1:48pm On Jul 21, 2013
But the requirement to adopt Arab culture from the 7th century under Islam is the prime example of cultural imperialism. No?


Thanks, bro.

That's all I'm saying, bro. I don't agree with cultural imperialism and I believe people should be allowed to evolve at their own pace.

However, these non-achieving and simple-minded nutters are now accusing me of being a pervert, for advising against the cultural imperialism that made Africa the way it's now. Psychotic white-washed pricks!
Politics / Re: Anambra Is Biggest Beneficiary Of Federal Appointments, Research Reveals by koruji(m): 7:27am On Jul 21, 2013
So you are no longer Igbo because you have lived in Zamfara for a long time?

Ngwakwe: This report is rubbish as it doesn't take into consideration the State of Residence. How can an Anambrian who has lived all his life and pay tax to Lagos State be counted as a beneficiary of Government appointment under Anambra State.

When you consider the above for all the Anambrians living outside their Ancestral State, you will know that Ndigbo are truly marginalized.
Politics / Re: Marriageable Age Of Places Around The World by koruji(m): 4:09am On Jul 21, 2013
I hope you were conscious when you wrote the below? Are you suggesting that allowing people "freedom to their way-of-life" include allowing them to deny a young kind her own god-given freedom to live free and make their own decisions in life? Are you in the fullness of your mind considering a girl of 6, 9 or 13 forced (forced because she is incapable of consenting) as being allowed her "freedom to her own way of life"?

Most of the evils that have been perpetrated on planet earth were actually the way of life of some people - that did not make them permissible or something that should be practiced in the 21st century.

No God, no matter what his name, made your third-leg the authority over another's life - it is as simple as that.

Sir, that isn't my point - my point is that: people should be allowed freedom to their way-of-life.


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