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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 9:23pm On Feb 06
1. I am not a Management Science graduate but I think roles that has title like Business Analyst, Controller, Project Manager, Business Development, Product , Sales etc. fits. You can search on Job portals like stepstone.de with those titles to get better idea. (You can use the German equivalent and combinations of those words and more).
2. You can work in a related field or of interest. There was a modification to this particular legal provision about 3 years ago but convincing HR people or recruiter is always not an easy task (especially in smaller cities), as you don't have access to present your case beyond the submission of your application documents (except during JobFairs). So, you can also apply for IT related opportunities and I think applying to those Business roles in IT companies should be a good combination.

3. The opportunities available pre-graduation is largely internship, working student and research engagement in the same areas mentioned in (1).

If you don't have much work experience already, most of the big companies offer Graduate Training programs.
If you are also interested in Entreprenuership, there is a not-so-new title in the startup world now, called Entreprenuer-In-Residence.

To folks in Germany;

What are the Pre and Post-graduation opportunities for those in the field of management sciences (e.g Msc in International business, Business Management, etc) ?

Also, must a student who graduate from this field only work or search for opportunities in it, even though he had taken some IT courses and certifications while studying?

Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 11:43pm On Jan 15
The post you actually quoted contains all the steps required in the Germany Student Visa processing .. you can get more information from this thread https://www.nairaland.com/5621308/part-8/318 dedicated to that.
This thread is meant for a different purpose and please stop spamming it.
Please how do I process for German student visa

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 1:39pm On Jan 13
Good evening Gentlemen and Ladies.

I am currently rounding up a B.Eng in few months and had planned bringing my wife around to join me (family reunion; before Easter) just because we´ve been apart long enough which we both find disturbing.

Our plans:
1. Having babies while i either look for/get a professional job or start my masters. Like everyone else, i have 18months to get a job or get into masters. But, she also want to work and support me. I wonder how this could turn out.
2. Ease to relocate if everything goes south; maybe moving to Canada/USA together if it comes to that. At the moment, i still want to try my might in DE.

I live and studied in Bayern (not Munich). People seem to prefer other big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Dusseldorf. The advantages aren´t lucid to me since i´ve only lived here.
Though am not completely clueless with the immigration laws; i don´t want to end up being smart by half.
a) Does anyone have experience on this or knows anyone who brought in their spouse as a student/job seeker?
b) What are the basic things i might need to fix before being eligible to invite her? (Ausländerbehorde is yet to open, internet sources might just be a mirage/deceit). I need a firsthand info.

This is a serious decision for us, so i urge you guys to really give your best bite. She is a Nairalander too and she would be reading comments as well.


I don't have 100% personal experience as regards this but what I will advise is that you focus on getting a Job after your program first, unless you have load of cash. Getting a job anywhere (not even in Bavaria) should not be hard since you mentioned B.Eng and I am therefore assuming your German proficiency is on point.
The load of cash here is because if you are trying to take on a dependant, it means you need to be able to cater for them (at least on paper).
If you are working as a student, you are mostly likely not doing it full-time for the whole year or during the 18 months, you don't have a sufficient contract acceptable at the foreign office. You will then need additional blocked account for the (each) dependant to address this.

For you to take on a dependant, it means:
1. Accommodation must be sufficient, I think the minimum is 14 sqm per head, depending on your present accommodation, you might need to 'upgrade' it for you to file for a dependant.
2. Health Insurance, I am not sure your present student subsidized health insurance can cover that for a dependant too.
3 Your net income needs to be sufficient.

However, since you are not working, the assumption is that you can't provide this for someone 'out-of-the-box' and hence the need for additional blocked account.

The Canada route is also viable but it has its own requirements and like someone mentioned already, family reunion takes time and the earlier she start the better.

Personally, I won't add a dependant if my own path is not close to 100% in terms of assurance yet but that is just me.

also, few people have had exceptional experience on part(s) of the requirements sha but just like any other thing, it is more of a miracle.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 5:51pm On Jul 10, 2020
Thank you for the response. Though the question is
not just about HND but with a year extension programme to Bachelor of Technology.

Does DAAD have anything to do with qualification? I thought it's either the school or uni assist that have answer to such question. More enlightenment pleae.

I only mentioned DAAD because they should supposedly have access to a lot of international students related regulations, just like Uniassist (I think you can also write them as well). You can as well write the school (the course or program coordinator) but this is only feasible if you have already found the course(s) you like and the school offering it.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 9:18am On Jul 10, 2020
Someone asked this, it affects me too. Does anyone has information about this please??

The last time I made a wrong comment on a related topic, someone responded with get ur facts right before posting. HND can actually get one a Bsc programme not masters. I will therefore, advise that you try to contact DAAD for better clarification (via any email you can find on their website) .

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 12:48am On Jun 27, 2020
This is just my two cents to the discussion and not a direct response to anyone.

I will like to think we really can't have absolutes on these issues as it is more of individual preferences, what works for an individual or worked for a lot of people around him/her (information).

1. Regardless of mode of entry, the larger percentage of immigrants that enters a country are largely economic immigrants. I know this, you know this, your school/company/institution/state/city know this. So, it is a game of who can extract the biggest value from the other within well defined parameters. Therefore, on the issue of changing purpose of entry. I think I will like to also follow the guys that are against abruptly changing it, not because it is wrong but so that it won't become a pattern. On individual level, it is awesome but on a collective/community level, I am not sure it is the best thing. Students are also targeted economic immigrants and with a federated country like DE, it is somewhat a competitive economic advantage to attract them with each state trying to optimize their resources to get the best they can get without compromising much.
That is why you can easily get admission/visa in some schools/state than the other, even with similar program. Not all the states can make the Tuition move that Baden-Wuttemberg made not too long ago concerning Non-EU students, or all of the states requiring that you renew your blocked account every year.

In a nutshell, whether you want to believe me or not, all foreign students data are not just sitting in one office, pattern are drawn from them and are valuable factor for possible next set. That is why I think the requirements to get anything in DE gets updated relatively fast and I think people that have lived/stay in a city/state/school for more than 1.5 years might be able to attest to that fact.
I am not saying this is a contributory factor to the recent visa experience of prospective NG students as I don't have such fact but I won't rule it out either. However, for we in DE, as we are all trying to do and get the best out of the land for ourselves, don't let us forget the ones that might be coming behind us too.

2. On the issue of certificate, regardless of whether in IT or not, the type of certificate (traditional structured degrees or not). It will continue to be relevant especially because it is a means of evaluating knowledge and it really makes it easier. However, if we take US that runs a core capitalist economic syatem, has a very expensive education system and NG that has a not-so-good education system and runs a anywhere-belle-face economy(apologies to the patriotic ones, I really don't know the type we are running) . It is only normal that people from such system seek alternative ways to improve themselves and thereby put less emphasis on acquiring such degrees. It will be very hard to say the same for a country like DE with quality and 'free' education system. E.g I know of a department in a bigCo where you can't join permanently as an employee if you have anything less than a relevant PhD just as we have more than enough founders/business-leaders/leads/innovators with no `degrees`. For anyone with a green paali, biko pack as much as many degrees as you pack o ... you neva know when you will need to bring any of them forward unless you are 100% sure you CAN never need them.
Again, there is no right or wrong on this. It just depends on the type/kind of table you want to seat at or the type you want to build in the next few months. Na carreer matter

I think we can easily lose the proper context of this type of engagement if we over-elevate individual experiences like total earnings, how fast he/she gets a job, which company he/she works over the obtainable average, simply because we might be neglecting individual differences and preferences that might have played a big role.
With more than 5 years experience running errands in Tech/IT in NG and DE, from small startups to medium ones, to bigCoys, from the ones that demands not just your certificates but even certified references, to the others that don't care about anything as long as you can 'code'.
From front to backend engineering, to Ops, Designers, Products to deepTech, none is more important/real/superior than the other. Context is the judge of the value and value determines what you can get and how you can get it. What you get (Your Earnings) for whatever value you are offering also depends on the person buying it and not just 100% on you. Just like every other discipline, there are part of Tech/IT that you can (easily) learn yourself and sometimes on your own and there are some that you can't.

In summary, Understand yourself as much as you can, the society you live in, figure out your position in the scheme of things and what it will take you to get there.

Those in DE should keep sharing from their wealth of experience, so that we can all keep making better and informed decisions.


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 5:09am On Jun 26, 2020
Hello guys, apart from study visa what other visa can i use to get to germany ? ( i'm not interested in going back to school ), i'm a software developer and currently work remotely for an organization in germany.
I am not really sure if this question fits the objective of this thread or not but...
One option is Work Visa - since you said you are already working with a German company remotely , you can talk to them to know if they can sponsor you for one and if they can't, you can seek employment with another company that can. You can also sponsor yourself for a limited one (6 months) to come live and seek employment in DE, if you meet the requirements. (I won't advise any of my friend to do this sha).

Another Option is Reunion - this requires that you are legally married to someone that presently lives in DE and meets the necessary requirements.
PS: You can always get all the possible Visa options and their respective requirements from the German Embassy in NG website.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 8:49am On Jun 25, 2020
What are the most important things (type of clothes, etc) that a Nigerian student has to get ready before coming over to Germany, especially at the winter months?

On clothes: Just get enough clothes, preferably of Jean or other thick material you wear. On Jacket and Boots, get the best layered one you can get in Nigeria, with the believe that you are still going to buy better ones when you enter DE because that is when you can actually evaluate the reality yourself. More expensive but whether you are going to need to buy additional/new ones will depend on the ones you came in with and what you can cope with.

On Food: If you are a keen NG foodie, you should get your supposedly non-negotiable ingredients. Although, you should be able to get them in DE too after you probably settle down but how easy that will be and the cost might depends on your location.


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 7:38am On May 13, 2020

That's what you think until you get there. Your eyes go clear say na only Berlin sure pass. Let me believe you already have a technical skills since you're going for comp. Eng. In this clime, nobody cares about your course na your skill matter

I just want to add little questions/clarifications as you are making it sound as if everybody should/can live and work in Berlin and other cities are of little or no significance.
Everything looks high in Berlin; number of foreigners (Blacks or Nigerians inkl.) == many English speakers, number of jobs, number of companies (this generally leads to flexible entry barrier in some cases) but so is the competition for jobs as well as unemployment rate.

1. Berlin is not the hot-hub center for all industries, at least I can say that for the Automobile and Logistics and maybe the FMCGs too.
2. The narrative that nobody cares about your course, na your skill matter is not a fact and at best a narrative in that it work for some but not for all. If you don't have any work experience before entering DE which means you don't have any work experience that you can leverage, the first thing and the easiest you can leverage is your course of study through which you should have built the necessary skills via Practicals/Internships/Working Student/ Research Assistants which you can of course you get through or because of your course of study.
3. As a student, there is no restriction on work permit as regards where you can work, which means wherever you are studying, you can still seek and go for to any city to work just that it might require you relocating and maybe cancelling a semester.
4. The lack of Deutsch proficiency will most likely reduce number of opportunities accessible for anyone in DE, its significance and urgency is just different base on location or industry.
5. Even when it comes to IT, most of the biggest firms still have the larger percentage of their IT work force outside of the "Berlins" where we have many startups with fierce competition for everything even though their barrier of entry is flexible.

I will say Berlin is arguably the best when it comes to student `hustling` jobs though (been there, done that), due to aforementioned configuration which might have little or nothing to do with your professional life afterwards.

I have few friends who studied in Berlin and moved out afterwards as much as I have those that moved there after their study, there are no absolutes on issues like this, the main thing is that we should help one another to make informed and better decisions.
my two cents.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 4:14pm On Mar 09, 2020
For software engineers in the house... How useful is the knowledge of Javascript, HTML and CSS with respect to securing a student job Germany as side hustle....These three are only what I can boast of for now... I am learning python but still a beginner... I need advice please, I will AF entering Cologne roon

Normally, Yes (anywhere in the world sef) as those three technologies are the core of frontend development and backend for Javascript. However, what each potential employer is looking for might be different from one to another in terms of level of knowledge (development frameworks, software engineering principles, build system(s), testing/development approaches etc.) and/or experience (what you have used them for or where/when you have used them) as well as other possible existing varieites. So, there is a place of self evaluation before you start pushing out application.

Knowledge acquisition in IT (though at faster pace) is a continuous thing just as in other fields, but I can say you are already on the right track as the knowledge is very useful. You are doing well

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 7:13pm On Feb 28, 2020
Hello house...pls how true is this new information that students are expected to provide another 10k BA for visa renewal??

Pls who has any idea on this? Pls ������

Thanks House.

The last time I checked, this depends on where you are studying. There are states/cities that have that as part of their requirements for renewal after the first year, there are some that do not, so it is nothing new unless there is now a new federal law that makes it mandatory for all the states to follow same requirement.

I have heard of other states that gives straight three-years (with or without conditions).
Your best bet is to talk to any Nigerian currently in the school you are or going (if you can get any) or contact your school foreign student office or check the website of your corresponding foreign office. Normally, this should be stated in your admission/enrollment guideline.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 6:25pm On Feb 20, 2020
Hi, i was going through the message trail and please i need your advice. I'm going for Msc in Cyber security at BTU Cottbus and my other option is Communication systems and networks at TH Koln. My issue is that my Bsc is in Quantity Surveying which is not IT related but over the years, I've worked as a network engineer and i plan on writing CCNA professional certification exam. I want to start applying before it gets too late but my fear is that i won't get the admission. What do i do?


Regardless of your work experience, those two (Quantity Surveying and Cyber Security/Communication Systems) are too far apart in my opinion and might be impossible to get such MSc admission. However, we are in the era of Industry 4.0 which is a huge theme in Germany, so if you search more, you might just be lucky to get other closely related courses to your BSc (but definitely not those two you mentioned).

Since I am not an admission officer, the most reliable source of truth on such will be the regulation document for the course (should be available online). If you manage to get the document, it will mostly likely be in Deutsch and might be too much and technical for you to even comprehend (assuming you even understand German) ---so dead end.

Your path looks unique, which might made it a bit hard for people here to offer any form of guide.
Your best bet, get the contact of the admission/course coordinator from the corresponding website and send them all your questions with succinct details about your profile. Whatever the response you get (if you get any) from them is your truth.


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by 0yewale(m): 10:17am On Feb 08, 2020
Please any one knows the details of new migration policy Germany made with Nigeria
If you are talking about this (https://www.make-it-in-germany.com/en/visa/kinds-of-visa/work/skilled-immigration-act/), it is not with Nigeria but for 'every country'
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 6:52pm On Feb 03, 2020
I am not sure they can do that for you without showing up physically.
You can, however, search for the customer service email address of the one closest to your school and send them an email with your request and possibly with all your relevant documents.
You might just be lucky.

My problem is I am in still in Nigeria... I am trying to quickly run this enrolment from Nigeria so that it won't affect my visa because of the current delay at the embassy now.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 6:21pm On Feb 03, 2020
I used mavistar private health insurance for enrolment but my school just sent me an email that I should provide Exemption from statutory health insurance.... I am above 30...I thought anybody above 30 is automatically exempted?

Pls how do I go about it?

The 'automatically' here means, you are eligible for the exemption 'without any story' not that you are excluded or if you want to continue with statutory providers, they will reject you.
Just go to the nearest AOK office and ask for the exemption letter. You might have to provide document(s) to show that you are over 30 or whatever document(s) they ask for nowadays.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 9:22am On Jan 18, 2020

Someone should plsss help answer these questions. Tnx

1. Job prospects should be similar to that of other natural sciences I suppose, you just have to figure out the requirements (which I think a lot of people have mentioned previously in the thread) for yours. Also, there is no job (if you get one) that is not "lucrative" in Germany.

2. You will have to be patient and wait for people in those schools to respond (if there are any in this thread)

3. What you get immediately after your study is not permanent residency. What you can get, the path to permanent residency as well as the requirements are well outlined on the website of every foreign authorities, just check the corresponding website of the state/city you are (going).
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 9:12am On Jan 18, 2020
Does the police department have to approve crime free before a student resident permit can be extend Germany?

Yes, it is now 'automatically' part of the process and that is why it takes longer now (6-8 weeks) since "everybody" now gets the electronic card. For whatever reason (especially short term renewal), if your foreign office decides to stamp your passport instead of the card, you won't need it (as it is not something you can apply for and get immediately) unless it is again part of the required documents stated for the renewal.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 8:59am On Jan 18, 2020
GOOD MORNING GUD PEOPLE, PLEASE I HAVEN't hear people TALKING ABOUT MUNSTER city here. please i need info about the city, accommodation and student jobs wise. GOTTEN ADMISSION @ UNIMUSTER. TANKS
This should only mean there are little or no people from Muenster (or have information about the city) in this thread or might just be too busy to come here to share anything. Therefore, I am afraid you might have to do all of the findings yourself, if you are heading that way or try to get more people from the visa thread.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 8:55am On Jan 18, 2020
Good evening all, pls is it possible for someone who got his document thru asylum give sponsorship letter?

It will depend on the type of document the person presently holds. The easiest and best way to determine the possibility is for the person to call or send a mail or go to his/her foreign office and confirm.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 7:43pm On Jan 17, 2020
I will like not to assume I know the vibes you are referring to in East Germany that are depressing but I think it will be better, if you can be explicit as much as you can about them, so that people that need the infomation to make decision (those I think you are trying to help), will be able to make arguably the best decisions.

If we remove Berlin, there are five other states in Eastern Germany with more than enough recommendable higher institutions of learning and good cities too. Some of these cities has schools that offers courses or have research institutes that you can't (or easily) get in any other states in Germany. Aldo, considering the fact that education is generally very competitive among all the federal states, I can say, these states are doing quite well when it comes to attracting and accommodating foreign students.

What do I mean by the need for you to be more explicit, with examples:

1. Age distribution in Germany is generally not that exciting but I will say, it is probably worse in these states, which means, if you live there, you might 'see' more of aged people than younger ones... depending on the 'activities' you frequently engage in.
2. Because of 1., you can sufficiently 'survive' without German but 'living' without it might require more than enough input.
3. They also have one of the not-so-good unemployment rates in Germany which make every available jobs a bit competitive but like I will want to believe, if your German is good (> B1), you should not have getting-job problems, anywhere in Germany.
4. I will say because of 1. and 3. and the antecedents of the region as a whole, the AfD political party also happens to shoot off from one of the states and presently thriving more in the region compare to others states. (I can't vote and I live here legally, so, I don't think we even have any common ground).

PS: If your 'vibes' insinuation, was however, about discrimination: physical or institutional ones, it happens that I did not suffer any (maybe because I extremely do mind my own business sha) and if it is the verbal ones (I can't even relate because my German proficiency no even make sense). I will like to posit that this has nothing to even do with the region or Germany, it can hit anybody anywhere in the present world we live in. But then again, this is just from the experience of one person, who lived in this same region for about 3.5 years and lived/work (more than 2 months) in 3 cities therein.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 4:45pm On Jan 03, 2020

Bro, your advice was terrible in some places but seem fine in other places. Maybe it is time some Nigerian Germans open a thread about life in Germany as an immigrant. This could help deflect the disparity between studentship and those already living legally in Germany

I think it will really make more sense if you can point out the terrible parts of what I shared, so that others can contribute and everyone can learn (I guess that is the whole point of this platform/thread).

Most of the people contributing here are already in Germany, either studying or done and already working, so I really don't get what you mean as regards the bold.

PS: Done with my study too, now working and all I have shared thus far are based on personal experience which might not be 100% same for everybody.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 5:22pm On Dec 27, 2019


You can see .. that you are already 'spamming' this thread with your request... go to the other thread, that is more active on admission related topics.
..go to daad.de and search.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 12:13am On Dec 21, 2019

@Oyewale. Thank you very much for all your advice here, I really thank God I saw your posts. Pls I need your advise concerning choosing a course among this four courses

1) Msc Communication System and Networks TH Koln

2) M.Eng Industrial Informatics HS Emden/Leer

3) M.Eng Technology and Innovation Management HS Harz (This one has modules in research areas computer science like introduction data bases)

4) Robotics and Autonomous Systems ...University of Lubeck (This one looks research oriented)

And concerning that first one in TH Koln, I received the admission letter recently to resume March and I intend to specialize in Communication networks, but I need clarification what's the market like for Network engineers in Germany. And it also has another specialization option of "Information Theory"

Disclaimer: You really can't take my opinions on choosing your course of preference 100% as they are largely based on my limited personal experiences (which might be obviously biased) but because you asked wink

I should mention that Germany is one of the most developed country and biggest economy in the world not by mistake and defo not solely because of just one of the possible parts of the economy but most of it, which means you can basically and factually get job in any part of this economy, having studied whichever (relevant) course. However, the reality is that each part of this economy have different market share like in any other country: some are really static, some undergoing disruption, some are dying and some are just growing (even at different rate) while some are still undergoing transformation.
I can say most are still going through transformation, barely at the first phase, arguably aided by IT which is why I think some DE schools are coming up with these IT-brigded-MSc(mostly) programmes with different flavour depending on the focus of the state/city's economy.

Whatever programme you studied, whatever part of the economy (industry) it belongs to, I can assure you, the points aforementioned are definitely going to play a part in how well your entry will be, because as an international student:
1. If the industry is (new) big and growing fast, it means more jobs are being created daily which I think makes entry easier as regards skills, work experience and language proficiency requirements.
2. If the industry is undergoing transformation - I think might require a bit of language proficiency, coupled with proven work experience, this also means you will need proficiency (knowledge or experience) in multiple domains (at least 2) and this is why chemical engineering are learning Python (new) and same for medical doctor, basically every one is learning one type of programming language or the other nowadays. Well, this, I think is the future of WORK.
3. If the industry does not belong to the two above or not actively in 2. (yet), it basically means you will be directly competing with locals. (Fluent Language proficiency to start with.)

Competing with locals is not a big deal but "e get as e be" because:
1. They are fluent in the language by default.
2. They are "fluent" with the work culture by default.
3. They have the political advantage. (work permit and study structure) - no one is "chasing" them to finish their study in time, they can decide to pause their study because they got (find) a job/skill interesting and taking time to perfect it.
4. Most (my view) of them are actually more experienced (work) than most "FRESH" foreign student, by the time they are done with study. via - internship, working student, study-break, Ausbildung, trainings and duales studium. E.g I have a German friend who had his duales studium with VW for his BSc, left for MSc and went back almost immediately after defending his thesis and I also have another that had similar path, only that she turned hers to full time immediately she started working on her master thesis.

Additional, the regulation that you can only work in industry where you study (or related), I think was waived couple of years back but I am not sure that has trickled down to every HR people up and down Germany. So the city where you are studying or seeking job also becomes a factor.

What I think makes Software Engineering and her other closely knitted sisters and brothers a bit different is that:
1. You can basically learn and practice the large part on your own, from the corner of your room with a good laptop, internet and enough genuine DRIVE.
2. You can really build your skills on your own by conceptualizing and/or contributing to good projects.
3. Studying related degrees(s) can also help you with 1. and 2. in a very structured way.
4. If any employer is doubting your 1. and 2, that is where your 3 comes in to help (this is really the main advantage nowadays)

Anytime I am belle-ful and standing in front of the mirror, I do tell myself that I-live-on-the-edge but on my own terms... which means I believe there will always be exception for exceptional before as regards almost anything ...

It is general knowledge that DE needs more workers but the reality is:
1. Not in every sector.
2. They want arguably the best of the best if possible(meaning the most qualified)
3. They won't settle for less, unless or until they have mapped a way to make anyone they pick to be 2.
4. It is really and more transferable to almost all other sector ...even if DE no do normal... na porting you dey so.

fun fact: DE unemployment rate is neither zero nor negative and it even varies depending on states.

Going back to your questions and going through the courses you listed, I will assume you are from EE background, which means you have communication/networking background (great background I must say). If you intend to do more in that aspect, going by the courses (listed) modules, I will advise you to go for any of programme 1, 2, or 4 but if you want to lean more towards Software Engineering, then I will advise the third programme (in Harz.) because of the content and the Prof. coordinating the programme actually taught me during my programme, so I can safely assume I know what they structured the programme to achieve (I know this is obviously bias and projection from me).

I am unfortunately not a Network Engineer, don't have any friend who presently work as one (here), so I won't be able to say anything on that. However, to gauge the market size and the possible entry structure:
a. Run a search through every job websites/portals in Germany with the job title "Network Engineer" and other related titles both in English and Deutsch.
b. Look at their requirements and what you have now or will (can) have during or after your study.
3. Do the "maths" and compare with another industry of your choice.
4. DO this for all the job levels (listed below) and evaluate the metrics you get (based on city and states too).

The job phases or kinds that I know are applicable to foreign students like me:
1. Tutoring
2. Internship
3. Working Student
4. Research Assistant/Associate
5. Part-time contract Employment
6. Permanent Contract Employment.

I think your experience with 1,2,3,4, if you attempt any of them during your study should tell you what awaits you (can't say if it is generally easier or tougher) after your study.

Apologies if my views appears pessimistic (some of us did not happened to study in the luxurious and arguable more open cities/states) but we "punch" through successfully I guess.
Hopefully, people with more optimistic and better experience will add their opinions.

Merry Christmas to you all ...

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 6:56am On Dec 16, 2019
[quote author=starboychan post=84947342][/quote]
OvGU, Magdeburg.

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by 0yewale(m): 6:19pm On Dec 13, 2019

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate, I will see what I can do about that. Please are you also schooling there?

I did but have left the city.
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by 0yewale(m): 5:19pm On Dec 13, 2019

Good day , please how did you go about getting accommodations on campus, I was also given admissions to study the same course.
Thanks in advance

Getting accommodation on arrival on campus if you are not a DAAD/Erasmus/OtherScholarship student is not really guaranteed.
1. Apply for one, on the school studentwerk website (you might just be lucky)
2. Join the student groups on facebook and post your request or response to posted accommodation offers
3. Try to see if you can get preferably a Nigerian to welcome you (to host you for your first few weeks - for free or paid).
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by 0yewale(m): 7:01am On Dec 13, 2019
I just want to add this.

1. Getting a Visa is not your right, even if you are paying millions of Euro .. the host still determines if you are worthy or their Visa or not, even Nigeria dey deny people Visa.

2. Almost every country monitors their intake from another country, which suggests there is a quota somewhere - going by this "Disclosing that there are 1,200 Nigerians currently studying in Germany, Merkel said the German government was working to increase the number" (https://allafrica.com/stories/201809010004.html). The president, sometime around 2016 when he visited Nigeria, said that they are increasing it to 700 per year (I wish I can find that link too). I don't know whether the quota have reduced or increased but clearly the number of student applicants is very much now, job (seeking) applicants have increased too and now taking up whatever the slots numbers are available, those that came before are now also doing reunion, settling refuges and asylum seekers .. and everyone has "valid" reasons and that is why it is also affecting all group and not just the students. If they are not giving date, it only means demand is very more than the available supply.

I don't know the factors the Government is using to evaluate increase/decrease of intake ... much as I don't know if the average performance of Nigerians already in DE can encourage an intake increment but I am sure you get my logic. I will like to think most of the recent criteria introduced by the embassy might be based on data (feedback) to get the "best" out of those they are taking. You can ask your brothers & sisters in Germany, how well Nigerians are doing on average.

3. If you can, you can check other countries or just wait and hope. One thing I am kinda sure about is, the embassy will not give AD ...only to be granting Visa to people by luck or mere "eye evaluation" and denying people in a spree ...like some other countries do.

4. If you want any clarification, you can just write them and you can also go there to ask (not like one can enter there without proper documents anyways)

Best wishes to all.


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 11:07pm On Dec 12, 2019
Possible for a student to do uber or taxi business while studying in Germany?
I won't say it is impossible since it is also a job, you might just have to keep to the normal approved 20hrs/week meant for student.
However, you will need to convert your Nigeria driving license (I suppose you have one) to that of DE if you have not before now (no matter how much and long that might take). You will also need to get the appropriate "taxi" license and register in your city... I don't know how far UBER and government issue in other cities.. but it is presently only available in very few cities..

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 8:24am On Dec 12, 2019
I'm Planning To Study For Msc In Sport Science,hope That's Is Lucreative Sir?
There is really no course that that is not lucrative ... they just have different market size and entry requirements.
I will say Sport Science is also big here but because you will mostly be dealing the native Germans, it will be like a MUST for you to PERFECT your German proficiency ... even if you are to focus on the Marketing and Business aspects.

If you take football (one sport) for instance, German professional football league starts from league 4 and depending on your city, the amateur levels can go as far as League 10. So that is enough opportunities for you volunteer, intern and work but might be hard if your German proficiency is not good.

DE also have the likes of Adidas, Puma , Jako etc. sport wear companies in case you chose not to focus on the contact/physical part.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 3:50am On Dec 12, 2019
Can Someone Please Tell Me About The Student Jobs And Cost Of Living
This generally depends on your city/state of residence, skills, language proficiency and your expertise.
There are menial jobs almost everywhere if you can speak good German (B1 upward)
There are professional related jobs too, but your location might determine the type, level of skills and experience you will need.

On the cost of living, not minding wherever your location is, you sha should not be spending all of your monthly block fund ration.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 3:48am On Dec 12, 2019

A lot of eye-opening conversations going on here.

A mentor figure told me to prioritize Universitats over Hochschule (school of applied sciences) as the former is better than the former in certain areas?

What do you think?

Also, what advise would you give to someone who wishes to go for a B.Sc Business and Informations system program with the intention of specializing in Supply Chain Analytics?

Universitats focus more on preparing you for research world while Hochschule prepares you more for the industry. If you can't picture yourself doing PhD or going into R & D after your MSc (immediately), I personally don't see how Universitats is better. You will still do all in both type of school though, just that emphasis differs.

I really don't know jack about Supply Chain or its Analytics but if the program is similar to Business Informatics BSc people do in my alma mata,
which is in the Faculty of Informatics, which is more like a Computer Science + Business. Where you pick job after graduation or during internship
might be where the specialization comes in ... I guess same way Software Engineers generally can choose FinTech, HealthTech, Automobile Tech, InsurTech etc. base on interest.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by 0yewale(m): 3:45am On Dec 12, 2019

Thanks alot Chief, and for the time you used in clarifying things. For the bolded, how do I confirm current stance.

If you dont mind, I wish to PM you.

I don't have access to any web link right now but you can contact your school foreign office for updated info on the current stance (most likely still the same).
You are free to PM me (if very personal) ... sharing here is quite better, information gets updated quite often in Germany.

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