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<<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 9:47pm On May 04, 2013
The story below is an exclusive work of the author, Mynd_44. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is un-allowed. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form orby any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise)

This is a work of fiction. A result of my boredom and crazy imagination. Names, characters, Places and incidents are the results of said imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,business organization, events or locales is entirely coincidental.
Bullcrap aside, this is a result of my thinking, it does not have any truth in it. I know how a lot of people roll so please don’t think any part of this actually happened or will happen
Mynd_44 April, 2013

Chapter 1: Matters Arising

It was a hot morning in Ketu; the type of morning which makes everyone wish it would rain or better still that a massive cloud would cover the sky and block out the sun completely but there was no respite for everyone. The traders at the ever busy Kosofe market were already about business and the fact that it is a Thursday made them more vigorous in their attempt to get the attention of their customers. It was just a couple of minutes past 10 in the morning and the market was beginning to fill out. The customers were already coming in and the traders were in a mad rush to display their wares. It is always like this during opening hours and this Thursday morning in April is not any different.
The market opened late today due to a directive from the Lagos state government that says that all markets must clean their environments before 10am every Thursday or risk closure. A lot of markets have been shut down due to this directive and top on the list include the Automobile market at Ladipo and the popular fruit market at Mile 12 so the traders battle every Thursday to keep their environment clean before the Lagos state waste management authority(LAWMA) inspection agents show up at their door. The cleaning process that morning went the way it should have gone with each of the traders showing up as early as 6am to clean his/her immediate surrounding and then gathering the flit in a dump made available by the government.

The earliest customers were pouring in from buses bringing them in from one side of the Ikorodu road while the rest coming from the other side of the road came through the pedestrian bridge. The commercial buses on the side of the market were already set up for business as the time before trading commenced had been dull but now, the day is just beginning. The few who had managedto display their wares were already shouting on top of their voice in a form of oral advertisement; calling on customers to come buy what they had. Some were basic and some just so interesting that even if you were not interested in buying what they had, you would be pulled to look at the person advertising.

The noise from the sellers combines with the noise from the old rickety buses most of whose engine did not completely burn the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) they used as fuel created a feeling of chaos from all around. The fact that the conductors of the buses were also screaming and calling out their routes did not help the noise situation one bit. In the course of the night, it rained making the floor muddy and that was even an added disadvantage to everyone but still as though the cosmic conspiracy against everyone was not enough, the sun was beating down on every one.

The market was along the ever busy ikorodu road expressway which ran from Yaba to Ikorodu making it one of the longest state operated roads in the country and keeping the sanity there traffic wise is the dreaded Lagos State Traffic management Authority (LASTMA). Their men are always on ground here to make sure the traffic keeps moving asthe road is one of the most important ones not just on mainland Lagos but in the whole state.

Some meters away from the market stands a branch of Cadios bank, one of the most profitable and financially stable bank in the country. The bank had opened the branch forbusiness besides the market more that 5 years ago just after the re-capitalization business by the then Central bank governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. The bank is big and occupies a space that is the envy of other banks. Even the banks in the area envied it due to its distance from the market. The queues at the ATM gallery is always filled and even the banking hall is always filled with customers either depositing or withdrawing money so they acquired more ATM machines. It was a great idea because it reduced the number of customers coming into the banking hall to withdraw but it did not help those who wanted to deposit money into thebank. These consist mainly of traders who prefer putting money in the bank’s vaults than their houses.


Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 9:52pm On May 04, 2013
The fact that there is always a large population of customers withdrawing money makes sure that there is always a high amount of cash exchanged by the bank. Most times, the bank, gives out more than it takes in and such money is brought in by heavily guarded armored vehicles from the central bank branch. The bank made money and business is always good and this Thursday is not any different.

There is an entrance for customers and a “back door” for taking in and bringing out money. The entrance to this back door is always locked and armed police men could usually be seen at the entrance as they always stop non staff of the bank from venturing near that entrance. When the vans bringing in money are about to enter or depart, the whole place would be shut down and nobody would go in or out until the money has made its designated route. That is the standard procedure taken by the bank in a bid to avoid mistakes and prevent a Vehicular .

Inside the banking hall was spacious. The counter had cubicles for more than 12 cashiers but they are not always filled with them. On the right, were the offices of the head of banking operations and some other offices for some of the staff. On the left was the customer care department where more than 5 staff attended to the various issues and complaints of the customers. It is supposed to work more like an avenue for customers to ask questions about the services the bank provided that they did not understand but they dealt more with complains of customer who had issues with their ATM cards. In front of the counter is a huge space where the customers queue up mostly as they wait their turn. There are three long chairs that can naturally contain 3 people comfortable at a corner opposite a section of the corner for customers who would rather sit while waiting their turn to be served. In front of the customer care section, there is a walkway that leads to the bulk room which is used to handle large sums of money.

At the opposite side of the busy expressway, the bank acquired a plot of land just for its customers to park their cars as it was becoming difficult to drive to the next point and turn just because they want to do some transaction so they would easily park there, make use of the pedestrian bridge to cross the road and carry out what ever transaction they want to carry out and this morning, a silver colored Toyota Hiace pulled up into the parking space and three men got out of it while the driver remained in the car. Security at the space barely took notice of the bus and its passenger because they assumed that the driver was a designated one bringing in his bosses to the bank.

Almost immediately, a Nissan Serena pulled up into the front of the bank and blocked the entrance to the car park of the bank itself. A traffic official walked up to the car to see why the bus was parking there and to suggest other spaces to park when two men(one sitting beside the driver on front and another beside the door) got out of the minivan clutching automatic rifles and started firing into the air indiscriminately. The door on the other side opened and the remaining 5 passengers got down leaving only the driver in the car all of them holding the same match grade rifle as the men who alighted previously.

While the two men were shooting, everyone around scampered for safety and that included both customers and sellers at the market close by. One of the men who got out earlier walked towards the road and stood there with the gun pointing parallel to his feet now and shouted;

“Everybody get down or you will get killed” and he opened fire.
Some people who were peeping and trying to see what was happening got hot pieces of lead shot into them as suddenly, the ever busy Ikorodu road became empty. Cars had turned around with accuracy that could only be imagined as they all scampered to safety. The traffic officials controlling traffic at the bus stop also lay down with their faces in the muddy water while some who were fast ran into the market complex.

The market at this time was now a ghost of itself. There was screams from people who have been struck by stray bullets and those who were not hit had found somewhere to hide. Even the disabled beggars who sat at the entrance of the market were nowhere to be found. The remaining 5 men who had got out of the car later ran into the bank’s compound and within seconds, everyone making a transaction at the ATM machines were on the ground one of them said calmly;

“We don’t want to hear your phones ring and we don’t want you looking up. All you should do is lay down as you are and stay down or else, you will be killed right there.”

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Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 9:57pm On May 04, 2013
Almost as he was saying that, about two policemen ran out of the backdoor and were shot down without a moment’s hesitation while the two men outside continued shoot sporadically.

Three of the men ran through the back door and followed it down until they reached the door where the money enters. The first person to get there looked up and saw a particularly fat man jumping over the fence through the security wire and paid no attention to him.

“He is probably a customer scared out of his mind” he thought to himself as his two companions left him there to keep watch and walked back.

“How is the back door?” one of those left asked

“All clear” and two men went over to the bank’s security door.

There were people lying down all around the door as they were those trying to get inside before the armed men came. One man had a bag beside him and was clutching hard to it sweating profusely like he was on heat. He was notice by one of the remaining two walking around the compound and he collected the bag from him.

“What is inside the bag?” he demanded.

“Erm…. Sir sir sir” was all the man could say as there was a mixture of fear, shock and confusion in his voice. The bag was opened and the contents turned out to be money. The man was left unharmed but the bag was carried and put at the gate where the two men were still shooting at irregular intervals to scare people.

“Okay Sunday and Monday, get started” and two of them went to the door and started lining the edges with some strange material.

They worked for about 60 seconds and they walked back. Some seconds later, a loud explosion rocked the whole area and the door to the bank went crashing into the ground with cement fragments from the door falling around the people lying down around. The security door was so strong that no part of the glass body was broken but since it was cemented into the wall, the explosion blew the wall and weakened the joint hence the door fall outwards. All four of them then entered the banking hall.

“Everybody get down” the first man to enter screamed but he really did not have to have done that as the people inside had already laid down on their faces. Some were completely quiet and some were breathing soheavily, you could hear amidst the orders by one of the armed men.

Another series of gunshot was heard from the road and another from the area of the back door as the men there continued to keep watch over this places and tell intending‘visitors’ to stay away.

“Where are the bank’s staff? If you are a staff here, move to my left” one of them shouted but no one responded.

“Seems we have a set of disloyal staff here another said. If you don’t obey us now, we will just have to search your pockets and anyone we find anything on will be shot”

6 men and 2 ladies moved cautiously but slowly towards the left of the banking hall as the armed man smiled to himself.

“Where is the manager? We are his guests today and he has to entertain us”

While that was said, one of them moved towards the bulk room and threw a kick into it. The door flew open and he entered. Some seconds later, his indiscriminate and incoherent voice was heard as well as some shooting from the rifle he carried.

One of the remaining three asked;

“Where is the manager? We want your safe opened or we will kill all of you right now”

One of the staff trembling managed to respond to this question as he said;

“He should be in his office right now”

“Good, Wednesday and Tuesday, go with him,get the manager and bring us the money and let’s get out of here. Monday should be able to get the money from the bulk room too”

From the bulk room, they heard the voice of the man who went in earlier;

“Start filling those bags with cash right now or I will kill you right there” his voice boomedwith anger and seriousness.

About a minute later, the men came back with the staff who said the manager was in his office and said;

“It seems the manager had gone out through the side entrance and went over the fence. We would not be able to open the safe now, we must get the cash we can get here and leave”

“ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !” he screamed and said;

“Get some bags and start getting everything you can get your hands on fast, we are running out of time”

At the other side of the road, the men who got out of the Hiace laid down too but they carried a bag which no one around them noticed. Everyone thought that the bank’s security all stayed inside the compound but some stay outside and when they saw that the two men with the gun had relaxed and the intervals between the gunshots had increased, 4 policemen came out of a shed and started towards the entrance of the park. The two men got up, pulled the same rifles the men inside the bank had and shot down all 4 policemen immediately as one of them screamed;

“Are you boys not done yet? We have to move real quickly”


Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 10:04pm On May 04, 2013
They got up as the driver pulled the bus out of the park and parked it along the expressway and opened all door to the bus including the one at the back. Some minutes later, all 5 men walked out of the bank’s compound and then the driver to the Serena joined them. They were all carrying bags which they had some difficulty carrying but managed to carry them all to the Hiace and loaded it inside. As they were putting the bags in the car, one of the two men who stood at the park went to the middle of the road and started shooting just in the same way the other men were shooting earlier while another climbed the pedestrian bridge and looked ahead.
All of a sudden, from the distance, a low sound was heard and the sound increase with each second. It did not take anyone an inch of intelligence to realize that the noise was that of sirens used by the police and from the sound of it, it was not just one, they were much coming in the direction of the bank. The man on the bridge looked towards that direction and could count more than 5 police Hilux coming their way but their path was blocked by cars which were parked by the owners in a bid to get away from the area quickly.

“We have to move quickly” he shouted as he saw that the policemen were getting off the trucks and were running towards them on feet. At the same time, he opened fire in that direction and the man on the ground too did the same thing. There was a return of fire by the advancing policemen and he was struck in the shoulder. He tried to the get off the bridge quickly as the others had gotten into the Hiace with the money and the driver was waiting impatiently for him. He got to the stair of the bridge and another bullet hit him in the back and he fell down rolling along the path of the stairs until he got to the bottom.

“We have to go” The driver screamed as the other one who previously stood in the middle of the road saw the policemen closing in and he ran towards the bus and was almost there when a bulled broke the back glass of the buss. Another buried itself in his left thigh making him immobile as the bus started and zoomed off leaving him lying on the floor at the mercy of the advancing police officers.

The advancing policemen kept firing at the bus which by the time they got closer to make any impact had put some distance between the crime scene and themselves. They drove off towards Ikorodu and kept driving fast with the intention of getting away and getting away fast. Inside the bus, the men kept quiet in anticipation of the bullets razing the back glass. When they had put some distance between them and the police, there were screams of joy as they were glad that they had escaped the crime and they did so with their loot in place and not a lot of causalities. It was not everyday anyone decides to rob a bank and especially not in Lagos but they had done it and at the moment, gotten away with it.

The first of the police personnel that arrived at the scene first went to secure the two members of the gang who had been shot and they discovered that the one that fell from the bridge had died but the second man was on the ground bleeding and in pains. He was surrounded and received a couple of hits and kicks from the men who first got there as they attempted to get him on his feet and he got more beatings. Some other agents went over to the bank to assess the bank itself as the customers and staff began to come out cautiously. They had fear written all over them as they were told to stop by the policemen approaching the bank.

The police told them they wanted to do a damage assessment of the bank and also interview all the people inside the bank itself.

An ambulance was called as the market became lively too with some people running away towards there house and the others running away in the opposite direction for fear that the incident was not over yet but some of the traders still had the mind to opentheir stalls and shops in the hopes of continuing the business of the day. To those ones, the robbery had nothing to do with them and it should not stop them from doingwhat they set out to do from the start.

The traffic was getting light again as the drivers who ran off leaving their cars on the road return and started moving them with the traffic officials doing their best to make sure the road became clear.

A couple of bystanders were blaming the success of the robbery on the late arrival of the police and some even said the police knew about the whole operation


Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 10:08pm On May 04, 2013
IBK got out of the small sedan he was driving and walked slowly towards the bank without stopping to look at either side. He passed through the crowd of eager on lookers who were trying to get a glimpse of what was happening inside the bank while the policemade the crowd stand some distance away from the bank so they would be able to gather whatever information they could gather which might help to catch the robbers. IBK walked towards the bank and when he got to the front of the crowd, he was stopped by a young policeman clutching an automatic rifle;

“You cannot go beyond this point”

IBK smiled at him and said;

“I just want another look at what happened here, nothing else”

The officer now getting impatient said;

“The orders here are that no one should cross this line so move back or you would be looking for more trouble than you can handle”

IBK knew within himself that the police officer was acting a script but he just enjoys playing with people and trying to get them angry at him because most people tend to reveal who they really are while angry. He reached into his pocket and brought out an identity cad card and handed it over to the young officer. The officer initially refused to collect the card but he did eventually and without inspecting it twice, moved out of IBK’s way as IBK kept walking.

He walked up to another officer and asked;

“Who is in charge here?” he spoke and brought out the same identity card at the same time as the officer pointed to a large man with a protruding belly standing in one corner barking orders to everyone and IBK said........


Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 11:24am On May 05, 2013
There are things that go bump in the night, and there are things that bump back......
Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 5:31pm On May 05, 2013
“That is him?”

“The officer stared at IBK nervously and said;

“Yes sir, that’s him”

“Okay. Carry on with whatever it is you are doing”

IBK walked to the large man and walked through the entrance of the bank. He looked inside and shook his head sadly as he saw the security door on the ground.

He thought to himself;

“These people have been taught how better to install their darned doors but they never listen. This is what they get in return but at least the bank is insured and they will get their money back”

He got to the front of the leader of the team who was shouting into his phone to someone who sounded like a reporter;

“I have told you earlier, this is an ongoing investigation and for now, I have no comment. If you want a briefing, you can speak with the commissioner. I am sure he will be glad to answer any question you have for him”

He hung up and looked at IBK;

“Yes, who are you and what do you want? You’d better not be another new reporter or I will have you locked up”

IBK shook his head and said;

“If I was a reporter, you have no right to lock me up; the worst you can do if have me removed from the crime scene and nothing else. If you lock me up, it is an abuse of office and an infringement of my rights as a citizen because I am only doing my job to inform the citizens as to what is happening and what the police is doing to catch the criminals and make sure this sort of thing does not happen again”

The large man saw the sense in what he said but he was not about to be swayed by the words of a reporter;

“By the time I lock you up for a week, you will cry all you want and there is nothing anyone will do to me”

“That’s what you think. I can always get a lawyer and sue the Nigerian police in which case you are likely to get fired or at least, suspended. But that is not the point of me coming here neither am I a reporter. I just need some information from you concerning what happened here”

The police office looked at the man in front of him surprised that he could be referred to in that tone and he said;

“Who are you? And why do you want to know about the robbery? You better start talking now young man before I have you arrested for obstruction of justice”

IBK thought to himself;

“Not a very smart man but he would be of use anyway”

He pulled his identity card from his pocket and handed it to the officer and the man looked at the picture to compare it with that of the person standing in front of him.

“Okay so you are a State Security Service agent, what do you want to know? Or you want to take over this investigation? I would like it if you do as I will go home and go spend the remaining of this day on my bed”

IBK smiled.

“I am not taking over but I was just curious about something”

“And what will that be?” the police shot back

“I saw that you shot some of the robbers andI am hoping that they left their guns behind”

The officer did not allow him finish before cutting in;

“If you want the guns, you will have to apply through my superiors. I am not about to hand over those guns to you just because you waived an identity card in my face”

IBK was not even pissed at the officer neitherwas he surprised at his behavior, he got this kind of treatment a lot from policemen and he was used to it.

“I don’t want those guns, I just want their manufacturer’s number at I am good. I realize that you might not want to give them to me now because let’s face it, my ID card might be fake but I will drop my number and you can call my office. When you have done your confirmation, you can send the numbers to me through the contacts they give you. But a word of advice, better not play around with this else it will be the end of your career”

That said, IBK handed a card to the man and he turned back and walked away in the direction of his car. He did not really concern himself with if they caught the robbers or notas that was not his concern but in the past few months, he had been tracking a series of high profile robberies and they all seemed to use the same type of guns. He wanted to see if where the guns were made was identical so he would be able to draw a pattern.

He barely got to his car when his phone rang.He pulled up along the road and checked who it was and saw that it was the deputy director in charge of the South Western operations,

“Mr Hassan, good morning”

“Good morning Ibukun, how is your day going?”

IBK thought he was asking about the bank robbery and he said;

“I am coming from the scene of the robbery, the police shot two of them but one of them is alive, I asked for the number on the guns they dropped so I can compare with what I have with me, it seems it is the same guns in circulation and that is true, then it means Chief Jegede has been selling guns imported in the name of the Police to criminals”


Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 5:35pm On May 05, 2013
“I did not call you about the robbery Ibukun, I called you to inform you that you have been summoned to Abuja by the director himself. You are to report to Abuja today and as a matter of fact, immediately. Seems something very urgent came up”

“What can be more important than making a very huge gun running breakthrough sir?”

“I don’t make the rules young man, you are wanted in Abuja immediately and he even said there is a plane waiting for you at the Lagos airport so that should tell you that this is top priority”

Then the line went dead. He did not understand what the director who he has never met would want him but it sounded too urgent to be ordinary. A plane waiting forhim means he was wanted immediately and he had no time to waste.

He turned his ignition and started driving towards Maryland. He would make an exit there and head for the airport but still he wasnot happy about leaving his case behind to chase some case he was not sure he could help with.

The sun was coming out on Ponle street Egbeda. The time for the weekly sanitation had passed and the few shops here had opened. The whole area was more or less a residential one hence there was less trading and most of the residents had gone to their various places of work. Primary and secondary schools were also in session so the school kids had gone to school leaving the street sort of deserted. The street was nota really long one as it had just 20 houses on either side.

A transformer stood about midway into the street and the street had been tarred during the administration of the former governor, Bola Tinubu. Life here was quiet and it rarely saw violent crime. It was not a really rich neighborhood but most of the residents were middle class who worked most of daylight.

Where the transformer stood could be called midway into the street and a bumb divided the street. Upwards towards the end of the street was an area popularly called “Ponle 1” because most of the richer people stayed there and the area was filled with flat and an estate of is also built there. The wall of the estate is long and gave the impression of an official complex but it was residential. After the estate was an hospital and a set of duplexes. The road upwards led to Ikotun road and on the other side of the road stood Gowon estate which is one of the largest government owned estates in the country.

On the other side of the bump however werehouses which are not a fanciful as the others. Most of them are one room apartments but they are really cleaned and this part is fondly called “Ponle 2”. But even with this demarcation, the residents live in peace and apart from the rare menace of armed robbersis was common in most parts of Lagos, everything went well. Cars are parked along the road since it is wide; it caused no problems to the inflow of traffic. The other side leads directly to Fajumobi Street which isa link to Micoom bus stop and which lies on Akowonjo road.

The only resemblance to any official complex on the street is a warehouse which has not been used in a long while. The owner had built it and hoped to rent it out but the place where is is situated has no economic value and no one came to inquire about it for yearsuntil someone came a year ago and the owner was more than happy to rent it out.

What they stored inside the warehouse was no business of anybody and goods were usually brought in with vans while workers there rarely came to work. One a week, someone would just come, open the gates and disappear into the place and everyone assumes that they came for inventory but in the past few weeks, there had been an increase in the activity at the warehouse as workers worked there round the clock and what was more strange was that the workers rarely mixed with the residents on the street. A Toyota Hiace brought them in the morning and took them home. Some people once even said some of them slept within the warehouse itself.

This Thursday morning, a car was parked some distance away from the warehouse andit just stayed there. There were two people inside the car and they engaged themselves in a conversation between themselves. To everyone passing through, it looked innocentenough as they did not do anything that should arouse suspicion from anyone and occasionally, they looked up in front of them as if they were expecting something to happen.
They were there for some minutes and then acar pulled out of the compound which housed the warehouse. The warehouse had its own gate so there no doubt to where the car was from. The car drove forward and oneof the two men who sat beside the drive spoke into a radio he held;

“A car with a single passenger and registration number AH777FST just pulled outof the warehouse, should we follow? Please advise”


Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 5:39pm On May 05, 2013
There was silence for some seconds and thena voice replied;

“Intelligence is picking something up but for now, follow it gently, it seems they about to move”

“No problem, just keep us posted”
The other man who was behind the wheel immediately turned on the ignition as the car came to life and they followed the car.

They drove casually behind the car as though they had stopped to get some refreshment and discuss a business plan and they were done as the car they were following went through Fajumobi through Nimod the formerNimod Appetizers and headed towards Miccom bus stop when someone spoke through the radio;

“Izu, we have reasons to believe that the car in front of you contains explosives and they intend to blow something up so don’t let it out of your sight. We will send a squad into the warehouse for a raid but whatever you do, don’t make yourselves too obvious”

Izu looked to the driver, took up the radio and said;

“Erm……can you please repeat what you just said”

“I am not playing games here, the report we have just told us that the terrorist group ‘The Liberators’ which we have been following intend to strike today with some explosives. Monitored some of their calls and we learnt that the registration number of the car to be used”

Before the person could finish, Izu broke in;

“Let me guess, the registration number matches the one we just reported”

“You are perfectly right”

“So do you have any idea where they intend to set this bomb off or are we just to follow it?”

“We have no idea where the bomb will go offwe just know it will be a high profile place with a lot of crowd”

The driver spoke for the first time since the conversation started;

“It might be the third mainland bridge you know”

The voice replied over the radio;

“We don’t think so setting a car bomb off on the bridge will barely have any effect. I think if they would attack it will be somewhere they would be able to kill a lot of people so asto get attention”

“Erm you do realize we can’t follow this car alone. We will need back up. A lot of back up at that”

“We have already drafted more personnel towards chasing down the car. Do not attempt to stop the car in a crowded environment as he might be tempted to set the bomb off and please it will be better if we can get the driver alive for questioning but the objective is to stop the blast and save lives. Get it?”

“Loud and clear boss. I suggest you call the Lagos State Transport Management Authority(LATSMA) to clear the roads so our guy might not feel threatened”

“Already done. I am opening communication links between you and reinforcement so you would know where one another is and also sending in an helicopter to help out”

“A voice which is different from the one that has been speaking said said;

“I think the chopper is a bad idea, if this guy hears the helicopter he might feel like he is being followed and get trigger happy”

Izu asked;

“Sorry but who is this?”
The voice answered;

“This is agent Yemi, I am right under the dopemu bridge waiting further instructions sir”

“Okay sir, I agree with Yemi, keep the chopper until we really need it. I doubt he would be able to disappear especially with the traffic not heavy”

“Okay but don’t lose him the voice said and make sure you watch yourselves out there”

At this time, the car being tracked had reached the roundabout that enters Sasha and the car turned left and drove through as he got on the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway and drove towards Oshodi.

“I have seen him and I am following” came Yemi’s voice over the radio

“I see you” Izu said. “Let’s keep this guy in sight without him knowing we are there.”

The car drove slowly at first until its driver looked back and saw a car behind him. He had seen the same car on the street and the car seem to be keeping at a distance just 3 cars behind and trying to stay hidden and thedriver stepped on the accelerator.

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Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 10:00pm On May 06, 2013
“Oh oh…” The guy driving the car Izu was in said

“What’s wrong John?” Izu said looking towards him and taking his eyes off the car they were trailing

“I think you better radio back and request for that eye in the sky. Seems we might be needing it after all”

“Why would we?” replied Yemi over the communicator

“This guy just increased his speed. I think he noticed that he is being followed. The chopper can just come out just in case we need it”

“The chopper is already in the air boys, we are just keeping it away until we need it. Replied the voice.

He continued;

“The raid on the warehouse is on going and there are reports of traces of an Improvised Explosive device and they can’t find it anywhere on the building. They also think the car might have left with it so double up. The Police have been drafted to watch this and also provide support”

Izu was silent for a minute and then he said;

"You want us to keep this guy on the highwayand out of crowded neighborhoods’ right? Then we need to know where his destination is. He might be headed for the island or the ports for all we know and we can do nothing except he runs out of fuel or we stop him in his tracks and doing that on these roads might be a problem”

“So what do you want us to do?”

“If he does not know we are on his tail already, it is time we told him and put him on some roads we can actually control with ease. If he keeps going straight, he might get stuck in the traffic at Ladipo and he lose his head. Let’s rough him up a bit and send him our way”

Yemi said;

“I like the idea but I don’t fully understand it”

Izu continued;

“Let’s send him out of the expressway and throw him towards Maryland. We know that the roads on Mobolaji Bank Anthony roads have traffic lights so we can ensure easy passage for him through that road without obstruction and we can cut him off just before he gets to the exit at Maryland. Cut him off with spikes before he gets to the Ikorodu expressway”

The voice over the radio answered;

“What do you need me to do?”

“Put all the traffic lights on that road at green,and block the Abeokuta expressway just afterthe airport bridge. That can be done by parking a couple of police trucks and make it seem like they are waiting to kill him. with luck, he will take the bait and get on the bridge there”

Yemi cut in;

“it is a great idea but block the exit into the airport roads else this could get really messy”

“If the car gets anywhere near the airport, I have men there who have been ordered to open fire; some risks cannot be taken”

“Okay here we come. Make sure that diversion is there before we get there sir”

The traffic was light and this gave the the car and the two trailing it the chance to move swiftly as they passed through Mangoro bus-stop and headed for Ikeja along. The driver looked behind him and noticed that the car he suspected had been trying to keep up with him and another had joined him in the chase. He was not sure he was being followed but when he increased his speed, they also did and this gave him reason to worry. He considered calling the warehouse but he had been told that there was no need for further communication and so he kept driving an dkeeping the two cars behind it at bay.

He got under the pedestrian bridge at Ikeja and notice that there was a road block aheadof him just in front of the First bank there. The road block did not look ordinary as there were actually trucks of heavily armed police men standing in the trucks and closing the road thereby allowing just a few cars pass. He thought about pushing the button but remembered that he was told to do that only when he could guarantee that there would be maximum damage.

His target was still very far off in Lekki and the road being blocked is the sure bet. If he had any doubt that they were on to him, they were cleared as he saw policemen standing along the road too. The trap had been set and the cars on the road were slowing downdue to the partial block ahead and he was forced to slow down too. He reached the filling station as he approached the overhead bridge and saw the policemen point their guns towards him.

“Would this be the end?” he thought to himself as he drove under the bridge. He was sure they would not open fire; not with the number of cars on the road as they might hit someone else. He the sun’s rays was blocked by the bridge and he his brain went into hyper drive as he thought of what next to do.The traffic was moving very slowly, he looked in his rear view mirror and saw that the cars behind him were being cleared but traffic officials and they were giving the cars chasing him gain on him and then an idea crept into his head. The exit to the bridge was left unmanned except for two policemen who stood guard and when he got some space in front of him, he stepped on the accelerator as he moved towards the exit.
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The policemen did not look like they were expecting him to do that as they jumped out of the way just in time for him to miss them as he sped on the over head bridge. He noticed that the paths that lead to the airports were blocked and he was not bothered,

“Fools” he thought to himself as he got on the overhead bridge and drove towards the end of the bridge. He went towards the bridge and noticed that there was security presence at the bridge in front of the General Hospital too and he began to doubt if he had made the right decision. He began to feel trapped as though he was being led into a trap and he started to panic.

The road going straight that led to the second bridge was left opened while the one that led down where he could gain access to the road leading to the Police College was closed and he decided to surprise them. He looked back and saw the cars chasing him behind and approaching fast as so he sped inthe direction of the road opened but just as he was about to pass the blockade, he drove into a small gap at the edge of the blockade. His car could barely pass through the gap as the body crashed against the road divider buthe pushed through and he had access to the road straight. He turned left towards the road in front of the Computer Village and sped off.

Izu watched as the traffic slowed down and he told john;

“We have to stay close to him. See if you can clear a path. Yemi, you are awfully quiet, are you with us?”

“I am here” Came Yemi. “Do you think we can get out of this traffic before he gets on the bridge?”

Almost immediately, they saw some policemen and Izu called to them and at the same time pulling out his ID card.

“SSS, I am in charge of this operation and we need you to create a path for us”

The policemen took one look at his identification and started clearing the cars in front of them. John looked at the car they were supposed to be following and saw that it was making for the entrance of the bridge as the road in front of him was being cleared and he could move forward.

“Seems he took the bait” Yemi’s voice said over the radio. “We just have to manage this well from here on and hope nothing goes wrong”

The car got off the expressway and went on the bridge and the two cars followed it. They made their way there too and sped into the empty bridge and just as they got overhead the road, they saw that the car did not take the other bridge which would take it towards Mobolaji Bank Anthony road but he went down and they followed him. The gap the carpassed had been widened by it and they had no problem passing through as they followed with some police cars joining them. they saw it turn left and also followed and the car made a right when it linked up with Awolowo road as it headed toward Allen Roundabout.

The part of Awolowo road close to the bridge naturally is always busy whatever time of the day you choose to drive through there exceptin the early hours of the morning and it was not different today as the car fleeing and those in pursuit found it not so easy to navigate the traffic.

Izu spoke to his boss over the radio;

“He just got on Awolowo road sir, what do we do?”

“How in the world did he manage that?”

“The police did not manage the blockage well in front of the general Hospital and he went through. We need to stop this guy before this thing gets out of hand sir.”

The radio went dead for a few seconds and then the voice came back;

“What do you think we should do now?”

“I suggest we take the car down with force sir. This roads leads to a lot of places we don’t want them getting to. If he turns at and gets into Allen, he could drive into a bank, if he goes straight, he could make a turn and head towards Ojota which will be a disaster and if he keeps going straight, he would be heading straight for ….Oh my God….”

“He could be heading where Izu? Answer me”

But Izu did not answer as the answer scared him. The answer came from John;

“He would be heading for Ikeja mall. The place is a huge shopping centre complete with movie screens and a population that willsurely make headlines all over sir. This guy has to be stopped”

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“What do you suggest? How do we take him down without harming innocent civilians?”

Yemi replied him;

“We can slow him down when he passes Allen roundabout. LASTMA officials have spikes which they threaten drivers with, they can block the exit towards Allen, block the one that leads to Ojota and lay the spikes after the traffic light. With his tires gone, he would be forced to slow down and we can try to run him off the road”

The Operations leader said over the radio;

“Izu, do you agree with this plan?”

“Yes sir, that is a good plan and a good bet too. Other cars should also be told to stay away as if he loses his tires, he might try something we don’t want to happen”

“Okay, I will get in touch with the LASTMA command center and tell them what we need.”

The car sped off towards Allen round about and was happy when he noticed that the traffic lights were showing green. He did not notice that the exit towards Allen was blocked as he had just one plan in his head. His target had been either the Silverbird Cinemas on Victoria Islan or The Palms shopping centre on Lekki but since they might not be achievable, then he would blow himself up in Ikeja mall.

“The causality there might not be as high as we want but it will be high enough for the government to take notice of us and listen to our demands.”

He sped past the roundabout and continued. He passed the exit to Ojota and noticed that other cars had been stopped behind him except for the two cars which lead a long line of police trucks as they attempted to catch him.

“They can never catch me now” he thought to himself

As he passed the exit, he heard a loud noise as he felt his car lift off the road. He had run over spikes laid by the LASTMA officials and the sudden burst of tires caused the car to tumble. The speed he was going at did not help one bit as the car was lifted and it rolled in the air twice before crashing into the road up ahead.


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The rising of the sun does not signify an end to the evil of the night. It just evens the field and makes you able to fight back with more ease. Of course it also makes sire your cover is blown in case you have been using the dark as a cover to hide with.........

Time to bumb back folks


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“Was that supposed to happen?” John asked as they watched the car tumble and fall in front of them.

Izu said;

“That was not the plan but we did get him to stop didn’t we? And that was the goal”

John parked the car about a hundred feet away from the car as Yemi also pulled up beside them. the police trucks were arriving at the scene and they parked behind them and the John looked beside him and said,

“What do we do now? We are not sure the driver is alive or not. And he might want to detonate the explosives if we approach him. Are you hearing this command? What should we do? Wait for the bomb squad?”

John had barely finished when Izu went out of the car, pulled his gun and walked towards the car whose tires were still rolling.

The car had hit the ground upside down and the belly was up. Smoke was coming from its exhaust and no one could tell if the engine was still running or if the driver was conscious.

John saw his partner get down and he called out to him;

“Where do you think you are going? That car can explode at anytime”

He looked beside him and saw that Yemi was also out of his car but made no attempt to approach the vehicle in front of them. Izu looked back towards them and said;

“There is a chance he had been knocked out by the crash, if we decide to wait here and wait until we are sure, we might be giving him time to recover and he might just detonate the IED. I will go up to the car and check while you guys stay back and keep the perimeter”

“Damn it Izu, this is not time to be a hero. You could be blown to bits”

Izu heard but was already walking towards the car but slowly. His gun was drawn and his hands held them out in front of him as he reached the back of the crashed car. He moved sideways as if he was walking away from it and walked more cautiously this time as he approached the driver’s side of the car. He got the driver’s side and he noticed that there was no movement, he looked back at his partner and saw that everyone was out oftheir car and were watching him nervously.

“They must think I am extremely brave or really stupid for doing this” he thought to himself.

He moved directly in front of the driver’s side and bent down with his gun till drawn but this time with his right hand as he out his lefton the ground to support his body.

The driver had passed out immediately the car hit the ground as a result of shock. The driver was not wearing the seat belts so the air bags were not activated and he had hit his head around the space above him. When the car landed on the ground, he hit his head on the roof of the car and he slumped on it but gradually, his consciousness started to come back.

The first thing he saw was the light from outside the car, there was glass fragments from a mirror of glass that broke all over him and blood seemed to be dripping from his head and nose. He closed his eyes again as the world seemed to be upside down and he shook his head in a bid to clear it a little.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw that the light coming in from the window was partially blocked by an object he could not immediately make out. He focused on the object and found that he was looking into the nozzle of a State issued 9mm and a voice rang out;

“Put your hands where I can see them, you asmuch as think of doing anything silly, I will bepumping hot pieces of lead into your head”

Fifteen minutes later, the man had been pulled out of the car; the bomb squad were already working on getting the bomb out of the car while a truck had been parked by the LASTMA official to move the car off the road once the bomb squad was done with the IED inside.

“That was a very dangerous thing you did back there” John said to Izu when they had put the driver in a police van where he was guarded by half a dozen heavily armed mobile policemen and waiting for him to be transferred to the SSS holding facility in Ojota.

“It was dangerous but someone had to do it. if we had waited for the bomb squad to arrive he might he detonated the bombs and we would have lost a potential bird.”

Yemi cut into their conversation;

“Do you think any of the people caught will talk to us about their activities?”

Izu said,

“I know a very good interrogator who can make anyone sing like a canary once he gets a hold of him”

They were still discussing the incident when Izu’s phone rang, he picked it up and the number was that of the Operation director and he answered;

“Sir, you could have just spoken over the radio. What is going on”

The reply was fast;

“Hold on, I am putting you through with the deputy director in charge of the south west. He seems to have some information he wouldlike to share with you”

“Okay, No problem”

The voice of the deputy director sounded more like that of someone who was hurrying somewhere he was late for and he was quickto business


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“Agent Izu where are you right now?”

“Ikeja sir. We just arrested a man who attempted to drive into a mall with his car filled with explosives and secured the whole place”

“Good, congratulations on that but I am afraid I will have to pull you away from that now. You are to get to the Lagos airport right now and get on a plane heading to Abuja within thirty minutes”

“is anything wrong sir?”

“it is a matter of extreme urgency and I don’t think I need to remind you to keep this to yourself. There is an air force jet waiting for you at the airport to take you and another agent to Abuja and you are expected to be on it. The plane leaves in thirty minutes so I advice to start moving right now. you don’t need to park anything and this is a military plane so there is no point dropping your weapon, just come as you are right now”

Twenty five minutes later, Izu found himself walking on the tarmac of the domestic wing of the Lagos towards a Boeing jet that sat on the runway. Just one thought had ran through his mind as he drove towards the airport;

“What could be so important that I had to be dragged away from one of my biggest cases yet? It is either someone wants to stop the investigation of something big came up. Either way, I guess I will know when I get to the airport.”

He was not expecting to see a jet waiting for him there too. He was told by the deputy director that a jet was in standby but he took it that it was a commercial flight but when hegot to the airport, security personnel were already waiting for him at the entrance and they led him directly the tarmac. The door to the jet also doubled as the stair as he paused,took a deep breath and said a quiet prayer ashe got on the plane. He when he got to the top, he looked inside and saw that it was empty except for someone sitting in one of the seats, the pilot was standing at the end ofthe stair dressing in Air Force uniform and greeted him;

“Good afternoon sir, I am the pilot, if you would please take your seat, we should be taking to the sky immediately” and with that, he locked the door and walked into the cockpit.

Izu looked at the other man seated in the plane just as the man turned around and sawhim

“Agent Izu, so you are the one who had kept me waiting all this while”

Izu recognized the face well, IBK was once his partner but they were separated when IBK was transferred to Osun on some Narcotics case.

“If memory serves me right Ibukun, you are supposed to be hunting down crackheads in Osun state, what in the world are you doing in Lagos?”

“I was on some gun running case and the investigations brought me here. Then I got a call and I found myself in this really comfortable jet. Who would have thought the SSS can provide such means of transportation”

“Well no one would have guessed but the sudden call I got is worrying to me. I just stopped a suicide attack”

IBK sat up when he heard that;

“Did you say suicide? And I thought I was having all the fun when I walked into a bank robbery in ketu, I know you won’t be able to tell me the details but that is some major stuff. The crime scene in Lagos is moving up don’t you think?”

“Yeah moving up but we are being summoned far away from it. What do you think this is about?” Izu asked

Ibukun was about to answer when the pilot appeared and told him to take his seat as the plane was about to take off. He strapped himself to a seat and seconds later, they heard the twin engines come alive as the plane made its way done the runway and into the sky.


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Chapter 2: Frightening News

The conference room was filled with al sort of men and a few women, most of them in different uniforms while some were plainly dressed. They had all come with their personal assistants but soon, those had to go outside the room as they were not cleared for the information that would be shared inside the conference room. The conference room was huge and it was rarely used and never had it been this full no matterwhat meeting they were having simply because no meeting which is as important as the one they were about to have has been held here.

On the floor of the reception was a huge inscription of the Nigerian coats of arms and the walls were painted in a cool milky color togive the impression of coolness but those who worked behind the desks knew there was nothing cool about what goes in the building. It is a place where most of the difficult decisions were taken and the amount of backbiting and politicking that happens is staggering.

The participants started arriving about 15 minutes before 12 when the meeting is supposed to start. There was no room for lateness in this business and when a meetingis called with such urgency and secrecy, time is f the upmost importance as lateness could cost a lot of lives or a lot of materials might be lost. The building was guarded by uniformed men drawn from a selection of the Army, Navy and Air force. Almost at every angle, there was something to remind visitors that the building belongs to the military and they did everything to keep it that way. From the exterior painting to the flags flying. From the gates where inspectionswere carried out to the constant salutation by everyone.

The first guest to arrive was the Chief of Army staff General Buba Rasak. A retired soldier who had served the Nigerian army in the Civil war and different missions both inside and outside the country. Buba is a tall and bulky man whose appearance screams command. His face carried a scar which is evidence of a bullet that smeared his face during a peace mission somewhere in east Africa. He is dark in complexion and a man who rarely talk. His life has been that of receiving orders and he learnt of listening a lot before giving anyone replies.

His car pulled up at the entrance to the reception and he did not wait for his driver or any of his escorts to come and open the door before he opened it and got down by himself. His aide came to his side carrying a file and Buba made his way to the door and itwas opened from within. The guard who opened it saluted him and he did not respond. He walked over to the reception and before he spoke, the receptionist answered

“Good morning sir. Welcome to the Defence head quarters sir”

“Where is the Minister? She dragged me out of a very important briefing for some meeting and it better make sense or she will be hearing from me to the fullest”

The minister might be his senior in position but when you are the head of the largest Army on the continent, you feel the power he feels. His uniform has had so many decorations that he did not have space to puthis medals anymore. The new ones he receives, he just puts inside his drawer back at the office.

“The conference room is already prepared sir .Right this way”

Someone came to his front and Buba looked at him

“Is this not the same Head quarters I am used to? I am very capable of finding the conference room by myself and I need no usher.

He looked back and saw the Chief of Naval staff Admiral Emeka Johnson walk through the same doors he had walked through someseconds ago and he walked up to him to greet him.

They exchanged salutes and Buba said;

“What are you doing here Emeka?”

“I was called here to meet the MinDef (Minister of Defence) here by noon for an emergency meeting. I was about heading to Port Harcourt for some inspections when I got thecall so I came over to see what it is about. Don’t tell me you got the same call”

“Well I am here and it is almost noon so I am here for that too and seems like it is for the same thing. I just hope she did not call us here to discuss Budget cuts else she is going to hear it”

Emeka smiled and said;

“We should wait and see what she wants to say. The day is still young and this is just October 10. I doubt they want to start talking budget things now.”

Together, they walked into the conference room. When they entered, the room was empty except for people arranging bottled waters in front of each chair. They took a seatbesides and got into a discussion when the Director General of the SSS Tope Adesanya entered.
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Tope had never been in the army neither had he been in any missions outside the country. He had joined the police straight from university where he studied Electrical engineering. He was with the police for 15 years and then someone decided that he had an eye for investigation and he was interviewed by the SSS. The rest was history. In the corridors of power, Tope is feared all over the country as he coordinates investigation into all crimes that ranges from bank robberies to internal aggressions. His agency investigates high profile robberies as well as provide security to top politician including governors and ministers and naturally, he had their ears and so whatever he says mostly flies.

After Tope walked in, a lean man with a serious face strolled in wearing. The Chief of Air staff Vice Marshal Tony Udais. His history is simple. Started his career as a supply pilot, then a fighter pilot during the civil war ad hasrisen to his recent post.

Slowly, the room began to fill out as each person walked in and took a seat, among them the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Afe Olaoye,the National Security Adviser, General Peter Ogbonna, the Commandant of the Palace Guards General Victor Umeh and the Inspector general of Police Quadri Muhammad.

When the commandant of the Palace guards Victor Umeh walked in, a silence fell in the room as most people wondered when he was doing in the meeting. He was normally not seen in the gathering of military wigs as his only duties were that the Presidential Villa was secured. He is a hard man and his looks did not betray that. His eyes full along with his face and he always walked with his hands behind him as if in obedience but the rumor is that he does so after years of having to clutch his gun in anticipation of an assassination of his principal which is the Comander in Chief of the Federation.

The last people to walk in were the Minister of Defence Admiral Ifeoma Nwachukwu alonside the Director General of the Directorate of Military Intelligence. The minister was a small lady physically but the position she holds makes everyone else blind to her statue. Her voice is coarse and almost manlike. She had learnt to live in a world ruled by men as she rose through the ranks of a world which is mostly dominated by mento become the head of one of the most important ministries on the continent. She oversees peace missions, draws up budgets and sometimes, serves as overseeing officer to top secret missions both outside and inside the country.

There had been rumors that she is sleeping with the DG of the DMI Kuyi Aliyu and that’s why she could have risen to the post she holds but she was not on to care. Kuyi on the other hand did not really care about rumors because as the person who sits on top of the DMI, he had dirt on everyone inside the room. He has been involved in intelligence gathering since he was in his early twenties which is more that 30 years and he does his job well. Kuyi who is always quiet and always wearing a smile sat down on the far side of the room as Ifeoma walked to the front and said;

“Gentlemen, can you please ask yous personal assistants to wait outside as we have important things to discuss here”

Tony replied her saying;

“Who decides clearance here ma’am? You have summoned us here without reason and you ask our assistants to walk out? Do you realize that whatever we discuss here might still be heard by these same assistants?”

Victor spoke this time;

“With what is happening right now, I doubt any of your assistants will even want to know what we are about to discuss”

Ifeoma cut in;

“Please, let’s get this over with as fast as possible as w have to decide what we want to do and do that fast”

She waited for sometime as the assistants walked out and she invited Kuyi to come up and address the gathering.

Kuyi walked quickly in front and started;

“You have all been called here because we have an emergency on our hands. One that has never happened before and one I doubt will ever happen in our history. This event willtest us in ways we cannot believe or imagine but we have to think and also act fast so as to avoid it getting worse that it already is right now.”

A few of those in the room shifted uncomfortably in their seats as all eyes were on the spy. They did not know what was happening but they knew it was serious. No one gives that sort of speech except when he has real bad news to share. The minds of those seated went to the most evil thing as a couple of them thought a coup has been carried out and they were been forced to joinor be executed and this increased the discomfort in the room
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Kuyi continued;

“As most of us are aware, the President has taken a trip to Tetuan on a three day workingvisit to discuss how our military can further help the peace efforts and also help to hastentalks between the rebels in the south and the government there. The president left yesterday, October 8 and she was expected to return to the country tomorrow but that cannot happen as of now. The reason for that is why we are gathered here right now because the government of Tetuan is holdingthe President and Comander in chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria captive in the presidential Palace there. The president LucasRadonsolema sent us this message four hours ago and said he will be giving us more information later.


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Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 5:03am On May 12, 2013
The minister for Foreign affairs coughed somewhere in the room out of disbelief but he had learnt to keep his mouth shut when it came to military matters. He heard what the spy chief just said and to him it sounded like the worst joke in the world but he sat still and continued watching since he was one of the few civilians in the conference room. The remaining civilians were mainly just risk management teams who although had military training they were really not involved in the handling of arms.

The COAS Rasak stirred in his seat which was more of trying to break the stifling silence in the room. Every eye was trained at the Kuyi and they all watched him without breaking their stare but for occasional blinking which they could not do without. The water in front of each person was untouched as a mixture of shock and disbelief ran through the room.

Kuyi walked to the front and a thin part of the wall moved sideways to reveal a screen as the lights in the room was dimmed. The screen came on to show a man in foreign military uniform sitting on a large chair. He was flanked by two men; one on either side carrying automatic rifles. Behind him was a wall covered with the Purple and gold flag of the Republic of Tetuan. The man had his eyes on the camera in front of him and five seconds after the screen came on, he started speaking.

‘This is a message to the leaders of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As you are aware,your president is visiting my country and he will be here for the next two days but there will be a slight change of plans. The presidentalthough came into this country a free man and a respected member of the international community is as of this moment, my prisoner.He has not committed any crimes but Nigeria has. There is a list of demands I have and I will be telling you about them as time progresses. I will like for this to be resolved very fast and quietly but I hope you realize that sending in your military will be a wrong decision since I have my men all around him and if I get the slightest hint that there is a military offensive, he will die. Have a pleasant morning.”

The screen went off and the lights in the room came back on as everyone continued their silence except this time, most of them were not looking at Kuyi but at Quadri since the protection of the President is the responsibility of his office and they are underoath to rather die than whoever occupied that office is hurt.

Afe was the first to speak up;

“I hope Mr Kuyi is not actually expecting any of us to actually believe that because I am not for a second going to believe that the President is being held against his wish in Tetuan”

Before Kuyi could reply, Quadri answered from his seat his voice filled with emotions and regret as the feeling of failure took over him;

“I am sorry but that is true. I have been trying to get in touch with the guards with the president ever since the message was received and their communication sets have been turned off. I have people watching the palace as part of protocol and they have reported that the president is being held within the Palace and his movements have been restricted to the chamber they gave to him. His guards are with him but they have been disarmed and they can’t reach out to call for help.”

He paused to look around the room and then said;

“With the current events, I am turning my resignation as I have failed in my duties and Ijust hope this issue can be resolved without harm to the president”

Kuyi replied;

“Forget all thoughts about your resignation for now. Let’s get this issues sorted out and you can then decide to resign”

The COAS (Chief of Army Staff) said;

“I never knew Lucas Radonsolema is mad. When I met him, I knew he sounded crazy but this is just madness. How do you hold the president of another nation captive? Ignoringthe fact that we already have troops on his home soil keeping the peace there and keeping the rebels from the south from bringing a reign of terror on him and his cabinet”

Afe replied;

“This can’t be true. I really still believe it is a big joke. I still spoke with the president and was on conference call with him and the President of Tetuan last night before going to bed and everything was fine. Maybe we should get in contact with him and clarify this issue”

Ifeoma answered;

“This is beyond clarification. We have noticed military movement around the palace since this message was sent to us. He is not playingaround and he has fortified the palace to ensure that we don’t make any moves to rescue him”

“Okay, let’s slow down a little and not talk of a rescue mission until we have gotten all the specifications right: the NSA Peter Ogbonna answered.
Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 5:08am On May 12, 2013
He continued;

“We should talk with Lucas one more time and let him see reason and let him know that this path he has taken is not a really smart one. This is in the range of a declaration of war and I don’t think Tetuan has the resources to go to war with Nigeria right now”

Afe’s voice came through at this point;

“Hold on a minute people, we are talking about what to do next and the NSA is here hinting war, has anyone talked about chain of command here? Has the Vice President been notified? Because unless I missed something, he is supposed to be in charge of this situation”

Ifeoma replied;

“The Vice president was in Kano when this came in and he has been told. He is on his way to Abuja right and the law might state that the vice president is in charge but he still has to take advice from the military chiefs on what to do.”

“Okay so what do we do?” Afe said.

“Because I still believe this is the biggest joke in all history. No one holds captive the Commander in Chief of a country which is capable of turning your country into an inhabitable desert. It defiles logic”

They were still arguing when Ifeoma’s phone rang and the room fell quiet. Her voice over the phone was almost a whisper as she said;

“Are you sure of what you are saying?” she paused as her eyes roamed around the room and she said;

“Patch him in”

She hung up and she said;

“Lucas Randolosema wants to speak with us via satellite. I have requested that the call be routed here so we can all hear what he has to say”

The screen came on and the image of Lucas came on the screen and he said;

“Good afternoon. I do believe it is afternoon there”

There was no reply from the conference room as they were not sure what to say as Lucas spoke again;

“I understand the situation here and you must think I am unserious and have no idea what I am doing but believe me, I do. I have planned this well and I don’t intend to fail”

Then Kuyi replied;

“Okay we get your point, you have the president and all, what is it you want exactly?”

“Well I don’t think I am familiar with who I am talking to so if you don’t mind, I think introductions will be necessary”

Kuyi who was calm sat back in his chair and said;

“I don’t think introductions are necessary right now. Your not knowing me is no fault of mine neither is it yours. Let’s just get this over with as soon as possible and we can go back to not knowing one another”

“Well you should watch how you talk to me. Whether you like it or not, I still have your Commander in Chief and I can do whatever I like with his”

The COAS cut in;

“You think you can do whatever you like but you actually can’t. you do realize that we can decide to flatten your palace with you in it right now”

Lucas smiled and said;

“I like how you threaten but remember that doing so will also get your president killed and I don’t think that is something any of us wants”

“Okay everybody keep calm” The NSA said. “What exactly do you want?”

“What I want is quite simple. Your country has more than 7,500 troops, tanks, and a couple of military helicopters on Tetuan soil and I want them gone”

“That’s it?” Buba said. “We should up and leave? You could have just said that before the President came there and this whole issue would not come up”

“You seem to be missing the point here, when I say I want your troops gone, I mean I want them gone with the exception of their weapons. They are to drop all their weapons and materials and they will be allowed to get on planes and they will be allowed to get on transport planes back home without harm and the president will also be released. I understand the difficulty in what I have askedfor and hence I give you two hours to come to a decision. Please do this fast. Thank you”

With that, the screen went blank again and the room fell into an unusual silence

The NSA was the first person to talk as he sat back into his chair and said;

“At least we now know for certain that Lucas Radosolema has lost what little mind he has left. He expects us to just drop our guns, tanks and move out of his country like that? He must have had something slipped into his drink.”

Ifeoma stood and walked to the front of the room as she looked around the faces of everyone there she wished one of the Generals will at least say something but they remained quiet and deep in thought then the Commandant of the Palace Guards spoke up’

“Is there a way we can give him what he wants? Like is it possible we concede to his demands and just pull out like that so he can release the president?”

Buba replied him cooly;

“His demands are unreasonable. A major deployment like that can only be done under the orders of the office of the president and even at that, it is silly at best.”

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Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 5:12am On May 12, 2013
One of the members of the Risk managementteam in the room said;

“If the order can only be given by the president, then the Vice President could act in his stead and give the order since it is to prevent the loss of the president’s life”

Buba replied him without looking back;

“It will be better if you do not talk in matters like this. It will be even better if you think through anything you say before saying themso you don’t say things which make you appear brainless”

“And why is the suggestion brainless?” The Inspector general of police asked

The Chief of Air staff answered

“The same reason you do not sell the guns given to you to protect the citizen to the same criminals you are protecting them from.The same reason every military personnel is taught to watch over his weapon with all diligence and make sure he does not lose it”

Kuyi cut in;

“Lucas has always spoke about crushing the rebels and launching an offensive against them. he even tried to get us to join his plans and fight beside him as he marches into their stronghold in the south so he can have total control of the country but we have always decided to maintain the peace and bring both parties to negotiate peace and if he getshis hands on the weapons we have on his Tetuan soil, we might have helped him achieve his dream not forgetting the thousand s of innocent lives that will be lost, how the entire West Africa might be destabilized and we might be looking at an humanitarian crises bigger that anything we have handled except this time we will be part of the problem.”

Then Afe added his part;

“Not to talk of the fact that our official policy is not to negotiate with terrorists, mad men and war lords. With what I am seeing, Lucas fits into the category of the three of them so I personally will not advise we do that.”
The member of the risk assessment team said;

“Can’t we play along and act like we have handed them over and then when the president is released we go back there and get them back?”

Now Buba was getting pissed;

“It will make more sense if we don’t put ourselves in that situation for now as the situation will get messy if we do that. But on a more serious note, where do they find you people anyway?”

Ifeoma spoke up at this point;

“I sent a recording of the demands to the Vice president. He should be here any minute from now”

Afe said;

“I don’t get this, why did we not wait for him to get here before starting this meeting in the first place?”

“Because it will be a lot better if he came and we already have solutions for him. This is something we have not seen before and it will be better if we knew how to deal with it.”

Tope Adesanya the Director General of the SSS cut in;

“This might sound like something you have never handled to you before but to me, it is all the same. I deal with situations like this every day and they are the same but one thing is sure here and it is the fact that we cannot, allow Lucas dictate what we do to him. somehow we have to take charge of this situation and we have to turn the tables around if this issues is to end well”

He finished and the door to the conference opened as the Vice President entered.


Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 5:14am On May 12, 2013
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You no dey sleep?

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Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 9:26am On May 18, 2013
Jeremiah Kuje; the Vice president of the Federal republic of Nigeria is a person a lot ofpeople would call intelligent even though he does not appear to be the most attractive. With a bloated belly and flared up nose he didnot allow those qualities stop his carrer as a politician. Prior to his appointment as the running mate, he had been a senator and he could be remembered for his bright or inspiring arguments. He played his part in theelections and got the president the votes she needed. He came from one the country’s top names in regional politics and when the elections came up; his family had threatened to support the opposition unless one of them was picked for an office. The party saw the threat and knew that if the family withdraws their support, they might as well kiss the presidential elections goodbye and they bowed to their demands. Most of his speeches are written by him and he rarely reads the as he reads and memorizes them. He rarely takes speeches written by his aides as he enjoys writing his speeches and he is known by the press as he is a delight to any member of them who interviews him.

He walked in with an entourage of guards and assistants and walked towards an empty seat as everyone stood up and as he sat down, they sat down’

“So where are we right now?” the president asked

Ifeoma replied;

“Good afternoon sir. Before anything, I would like to ask that your assistants wait outside. You also would not be needing your guards in here sir as scary as this situation is, this is the defense headquarters and you are well protected”

Buba looked around as slowly, the entourage got up and walked out with the exception of two of them; his personal bodyguard and his special assistant.

“I am sorry, but you two will have to wait outside. Thank you very much” Ifeoma said with authority as they both made for the door.
Jeremiah started;

“Okay now can someone tell me exactly what we intend to do in this situation? How is it possible that he could hold the president hostage without us even suspecting and how are we going to give in to his demands?”

Ifeoma wanted to reply but Kuyi cut in;

“Well sir, we have just had contact with the Head of State of Tetuan and heard his demands. I am sure you also did as a recording was sent to you and we are discussing the right way to respond to this taking into account the safety of the president”

Jeremiah replied looking towards Afe;

“So what do you think we do?”

Afe said;

“There are a lot we can do sir. We could give him what he wants and pull out our troops or we can tell him to go to hell and tell him that if the president is not released within a time frame, we would send our troops in to get her by ourself. I personally think the second option is a lot better as our policy on negotiations rules out the first option”

Deliberations went on for some hours longer and the more they argued, the more they realized that the situation was something they had never thought of and hence had no immediately reply for. While they were all confident that they could not had weapons over to a warlord, the life of the president seemed to be in the balance and no one was willing to make a call until Tope Adesanya, the DG of the SSS said;

“Ladies and gentlemen, this event might have not been envisaged but that does not mean we should be clueless. We have two choices but there is still a third choice”

The room fell quiet and he continued;

“If I understand this well, we already have 7,500 men on Tetua soil and among those are men trained to battle in extreme situations and also intelligence officers. The commandant of the Palace guards has told usthat he has some men around the Palace there and I am sure the DMI also does. I would like to believe that right now, their men has the palace under surveillance which is standard procedure before the president even walks into a conflict zone and with all these, I believe we can take a third choice. Wecould tell Lucas Randolosema that we have agreed to his demands and we could send an extraction team in their to get the president out”

Afe replied;

“This sounds good but this is not some militants we are facing here were we can easily outgun and your hostage rescue team move in and trap, we are talking of invading the presidential quarters of another country. The chances are steep not to talk of the chances that if we fail, the life of the president might be lost”

Quadri said;

"He might be right. There are guards all around the Palace there but gaining access into the palace is not too difficult if we can do that in secret and we can have the DMI give us support with their men down there”

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Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 9:30am On May 18, 2013
Buba said;

“I hope we all realize the consequences here”

“Which are?” Quadri asked

“A slight mistake and we could be responsible for the death of the president. Just one slip up somewhere, a shot fired where it should not be and Lucas might just decide to execute her”

Tony said;

“He executes her and this takes a different side Buba, if he as much as touches her, we have troops down there and make sure he pays for this. We have planes down there anda naval ship is in the area. This is a decision that we have to take and make sure we execute fast. You have to agree that with the amount of troops we have down there the most difficult part will be getting in and getting to the president and getting her out. Once they have done that, we can have troops move into the palace move her behind our lines and send her back home. Then we cn see how tough Lucas thinks he is.”

Buba said;

“All these sound good but we are here making plans already without hearing for theperson who should make the necessary arrangements. The DMI has to be confident that they can carry this out first”

All eyes fell on Kuyi and he did not seem bothered at all. He starred back at them and said;

“We have already set up a team from the troops in Tetuan studying the Blueprints of the presidential palace. We have also contacted members of the hostage rescue team from the SSS and will be flying them to Tetuan soon.”

The Vice president said;

“I am sure we all realize that you must have made plans to do this immediately you heard but what we need to know is if this can happen with minimal risk to the President”

“I am sure that is the job of the Risk management team sir but with the resources at my disposal, it will be a piece of cake to walk into the presidential palace in Tetuan and get her out but after that, things might go south as the army might come after the men and that is where we will need the troops down there. Since Lucas wants them out, we could get them prepped up as thought they are packing but make them pack to march out. Our planes should be ready to take to the air in seconds because once the men get out of the palace, hell should be let loose against Tetuan so Lucas does not have the will to follow us.”

Kuyi paused and he looked towards Ifeoma and then towards the NSA. Ifeoma said;

“All these is subject to your approval sir as right now, you are the only one with the authority to give a go ahead”

The Vice president looked towards the NSA and said;

“Peter, your military advises have helped this nation a lot, what do you think?”

Peter took no time to respond;

“If Kuyi thinks he can get her out, then I am confident he can. But the Army and air force will have to do a really good job of covering them once they are out of that palace which I think they are capable of doing. So if you ask me, I will confidently advise that we do that sir”

The Vice president took a deep breathe and said;

“Who will be in charge of this operation if we decide to go forward with it?”

Ifeoma answered;

“It will be a DMI operation but they will be supervised by my office and I will also ensure the perfect synchronization of the Army and Air force for support and I will report to you directly. I will have a command center from here which you can monitor from the state house directly”.

Afe cut in;

“You sir will also have to maintain a face in front of the press as we don’t want this blown out of propotion”

The Vice president sat back into his chair andsaid;

“Okay go ahead. Bring her back home” and he got up from the chair as he walked out

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Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 12:06pm On May 26, 2013
As the vice President walked out, a calmness envelope the room as each official thought deeply about the mission ahead and the part they will be playing in the events that would follow. No one spoke for some seconds and then Buba broke the silence;

“You mentioned you have a team being prepared already, when do they touch down in Tetuan and how do they go about their duties? I would love to know the logistics so I can get prepared for this whole thing. We have a map of the Tetuan capital and can describe the best way to get in and out of thecity but the palace will be the issue of the DMI completely" he said looking towards the Minister for Defence.

“I don’t think you need to worry about that General; Kuji replied. My men will touch down there, we have pulled a team consisting of the DMI, SSS and the DSS to carry out the extraction, what we will need the army to is provide cover for them once they are out of the palace. As you are aware some of my menare already in Tetuan and they will be joined there”

“The Chief of Naval Staff said;

“But would it not be better if the Men of the Army took the lead here? I mean they are trained in war and tactics for things like this. We can even have the special forces carry thisout instead of wasting time assembling a new team briefing them and sending them over to Tetuan”

Tope said;

“But you seem to forget that the special forces might have been trained in hostage situations but they don’t have the experience the members of this squad will have; the advantage they have is experience in fightingand their chance will come but this extractionhas to be kept as quiet as possible and with the smallest error, a shot when it is not needed, someone being where he should not be could cost the president her life and that might cause the lives of a lot of people on Tetuan because I know that would lead to a declaration of war; that’s if a declaration of war does not happen the moment she gets back home”

“This mission will be a joint one, with everyone playing a part but majorly, it will be the DMI running things until she is safe and then you military boys, can take over and do your thing” Ifeoma said.

She looked towards Tony Udais and said “We will be needing some transport at the Abuja airport immediately as we need to fly some boys to the war ship off the coast of Tetuan immediately. From there they can get to the coast by boats and meet up with the team from already on ground there”

“When will you be needing the transport ma’am?”

“As soon as possible.” She said and she turned to face everyone else;

“Please lets all work together here and this is beyond being an order. This has to go without error and let’s keep the Chief of Defence staff in our prayers; I was told he goes to surgery today”
With that, the room started getting empty as ifeoma went to seat down. One after the other they walked out each of them knowing tht the next few days would be very demanding and they have to put up their best performance. Once outside the conference room, the personal assistants each went towards their bosses and there was little conversation everywhere. The only two people who remained in the conference room were Kuyi and Ifeoma. Ifeoma said;

“The team has being arranged right?”

“The last two are the SSS boys and they should have touched down at the Nnamdi Azikwe airport from where they will pick up some other members including supplies and head out for the NNS Owuro. The will be briefed during the flight there”

“What of the DMI agents in Liberia? Will they be involved in this mission?”

“I wish they could Ify, but those agents can’t just leave that country like that, the last message we got from them told me something huge might happen soon and they still don’t know what or when it will happen”

“So you want to put the security of another country over your CiC’s life?”

“I can’t do that, but they can’t be pulled out immediately, if Liberia falls back into a civil war, it will take a lot of lives and resources to bring it back. but don’t worry, these guys will do just fine, we already have the blueprints to the presidential palace in Tetuan and the Palace guards have found out where she is held so it is just a matter of get in and get out”

“And you are sure your boys can snatch her without them knowing?”

“It won’t be their first time of grabbing a human being from somewhere and I don’t see this one being any different.” Kuyi said.

He got up and walked towards the door, looked back and said;
“Go home Ifeoma and get some rest, your face is beginning to shrink” and he walked out closing the door gently behind him.
Ifeoma looked around the room and said to herself;

“you have no idea how much I would love to do that Kuyi and perhaps have you come along but sleep is not in my program right now. I just hope this does not become something deeper” as she relaxed into the seat of her chair, her assistant entered and said;
Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 12:10pm On May 26, 2013
Ma’am, those file you asked for are ready.
For some time, the two men in the plane said nothing to one another as they were both caught in their thoughts, Izu could not really understand why he was suddenly being called to the capital from the headquarters as it all seemed strange to him. he had just averted a terrorist attack which could spark actions all around the country and now was not the time to give him another assignment which is what this call sounded like to him. Perhaps they had found another terrorist cell somewhere in Abuja and wanted him to come take a look but he was not comfortable with it. he wished he could be the person to interrogate the driver and those caught in the warehouse but it looked like it was not going to happen. The presence of IBK gave more reason to his belief. Maybe his investigations into the arms movement was getting somewhere and there was a link between the two but there was no point flying him to Abuja to tell him that, he could just do all that and compare the instances from Lagos.

He was excited that there might be a connection between the arms trafficking and the terrorists as that would help a lot in not only bringing down the terrorists but also the arms traders and a whole lot of crimes can either be solved or prevented in the process. Everything was so connected to one another now and just a slip up in one case might mean a slip up in a whole lot of investigations he did not know about.

Ibukun on the other hand was not impressedwith his being called off his case, he had traced some guns from Osun state to Lagos before he heard of the bank robbery and wasalmost sure that it was the same guns he saw being moved that were used. If his theory turned out to be true, he could would just need to pin the movement back to the personhe knows is behind it and it is over, he also knows that the criminals know he is on their tails and with some of those guns in the custody of the police, they might move them or try to cover their tracks and he was hoping for it.

The was no way they could cover their tracks and do so quietly so he would hear about it and he can easily slip behind their lines and get the evidence he wanted but it was all ideaand going well until he was called off. That was one thing he did not think of

“What if the culprits are actually in it with his bosses and calling him is a way to cover the whole thing? Pull him off the case and put someone who was corrupt on it just long enough for them to go under and ensure they are never caught”

That is a possibility he knows is true but he thinking about it hurts. He is so close to wrapping up the case and he could not afford to lose it. he looked out the window and saw the capital city down below. He had being there a couple of times but he had never been summoned there.

“Maybe this will be something different from what I have been thinking”

He looked towards Izu to notice that he was also in deep thought and something told him his former partner knows what was going on as the pilot came back and told them to prepare for landing.

The jet landed and the both of them walked out to meet some military officials waiting forthem, there were cars already waiting too and they got in thinking they were about to be driven outside the airport but they the car headed to one of the hangers in the Air force wing and drove in. They both looked at one another confused as they got down and were greeted by an air force personnel;

“Agent Izu, Agent ibukun, welcome to Abuja, the others have been waiting for you for the meeting to start”

Ibukun looked towards Izu who looked just as confused as he was and he said;

“Meeting? What meeting?”

The young lady simply looked at them and said;

“Please come with me”

They walked past the guards who all looked and different personnel who were moving all sort of crates and boxes to a corner and walked to a door. The officer stood at the entrance and beckoned to them to enter while she stood outside. IBK opened the doorand held it as Izu walked in first.

The room behind the door looked like a normal room except there were men sitting and some guy was standing in front of them apparently making a speech and Izu stood beside the door as IBK walked beside him and the man address the group looked towards him and said;

“Welcome, you two can take a seat and we will bring you two up to speed as to what is happening”
IBK looked around the room and said;

“And what exactly is happening? I was pulled off an investigation and I was at least expecting someone from the SSS not the Air force”

“Well, this is a joint operation and let me assure you, nobody here is actually Air force, there are just here to transport you to where you are supposed to be”

“And where will that be? I am a little lost and what do you mean nobody here is Air force? This is an air force hanger right?” IBK said.

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Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 12:13pm On May 26, 2013
The man looked straight at them and said;

“Did you not get any message during your flight here?”

They both shook their heads

“No one told you anything, like a video message anything?”

Again they shook their heads

And then he said, okay, that means I will have to tell you myself, please take your seats and Iwill try to move as fast as I can as your transport leaves in 65 minutes”

He continued while IBK got a bottled water from a table nearby and took it to his mouth;

“Well some hours ago, the president of this Country took a trip to the Republic of Tetuan, and in the course of the visit, she is being held hostage there”

He abruptly stopped as IBK found it difficult to swallow the water he took to his mouth and the water made a sound in his throat that distracted the entire room. he took the bottle away and muttered a “sorry”

The man continued;

“The president of Tetuan is holding her in the Presidential palace and has made some unreasonable demands so everyone in this room is part of a carefully selected crew to goget the president out of there and ensure her safety”

Izu coughed a little and put up his hand;

“Agent Izu, I think you should wait until I finish before you ask your questions”

Izu replied;

“Sorry but I think there is something wrong here, we are SSS agents and not the presidential guards or the DMI, so I don’t see why we should be part of this team”

“And this s a combined team consisting of the DMI, DSS and SSS. You will be covered by the armed forces in Tetuan and back up will also be given to you. You two were picked from the SSS because of your long standing investigations and your proven records in hostage situations so if you feel like walking out and not taking part in this operation, please walk out”

The man waited for about a minute as the room was quiet and then he continued


Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 4:14am On May 27, 2013
Does anyone else think it is time to move this to literature?


Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 5:38am On May 28, 2013
I guess a lot of people wants this piece in literature. But this lack of poll is disturbing...........

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Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Mynd44: 1:56pm On May 28, 2013
Re: <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> by Neduzze5(m): 2:15pm On May 28, 2013
Can I now comment? grin?


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