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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:21am On Jan 01, 2015
am still, with you but please, new year new resolution.
Be consistent in your update pls
Ok...but its gonna be by God's grace. I'll be in my penultimate year and you know what it entails...but I shall try...I shall try.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 12:24pm On Jan 01, 2015
[size=4pt]Continuation [/size]


Sweat poured down his face as he dug one leg into the hard earth. His hands were shaking from exhaustion but he dared not let go cause he may not live to see the next minute.
He was almost tempted to look down but his intuition advised him against it. He had to go on without looking down. By now he was more than 200 meters above ground level. The hill was getting rougher and his breathing heavier. He wished he could get to the top on time but the more upward he went, the farther from the top it seemed. Cold sweat poured down his lashed and for a brief moment he lost focus and he lost his grip.


He shouted as he fell downward. His mind was already fathoming the pain he was gonna face when he landed. Pain that would last for some split seconds before he gave up the ghost.

Suddenly his hands struck something and he held on tightly. It was a stick that had become buried deeply in the rock.

"Oh...thank goodness...I'm alive!"

He held on and waited till his breath was back to normal before making another move. He closed his eyes and imagined himself on the top. He had to get there, somehow, his life depended on it.

He carefully placed his leg on firm ground. He heaved himself up carefully trying with much effort to go against gravity. He made to look up to see where next he was to place his hand and that was when he saw it.

The stick had taken too much of his weight and had gotten to its yield point. It was now threatening to break. His heart sank as he heard the first sound of cracking.

He hurriedly reached up and with much difficulty braced himself for an up thrust. He leaped up just in time to watch the stick break off and went down the hill. His calculation had been precise and his hands fell on a good level piece of matter.

"Lucky again...I live to die another day!"

His hands hurt so much that he felt that any second he would break his wrist. He was still a long way farther from the top. He tried to keep his mind from thinking of the distance left but focused instead on the distance he had covered. If he made it thus far, he could finish the course.

The wind was getting fiercer and his vision blurred. His grip was fast becoming slack. The wind continued throwing dust and particles of sand his way and soon, he was completely unable to see. He closed his eyes and wished it to stop but this seemed to increase the motion of the wind as it started throwing larger particles his way. He spat out some dirt that had gotten into his mouth as he had resorted to breathing with his mouth due to the peppery sensation that was building up on his nose. He knew that if he dared sneezed, he could lose his grip completely.

He opened his eyes momentarily just in time to see a large boulder come his way. But alas, he was too late, it knocked him down and with a loud cry he fell and this time farther away from the rock. He would have screamed but his vocal cord didn't seem to find the right rhythm to use. It was as though it realized that the situation was helpless.

He had no hope of grasping anything. This was far too worse to have any glimmer of hope. This was it. He would be dead in some seconds.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 4:50pm On Jan 02, 2015
He landed with a bang. He was surprised he hadn't broken anything,bone,spine....nothing. Just as he was about to thank his stars, he noticed something moving underneath him.
He was up in no time and looked down to see the very same snake that had tried to kill him some time ago.

"Hell no...not this again!"

For a moment he was lost of what he was supposed to do. He knew the right thing to do was run but his legs simply won't carry him. They felt like logs under his weight. He just stood transfixed mopping as the snake advanced towards him. He felt it wound round his body and he groaned out in pain as he was stretched by the snake more and more. He felt his heart giving way and he knew he wouldn't longer than a second but he couldn't do anything. He was helpless against this creature.
Luckily for him, the snake decided to play a little with its prey before eating him up. It began to hypnotize him and his vision was suddenly filled with pictures of beautifully designed reptiles especially snakes of different colors. He admired the way they were aligned. The designs were so carefully planned and of definite pattern that it would make one wonder what the designers had in mind. Whoever designed this creatures must have been a professional for he couldn't spot a single mistake. It was the simplest definition of perfect. He carried some of them in his hand and although this would have been strange to him, he felt it quite easy and saw no harm in trying. He traced the patterns with his hand. It felt strangely smooth to his touch. He had always felt snakes had rough skins because of their scales but here it wasn't. He knew this was wrong but still he couldn't quite put one-and-one together. Suddenly he had the weirdest urge to put on into his mouth like it was the coolest thing to do. Almost simultaneously his hand with the snake rose to his mouth.

Suddenly he thought heard a bang and he knew the sound didn't belong there. It was loud enough but it felt quite distant in some way. He stopped just some inches away from his mouth. Then, he was being drawn away,more like being sucked back through a tunnel and then he was out in the open above the ground level some meters.

"Does this mean I'm flying?" he asked himself.

But his question was answered when he felt something grip him, it felt brittle to his touch.
It was a tree! Not just any tree but Harold the wise. He was so glad to be in its hand. Holding him still, Harold used some branch to poke at the snake's head until he saw it no longer struggled.

"I do not approve of you killing yourself so cheaply. If you want to kill yourself at least let it be decent and not by a snake."

He could make out the anger in the voice even though it was still the very same deep baritone voice. He was surprised that he was being blamed for this. He knew he had been hypnotized by the snake but he it had been against his wish. Who would wish to be killed by a snake? But he knew that there was no way he should have been there. He had been sleeping held up high on some branches which he thought was strong enough to hold him preventing him from falling off at any time and then he had been dreaming seeing himself climb up a hill and then all of a sudden he was face to face with a snake.

"What was I doing on the ground. I thought I was supposed to be sleeping on your hands...branches?" He asked.

"Oh...that must have been my mistake. Damn me. I'm always that careless with my phallenges when sleeping..."

"...you mean your branches?"

"Whatever! Look kid I'm sorry, really. But when faced with such a situation, you run not stand on one spot looking!"

"Its called been hypnotized..I'm not sure you would know that wise guy!"

"Hey kid don't talk to me in that tone of voice. I'm not your mate and I just saved your a.ss out there."

There was a brief silence during which he engaged the tree in an eye wrestling contest. Then, he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, maybe I shouldn't be with you. Don't mistake my words for ungratefulness but I think I should be on my way now...you've been most helpful and for that I'm grateful."

There was a brief silence. George for a moment thought the tree was going to do something crazy like carry him high up sky high and slam him to the ground. He was going to be murdered in cold blood because of his bad mouth. He had to make up and quickly so. He wasn't gonna be slammed to death by a tree.

"But I never got to introduce you to the others...they are dying to meet you..."

Oh! So this was what he was thinking about after all. Then I need not beg him at all. I'm in control of this situation here.

He arched his shoulder and acted like he was very angry.

"Thanks but no thanks...I'm done talking with you."

He cleaned himself up and started walking away. He had hardly walked two metres when he came face to face with a wolf.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 5:07pm On Jan 02, 2015
Hey guys...I hope you're enjoying the new year. Its 364 days now of limitless possibilities. God will make us bigger.


Love y'all.

Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Fatalveli(m): 6:24pm On Jan 02, 2015
Hell yeah! The story is making sense
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 8:16pm On Jan 02, 2015
This time around he didn't stand transfixed, he practically flew back to the tree and beckoned on it to carry him up.

"Get me up!"

There was a reluctance and Harold pretended to be asleep.

"Harold please..." He looked back to see the wolf advancing closer very slowly. It was taking majestic steps forward and any moment it would be tearing at him.

"Oh my god...I'm too young to die. Harold please...Okay, I'll stay and let you intro.."

He was swooped up at once leaving the wolf catching bare air. It had launched at him with an alacrity only a true determined wolf would have. He had been determined to kill him.

"Don't ever, ever play that stunt on me again!" he shouted feeling very angry.

"Oh...you didn't learn your lesson...the wolf is still there you know...I could just let you slip off my arms and in seconds you'd be down to shreds...an uncompleted story"

He visualized the scene; blood dripping out from the hole that had been carved on his stomach and the wolf drawing out his 'insides'. He might not even be so lucky as to be eaten alone by the wolf. It may drag him all the way to the pack and together they would share their spoil. That's how these animals partied. Ain't it?

"Oh please Harold...whatever you say!"

"I thought so too...now stay back and never try to command Harold. I run this place."



He brushed away a stray tear that had come rushing down his chin. He couldn't believe he had for the umpteenth time escaped death. If a cat had nine lives, he may as well say he had close to six.

How many times have I escaped death again?

He couldn't seem to remember. The incident seemed to have washed away his counting ability. He was grateful to be alive.

"Look...I'm not that hard on humans you know.."

George gave a look that showed pure skepticism.

"Truthfully...you made me to be so hard on you...and for the notice...there's no way I would have let that beast give you even the slightest scratch. You are way too special for that. I mean with that kind of aura you possess..Oops, I shouldn't have said that!"

"There's no probs. I'm sorry I acted wrongly towards you. I guess I'm still a kid without brains...its what Manterror always called me!"

He looked grim and was counting his fingers with disinterest.

"Oh no, you're not. Now wipe that look off your face. Never let anyone vilify you or make you seem like you are worthless. If there's one thing I've come to realize about you humans it is that everyone is born with a destiny. Its why you have that aura. Some for evil and some for good. But thankfully, you fall on the good side else I won't be helping you. Be yourself and be committed to fulfilling your purpose and believe me when you've found it, it would be the happiest thing you've ever done."

"Thanks for that Harold. I promise to always respect you."

"You're welcome."

He cleared his voice as though he wanted to say something very important.

"And now fellow standers, its time to meet the chosen"

There was a sudden bristling and rustling of leaves and as though to compound everything about his confused state, he was flung into the air.


Suddenly he was caught by something. Hard and rough like Harold but a little more flaky.

"Hutch...the clutch! Nice meeting you"

It was another tree and from what he saw, it looked like a pear tree.

"Here's a gift from me," he said stuffing his pocket with two giant sized pears. He had hardly pronounced the 't' in thanks when he found himself flung high up again.

"Hagrin, I'm a Blackberry. Take some"

He had hardly plucked some than he was thrown high again.

"Ouuch!" he exclaimed. This one had thorns on it. It quickly threw him but not without giving his name.

"Youhan, I'm a rosehip!"

This time around, he was caught by a rather flaky tree. Its bark flaked off and had some patches.

"I'm Mango Maroon, I'm very handsome and you see that's why I'm so special. A lot of trees here respect me and others...well, they can't help being jealous. That's why I'm given so much space. Take a look at my fruit, so pleasant to the eyes and so succulent to the taste. If we entered a contest, I'd win flawlessly!"

"Okay Maroon...thanks for the intro...can you pass me on"

The was a pause.

"Like nowww!"

"Okay...don't scream. It appears you're jealous too." There was a particular emphasis on the world JEALOUS as it threw him. It then dusted his hands, branches...well, hands cause that's what they saw them as. He was caught by the stretching branch of another tree. He got introduce to like seventy trees and by this time he could barely see. He was seeing blurred images, like one tree in six places.

"Okay...that's enough now. We can continue after I've rested. I can't take no more...not like this!"

"That's right," said the tree that was holding him. It was a tree that had a rather awful look plus a foul smell to complement it. It dropped him down with a thud.

"I was beginning to wonder what was the smell even," it said with an air of disgust.

He crouched low as he rubbed his back which had felt the most impact of the fall. At this point, he had come to the PAINFUL conclusion that not all the trees were friendly.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 8:24pm On Jan 02, 2015
Hell yeah! The story is making sense
Thanks dude.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by ODUMAIYE(f): 8:35pm On Jan 02, 2015
nice one. bros happy new year
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 9:07pm On Jan 02, 2015
nice one. bros happy new year
Thanks dear. I'm glad you liked it and happy new year to you too.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Timothy3113(m): 12:21pm On Jan 03, 2015
Hey guys...I hope you're enjoying the new year. Its 364 days now of limitless possibilities. God will make us bigger.


Love y'all.

amen oo
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 11:28pm On Jan 03, 2015
Mhen! I couldn't do any typing today. My phone was down through out. I'll try and update 2mao. My eyes are getting heavy. Keep following y'all. #Respect
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:01am On Jan 04, 2015
Good morning peeps. Wishing y'all a very Sumptuous Sunday! My update's ready.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:06am On Jan 04, 2015
[size=4pt] CHAPTER SEVEN [/size]

Cold. He hadn't thought that the night would be this cold but as he walked through the pathway that Harold had told him led to the den of monkeys, he was almost freezing. He realized how stupid he had been to have escaped from Manterror's grip without accurate preparation. Here he was stricken with cold, no heavy clothing, not even a change of cloth, no water gourd. He wondered what have become of his cell. Would they bring it down or would it be left alone. Sure, Gofrin would relish the opportunity to tear out everything he possessed but of what use were they anyway? Still, he should have at least brought a change of garment. The one he wore now was barely able to keep him warm especially after it had been severed with holes from the trees' welcome 'party'. He wondered what next he should do and where he should go. He had often heard some serving maid talk about a certain cave that was believed to be in this place. Maybe he would have to find it.
He arrived at the den and saw a few monkeys keeping guard.

"KoooKoo...kaaa!," came the monkey's voice. He waved at the two of them but they gave no response.

"On duty I guess," he said murmuring to himself. He tried to gesture to them that they should give him entrance into the cave but they wouldn't bulge. He was eager to find out how they coordinated their selves to the extent that they had a security system. Finally, his curiosity got the better of him and he shoved one of the monkeys aside and made to enter into the cave. What happened next gave him the shock of his life. About four monkeys dropped from above, most likely from a tree holding sticks and as they landed they struck him hard with the sticks which made him fall flat to the ground. He tried getting up but the sticks came coming down again.

Damn it! He should have known there were some of these on the tree...the way these ones kept looking up. He had to run from here because he could be dead in minutes if they continue striking him with such vehemence. Already, he was feeling the pain on his back and his head had began to ache. He tried getting up again amidst the strikes and then they doubled their effort. He turned around painfully to face them. They didn't relent still and went on striking his body; chest, stomach and all. He pulled his leg in and kicked out to the nearest of them and sent that one flying backward which hit its head on a tree and passed out. He did the nearest again and this one flew backward and landed with a crash. He then got a hold of the stick from one which had a grey head and with it defended himself from the other one. Timing his attack, he launched at that one and hit it on the nose. It stopped immediately and began holding its nose running away. The last one which had the grey head raised its stick in midair and then turning around and seeing none of its fellow comrades stopped. George seized the opportunity and with his stick, brushed it off its feet. It landed hitting its head hard against the ground. George got up and turned around to see that the guarding monkeys had resumed their post.

These monkeys are so dutiful he said to himself but he made up his mind that he was going to come back and find out whatever it was they were guarding.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by boladex1: 12:31pm On Jan 04, 2015
weldone pabon, following bumper to bumper
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Timothy3113(m): 7:29pm On Jan 04, 2015
Gud one but too short
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Nobody: 8:48pm On Jan 04, 2015
Guy kip it up.i love ur story line.more mb to ur phone.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by ODUMAIYE(f): 9:14am On Jan 05, 2015
has he forgotten the use of maggic?
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 6:39pm On Jan 05, 2015
Hi everyone. Just came on now...Lemme start typing the next update. And @Odumaiye...No, he hasn't forgotten about his magic. You'll find out everything soon. @Jollyjoyf...thanks a bunch. @Timothy...what can I say? I wrote d last update hastily cos my ba3 was low n was threatening to go up. My subsequent updates should be longer. Just keep following. Love y'all
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 6:42pm On Jan 05, 2015
And jollyjoy...U just reminded me ooo. Do U know I nearly forgot that I was actually on sub. It expires on Friday...By then sha I should be ready to re-subscribe. Feeling so great dis evening. I donno if I'm in the right mood to write. Anything for you guys sha...
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 6:46pm On Jan 05, 2015
Okay, let's do it this way. What would you like to see. I could use your suggestions you know. I know I have great learned followers with good sense of reasoning. So you tell me...
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 10:03pm On Jan 05, 2015
He got to a clearing in the forest and thought about ways to get himself warm. He went around and gathered enough twigs and sticks. He then arranged them in a kind of whorled arrangement. He then did a spell commanding flames to come up.


It caught fire and soon he was all warmed up. He found a short thick stump and sat on it. His clothes were getting more worn out he noticed. He wished he could do something about it. He allowed his mind to wander back to the castle and wondered how the other serving servants would feel concerning his absence. Would they miss him the way he was missing them now or would life just go on as though he never was there? Oh, mr Manes, the baker had been very nice to him. He wished he had talked to him before living. Mr Manes had been the father he never had. He was the only reason why he missed.
And yes, there was the other lady, Mercy who often helped him do laundry whenever she was free. But of late, she had been so occupied that he couldn't even remember the last time he had had the chance to talk to her. There were still some nice people in the castle.

But why was it that only poor people were good and the rich were bad and badly so. He wondered if that was the way they were configured. In all his miserable life, he had never met a kind hearted rich folk.

"If that's what being wealthy means then I wouldn't mind staying poor," he told himself.
His mind then wavered to the trees around and the way the most of them had received him. He wondered if they also had emotions; did they sometimes feel lonely, feel sad, feel angry. These were his constant emotions that he shuffled with everyday. They should. If they could talk then they ought to be able to have feelings too.
By now the woods were getting really charred and he was worried that it wouldn't last long. His eyes were getting drowsy and he had the nudge to stay awake. And he knew too that there were creatures lurking in the dark and so he had to watch and be on alert. But for how long could he keep watch?

He listened as the late dwellers made for their sleeping places. The birds had all located their nests and were now peacefully cruising on. Even the small four-footed creatures were no where to be found. The only sounds he could hear were from insects especially crickets which seems sounded like they were singers in a catholic choir in the heat of some rehearsals. It was this sound coupled with his already heavy eyes that led him into dream land.

This dream wasn't like any other. It was like a real display of the real world; the world were everything he had thought perfect were existent. A world free of any form of slavery, a world were kids his age were allowed to roam around and play with the most sophisticated of toys, allowed to eat roasted meat on any day of the week and not just on celebrated days like birthdays and festivities.
He was in a room decorated with the finest linens imaginable. It was colorful and really welcoming. It was GEM√úTLICH; agreeably pleasant with a mixture of old and new. The paintings on the walls were new with a touch of antic. It pictured some great imagery like that of epic warlords riding dragons, some lovely looking ladies rocking kimono and all... In a milk vase grew out lovely daisies, the window faced the ocean and it even had a fireplace. The room resonated to him in a way that made him feel like a four year old just learning to identify and place value on colors and patterns. The blue color on the wall felt cool and gave him the cheeky feeling. He loved this place really much. The fact that it wasn't really cluttered allowing a lot of walking space was what elated him the most. He smiled as he traced the edge of the shelf holding some books, they were smooth and were in arguably made from the best of oaks. He started skimming through book titles and quite a lot fascinated him.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by rockhillz(m): 12:40am On Jan 06, 2015
oga pabon,abeg no think say I forget u oo
been occupied lately ....
Still I follow
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by boladex1: 5:50pm On Jan 06, 2015

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 1:37am On Jan 07, 2015
oga pabon,abeg no think say I forget u oo
been occupied lately ....
Still I follow
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 1:40am On Jan 07, 2015
Its very early. I just came on now. I was very busy y'day and couldn't come online at all. I'm trying to help someone process his clearance for admission and its really stressful. I may be able to type something lera on today sha...dats when I've arrived home. Wish you all a great day ahead!
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by Chrisx1x(m): 9:00am On Jan 07, 2015
Ok.we are waiting 4 d nxt update
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by ODUMAIYE(f): 10:38am On Jan 07, 2015
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by ODUMAIYE(f): 6:09pm On Jan 09, 2015
food don finish?
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:14pm On Jan 09, 2015
I'm ON! Sorry guys for keeping you waiting. I arrived home y'day. I hoped I didn't step on your toes. Plzz hold your punches...I'm so afraid of getting my nose broken. Here's your update...
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:21pm On Jan 09, 2015
"The singing birds", "The wishing stars", "Pentecoss", "Jail breaker", "mummifying process" ...That title caught his attention. He thought he had heard it before. Where? Where? He couldn't exactly put it together. They were like fragments in thousands of pieces too loose, too difficult to be put together.
Mummifying Process

He opened the book and read what appeared to be a summary written neatly with ink.

"Azian spiders are believed to have originated from the ancient worlds of Inlios, the twin magic city of Ingard. They are believed to have been created by the Wizard Ordin who was cruel and wicked and needed a weapon sleek and deadly and able to move with the greatness caution and quietly so. He needed some form of weapon that would kill without anyone hearing the screams of the victims call for help. He found reason to think that the spiders were the greatest match to this.
And so he created his creatures to resemble the spiders but unlike spiders they were big, a dozen times larger than real spiders. They stood at ten feet at the least and had the head of a crocodile, with razor sharp teeth that could pierce into the strongest of bones in seconds. They were black, ebony black. Like spiders, they went through procedures. First, they trap their preys in webs(but their webs are way stronger and tougher than a normal spider's web) and then they wait for the prey to stop struggling for a possible escape. Having de mobilized their prey, they go to the last step of eating it up, in this case humans during which they leave no remains, blood, bones and all..."

He paused to imagine the horror to having ones body eaten alive by a horrifying creature. He prayed he never had to come across such in his life. He realized he had been standing and walked to the bed to sit down. As he sat, he noticed the bed go down and made some sound that were unmistakably ripples; it was a water bed.

"Cool," he said looking around and examining it. This place was so sophisticated and yet still had a touch of tradition. He wondered who designed it. It was such a master piece. His mind drifted back to the book and then the pounding in his chest resumed. He wondered why he felt a relation to the book...like he could fell every bit of the description playing out before him only that it wasn't happening to any other person but himself.

"These spiders, were a creature of precision. They were spelled to trace prospective preys from a distance tracking their heat signals from distances. Ordiners are found in forested areas and are often found lurking in the dark owing to the fact that they possessed the faculty of a keen and sharp vision."

He wondered why he was feeling more and more worried as he read on. It was not as though he was any close to having an encounter with any one of such creatures. He was here in a comfortable room free from harm and without need to worry. He shrugged his shoulders and read the last paragraph on the page.

"The azian spiders are only known to have one form of weakness and any other thing will be without effect on it. Ordin had thought he had created a flawless creature but he was mistaken. Every creature has a weak point even magical ones and the azians were not spared. Like all other crawlers, they..."

" Whoa! There's so much information here," he thought. He wondered who had written it. Just then he looked down to the bottom right corner of the book and saw a signature so carefully signed and underneath, a name; LOGAN SANDOLL.

Logan Sandoll..what a name! Sandoll? He wondered what it meant. His mind went back to the book. He was surprised that his attention kept slipping from the book. He found it hard tracing where he had stopped. But in seconds, he got to the line.

" Like all crawlers, they are impeded..."

His vision was getting blurred and the letters were no longer legible.

Something was wrong!

He tried desperately to read them but could only make out some letters.

"...B WA T ..."

He felt his whole world melting before his eyes and his breath becoming difficult. He screamed out in pain and jerked up....out of his sleep. His breathing was heavy and uncontrolled. His vision was still blurred. Slowly it cleared and he saw that he was still in the clearing in the forest. Good. Tears dropped down on his legs. He stopped. He had not realized that he had been crying. He touched it and realized it felt a little sticky. He touched his eyes and traced the path where the tears ought to have followed but they were dried.


Just then he another 'tear' fell on his head. He slowly looked up to see something, the true source. Horror struck, he could only open his mouth wide; here was the perfect match to the description of an azian spider.

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Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:27pm On Jan 09, 2015
Guy kip it up.i love ur story line.more mb to ur phone.
Thanks. You can say that again! My sub expires in less than two hours.
Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by pabon(m): 7:28pm On Jan 09, 2015
food don finish?
Finish ke! There's plent more oo...I just dished some now. Lol. Enjoy your evening jawe...

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