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Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by Kingsdave(m): 2:47am On Oct 19, 2018

both of them ooo at least I get hard and it last......baby sef De tire.....and the sweetest part is this, I have stopped taking it for like 2weeks just to be sure say no be wetin de ginger me......and I don't have to be taking it like man power each time I'm about to have sex
I have noticed improvement in mine but have never tried it yet out....
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by archsaints8429(m): 5:49am On Oct 19, 2018
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Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by kelvinrhs(m): 3:58pm On Dec 11, 2018
Bro, this is a serious issue.
You've talked the talk, have you been able to fvck the fvck?
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by Mizwisdom(f): 11:55am On Jan 06

reload for men.... I never try reyouth as I don De Bleep without fear of nepa failure �.....

You're not living out the message on your DP
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by Moses247(m): 11:16pm On Jan 06

You're not living out the message on your DP
sorry I don't get u
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by samsard(m): 11:33pm On Jan 06

sorry I don't get u
She's accusing you of hypocrisy. Maybe fornication too.

Make you pray and wait on god. grin
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by samsard(m): 11:34pm On Jan 06

sorry I don't get u
How much did you procure the reload drug and where can get it easily.
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by 2buffagain(m): 1:29am On Jan 07
Classic signs of a body that is overly adapted to masturbation.

Your body is used to "seeing action in 3rd person perspective...and fapping".
It is not used to "performing action in 1st perspective and being present in the moment and time".

This sensation is new to it.
What you need is to stop masturbating to reset how your body reasons about sex.

This issue actually affects both men and women. If a girl keeps masturbating with a Love Machine, without normal sex with a man, it might soon get to a point where normal men can't really get her off...because she gets used to herself and no one can make you climax better and faster than yourself.
ED (and the female equivalent) is now a very common thing amongst people even in their early 20s...thanks to porn.

Look into #NoFap
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by Moses247(m): 1:50pm On Jan 10
How much did you procure the reload drug and where can get it easily.
konga or jumia.
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by sharpwriter(m): 4:19am On Jul 23

baba those ur recommendation tite oo... I just said I should try it and it works like wow......that supplement works.

For how long did you use the supplement (reload) before yu start seeing changes?
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by Deepfeel(m): 8:23am On Jul 23

Hmmm undecided trying to picture the whole thing and understand, if you have a healthy looking normal sized p*nis , it should get erection, even if you can't get erection through mental thoughts, the nerves on your d*ck should response to physical touches, now sustaining your erection is the problem, buy yourself a d*ck ring to help sustain your erection, when you put the ring at the root of your p*nis it traps the blood and you will have a full erection and sustain it, good luck
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by SeunDobo(m): 4:24pm On Aug 01
My friend na masturbation dey kill you dere ..you better stop before is too late for you ... Excess of mustubation affect Brain and hypothalamus bone and that's can cause diserection when you are about to insert your dick in pussy so you need to wise up ... This issue have happen to me before long time ...I bet is big embarrassment cuz when you are romancing woman sometime you get hard but time to penetrate ...the stuff come down and it's can be so annyonying so lady ehehehh you need to work on yourself and #stopmustubation#GOD BLESS YOU
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by SeunDobo(m): 4:42pm On Aug 01
So you don't know sperm cell is very powerful something dat turn to life when hit the ovary in woman ...you better get sense and stop mustubartion cuz it weakening Glory and distiny forget about physical aspect now ......you need to be wise and wake up from your slumber �
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by oderinde151(m): 7:43pm On Aug 14

i really felt bad within me when i read the post of yesterday and yours i tot i was the only person having this problem but it turns out that am not...mine is premature ejaculation thou i never had sex with any girl...but am addicted to watching porn nd masturbation i hardly last for two mint doing that nd this hav traumatized my brain wen ever a girl touch me i tent to hav an erection...am now afraid of going into ny relationship cause i hav this perception that i cant do nytin am now afraid of starting to hv sex...am really frustrated i hate my self....am now almost 22yrs of age my frndz nd brothers ar tinkin of getin married but i just keep quiet...i dont want to frustrate ny girl by marrying her ....i hav ttried all my possible best to stop masturbating but after some week or at most a month i find my self fallin into dsame thin...pls we need ur prayer fellow naira..landers
can I ask you some questions?
Re: I Am Impotent & Frustrated by Celestial777(m): 9:07pm On Aug 14
I saw a post about a woman complaining that her sister married an impotent man. I smiled, the man probably knew he had an issue and still went ahead and married. I also have this issue and its really bothering me for over 5 years. Mine is complicated and I think its spiritual.

It all started in 2011 when I was 20 and was ready to have sex. I went to a popular brothel in Lagos with a friend to try it out.
Though I was very nervous because I was a virgin and my heart was beating very fast.

We actually went in and two women approached us. A young woman of about 28 and one of about 40.

I am my other virgin friend had eye on the one of about 28 cause she was very beautiful. My friend immediately held on to her. The other one of 40 now held on to me that I should carry her lets go do it. I angrily said "You be my mama mate na", she got angry and left.

Then the younger one said, if I and my friend wants, we can take turns with her.

We left for her room. I entered first and was very nervous and sluggish even in removing my cloth.

She said, "e be like say u be virgin...so na me go disvrigin" you. She started touching my di*k, but it didn't get hard.

Time started to waste and I got tired and asked her to refund my money. She started shouting that its not possible, that the fact that my dick did not rise is none of her business. I asked that my friend should use the money and attempt, she said no. that he must bring his own money.

We left the building and started the arguments outside. Other prostitutes came to her aid and started asking what was wrong. She explained to them that I tried to have sex with her and my thing did not rise and now I want my money back, they started shouting and said its not possible that we should better get out of her.

At one corner, the older woman of about 40 that I earlier rejected started giving me the "ntoor" look and was saying "You see your life"

I got very scared and left for home immediately.

I tried to watch porn to see if it will get up, I can't really remember if it did.

Long and short, I have not been able to have sex since then. I have not even had sex in my life. I have never tried to have sex with a real girl before, so I won't embarrass myself. I have never had a girlfriend. Though girls keep flocking around me, since I am doing well both academically and business wise, but I never attempt to have sex with them and they keep wondering whats wrong with me. One of the unilag girls that seduced me and I did nothing concluded that I was impotent because she feels no man in the world would have resisted her seduction since she was very hot.

I have tried to have sex 3 more times, with prostitutes, but still same thing happens. No erection

In 2012, I spent the whole year going to church everyday. Nothing happened. I have stopped now and accepted my fate.

Only my best friend knows about this, he keeps saying its not a spiritual condition but medical condition due to the fact that I started
masturbating right since I was 17.

He says I might have had the issue right before the prostitute encounter. Sometimes he says that it is a psychological condition.

But the thing is, how can a young boy of 20 then have Erectile dysfunction due to masturbation.
Many young boys masturbate and nothing happened to them.

I was sad for a while, but now it seems I have accepted my fate. This issue have made me focus on my studies and business and now, at 26. I have finished my BSC, and my MSC

Whenever I am Hot, I masturbate and I think that has worsened my issue. I have been masturbating since 2011 when this happened

Lots of order thing happens in between that confuses me. Like 2 years after the prostitute encounter, when I was in my 3rd year, one beautiful edo girl who really loved me was making out with me and flirting around me and I got a rock solid erection 100%. Very hard. Also, in 2014. A girl who liked me came to my house and she was flirting with me, though she didn't plan on having sex with me. Only the flirting alone made me hard. The erection was 70% hard. But then, those are the only occurrences.

Whenever I watch porn, I get semi erection - say about 60% hard.

Whenever I jerk my joystick, it gets hard - about 80% and within minutes, it deflates again.

Lot of different things have happened along the line which is too much to type. Long and short, I don't get erections when I wakeup again. I used to before all this issues.

Or is it the excess sugar I take, or the belly fat I have gotten due to the way I eat carelessly and spend on myself. (Since I don't have any woman to cater for) that is the cause.

Is it spiritual, medical or psychological?

Is it due to masturbation? Is it an infection?

Because I can remember in late 2012 or early 2013. When I tried to urinate, I had and felt a sharp pain.

I happened for about 2 days and stopped by itself.

I am getting older and my mother is already reminding me about marriage. I don't think I will marry until this issue is resolved. I can't
subject any woman to emotional pain.

At some point, I thought I was gay, but I am in no way attracted to men. But I am attracted to women. I tried watch transgender porn to confirm if I was gay (since I couldn't stand real gay porn). I actually got aroused and had a mild erection. But come on, transgenders are women who just have a joystick.

I have put up my issues on a foreign site (because other people who have put up their problems on nairaland gets abused, mocked, insulted and bullied) and I was advised by the whites to see a doctor and counselor. They didn't even understand what I meant by spiritual issue. But they have been very concerned and helpful

I don't need to see any counselor because my case would confuse who ever I tell.

I have been living in pains. No sex life and no real social life. I keep falling out with female friend because I don't make any move towards them.

I keep falling out with male friends, because they keep wondering "why this their guy no dey nack woman like them". They feel I am weird because they 100% know I am not gay and wonder why a normal guy will be avoiding women like this.

I hope my issue is resolved.

But if its not, I would live the rest of my life like this. Probably keep on masturbating and never get married.

It might actually be my excessive masturbation that might be the cause of this. I don't really know. Only God knows.

I am depressed. But suicide is not an option for

My me. God forbid.

My broda ur problem is part spiritual and medical
Kindly contact me for further adsvise

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