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Politics / Re: Umahi Defends Buhari, says his Appointments Are Fair To Igbos by 36STATES: 7:25am On Jun 15
Ipob meds to take over the political structure of igbos honestly

Tell members to register for voters card , diffuse your members into small unknown parties ...3 days to election publish names of IPOB candidates ... through your ipob family groups n social media

I'm sure they can win 60% of the positions

Let's stop this idi.ts from embarrassing us

I have been advocating this since 2015. There is no way IPOB or other Biafran movements can achieve anything without having a political wing and a militant wing. Now we have ESN, the next thing is a political platform to send people to Abuja and every elected posts in Nigeria.

Only people that support Biafra may be asked to stand for election, I don't think anyone can defy that in Igbo land if ESN gives such order.
Business / Re: Ooni Of Ife And Aliko Dangote On A Tour Of Dangote Refinery by 36STATES: 7:15pm On May 12
The refinery will help in creating jobs to Nigeria

That thing like dick on his cap is getting bigger and bigger. When he started it was small and no where near what it looks like today.
Politics / Re: Eid: Put Politics Aside, Pray For Buhari, Tinubu Urges Nigerians (Pix) by 36STATES: 5:17pm On May 12
That drug addict is really losing it. Must he a@slick Boohori before he's given chance to contest? The should tell him this is not Lagos politics where one man is the lord.

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Politics / Re: Senate Inaugurates Zonal Public Hearing On Constitutional Review by 36STATES: 5:06pm On May 12
God bless Nnamdi Kalu.
Gob bless IPOB
God bless ESN
God bless all Biafran movements worldwide.

The struggle is already yielding results.
Politics / Re: Southern Governors Ban Open Grazing, Call For National Dialogue by 36STATES: 6:27pm On May 11
National dialogue because some criminals decide to start attacking govt facilities in their places?

No need for any dialogue, the govt should crackdown on the hoodlums.

La réfugiés Yoruba en République du Bénin.

The above is your answer.

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Politics / Re: Southern Governors Ban Open Grazing, Call For National Dialogue by 36STATES: 6:20pm On May 11
God bless IPOB
Godbless Nnamdi Kanu.

Long live Biafra Republic
Long live Odua Republic

Nnamdi Kanu public holiday will be declared throughout southern Nigeria. For liberating them from Fulani hegemony.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Approves New Security Measures For S/East, S/South by 36STATES: 4:29pm On May 11
E don set be dat.

Ipob pigs, ESN and UGM will soon understand that their madness was able to flourish for the simple reason that Buhari had not approved any specific measure. All along, security agencies were just acting based on discretion.

Now that a position has been taken, we will soon start seeing letters copying FIFA, UN HIV ATHIFKU PUTIN etc.

My dstv subscription has expired, lemme re-subscribe sharp sharp. cheesy

All oil workers should leave SS/SE now. This is a polite advise from all Biafra movements worldwide. Zero oil revenue allocations from next month!


Politics / Re: Boko Haram Distributes Ramadan Packages, Cash To Borno, Yobe Residents (photos) by 36STATES: 3:35pm On May 11
Bandeets are tikinicaly depeeted.
We hap depeeted them.
Religion / Re: Pictures From The Burial Of Pastor Dare Adeboye by 36STATES: 3:25pm On May 11
[quote author=Righteousness2 post=101585381]

[i]Don't be Suprised that Pastor Dare saw them Praying but due to the sweetness and Ambeiance of Heaven, He refused to come back.

I know of a Brother, who died in the Hospital. He died in the Lord. He was taken to Heaven .
Meanwhile Brethren came and were praying and praying and Praying. His wife also was crying!

you are a real drunkard

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Family / Re: Groom Shows Off What He Gave His In-laws For Traditional Wedding In Enugu (Pix) by 36STATES: 6:27pm On May 10
Oshe jari my Tiv inlaw.

No be those fake pastors and area boys who are always complaining about the length of the list of our bride price.

To mary Igbo girl no be by force.
Politics / Re: Olu Okeowo: Area Boys, Fake Pastors Are Products Of South West Nigeria (Video) by 36STATES: 6:15pm On May 10
Very painful but true. The only thing I will add is that those two evils have spread all over Nigeria. We have them in every region and state at the moment.

The sooner Nigerians realize that every pastor is a liar, then the lesser will our problems become. Hushpupi fake criminal pastor Adeboye claimed that someone raised her family from the dead by using a handkerchief and oil from him, three days later he lost his own son at 42 yeas. The crook could not raise his own son.

So what happened to those empty talks and promise he kept telling his sheep "you shall never bury your children, your children shall bury you"?

But we know that the empty brained sheep that follow him are incapable of critical thinking talk less of asking important questions.


Crime / Re: Christopher Madaki: Jema’a Secretary, Wife, Daughter-in-law Murdered In Kaduna by 36STATES: 4:15pm On May 09
The extermination of minority ethnic groups in the north continues.

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Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Killed Six Policemen In Akwa Ibom by 36STATES: 7:37pm On May 08
The focus should shift to oil workers now. All oil workers in the SE and SS should be asked politely to leave. ESN and other Biafran movements should raise the pressure a little higher. Nigeria will crumble without oil money for six months.


Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Preaches At ‘Holy Communion Service’ After Son, Dare's Death by 36STATES: 10:32am On May 07
But scammer evil Adeboye claimed he raised 3 dead people just last week.

Just four days ago, at the birthday celebration of David Oyedipo, criminal pastor Adeboye narrated how a grand mother raised her 2 dead twins and their mother using a handkerchief and a little oil he gave the grandmother.

Three days later, his own son died. Now we are all expecting him to raise his son, but he is not doing that. It's either he can't or he was lying.

Adeboye remains the most evil and the most wicked scammer to have originated from Africa if not the whole world. He's worse than Bernard Medoff; at least the later scammed only wealthy investors. On the other hand, Adeboye uses scorched earth strategy. He scams the weak, the sick, the unemployed, students, politicians, refugees, the childless, the confused etc. He leaves absolutely nothing on his way.

RIP to the dead, but his father is an evil man

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Religion / Re: Leke Adeboye Reacts To The Death Of His Brother, Dare by 36STATES: 2:50pm On May 06
Laka or Leke himself is not looking healthy.

This could be a consequence of too much tithe. I hope I am wrong.

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Politics / Re: Army Blocks Onitsha-Owerri Road In Imo (Pictures, Video) by 36STATES: 2:05pm On May 06
Robbish, there is no military roadblock. Why could he not show the military blocking the road?


Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye's Son, Dare Is Dead by 36STATES: 10:44am On May 06

An autopsy should be done to ascertain the cause of his death.

I think it is too much tithe, I hope I am wrong though.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye's Son, Dare Is Dead by 36STATES: 10:42am On May 06
Too much awoof tithe killed him. I hope I am wrong though.
His father tells his sheep everyday that their children will bury them, but he's the one burying his children.

How come? Evil scammer Adeboye.

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Crime / Re: N15m Ransom: One Bandit Released In Exchange For 27 Kaduna Students by 36STATES: 10:36am On May 06
Daily Trust learnt that father of one Buhari, alias General, who is also a fierce bandit had to be brought in to use his son in forcing Baderu to agree on the deal

Tell me something new.
So General Buhari is a bandit?
This country has no hope, please end this misery now, and let the south go and form whatever country they want.
Business / Re: Terry Waya Celebrate His Birthday In His Mansion (Photos) by 36STATES: 5:40pm On May 03
This is one of the lovers of one Nigeria. Why not?
Stolen wealth while many are dying from hunger.

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Politics / Re: Oduduwa Republic: Yoruba Nation Rally Holds In Abeokuta Despite Police Ban by 36STATES: 3:06pm On May 01
Why is their flag the same as Biafra?? Red black green in horizontal form?
Politics / Re: Bala Mohammed: NNPC Zero Remittance To FAAC, Recipe For Crisis by 36STATES: 9:20am On Apr 30
Your problem is about to start sir.

All Biafran militia movements will soon chase every oil worker aware from the SE/SS region. They will not be allowed back until Nigeria is completely restructured or divided.
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Uzodinma Takes Refuge In Abuja by 36STATES: 7:52am On Apr 30
imo case is something else. Supreme Court did something unusual in Imo State. Hope hasn't been a good person right from time, I was shocked when a friend called from Aussie to tell me about it.
Ruling a state with revenge isn't good, I wish we that will soon see ourselves in other respective offices in the future won't go there seeking for revenge. This is the main thing disturbing APC and Nigerians... We should extinguish bitterness from our heart and move forward when we see ourselves ahead of our rivals

Every Igbo man is happy the way he's dealing with Okoroawusa. At the same time, most Igbos feel wounded and humiliated the way he was appointed to the post. We see it as a kick in the mouth by Buhari govt and his projection of Fulani supremacy in Igboland.


Politics / Re: Maduka: Anambra Will Produce Mobile Phones, Four Years As Governor by 36STATES: 7:45am On Apr 30
I used to like this man until the ass..licker Alex Reporter joined him. He used to be known for his strong and solid achievements, but everything now looks too tacky, almost like those pointless endless beauty pageants organised by Alex and his folks.

Maduka has to try to keep Alex and his group in the backdroom, appearing with him on stage and photos everywhere is reducing people's estimation of him. Even if he keeps them for publicity, they shouldn't be seen to be on the same level, because that's how I am tempted to perceive them.

This is not like promoting Regina and her old Nwokedi, or organising Miss Afor Orie Ngbeke beauty contest. This is something much more serious.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Debt Stock To Hit ₦34 Trillion With New Loans by 36STATES: 7:26am On Apr 30
Tou think they don’t have plans to pay back?

The oil wells haven't dried up yet.

This is why all Biafran movement in the south, especially in SE/SS should now focus on oil installations. They have to drive every oil worker out, until Nigeria is restructured or divided. This is important because we will need the revenue to pay our own part of the crazy loans in the future.
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Debt Stock To Hit ₦34 Trillion With New Loans by 36STATES: 7:19am On Apr 30
Where is that Buhari's picture with how to finish Nigeria kpatakpata?

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Politics / Re: Insecurity: Why US May Not Heed Buhari’s Call For Assistance — Falana by 36STATES: 7:17am On Apr 30
Mr busy body know it all.
Travel / Re: Just Got My Visa To Travel To Germany For Work, I Am Having Cold Feet. by 36STATES: 11:29am On Apr 29
I just got my Visa to go to Germany. I am having cold feet making this journey. I have already told my boss I am leaving my current position.

I am yet to tell HR because of this cold feet. I have been in Qatar for 2years now and I think its best I move since I cannot marry and bring wify here.

The German company is paying for my flight and accommodation for 2 weeks but I am still having cold feet. T[b]he process is cumbersome.. I just realised I need health insurance to make this move. Where can i get such in Nigeria.

Really, your company is paying for your flight and accommodation but could not pay for your health insurance. You guys should stop posting all this tells by moonlight rubbish because some people here are European and American citizens for decades already. What makes you think we are all dumb? Do you speak German in the first place? You must be a nuclear scientist for Germans to give you visa to come work for them.

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Politics / Re: ‘Forum Of Bishops’ Holds Solidarity Rally For Pantami (Photo) by 36STATES: 9:24am On Apr 29
This is the only thing APC and bmc are good at. A very despicable lot.
Crime / Re: Suspected IPOB Gunmen Kill Four Soldiers In Rivers State by 36STATES: 4:33pm On Apr 27
Wike will react 'Wickedly'

Different Biafran groups are operating in his local government in Ikwere. Long live Biafra, our liberation from over 50 years of humiliation is coming near.
Crime / Re: Suspected IPOB Gunmen Kill Four Soldiers In Rivers State by 36STATES: 4:28pm On Apr 27
Every oil worker will soon become a target and Dangote's oil pipes in the sea will be cut everyday till he gives up.

We are waiting for another massacre of SE/SS in the north, and that will be the end of Nigeria. As soon as southerners in the north pack their load and run back home, that will be the end of Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: IGR Of Nigerian States From 2007 To 2020 by 36STATES: 11:20am On Apr 26
Too bad Fowler could not do for Nigeria what he did for lagos.

Also, the above chart shows that most state governors, if not all(EXCEPT Lagos), are very very lazy. They cannot adequately raise their state IGR.

When everything is concentrated in Lagos, that is the result you get.
Federal government of Nigeria built Lagos, by locating 90 percent of government projects there for over 50 years.

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