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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 6:37am On Sep 03


Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019

'Teach your children right from wrong, and when they are grown they will still do right.' Proverbs 22:6 CEV

Parents who smoke can pass on some of the toxins to their children through the air they're breathing. Unintentionally they can pollute their children with their own vices. And it's the same when we pass on things like bitterness, guilt and insecurity them. That's why we need God's help; only he can bring healing to the root of our problem and break the cycle.

No one else can teach faith to your children like you. The foundation must be laid by you and built on by them. And don't just teach them your doctrine; expose them to your faith. Tell them who brought you through the tough places. That way, when they encounter their own tough places they'll be armed with more than a set of religious rules; they'll have confidence in God for themselves. And stop beating yourself up over past mistakes; there are things all of us wish we'd done differently. The truth is that God can alter the effects of your past and prevent tragedy in your future. He's the God of restoration who makes 'all things new' (Revelation 21:5 NKJV). He can bring right out of wrong, good out of bad, and enable you to pour his wisdom and love into your children.

This is your chance of a lifetime - seize it! Let go of yesterday and take hold of tomorrow. Your children are your tomorrow; they're being shaped by you. Give them a taste of the things of God when they're little, and when they grow up the world will never satisfy them.

Soulfood: Ezek 27:25-36 Ezek 28 Ezek 29 Ezek 30:1-26 Matt 23:1-12 Ps 112 Pro 20:1-4.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 6:37am On Sep 06


Friday, 6th September, 2019

'A man who excels in his work... will stand before kings.' Proverbs 22:29 NKJV

He started out working hard as a labourer for a railway company. When he was given an opportunity to work in the shipping office for a few days, he jumped at it. During that time his supervisor asked him for some vital facts and figures. 'Have them on my desk when I get back in three days,' he said. The young man didn't know anything about book keeping but he worked three days and nights without sleep, and when the supervisor returned he had the facts and figures ready for him. This won the respect and admiration of his supervisor, and as soon as a permanent position opened up he recommended the young man for the job. Over time the young man was promoted many times, and each time he was applauded for his thoroughness and trustworthiness. Eventually, he ended up as vice president of the Ralston Purina Company in St Louis, Missouri, one of the world's largest manufacturers of pet food.

The Bible says, 'Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before unknown men' (Proverbs 22:29 NKJV). In The Message, Eugene Peterson paraphrases it this way: 'Observe people who are good at their work - skilled workers are always in demand and admired; they don't take a back seat to anyone.'

Whether you realise it or not, you are being watched on the job. Your character, your work ethic and your attitude are being observed. And you will be rewarded not only according to the tasks you complete, but for your attitude and the way in which you complete them!

Soulfood: Ezek 37:1-28 Ezek 38 Ezek 39 Ezek 40:1-9 Matt 24:1-14 Ps 78:9-16 Pro 20:11-14.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 6:36am On Sep 07


Saturday, 7th September, 2019

'Make the altar out of boards and leave the inside hollow.' Exodus 27:8 NCV

The altar in the tabernacle was a place where sacrifices were offered in worship to God. And God had definite ideas about how it was to be built: 'Make the altar out of boards and leave the inside hollow' (Exodus 27:8 NCV). A stone or metal structure would have been heavy to transport, whereas a hollow wooden altar could be carried on poles and travel along with the Israelites.

The image of a moveable altar is a reminder that while you should be part of a local church, you're not restricted to worshipping God in a particular location. You can do it anywhere by 'continually offer[ing] up a sacrifice of praise' (Hebrews 13:15 NAS). At home, on the job, in the supermarket, at the gym, in the classroom, your everyday activities can become a 'spiritual sacrifice acceptable to God' (1 Peter 2:5 NAS). By sharing a word of encouragement, helping someone in need, or making a professional decision based on integrity instead of what's popular, you're honouring God.

Jesus said, 'Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven' (Matthew 5:16 NIV). One author says: 'The Lord is my boss. He gives me reviews, critiques, promotions and demotions. He provides my benefit plan and my health insurance. He can transfer me...change my responsibilities...develop all my goals and objectives. I report to him alone...While my tasks change, my essential job doesn't. I'm instructed to do his work and be his hands and feet in whatever position he assigns me.'

Soulfood: Ezek 40:10-49 Ezek 41 Ezek 42:1-20 Matt 24:15-25 Ps 78:17-31 Pro 20:15-19.

Courtesy: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 6:39am On Sep 11


Wednesday, 11th September, 2019

'Plead the case of the widow.' Isaiah 1:17 NIV

In New Testament times, society had no welfare system. That's why the apostle James wrote, 'Religion that God...accepts...is...to look after orphans and widows' (James 1:27 NIV). This could be the kind of ministry you've been looking for! The only qualification you need is the memory of how it feels to 'be left out' and the compassion to 'do something about it'.

The following poignant letter, 'The Story of Widowhood', was written by a lady whose husband died. 'First numbness, then busyness. A million things to settle. Endless death certificates and things to sign. Friends are so considerate; caring support from relatives. You keep busy. But at night you pound the empty side of the bed in grief. Finally you close your eyes, throw his toothbrush into the garbage, and toss out the old work shoes you brought home from the hospital in a plastic bag. You empty the closet and give all his things away. It's heartache like you wouldn't believe. Every suit in his closet reminds you of a special place or time you shared together. A year has passed; you're still in one piece. Then the blow! Your friends celebrate a birthday - all couples. You're not included because you'd be a "fifth wheel". Some wives may even consider you a threat. Please remember us. Don't treat us like excess baggage. We've been handed a rotten break, and we need friends. Signed, Forgotten.'

Think of the difference you could make today in somebody's life by being willing to seek out those who society so often overlooks and forgets.

Soulfood: 2 Cor 1-4 Matt 25:1-13 Ps 78:56-64 Pro 20:25.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation


Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 6:28am On Sep 12


Thursday, 12th September, 2019

'"Who are you?" ...Jesus replied, "The one I have always claimed to be."' John 8:25 NLT

Jesus was constantly under pressure. There were gruelling demands on his time. He rarely had personal privacy and he was constantly interrupted. People repeatedly misunderstood, criticised and ridiculed him. He was under enormous stress, yet he remained at peace under pressure. How did he do it? He based his life on eight sound principles of stress management. So for the next week let's look at them and see what we can learn.

Know who you are. '"Who are you?" they demanded. Jesus replied, "The one I have always claimed to be"' (John 8:25 NLT). If you don't know who you are, others might try to tell you who they think you are. If you don't know who you are, you'll subconsciously let other people pressure you into believing you're somebody you're not. A lot of stress comes from our hiding behind masks, living double lives, being unreal with others, and trying to be somebody we're not. Insecurity always produces pressure in our lives; when we're insecure we feel coerced into performing and conforming. We set unrealistic standards for ourselves, and even though we work, work, work, we still can't meet them.

So what should you do? _Hlk14866129You must know who you are, and whose you are! You're a redeemed child of God, put on this earth not by accident but for a purpose. You are deeply loved and fully accepted by God. He has a plan for your life; therefore you are significant. To overcome stress, you must know who you are; and until you deal decisively with this issue, you'll be plagued by it._Hlk14866129

Soulfood: 2 Cor 5-8 Matt 25:14-21 Ps 78:65-72 Pro 20:26-30.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 6:42am On Sep 13


Friday, 13th September, 2019

'I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.' John 5:30 NIV

Know who you are trying to please. Jesus didn't try to please everybody, so isn't it foolish for you to try to do something even God doesn't do? It was a settled issue with Jesus: 'I'm going to please God, full stop!' And God replied, 'This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased' (Matthew 3:17 NKJV).

When you lose sight of who you're trying to please, you'll always cave in to three things: Criticism, because you're overly concerned about what others think of you. Competition, because you're afraid somebody will get ahead of you. Conflict, because you're threatened by anyone who disagrees with you. Jesus said, 'Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things [overcoming the stress of criticism, competition and conflict], shall be added to you' (Matthew 6:33 NKJV). By focusing on God's will, you simplify your life! You'll always be doing the right thing, the thing that pleases him, regardless of what anybody else thinks. We love to blame stress on other people and on our obligations: 'You made me do...I have to...I've got to.' Actually, there are few things in life apart from our jobs that we must do. So what we're really saying is, 'I choose to [fill in your obligation here] because I don't want to handle the consequences.' Rarely does anybody make us do anything, so we can't blame other people for our stress.

When we feel pressured, we're choosing to let others put us there. The fact is, we're not victims unless we allow ourselves to be pressured by outside demands.

Soulfood: 2 Cor 9:1-15 2 Cor 10 2 Cor 11:1-15 Matt 25:22-30 Ps 24 Pro 21:1-2.

Courtesy: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 11:15am On Sep 14


Saturday, 14th September, 2019

'I know where I came from and where I am going.' John 8:14 NIV

Know what you want to accomplish. Jesus said, 'I know where I came from and where I am going' (John 8:14 NIV). Can you say that too? Unless you plan your life and establish priorities, you'll be pressured by other people to do what they think is important. Every day you either live by priorities or you live by pressures. There's no other option. Either you decide what's important in your life or you let other people decide for you.

It's easy to operate under the tyranny of the urgent, to come to the end of your day and wonder, 'Have I accomplished anything at all? I used up a lot of energy and did a lot of things, but did I achieve anything important?' Busyness is not necessarily productivity. You may be spinning in circles but not accomplishing anything of real value. Preparation causes you to be at ease. Or to put it another way, preparation prevents pressure, whereas procrastination produces pressure. Good organisation and good preparation reduce stress because you know who you are, who you're trying to please, and what you want to accomplish. Having clearly defined goals simplifies life.

So spend a few minutes at the beginning of every day talking with God in prayer. Then look at your schedule for the day and decide: 'Is this really the way I want to spend a day of my life? Am I willing to exchange the next twenty-four valuable hours for these activities?' The right answer to those two questions will lower your stress level by helping you prioritise.

Soulfood: 2 Cor 11:16-33 2 Cor 12 2 Cor 13:1-14 Matt 25:31-40 Ps 19 Pro 21:3.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 12:08pm On Sep 15


Sunday, 15th September, 2019

'I must proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God... that is why I was sent.' Luke 4:43 NIV

Focus on one thing at a time. Are you being pulled in different directions? People constantly tried to do this to Jesus and distract him from his goal in life. The Bible says, 'At daybreak, Jesus went out to a solitary place. The people were looking for him and when they came to where he was, they tried to keep him from leaving them' (Luke 4:42 NIV). Jesus was about to leave and they tried to make him stay. Here's how he responded: 'I must proclaim the good news of the Kingdom...to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent' (Luke 4:43 NIV).

Jesus refused to be distracted by less important matters. Indeed, he was a master at this. Everybody tried to interrupt him. Everyone had a Plan B for his life. But in essence he responded, 'No, I must keep moving towards my goal.' And he kept right on doing what he knew God had told him to do. He was determined. He was persistent. He was focused.

So when you have a dozen different things to do, pick the most important one and stick with it until it's complete. Then pick the second most important and do the same thing, until you've completed the list. When we diffuse our efforts, we're ineffective; when we concentrate our efforts, we're more successful. Diffused light produces a hazy glow, whereas light that's concentrated produces fire. Jesus didn't let interruptions prevent him from concentrating on his goal. He didn't let others make him tense or stressed or irritated. And he is your example!

Soulfood: Gen 24:1-51 2 Cor 6:14-18 2 Cor 7:1.

Courtesy: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 7:04am On Sep 16


Monday, 16th September, 2019

'He appointed twelve...that he might send them out.' Mark 3:14 NIV

Don't try to do it all yourself. One of the reasons we get stressed out is because we think that everything depends on us. Not Jesus. He enlisted, trained and empowered twelve others so they could share the load. He delegated his work. He got other people involved.

So why don't we do that? Two reasons: (1) Perfectionism. We think, 'If I want a job well done, I'll do it myself.' That's a nice idea, but often it doesn't work well because there are just too many things to be done. We simply don't have the time and talent to do everything ourselves. It's really an egotistical attitude that says, 'Nobody, but nobody, can do it the way I can!' Do you think Jesus could've done a better job than his disciples? Of course, but even knowing that, he still let them do the work. Why? Because we need to let other people make some of the mistakes in order for them to learn, the same way the disciples learned. Don't rob others of an education. (2) Insecurity. 'What if I turn this responsibility over to someone else and they do a better job than I do?' That possibility is threatening to many of us. But you won't feel threatened if you know who you are, who you're trying to please, what you want to accomplish, and the one thing you need to focus on.

In order to be effective, you must get other people involved, because you can't focus on more than one thing at a time and do it well.

Soulfood: S of Sol 1-4 Matt 25:41-46 Ps 3 Pro 21:4-8.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 7:39am On Sep 17


Tuesday, 17th September, 2019

'Very early in the morning...Jesus...prayed.' Mark 1:35 NIV

Make prayer your daily habit. Prayer is the great stress-reliever. Jesus began his day with prayer. He often stopped throughout the day to pray, and he ended each day with prayer. Now, if Jesus made time for prayer as busy as he was, how much more do you need to do it! Time alone with God can be a decompression chamber for life's stresses. We talk to God in prayer, tell him what's on our minds, and let him talk to us as we read the Bible. Then we look at our schedule, evaluate our priorities and wait for instructions. If we lived that way, the pharmaceutical industry would go broke because we wouldn't need a fraction of the tranquillisers they market!

Many of our problems come from our inability to sit still. We just don't know how to be quiet. God says, 'Be still, and know that I am God' (Psalm 46:10 NKJV). And one reason we don't know God more personally is because we can't be still. We're too busy to be quiet and just think. Someone said, 'It seems to be an ironic habit of man that when he loses his way he doubles his speed.' The story's told of a World War II Air Force pilot who flew over the Pacific. When he radioed the tower and the controller asked for his location, he replied, 'I don't know - but I'm making record time!' A lot of us are like that, speeding through life without knowing where we're headed.

We need to start our morning with prayer like Jesus did, and stop throughout the day to pray again and recharge our spiritual batteries.

Soulfood: S of Sol 5-8 Matt 26:1-16 Ps 39 Pro 21:9-13.

Courtesy: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 6:49am On Sep 18


Wednesday, 18th September, 2019

'Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.' Mark 6:31 NIV

Take time out to enjoy life. Jesus did that. 'Because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest"' (Mark 6:31 NIV). Jesus not only took time for relaxation and recreation, he told those who'd been working hard without relief, 'You deserve a break today. Let's get some rest...take time off.' So they got into a boat, rode to the other side of the lake, and went out into the desert. Jesus was able to handle stress because he knew when to relax.

Rest and recreation in life aren't optional, and they're not 'unspiritual'. Rest is so important that God included it in the Ten Commandments. The Sabbath was made for mankind because God knows our physical, emotional and spiritual constitutions demand regular periodic breaks. Jesus survived stress because he enjoyed life. J.B. Phillips's paraphrase puts it like this: 'The Son of Man came, enjoying life' (Matthew 11:19 PHPS). And Paul tells us that God has richly provided 'everything for our enjoyment' (1 Timothy 6:17 NIV). Balance is the key to stress management.

Today if you feel burned out, check two things: (1) Are you drawing daily on God's grace, or are you depending on yourself? (2) Do you regularly set aside time for rest and recreation? The word 'recreation' means 'restore, refresh or create anew'. Are you getting the picture? If you burn out, what use will you be to God's kingdom, to your family or to yourself?

Soulfood: 1 Sam 1-3 Matt 26:17-29 Ps 34 Pro 21:14-16.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 5:50am On Sep 19


Thursday, 19th September, 2019

'I will give you rest.' Matthew 11:28 CEV

If the load you're carrying is too heavy for you to bear, Jesus didn't give it to you. Others may have, or you may have taken it upon yourself, but Jesus had no part in it. 'If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest. Take the yoke I give you. Put it on your shoulders and learn from me. I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest. This yoke is easy to bear, and this burden is light' (Matthew 11:28-30 CEV).

The final stress management principle Jesus taught us is: give your stress to him. You'll never enjoy complete peace of mind until you develop a relationship with the Prince of Peace. Note, Jesus didn't say, 'Come to me and I'll give you more guilt, more burdens, more stress and more worries,' even though that's what a lot of religious people seem to teach! Some churches create pressure instead of relieving it. But Jesus said, 'I want to give you rest. I'm the stress-reliever. When you get in harmony with me, I'll give you inner strength.' Only Jesus can transform your lifestyle from stressful to satisfied. The greatest source of stress comes from trying to live our lives apart from the God who made us, trying to go our own way and be our own god.

What do you need? If you've never committed your life to Christ, you need a transformation. Give him your life with all its stresses and say, 'Lord, please give me a new life. Replace the pressure I feel with the peace you offer. Help me to follow your principles of stress management.'

Soulfood: 1 Sam 4-7 Matt 26:30-46 Ps 52 Pro 21:17.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 6:45am On Sep 20


Friday, 20th September, 2019

'Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine.' Daniel 1:8 NIV

What was Daniel's problem? What was wrong with eating the best food in the country? Most people lived on a meagre diet. Daniel was going to have the opportunity to eat, literally, like a king. Why the hard line? When you dig down into the cultural realities of the situation, more seems to be at stake. A Babylonian feast was always eaten in honour of the gods. So whenever you sat down to a meal, it wasn't just dining that you participated in, but an act of worship. This food had previously been sacrificed to a pagan god. For a Jewish teenager who took his faith in God seriously, participation would mean compromising who he was called to be. By eating their meal, he would be worshipping their god. And for Daniel, that was a bridge too far. It was about compromising his character, and that he would not do.

You don't discover your convictions when the pressure is on; you decide them in advance. It's during the good times that you determine what you will or won't do during the hard times. The psalmist said: 'How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you' (Psalm 119:9-11 NIV).

Victorious Christian living is encapsulated in these three statements: (1) 'By living according to your word.' (2) 'I seek you with all my heart.' (3) 'I have hidden your word in my heart.'

Soulfood: 1 Sam 8-10 Matt 26:47-68 Ps 54 Pro 21:18-21.

Courtesy: Grace So Amazing Foundation


Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 11:51am On Sep 21


Saturday, 21st September, 2019

'A great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.' 1 Corinthians 16:9 NKJV

One day, the Chamber of Commerce in a small town invited a successful businessman to come and speak. The local economy was bad and they were discouraged, so his job was to motivate them. He took a large piece of white paper and made a red dot in the centre of it. 'What do you see?' he asked the audience. One person replied, 'I see a red dot.' The speaker said, 'Fine, but what else do you see?' Others chimed in, 'A red dot.' The speaker asked, 'Don't you see anything else besides the dot?' The audience responded with a resounding 'no!' The speaker said, 'You've overlooked the most important thing; you've missed seeing the sheet of paper!' Then he went on to explain that in life we are often distracted by small, dot-like failures and experiences. They keep us from seeing the blessings and successes that are more important than the disappointments that try to monopolise our attention and drain our energy.

Paul wrote, 'A great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries' (1 Corinthians 16:9 NKJV). Opportunity and obstacles - they go together like macaroni and cheese or fish and chips. Now, Paul didn't deny the reality of the opposition he faced; he just chose to focus on the opportunity it presented. The poet wrote, 'Two men looked through prison bars. One saw mud, the other stars.'

What are you looking at? Are you so preoccupied with what is that you've lost sight of what can be? If so, you need to step back and ask God to help you see the bigger picture.

Soulfood: 1 Sam 11-13 Matt 26:69 - 27:10 Ps 13 Pro 21:22-27.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation
Re: The Word For Today by Moneyfem: 12:33pm On Sep 22


Sunday, 22nd September, 2019

'Didn't I heal ten men? Where are the other nine?' Luke 17:17 NLT

One day Jesus healed ten men of leprosy, which at the time was a death sentence because there was no known cure for it. Amazingly, only one of them remembered to come back and thank him.

What's the story with the other nine? Were they too busy to be thankful? Surely they felt grateful, yet they didn't take time express it. Did they just get caught up in other things and forget? Were they too cautious to be thankful? Maybe they thought their healing wouldn't last, so they wanted to give it time before announcing it. Or maybe they were concerned that Jesus wanted something in return that they were either unwilling or unable to give. Were they too self-centred to be thankful? In some ways, the sick life was a simpler life. Now they had to get a job, take responsibility and play a role in society. Were they too arrogant to be thankful? Maybe they thought that given enough time, they would have recovered by themselves. Plus, to be grateful is to admit to being needy. Who wants to show weakness when you have an image to protect?

If this story is any indication, nine out of ten of us have a problem with gratitude - at least when it comes to expressing it. Don't be like that. Be one of the 10 per cent! In three back-to-back psalms - 105, 106, and 107 - David repeats similar words: 'Give thanks to the Lord; for he is good! For his mercy endures forever.' Don't let a day pass without remembering God's goodness to you and thanking him for it.

Soulfood: Gen 1 Gen 2:1-3 John 1:1-18.

Credit: Grace So Amazing Foundation

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