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Re: The New Girl by shaydeenamz(m): 2:08pm On Jan 23
spot on try and compensate your readers with more update
Re: The New Girl by izaray(f): 3:01pm On Jan 23
Welcome back op, but we need more pls.

Thanks for the little update anyway wink
Re: The New Girl by perfect25: 6:19pm On Jan 23
Re: The New Girl by Mtbail: 10:49pm On Jan 23
I already forgiven u. Thanks for the update
Re: The New Girl by Twenty47(m): 6:30am On Jan 24
Wlc back and thanks for de update op
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 3:25pm On Jan 25
episode 43
"What did you say?" Edwin asked again with a serious tone.
Realising the shocker he just gave them, Daniel reiterated, "I don't really know if I love her, I just get this feelings in my chest and my head whenever I see her."
"For Susan?" Edwin asked still looking surprised.
"Yea... Yeah. Look, I know---"
"Wait! But how come? How did that happen?" Edwin asked.
"I seriously don't know how it happened. All I know is that I suddenly started having these feelings anytime I saw her," Daniel replied. "I hope you guys aren't upset?"
"Upset?" Edwin asked before bursting into a laugh. "Why should we be upset? If not, I'm happy that someone has finally captured your stone heart."
Daniel merely stared with a raised eyebrow.
Edwin chuckles before saying, "No, I'm not being sarcastic. I actually mean it."
Daniel looks at Clement and Felix, "You two have been awfully quiet."
"What do you want me to say?" Clement asked. "I just received a double shocker."
"Who would have ever imagined that someone could win Daniel's heart? And that someone turned out to be a former enemy," Felix stated.
"Look guys, it has happened, it has happened. What we should be discussing now is how our little love puppy Danny boy can win her heart," Edwin said as he winked at Daniel.
"Hold your horses, cowboy. Before you start talking about that, I think I should let you guys know that she has a boyfriend," Daniel stated.
"A boyfriend!? Susan!?" They yelled in unison.
With a straight face, Clement asked, "And what makes you think she does?"
"Well, that time she went missing in the Christmas party, I found her kissing someone at the back of the hall," Daniel replied.
"Kissing!?" They all yelled in unison.
"Yeah...that's what I said," Daniel said with a nonchalant shrug.
"Hmm..." Edwin put his hand on his chin while staring at the floor. The statement Daniel made had come as a huge surprise to him as Susan hadn't mention anything about dating someone...or... "Daniel, explain how this kiss happened. Did the guy forcefully kiss her or something like that?"
"Well...it didn't seem so from my point of view. As a matter of fact, she gave him a peck on the cheeks as she was about to leave," Daniel replied.
With a straight face, Clement asked, "Did you see the guy's face?"
Daniel sighed deeply, "No I didn't. He had his face away from me. And when he eventually turned around, his face was covered in the darkness of the night."
"Hmm..." Edwin hummed once again while scratching his chin. "This is gonna be tough."
"What do you mean by that?" Daniel asked with a confused expression on his face.
"It means you will have to intensify your efforts to get her," Edwin replied.
Daniel raises his eyebrow, "And what makes you think I wanna get her?"
Edwin chuckles, "It's written all over you that you want her; you love sick puppy."
Felix chuckles, "Ha! Love sick puppy. Good one Eddy."
Daniel rolls his eyes, "And what if I do want her, what solution can you provide."
Edwin grins wickedly, "Uoh... Danny boy is trying to play smart.
"Look, I... I just... I just wanna..." Daniel stammered trying to get his words out.
"Yeah...yeah. You just wanna do what?" Edwin asked with a light smirk plastered on his lips. "Just admit Danny boy, you want her."
Daniel sighs, "Alright, I admit it. But have you forgotten the part I said she has a boyfriend."
"I heard that part but I have a full proof plan that will make her running into your arms in no time. You just have to..."
"Go on," Edwin murmured as he shoved Daniel forward.
Daniel began walking, taking light steps which rhymed with the beats of his heart. Midway before reaching his target, he tilted his head backwards to see friends urging him to move on. He smiled nervously, tilting his head back to the beautiful girl who sat at the foot of a tree in the school garden. She adorned a white 'Fabulous' top which was underneath an unbuttoned sky blue shirt and a blue skirt.
Approaching the girl, Daniel greeted, "Hi... Hi Susan."
Susan looked up and smiled, "Hey Daniel."
"Can I join you?" He asked.
"Sure," She replied.
"Thanks." Daniel sat beside her, looked at her and smiled. He tilted his head towards the direction his friends were standing but they were no longer there.
"They are gone?!"Daniel panicked in his thoughts. "I'm all alone now. You can do it Daniel, just stick to what Eddy told you," He thought once more.
"Women love compliments. Bombard her with compliments and she will follow you everywhere you go, like a magnet."
"Daniel?! Daniel?! Daniel?!" Susan called out.
Daniel jerked, "Yeah... Yeah."
"I said, what brings you here?" Susan asked.
"Ooh...nothing really. I was just passing by and I happened to find you in such a beautiful place. So I decided to join you."
"Ooh...that's nice of you. This garden is really beautiful," Susan added.
"You're very beautiful, Susan," Daniel said, staring into her eyes.
"Ooh...thank you, Daniel," she replied.
"Like, very beautiful. Really really beautiful," Daniel added.
"Oh...kay. Thanks, Daniel," She replied.
"You're...welcome," Daniel said with a shaky tone. Edwin's voice soon found it's way into his head once more.
"Women also love guys with big muscles. Don't forget to flex your muscles."
"Flex my muscles huh?" Daniel thought. He looked at both arms, turning them side to side.
"Susan, check it out," he said, flexing both arms sideways. "What do you think of my muscles?"
Susan looked, puzzled with her mouth slightly opened, "They are...nice... I guess."
Daniel smiled, thinking her response meant acknowledgement, he pulled his shirt up to his chest and said, "what about my packs? Don't they also look nice?" He gawked.
Susan quickly covered her eyes with her hands, stood up and said, "Erm... I just remembered I have something to do. See you later, Daniel," She turned and walked away from him before he could have the chance to utter a word.
"I can't believe I let Eddy lead me into something so stupid," Daniel whispered, hitting his palm on his face. Soon, shadows covered Daniel and before he could look up to see it was, a voice boomed
"So... How did it go."
"Edwin? Guys? Just leave me alone. Your stupid plan has just made me look so stupid to Susan. You should have seen the way she ran away from me when I did the flex muscle thing."
"I told you not to do it," Clement said with a shrug.
"Are you sure you flexed them well? Because that usually works in movies," Edwin said.
"So all the stupid full proof plans you gave me were gotten from movies?"
"You're hopeless Eddy," Clement sighed.
"I wanna go lay my head. Thanks for making her hate me, Eddy," Daniel said before walking away from them.
"Awwn... Poor Daniel," Felix purred.
"But... It usually works in movies," Edwin said once more.
"Just shut it, Eddy. You just succeeded in making Daniel more than unhappy," Clement said. "But luckily for you, I have a solution to that."
"Please! Tell me!" Edwin pleaded.
Clement smiles, "Do you know what is happening on Saturday?"
So guys, what do you think is happening on
Drop your comments!


Re: The New Girl by Samuelsmart22(m): 4:28pm On Jan 25
Nice one Op. Well done. Please let updates keep rolling in
Re: The New Girl by Ann2012(f): 4:35pm On Jan 25
Thanks for the update OP
Re: The New Girl by skubido(m): 4:44pm On Jan 25
Tanks for the update,
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 10:20am On Jan 26
Episode 44
It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and the yellow rays of the sun had already found its way into Daniel's room. But that wasn't what woke him up, it was the sound of his ringtone. He stirred awake, using his hands to rub his eyes to clear the blurred vision he had. He sighed after discovering Felix, of all people was calling him early this morning. He was about picking up the call when it suddenly cut off and indicated 'One Missed Call' on the screen.
He dropped the phone back on his reading table and pulled up his blanket to resume his sleep. He hadn't fully covered himself with the blanket before his phone began ringing once again. With a huge scorn on his face, he picked up his phone and sat up and answered the call without looking at the screen.
"What?!" He bellowed as he place the phone beside his ear.
"Hello, Daniel," Felix voice boomed from the speaker. "Susan just had an accident," he added with a panicked tone.
"WHAT!?" Daniel screamed. "What happened? Is she okay? How is she? Where is she?" He asked in one breath.
"She is currently unconscious. Come to the school garden now," Felix replied.
"Why haven't you taken her to the hospital? Why are you..." Daniel barked but was cut short when he had heard a beeping sound from his phone. Felix had cut the call.
"Why hasn't this idiot taken her to the hospital?" Daniel asked to no one in particular as he got out of bed. He pulled off his white with black dotted spots pyjamas and flung them away. He grabbed his light yellow T-shirt and jean short which hung on his wardrobe, wore them, put his phone in his pocket and dashed out of his room with the speed of light; even forgetting to lock his door.
Like someone being chased by a hungry lion, Daniel ran as fast as his legs could go; panicking thoughts over how severe her condition might be flooded his mind. He finally got to the school garden and began running around looking for Felix and if possible, Susan. He circled the school garden, describing and asking students if any of them had seen Felix or even his shadow to which each replied negatively. Perplexed, Daniel stood akimbo right in front of the school fountain, tilting his head from left to right simultaneously while murmuring to himself.
Few minutes later, his phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his pocket and checked the screen and it turned out to be Felix. He quickly picked it and placed the speaker beside his ear.
"Where the hell are you, Felix?!" Daniel roared as he answered the call.
"Are you in the school garden?" Felix asked not minding the initial question.
"Yeah! And I can't find you."
"I'm no longer there. I have taken her to Trinity Clinic."
"Why did you take her to a hospital that is far away from the school? Daniel inquired. "Why didn't you take her to the school clinic?"
"They are closed," Felix replied.
"And when did the school clinic began closing by 10am in the morning?"
"I don't know. Just come to the clinic now."
"Alright, I'm coming." Daniel said, ending the call and zooming off to the school's entrance. At the school entrance, he boarded a taxi which drove him straight to Trinity Clinic. He walked into the reception and walked straight to the counter where two nurses where busy with a file.
"Good morning," He greeted.
"Good morning, sir. How may we help you," the busty chocolate complexioned nurse asked.
"Yeah... I'm here to see a patient that was brought in this morning by the name, Susan."
"Alright sir. Please hold on a second while I look into our files for her details," she replied, bringing out a file underneath the counter. A while later, she looked up with a frown and said, "Sorry sir, there isn't any record of a Susan being brought here today."
"But I was informed by someone that she had an accident this morning and was brought to this hospital. Please go through it once again. I'm sure there's a mistake somewhere."
"Sir, this is a profession which I have been doing for the past 4 years. So you telling me that there was a mistake is an insult to me," the nurse retorted.
"Excuse me, young man," the second nurse called out. "What's your relationship with the patient you're asking of?"
"She's... She's...erm... She's my cousin," Daniel stammered.
"Alright. And you are...?"
"Daniel... Daniel Macaulay."
"Okay, Mr. Macaulay. I understand what you are going through right now. Hearing a close relation of yours had an accident and was rushed to the hospital. But my colleague here just told you that there isn't any record of your cousin being brought here today. And you questioning her on her competency in her profession is absolutely uncalled for," the other nurse complained, quite calmly.
"I'm sorry for saying that. I wasn't in any way trying to downplay your competency or any of the sort. I'm just worried about my cousin and really wanna know how she is. I'm really sorry for saying what I said,'' Daniel pleaded.
"It's okay. You said the girl's name is Susan, right," the busty nurse asked.
"Yeah... It's Susan."
"Well... According to the clinic's file, there is a particular Susan that was brought in here. But she wasn't brought in today; she was brought in last week Friday. So I'm not sure she's the person you're looking for."
"But can I check if she is?"
"Well... You can. Her room is upstairs. The second room by your left."
"Alright... Thanks," Daniel replied as he ran off. He hurriedly ran up the stairs to the corridor which had four doors in both left and right sides. He walked towards the second door by his left, turned the knob and opened the door. In the room was a human figure lying unconscious on the bed. The beeping sound from the machine beside the female figure made time seem slow as Daniel walked slowly towards her. He got close and looked onto the lying patient but was immediately disappointed.
He got back to the reception with a huge gloom on his face.
"Was she the one you were looking for?" The busty nurse asked as he walked in.
"No," he replied nonchalantly.
"Ooh... I think you should check other hospitals or clinics. See if she's in any of them," the other nurse said.
"Alright... Thanks," Daniel said as he walked out of the reception.
Outside, he brought out his phone and dialled Felix's number but it was now switched off. He also dialled Clement's and Erwin's number to inquire about Felix whereabouts but got the same info. He sighed before walking away from the clinic's premises.
After checking five more neighboring hospitals including the school's clinic, he decided to go back home to rest. As he got to the corridor which lead to his room and his friends room, he noticed that his door was slightly open. He then realised that he didn't lock his door when he left, and the fact that his door was slightly open meant that someone was in or is in his bedroom. He then walked towards the door, pulling it open slowly. He peeped in and what followed after was a loud,


Re: The New Girl by perfect25: 10:31am On Jan 26
that was heart touching..... what even could that "SUPRISE" even be?
Re: The New Girl by Ann2012(f): 11:52am On Jan 26
Felix wicked sha, see heavy prank cheesy

Thanks for the update
Re: The New Girl by princessadeola(f): 12:17pm On Jan 26
What other surprise but Birthday. Well-done writer
Re: The New Girl by skubido(m): 12:55pm On Jan 26
Wetin dey worry Felix na, im wan give lover boy heart attack ni.. Whc kin Surprise ,Susan abi birthday

OP tanks for the update
Re: The New Girl by Simplicitymayor: 2:05pm On Feb 04
Nice work! pls update soon am tired waiting!
Re: The New Girl by izaray(f): 3:01pm On Feb 04
Thanks for the update

But try to update more, the waiting is tiring
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 5:36pm On Feb 04
Sorry for d delay blame the lack of power for it. I will try and upload 2-3 episodes d next time am updating

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Re: The New Girl by Toyeebah04: 9:31pm On Feb 04
Thanks Asemrk
I can see you are doing a great job here
Re: The New Girl by Ahmedolumide20: 4:07pm On Feb 06
Nice story. Really enjoy it
Re: The New Girl by Simplicitymayor: 8:59pm On Feb 12
Asemark oooooh abeg come nd finishe what u started oh am tired waiting oh
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 7:40am On Feb 15
Standing in room with their arms spread out and huge smiles on their faces were Edwin, Felix, Clement and some of Daniel's course mate, a white coloured cake with pink linings on the edges and three lit candles at the top of the cake which stood on Daniel's reading table and a multicolored banner that had the words 'Happy Birthday' boldly written on it. Surprise was clearly written on Daniel's face as he walked slowly into his room.
"Wha... What's going on here?" Daniel asked.
"Can't you see, Danny boy?" Edwin asked as he walked up to Daniel and put his hand across Daniel's shoulder. "It's your birthday."
"I can clearly see that," Daniel pointed out. "I mean, what's going on in my room?"
"Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! Can't you see we're throwing you a birthday party?" Edwin replied.
"Did we needed to spell it out?" Clement added.
"Wait! Wait! Felix, what happened? Aren't you suppose to be in the hospital with...you know who? How are you here and where is she?" Daniel asked in one breath.
"Calm down, Danny boy. She's fine. It was all a setup for you to leave the house so we could come in here and do..." Felix replied as he spun around, waving his hands in the process. "This."
Daniel stood there, perplexed some seconds before he asked, "So where is she now?"
"She should be on her way here right now," Felix replied.
"Okay... That's a relief. Now I have all ramifications to say," Daniel said as loosened himself from Edwin's grip, walked up to Felix and shouted, "Do you know what I went through because of your stupid setup?! Do you know how many times I got embarrassed?! Do you know..."
"Whoa! Whoa! Calm down, Danny boy," Edwin stated. "It's your birthday men! Take a chill pill and come cut your birthday cake," He said before walking up to Daniel, putting his arm across his shoulder once again and dragging him to his reading table where his cake was.
"Alright, Danny boy. Make a wish and blow out the candle," Edwin said.
Daniel looked at everyone in the room, sighed and closed his eyes. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and was about to blow out the candle when the door opened and Susan walked in along with a guy.
"Great! Susan is here," Felix said smirking at Daniel.
"Hi everyone, hope we're not late?" Susan asked.
"Not at all... Infact, you're just in time. Daniel's about to blow out the candle," Edwin said. "Go on, Danny boy."
Daniel finally blew out the candle with everyone applauding him in the process.
"Now it's time for the celebrant to cut the birthday cake," Edwin stated. "We'll spell DANIEL and after we do that, Daniel will cut the birthday cake. Is everyone ready?"
"Yeah!" They all chorused.
"Alright, let's go. D-A-N-I-E-L,"
At the mention of his name, Daniel cut the cake with a forced smile as everyone applauded him. He still hadn't taken his eyes off Susan and the strange guy. He had been wondering why they both walked in together.
"Alright people... Let's get this party started!" Edwin roared as he walked up to the stereo player beside Daniel's video game and turned it on. Wizkid's Soco track instantly started playing. Everyone cheered and got on their dancing shoes immediately.
Daniel walked up to where Susan and the strange guy were with Susan's laughing wholeheartedly about what the strange guy was saying "Hey, Susan?" Daniel greeted.
"Hi, Daniel. Happy birthday," Susan said as she hugged him. "Sorry I didn't get you any presents. Edwin just told me about your birthday this morning and I couldn't think of anything great to get you." She added with a sober tone.
"No... It's no problem at all. Your presence here is enough," Daniel replied. He then looked right at the strange guy; his eyes piercing the entirety of the strange guys' body. The guy noticed it and stared back at Daniel.
Susan noticed the stare down between both parties and quickly intercepted, "Ooh... Daniel. Meet Kelvin, my boyfriend."
Daniel's eyes widens, "Your... Your boyfriend?"
"Yeah... And Kelvin, meet my very good friend..."
"Daniel," Kelvin interrupted. "Who wouldn't know the golden boy of the school?" Kelvin stated with a cocky smile. "Nice to me you... Daniel," he added extending his hand for a handshake.
Daniel looked at the hand, looked back at Kelvin's face, looked back to his hand and finally shook his with his own, "The pleasure is mine," Daniel said with a straight face.
"So how..." Susan stated but was interrupted by the...
"Daniel!" Hannah bellowed as she walked in and hugged him tightly. "Happy birthday, sugar. Here's your present." She handed a medium sized wrapped box to him.
"Thanks... I...appreciate it," Daniel said. "How did you know today's my birthday?"
"Who wouldn't know? Like virtually everyone knows that." Hannah shrugged.
"Everyone like who?"
"Everyone like them." Hannah pointed to the door and people began walking into the room in their numbers. Before long, Daniel's room became overcrowded with some still left outside.
"Ooh... I see." Daniel exclaimed.
Edwin walked up to the stereo player and turned it off. The crowd growled with some cursing at him to turn the music back on.
"Please everyone quiet!" Edwin stated. "I really do appreciate everyone who's turned up here to celebrate Daniel's birthday but as you can see, the room is now overcrowded. So we are moving the party outside; now everyone should please move outside."
Little by little, the crowd began to disperse while Felix and Clement carried the stereo player outside.
"Hey, Susan. Hi, Kelvin." Edwin greeted.
"Hi, Edwin," Susan replied.
"Hey man. What's up?" Kelvin asked extending his hand for a handshake
"I'm good bro," Edwin replied, shaking his hand. "Gotta go. Hope you guys are enjoying the party so far?"
"Yeah... It's been great!" Susan exclaimed.
"Lovely. Danny boy, chill and enjoy your birthday, okay? And also get to know more about some people," He added, winking at Daniel before walking off.
"C'mon Kelvin, let's go join the others," Susan said dragging Kelvin by the arm. "You coming, Daniel?"
"Of... Of course," Daniel replied with a fake smile.
It was nightfall and the party was still on. Edwin with the collaboration from Felix and Clement had reloaded the beer crates more than ten times to accommodate the large party lovers.
But meanwhile in the hallway...
"Where is the toilet?" Elizabeth murmured. She walked past Daniel's room and got to a door. She opened it and found out it was just another room. She was about to walk out but she suddenly had the feeling to check out the room.
She walked in and closed the door behind her.
"What an exquisite room." She exclaimed. "Let me see if there's anything I can steal."
She began ransacking the room and found some money in some of the trousers lying on a bed. She then proceeded to the schoolbags at the edge of one of the beds. Searching the second bag, her hand stumbled on something strange. She pulled it out and it happened to be a clown's mask. A masked that looked like that the face of the Joker in Batman. Something instantly flashed in her head.
"Yeah, someone in a Clown's mask like the one The Joker in Batman usually had on, took my bag and ran into the Hall that is under renovation and Daniel chased after him but when he came out, he was looking tattered like someone that had been beaten up. When I asked him what happened to him, he told me that he was ambushed by 2 other guys wearing the same mask, they beat him up and told him stay away from me unless he wants to get beat up every time he does."
"Ooh... I see." She exclaimed.
She picked the three masks and walked out of the room.
"Take it easy. One step at a time," Kelvin stated assisting Susan into the room and assisted her to lay on his bed.
"Never knew you drink," He stated.
"Drink! Drinnnk! Drinnnk!" Susan repeated.
"How many bottles did you take, Susan?" He asked.
She laughs, "I don't know. I was just drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking and partying and..." She stopped abruptly to laugh hysterically.
"Okay... Enough," Kelvin said as he started taking off her shoes.
"God... I'm so tired," Susan murmured.
As he took off her shoes, he stared at her lustfully. He then leaned forward, laid atop her and started kissing her. Susan responded immediately as their lips danced against each other. After a while, he moved his lip away from hers and began kissing her neck while handling with her breast which was still trapped in her dress. Susan began to moan softly curling her fingers to his hair. He began removing her dress slowly until top was open revealing her pink lace bra. He continued kissing her neck, which he believed was the most sensitive part of her body while he moved his hand to the hook of her bra in attempt to unhook it but she immediately pulled away.
"Stop Kelvin. Stop!" Susan said as she pulled away from him and began rearranging her dress.
"C'mon baby, let's continue," Kelvin said as he began kissing her neck again but she pulled away once more.
"Stop Kelvin. I'm not..."
"You're not what!' Kelvin roared. "You're not what! Months into our relationship and you're not ready? What are you waiting for?"
"I'm waiting for my wedding night, Kelvin. If you love me, you'll wait for me."
"Ooh... Please, give me a break. Are you the only virgin in the world? Are you the first person that will be a virgin on her wedding night? Wake up, Susan, this is the 21st century. There are no virgins again in this world." Kelvin bellowed.
"Kelvin, you're talking to me like this because of sex?" Susan asked amidst tears. "Okay... Goodnight." She stood up but staggered a bit, picked up her shoes, walked out of the room and slammed the door behind her.
Once gone, Kelvin pulled out his phone and dialled a number,
"Hello, Tania?"

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 7:45am On Feb 15
"Hannah, there's something I found and wanna show you," Elizabeth said and walked to her bag. She brought out a mask.
"Wait a minute," Hannah asked as she got on her feet and grabbed the mask from Elizabeth. "Isn't this the masks some guys wore when they attacked Daniel."
"Where did you... How did you... How did you do it?"
"Yesterday at Daniel's birthday party, I was looking for the bathroom when I walked into what appears to be Daniel's friends room. I decided to look around and I found these masks in a schoolbag."
"Wow! So this means that...?"
"Yes, Daniel's friends were the masked men."
"But why would they beat up Daniel?"
"Of course they didn't. They probably just tore his shirt and sprinkled some red liquid on his body."
"Ooh... Now I see."
Hannah then began pacing, "I have the perfect plan to get back at those stupid smart guys. All we need..."
"No! We're not getting back at them..."
"What! But why not?"
"You didn't let me finish my statement before you interrupted me." Hannah shrugged.
"Ooh..." She laughs nervously. "Please, continue," she added, taking a sit beside Hannah on the bed.
"Anyway, we're are not getting back at them...now, because I have a plan that will make Daniel mine forever," Hannah said, smiling sheepishly.
"Forever? What do you mean? And what's this plan of yours?" She asked with a confused expression on her face.
"Don't worry, you'll see in due time."
Edwin opened his eyes and immediately felt huge headache that hit his head like a punch. With one hand on his head, he yawned using the other hand to cover his mouth. It then stuck to him that he was lying on the bare floor with only his white singlet and a blue jean trouser. He sat up and discovered he was in Daniel's room and he wasn't the only one there because at the edge of the room laid Felix. Edwin let out a light chuckle as he watched Felix curled up in the corner of the room with only his pink boxers while muttering some inaudible words to himself.
"So you finally woke up?" A voice boomed behind Edwin. He turned around to find Daniel on his reading chair writing something on a book.
"Oh... Daniel, it's you," Edwin replied. "How long have I been out?"
"I don't know," Daniel replied nonchalantly. "But the time is 1:54. So take a guess."
"Wow! 1:54? Gosh! I guess I drank too much." He slowly began to get up but as he did, the headache just got worse. This time, it felt like a hammer was being used repeatedly on his head. He crouched, holding his head with both hands while yelping in pain.
"I knew that might happen," Daniel said still not taking his eyes off what he was writing. "Here's a drug that should stop the headache." He pointed at the wrapped drug on the table.
"Ooh... Thanks man," Edwin said as he walked to the table still holding his head and took the drug. He walked to mini fridge, opened it, brought out a cup and a bottle of water and closed the fridge. He turned to walked to the bed and saw Clement lying peacefully on it. He chuckled once more, walked towards the bed and sat on it. He poured himself a cup of water, opened the drug sachet, dipped two drug pills into his mouth and followed it up with a cup of water.He sighed, "Thanks man. You just saved my head." Daniel didn't reply but just continued what he was doing.
"So how was the party, Danny boy? Hope you had fun?" Edwin asked with a weak smile. He was still in pain but was trying not to show it.
"It was okay," Daniel replied.
"Just okay?"
"Yes! Or what else do you want to hear?"
"Well... I was expecting a fun, a wonderful, a fantastic, a crazy... You know?"
"Well..." Daniel turned to face him, "it...it was. Look, I don't wanna talk about last night."
"Is it because of the guy Susan came with yesterday?"
"Do you know they are dating?" Daniel asked almost immediately.
"Dating? Kelvin and Susan?" Edwin chuckles, "That's impossible."
"It's true. She introduced him to me as her boyfriend."
"But..." Edwin began pondering, "that's not possible."
"What do you mean by that? And how do you know before yesterday?"
"Well... I knew him a long time; unlike you, I'm not an introvert," Edwin pointed out to which Daniel rolled his eye. "And I also heard he was a player."
"A player? As in, a womanizer?"
"Yeah... But I didn't really put much interest in it because the person who told me isn't exactly known to be truthful."
"Hmm..." Daniel also began to ponder. "But what if it's true? What if the guy is actually..." He stopped abruptly. "What a minute, Jenny has mention his name before."
"And so?"
"She said the name of her boyfriend was Kelvin."
"Well... That might just be a coincidence."
"No, I think it's him. And I need to find out so I can expose him to both Jenny and Susan."
"And how are you gonna go about it?"
"Well... Well... Well... I'll think of something... soon."
Edwin chuckles, "Just what I thought. Well, lucky for you, you're friends to the master planner." Edwin smirks.
"Okay, let's hear it; And this better be good," Daniel said, adjusting his sitting position.
"You know, I haven't eaten any tangible food since yesterday and I haven't taken my bath or even brushed my teeth."
"And so?"
"For my brain to hatch a master plan, it needs to be feed," Edwin remarked with a shrug.
"Then go get it yourself or go cook."
"You know I would've but as you can see, I'm looking dirty, I'm smelling and it's already past 2pm. So I would've but...you know."
Daniel sighs, "Alright, give me some money let me get something for you."
Edwin laughs sheepishly, "I would've love to do that but I'm broke right now. I spent all the money I had yesterday."
Daniel face palm, "Alright, fine. But I'll do this just once," He said, making his way to the door.
"Thanks, Danny boy." Edwin grinned. Daniel walked out of the room and shut the door.
Edwin then stood up from the bed with his hand on his head and made to switch on the video game but stopped abruptly, tilting his head to the bed where Clement laid on his back. He then remembered there was a wrestling move he had always wanted to try, the five star frog splash. With a huge grin on his face, he climb on the bed, positioned at the edge of the bed and jumped with a huge,
"So he hasn't called?" Cleo asked
"No and I don't know what to do," Susan replied as a tear streamed down her cheeks.
"It's okay, Susan." Cleo moved to the other bed where Susan sat. "I think you should just swallow your pride and go see him. After all, you walked out on him and he might probably be drunk."
"You really think so?" Susan asked.
"Yes, I do."
"Alright," Susan said wiping the tear off her cheek, "I'll go see him."
"And also take the some food along with you as a bonus. He would really love that." Cleo smiled.
"Hmm... You're right, Cleo. Thanks, I don't know what I would do without you," Susan said as they embraced each other.
"Just go see him, Susan." She smiled once more.
Susan then got up and changed to some new clothes. She put some beans and plantain, Kelvin's favourite food into a food flask and headed out. Outside, she stopped a commercial motorcycle, got on after telling the cyclist the address to her destination and they set off. It didn't take long before they got to Kelvin's lodge. She got down, paid the bike man and went into the lodge. She soon got to Kelvin's room and knocked but got no response but she could clearly hear some funny sounds from the room. Out of curiosity, she pushed the door which turned out to be open and walked in. What she saw as she walked in made her scream and let go of the food flask she held and once it reached ground level, she opened and spilled all it's content out on the rug.
Before Kelvin could say anything, she had already ran out the room. He made to follow her immediately but realised he was still Unclad and couldn't find where he had flung his boxers.
With uncontrollable tears streaming down her face, Susan ran out of the lodge without knowledge of where she was running to. She hadn't ran for long before she bumped into someone and fell to the concrete floor. She looked up and staring down at her with sympathetic eyes was Daniel with a white nylon bag on his hand.
"Oh my God! Susan what happened to you?" Daniel asked, crouching down to her level.
The tears began to flow once more, "Please take me away from here," She replied in between tears.
"Okay but where do you want me to take you? I can take to your room," Daniel suggested.
"No! No! Please anyway but there."
"Okay," Daniel said helping up to her feet. "Let's go to my place."
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 7:49am On Feb 15
Kelvin ran out of his room hoping to catch her and see if he could explain himself but by the time he got to the main road, she was long gone. He cursed under his breathe realising his chance to lay with her and win the bet was now over.
"Gosh!" He muttered to himself. "Why didn't she tell me she was coming? And even if she was going to come, why did it have to be today of all days?'' He asked himself as he walked to his room looking dejected like a little child whose parents had left him all alone in the house. He stepped on something. He looked down to see the now faeces looking beans with plantain meal littered on the floor.
"Gosh! Look at my favorite meal on the floor. Only God knows the last time I ate this meal," he muttered.
"Hello?!" Tania called out from his bed. She was now on a red bra with red panties. "Who came in not long ago? And why did you storm out like that?"
Kelvin sighs, "Look, just leave. I'm not in the mood to talk or see your face now."
"Ooh... I see. It's probably one of those cheap sluts you carry around with you. Look mister..." she bellowed and got up from the bed. "...I'm not gonna take..."
"I said leave my house," Kelvin yelled. "NOW!" He roared with fire in his eyes
Edgers he s
Tania stood for a moment looking dumbstruck before grabbing her clothes and storming out of his room.
Kelvin grabbed the food flask from the ground and flung it to the wall beside him.
Daniel hadn't stop staring at Susan since he lay her on his bed. She had slept on his back after soaking his shirt with tears. There she was, laying peacefully on his bed. She looked very much like a little angel which brought a little curl on Daniel's lips as he fantasized about the girl that had captured his heart. He moved his hand to touch her hair when suddenly,
The door swung open with authority, ''Ha-Ha, the conquerer is here! Switch on the game so that I may..." Felix stopped as he gaze fell on the sleeping Susan. He looked at Daniel, then back at Susan, then back at Daniel before turning around to run out of the room. Daniel season what Felix wanted to do, ran after him but he was a bit too late.
"Get outta the way, Danny boy,"/Edwin said, trying to shove his way through the door Daniel was blocking.
"Where do you and Clement think you are going?" Daniel asked, fighting not to let the two barbarian looking boys through the door.
"We wanna see the strange girl Felix said he saw in your room," Clement replied also fighting his way through.
"Okay! Okay! Wait, I tell you guys who it was," Daniel said as the power tussle came to an end leaving the guys grinning from ear to ear awaiting the news. "It's Susan!"
"Susan?!" They chorused.
"But what is she doing here? By this time of the night?" Felix asked.
"Well, I was going to get food for this idiot...'' he began, pointing at Edwin. "...when I bumped into her. She was crying uncontrollably and when I asked her what was wrong, she refused telling me but instead insisted I take her away from there. I suggested taking her to her room but she refused. So I brought her here."
"Hmm... But what do you think is wrong with her?" Edwin asked with an inquisitive look on his face.
"I really don't know but I will try finding out tomorrow. Now, all she needs is some sleep."
"Good, let me go carry her to our room,'' Edwin suggested and made to walk out of the door but Daniel pulls him back.
"Oh no you don't. How can she stay in a room that has three guys in it? Do you want her to get scared when she wakes up in the morning?" Daniel asked giving a nonchalant shrug.
''Well, if she isn't sleeping in our room, where's she gonna sleep?" Felix asked.
"Definitely not in our room. I can't believe you made such a suggestion, Edwin," Clement said while rolling his eyes.
"What? Is it now a bad thing to help someone in need?" Edwin shurged
"She's gonna sleep in my room. Atleast just for the night," Daniel said.
"Ooh..." Edwin raises both eyebrows repeatedly. "Something is gonna go down in the bedroom."
"It's going down in the bedroom, baaabbbyyy!" Felix singsongs.
"Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is going down anywhere." Daniel defended.
"Yep...that's what they all say till we start hearing strange sounds at past midnight." Edwin teased. The guys laughs while Daniel looks on with a huge scorn on his face.
"You guys are just impossible! Anyways, I'm going back to my room and I don't wanna see, hear, feel or even smell any of you close to my door till I come out of my room in the morning." Daniel instructed.
"What!" Edwin and Felix cried out.
"Sounds okay to me," Clement said before walking to his bed and laying on it.
"You guys shouldn't try any funny business because if you do..." Daniel then looked into both Edwin's and Felix's eyes. "...they shall be consequences. And I mean CON-SE-QUEN-CES!" He chipped in before walking out of their room to his and shutting the door close.
He moved to his bed and sat beside Susan. He moved his hand to her and began to stroke it.
"I don't know who or what made you cry the way you did but I promise to make you feel better then and forever."

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OP tanks for the update
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Thanks for the update op
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Thanks 4 d update op! more ink to your pen! am inlove with diz story oh! more update pls
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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 9:38am On Feb 23
Getting Familiar
As the sun began to rise, it rays began piercing into Daniel's room. Susan began to stir with her eyes opening slowly. The banging headache she was having made her squint her eyes while holding her head. Memories of what she had seen in Kelvin's room came flooding back to her mind. She couldn't believe he could betray her like that. Sleeping with not just anyone but her friend. Her heart ached and the pain in her head seem to increase it's banging pace as she felt a tingling sensation in her eyes. A teardrop fell from her eye but she quickly rubbed it off. She promised herself not to cry over that matter anymore. Kelvin was now a thing of past and would forever be; She now had to look forward without going back.
She turned to lay on her back and was now facing the celling. It then struck her that this wasn't her room. She sat up to examined the room. Her reading table wasn't adjacent to her bed, she didn't have a television and game console and worst of all, she didn't have a wardrobe that had a boy's clothes hanging on one of the doors. Looking on floor, she saw a male figure fast asleep on it. She looked closer and discovered it was Daniel. She then remembered how she met Daniel and how he had carried her on his back while she was still sobby and fell asleep. She smiled at his innocent sleeping frame while her heart began to flutter. She never noticed he was this handsome till now
She pretended to be asleep as she noticed Daniel waking up. She had no idea why she was so jumpy over that. She felt him rise and stretch his body before coming over to where she laid. He put his hand on her head and muttered something to himself before walking into a door inside the room. She opened an eye wondering why she was afraid to let him know she was awake. She heard a tap running and knew that he was in the bathroom. The door opened and she immediately pretended to be asleep once again. This time, she felt him walk to the wardrobe to change his clothe. Once done, he walked back to the bathroom and switched off the running tap. He then came out of the bathroom and walked out of the room.
She opened her eyes once again and got off the bed. She decided to explore the room. She walked to the reading table where there were well stacked exercise books, textbooks and novels. She picked up a novel, Conquering Extinction by Harielta Joseph which had a really nice cover. There were also other novels like The Paranormal Puppeteer by Benjamin Paul, Serendipity by Chiziterem Chijioke, Castle High by T.J Martins and many others
She was still checking out the novels when the door swung open and Daniel walked in.
"Ooh... You're awake," he said and smiled.
"Yeah," she replied. 'Gosh! He's so handsome. I wonder I have never noticed it.' She thought.
"Cool. And how was your night?"
"It was... It was...fine, actually."
"Glad to hear that. Sorry I wasn't here when you woke up, I went to buy this towel and toothbrush," he said holding up a blue cotton towel and two pairs of toothbrushes. "I didn't know if you like your toothbrush soft or strong so I bought them both."
Susan smiled, "Thanks."
"I see you're a fan of novels?" He said while walking to where she stood.
"Yeah, and I see you have a lot of them."
"You can take anyone you want. I don't mind at all."
Susan smiles, "I sure will. Thanks."
"Why don't you go freshen up while I make breakfast?"
"Erm... Okay."
"I have already ran a bath for you but if you don't want that, you can use the shower," he said giving her the towel and toothbrushes. "There's a toothpaste in there." He added.
"Alright, thanks." She began walking towards the bathroom door
"Hope you like tea with bread and jam for breakfast?"
"Yeah, sure."
"Alright, coming up then."
She entered the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She smiled as she saw the cool looking soapy water in the bathtub. Exactly what she needed. She tore open the pack of the toothbrush that was labelled to be soft, applied the toothpaste she found on the sink and began brushing. Once done, she undressed and entered the bathtub with a huge sigh of relief and relaxed in it. The warm soapy water was exactly what her body needed at the moment as it relaxed her tensed muscles and her entire body. She closed her eyes, taking in the soothing feeling that had engulfed her body and once again, the image of how she met Kelvin and Tania came rushing back and it hurt her once more. She casted her mind away from that sad memory and thought of something more cheering, Daniel. It now struck her he had actually carried her on his back when she bumped into him, and he didn't take advantage of her even while she slept. Come to think of it, he had slept on the floor in his own room so he probably wouldn't inconvenience her sleep on the bed. And he even went through all the trouble of doing all the things he did this morning.
He was so kindhearted. She remembered how handsome he looked when she saw him in the morning. She never knew he was that handsome till then, and the fluttery feeling she had when she saw him was totally unexpected. But she concluded that it was probably because she was still sober over what happened yesterday. She laid back for a few minutes before a light knock came from the door,
"Who is it?" She asked.
"It's me, Daniel. Sorry for interrupting but I just wanted to let you know that breakfast is served."
"Ooh... Okay. I'll be right out in a few minute."
She got up from the tub and removed the plug which made the water dry off. She turned on the shower and let it stream down her body. She turned it off after a while and used the towel to dry off her body. She tied the towel around her and walked out of the bathroom.
Daniel looked a bit shaky as he saw her coming out of the bathroom with the towel. Her body was simply drop dead gorgeous, the type you would only see on a Nicki Minaj. He swallowed hard before saying,
"Erm... I have some clean clothes you can wear if you want," he said pointing to his wardrobe.
"Oh...thanks,'' she replied and walked to the wardrobe. She picked up a cream colored shirt with a navy blue short and walked to the bathroom with them. She walked out of the bathroom later on with the shirt and short.
"How do I look? Hope it's okay on me?" She asked.
Daniel never knew his clothes could match and look good on anyone apart from him. How wrong he was, "Yeah... Yeah, it's super on you."
She smiled, "Thanks."
"Come on, let's eat," he said, pointing to streaming cups of tea, a jar containing cubed sugar with sliced bread and a jar of jam on the table.
She walked to table, served herself with two slices of bread adding jam in between them and grabbed a cup of tea with Daniel doing same.
"Do you want some extra sugar with that?" Daniel asked as they settled down on his bed.
"No, thanks. This is enough," she replied as she put the bread in her mouth.
There was moment of silence between them as they were engulfed in their individual thoughts. Daniel then felt his opportunity come,
"Here's your phone," he said, giving her her phone. "It was ringing a lot yesterday night so I put it on silent so as not to disturb you."
"Ooh... Thanks," she replied before unlocking it. She had 13 missed calls. Sic from Cleo, five from Nicole and two from Kelvin.
"So, are you okay from last night?" Daniel asked with a look of concern on his face.
"Yeah... Yeah, I am," she replied, putting her phone aside.
"You don't seem to be. Do you wanna talk about it?"
She look at him and saw the sincere and concerned expression on his face. She felt she could trust him, she could pour out her sorrow to him, she could confide in him.
"No, don't worry. I'm fine," she replied with a fake smile.
"Okay but if you ever need someone to talk to about it or anything bothering you, just know that I'm always here for you, okay?" He smiled and he held her hand.
"Okay?" She replied, looking into his eyes.
After that, they finished their tea in silence with Susan mind lingering from time to time.
''Now that we're done, do you wanna play some video games?" He asked. "Just for fun."
"No sorry, I don't know how to play any."
"Nonsense! C'mon, I'll teach you. It'll be fun, trust me," he insisted.
Susan smiles, "Alright."
Daniel then walked up to the TV and game console to switch it on.
"Let's play football first. It's called PES which means Pro Evolution Soccer," he said. "You like football, right?"
"Well, I do like it a little but I don't watch every time."
"Ooh really? What's the name of your favourite football club?"
Susan laughs, "I don't have a favourite football club but I like Chelsea."
"Ah... Men! The club I hate the most. Why do you like them?"
Susan laughs, "I don't know but I guess it's because they are my father's favourite club."
"Anyway, that means I will choose Chelsea for you."
"Anyone will do."
The game loaded and Daniel chose Manchester United for himself and Chelsea for Susan. "You're Chelsea. Use these directions to control the player that has an arrow on his head. Use X to pass the ball to your teammate and use square to shoot the ball when you're in my half. Do you understand?"
Susan chuckles, "I think I do. And what about this triangle and circle button? What are they for"
"Don't worry as we play, I will be explaining more."
The match began and within a minute he scored a goal which didn't go down well with Susan.
"Hey! I wasn't ready yet." She mourned.
"Okay, I'm sorry. Look, if you wanna score, just use your player and take the ball to my half and press square."
Susan kickoff the match and used the player to move a bit into Daniel's half with Daniel purposely removing his players from her path. Once close to his half, she pressed square and as the goalkeeper was ready to catch the ball, Daniel used his controller to remove the goalkeeper from the post and the ball entered the net.
"Goal! Oh my God! I scored! Yeees! Goal!" Susan jubilated.
"What the hell is wrong with my keeper? He should have caught that ball."
"I'm gonna beat you!"
"Relax girl, it's still a tie."
The match resumed and Daniel purposely gave her the ball. She took the ball to his half and shot and once again as the keeper got ready to catch the ball, Daniel used his controller to move the keeper away from the ball and it strolled into the net.
"Goaaal! I've scored again! Haha! Woohoo!" She jubilated, clapping her hands in excitement
"I'm gonna beat you, Daniel."
"Ha! I will like to see you try."
The match pattern continued till Susan eventually won 12-3

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Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 9:44am On Feb 23
Coming To Him
"Who is it?" Daniel asked as a light knock came from the door.
"Yo, Danny boy open up," Edwin said from the other side of the door.
"Ooh," Daniel said before looking at Susan. "Is there any problem?"
"Why don't you open up and find out."
Daniel then walked to the front door and opened it. Edwin looked pimped in a rolled sleeved blue and white stripped shirt on a navy blue jeans
"Yeah?" Daniel inquired.
"I can see you weren't even prepared to go to class today," Edwin stated.
"We had class today?" Susan interjected.
"Ooh... Susan, you're here?" Edwin asked walking himself into the room.
"Yeah... It's a long story. What was taught in class today?" Susan asked.
"Nothing much. Mr. Joshua just said some boring stuffs before he left. And don't worry, I stole the class attendance register and marked you guys name in it," Edwin said smirking at Daniel.
"Gosh! Thanks, Edwin." Susan smiled.
"No problems. Well, if you guys will excuse me, I'm gonna go take these clothes off of me and have a cool shower because I smell like Felix's laundry," Edwin said while walking out of the room.
Daniel closed the door and walked back to his bed where Susan sat looking troubled.
"I can't believe I missed today's class. I have never missed class before," Susan said with a gloomy face.
"Yeah... Me too. But it's fine. Edwin said Mr. Joshua didn't really teach much so no biggie." Daniel shrugged.
Susan sighs, "I need to get get going now." She announced while standing up. "My roommates must be worried about me."
"Ooh... Okay. Do you mind if I drive you there?"
"Drive me there? Do you have a car?"
"Well, I don't yet but Edwin does."
"And you know how to drive?"
"Of course. My father taught me how to drive when I graduated from high school."
"Wow! Nice. Well... I don't know, it doesn't..."
"C'mon, I insist. Atleast it'll make me know where you stay," Daniel said with a cheeky smile.
Susan chuckles, "Alright. Let me just change back to my dress," she said and entered the bathroom.
With a huge smile on his face, Daniel walks out of his room to his friends' where Edwin was lying shirtless on his bed while Clement and Felix were engrossed with their phones.
"Would you look at that, the man of the hour is here, gentlemen," Edwin announced as Daniel walked in.
"I can see you have been keeping her really busy, Daniel." Felix winked.
"Edwin, I need a favour from you," Daniel stated.
"Sure, Danny boy. What do you need? The right soul music to go for the occasion? Tips on how to begin the La amor session? How to..."
"I don't need your how to tips, Edwin."
"Ooh...really?" Edwin asked a bit perplexed. "So what then do you need?"
"Can I borrow your car for a while?" Daniel asked. The three guys looked at each other with amazement.
"Awwn... They are probably going to see a movie. So cute!" Felix purred.
"No! I'm taking her home."
"Ooh... But come to think of it, when did you learn how to drive?" Edwin asked.
"Well, I haven't gotten my driver's license doesn't mean I don't know how to drive. Moreover, it's just within the school premises."
"Hmm... Anyways," Edwin dips his hand into his pocket, brings a car key and hands it over to Daniel. "If there's a scratch on the car, you'll get a scratch on your body."
"Yeah... Yeah, whatever. But thanks though," Daniel said before walking out of their room. He walked into his room and met Susan, now dressed up in her clothes apparently waiting for him.
"Hey! Where did you go?"
"I just went to get the car keys from Edwin. Can we go now?"
"Yeah...sure," she replied as they both walk out of the room.
"Take a turn there," Susan said pointing to a driveway into a compound.
Daniel turned the steering and drove into the compound. He had been driving like an old woman who has just been taught how to drive. He didn't want to have any mishap with both the road and any other driver.
"Park over there," Susan commanded.
"Alright," Daniel replied and parked the car.
"Thanks, Daniel. You really didn't need to do any of these but you did which I'm very grateful for. So thanks."
"You're welcome. I just wanted you to be happy which, it seems, I've succeeded in doing."
"Yeah, you have. Thanks for the ride," she leaned towards him and gave him a light peck on his cheeks. "Goodbye," she whispered, opened the car and walked away.
It felt really cool like the night breeze. The first peck he got from someone he loved. This then made him more determined to know who or what made her cry in such a manner. He reversed the car and drove away determined to talk to the guys about it.
Meanwhile, Susan stood in front of the door to her apartment and exhaled before opening the door. Cleo and Nicole were in. Cleo was eating a plate of jollof spaghetti while Nicole was reading a novel. Upon sighting her, they flung themselves to her gripping her into a hug.
"Gosh! Where have you been, girl? We've been worried about you!" Cleo said as they both ushered her in and closed the door.
"We've been calling your phone also but you haven't been picking up," Nicole chipped in.
"What happened, girl?" Cleo asked as they all sat on Cleo's bed.
"It's nothing, really. I just had a bad day yesterday and I don't wanna talk about it," Susan replied
"Is it about Kelvin?" Cleo asked. Susan just stared at her until the door swung open.
"Hello, people," Tania cheered as she walked into the room.
"Is she home now?" Edwin asked.
"Yeah... She is. Thanks for the car," Daniel replied.
"No problem. So, did she tell you what happened to her yesterday?" Edwin asked sitting up on his bed.
"No she didn't," Daniel stated before sitting on the only chair in the room. "I couldn't get anything from her."
"Hmm... So what do you think it should be?" Clement asked.
"I have a hunch. Edwin, remember when you told us that Susan's boyfriend, Kelvin was a player?" Daniel asked.
"Yeah... So?"
"I remember now that my sis, Jenny once told me that she was dating a Kelvin and Susan probably found out about it."
"And you think it's the same person?"
"Well, there's only one way to find out." Daniel then brought out his phone and dialed Jenny's number.
"Hey big bro," Jenny voiced boomed as she picked up.
"Hey lil sis. What's up?"
"I'm fine."
"Good! What's the name of that your boyfriend again?"
"Kelvin. Any problem?"
"No, not at all. I was just wondering if it's possible for me to meet your boyfriend today."
"Wow! Really?"
"Yeah! Is it possible?"
"Sure! But why do wanna meet him?"
"Ooh... Nothing really. Since you're out of high school, I just feel like meeting the guy that is dating my sweet lil sis."
"Awwn... Okay, I'll call him now."
"Okay! And I hope Mom and Dad aren't home yet?"
"No, they aren't."
"Okay! I'll be home by 3pm. And don't tell him that I wanna see him because I want it to be a surprise."
"Ooh... Okay! No problem."
"Alright, see you soon. Bye!"
Daniel ended the call and stood up from the chair.
"Hmm... And what will you do if you find out that Susan's boyfriend is dating your sister?" Clement asked.
"Oh... Believe me, he won't get what's coming to him." He clutched his fist and walked out of the room.

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Re: The New Girl by skubido(m): 1:41pm On Feb 23
Hmmmmm OP

Tanks for the update
Re: The New Girl by Simplicitymayor: 9:00pm On Feb 23
Kudos to u bro! more ink to ur pen

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