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Re: The New Girl by Toyeebah04: 7:44am On Feb 24
Woooow an interesting piece
Re: The New Girl by Ann2012(f): 10:53am On Feb 24
Thanks for the update
Re: The New Girl by Samuelsmart22(m): 9:37pm On Feb 24
Thanks op, you too much. Please drop more episodes soonest.
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 7:25pm On Feb 26
This Episode is Dedicated to My Very Own KimberlyWest
Man Meets Boy

Kelvin opened the door that lead into his room
and walked in. Paul was on his phone while lying on the bed.
"Paul, where have you been? I have been looking for you since yesterday," Kelvin stated before slumping to the ground.
"Why were you looking for me?" Paul asked looking up from his phone.
"Erm... I just... Erm..." Kelvin stammered.
"You just want?" Paul asked.
"I was just worried about you since you didn't sleep here last night."
"Yesterday wasn't the first time I didn't sleep here so why were you worried about me?"
"Okay, I give up. Paul, I'm in trouble!"
Paul sighs, "What did you do this time?"
"Susan caught Tania and I having sex."
"What! How?! Where?!"
"In this room, yesterday. She just barged in unannounced and caught us."
"Ha! I guess I'm gonna win that bet after all. You better pay up now."
"We aren't done with the first school year so I still have time."
"Yeah, you're surely gonna get her now that she caught you sleeping with another girl. Wait, what did she do when she saw you guys?"
"She began crying and ran out. I tried running after her but when I got outside, she was nowhere to be found."
"Hmm... I see. Well, I better start making plans on how I'll spend your 5k."
"Keep dreaming men! I will have her I just need the right excuse and sorry face."
"And then what, I'm sorry, let's make up sex?"
"That's not gonna happen. But anyway, good luck to you on that."
"You wishes aren't needed bro because this is sure proof. All I have to do is..." Kelvin stops as his phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his pocket and quickly recognized the scrambled numbers shown on the screen. He picked up and placed it on his ear.
"Hello?... Yeah?... I know... Really? Ooh great, I'll there right away... Thanks," he said before ending the call. "Paul, I gotta go," he stated before standing upright. He walked to his wardrobe and pulled out a red shirt.
"And where to, if I may ask?" Paul asked as Kelvin pulled off his shirt.
"I have a date with destiny." Kelvin announced as he wore the red shirt. He walked to the door, opened it and winked at Paul before walking out of the room.
"Hmm... Must be the name of his new catch." Paul shrugged before going back to his phone.
"Welcome, big bro," Jenny cheered as she opened the front door for Daniel.
"Hey! How are you?" Daniel asked giving her a hug.
"I'm fine even though it gets boring here at times."
"Well, just pass your college entrance exams and you will be out of here," Daniel said disengaging himself from the hug. He was walking to the living room when he perceived a sweet aroma coming from the kitchen. "Hmm... What are you cooking?"
"Yam porridge. That's Kelvin's favourite." She giggled and walked into the kitchen.
Daniel followed her and rested on the wall. "Ooh really... I can't remember the last time you cooked anything for me when I told you I was coming back."
"Jealous much?"
"Don't I have the right to be?"
"Well... Don't worry, when next you're coming back, I will prepare something for you. As long as you buy me yoghurt." she giggled
"Ooh... Is that so?" Daniel said as he watched her open the pot and stir it. She turned off the gas cooker and covered the pot.
"Done!" She announced beaming a huge smile on her face.
"And when is your boyfriend expected to arrive?"
"Any minute from now. But before he then, tell me, how is Susan?"
"She's... She's fine," he replied and walked out of the kitchen to the living room. He sat down on one of the couches.
"Have you two started dating?" She asked as she joined him on the couch.
"Mind your business little girl."
"Hey! It's not fair. You get to know about my relationships but I don't get to know about yours."
Daniel grabs the remote, "Sorry lil sis, nothing in this life is fair," he stated before changing the Indian channel to a sports channel.
"Hey! I was watching that!"
"And now, I'm watching this,"
"Give me back the remote!"
"And who made you the boss of me?"
The door bell rang and so did Daniel heart. The time of reckoning had finally come.
"Go get the door, young lady." Daniel smirked.
"Kelvin doesn't like football so you will have to be a good host and change the channel soon," she stated, stood up and stuck her tongue out before disappearing into the hallway. Daniel could hear a masculine voice and the change of tone in Jenny's voice. Kelvin had definitely arrived.
He began to plot what he should do once Kelvin saw him. He thought about jumping straight on him once their eyes met for dating his sister and friend or maybe he should keep it cool at first before striking. He decided to go for the former as Kelvin would probably be too shocked or frightened to fight back.
"My brother is waiting for you," he had Jenny say as the footsteps got closer to the living room.
"I have got you now," he murmured with a huge smile on his face as Jenny and Kelvin walked into the living room hand in hand.
"Kelvin, meet my big brother, Daniel. Daniel, meet my boyfriend, Kelvin," Jenny introduced.
The speed of light wasn't as fast as the quickness in which the smile on Daniel's disappeared. Standing in front of Daniel was a chubby chocolate skinned guy who had a pair of spectacles on his round face with his hand stretched out for a handshake. He was a true epitome of a nerd.
"Nice to meet you, sir," he said.
Daniel stood up from the couch, still shocked on how bad he had miscalculated.
"Is this your boyfriend? The Kelvin?" Daniel asked.
"Yeah..." Jenny replied. "Any problem?"
"Wait a minute, if Kelvin is not here and is not her boyfriend then where is he?" He thought.
"Hello, people," Tania cheered as she walked into the room.
"Tania? Welcome!" Nicole greeted.
"Hi, Tania," Cleo greeted.
"Hey, Tania," Susan greeted.
"Susan, when did you get back? We were worried about you," Tania said as she sat beside Susan.
"Nothing really. I just had a bad day yesterday, that's all," Susan replied.
"Wanna talk about it? A problem shared is a problem half solved," Tania suggested.
"Yeah!" Nicole and Cleo chorused.
"Thanks guys but I don't wanna talk about it now. I just wanna lie down and rest a bit. Maybe when I wake up, I might be ready to talk," Susan replied and adjusted to lie down.
A knock came on the door and Cleo stood up to answer it. She opened the door and ushered the young man in.
"Kelvin?" Susan said as she sat back up.
"Tania?" Kelvin said looking surprised.
"Kelvin!" Tania exclaimed

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Re: The New Girl by Chyksbae(f): 7:48pm On Feb 26
Kelvin Kelvin the player
Re: The New Girl by Simplicitymayor: 9:05pm On Feb 26
tanks 4 d update! Ride on pls!
Re: The New Girl by Adesina12: 9:44pm On Feb 26
Thanks for the update Asemark
Sweet popcorn for you
Re: The New Girl by Remite011(m): 11:03pm On Feb 26
plus a bottle of fanta
thanks for d update
Re: The New Girl by Ann2012(f): 11:56pm On Feb 26
Thanks for the update
Re: The New Girl by Jenkvnq: 11:13am On Feb 27
Ninth nine days for the thief one day for the owner
Re: The New Girl by skubido(m): 11:36am On Feb 27
Tanks for the update
Re: The New Girl by Treasure17(m): 12:12pm On Feb 27
Interesting story full of clowns. Thanks for the update op. @ LightQueen where are thou?
Re: The New Girl by LightQueen(f): 12:16pm On Feb 27
Interesting story full of clowns. Thanks for the update op. @ LightQueen where are thou?
Re: The New Girl by Treasure17(m): 12:25pm On Feb 27
undecidedHope you are following?
Re: The New Girl by LightQueen(f): 12:53pm On Feb 27

undecidedHope you are following?
Sure I am, just that I'm often unable to comment on some stories. Either gate away error or one kind number like this, even on my own story sef. But I go try update today or tomorrow if network allow me.
Re: The New Girl by Treasure17(m): 1:34pm On Feb 27
Sure I am, just that I'm often unable to comment on some stories. Either gate away error or one kind number like this, even on my own story sef. But I go try update today or tomorrow if network allow me.

Very unusual of you hence my question. The error stuff often display too on my side. Alright. Hope you are doing fine?
Re: The New Girl by LightQueen(f): 4:10pm On Feb 27

Very unusual of you hence my question. The error stuff often display too on my side. Alright. Hope you are doing fine?
Yes I am dear..

Re: The New Girl by Jaynom029(m): 3:41pm On Feb 28
Re: The New Girl by Famoraae(m): 2:06pm On Mar 01
Re: The New Girl by XionTemmy(m): 8:42pm On Mar 03
Op continue pluhhz.. I'm in love with this story. Awwn
Re: The New Girl by jrapkiss(m): 11:14pm On Mar 03
cant wait any more pls op next update .......
Re: The New Girl by sunnez1(m): 12:14am On Mar 05
Nice story.. More update ��
Re: The New Girl by jrapkiss(m): 1:57am On Mar 06
Pls I hope this story is not abandoned like this oooo ..
Re: The New Girl by Asemark: 12:27pm On Mar 06
"Kelvin!" Tania exclaimed.
"What are...what are you doing here, Kelvin?" Susan asked.
"I... I..." He stammered as his eyes kept jumping between both of them. "Geez!" He exclaimed before walking out of the room.
The four girls stared at each other in confusion. None could understand what was happening and why Kelvin had walked in and stormed out of the room like in that manner.
"Susan?" Tania first called out. "How do you know him?" She asked as Cleo went to close the door.
"He's my boyfriend. Or should I say was my boyfriend," Susan scoffed.
"Boyfriend?" Tania questioned looking puzzled. "He was... He was your boyfriend?" She asked as her mouth quivered.
"Yes," Susan replied.
"Oh no!" Tania exclaimed as she got up and walked to the wall behind the door.
"Wait a minute, are you the girl I saw sleeping with Kelvin yesterday?" Susan asked.
"What!" Cleo and Nicole exclaimed.
"What did you say Kelvin did?" Cleo asked.
"I went to his house yesterday just like we had planned Cleo only for me to get there and find him sleeping with another girl," Susan said, fighting to hold the tears in.
"But I didn't see the girl's face as I ran out of the house immediately I saw them."
"I'm sorry, Susan," Tania stated as she turned around. "I was the girl you saw with Kelvin yesterday."
"What!" The three girl chorused.
"How could you do that, Tania?" Nicole asked.
"I swear I didn't know he was Susan's boyfriend. I swear I didn't." Tania replied as she looked downcast.
"How won't you know? He's been in this house more than five times now," Nicole stated.
"Well, that means all the times he came, I was not in this house because I have never seen him in this house," Tania replied with a shrug.
"Okay. So tell me, how long have you guys been sleeping together?" Susan asked in a calm tone.
"For a long time now. Long before you came into this school," Tania replied.
"Wow! That means you two have been together before he and Susan began dating," Cleo chipped in.
"Look Susan, I'm being very sincere with you right now. Kelvin is a well known player in this school. He sleeps with every and any girl he can lay his dirty hands on and I'm afraid you were one of his victims," Tania said.
"I'm not one of his victims because I didn't sleep with him," Susan reiterated.
"Well, good for you. Look Susan, I'm very sorry. I really didn't know he was your boyfriend," she stated before sitting beside Susan. "I'm really very sorry."
"It's okay, Tania. Instead of you apologizing, I should be the one thanking you for allowing me see the real Kelvin," she said and opened her arms for an embrace from Tania which she immediately got.
"So what are you gonna do about Kelvin?" Cleo asked.
"Well, it seems he came here to apologize."
"Please don't tell me you're gonna hear him out?" Nicole asked.
"Of course I will," Susan stated. "That will provide the right opportunity for me to officially break up with him."
"Damn! Damn! Damn!" Kelvin cursed as he slammed the door behind him which startled Paul who was on his phone.
"Hey! What's wrong you you men?! You wanna break the freaking door?" Paul bellowed.
"Paul, there's trouble," Kelvin said and sat on the bed Paul laid on.
Paul sat up, "What happened?"
"So, I went to Susan's house to apologize to her and guess who I saw there?"
"As in, You met Tania and Susan in the same room, together?"
Paul then burst into an uncontrollable laughter.
"And what's so funny about this?" Kelvin frowned.
"I am... I am sorry bro but this is just too much," Paul stated as he busted into another round of laughter.
"You're beginning to annoy me, Paul. I didn't tell you this so you could laugh at me," Kelvin said.
"Okay... Okay, sorry," Paul said and stopped laughing. "Well, all I can say is that I have officially won the bet."
"Says who?"
"Are you seriously saying this?" Paul smirked. "Okay, let me lay it straight for you, my brother. You saw your ex girlfriend and a girl you have sex with almost on a daily basis together in the same room. What do you think they are talking about? Rihanna?"
"For the sake of that bet and my pride, I won't give up just yet. I just need to come up with something concrete."
"Yeah... While you're coming up with the concrete something, just make sure my five thousand naira is ready."
"Yeah... I know what to do. I'll buy flowers and a box of chocolate to apologize to her with. And I need to make it sound convincing and genuine."
"Yeah... That's really gonna work. By the time you do that, she would come running back to you fast than a deer running for its dear life."
"Ha ha, very funny. But I'll show you. I'm Kelvin. The Almighty Jay Jay Kelvin and no girl in this world is beyond my grasp. No girl at all.
The truth is finally out
And it seems all hope is lost
But do not fear, for Kelvin is here and he's hatched another plan to get Susan
Kelvusan is gonna be a thing again
Can I get an AMEN?!
So what do guys think?
Hurray or boo
Thank Goodness or Aww men!
Drop them comments let's know who you're routing for and what you think of this chapter
Re: The New Girl by PrudySara(f): 1:07pm On Mar 06
Hurray what? Boooooo!
There's nothing like a KelSusan..it's not going to happen. What does Kelvin think he is sef, after Susan already found out who he really is, he thinks any apology would work. Flowers and chocolates abi. Bring them, I'll collect and eat and you'll still go.

Thanks for the update Asemark...
Re: The New Girl by izaray(f): 2:58pm On Mar 06
Flowers and chocolates shay Who them Epp Mtcheeeew

Thanks for the update dear
Re: The New Girl by Ann2012(f): 6:31pm On Mar 06
Flowers and chocolates shay Who them Epp Mtcheeeew

Na only mumu go fall na
Re: The New Girl by Ann2012(f): 6:32pm On Mar 06
Thanks for the update
Re: The New Girl by Jenkvnq: 11:55pm On Mar 06
Short write up nigga

Thanks for the update

Daniel can yhu nw step up ur game
Re: The New Girl by LightQueen(f): 1:40pm On Mar 07
Thanks for the update
Re: The New Girl by ologuntheo(m): 6:18pm On Mar 07
Re: The New Girl by shaydeenamz(m): 7:47am On Mar 12
good write up

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