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Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 6:18am On Jan 09
tuned in full time... cheesy
you're welcome dear
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 6:19am On Jan 09
Thanks for the update
Thanks for reading dear.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 6:21am On Jan 09
Runs into the thread when I realized Kimberlywest has started another blockbuster story.


Biko, grab a seat.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 6:31am On Jan 09

The honeymoon had come to an end and they were back to Nigeria. Back to their normal life.

"Baby, you're the best." Shade jumped on her husband excitedly.

They had just arrived Nigeria from their honeymoon in Paris and they were back to their mansion in the heart of Abuja, everything was already set in place for their arrival, the compound looked so beautiful and the flowers well trimmed, even the house looked like it was repainted, everything glowed, including the couple.
They would have stayed longer but for Shade's job. The bank where she worked only gave her three weeks off for her wedding and honeymoon, Daniel did all he could to get her boss to extend the time but he refused... Daniel would have sworn they were enemies in their former life, if not that he didn't believe in reincarnation.

"You like it?" he asked referring to the new Toyota Camry he got her.

"Yes, yes, yes," she said calmly, with tears crowding her eyes.

"Hey, princess, no tears." he wiped the tears from her eyes and wrapped his arms around her. "remember the saying, ' if you want to know the weight of an igbo man's pocket look closely at his wife and kids' since they're no kids, I guess everyone now have you to look at in other to determine the weight of my account." he laughed gently.

"I love you." she planted a kiss on his lips.

"I love you too beautiful, the house is all yours, you are now the 'madam' of the house, do and say whatever you want and to whomever you wish." he proudly said, like a typical Igbo man.

True love knows no bound, neither does it know tribe or sees skin colour.

Daniel had come into her life just when she needed a saviour. She was at the verge of giving up when he showed up in her life and proved to her that there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

She shut her eyes remembering the first time she met him.

Her mum had just been diagnosed with cancer, the new popular killer disease. The doctor had called her into his office and informed her point blank that he won't commence chemotherapy on her mum, if a deposit of 3million naira wasn't made before the end of the day.

"Doctor, where will I get 3million from? Do you have a tree where I can pluck it from?" She lashed out at the doctor.

"Miss Shade, you work, don't you?" the doctor asked.
The doctor's insensitivity added anger to the list of emotions she was feeling.

Weren't doctors supposed to be nice?

"I work doesn't mean I can come up with 3million before the end of the day." she screamed at him.

"Take a loan then," he replied nonchalantly and she wondered if at all, doctors have any thing called heart.

"Doctor you only take a loan when you what to make an investment." she explained wishing for once that murder was legal, if it was, she would have gladly strangled the doctor for asking her to come up with such outrageous amount in such a short period of time. For goodness sake, the money in her account wasn't even up to half the amount the doctor demanded.
Her mum was just a petty trader, and she? A young graduate who got lucky and the bank where she served during her youth service year retained her. She hasn't even worked there for long.

"Miss Shade, I need to attend to a patient now." the doctor calmly said and picked up a file from his desk.

"Alright," she replied, not knowing what else to say.

She walked out of the door with tears in her eyes.

Life! Just when she thought that things were finally going well for her and her mum, things got worse than it was in just a twinkle of an eye.

After all the years of suffering and eating twice a day, her number one priority was to take proper care of her mum with her monthly salary but now, look where the wind of life had blown them to.

She walked to the room where her mum was. All she could do was cry, luckily her mum had been sedated so she couldn't see nor hear her cry. Her mum's frail figure laying calmly on the bed made her think of suicide, so she could just end it all and forget everything in the world, she thought of suicide as the only way out. She couldn't bear to see her mum suffering in that way.

People say that your present suffering is as a result of the sin you committed in the past. What sin had she committed to deserve cancer?

She wiped her tears and walked out of the door.

There was still a bottle of unused 'sniper' at home, her mum had bought it for the numerous cockroaches that had turned their one bedroom apartment to their all-night-party venue, she could put that 'sniper' into use...good use!

She was halfway down the hospital's hallway when she bumped into him.

"Oh! Sorry. " she quickly apologised and moved on, with tears crowding her eyes and blurring her vision.

"Hello, beautiful lady, " she heard him call behind her.
She muttered 'pervert' without stopping even for a second. She could tell he was looking at her backside. All men derived a form of joy from looking at it.

"Hello dear," she heard behind her, plus the sound of footsteps which made her realize he was following her.
She stopped, she needed to do something to get him to leave her, so, she turned and rolled her eyes at him.

"Hey beauty." he muttered, smiling sheepishly and ignoring her facial expression.

Who cares about beauty when your loved one is dying and you just can't help, she thought and continued walking.

"Wait, wait! "

She heard him but she pretended like she didn't and walked on even faster already picturing the bottle of sniper in her hands and she dying slowly and saying goodbye to this world...this cruel, joyless world.

Cold shiver ran through her spine. Her whole body shook with fear. Was she contemplating suicide? Was she already giving up on herself and life in general? Her purse fell from her shaky hand and she bent to pick it.

Just that little distraction and she found him standing right in front of her when she stood upright.

"What?" she screamed at him and immediately wished she did not, as the cute smile on his handsome face disappeared.

"What's wrong with you? Are you ill or something?" he asked, his voiced laced with genuine concern.

"My mum has cancer," she blurted and her hand immediately flew to her mouth. She wished she had better control over her tongue.

No wonder people often say that women talk before they think.

"I'm sorry dear," a compassionate hand touched her shoulder and she froze at the contact. His touch made a jolt pass through her nerves and all functioning cells in her body, she knew that feeling even though she had never felt it...that intense.

She brushed his hand off immediately, his hand was making her think what she shouldn't be thinking at that very point in her life.

"I need to leave now," she informed him with a deep frown.

"Your mum will be fine, this hospital has the best facilities in the whole of this country, she will be fine, wipe those tears."

Anger seethed through her, "best facilities you say? Best facilities my foot! Where does this stupid hospital expect me to get 3million naira from before the end of the day?" she brought his attention to the leather wristwatch on her left wrist. "look here, it's already 12noon, even witches won't be able to do that."

"3million shouldn't make a beauty queen like you to cry."

The moment her brain interpreted those words, she took a closer look at who was talking. In her moment of anger and despair, she failed to notice the expensive looking clothes and wristwatch he had on.

Some people are so lucky she thought and looked away. "you think everyone on earth were born with silver spoons?" she spat out.

"Beautiful and intelligent, I like you."

She frowned at the sudden change of topic and the direction in which he chose to speak.
"Mr man..."

"Call me Daniel." he interrupted.

"Mr Daniel, please leave my way," she said rudely, " I have important things to do than listen to rich kids blab."

Her mum had always told her that her 'sharp' mouth will put her in trouble one day if she doesn't keep it under control.

"I will deposit the three million and in return you will have lunch with me but without the sad and puffy eyes, agreed?"

She lept with joy inwardly. Who said miracles don't happen? She realized she was smiling broadly when she saw the smile on his face, for the very first time she noticed the dimples on both side of his cheeks.
She turned her attention from his face and bent her head low. "Thanks for the kind gesture sir, but I don't accept such favour from strangers."

"Beauty, look at me," he started, putting his hand under her chin. "I am not a ritualist and I don't intend leaving until I have gotten to know you and vice-versa."

She soon found herself walking to the cashier's office with him beside her.

She never believed in miracles, having prayed so many times for miracles but they never happened, it seemed like the heaven's was shut against her prayers, but what happened few minutes ago turned her into a true believer in miracles.

They entered the office and he immediately wrote a cheque of three million and handed it to the cashier. Shade couldn't hide her joy as she went on her knees to thank him, what her mum normally called 'dobale'

"Beauty, stop this. It's now time for you to keep to your own end of the deal. Lunch, remember?"

"Yes sir, yes sir, " she replied, nodding her head like an agama lizard.

"Daniel," he corrected, with a huge grin.

"Why are you crying?" Daniel asked his wife.

"I just remembered the first time we met and the condition in which you met me." she replied, wiping her tears.

"It's in the past now, such will never happen to you again." he assured her and led her into the storey building.

"Thanks baby," she responded quietly.

The couple walked in and a domestic help ran to Daniel with his phone in her hand.

He took it and dismissed her with a nod in her direction.

"Hello..." he spoke into the phone.

Shade left his side, walked to the television and turned it on. Going back to her seat, she looked around the large sitting room.

The first time she saw the sitting room, about a year ago, she had gasped in surprise at the beauty of it. Simply put, she had been marvelled by it.
Daniel certainly had taste for good things. The 72" plasma TV that stood gallantly on the wall proved it. The exquisite chandelier proved it more. The beautiful cream colored interior did justice to the equation.

"Who was that?" she asked having seen the way he laughed while answering the call.

"Alex. He is coming over." he informed her with a charming smile.

Who goes to visit a couple who just got back from their honeymoon?

Too early to start arguing over trivial issues, she swallowed hard and focused on the TV. She didn't like Alex a bit despite his closeness to her husband.
The guy was just too forward and irritating, highly irritating.

The first day they met, he tried to hold her by the waist, she had to stylishly put a little distance between them, but, that didn't deter him, the next time they met at her husband's company award night, he ran his hand over her boobs while pretending to talk to the guy that sat at the table behind her.

Controlling her anger, she asked. "When is he coming? I mean, what time is he coming?"

"He's on his way," Daniel informed her, oblivious of her frown.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 6:38am On Jan 09
Before she could say 'Jack Robbinson' she heard the loud honk outside.

"He is here." Daniel said as if it was some kind of achievement.

"Uh, I will be upstairs in the bedroom." she said and turned to leave.

"Beauty, at least say 'hi' to him before you leave. He's my best friend." he pleaded with his eyes.

She sighed and sat back on the couch, "alright."

Daniel smiled to her and walked towards the door just in time to see Alex walk in with a big grin.

"Dan, Dan," he greeted and gave Daniel a light hug and a pat on the back. "where is our wifey?"

"My wife," Dan corrected, disliking the tone in which Alex said the word 'wifey'. He knew Alex really well.

"Don't be silly Dan, your wife is my wife, brother."

"Sorry," Dan apologized, patting his shoulder, for a moment he almost allowed jealousy get the better of him.

Shade hissed, why did Dan have to be so soft? If not for her love for him, she won't sit and listen to Alex address her as 'our wifey'

"Our wifey," she mimicked in a low murmur. "What effrontery?"

A minute later, she put on her best smile as she heard her husband and Alex approaching.

"Mr Alex, Good afternoon." She greeted.

"Wow, you're looking good," Alex answered and walked over to her side.

With a feigned smile, she left him and walked over to her husband's side.

"I'm fine. How are you doing?" she asked.

"Better than yesterday," He replied, grinning sheepishly. "how was the honeymoon? Hope my brother carried out all his duties well?"

She hissed inwardly. Who asks such questions?

Something about him just didn't seem right. Was it his loud mouth or the 'stupid' smile on his face?
She turned to her husband with a feigned smile. "baby, I will leave now. My head is aching badly. I really need to rest now."

"Okay, dear." he replied.

She sighed in relief and turned to Alex. "it's so nice of you to visit us by this time of the day. I would have loved to stay but for the headache. I will leave for the bedroom now. I'm so sorry. "

"No problem sweetheart." he answered, biting his lower lips. "anything for a beauty queen like you."

She turned without replying and hissed inwardly.

She walked briskly to the bedroom upstairs and laid quietly on the bed.

She had lied to her husband just because of Alex; her first lie as his wife.

"God, I just hope I won't continue in this path." she prayed in a low murmur.

Meanwhile in the sitting room, Alex and Daniel had already taken their seats and tuned the T.V to super sports.

"Dan, so how was the honeymoon? Hope you had a nice time?"

Daniel smiled and turned to face him. "it was more than a nice time."

"I need the full gist Dan, don't make me rack my brain."
His interest in the honeymoon baffled Daniel. The Alex he knew had zero interest in anything that's not football, women and alcohol.

Daniel left and soon returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He placed it before Alex and took his seat opposite him.

"Dan, I'm still waiting for the full gist about the honeymoon." Alex reminded, in a playful tone.

"Alex, it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had."

"You also said the same thing during Amanda 's time," Alex replied, tauntingly.

Daniel let out a deep sigh, Alex had promised not bring up this particular issue about four years ago and he had kept to that promise until today. Why was he bringing it up now?

"...you remember how you were going on and on about Amanda ?" Alex taunted.

"Alex, please and please, let's not go there, you know how much I hate that particular topic."

Alex gave a small satisfied smile and poured his wine. "I'm sorry."

"Let's talk about something else. So what did you do with the two million you asked me for?" Daniel asked.
That innocent question infuriated Alex.

"Daniel, is it because you gave me just two million that you're asking me questions as if you're are my father?"

"Alex, calm down. I didn't mean to annoy you. I'm sorry." Daniel apologized. He knew Alex to be a violent and easily angered person.

"You don't have the right to question me just because of two million naira or is it because you're rich and my 'Chi' has refused to bless me?" Alex screamed banging the side table furiously.

Daniel stood up and gave a small smile to defuse the tension but it annoyed Alex the more.

"Are you mocking me because I am poor and you're rich?"

"Alex calm down." Daniel said and stood up to calm his friend. That simple act infuriated Alex the more and he stood up and raised one of the wine glasses at Daniel.

"Dan, you're the most stupid creature I have ever seen. Just because you lent me just two million naira...two million, ordinary two million, you now want to question me like you gave birth to me."

Daniel smiled again but inwardly he was boiling with rage. What had he done to deserve all the insult? What did he say to warrant such outburst from Alex? He took a closer look at Alex to see if he was drunk, seeing that he wasn't drunk, Daniel shrugged and took a step towards Alex.

"Alex, you're my best friend. I'm so sorry if what I asked got you angry."

"Of course it did."Alex yelled and threw the glass against the wall.

The noise from the sitting room attracted Shade's attention and she ran downstairs, forgetting the promise she made to herself, to avoid Alex at all cost; something about him didn't quite fit.

"What's going on here?" she asked after she saw the shattered pieces of glasses on the floor.

"Your weakling of a husband just ruined my day." Alex retorted and walked out.

Anger seethed through Shade. How dare he call her husband a weakling?

Without thinking, she turned and ran after him. "Alex, Alex, who gave you the audacity to call my husband names...right in front of me for that matter." she was so angry

He threw her an angry gaze and rolled his eyes at her before stepping into his car.

She hissed and ran back inside.

"Princess, forget him, he's my friend and that character he just exhibited is one of the things that makes him Alex. It's part of him already." Daniel playfully said after seeing his wife's angry look.

"I don't like that guy a bit." she bit out angrily.

In her anger, she failed to look behind. When she turned to go, she tripped and fell on the domestic help who was behind her cleaning the mess Alex made.
"I'm so sorry." Daniel and the maid chorused.

Her husband helped her up and she stormed off angrily.

"Alex, I hate you." she screamed as soon as she got to her room.

He ruined her perfect day and he had the effrontery to say that her husband ruined his day.

"That sonofa..." she stopped halfway when she realized what she was saying.
Her mother had taught her that it wasn't feminine to curse neither was it godly.

She went to the bed and laid quietly on it. She's had just enough rubbish from that chameleon called Alex.
She laid down, brainstorming on her next line of action so she could teach Alex a lesson or two without her husband's knowledge.

Little did she know!

She was half asleep when she felt her husband presence behind her.

Planting a calculated and unexpected kiss on her bare shoulder, he apologized again on Alex's behalf.

"It's okay." she replied. "he is your friend. I can't stay angry with him, forever." she said, dismissively.

"Thanks my queen." Daniel said and stepped down from the bed. "I will be right back. I missed a football match and I can't afford to miss the repeat broadcast."

"Alright," Shade said and smiled. The least she could was smile, after all, he wasn't the reason for her anger, her only problem with him was his softness. She considered him too soft to be friends with Alex. Another male in another place would have given Alex a hot slap for insulting him right in his house but not Daniel and Shade knew it fully well; which was why she was slightly mad at him.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 6:40am On Jan 09
Yo baby, let's go

wink thanks darling.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 6:40am On Jan 09
Dancing mode activated when I realized Kimberlywest has started another blockbuster story.

grin grin grin
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 6:51am On Jan 09
Where's my sister o?

embarassed Yewande1234 where are you?
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 6:53am On Jan 09
grin Hy to all the ghost readers
Re: Ghost Of The Past by Ann2012(f): 9:31am On Jan 09
What's Alex problem? It's definitely not because Dan asked about the money.

Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: Ghost Of The Past by LightQueen(f): 10:29am On Jan 09
Alex is secretly in love with shade, or he will ruin his Friend's marriage with his past
Re: Ghost Of The Past by izaray(f): 11:37am On Jan 09
Daniel be very careful with ur friend Alex

Thanks for the update op
Re: Ghost Of The Past by aprilwise(m): 1:49pm On Jan 09
Alex is an unfriendly friend . He is jealous of Dan . Thanks for the update. lightQueen i salute you for the invite.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by INDUSTRIALFAN(m): 2:03pm On Jan 09

you're welcome dear
Re: Ghost Of The Past by skubido(m): 11:56am On Jan 10
This type of friend, need to separate ya self patapata ni cuz b4 you knew it, they will turn tinz upside down for you..
What nonsense, imaging, insulting and destroying someone property, Haa, no ooo, I can't take that ooo.

Daniel gentility will cuz BIG problem to his family, which will only take the grace of God for him to handle.

OP tanks a lot for the update, dey gbadu you
Re: Ghost Of The Past by kikiwendy(f): 12:19pm On Jan 10
Yes oo.. Our very own Kim is back.. Keep it coming dear
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 12:25pm On Jan 10

"My queen, I will be leaving for Dubai tommorrow after you resume work." Daniel informed Shade.

Shade's expression softened. "why the rush? I mean, we just got back from Paris a day before yesterday. Why the rush?"

Daniel smiled down at her. She didn't miss that smile and the humor in it.

"Why the smile?"

Her husband smiles all too easily just as his friend gets angry all too easily and unnecessarily.

"Nothing," he replied defensively. "I will be away for just three days, I have to settle some issues at our office in Dubai."

She smiled at him as 'our office in Dubai' echoed in her ears.

God, she loved this man!

Daniel mistook the genuine smile for a feigned one and he immediately began apologizing and explaining why the trip was necessary.

"...I will be back before you know it." he ended and prayed inwardly for her to understand. His work as a business man required travelling... Lots and lots of travelling.

Pacesetters Nigeria had called him "The most successful business man under 40," He didn't earn that well deserved title three years in a row just by sitting and eating. He travelled around the world to make sure all his businesses were in perfect shape and best of all, he was a silent achiever. He just hoped she understood that.

"I'm not angry." she finally said after moments of silence.

Daniel let out a deep sigh of relief. "Thank God, I love you."

"I love you more and it's your business, you can travel as much as you want, I understand the nature of your work." she said.

"Thank you sweetheart. Let me go pack my things," he said to her. "I will be back before you know it." he whispered into her ears and hurried off to his wardrobe.

"Let me help you pack." Shade said and made to step down from the bed but he stopped her.

"I'm only packing for a three day trip. No need." he wink at her and her inside warmed.

This husband of hers. All his moves were always calculated and he never failed to deliver.

He had winked at her several times but it was so much better under the lights.

"I love you my queen," Daniel said when he caught her staring at him.

"I love you more." she replied and stepped down from the bed.

She came beside him and helped him fold the clothes he dumped on the bed. Just then his phone began ringing. Shade waited for him to answer it up but he only hissed and continued arranging his clothes in his small sized suitcase.

"It's Alex, right?" she asked looking him in the eyes.

"Nop," he answered sharply and then a small unconvincing smile followed.

She put in the last shirt into the suitcase and turned to him. "You still haven't told me what happened between you and Alex. What did he do?"

He smiled and locked the suitcase. "It's nothing."

"Sure? But he was screaming furiously that day."

"It's nothing." he responded, nonchalantly.


"Yeah, I'm sure." he answered smiling and then planted a kiss on her forehead. "let's go watch that film you told me about, before I call it a day."

"You will like it," she said, amused.

"I will choose Barbie over this anytime any day."

"Professor Johnbull is a really nice film. You'll enjoy it."

"You also said that the day you forced me to watch 'Kids Avenue'" he replied, laying more emphasis on 'forced'.

"No lying Mr. You enjoyed it. Those kids were hilarious."

"It was so borrrringg." he stressed. "what's there to watch in a film filled with diaper wearing kids."

"You will enjoy this one, I promise, besides you should learn to be patriotic. Let out that spirit of patriotism in you."

"Preacher, ride on!" he mocked.

"I'm not preaching." she said to him and settled down on the couch. "Just watch it and see. "

"I've already agreed." Like a sacrificial lamb, he walked to the couch and sat with his gaze fixed on the television.

"Now you're talking." she replied and gave Daniel a mischievous grin.

He shook his head in a self sympathetic manner and continued staring at the television.

Shade smiled, it was her own definition of having a quality time with her husband. "it's about to start. Seatbelts in place."

Daniel turned to her and shook his head again. "Your wish is my command. It's your turn now. Do whatever you want. Mine is on the way."

She snuggled up to him and smiled up at him when the first scene came up. "You will enjoy this." she whispered.

Meanwhile, Alex stood in his sitting room brainstorming.

Like an evil man, he stood barefoot with one hand under his jaw and the other on his waist.

"I warned Daniel not to marry that Yoruba girl. Now see what she has turned him into."

He left the dark sitting room and walked to the balcony.

"That girl has nothing to ofer him, although she would have suited me perfectly," he retorted. "I warned Dan. See how he now talks back at me, just because of that little Yoruba thing." he spat out and folded his arms across his chest. "small and fearful Dan that if I talk before he goes into hiding." He beat his chest severally. "It won't be over until I say so."

"Daddy," A girl of about fourteen years of age came calling.

"Miranda, what? He answered sharply like a child caught stealing candy red-handed.

"Daddy, the money for the textbooks, remember you promised to give it to me today."

He rolled his eyes at her and hissed. "Don't go and sleep, be here shouting for textbook money. Your mates are marrying billionaires and feeding their father."

"Daddy, but you promised to collect the money from Uncle Dan today, " she replied, incredulously.

"Shut up!" he shouted at her. "I would have been a rich man now if not for the devilish children I have."

"Errr...dad you have started... Errr...don't let me start too o. Don't look for how you will feed us properly. Be here womanising and building castles in thin air."

"Me?" he made to hit her but she moved backward, away from him. "Devil!"

"King Devil. A lion can not give birth to a goat."

"I don't blame you. You're just like your mother, she thought she could pin me down with pregnancy but she failed...she failed...I repeat, she failed and you this bad mouth, you will still fail."

"Don't zip up, be hatching kids up and down."

He raised his hand and this time around he breathed in satisfaction as a hot slap landed on his daughter's cheek. "daughter of a sl-t, is it because I pitied you and took you from that mother of yours? Is it because I didn't leave you with your mother, just like the rest of your siblings. Idiot."

"Father of an idiot." she retorted and ran inside with tears streaking down her cheeks.

"Everyone now talks back at me. Shade, you see what you have caused." he said with his hands up.

He breathed deeply and sat on a plastic chair. Father and daughter had always been like that. Only Alex knew the reason why he took Miranda away from her mum, only he knew the reason why she was still with him despite her rude behaviour towards him. The beautiful young girl was blossoming into a pretty young lady, even at age fourteen, she was already an apple of boys eyes... and probably an apple of daddy's eyes also.

Unlike his other four kids that usually spent week days with their mothers and the weekend with him, Miranda was special, he imagined that an apple doesn't fall far from its tree and knowing every single detail about her mum, he imagined she would fit perfectly into his masterplan, even though she was stubborn like him.
He brushed the thought of Miranda's role aside and focused his thoughts back on Daniel.

"Daniel, how dare you question me like that? You have touched the lion's tail and I will roar and then bite yeah I will bite hard." he snapped his fingers like a gossiping woman. "you have awoken the devil in me."
Somewhere, in another apartment close to his, a loud music was being played.

Cos all my kindness, has been taken for weakness, now I'm four five seconds from where I live and I'm trying to make it back home by Monday...

Apart from Alex, another person, the mystery lady at the wedding, paced about the length of her room in the dark, cold night.

A successful man has lots of enemies, so they say and it was proving to be true.

"Daniel Chibueze, you can't go scotfree," she said and laughed "I've set the traps, when I'm done with you, you will learn to respect people feelings."

A phone rang by her side and she hurriedly picked it.

"Hello, honey." she said into the phone. "I just heard he will be travelling to Dubai tomorrow, you know what to do. Don't break any bones and don't touch his cute face."

The male at the other end replied, "Yes honey, I heard you."

"Good, we'll see after the job is done." She said with a note of finality and hung up.

She let the phone drop and lit a cigarette.


Game time!

He threw the phone aside and laughed. He and his lover were finally getting a head way. If this worked out well, then in no time, they will be so rich. "Daniel Chibueze, consider yourself gone."

Igbo's would say, when you give the devil allow, he would look for allowance.

That was exactly the case when he spotted Daniel at the airport the following day.

He stood far away from him and aimed his gun at him.

Before he dropped out of school, he was known as 'sharp shooter' he never missed a target, once he aims, he shoots.

Daniel bid his driver goodbye as soon as his flight was announced. Shade couldn't come because she had to go to work.

The driver zoomed off and Daniel and the other passengers waited patiently to board the flight.

"Welcome, You can now board the flight." came the brief announcement.

One by one they went into the plane, Daniel looked down at his wristwatch while the person before him was going in.

"Bye, Daniel. Greet the angels in heaven," he pulled the trigger and smiled ruefully. "or in hell."

Daniel gave a loud whimp and his phone which he was about putting on flight mode fell from his hands.

He held his back and legs, the exact spots were his white shirt and blue jean already turned red.

"He's been shot," someone screamed and threw everyone into panic.

He smiled in satisfaction, kissed his gun and pocketed it.

"Daniel will soon be an angel in heaven or hell," he muttered and looked up at the sky. That was exactly what he had always wanted to do; to send Daniel to the land of the dead, which was why he aimed and shot from his back the same spot he would have shot if he was to shoot from the front, so the bullets could pierce his heart.

"I'm sure that fine bullet, pierced his poor heart," he murmured in satisfaction as he watched Daniel drop to the ground.

People ran helter skelter.

He lit his cigarette and placed it between his lips. "goodbye Daniel." he said and puffed the smoke into the air.

Daniel winced in pain as he waited for the ambulance.
The other passengers already aboard the flight hurried down, everyone feared for their life's.

"Give way, give way," a lady screamed and ran to Daniel.
Everyone gave way as she dropped to her knees with tears streaking down her cheeks.

"Oh Danny, please don't leave us." she cried. "Someone call the ambulance, don't just stand there watching like zombies." she added, in a scream.

Daniel whose vision was already blurred, breathed deeply and his body went limp.

The siren of the ambulance could be heard from a distance.

"Oh, Danny. Please don't leave me," she cried, with his head on her lowered knees.

"I know that man and you're not his wife." Someone in the crowd pointed out.

She turned and flung her handbag at the crowd. "Why are people so insensitive? Can't you see my brother in law is dying. For your information, I'm his wife's sister."
The crowd began murmuring like lost bees, a man soon came forward with the handbag and dropped it beside her.

"We're so sorry dear," he said.

She hissed and when he made to touch her, she caught his hand and dug her teeth into his skin.

"Aaaaaaahhhh!" he screamed and released his hand from her grip.

The fearful ones among the crowd stepped back and the brave ones came forward to help the man which she almost peeled the skin off his hand with her teeth.

Before they could do any more harm or good, the ambulance showed up and everyone except the lady stepped back.

"...Life and death are in my hands, thus says the Lord." an elderly lady finished and closed her Bible, before walking to the departure hall to find out why the flight before hers was suspended.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 12:26pm On Jan 10
What's Alex problem? It's definitely not because Dan asked about the money.

Thanks for the update ma'am

You're welcome dear.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 12:29pm On Jan 10
Alex is secretly in love with shade, or he will ruin his Friend's marriage with his past

Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 12:32pm On Jan 10
Daniel be very careful with ur friend Alex

Thanks for the update op

wink you're welcome sweetie
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 12:32pm On Jan 10
Alex is an unfriendly friend . He is jealous of Dan . Thanks for the update. lightQueen i salute you for the invite.

Thanks for reading also kiss
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 12:34pm On Jan 10
This type of friend, need to separate ya self patapata ni cuz b4 you knew it, they will turn tinz upside down for you..
What nonsense, imaging, insulting and destroying someone property, Haa, no ooo, I can't take that ooo.

Daniel gentility will cuz BIG problem to his family, which will only take the grace of God for him to handle.

OP tanks a lot for the update, dey gbadu you

I dey gbadu you too dearie
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 12:36pm On Jan 10
Yes oo.. Our very own Kim is back.. Keep it coming dear

I'm back o. Thanks sweetheart.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by LightQueen(f): 2:28pm On Jan 10
Ah! na which kind update be this grin
My Danny ooo
Re: Ghost Of The Past by izaray(f): 3:00pm On Jan 10
Ah! na which kind update be this grin

My Danny ooo
Lol the thing fear me too o
Re: Ghost Of The Past by Bishop73(m): 5:13pm On Jan 10
Hi KimberlyWest,

You're back with your style of writing. Its nice, it has just began and is has already been filled with sorrow and joy, deceitfulness, and grace, hatred and love, kindness and wickedness, blood and pain...…. keep it up. I'm sure you'll someday do yourself, family and Nigeria proud. More ink to your pen and more twist to your thoughts.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by Kaycee9242(m): 5:27pm On Jan 10
wow!! what a nice start. Kimberly well done, I will plead with u to be telling us d days to expect updates so we won't be disturbing u with our yearn for updates
Re: Ghost Of The Past by Ann2012(f): 5:39pm On Jan 10
Abeg oooo, nothing must happen to Danny

Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 5:51pm On Jan 10
Hi KimberlyWest,

You're back with your style of writing. Its nice, it has just began and is has already been filled with sorrow and joy, deceitfulness, and grace, hatred and love, kindness and wickedness, blood and pain...…. keep it up. I'm sure you'll someday do yourself, family and Nigeria proud. More ink to your pen and more twist to your thoughts.

cry cry I'm totally speechless now.
Amen and thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate. smiley
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 5:52pm On Jan 10
wow!! what a nice start. Kimberly well done, I will plead with u to be telling us d days to expect updates so we won't be disturbing u with our yearn for updates

Thanks dear.

Week days sha. Let me use weekends to write and week days to share.
Re: Ghost Of The Past by KimberlyWest(f): 5:56pm On Jan 10
Abeg oooo, nothing must happen to Danny

Thanks for the update ma'am

Amen o grin.

You're welcome sis
Re: Ghost Of The Past by mostob(m): 7:34pm On Jan 10
jealousy has been destroying world since time immemorial. Am sure if Adam hadn't been jealous, he wouldn't have collected that Apple from Eve.
Get well soon danny
Aunty Kim,weldone ...more ink to your pen

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