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Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). / Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) / National Troupe Stages Death And The Kings Horseman To Honour Wole Soyinka (2) (3) (4)

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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 10:48pm On Aug 13
Pious is about to have it hot!!!

I don't think his craftiness can save him. Yorubas will say 'a kin wa ota kun ota(one shouldn't create a lot of enemies in life,so you won't have a lot of people against you)' pious now has a lot of people against him,one of them will get desperate for revenge.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 10:49pm On Aug 13
The war will be too hurt for Pious, i suggest he flees while he still have the chance.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 10:50pm On Aug 13
I see Pious loosing another loved one, it might be Giselle.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 10:51pm On Aug 13
This story gets annoying every passing day, everyone is ganging up against Pious as if he's the worst villain in the story.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 10:53pm On Aug 13
grin grin
Silver knows exactly what he's doing, he's just getting us riled up, he knows Pious cannot die not until Francis and Taka returns.
Everyone is always against the hero in movies., ride on silver but jeje with the suspense.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 10:54pm On Aug 13
First it was Carlos, now Pious is the centre of attention but unfortunately he cannot die because he's the good guy or probably the hero as stated by the person above me, if he dies, story ends.

Me am just here eating my popcorn waiting for silver to do what he does best-(Re-twist the story)
Abeg leave popcorn for me cos even me i need to know how everything plays out.. Who'll win this game..? grin grin grin
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by kelvyncruz: 7:04am On Aug 14
The war has been officially announced
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by kelvyncruz: 7:05am On Aug 14
He dealt with the chiefs with the help of his mom and uncle. But right now his alone.
He's not alone, he has the support of Giselle, Max and his thugs
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by kelvyncruz: 7:08am On Aug 14

He dealt with them while pretending to be a friend. That's a different ball game entirely compared to now that they are aware he's the real enemy.

He's going to have it really tough and if he comes out of this, it will be by the skin of his teeth and definitely not unscathed.
Pious doesn't need to fight them, he just have to keep pushing and surviving until they make a mistake, once they do that, Kess and the rest of the police department will handle the rest, shekina.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by purity23(f): 9:44am On Aug 14
Getting more intense, am scared for Pious.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Ann2012(f): 9:51am On Aug 14
This game is getting more bloody

Thanks for the update Bossman
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by izaray(f): 10:47am On Aug 14
Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by moorevic(m): 12:33pm On Aug 14
When a man is being threatened with a fight, he runs to his home; not because of the house but of his Brothers and as you know blood the say is quite thicker than water. Max and the thugs ain't his blood and could bolt at anytime. Max is faint hearted and same goes for giselle.
He's not alone, he has the support of Giselle, Max and his thugs
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by JerryOJerry6429: 10:13pm On Aug 14
Tanks for the update
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by sly12345: 3:07pm On Aug 15
Abeg leave popcorn for me cos even me i need to know how everything plays out.. Who'll win this game..? grin grin grin
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 2:02am On Aug 16


The castle walls are the strongest thing Katherine has ever seen, her eyes reverted to the stones. Part of it was built of stones of varying sizes and shapes, each one unique. From a distance it is uniform grey, from up close it is a mosaic of humble rocks but the guards dragging her towards her doom and her heart of grief couldn't let her see the beauty of the palace..., her eyes finally fell on the new master she will be worshipping, lord Kubali, king of Zulugua and his family of demons.....

She quickly realise the condition she was and retreated into her present state, She felt her spirit sink into nothingness and her aura turn monochrome...., she was here, she was in the capital city, a place her life be nothing but pieces of depression...

"Lord Kubali.. "King Jafar bowed.. "My queen.. "He turn his eyes to Lord Kubali wife..

"Jafar.. "Lord Kubali replied, his eyes staring widely at Katherine.... "I've totally forgotten Dafuda's daughter is this beautiful.. "

"She is, lord Kubali, and I've brought her here as you requested... "

"Indeed you have, you fulfilled your side of the deal.. "

"You know I'll never betray your trust.. "

A wry smile cooked his lips.. "It's a good thing you know that Jafar, this friendship of ours is built on trust, never think of breaking that trust.. "

Jafar fake a smile, he hated obeying every instruction issued by Lord Kubali, but the fear of what might happened to him if he betray him is what scares him, lord Kubalui have the highest number of armies at his beck and call, that is more than any king could wish for, other kings worship him and see him as a leader...

"So.. "Lord Kubali interrupted his thoughts.. "Welcome to the capital princess,, my family and i are so fortunate to have you here, what happened to your father was a very cruel thing, but there was nothing that could be done to change the law of wars.. "

Anger flashed through Katherine eyes, lord Kubali was saying thrash, he never cared about her father, non of them seated cares an itch about her father...

"Your father.. "Lord Kubali continues.. "Was a good friend to me, once upon a time we went hunting together, though he was older than me, but he never consider himself an elder, didn't throw his seniority at my face, and that is something i like very much about him, we lost our good communication when my father, Lord Chaka the great passed away, i had to take responsibility and taking responsibility is becoming the king.., it really saddens me that he's dead.. "

Engulf with anger, Katherine scoffs, they are all hypocrites, pretending to be good friends with his father when he stabbed him in the back, he's the reason king Jafar won the war, and in return, king Jafar is to deliver a package, and the package was her, now package has been tainted.., she swears by her father's grave, she'll get back at King Jafar for what he did to her...

"But you should know princess, you're not a slave here... "

Shock swept across king Jafar's face but he didn't say a word..

"Because of the friendship your father and i share, I've taken a decision.. "

Anger curled hot and unstoppable in Katherine's gut, like a blazing inferno that wanted to burn her from the inside out.... "A decision to make me your sex slave..? She dared to ask..

"How dare you.. "Anesia, late lord Chaka's second wife and lord Kubali step mother retorted.... "How dare you talk to the king in that manner.., guards, arrest her immediately.. "

"Stop.. "Lord Kubali ordered and the guards quickly retrace their steps..

"Lord Kubali.. "Said Anesia.. "Don't tell me you're just going to let this girl run her mouth.. "

"She have no excuses for her choice of words.. "Lakuyada, Anesia only son added.... "Her tongue should be cut off and fed to the horses.. "

"Your father and the great samuallie will not stand and tolerate another word from her.. "Anesia stated harshly, her eyes glaring at Katherine..

"She just asked a question.. "Dama, Late lord Chaka third wife and a younger step mother to lord Kubali interjects.. "A question is not enough to spin anyone into rage.. "

Anesia cast her a deadly look..

"Are you referring to us..? Lakuyada ask shapily

Dama raised an eyebrow but refused to give him the dignity of a reply..

"Mothers.. "Lord Kubali cut in.. "I understand your concern for the honour of this family, but you must know the person in question is also from a royal family.. "

"She became a slave the moment Jafar took over her father's kingdom.. "Anesia returned brusquely.. "And as such, she should be treated like one.., i wonder why you're conversing with her, a slave doesn't have the right to stand before us.. "

King Jafar narrowed his eyes.. "Queen mother..

"Quiet Jafar... "Anesia yelled.. "One more word from you and that Mogula throne will be taken from you, i believe you don't want that.. "

King Jafar jaw hardened making him clenched his fist at his side...

"Enough mother.. "Lord Kubali hollered... "Do not use the privileges you have to step on a king, you only got those rights because my mother died, and my mother's dead is still under investigation, remenber that.. "

"Lord Kubali.. "Lakuyada snarled but Anesia raised her hand to his mouth to silent him before he could do anything foolish..

"Lord Kubali.. "Anesia mutter.. "Are you accusing me of killing your mother..?

Lord Kubali turn his gaze away, his mother died mysteriously, the local doctors said she died of ailment that befell her but he knew it wasn't the ailment, his mother was getting better before she died.., he was of the opinion of asking the dark priestess but she's been so busy and hardly listen to him...

"If that is the case.. "Anesia continue.. "Why don't you prove to the entire court how i killed your mother...?

Jaw hardened, he turn his gaze to her.. "This isn't a place to discuss that.. "

"It is.. "Anesia retorted.. "Since you brought it in front of everyone including the guards and slaves, we should as well settle it here.."

"Mother please, do not do this, i beg you.. "

"You should have thought about that before accusing her of such a hedious crime.. "Lakuyada said

"Laku, i thought you'll calm her down, not make matters worst.. "

"An insult to my mother is an insult to me.. "Laku returned brusquely..

Lord Kubali took a deep breathe.. "Fine, i apologize, i shouldn't have said that.. "

Lakuyada scoffs.. "What do you think we are, your apology..

"Laku.. "Anesia cut him short and motion him to sit back down....

Lord Kubali sigh and took a glance at his wife, Zaraka and his only son Zaku, his little daughter was in his wife hands, she was lovely and the thought of her growing into a fine woman someday chased a smile on the croners of his mouth..... "The answer to your question Princess is no, i don't want you to be my sex slave, i have a more suitable proposal for you, something befitting of a princess..., i, king Kubali, son of lord Chaka, the grandson of samuallie the great announce here today the marriage of Katherine and my youngest brother, Anga. "

Shock engulf everyone., Dama and her son Anga quickly divert their attention to him...

"Lord Kubali.. "Dama chimes in.. "I do not understand what you mean by that.. "

"You should be happy, your son will soon be getting married.. "

Katherine's brain stutters for a moment and her eyes take in more light than she expected, every part of her goes on pause while her thoughts catch up...., what did the king just announce...?

"But why..? Dama asked.. "Why such quick decision..?

"The decision has been taken.., as king and per the traditions of Zulugua, i have every right to decide anyone's future, your son Anga and the princess of Mogula will soon be getting married... "

Anga balled his fingers into a fist at the verge of punching Lord Kubali but he couldn't do it, he knew if he remain sitting he might do something foolish, so he walked away..., out on everyone without regards..

"Now who is abusing his powers..? Dama retorted and followed her son..

"Guards.. "Lord Kubali called.. "Take the princess to the lanta room.. "

Katherine didn't protest as the guards dragged her away, the shock still bleak on her face...

"Jafar my good friend, dine and wine with us, let us celebrate this good day.. "

King Jafar fake a smile.. "Of course, i won't miss the festivities.. "

Veins bulging out of Anga's head, he drove his fist through the wall and kick everything from the table..

"Anga.. "Dama called out slamming the room door behind her.... "You need to calm down.. "

"Calm down..! "He let out a loud growl of annoyance..

"You're not getting married to that girl okay.. "

"Of course am not getting married to her.. "Anga fling back furiously... "That disgraced daughter of a loser..., how could you not say anthing when your fancy stepson made that ridiculous announcement.."

"He's he king, you've got to understand that, he can do whatever he wants, he's king of all the kings, his authority is from ogini herself, it can't be question whether right or wrong.. "

A boiling fury swell inside of him and he latched his anger on the clothes on the bed....

"But this is a decision i can't take, he cannot marry you off like that.. "

"Can't you see it mother, he's just trying to bring shame to us, nothing else, if that wasn't the case, he would have married her to his son, Zaku, but he didn't, his precious son can't have the disgraced one, only i is deem fit... "

"Listen to me Anga.. "She stated taking hold of his hand... "You cannot do anything stupid, whatever move we make, we must be careful.., or we might just lose everything.. "

"You have to stop this insane marriage, i will die first before taking that shameless orphan as my wife.. "

Lakuyada pulse raced and he breathed heavily, almost as if he would burst. His muscles grew tense, he cracked his knuckles and spun round to face his mother.... "For how long are we going to tolerate his insults..?

"Bring your voice down Laku.. "Anesia said...

"He insulted you mother, you should have let me punch the living hell out of his miserable body.. "

"And what.., you think you'll work free after punching him.., he hates us, it's very easy to see.. "

"Oh please mother, don't pretend like the feeling isn't mutual.., i hate him that i feel lile killing him anytime i see him.. "

"Which is why we're going to re-strategise, in the same way his father and miserable mother left, so will he, and that day is imminent.."

She looked round the room again and her eyes became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. As she blinked, they dripped from her eyelids and slid down her cheeks. She bit her lip tightly in attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from her mouth; my heart sank...

She know she shouldn't cry now, she need her strength to return the favour King Jafar did her.

"Is there anything else you may need..? A maid asked

She sigh wondering how her life took a turnaround.., she quickly cast away the thought, she can't trust this people, not after what happened at the court, the king doesn't care, she's just a means to an end, a strategy to win whatever games he's playing.... "No.. "She said softly wiping the tears from her face and eyes... "Thank you.. "

"The king requested we give you a bath.. "A maid said

She wanted to laugh but the anger and the sadness lingering inside her didn't allow her.., she was about responding when the room door opened widely like it was forcely pushed...
Her jaw hardened when she saw him, the supposed boy she is to marry....

Head spinning and threatning to explode, Anga glare at her... "What are you still doing here..? He barked at the maids who quickly rushed out of the room...... "I see.. "He stated returning his furious eyes to her.. "The king gave you a room, he's trying to make you feel like a princess again, for who, i wonder.., or could it be he wants to have all of you to himself, slaves don't really give a hoot, do they..?

Katherine didn't reply, instead she returned the look, she won't be intimidated by some punk....

"Run while you still have the chance.. "He look at her gormlessly.. "Slave.. "

Irritated, she replied him in his own tone.. "Don't get too pushy, the pushy ones never last, they always fall off the ladder.. "

"What..? "His mouth went hard and was about to raise his hand to slap her but someone hold his hand, when he finally turn around, it was the person he hated the most, the king's favourite male, Zaku..

"What are you doing brother..? Zaku asked dropping his hand, an eye glancing at Katherine..

"Am not your brother you prat.. "Anga retorted.. "Am your uncle, know the diiferent.. "

"I keep forgetting that, we are age grade though, don't forget that either.. "

A boiling fury swelled up inside Anga.. "What are you doing here, have you come to take a piece of her.. "

Zaku scoffs.. "Just because father announce you as her soon to be husband doesn't give you the right to walk in here, you tried to hit her.. "

"And i should have done it if your dirty hands hadn't held mine.. "

"It's not right, she just got here, it's too early to show her how cruel you are.. "

Anga glare at him, then at Katherine, and again at him... "Stay out of my business.., it's a warning.. "He scowled and walk away from the room..

Zaku sigh.. "Are you alright...?

"I will never be alright.. "Katherine fling back..

"I understand that, you must have go through alot.. "

"Don't act like the nice one around here, I've seen your entire family, you all are the same sides of a coin.. "

"In a way i will say, you just arrived, you've seen nothing, the only way you'll be safe is to be quiet, live like a ghost, my uncle, Anga is not one to taunt with, he'll frustrate you and you just might up killing yourself like the others... "

"The others.. "She resounded., the words should scare her but hell it didn't, she won't let herself be intimidated by anyone again.., never... "He should be more afraid of me. "

Anga chulkled.. "You don't know Anga.. "

"Neither do you know me.., tell him to stay off my lane or i might just run him through.. "

"Is that a threat..?

"I don't do threats anymore, am way past that, if he cross my path, he'll pay for it, i have nothing to lose... "

She meant it, meant every single word, king Jafar is the first and last person to mess with her, never again will someone tries that with her....., no matter what, king Jafar will pay for what he did to her and her family.., he'll pay dearly and after she kill him, she will take back the throne of Mogula, there she will rule with an iron fist with a company of spears and daggers..



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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by maridrug(m): 4:38am On Aug 16
Baba Silver, post this story on okadabooks now. Let it go for N100.00 ..... Better than this.

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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by cosmospolitan: 7:23am On Aug 16
you have done it again, thanks bro! keep the updates coming!
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by egwolopretty: 10:27am On Aug 16
You're the boss silver, at first i thought i was reading a different story.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by izaray(f): 10:29am On Aug 16
Katherine is damn angry, every little things now pissed her off

Thanks for the update boss
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by purity23(f): 11:18am On Aug 16
You too much silver, Francis has gotten a competitor.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by moorevic(m): 3:00pm On Aug 16
I fancy the tales from Mogula than Akpatu so intriguing and ruthlessly dangerous world of its own.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Ann2012(f): 3:45pm On Aug 16
Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 3:51pm On Aug 16

The knock came quietly first and then there was silence making her heart raced.., she quickly wrapped her fingers round the knife and began to trot towards the door, Kess fear Philip might come for him now that he has escaped and coming for him means killing anyone close to him...

"Sonia.. "A low voice rumbled from outside..

She took a deep breathe when she recognise the voice, without hesitation, she unlock the door and Kess rushed in...., she huffs when Kess eyes moved to the knife in her hand..
"I thought you were someone else.. "She explained.

A smile surround Kess lips, though she hasn't officially agreed to their heating relationship but he could sworn that something was going on between them and he wasn't ready to lose her.. "I understand, we have to be careful until Philip and Jacob are back into custody.. "
Damn it if anything happens to her because of him, he won't forgive himself.....

"Any leads on their whereabout..? Sonia ask tossing a strap of her hair backward..

"Not yet, but we're trying our best to get them back.. "

"What about Cassandra..?

Kess raised an eyebrow, he never thought she will care enough to ask about her greatest enemy wife killer.. "Well, there was nothing that proved her dead wasn't an accident, though there were bruises in her wrist but it wasn't enough to rule her death as murder.. "

"Do you think her death has something to do with Philip escape from prison...?

Kess sigh, his eyes roaming at her beautiful lips, he could never forget that night he tasted her soft lips, her soft body against his, it was heaven, like God has finally given him all his heart desire... "It could be, considering the fact that the same day she died was the day they broke out of jail.. "

"Who could be responsible then, do you think Pious is capable of such, he hated that family. "

He suck his teeth and his head brood over his argument with Pious, he have many reasons to believe Pious was responsible for Cassandra death, she appeared out of nowhere dead after he confronted him... "Pious played a big role in putting Philip and Jacob behind bars, i don't think he did it.. "

"Am not talking about them, am talking about Cassandra, i hated Carlos, see what i did, Pious hate the entire family, judging from what Dillan did to the palace that claims his mother's life, anyone will be sick enough to get back at them.. "

He hates hiding his thoughts from her.. "So you think Pious killed her..?

She nib her lips.. "I would have probably done the same if i were in his shoes"

Kess lean close to her.. "She's dead, the case has been closed, what we need to worry about now is Philip.. "

"You really think he'll come for you..?

"Am positive, I've known him for years, i put him in jail, he'll want to get even.. "

"But he hasn't come around.. "

"He will, my instincts tells me he will, and if he realise you're here, he'll use you to get to me.. "

"So you saying i should leave.. "She returned without flinch..

Kess heart sank.. "No, I know a place you can stay for now.. "

"A place.. "She gritted.. "I will rather go back to the city.. "

"You cannot go back, the police are everywhere, they checks everyone that leaves and comes into town, you'll be arrested if you're sighted, you're still wanted for attempted murder.. "

"But the person in question is dead.. "She blare out

"That doesn't change anything, you tried to kill him once, you were arrested but you escaped, they'll think you succeded in killing him the second time.. "

Sonia gasp and sat down dropping the knife by her side...

"You'll be safe where am taking you to, you just have to be there till Philip and Jacob are caught and throw back behind bars. "

"What if they're never caught..?

"They will, i promise you they will.. "He crunched down and told hold of her hand.. "Trust me Sonia, am doing this for us, i won't be able to live if anything happen to you.. "
That was it, once again he made his feelings know to her, he loves her too much and he fear she might use his love against him...

She didn't protest as his fingers rub hers, she knew she needed to move on after what happened to Steve, it was her fault Steve dies and she fear Kess might meet the same fate.., many times she has thought of running away before he returns but she couldn't and she doesn't know why, is she falling for him or she's just scared of her pending guilt...
When she look at his face, everything in her tells her she needed to trust him, believe he won't let anything happen to her.. Nor will he abandon her...

"Okay... "She hesitated before spitting her next words.. "I will go.. "


Francis watch as a lost child wailed for his mother, a man frantically searched for his missing horse, shopkeepers screamed out offers on the top of their voices to attract customers and customers desperately tried to bargain for the best possible prices. This was the Tashola market, a place which was always drowning in the sea of people. Not a single empty place could be spotted between the stalls. Some held a hand against their forehead to shield themselves from the sun, others made fans out of palm leaves and all sorts of things, .The sun mercilessly shone down upon the market. Beads of sweat glistened on everyone's forehead and many faces turned red due to the sweltering heat. The salty odour of sweat mingled with the nose tingling aroma of spices and the sweet smell of flowers coming from the florist's shop. All of these smells mixed together gave the market a rather unique scent, which hung in the air from early morning to late evening......

"We are yet to see the warriors.. "Francis said looking around..

"Relax man, this is the best place to see them, they come here to buy the things they'll need in the arena and they find young boys to help them carry these things.. "

Francis took a moment to survey the market, a few steps from him was crowded with stalls selling sacks of nuts and dried fruit... , Powdered spices lay in rust red and dusty yellow piles, or spilled bright green from sacks as large as feed bags. Rich and unfamiliar scents cut through the smell of engines, so heavy he could taste them in his mouth, like the air inside a fabrication green house......

"Look where you are going boy.. "Someone snarled at him after pushing him aside..

Francis didn't bother replying him, instead he reverted his gaze to Zed who was staring at a man chanting in some strange tongue, it quickly occured to he was a fortune teller, though he didn't seem like one, he had red clothes on and in front of him was a small idol, people seem to be insterested in what he was doing since he was crowded, in his front stood a table where he kept some stones painted red and two calabash where people were dropping money...

"Let's go there.. "Zed chimes in... "He can tell you your future.. "

"This people are scammers Zed.., noone can tell anyone's future.. "

"You think so.. "

"I don't think, i know so, just look at the way he's crowded, if truly he's real, why ask people to drop money before telling them what will become of them... "

"Nothing good comes free"

A scream from the crowd diverted their attention to where the fortune teller was, a woman crunched down to the floor and was weeping and shouting...

"You see.. "Zed said pointing at the woman.. "That woman future is bad, that's why she's weeping.. "

"Do you really believe in these things, that man is extorting money from them., he tells them exactly what they want to believe.. "

"Do you really think that woman crying believe her future will be bad... "

Francis gritted.. "Everything shouldn't be roses, that way people will believe him.. "

"Well i think we should try, let's know if we will be successful in our mission.. "

Francis sigh... "With what money..?

Zed smile as he showed him a loaded coin purse..

Shock swept across Francis face.. "How did you get that..?

"It doesn't matter, what matter is we have money.. "

"Did you steal that..?

"Shush Francis.. "

"Oh God, you stole it... "

Francis watch as the man chant incantations, eyes closed, the man pick up the stones, cover the stones with his palm and shook them and finally dropped them on the table, one of the stones rolled to Francis side....
The man opened his eyes and look at Francis who returned the look....

Francis quickly realise the man was about speaking to him when he pointed his fingers at him.., his heart skipped for a second wondering what the man was going to say, he doesn't believe in fortune tellers, they say things that are good to the ears because they need your hard earn money in their pockets..

"I see two paths.. "The man stated and Francis held his ears to the ground waiting patiently for the man next words..
"This paths i see.. "The man added picking up a stone and mumbling words to himself.... "One will lead to destruction, while the other... "He pick up the stones and did some chanting, he dropped the stones and stare back at Francis... "The other is a long road of sorrows but i see joy laying at the end of it"

"Of course.. "Francis sneered.., now his thoughts were confirmed, these men are fake..

"But i see you following the easiest path, the path that ends with destruction.."The man added... "Going the other way seems impossible.. "

"Okay.. "Zed chimes in.. "That's enough with my friend.. "He dropped the money on the calabash.. "I want to know what becomes of me.. "

Francis watch as the man pick up the stones again and went through the same process but when he dropped the stones, his expression was different, like he saw something awful...

"What..? Zed asked curiously.. "What did you see, am i going to be rich, get married to a beautiful girl and have beautiful children..?

The man shook his head in disagreement.. "No son, the future i see is quite different from what your foreseen.. "

"What did you see, whatever it is, it can't be worst than my present situation.. "Zed said, a bit disappointed by his expectations..

The man look at the stones again, then at him.. "I see blood around you, dark shadows hovering around you.."

"Am i going to die..? Zed asked quietly..

The man hesitated before answering.. "Am afraid, yes.., you'll die but not the kind of dead anyone will wish for, you'll die in the worst way possible in human history and your blood will be offer to the god of shadows and your body will be given to the vultures and all sorts of creation to feed on, the evil one that rose from the grave will bring that to pass.., your death is inevitable..."

Zed didn't say a word, he just stood as his brain process the words, irritated by the results, he took out his money from the calabash and took off from the crowd...

"Zed stop.. "Francis shouted

Zed finally stopped running but the words were still ringing in his head...

Francis took a moment to take a breathe on getting to where Zed is...

"You were right Francis, this people are fake.. "He mutter


The rich benignant cigar smoke eddied coolly down Dillan's throat; he puffed it out again in rings which breasted the air bravely for a moment...

Ted and Xyder reclined their back on the chair after snorting in the last strand of cocaine, they allow Tendrils of it swirled up into their lung...
Xyder manage to move to reach for his ringing phone, after much struggle, he took up the phone and answer the call...

"I've seen her.. "A male voice sounded from the other end...

Xyder quickly sat up and put the phone on speaker..

"I just saw Sonia and that policeman.. "The callers voice resounded..

Dillan quickly drop the cigarette and took up the phone... "Follow her, whatever happens, i want that bitch dead before the end of today.. "

"Roger that.. "Said the caller and the call ended...

"She will join my father in hell soon enough.... bitch.. "


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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 3:54pm On Aug 16
Baba Silver, post this story on okadabooks now. Let it go for N100.00 ..... Better than this.
ok sir
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 3:55pm On Aug 16
You're the boss silver, at first i thought i was reading a different story.
Tnks dear
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by izaray(f): 4:19pm On Aug 16
Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by sly12345: 7:39pm On Aug 16
You too much silver, let Sonia die self, she nor get use for the tori again.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by JerryOJerry6429: 11:24pm On Aug 16
This Zulugua people are not smiling o
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by showgoeson: 9:46am On Aug 17
Silver baba, after you na you, you too much
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Hardes(m): 10:07am On Aug 17
This story is becoming AWESOME.

. Thanks for the update op
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Ann2012(f): 2:15pm On Aug 17
Sonia and Kess are now in trouble ooooo

Thanks for the update

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