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All The Devils Are Coming Out Of Caves! / The Devils Lair - Episode 1 : A Story By Nkemjika Okeke / All The Devils Are Here (A Side Guy's Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Devils Touch by lilyheaven: 9:58pm On Jun 05
I now know how a drug addict feels after getting his high after a looong time.... Topher you are creating addicts here...
Haha that is his hobby
Creating addicts

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Re: The Devils Touch by queengift(f): 12:27am On Jun 06
just like walking dead
Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 1:18am On Jun 06
just like walking dead

We dont do that here

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 2:45pm On Jun 06
Weldone topher052 smiley
Two fingers in za air for you...

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Re: The Devils Touch by MoxxxxO123(m): 10:05pm On Jun 06
Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 10:49pm On Jun 06
Few police men observing the victims and the dead police men. Bruno sat by the road side being treated of his injury. Ishaw speaking to two officers in mufti. The bodies had already been rapped up and put in an abundance.

Ishaw checked his watch and discovered it was almost evening. Then he looked around for Bruno and found him where he was flirting with a beautiful, curvy dark nurse in a white gown and black sandals. Her hair knotted backwards making her face gentle and attractive as she bent treating Bruno's injury.

"brother, we have to go!". Ishaw said to Bruno touching his shoulder.

" where! Am busy!". Bruno said, signaling a wink at his friend.

" the housekeeper. We have to see her". Ishaw said walking away.

Bruno turned around mumbling a word and returned his gaze to the girl who smiled hiding her face.

" he's a jerk! He knows how to spoil fun for me". Bruno said to the girl smiling.

She looked at Ishaw who was walking towards an officer discussing something with him.

" your friend has left you". She said in a soft tone.

Bruno turned and saw Ishaw collecting a car key from the officer and walking towards a Hilux. He frowned and struggled up to his feet.

" can I have your number?". Bruno asked smiling.

"sure". She said extending her hand for his phone.

He quickly searched and found it from in his left pocket. Handed it to her with an eye on Ishaw who had entered the van and was starting the engine.

The girl finished and handed him the phone. He took it from her and ran while limping towards the already moving van.

" stop! Stop!". He shouted waving his hand behind the van as he ran.


Igbudu remained silent in the bus as everyone avoided him. He sat at the window side and his boys on the outta seat.

A lady in the front rows baby stretched his hand trying to touch Igbudu's hair, he smiled and gave the baby a finger to hold . An elderly man seated by the mother saw it and nudged her, she turned to the man who moved his head at Igbudu , she saw the play and quickly moved her baby away from him, took a holy water from her purse and started washing her baby's hand muttering words of prayers under her breath. Igbudu saw it looked out of the window whistling a song.

The bus stopped at the park. Igbudu alighted wondering how he's going to sell the diamond with him. He looked around the busy the busy road, everyone seem like to about their business. He spotted a slim light skinned man in a red singlet and a brown shot selling hot drinks in a kiosk. And started towards him. The man gave him a questioning look as he approached.

" peace I bring" Igbudu said.

The man nodded wondering what he wanted. The three degenerate men who sat on a bench drinking beside the kiosk stopped their argument and kept a stare at him. Igbudu took the boy from one of his boys and took out the diamond.

"where can I sell this?". Igbudu said showing the stone to the man.

The man looked at the stone and turn to the curious men.

"what is that?". One of the men asked.

"diamond". Igbudu said.

They exchanged glances and stood up to take a closer look at it.

"can I see it?". Another asked.

Igbudu handed it to him. The four looked at it in wonder and doubt.

"is this really a diamond?". Asked the kiosk man.

"it's shining". The first man said.

Igbudu gentle took it from them and asked.

"please where can I sell it?".

The second man, a wrinkled old man looked at Igbudu suspiciously and asked with scorn in his tone".

"where did you get it from?".

"has any one you know seen a diamond before?". Igbudu asked, fighting the anger craving to erupt.

The man smiled and looked away. The kiosk owner then asked with interest.

"how much do you want to sell it?".

Igbudu looked at the diamond weighing it's worth. Then said.


The kiosk owner and his team exchanged glances and immediately began assessing Igbudu. Igbudu smelt they harboured selfish intentions and immediately walked away.

He left the park and was crossing when two shirtless macho men accosted him.

"what do you have in your bag?". One of the guys asked in an intimidating baritone moving to retrieved the bag.

Igbudu moved backwards guardian his bag. The two boys behind him stood looking at Igbudu's back doing nothing.

"he asked you a question! Are you deaf?!". The other said slapping Igbudu's back.

Passers-by did nothing as they looked pass. Igbudu smiled and handed the first guy the bag. The guy was about taking the bag when Igbudu retrieved it and asked.

"are you sure you can carry the cross?".

The guys looked at each other and laughed. The second forcefully pulled the bag from Igbudu and pushed him, he fell with his butt on the ground. The second looked Igbudu boys and laughed and they started walking away.

Igbudu looked at an invisible thing in the air above him and said to it.

"make a fool of them".

The first suddenly held his arm looking around in confusion. Then he touched his back shouting. The second was astounded trying to Inquire what's wrong with his friend. the first screamed jumping as though someone was flogging his legs.

It was now the turn of the second. He started beating himself up. They made to run but something kept pushing them back. Soon people started gathering wondering what is wrong with them.

Igbudu gently picked up his bag and was about leaving when the first shouted crying.

"please forgive us! We are very sorry! Tell to stop flogging me!"

Igbudu smiled and said.

"you are going to show me where to sell my good".

They both chorused.

"anything sir!anything sir!".


Sandra entered the company and found some dead bodies on the floor. Her fear was not for her but for her husband.

She pressed the elevator. And waited nervously for it to come to the ground floor. And when it opened, blood stains, two men in suits and a lady laid dead on the floor. She moved backwards in shock and almost lost her nerves. Then she summoned courage and entered, pressed the 13th floor. As the elevator went up she felt her heart beating fast but she had already made up her mind, she grabbed her gun's butt firmly while waiting.

The elevator stopped and opened. Strange noises of agonizing cry and shouting filled the air. She made to press the ground floor but stopped, encouraged herself and stepped out of the elevator.

She walked circumspectly with the gun pointed in front of her to fire at the slightest provocation. Then groaning and footsteps sound started moving closer to her. She looked around trying to point where it's coming from, all of a sudden the door behind her opened and a hundred of them hungrily came after her. She fired three shots which only knocked down few irrelevant. Seeing she couldn't stand them, she took to her heels as they chased behind her.

She ran with her hearts in her hands and luckily for her she found an opened office in front of her and ran into it, immediately shut the door, bolted it and held it with her back as their vehement push shook her. She gave her hardest push crying under her breath. They pushed and hit the door angrily. She felt her weight wouldn't be able to hold the door as it was giving way.

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 10:58pm On Jun 06
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I Salute you topher052. Good job.


Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 11:05pm On Jun 06
Ah...topher...what kinda suspense is this cry

As it was giving away what

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Re: The Devils Touch by queengift(f): 4:07am On Jun 07
Topher the great writer

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Re: The Devils Touch by greatme2good(f): 7:43am On Jun 07
Sandra please stay alive.

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 8:57am On Jun 07
Sandra please stay alive.
Sandras never stay alive. If you know what I mean gringringringringrin

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Re: The Devils Touch by AbuMaryam1(m): 10:53am On Jun 07
I like this Igbudu scenes.


Re: The Devils Touch by greatme2good(f): 2:01pm On Jun 07

Sandras never stay alive. If you know what I mean gringringringringrin
Absolutely bro... Same reason I made the comment. Topher seem to like the name 'SAANDRA' maybe he has one close to him.

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Re: The Devils Touch by Vizzy4u(m): 2:40pm On Jun 07
Whatever doesn't kill you now..............,.....

Only makes you stronger.
Inspirationally speaking, if you've survived for years now, you entered this year. Starting from January to today, (unwa Jesus..) you'll survive.
**[words of a man of God]**

Personally speaking, if there is "life", there is HOPE. Whoever you're, wherever you're; IT IS WELL. Anybody or thing that is pursuing u, i command u - TURN AND BEGIN TO PURSUE THAT PERSON/THING! Las las you-will-be-finegringrin Peace!


Re: The Devils Touch by MoxxxxO123(m): 10:38pm On Jun 07
This time around now who killed sandra smiley smiley

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 7:59am On Jun 08
This time around now who killed sandra smiley smiley
No one killed Sandra bro.
Just sit down, relax and enjoy the show.
Topher next please gringringrin


Re: The Devils Touch by MoxxxxO123(m): 10:28am On Jun 08
@ Topher062 I really appreciate ur work,from my madam and I and to this man u are good.

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Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 11:16am On Jun 08
Ishaw crossed checked the address on the note in his hand with the number on the wall of the gate. Then looked at Bruno who was checking a girl in short green gown walking down the street's ass.

" hey! Can you focus?". Ishaw said to him.

Bruno turned abruptly scratching his head. Ishaw opened the gate and stepped into two flat green building. He looked around for anyone to inquire about the lady and started towards the flat opposite him.

He knocked twice still looking around while Bruno rest his back on the protector inspecting the cut on his elbow. Again Ishaw knocked and the window curtain opened, a little boy looked from it and closed it back. Then the door opened and he stepped into the veranda looking with curiosity.

"hey little boy, we're looking for a house keeper". Ishaw said coldly to the boy.

Bruno smiled and nudged Ishaw aside, bent on the protector to face the boy.

" is anyone home?". Bruno asked smiling.

The boy put his thumb in his mouth looking at Bruno. Ishaw smacked Bruno's head and said.

" you think you know Adam about kids?".

Bruno slowly stood up with his hand at the back of his head where Ishaw slapped looking at him in disgust .

Then a girl slightly older than the boy came out and pushed the boy in with a suspicious look on her face looking at Ishaw's unfriendly frown.

Bruno quickly stepped in with a smile and said to the girl.

" hello sweet girl. Is your mummy in?".

She paused screened Bruno's face to catch any hint of danger and when she couldn't find none, she hesitated a little and then said.

" she's preparing for work",

" oh! That's good. Can you call her for us? We are the good guys". Bruno said still smiling.

She took the boy in and shut the door. Ishaw who has been observing the conversation in a folded hands smiled and said.

" do you think you charmed her?".

" lets wait and see", Bruno replied smiling.

Soon the door opened and a slim chocolate middle aged lady stepped out in a shapeless pink flowered gown looking inquisitively at the men at her door.

"good evening madam". Bruno greeted.

She nervously smiled and nodded still looking at them, but especially at ishaw who made her feel unsafe.

" don't be afraid, we're the police". Bruno said showing her his ID card. " we are looking for a lady who works with Zenith hotel",

The lady looked at him and then to Ishaw who fixed his gaze at her. She swallowed nervously and asked.

"what is the problem?",

"nothing. Just need to ask her some questions", Bruno said smiling.

" questions about what?". She asked.

Ishaw pushed Bruno aside and said impatiently.

" lets cut to the chase woman. You're who we're looking for. Now you'll have to answer our questions and stop these nonsense waste of time!".

The lady wanted to say something then stopped. And Ishaw continued.

" tell us what happened at the hotel?"

The lady looked at her watch. Then hesitated a little before saying.

"I heard a scream from the next room I was attending to, I felt they were having sex and didn't bother check. When I came out, the lady suddenly opened the door, saw me, immediately hid her face and walked away. I suspected something was wrong, so I knocked and when I got no response, I slowly opened the door; that was when I found him".

" tell us what she looks like." Ishaw said.

She came closer and held the protector. Then said to Bruno due to how serious Ishaw look.

" she's beautiful. Dark with a pointed nose, about my height, bold lips, couldn't see her eyes due to her fringes".

Ishaw hissed and stormed.

" if I go out there I'll see a hundred girls that fits in that description!".

The lady looked surprisingly at ishaw. Bruno quickly spoke up eyeing Ishaw.

" sorry about that madam. Is there anything particularly different about her you could get? Anything that may help us in search for that maniac".

She searched through her head as they looked hopefully at her, and then she said.

"am sorry. Nothing. Perhaps you should ask Mr Anthony, the receptionist on duty".

Bruno looked at ishaw who was penning down the name, he finished, thanked the lady and walked away muttering something leaving Bruno behind.

Sandra screamed as the nail on the Bolt started pulling off. She pushed hard with her back on the door. Another harder push threw her on the floor as the door opened. She turned and saw a crowd rushing towards her, some with broken bottles, sticks, and anything that could serve as weapon. She ran under a table and pushed it down then immediately took out her gun and fired a few shots hitting some down but it didn't stop them from coming.

One climbed the jumped on her with a Kitchen knife in his hand , she shot him twice in the air and he dropped close to her legs, two four came at once, she shot two; one in the head and the other in the chest at close range, before the two grabbed her and threw her on the ground. She quickly picked up a kitchen knife on the floor, sent it into ones neck and buried it in the others eye. Others jumped on her in large number, hitting but they only hit the bodies on top of her.

Meanwhile, Zarac a big guy in his hand. The man threw him to the ceiling and he fell in his hand on the floor. His secretary had ran out with others screaming for her life.

The big man kicked Zarac in the ribs and he rolled over. He picked him up and threw him against the wall like he is a light log of wood.

The other man was busy strangling a young girl on the floor after stabbing a man to death while Zarac took the beating of his life.

The big man came to pick Zarac up again. Zarac quickly broke a glass cup he picked on the floor and dug a piece into the big man's eyes, he moved backwards holding his eye giving Zarac the leverage for escape.

Zarac ran holding his left rips and limping. He rushed to the elevator with a trembling hand he pushed the ground floor.

When the elevator opened on the ground floor, some military men pointed a gun at him, he quickly raised his hands shouting.

" I am clean! I am clean!".

Two walked circumspectly towards him with their guns aimed at him, pushed him to the floor searching him through.

Sandra struggled to reach for her gun but couldn't due to the bodies on her. The men jumped on her and some used different things hitting not minding it mostly hit one of them. One; a woman in her late 50's stretched her hand and grabbed Sandra on her hair, dragging her out of the crowd . Sandra screamed holding the woman's hand as he pulled her on the ground. Punches rained on her in the process as they lynched her. Fear engulfed her as she saw her life coming to an end. She could do nothing but scream.

Suddenly gun fire sound filled the air. They left her abruptly and ran towards the direction of the gun fire. Sandra immediately laid on her tummy shielding her head with her hand as the gun shot continued.

The crowd left the room but firing and shouting continued. She quickly reached for her gun and held it on both hands sitting on the floor with her eyes on the door. Sweat ran down her eyes, she wiped it to find out it was blood. She ignored it still looking at the door.

A military man stepped in with his Ak in hand. She tired but hit the mans bulletproof. The man returned the gunshot spontaneously she ducked moving behind a metal shelf.

The soldier man moved forward aiming to fire. She creep to another side of the shelf, sat with her back on it and her holding the gun tremulously. She peeped and saw the soldier man moving to the other side. Her heart raced rapidly and blood dropped down her cheek as she swallowed hard.

" if you're okay speak up! Am ready to shoot!", the soldier man said.

She peeped again and said.

" am okay! Am not sick!",

" alright, throw your gun away". The soldier man said.

She peeped again and saw three other soldier men walking in aiming to fire. One pointed towards her direction nodding to his team. She closed her eyes and said a few words of prayer before tossing her gun towards the threes' feet. They looked sharply at it and then nodded to the one close to Sandra.

" alright! You can come out". The first soldier said.

" please don't shoot!", she said raising her hands in the air as she came out.


President Khalid was in his office with his PA; a very light skinned girl in green flowered chiffon and a skin tight mini skirt that gave detail to her huge hips and a pencil black shoe with her Brazilian hair knotted backwards.

She reading out the news to the president who chewed his finger nails looking blankly in the air. She kept stealing glances at the president wondering what's wrong. And when she was done, she said.

" the crazy men on the street. What should be done sir? The press needs something to talk about".

The president looked around for something, and then turned to her and said.

" a need a cold beer. I need to be in the mood to think well".

She was startled by his statement and Inquired.

" sorry sir! Did you say beer?".

He nodded and stood up abruptly. Took off his suit jacket walked to the window with his fat tummy bulging from his white inner sleeve. And his small waist made him look ridiculous without his jacket.

He turned and asked the girl.

" how about we throw a party? Invite all the top officers",

The girl looked shocked and asked.

" what about the situation at hand sir?".

He looked at her, then walked back to his seat. Sat down and put his legs on the table.

" I am the president, isn't it?".

" yes sir".

" alright, the president want a cold beer and a party. Make it work!". He said and put an head phone on his ears with his legs on the table and hands behind his head.

The lady stood up feeling something was amiss. She nodded to the man whose eyes were closed head nodding and humming along to the song he was listening to.

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 11:20am On Jun 08
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pu7pl3, president Buhari Khalid aff kolo o gringringrin

topher052, I dey your back 24/7
Two thumbs in the air for you bro gringringrincheesy

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Re: The Devils Touch by greatme2good(f): 12:43pm On Jun 08
The president is also not left out... There's a big problem.

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Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 1:53pm On Jun 08
First to Like, Share and Comment! coolcoolcool

pu7pl3, president Buhari Khalid aff kolo o gringringrin

topher052, I dey your back 24/7
Two thumbs in the air for you bro gringringrincheesy

Hahahahahahahahahaa grin Ahswearugadman no be small kolo o...cold bear and party during apocalypse grin

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Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 1:54pm On Jun 08
No igbudu today....

Ishaw and bruno still be playing good cop bad cop

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 1:56pm On Jun 08

Hahahahahahahahahaa grin Ahswearugadman no be small kolo o...cold bear and party during apocalypse grin

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Re: The Devils Touch by saucelake231(m): 4:09pm On Jun 08
when the number one citizen is possed ... the whole country is doomed....... only the avengers(igudu,sam and his frog friend) can save them now.....


Re: The Devils Touch by Waksdabos(m): 12:09pm On Jun 09
Nice one
Re: The Devils Touch by Emmzy201(m): 2:04pm On Jun 09
Ayam glued to my phone
Topher ya the best
I wish all those things can happen in real life

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Re: The Devils Touch by Mielekcezylil(m): 2:31pm On Jun 09
Nice story, following keenly.

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Re: The Devils Touch by softdude47(m): 2:51pm On Jun 09
Ayam glued to my phone
Topher ya the best
I wish all those things can happen in real life

So that you can become Igbudu abi? angry grin angry

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Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 3:17pm On Jun 09
Igbudu sold the diamond in a black market with the help of those thugs 280,000. The men around were cautious of him as they tried not to make any foul move to provoke him due to his looks and the two thugs who became both his spokes man and bodyguards.

After the deal, he openly out the money in his sack bag and handed It to one of his boys. And asked the men to take him to a private place. They led him to a back of an uncomplicated building and stood in the front to stop anyone from going in.

Igbudu opened his bag, took out a small t-shirt and placed it in the floor. Brought out two stones and spread the clothe on the floor, placed the stones by the sides of the clothe. Then brought out a lighter, lit it and burnt the shirt on the floor and watched the smoke gather in the air above him. Then he said to the smoke.

" take me to him",

The smoke moved with his pace above him. He came out and said to the thugs whom had be humbled to looking pathetic.

" you can go now!".

They bowed thanking him as they hastily runaway before he changed his mind.

When they had gone, he looked at the spoke that pointed to a cab. He walked up to the packed cab with the driver sleeping in the driver seat with his eyes covered with an old face cap.

" hey!". Igbudu called.

The man jumped up, removed his cap, turned abruptly and paused when he saw Igbudu.

" hey! Go away!". He shouted. Shooing Igbudu away.

Igbudu smiled and whispered into one of his boys ear. The boy said to the driver.

"we need to hire you".

The man looked at Igbudu and covered his nose with his hand.

"I cannot carry you in my car, you stink!". The driver said to Igbudu.

Igbudu smelt his armpits and said to the man.

" just a little".

The adjusted himself, forced the key in the key hole and murmured.

" crazy people everywhere".

Igbudu opened his bag, grabbed a hand full of money and Moved closer to the man and placed the money in his face. The man paused, his eyes opened wide looking at the money, then he turned to Igbudu and said.

" what's the meaning of this".

" there's more from where that came from?". Igbudu said.

" where are you going exactly?". The man asked eyeing the money in Igbudu's hand.

" don't know. But you're to make good money today". Igbudu said.

" get in". The man said, feeling strange about his feelings.

They entered and settled in. Igbudu sat in front ignoring the man who was frowning. He looked up in the sky and said.

" go straight",

The man looked at the sky to see what Igbudu was looking at but found nothing, he looked strangely at igbudu, then the boys who were focused on the road from his rear mirror and wondered what sets of people he was carrying. Again he needed the money to pay up his depth or risk losing his only means of livelihood; the car. So wouldn't let such great chance slim off his finger. He engaged the engine following Igbudu's direction.

They past the town and was headed to the high way. The driver was becoming uneasy, he looked at Igbudu who never took his eyes off the air and the boys who sat like robots looking straight ahead, then he said.

" where are you people going to? We've been driving for two hours now".

Igbudu said without looking at him.

" take the left bend".

The man got provoked and parked by the road side. Then turned to Igbudu who slowly and ominously looked at him.

" I don't do this kind of business! Tell me where am going to so I can tell if I can or cannot go!". The driver said in rage.

Igbudu looking at the slim, tall, sunburnt man, with an unkempt beards in a slack faded green t-shirt and his old faded face cap covering half of his face; fought the anger that almost clouded his reasoning and suddenly smiled.

" not far, just like thirty minute drive more". Igbudu said.

The driver grudgingly checked the time on the cars dashboard and continued driving muttering something to himself that Igbudu careless about as he focused on the smoke that showed him the way.

They drove for another hour, this time the man parked and stepped out of the car. Igbudu looked at him and slowly came down to inquire his problem.

" pay me my money! Am not going anywhere anymore!". The man said grumpily.

Igbudu smiled and asked him.

" are you married?".

The driver looked at him and and said.

" pay me my money!".

Igbudu opened his bag and dropped the rest of the money on top of the car and said to the driver.

" this is how much I have. I am looking for a little boy who opened a portal and unleashed evil on earth. I need to find this boy or you and your loved ones won't be safe. My son was killed. It has started attacking people. Please help me stop this!".

The man reasoned what Igbudu said and looked at the money on the car. He swallowed hard and looked away fighting the urge not to comply. Again he was really hooked and then he screamed kicking the tire of his car. Igbudu looked patiently at him, and when he was done, he composed himself and said to Igbudu.

" each day I spend with you 70,000. Or no deal".

Igbudu laughed and said to him.

" do you make that amount in a month?".

The man shrugged with guilt on his countenance. Igbudu continued.

" I will pay you 30,000 everyday, minus feeding. I will pay for your feeding".

" no! 50,000". The man said.

" okay. Let me pay you off now and look for another driver". Igbudu said.

The man scratching his head said.

" you'll buy fuel",

Igbudu agreed. And they continued in their journey.


The Presidential guest, all ministers and prominent men in the country were having a good time in nice tuxedos and the ladies looking exquisite with glasses of champagnes in hand and jazz music playing in the background.

The president soon stepped in with a bottle of beer in hand in-between two sexy girls in bikini. He wore baggy blue jean and a red t-shirt with his tummy evidently bulging. Two big gold chains dangling on his neck to compliment the big gold watch on his hand, a red face hat with the label swinging on it and a big red timberland boot.

Everyone looked surprisingly at him as he bounced ignoring people who wanted to shake hands with him, then sat on a cushion, placed his two legs on a table in front of him pouring the content in the bottle into his mouth. The girls sat beside him stroking his chest.

He dropped the bottle and shouted.

" get that DJ!"

Two security men in black suit and dark shades behind him left and came with the DJ; a short, fair, chubby dreadlocked boy in handless top and blue faded rugged jean.

The president looked at him and said drunkenly.

" do you want to die!".

The boy looked at him not knowing what he did. Everyone came closer, laden with curiosity and confusion.

" so you wanna die!", the president yelled standing up but sagged back on his seat.

The girls helped him adjust the cap falling off back on his face. He looked around and laughed. Poured another gulp into his mouth, removed it, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and said.

" play hiphop!",

The DJ nodded and walked away. The president held one of the girls by his side and started kissing her grabbing her boobs. Everyone exchanged glances trying to understand what was going on.

The presidents wife's brother; a huge tall dark man in his fifties, a friend of the president as well came close to the president and tapped him respectfully on the shoulder. The president turned to him and said.

" are you mad! Get out!".

The man bent over and said.

" sir, I believe you shouldn't be here. Please get yourself together". The minister said thinking he's on drugs.

The president sat up and was going to tell his bodyguards to throw the minister out of the party when the hiphop music started. He smiled and waved the minister way whispering into one of the girls ear. She stood up shaking her big backside as she walked away.

The president stood and asked for a microphone. One of the bodyguards came with it and handed it to him. He cleared his throat and said.

" today! I am giving you the chance to live your life! Have fun! Coz no man knows when he's going to die! You may die today! Or be exchanged, who knows!". He said and laughed.

The girl came in with lots of sexy girls in bikini in a long queue following her from behind as they catwalk in. And another group of handsome guys in trunk walked in queue. The president looked at them and said.

" get rid of your old hags and be sodomites! Today we die in fun! Let the music play".

The minister looked at everything and walked away. Some of the guest who were not okay with the nature of the party, left as well.

Soon the men guest got into the vibe and were lost in the mood, getting nasty with the girls and the ladies with the men. The president sat watching with full serious interest.

The girls in bikini started getting the men seduced and the guys who were so irresistible to the ladies achieved their aim.

Soon, they started kissing, transferring a black smoke onto the mouths of the guest. The presidents eyes turned black as hw smiled drinking from his bottle.

The minister was driving home listening to a song on his stereo when two police men stopped his car on a road block. He slowed down and rolled down.

" hey guys, I am minister John. Coming from a presidential party". The minister said tiring.

The police man moved to him and said.

" okay. I just wanted to confirm. Here is a message from the president".

Then brought his pistol and shot the minister severely on his head and walked away.

That night. Everyone who left the party was gruesomely murdered.

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Re: The Devils Touch by statistics1(m): 3:21pm On Jun 09
update on Sunday... thank bro @topher052 happy sunday

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 3:43pm On Jun 09
Weldone topher052, happy Sunday... Nice one bro wink

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 3:50pm On Jun 09
update on Sunday... thank bro @topher052 happy sunday
Hold your happy Sunday bros, why you take my front seat? angry

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