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All The Devils Are Coming Out Of Caves! / The Devils Lair - Episode 1 : A Story By Nkemjika Okeke / All The Devils Are Here (A Side Guy's Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Devils Touch by Emmzy201(m): 3:54pm On Jun 09

So that you can become Igbudu abi? angry grin angry
Assistant igudu grin


Re: The Devils Touch by statistics1(m): 4:01pm On Jun 09

Hold your happy Sunday bros, why you take my front seat? angry

oga no vex, as u no quick come service ushers led me to d front seat.. oya use 1 nyash sit beside me make we flex

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 4:36pm On Jun 09

oga no vex, as u no quick come service ushers led me to d front seat.. oya use 1 nyash sit beside me make we flex
No P egbon... gringringrin

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Re: The Devils Touch by MoxxxxO123(m): 5:10pm On Jun 09
Ftc grin
Re: The Devils Touch by saucelake231(m): 6:17pm On Jun 09
lol...this two guys above me are just something else....fighting for the front sit?
good one topher.....and happy Sunday...

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Re: The Devils Touch by Creeza(m): 7:04pm On Jun 09
Hi guys..its nice being here. our op is doing wonderfully well.

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Re: The Devils Touch by Clint02(m): 8:03pm On Jun 09
Amazing story :DAmazing story


Re: The Devils Touch by Ven97: 9:23pm On Jun 09
following bumper to bumper


Re: The Devils Touch by statistics1(m): 9:39pm On Jun 09
No P egbon... gringringrin

Ranka dede Ogaa!

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 11:09pm On Jun 09

Ranka dede Ogaa!

Re: The Devils Touch by clumsydyna: 12:57am On Jun 10

That night. Everyone who left the party was gruesomely murmured.


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Re: The Devils Touch by MoxxxxO123(m): 11:59am On Jun 10
Correct guy

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Re: The Devils Touch by skyblueking(m): 3:16pm On Jun 11
Walks in majestically to the thread..
Topher052 you're doing a great job.. I've been ghostreading for a while buh I gat to show some love bro..

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Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 5:59pm On Jun 11
Zarac quickly ran to his car, the crowed outside both military and paramilitary, all fully armed made it hard for him to easily drive off. Vans and tanks were parked randomly coupled with civilians who came for their friends and families; and some of the staff from the complex; most were injured and some were still adjusting from the shock.

He hoot his horn at them impatiently. His mind mostly on his wife and Sam. He had lost his phone and wasn't concerned about it.

He tried to manoeuvre his way out but was stopped occasionally by uniform men. He hoot and pulled his head from the window shouting at the drivers who were also in a hurry as he is, thereby obstructing the exit.

One of the drivers in a blue Toyota corolla came down from his car and pulled out a white Mazda driver who blocked the only way out with his car after being warned not to proceed. And gave him a straight head-butt which resulted to a fight, increasing the traffic.

Zarac knew there was no way out with his car, he alighted abandoning his car and ran out of the compound. His shirt was partly stained with blood from the cut on his head and upper brows. But he cared less as he ran.

He tried to stop a taxi but the driver made no attempt to look his direction. He waited impatiently looking on both sides of the road for any to flag down. Then he spotted another yellow cab and jumped into the road in front of the car. The man almost knocked him down but was quick to apply his break.

" are you okay! Do you want to die!". The driver yelled with his head shooting out from the window.

Zarac ignored him and rushed to the backseat door, opened it and sat himself in. The driver turned to him in bewilderment and Zarac said hastily.

" take me to basden road".

Driver looked at him and was lost for words. He kept staring at the blood on his face and shirt and finally said.

" am off duty. Am rushing home".

A car horned behind him and he realized he was still on the road, then quickly moved ahead.

"my wife is in danger. Please help me. I'll pay. Name your price!". Zarac said desperately.

The driver looked at him from the rear mirror and said.

" I actually Live along that route".

" oh thank goodness! Please get going!". Zarac said.

The driver had just left when Sandra came to the ground floor escorted by four armed soldiers. She kept asking to be left to search for her husband but the men refused her request nudging her forward.

She spotted the yellow cab but didn't pay much attention to it. Then began searching for her husband the moment she was left alone.

Her first stop was a body covered on a stretcher. She pulled the covering and saw a man whose eyes were plucked out. She immediately covered it and looked around the rowdy place; everyone was either leaving or being pushed back by military force preventing them from going into the building.

She saw her husband limping supported by a police officer. She heaved a relief, smiled and ran to him. The man turned to her trying to place her face. She apologised feeling disappointed and scared.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion. Sandra found herself on the floor covered in dust. Dust filled the air making it difficult to see. Distant cry and shouting amidst her ringing ear. She saw people in slow motion running, some trying to help another up, someone crying in pain covered in blood and dust.

She staggered to her feet feeling dizzy and suddenly felt a sharp pain on her right abdomen.

" are you okay?" A man asked, helping her up.

She turned to him and saw the face of Zarac. Then smiled and collapsed.

Sam and the mysterious boy sat beside the stairs looking innocently as parents moved up and down coming and going with their wards. Armed police men had already mounted on vantage positions in the lookout for any abnormalities.

The brave men were giving the accolade for rescuing the school. Everyone had their names on their lips.

Mr Howard sat between two young female teachers attending to his injury flirting as they did. Mr Bohn had long gone with his daughter and the gate man sat discussing with the principal in his office. Non of the men could tell what happened, they all knew something dark hit them and they woke to finished fight.

" when are your parents coming?". The boy asked Sam.

Sam shrugged and continued pacing in front of him. The boy looked around and caught Crusial's guilty face staring nervously at a police man whispering into his mates ear. The other looked at him in a horrified face and they both walked towards the rest room direction with crusial's eyes on them.

The boy nudged Sam on the shoulder and said looking at crusial.

" that teacher is up to a mischief".

Sam turned and his eyes met crusial's. He immediately removed his face and focused in front of him. The boy eyed crusial who winked him and walked away.

" lets see what she's done!". The boy said standing to his feet.

Sam shook his head, but he pulled him up and dragged Sam along.

They were at the corridor leading to the rest room when they heard a voice saying.

" this looks like animal bite. What'd have done this?".

The boys moved closer eavesdropping.

" I think this was what they reported happened at Zenith hotel earlier today". Another voice said.

Sam mistakenly stepped on a used water can and the noise spooked the police men.

" somebody is there".

The boy turned to Sam angrily and embraced him. The place became thick dark.

Two police men rushed out and couldn't see anything in the midst of the darkness.

" does anyone have a torch light?". A slim dark police man said.

His second, an heavily built dark man kept wondering what sought of darkness was that.

One of the men came out from the room with his phone torch and pointed it in the darkness . The strange boy tightened his face and the light couldn't penetrate.

The thick police officer dropped on his knees and started muttering something to himself with his eyes closed. The rest looked at him and the dark slim police man asked.

" what are you doing?".

He opened an eye and said.

" this is the end time! Am asking God for forgiveness!" Then closed his eyes and continued.

The boy slowly led Sam out. And the place became normal again. The police men were gripped with fear and wonder.

The boy said to Sam as they returned to the classroom.

" that was fun wasn't it?".

Sam looked around in search for his guardians, he only saw faces that were not his, he suddenly felt hurt and was drawn to tears.

The strange boy looked at him and smiled. Then gently path him on the back still looking out for his own parents.


Igbudu arrived the town as led by the invisible smoke. He alighted still looking in the air, his boys followed while the driver remained in the car following Igbudu's gaze to see what he's looking at. When he was overwhelmed by his curiosity, he spoke out.

" what are you even looking at?".

Igbudu ignored him and turned to a direction by his left that isn't motor able, the said to the driver.

" we're going that direction".

The driver stretched his head from the car door window looking at where Igbudu was pointing. Then said angrily.

" who drives in that direction?! Even a blind man can see that".

Igbudu ignored his statement and entered the car, same as his boys.

" find a way around it". Igbudu said.

The man hissed and arranged his face hat before moving forward.

They drove through the busy road and got Stuck in a traffic.

" this looks like a dead end from what I see". The driver said straining to see ahead.

Igbudu looked at the lockdown traffic and turned to his left where a bald, clean shaven man sat robotically in an ash Daewoo car . The man turned to Igbudu with his eyes black. Igbudu immediately opened his bag and took out his staff speaking incantations to it.

The driver looked at Igbudu wondering what he was doing. The man opened his car door and alighted, adjusted his neck and took off; ran into man shouting on another driver by the side of his car door, picked the man off the ground and threw him with his face on the ground.

" what?! " the driver shouted opening his car door.

The first man jumped on the mans back and slammed his head severely on the tarred road until his head exploded like a broken Mellon.

Everyone was triggered to a brouhaha. Some brave men ran to the man, dragged him off th man he killed hitting the man on different side. While they were on it another shout came from a different direction, someone just stabbed an onlooker to death with a broken glass from his side mirror. An heavily built guy jumped from the crowd strangling a lady to death.

This caused an uproar as everyone took to their hills on random direction. Some jumping over cars, others falling in a drainages. Some were being stampeded and some ladies froze in fear shouting.

Igbudu stepped out of the car and climbed on the car of the mans Daewoo car. He raised the staff in the air swinging it with a finger in this mouth.

A wild wind started blowing things in the air with a thick dust accompanying it.

Igbudu closed his eyes as the dust tend to be blowing into it.

Two dark twisting smokes appeared in the sky directly above him. He opened his eyes, removed the finger in his mouth and pointed towards the smoke. The smoke spinning aggressively and sped into the clouds turning the day to night. And then descended like a black lighting hitting igbudu on the chest throwing him five cars behind. He landed on the windscreen of a Volvo crashing it.

The driver saw this and took to his heels with others looking behind him as he ran in horror.

That same minute, as Zarac was driving home in the cab and a car ran into another right in front of them. While they were still looking at the accident, a man hit his back on Zaracs side of the car with a lady holding him around his neck biting his ear.

Zarac saw this and recognized it. He tapped the driver on his shoulder begging him to reverse and leave the area. But the baffled man remained, trying to understand what was going on.

A sharp stick flew from nowhere and stabbed the driver on the neck. Zarac jumped back to his seat, his eyes as wide as owls as he looked at the man coughing to death. He got hold of himself and immediately jumped to the front seat, pushed the man aside and reversed the car crazily, knocking down anyone on his way.

Sandra fell on the floor and woke up as the abundance she was in ran into another car. She turned and saw a male and female nurse standing with blood on their heads. A strange push jammed the door and shook the van. Again it came, and horrified cry came from the driver seat followed by strange noises.

Sandra's eyes was on the door as it shook violently. The female nurse sat and crossed her hands and legs together in fear; the male nurse bent looking at the door not knowing what to do.

Ishaw and Bruno stopped when they saw a crowd running towards them. One of the escapees; a man in his 60's shouted as he ran pass their car.

" the end is here! The end is here!".

Bruno opened the door and looked in front to see what was going on. A bullet missed his head and knocked a lady down. He jumped quickly into the car and shut the door.

" what's it?" Ishaw asked.

" we are under attack!". Bruno said with an opened eyes of terror.

Ishaw made to move backwards but a car without a driver had packed behind them.

" who the Bleep is that?!". Ishaw cursed.

Two men ran towards their car and jumped on the bonnet of the car; one with a 2 by 4 stick, the other with a cutlass.

Bruno and Ishaw looked at them stiffened in fear. One of the men hit their windscreen with the 2 by 4. The other striked the windscreen grinning, Ishaw impulsively took out his gun and shot both of them dead.

Igbudu opened his eyes and stepped down from the car. The petrified lady in the car looked at him with her mouth wide opened not noticing her baby girl on the backseat's excitement.

The smoke joined together and formed a huge human figure of 20 feet tall. It roared and beat its chest. Its eyes were red fire same as its mouth when it roared.

Igbudu pointed his staff at it and and started running towards it. Lightning shot from his staff to the creature and electrocuted it. The creature sagged on its knee groaning.

Igbudu came closer speaking some incantations. He made to strike the creature but it quickly grabbed him and stood up. Igbudu made futile struggle to break free.

The creature opened its fire mouth moving towards Igbudu's head.

Igbudu turned to the boys who were still standing by the car and spat in their direction twice. They looked up to him simultaneously and began searching for his staff.

The creature got to Igbudu's head; the heat from it's breath made Igbudu flinch. He kicked the jaw of the creature with all he got and it moved it's head backwards. Then attempted again, Igbudu pushed Its jaw off him with his two feet. It moved its head backwards again. Then aggressively threw Igbudu forward in anger with a loud roar. Igbudu fell on a car and rolled down on the tarred road.

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Re: The Devils Touch by Devilpen(m): 6:09pm On Jun 11
See Apocalypse.... Topher052, let's do something strange on Nairaland Literature Section....
Something different and kinda weird...
Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 6:40pm On Jun 11

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Re: The Devils Touch by Toluhwanie(m): 7:44pm On Jun 11
Thumbs up bro
Re: The Devils Touch by Emmzy201(m): 7:48pm On Jun 11
See Apocalypse.... Topher052, let's do something strange on Nairaland Literature Section....
Something different and kinda weird...
I can't wait
I can't wait for the apocalypse to come grin

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Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 8:18pm On Jun 11
Wow...this update was really dope
Re: The Devils Touch by softdude47(m): 8:45pm On Jun 11

I can't wait
I can't wait for the apocalypse to come grin

Maybe when the apocalypse come, you dey baf for bathroom and Igbudu na that madman for una street wink cheesy grin

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 8:46pm On Jun 11
Igbudu! No gree, stand up! Change am for this tin... I believe you angry

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Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 10:26pm On Jun 11
Igbudu! No gree, stand up! Change am for this tin... I believe you angry

Lmao grin

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Re: The Devils Touch by 1Teethosin: 11:17pm On Jun 11
this is legendary!!

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Re: The Devils Touch by Chidave9(m): 9:09am On Jun 12
"Igbudu le osuala" you made me to remember issacaba/bakasi movie
Re: The Devils Touch by topher052: 5:53pm On Jun 12
Igbudu slowly stood up , dusted himself and his boys brought his bag and staff to him. He slowly took it from them, crossed the bag across his chest and wiped with the back of his hand the sweat entering his eyes which turned out to be blood.

The creature picked up a car and threw it on the people fleeing and kicked a bike that flew and hit a fat man on the head.

Igbudu deepened his hand in the bag, took out out a wrapped leather. He opened it, looked regretfully at a red stone in it; the stone he was keeping for a special occasion more than the one he's facing. On a second thought he wrapped it back and returned it, then took out a black stone, turned to the creature that was busy throwing cars at people and walked carefully towards it.

The creature found a lady under a car it raised up to throw away. The lady folded her arms and legs together lying on her side shivering in fear. It looked at her and grinned. Raised the car very high and dropped it on her.

Igbudu snuck to the creature hiding behind a car. He could see its leg as it kicked and walked forward.

Igbudu quickly poured some quality of the water on the stone and threw it on the creatures leg. A red line started growing from the spot upwards to the creatures upper body. It's leg got stuck as the line moved up.

The creature struggled to pull its leg, in the the process the leg cut into two like a detachment from a cemented sculpture. Yet the red line kept climbing.

Igbudu then surfaced from his hiding and slowly walked to the creature that was filled with horror. He pointed his staff at it and a lightning ball flew from it and scattered the creature into black dust.

The sky restored it's original colour and people stopped running looking around in perplexity.

The door of the van Sandra was had already giving way, she thought it was the end as she waited for what was coming to her. The male nurse kept looking around uneasily, even the female nurse covered her face crying. But to their surprise, the everything stopped abruptly; the door slowly opened on its own with people on the floor wondering what happened to them as the looked around lost.

The front of Zarac's car got buried in a hole. People started jumping on the car, some hitting the back windscreen and aggressively shaking the car.

Zarac reached for the dashboard, but the driver had fallen on it. He tried with every effort to push the lifeless body away but couldn't due to the commotion. One of the men jumped in from the back window and grabbed Zarac by the neck straggling him from behind. Zarac struggled in vain to break free and all of a sudden, the man slowly let him go looking around in a confused way while Zarac bent down coughing.

Bruno kept stabbing anyone who forced himself into their car with a long dagger he always walk around with, and Ishaw kept himself busy with shooting. Soon he ran out of bullet. Then immediately grabbed a screwdriver beside the gear and joined Bruno in the stabbing.

One of the men forcing himself in just paused, and fell on the window opening the rest followed falling down were they stood.

Ishaw and Bruno were completely bewildered by the happening.

" what's going on?". Bruno asked.

Ishaw who was still looking kept silent observing.

The people started getting up to their feet's looking around in confusion and fear. Some of them even moved backwards irritated at the sight of dead bodies littered everywhere.


The president was speaking live on a national TV about the recent mysterious attack

"my fellow countrymen. It is a thing of pain and great sorrow the massacre experienced today. Many of our loved ones including my brother in-law was affected. This issue has never been heard of, why must it happen to us? That I cannot say but I extend my deepest condolence to the families affected".

Then he stopped, took up the paper he was reading from and tore it on a live TV.

His PA and other crew members behind the camera wondered what he was up to. The president looked at them and continued.

" my dear people. They gave me that piece of poo to console you guys with. I am not reading that goat poo! Your president is a new man, a reborn. Now listen all of you humans. I know who did this. His name is Igbudu. He has a weird dreadlocks and funny beards, and walks around with two boys he has bewitched. I know many of you don't believe in witches. The past experience has proven that it's real. Now find this man. Kill him, bring his head to me and collect your reward".

Igbudu was with the driver and the two boys at a restaurant when the news was aired. The driver looked at Igbudu from the side of his eyes and was contemplating running away when Igbudu asked him without looking up.

" do you believe him?".

The driver swallowed hard and looked at the boys who ate robotically. Igbudu turned to the boys and said .

" they tried to rob me, and so I made them my slave. But I'll let them go now".

The driver summoned courage and said.

" please let me go. You can keep the pay. Look for another driver. My wife is pregnant I don't want to die now...you know you're now a mark. Please....".

Igbudu dropped his head on the table and then raised it, turned to the driver and said.

" okay. But I must pay you",

While they were still talking, a lady recognized Igbudu and whispered to a man pointing towards him. The man looked at Igbudu's direction and nodded. He took out his phone and walked out of the restaurant.

"take this boys home. I believe they have learned their lesson. It's time I go alone". Igbudu said handing the driver some notes.

The driver took it and stood up to leave. Igbudu held his arm and beckoned the boys over. They stood automatically and came to him. He spat on his head and wiped their eyes with it and they immediately regained themselves and looked around utterly confused.

" do you remember me?". Igbudu asked them.

They immediately recognized him. All the while they thought they were dreaming, now it's a reality to them. They made to run after their realization.

" if you move a step!". Igbudu said in a commanding tone.

They froze and stood shaking visibly at the presence of Igbudu.

" the next time you steal. Trust me, I'll be there". He turned to the driver and said to the boys." He'll take you home. I have paid him".

The boys knelt thanking him. He waved them away and focused on his food.

Few minutes after the boys and the driver had gone, five tout looking men came. One of them a bulky man on a punk haircut joined to a full goatee, in a blue jean jacket on a rugged jean sat on Igbudu's table acting as though he wanted to order for food, while the rest sat at a table next to Igbudu.

The man looked at Igbudu and asked.

"are you one they spoke about on TV?".

Igbudu looked at him and continued his meal. The man blinked at his men, they slowly pulled locally made pistols out of their jackets cautiously.

The man asked again with the intention to distract Igbudu.

" why did you kill those people today?".

Igbudu ignored him eating his food. By this time the mans men were ready and signalled him with a nod. He blinked for them to go ahead as he drew his gun and fired in Igbudu's face.

Igbudu dodged in a reflex and the bullet hit one of the mans men in the stomach. The rest opened fire behind Igbudu simultaneously. Igbudu swiftly slide under the table and threw the table at the three standing behind him in the same second. Then flew out with a chair and hit on the mans jaw throwing him 4 feet off the ground. In the same second he dragged the man in the air swinging him towards the table still moving to his men, they all fell scattering everything behind. Before they could stood up, Igbudu had long gone.

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Re: The Devils Touch by statistics1(m): 6:05pm On Jun 12
today's meal set
Re: The Devils Touch by Vizzy4u(m): 7:03pm On Jun 12
Set up

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Re: The Devils Touch by pu7pl3(m): 7:42pm On Jun 12
Soo igbudu is now flash

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Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 8:00pm On Jun 12
First to comme...
Uh oh, not fast enough angry

Re: The Devils Touch by BankyGee(m): 8:12pm On Jun 12
I'm speechless shocked
Weldone topher052!

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Re: The Devils Touch by Devilpen(m): 8:18pm On Jun 12
igbudu has turned quick silver
Re: The Devils Touch by Samnick: 9:55pm On Jun 12
igbudu agba awo fi ri yo yo

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