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Re: Undecided by nastynic(m): 10:50pm On Jan 09, 2020
I know I've been AWOL lately...it had to do with my project ish mainly and also lack of comments kinda discouraged me too...but I'm back now. Happy New Year y'all

Happy New year fam. . Nice update
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 12:34am On Jan 10, 2020

Happy New year fam. . Nice update
same to you bro

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Re: Undecided by abubakarbabang7(m): 8:00am On Jan 10, 2020
Oya Moura7 Abeg come continue
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 11:48am On Jan 10, 2020
Fola's POV
Ever since I was little I've always been protective of my things. It's not like I'm stingy or something, I mean give out my stuff but I just don't like sharing my0 stuff. Sharing just has this way of dwindling my ownership of something or in this case,someone.
Nowadays, my darling Dibz has been a bit more social than before, being open to more people now especially the girls and tho I'm pleased that he's out of his shell now, I just can't help but feel jealous when he acts all cozy with other girls now and the persistent of them is this annoyingly gorgeous half caste witch that just sat down with us now. Why did she choose this table of all the tables in this whole cafeteria.
"Hey Dibz",Hailey greeted. She just greeted everyone here now and now she's greeting him specially?....hmmm.
"Hey Hales ,you look good today nice jacket", Dibz replied smiling. 'Hales? when did that one start...he now gives her a nickname?', I thought to myself.
"Oh really...bought last summer vacation in Paris and I haven't worn it since then cos I felt it wasn't good but since you like it then it's OK", she replied with a goofy smile on her face.
"No wonder it looks so last season", I said and you could literally feel the dislike in my tone.
Tiara prolly noticed the tension building up and decided to change the topic just then to something I wasn't paying attention to but not before giving me that look of disapproval mother's usually give their children when a visitor offers them food in public.
"Are you OK babe?", Dibz asked when he noticed I was just tracing imaginary lines on my plate.
"You haven't really said much since you got here".

"yh I'm good",I said with a plastic smile on my face but I could tell he wasn't buying it as he fully turned to me now.
"Are you sure..?",he asked ,this time placing a hand on my cheek and looking at me with those hypnotizing eyes of his. At this point, i felt bad for making him worry but as I caught a glimpse of Hailey's scrunched up face with my side eye, I was pleased and decided to play along and also it'd serve as his punishment for ignoring me throughout lunch....yes I'm petty like that lol.
"Actually I don't feel too well, my head's spinning and I think I need to lie down", I said getting up.Now I knew my baby would follow me but I had to act like I didn't want to disrupt his fun with our friends.
"I'm coming with you", he said and I had to bite my lips to fight off the smile.
"No no it's fine I can go myself, I its just a little headache nothing serious and besides I wouldn't want to spoil your fun", I feigned again.
"Fun?..babe you're my fun, no offense guys",he said smiling at me. At that point, all feelings of insecurity dropped off me and although we hadn't said the L word yet I knew it just had to be love.
"Uhm D, you haven't finished your lunch yet and there's something I wanted to discuss with you",Hailey said standing up in a bid to dissuade my baby from going with me.
"Maybe later Hales , I gotta be with babe now",he replied her while picking my bag with his other arm round my waist and it felt GOOD!!.... TBC

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Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 4:28pm On Jan 14, 2020
Nice update
Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 8:06pm On Jan 14, 2020
Pls you people should comment na so he'll be encouraged and update na biko...me I'm loving the story
Re: Undecided by Remite011(m): 9:45pm On Jan 14, 2020
Hailey wan spoil market for my guy, thank God say he no gree. thanks for the update man
Re: Undecided by Dybala11(m): 2:57am On Jan 15, 2020
Nice job OP, more pls
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 12:58pm On Jan 17, 2020
hey guys.. I'm really sorry. Truth is I'm short of ideas now but hopefully I'd update this evening or tomorrow
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 9:00pm On Jan 18, 2020
Dibz's POV
Lately, I've been having this strange feeling that something unpleasant would happen and I just can't seem to put my finger on it. At first I thought it was just a slight phase of depression but this feeling didn't just go away. I explained it to my sister Debbie and she just waved it off as me worrying for nothing and I kinda felt abit relieved when our business psychology test results were released and I got a B+ ,maybe i was really worrying for nothing as Debbie said..Maybe.
So it was the season for games and I was yet to pick a sport which was also a compulsory condition for students in BlueBlood. Each student must atleast be a member of one sports team as failure to do so without any concrete medical reason see you assisting Miss Bola in arranging books in the school library everyday after school hours...if you knew the size of our library, you wouldn't want that.
The most likely option for me was the football team but it's full of stuck up kids that couldn't really cut it in any team(not to brag sha).
My baby was in the cheer squad and boy, I knew she loved dancing but seeing her move in those skimpy cheer outfits during their practices was just MAD!!!....worse part is when those basketball douchebags that ogling her, damn it just makes my blood boil, but trust Fola to always put on a show, one time she danced her way towards where I was and kissed me full blown on the lips, whether it was to mark her territory or just PDA...I don't know and truth is I don't care as I kissed her back, relishing every second of it. Of course she was suspended from the team for a while a the coach for doing that in the middle of practice.
After much coercing from Fola to pick a sport, I finally joined the football team just so I'd avoid spending a second in that enormous library.
My first training session with them wasn't so bad, I actually enjoyed it plus Coach seemed to like me so that was just an added bonus.While in the middle of training, we heard some noises mostly like girls squealing so we stopped to check it out, and it turned out the girls were gathered around someone..a guy, really handsome too , I was kinda confused as I'm pretty sure I hadn't seen him at all since I got here so I enquired from one of the soccer players.
"Uhmm.. who's that dude?", I asked abit annoyed that he seemed to have interrupted our session with his presence.
"Oh, forgot you're new here, that's Henry.He used to school here before he left , I guess he's back now", the soccer dude replied. Henry?...the name sounded vaguely familiar and that was when it clicked, Fola's ex's name was Henry and he waa a student of this school too.. doesn't that mean he's back? What if his return rekindles something inside of Fola and she suddenly realised that she's too good for me?....Oh boy told you guys I had I feeling something terrible was about to happen....TBC


Re: Undecided by millieademi: 9:10pm On Jan 18, 2020
Oya continue na.


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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 10:10am On Jan 21, 2020
New update today
Re: Undecided by FantasticJ: 1:24pm On Jan 21, 2020
Ann Baby, should we continue following this story?

I think the man is almost back.
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 9:46pm On Jan 21, 2020
Dibz POV

So Henry has been back for sometime now and it's definitely not fun having him around...I swear.
The guy has been in the spotlight since his return, almost everyone's talking about it, like it's been a week already they should at least move on with their pathetic lives(OK it's official, I'm hopeless jealous). Fola hasn't changed or anything, infact she's been pretty much amazing with me and our relationship but I just couldn't help but feel so insecure with this Henry dude around. Rumor had it that he didn't make the final cut for NBA scholarship at Harvard that's why he returned. I had begun to dedicate more time and energy on my academics and soccer just to distract myself cause whenever I'm idle, all I think about is how I'd kill Henry without being a prime suspect ,yeah that's how pathetic I've become, this is the main reason I hate getting attached to someone buy it's Fola I'm talking about here and I just love her too much , she's changed my life positively these few months I've come to know her.
It's a Friday night when we usually have our night but I'm in one of the lecture halls now studying because Fola said she wouldn't be able to make it , something about Tiara feeling unwell due to food poisoning or something of that sort. Normally I would have just gone to see the movie anyways but I just wanted to be in my own company and besides I didn't want to have Hailey breathing down my neck, I know she likes me and all but sometimes she acts like she doesn't know I'm dating Fola and sometimes goes abit overboard, one evening like that we were having dinner and I think i had something on the side of my lips , then Fola went to order her food ,so she offered to clean it off my mouth and I innocently agreed cause I didn't see any harm in it ,only for this girl to use her tongue to lick off the stuff on the corner of my lips. Only God knows what woulda happened if Fola was there.
So back to present where I was struggling to tackle an exercise on portfolio risk when Josh and some dude entered, I didn't really care to look since I had already Josh's voice due to his loud nature.
"Nawa o dude, even for movie night you dey read abi Na because Fola no show.....Una dey fight?",Josh said in a funny pidgin accent. Lately, he's been obsessed with learning pidgin because of a scholarship female student that just transferred to BlueBlood. He tried to woo her but she rebuffed his efforts saying she wanted a real dude who's seen life and not rich spoilt trust fund brat.
"Nah we cool, she's in Tiara's suite ,T is sick",I replied finally raising my head to look at them and that's when I saw the guy he was with, the source of my insecurities now....fuvking Henry!!!!
"Hey man",Henry said with a smile extending his hand for a shake.
"Hey", I replied,reluctantly shaking him back too.
"So I heard you're the guy who's got Fola's heart now, bad guy",he said with a smile. At that statement, alarms began to go off in my head already.
"More like she's the one who's got my own heart.. she's a gem",I replied him with a smile of my own too.
"Preach bro, she's truly a gem and I was foolish enough to lose her but don't make the same mistake bro, you should never lose her" he said ,more like advised. Now that wasn't what I was expecting ,Maybe I was wrong about and he's actually a good guy, I mean I shouldn't be judging someone just because I feel threatened by them.
After our little talk, I eased up and let him warm up to me and surprisingly I actually liked his company, he's actually a good guy.
"There you are",said Fola from the doorway accompanied by a sickly Tiara.
"I've been looking all over for you",she continued as she got to my front and placed a peck on my lips completely oblivious of the guys with me.
She always does this, always ignoring everyone around till she's greeted me with a kiss before she realizes that i actually have company..gotta admit though,i love it!!
"But you said you had help Tiara Na so I didn't bother to see the movie again",I replied.
"I was feeling better so I decided we step out to see the movie", Tiara said.
"Oh OK so sorry about your illness"I replied her." "Thanks D, hi Josh hi Henry",she greeted.
"Finally somebody recognizes our presence here",Josh said in hi usual dramatic nature.
" Oh so sorry Josh and Henry too, didn't mean to ignore you guys just that I was worried looking for this lovely big head here...he wasn't at the cinema and he wasn't in his suite too",she apologized while playfully poking my head.
"Mmm hmm",Josh replied clearly not satisfied with her apology.
"I see you still got it Fifi ,that was your 15th birthday right?",Henry said for the first time since the girls showed up. He was referring to a bracelet babe has been wearing since I knew her.
"Yeah....I was already going mad then thinking you'd forgotten my birthday and didn't bring me any gift",Fola replied laughing.
There ladies and gentlemen ,the warning bells in my head went off again ...why would she still be wearing a bracelet her ex bought for her since her 15th birthday?......TBC


Re: Undecided by millieademi: 2:47am On Jan 22, 2020
Dibz POV

There ladies and gentlemen ,the warning bells in my head went off again ...why would she still be wearing a bracelet her ex bought for her since her 15th birthday?......TBC

He should better calm down. Insecurities and jealousy might only destroy what he and Folá have.
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 8:45am On Jan 22, 2020

He should better calm down. Insecurities and jealousy might only destroy what he and Folá have.

True, but they are some people who just can't help but feel that maybe they ain't good enough to have something or someone special
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 2:56pm On Jan 24, 2020
Hailey's POV

I didn't really feel like having lunch today just like I haven't felt like having lunch for the past week.
Lately, Dibz has been skipping lunch and it just spoilt the whole concept of lunch to me,like there was nothing to look forward to during lunch again. He's seemed abit distant recently always burying himself with school work or training alone after school hours or he's with that Fola girl the whole time and a greater chunk of that time is spent with them sucking each other's face off..eewww!! (But it didn't be one bit disgusting if I was the sucking faces with him tho lol).
So you can imagine my irritation now as Debby's dragging my ass off to lunch ,my pleas falling on deaf ears sometimes she just does anything she feels like doing without a single care in the world but I still love her tho.
"Hey Hales long time no see", T hailed as I dumped my sorry self on my side of the table.
"Hi T I've just been busy with alot lately you know ,with the games and school", I replied trying my best to seem like I give a f***K.
"Hey guys",Fola greeted as she "majestically" sat down clearly looking exhausted, guess the cheer coach has really got them working pretty hard.
I stared at her perfect frame covered in a sports bra inside the cheer crop jacket, her full flat tommy on display and really tight leggings that accentuated her curves rightly...now I see why Dibz is hooked by this siren sitting across from me. It's not like I'm bad myself nah far from it,infact I'm quite the looker too thanks to my killer frame from killer squats and my mom's strong Mexican genes...but believe it or not I really don't want to break Dibz and Fola apart but I also want him and I tend to always get what I want and if someone ends up hurt,my sincere apologies but I just have to have him.
"What's with the stare Hailey,its becoming creepy", Fola deadpanned. Apparently I'd been staring for long, so I immediately averted my gazed and put all my focus in sipping my smoothie really fast.
"Uhmm where's Dibz, he's not here?", Her Majesty asked . Mhmm, that's actually true, where's he, you hardly see them apart during lunch or maybe they had a fight (I really wish they had fight).
"You don't know?..... that's weird I thought you were with him..maybe he's on his way or something", Debbie replied.
"Maybe I should go look for him and drag him here to eat", Fola said getting up.
As she got up to go, Kegged walked up witj Henry beside him, both in their basket ball training jerseys and they looked quite hot with their sweaty muscles on display.
"Good you're here, where's your friend?", Fola asked Jeff.
"Gee Fola I'm good thanks for asking"Jeff replied taking a seat.
"Sorry about that Hi Josh ,Hi Henry",she apologized. "So, have you seen him?",she asked again.
"YH he's still training in the field, wonder why he's trying so hard",Josh said ,his mouth already full with his burger.
" I'm gon go get him, he needs to eat something", She said. " Oh come on Fola, he's not baby and I'm pretty sure he'd make it in time for lunch before the bell goes off", Henry said in a bid to persuade her.
"He's right",Josh replied gulping down his soda after which he belched rather loudly.. eeeww.
She later agreed to stay and the table was normal again with chitchat here and there but something was quite revealing to me and it was the way which Henry always seemed to rope Fola into any conversation and that look in his eyes anytime she talked ,oh I know that look from experience, it's the same I always have when Dibz is talking too even when he's saying rubbish. Maybe just maybe I might have found an ally in this my quest to win Dibz over...Oh thank you Debby for dragging me to lunch today...TBC


Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 9:30am On Jan 25, 2020
Wow..I think I'm with team Hailey lol
Re: Undecided by jupitre(m): 7:03am On Jan 26, 2020
But I wonder the next time we would see an update
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 7:50pm On Jan 26, 2020
Fola's POV

Is it just me or has my baby been avoiding me lately? Nah he can't, he's just too occupied with studies and soccer practice , besides I was the one that forced him to join so I shouldn't complain, I should just be a more understanding and supportive girlfriend.
So Henry's back and we're cool now, we are just friends and everything seems normal now plus I've got Dibz now and I let him know about it.
"Earth to Fola",T said snapping her fingers in front of me.
"What's wrong with you... I've talking to you for a while now and you're just starinh into space".

"I'm sorry T, just got alot on my mind lately ,what were you talking about?",I apologized.

"I was asking for your advice on this loubotin stiletto shoes online, cute yh?",she asked adjusting her MacBook so I could get clearer view.

"Yh T , they're really nice", I replied checking them out. Honestly I didn't really pay much attention to it so I just accepted that it's nice which they really are but I done much better like suggest another colour or style... I know I'm a selfish bitch kill me!!!!
"OK Fifi what's up?", T asked concerned. That's the first time she's calling me Fifi and that's something since I know she's not really cool with Henry and he's the only one who calls me back that but I just let it go and tell her what's wrong.
"Have you noticed that Dibz has been kinda distant lately?"

"Uhmm yh but I'm sure it's not what you're thinking and that he probably has good reason for it",she replied with a knowing look.
"What I'm thinking..and what exactly am I thinking?", I asked with a look of accusation on my face.

"You're thinking he's avoiding you" she stated in a matter of fact tone.
"No I don't", I try to deny. "Mhmm", she replies clearly not believing me.
"OK maybe I teeny weeny think that's what he's doing, does that make me an evil insecure girlfriend?, I asked worried.

"Oh sweetheart don't be like that, it should shows that you care about him ,you know what...you should totally try and see him this night and talk about this", Tiara suggests.
"Yh I'd like that", I replied feeling abit happy again... TBC

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 8:17pm On Jan 26, 2020
So its a Friday night and it seems some kid is having a birthday party here in school and how the school allowed it is what I don't know but I don't really care as I'm all out to get a nice and private time with my sweet boyfie tonight. I've been looking all over for him but to no avail and I almost give up when I spot Jeff coming with a girl I have seen before prolly in cheer practice, I can't really place where I've seen her.

"Hi Josh, hi Josh's friend..uhmm where's he?", I ask not waiting for him to talk.
He just smiles and gestures behind him as he walks away with familiar girl and then I see my baby walking towards me donned in a black hoodie that just screams hotness ,a hoodie I'm going to steal later, he smiles when he sees me oh how much I love it when he smiles at me.There and then all doubts I've been having just vanishes and as he gets nearer and envelopes me in a sweet sweet hug and I release myself and tippy toes to kiss him..I missed that.
We talked and laughed and kissed and made silly jokes before I excused myself to go get us some drinks. I took sometime in getting the drinks as it turns out most of the drinks were already spiked and I had to search hard before I found normal drinks and as I strolled back to my sweet boyfie I saw that our friends had invade our private time as I saw Josh and familiar girl, Debbie , Victor a new friend of Dibz, Sophie his girlfriend ,Henry and the Hailey.....how she ends up anywhere we are beats me everytime.
"Hey guys " I greeted everyone as I handed Dibz his drink.
"Oh all the seats are occupied Fola seems you're gonna have to stand or look for a seat which I doubt you'd find given how full here is", Hailey said in her sickly sweet voice ,a coy smile in her face.
"Oh don't worry about me girl , I've got it all covered", I replied as I strolled to where my baby was and sat comfortably on his laps, a smirk on my face as I also placed a peck on his lips.
I turned to look back at Hailey as her face had turned a pale green and boy it was a pleasant sight, if she thought she could she cut me off from this gathering she's clearly ignorant of who she's messing with....TBC


Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 4:55pm On Jan 29, 2020
comments peeps comments....it keeps me going
Re: Undecided by annayawchee: 10:48pm On Jan 29, 2020
you are good boss.... I just started reading it today and i am glue already
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 10:03am On Jan 30, 2020
Dibz's POV

It was all gists here and there since these idiots decided to come and spoil my private time with Fola. On larger part I blamed myself tho for avoiding her all this while due to my lack of trust in her to still be with me on Henry's arrival here. Oh how much I've missed her, I just suffered myself for nothing and now we are together again for the first time in ages these menaces decided to show up now.
"How about we spice things up a little here , I'm sure I'm not the only one bored here , I mean except these lovebirds here that always seem to forget that they're in public sometimes", Josh said, ever the trouble maker.
"Yeah, so what do you suggest ?", Henry asked.
Maybe Fola and I have really taken this PDA thingy abit over the top this night and it might have made them abit uncomfortable especially for Henry and Hailey. They haven't really said much since . Worst part is how Fola doesn't even seem to care, she's still sitting on my lap stealing kisses once in a while , she even suggested that we ditch them and go find another place but I thought that would seem rude so we just settled here.....I love the fact that she's like this sha, it's a very sweet feeling when she acts all possessive like that.

So here we are staring at the cards on the table, we decided to play cards to drive out the boredom. The girls declined playing with us and preferred to just watch.
Josh dropped his gold wristwatch on the table as he's stake. There were a few gasps as he did that cos the watch costs around half a million naira, perks of being a rich politician's kid I guess.
I dropped my credit card and quickly let them know that it's only 200k out of it I was staking.
"Stingy prick ,your dad's like the richest among all of us here and it's just 200k that can't buy my watch you're staking", Josh joked.
"Haha ... If it was my dad's money it would have been better but the name on the card is Dibz Manuel not Njoku Manuel",I replied.
Femi placed his Nike Air Jordans on the table, everyone knew you'd just get another one from his dorm cos his mum owned a chain of malls in Lagos, Abuja and PH.
"Hmm this is serious o, I'm not playing again!!", Victor exclaimed. That got him a smack on the head from Femi who searched him up a bit and placed his wallet on the table.
"Ah guy, my pop's card is in my wallet oo and there's a fixed amount I can only access each month and I've finished this month's" , Victor begged.
"Well you know the rules Vic, once a stake is on the table there's no retrieving it unless you exchange it with your R8",Josh said, a devious smirk on his face.
"Ah ah guy, something I just got as a gift on my 18th birthday Na wetin Una wan use stake?", Victor asked wide eyed.
"It's either that or your wallet with your dad's card if you don't win and we all know you won't win"
"No wahala I put the Audi R8 but e no go better for you Josh I swear", Victor said bitterly.
That left Henry remaining, with a disturbing smirk on his face ,he faced me and said ,"I stake Fola, whoever wins gets to go on a date with her".
"Son of a ...", Fola said trying to control her words," I'm not some property that you can just stake like that".
"Just like my R8 isn't just some property that should be staked like that, remember the rules oo oya let's start", Victor said not wanting to hear anything.....TBC


Re: Undecided by millieademi: 12:49pm On Jan 30, 2020
I'd love to see how this card game plays out

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Re: Undecided by oghenekome51(f): 9:06am On Jan 31, 2020
come and give us update oh!
nice story!
Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 10:27am On Jan 31, 2020
Ghen ghen....it off start oo
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 10:05am On Feb 01, 2020
Third person POV
Fola folded her hands as she watched Henry from across the other side of the table in a restaurant just a few blocks from school, eating like he hasn't noticed her discomfort since they came here.

He had not said a word to her though except for the sinister grin on his face each time he raised his head from his meal. Honestly ,out of everyone who played the game, Fola would have picked Victor asides from Dibz cos he was really funny but the universe decided to punish her some reason she's yet to figure out.
Dibz had won back his credit card and Victor's car , Femi had won Josh's wrist watch , Victor cried when he won Femi's sneakers and Josh won nothing which serves him right for suggesting such a useless game with useless rules.
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 10:45am On Feb 01, 2020
Henry cleared his throat and dropped his fork, wiping a stain on the corner of his mouth.
"You're not eating... don't like the food", he asked .
"Don't feel like eating",Fola replied flatly. One could taste the lack of interest in her words.
"Since when , I mean you've always loved Jollof rice", he said .

"Since the moment you forced me here against my will", she replied hotly.

"Don't hate the player sweetie, hate the game, not my fault I'm simply the best", he said smirking.

"Why did you even pick me...I mean you were the first to win so you were the first to pick, why me?", Fola asked almost yelling. She just felt so frustrated at this arrangement or maybe what was more frustrating was the issue that Dibz didn't argue or try to oppose the whole thing.

" I just wanted to spend time with you Fifi, you know ,catch up on old times", he said smiling.

"Yeah well we could have done that in school over lunch or just ask me , no need for all this and besides we've been talking since you got back so which other catching up are you talking about", Fola asked ,not sure where the conversation was leading.

"You know..", Henry started holding Fola's hand which she withdrew immediately like fire just burnt her.."I never really forgot about us since and I wanted to reach out since but I wasn't sure about how you'd react".

"Look I still love you and I'm sorry I was such a jerk then pls give us another chance Fifi, I know you still love me and you're just using that loser Dibz to pass time till you go for college", he finished saying I'm his most convincing voice.

To say Fola was stunned is a understatement, she couldn't believe what she just heard. 'what did this idiot just spit out of his mouth' she thought.

"You joking right?", She asked, maybe he's just trying to pull my legs she said in her mind.

"No I'm not Fifi...I'm really serious and I'm ready to do anything to prove it to you",he said.

"Are you stupid or you're just trying really hard today", she said. It took all the will power she had for her not to just reach out and scratch his eyes out.

"Now look here idiot, I love Dibz alot and no one's gonna change that. I can't help myself even if I tried, that's how deep I am with him",she said as picked her bag and walked out.

On her way out, she felt something was wrong and but she couldn't put her finger to it and then it clicked. She walked to where he sat stunned and emptied her cup's content on him, 'screw will power', she thought to herself.
Now she felt good as she walked out from the restaurant with a smile on her face....TBC

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 11:28am On Feb 03, 2020
Dibz's POV

The semester is done and we are all home for the holidays. Fola told me about her date with Henry and how she handled it, but problem is she's still mad at me for even allowing her to be placed as a bet.
She hasn't spoken to me since and has blocked me on all platforms....wow just wow.

It's not normal, and will never be normal, that my father is home without any occasion or notice.
Njoku David Manuel is the epitome of business in the world of commerce and prioritizes his company more than his family. He rarely visits us and usually during his birthdays only.

Oh I haven't really talked about our family, well, we come from an interesting and very complicated bloodline.
Our family is the ow we of the biggest aeronautical firm in Africa, we have lots of airplanes, jets,airports all over and even rockets. My father's father , was the head of a militia - The Anika Clan, but he was shot in the head and I don't know why and my father doesn't really want talk about it. My mum, on the other hand, was once a banker buy now she owns a boutique and I don't know what happened either.
So that's my family.
I was walking towards our porch when I saw him leaning on the doorframe, suit still on, looks like he just arrived.
"This is not normal...", I said slowly, as if writing the words in big bold letters on a paper.

"Where's your sister?"

"Morning jog. Victor will drive her home",I answered him almost automatically. "... Why are you here?"

He straightened up and with a grumpy frown, he asked , "Victor? The Coker kid? Your new friend?"

I nodded hesitantly, apparently someone in the form of my sister has been updating papa with deets on my personal life.

"Is he dating her?"
I suddenly grimaced. I've never given much thought of Vic's relationship with Debbie till now, even though Debbie fancies him, she's never obvious about it in front of him.
Besides, I think Vic is still goofing around with that girl Sophie.... Or Phone or Vickie.

"He's just a friend ", I answered him then asked again, "Why are you here?"
You don't sound so happy that I'm here", he noted, walking insids the house.
"Your sister should be he by nine or this Victor guy will be sickness by evening", he warned.
"She's almost an adult", I countered

He ignored me and walked out of the room , swinging his briefcase childishly. My father won't just let go of his possessive paternal instincts when it concerns my sister.

"Dibz Onyekachi Manuel!!

"Doris Okeasu Manuel", I retorted.
My mother stood at the edge of my bed looking as pissed as Debbie on her period.
"Why are there porn websites in the family computer downstairs?"
"Wow you woke me up for that?", I muttered sarcastically and pulled the covers back over my head.
She pulled the whole cover off me in one move.
"Answer me".
I checked the time on my phone. "It's only 9:30 am. Go bother me later!"
She slapped my butt like she always does whenever i did something wrong.
"What are you planning to do the whole Saturday? Sleep?watch porn abi?
I'll never watch porn on a family computer!" I dipped my head in the pillows. I admit to have my perverted moments but I'm never too desperate to use the family computer for it, that thing's internet speed is a test of patience.
It was silent for a moment and I'm starting to drift off to sleep again but she suddenly speaks.

"You think your dad watched porn?", she asked me disbelievingly.
I grimaced in my pillow, totally disgusted .
"You two should get it on you know? It's been a while , right?" I joked.
"You are right. We need to make love right now".
What the..........
My eyes instantly opened widely and my body was covered in goosebumps.
" Too much info mum!!", I shouted covering my ears.
She slapped my butt again. "Get out of the house , get your sister too cos it's going to get noisy around here " , she smiled devilishly.
I shuddered. "Oh god".
"Are you serious? is this serious?" I complained. "You can't be serious".
"Time is running out", she winked and walked outside.
I hastily went to Debbie's doke just across my room but before I could even knock, she already opened it.
"Say no more. I heard it all", she said, not fully awake yet


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LOVING THIS.....................
Thanks...will update this evening

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