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Re: Undecided by cassidypat(m): 9:38am On Nov 08, 2020
Bro abeg help us with update
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 2:07pm On Nov 08, 2020
Bro abeg help us with update
Omo padi, make una no vex abeg. I never forget the story, na just time. My kid cousin don come back as sch don resume so I gatz dey help Mumsy with sch run and still go open my shop.
Hopefully, tomorrow I suppose drop like two updates


Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 7:32pm On Nov 09, 2020
Dibz's POV

" So how did you know I was actually at home when the receptionist told you I wasn't", Fola asked as she came out of the bathroom in her sexy nightie. I looked up from my phone to fully behold the flawless art that was mine as she climbed the bed to join me.

"Do you even need to ask?", I smirked but yelled out in pain as she bit my hand .

"Ouch, what was that for?", I asked , quickly rubbing the spot she bit. She just gave me a smug smile in response.

"Will you answer my question now?", she asked smiling. I winced in pain as I blew breeze on the spot deciding that just rubbing it gently won't cut it.

"You know I can just rub chicken poo on this bite and tomorrow morning you'd loose all teeth", I said trying to scare her with some silly myth I heard when I was a kid.

"Lame", she said with a bored expression on her face. "You know what, keep the answer to my question to yourself. Not interested anymore".

I smiled at the her childish attempt to guilt trip me into telling her. She doesn't know she's dealing with yet.

"Ok, fine", I simply shrugged.


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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 9:20pm On Nov 09, 2020
"Ok fine", I simply shrugged. Two hours later and she was still like that, not one word said to and none said to her too.
At intervals, she'd start laughing to something she was watching on her phone and when I'd try to sneak a peek she'd shield it from my view.
If I re-sorted to being childish like her, start seeing some hilarious videos on YouTube it would seem pretty lame that I'm trying to copy her. I needed to be creative in my own pettiness to show her I wasn't the least bit affected by what she was doing.
Trust me, I racked my brain, I tried and tried but nothing was coming. I guess I can't be petty, even if it was to save my life. I'm just matured like that lol.

"Ok, lemme tell you", I gave up. But she acted like she didn't hear me and even laughed to whatever rubbish she was seeing on that rubbish phone. Yes I was pissed now. I snatched the phone from her and ran to her living room and she followed. That was how we ended up chasing each other-- well she was the one doing the chasing-- till we were pretty spent and laid on the floor.

"I had some guys hack your phone", I said after we laid on the floor catching our breath.

"Huh?", she asked.

"Yes. You asked how I knew you were in, that's how I knew. I had it done like a week ago"

She turned to look at me sharply.

"That means even the times I told him to....you knew?", she asked to which I nodded.

"Then why...why didn't you...

"Because I felt you wanted some space and I gave it to you but I couldn't just help myself today, I just had to see you".

She hugged me suddenly and started crying again, but this time softly.

" I'm sorry", she said.

I hugged her back and chuckled lightly.

" It's all good babe, you've already apologized", I said.

" No no, it's not it. I still feel.... I feel I don't deserve you", she cried.

"No no babe, not this again. Look I love you and that's all that matters. It's you and you alone. The past doesn't matter again, just now. Only now matters", I said as I kissed the top of her head.

It wasn't alright at all that she still felt this way. I know guilt can be a very strong emotion but it's also a bad one. This can lead to a state of paranoia which would be really bad for our relationship. For instance, how she started avoiding me, anticipatory action taken because she'd already believed there's now way I wouldn't give in to my mum's will of being with her.

"Look babe, it's going to be all right. Just don't work yourself up for nothing, yh", I said as I pecked her lips.

"Here help me choose a house from these ones", I handed her phone so she'd make a choice. Maybe this would distract her a little from everything.

" House....why are you looking for a house?", she asked curiously.

"Uh, nothing much, just feel it's time to get a place of my own, place for us", I said. She nodded slowly as if realizing something.

"You mean a place I'd feel more welcomed since your parents would be back soon and Mum hates me?", she asked smiling.

Here we go again.

"No it's not like that", I started but she gave me a face and I knew I had to adjust my words abit.

"Ok a little like that, but my Mum doesn't hate you. She's just still abit hurt coupled with the stress. of my Dad's illness but now things are settling, I'm sure she'd come around when I tell her we're seeing each other again", I reassured.

"Wait, she doesn't even know we're back together?", Fola asked shocked. The worried kind of shocked.

I grimaced at how I let that one slip.

"Uh yeah, she doesn't know now, which is a good thing actually", I cut that last part in quickly.
" because then I'd have time to tell her how sorry you're for everything and how you've been of great help to me lately first before I now tell her we're dating again", I vomited the first nonsense that came to my head. Luckily it seemed to calm her down abit. Girls, you just don't know when it comes to them.

"That seems fair, but are you certain about this?", she asked, the worry not missing even once, in her countenance.

"I'm not uncertain babe, I'm sure she'd come around. She's not some evil mother-in law ", I replied, adding a joke to ease everything.

"Ok",she shrugged. " I go for this one", she said picking one of the luxury houses on my phone.

" I knew it", I smiled. "Our minds are one and that's why I've already bought it", I beamed. But she didn't.

"What if I didn't pick this particular one", she asked squinting her eyes at me.

" Duhhh, I know you very well", I scoffed trying to sound confident while avoiding her mirroring gaze fixated on me.

"You bought all of them, right?", She asked this time still pin pointing me with her gaze.

" Sue me, I'm rich", I said smiling with my hands up in mock surrender.

"Cocky bastard", she said smiling as she snuggled closer to me.

"You know you love me", I replied as I placed a kiss on the nape of her neck.

"Yeah I do", she whispered as she slept off in my arms on the floor of her living room....TBC

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Re: Undecided by Investorrtbankz(m): 9:24pm On Nov 09, 2020
Like seriously, after like 2 weeks just to comeback with very short update, this happen to be my favourite story but now it's not cause its like waiting till kingdom for just little update... I hate it in here


Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 11:55pm On Nov 09, 2020
Just contacted Moura now about this excuse of an update and he said he had uploaded the second part of the update twice now but it wasn't reflecting and it seems like he's been banned now. He said he's been trying to login again but it's telling him he can't now and should try in a few hours time. Baba dey vex pass us sef cus he said he spent almost two hours retyping the missing update only to have it not reflected again.
Re: Undecided by bigbauer(m): 8:28am On Nov 10, 2020
Thanks for the updates, it's a bit short though.

A quick one, do you know that we've come to a point in life where you either kill or get Killed? check this thread out

Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 10:57am On Nov 10, 2020
Thank God it's back
Re: Undecided by Shedysmart4u(m): 6:40pm On Nov 12, 2020
Ghost mode deactivated, Moura you are a very good writer but your knack for suspence is second to none. Too many factors still hanging in the balance though, what's up with Olivia? also, Debby( except you plan on making her a nun) and Vic can be used to get Dibz mum to get over the hurt and forgive Fola. As for Hailey she has to go down with Henry but not without getting a taste of her own medicine. Great work.
Re: Undecided by Eaglernorwich(m): 11:51pm On Dec 06, 2020
oga moura,help us with update nw,pls
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 7:56pm On Dec 09, 2020
oga moura,help us with update nw,pls

Lol chairman no vex, I still dey. I go update on or before Friday. I'm sorry guys

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 8:26pm On Dec 11, 2020
Dibz's POV

Things seemed to have gotten a lot much better since the whole make up/reconciliation incident at Fola's apartment.
Sure there were times where she still seemed to be worried, especially whenever my mum calls when we're together and I can't blame her, I'd feel the same way if I was in her shoes but generally though, it's been more bliss and very little crisis.

One thing though that hasn't changed at all was how I was going to get myself vindicated. I won't lie, it's kept me up at nights lately and the whole Fola thingy just made it worse.
Just how am I going get anything that exonerates me from this whole mess? Worst of all is the lack of any iota of evidence. There have been times when I even considered Josh's idea of kidnapping her,and maybe torture her a little bit till she spills the truth.
The only way that seemed a bit effective was trying to get close to her. By getting close to her, I mean dating her. I know she has the hots for me,even on that fateful day she admitted to liking me and had insinuated that if I had chosen her instead of Fola then what happened wouldn't have happened. So maybe if I pretend to reciprocate her feelings, she'd drop her guard and get her to open up about everything on the guarantee that I would be with her regardless. Right?

"Argghhh", I screamed in frustration, scratching my head.
"How lame?", I said to myself.
"Like, she'll just agree to confess to a crime she committed just because she has feelings for me. Can you get anymore naive Dibz?", I reprimanded myself.

"Oh God pls me with this mess. I need you now more than ever Lord, pls come through for me. I promise to start going to church again", I prayed quietly. Yeah, I've thought of every way possible but always met a dead end so I might as well just lay it all on God and trust him to take care of it. Just then my phone buzzed and without looking, I picked.

"What?", I barked.

"Woah, you can at least pretend to be happy to hear from me", Josh laughed.

"What's got you in such a mood…that time of the year?"

"Your father", I chuckled. "Look man, I'm a bit out of it at the moment, can we talk later?"

"Ouch!", He faked sounding hurt. "Well, too bad I don't care one bit about you. Meet me at the club, the guys are here and we just might have gotten a break in your Hailey case", he said and I sat up immediately.

"Wait, what guys are you talking about and what break?", I asked impatiently.

"What do you mean which guys, our guys of course.Femi and Vic are here man so hurry up", he replied.
Immediately, the whole positive vibe just died down as he mentioned Femi and Victor.

"Forget it, I'm doing nothing with those two", I replied flatly.

"Look man, I get how you feel but cmon how long would this whole ish with them drag on,huh? We're bros man, for life. Besides, they've got something that might help with your vindication, would you let some useless beef stop you clearing your name?..Cmon man, reason am", Josh pleaded. Not bothering to reply him, I just hung up. Now they want to help, now they want to reach out?
Including that idiot that calls himself Victor that refused to tell me my sister's whereabouts just because she told him not to. All of a sudden, he remembers we're bros, haha, jokers.

Thirty minutes later, I'm handing my keys to one of the valets at Josh's club. Yes, after all my shakara I still came. A few minutes after the call, my anger reduced and I realized it'd be foolish of me to deprive myself of peace and closure because of I feel hurt by my friends abandoning me at a very tough time. Besides,It'd be very much hypocritical of me, seeing as I forgave Fola when hers was even worse. I'd just listen to what they have to say and then I'll go back to hating them again. Lol.

"Papi", Josh hailed as I stepped inside our VVIP booth. "What's good bro?", He greeted as we bro hugged.

"I'm good man", I replied as I settled down.

"Hey man"

"What's up bro", Femi and Victor greeted respectively.

"So what's up, what was so important that you called me for?", I asked Josh while folding my arms, completely ignoring the other two.

"Dibz…", Josh started but I cut him off immediately.

"No Josh, I'm not doing that now. So if you're not telling me why I'm here now then I might as well just leave", I retorted even pretending to stand.

"It's fine Josh", Femi said calmly and then turned to me.

"No need to leave bro, please just listen to what we have to say", he pleaded.

"I know we're the prolly the last people you want to see now and we deserve it but we're sorry. Bro we're very sorry for deserting you like that, we should have stuck by you no matter what. That's what bros are for and we failed woefully in that aspect, we're truly sorry man. Nothing we do now can make up for what we did, we know that but please, please let us help you. It's the least we can do", Femi begged and even got on his knees, Victor too.
I don't know why my anger doesn't last long, like I can be really mad at someone right now and say in the next twenty minutes, it's all gone even without the person apologizing. Now it's worse cus they've offered their sincere apology and it'd be petty if I remain hardened and not forgive them.

"It's all good guys, pls get up", I said helping them get up.

"Sure?", Victor asked uncertain that I'd really forgiven them.

"Yeah.…but I've not forgotten and honestly, still don't want to have anything to do with you guys, but for sure you're forgiven", I said calmly.

"Oh", Victor said, bowing his head slightly in hurt.

"Just kidding guys, gotcha", I said immediately while getting up to hug them. The relief on their faces was everything, as we hugged and made up.

"So about why we're here", Josh said while sipping his drink.

"Femi said Henry confessed to being a part of Hailey's plan to frame you for rape".

"What"?, I immediately spilled my drink as a result of shock.

"Yeah man, we were coming back from a party. Henry is drunk as f**k so I decide to drive him home and then dude starts rambling on and on and then he spills everything about the whole incident", Femi says.

"You're sure it wasn't because of the alcohol?", I asked already feeling excited.

"I'm sure man, cus the next morning I ask him about it and dude goes pale for a while before weakly denying it", Femi replies.

"Wow", I whisper, too stunned to say anything else. God really wants me to start going to church again.

"I have a plan",Josh says smiling….TBC

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Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 8:41pm On Dec 11, 2020

We all sighed as Josh said he had an idea. I just hoped this one would have at least an iota of reason in it but judging from the smirk on his face now, I highly doubt it.

"What?", He asked when he realized we weren't as enthusiastic to know his idea as he thought we ought to be.

"Nothing man, just carry on. What's the big idea?", I urged him on. It seemed rude to just downplay his 'idea' without hearing it first. At least after hearing it we can politely downplay it…..again. Lol.

"No it's something, y'all got that face on", Josh accused.

"What…what face?", Vic asked as we tried to keep our faces normal. We didn't know he'd latch onto us real quick.

"You know what?", Josh began again. " I'm just trying to help but if you're gonna be a d**k and make fun of me without hearing what I have to offer first, then that's real low of you guys. I'm serious", he finished as he gulped down the remnants of his drink. There was no joke in his voice this time and we knew we had gone a tad too far this time.

"Hey man, it's not like that. I'm sor….I mean we're sorry bro", I apologized. "Let's hear it".

"Yeah whatever", he murmured as he poured himself another drink.

"Cmon man, don't be like that. Oya sorry na", Femi joined with a teasing smile on his face. Vic then started poking Josh at his sides trying to get a smile out of him.

"Okay okay", Josh finally gave in, trying really hard to hold back his smile. "Enough with the childish gimmicks already", he added.

"Well", he began. "I figured since we know for a fact now that Henry was in on the whole thing, why don't we use that to our advantage?"

There was silence for a while as we waited for him to tell us how that was going to be possible but he just stared back at us smiling, probably enjoying the temporary power of suspense he held over us.
It took all of me not to roll my eyes at his dramatics.

"OK Josh, how?", I asked as I sighed closing my eyes.

"Nice question", he clapped as he stood up now and all I wanted was to just strangle him now.

"Now, we know Henry was involved…",

"We know that already, you've made that clear", Vic cut him cut off in a tired tone.

"Yeah, but Hailey doesn't. She doesn't know that we know Henry is involved", Josh continued.

"And that's a good thing because…..", Femi asked. Now I sat up beginning to get a whip of what Josh might be thinking.

"Because we can use that to our advantage. Now look, if we can make Hailey believe Henry wants to snitch on her and then make Henry believe the same thing about Hailey then I think we might find some leeway in the issue. So am I a genius or what?" Josh finished, spreading his arms out side with a smile.

"Wow", I muttered, completely awestruck at the brilliance of the idea.

"Nice Josh, but how are we going to make them turn on each other though? I mean it's not like we're just gon walk up to Hailey and tell her Henry's gonna turn on her, she'd deny knowing what we're talking about. We need to do it in a way that we wouldn't be involved at all cus if she knows we're involved, it's game over man. First, she'd know we're just bluffing and second, she'd up her game the more", Femi said.

"True. I thought of making Henry believe we already have evidence that Hailey planned the whole thing and that if he doesn't come forward and make a statement now throwing Hailey under the bus, he'd be caught in the crossfire too but then that will be like shooting ourselves in the leg", Vic chipped in.

"Besides he'd ask why come to him again when we claim we've already got evidence", I reasoned.

"What if he has a copy of the video file?", Vic asked making us all turn to him. "Think about it guys, since he's in on the whole thing she'd have probably sent him a copy of how things went down too", he continued. I thought about it for a while but it just didn't add up.

"Nah, I don't think so", I said shaking my head. "Based on what Hailey's former help told me, that video showed her having her way with my unconscious self. I don't think she'd let someone else see something that private and intimate, plus Hailey's might be a psychopath but she's also smart and there's no way she trusts Henry that much to give him something that can implicate her like that".

We sank back into our seats, each of us deep in thought on ways to crack this hard nut called Hailey. I felt good this time though than the other times when I was doing the thinking alone. Now I had my bros and I just had this feeling that this time it was going to be different in a positive way.

"Weed", Josh said out of the blue.

"What happened to weed?", I asked having this feeling that I was going to regret asking that.

"What if we smoke weed and get inspiration from it. You know weed somehow enhances the creative capacity of the brain. It's like a muse of some sort, you kn….", He was saying before Vic threw a sofa pillow at his face.

"Look guys, why don't we call it a night, it's late already. We can convene again tomorrow and hopefully we'd find the break we need. Let's give our brains a rest", I suggested as I looked at the time, remembering I've still got work and some school work to catch up on.

"Yeah man, our brains really need the rest. Some more than others tho", Femi agreed as he said that last part looking at Josh who was still trying to sell us on his weed suggestion.

"Quick one Vic", I said as I held him back while the others were leaving.

"Yea, what's up bro?", He asked.

"Uhmm…how's Debbie?", I asked.

"She's OK man. She misses you badly but she's scared to reach out", he replied.

"OK man. You continue to take care of her and tell her not to worry, we're good", I replied feeling happy she's fine.

"Gotta run now man…see you tomorrow", I shook him as we reached the parking lot…..TBC


Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 8:43pm On Dec 11, 2020
Fola's POV

I wiped back the tears with back of hand as I looked the other way. How I haven't gotten used the stinging pain that came from cutting onions still beats me(lol bet you thought I was actually crying).
Its a Friday evening and Dibz is going to be spending the weekend(Yayy). So I skipped my last two classes to have time to prepare something for him. I'm pretty excited cus it's been quite a long time since we've spent ample time together. I won't lie sha, I might have contributed to that development a little. For sometime now, I haven't been to Dibz's house cus of the little thingy with his mum. She might not be around but the thought that she wouldn't want me still got me a bit messed up and I don't know, being in her home when I know how she feels about doesn't sit well with me. Another reason is that Dibz has been super busy too, with work, trips and classes too. I tried my best to help him in that last part , it's like I'm schooling for two now. Sure it's hectic and pretty stressful, especially whenever they have tests but I'm not complaining though, I mean it's Dibz we're talking about here. I'd literally walk on hot coal all day, seven days of the week for him( yeah, I'm crazy about him like that).

I heard my door beep, indicating it's been unlocked which means he's here.

"Babe?", He called out as he came in.

"Over here, sugar", I answered loudly so he'd hear me over the shrill sound of onions and tomatoes in hot oil.

"Ooohhh, something smells nice here", he smiled as he came up behind me and wrapped his arms round my waist. I raised my head up and puckered my lips so he'd kiss me and I swiftly but softly captured it with his.

"Mmm", I moaned as I closed my eyes while he paused so I could check what I was cooking.

"So…", he started. "How was your day?", He asked as he pulled himself up the island so he was sitting close to where I was.

"Babe, you do know you can get some oil spilled on you by sitting there right?", I more like stated than asked as I poured the tomatoe paste to the onions.

"I've been burnt by hotter things….you for example", he said with a smirk on his face.

"Corny", I laughed at his compliment but still felt giddy inside, but he doesn't need to know that.

"I know right? I knew I shouldn't have said that", he joked. "Seriously though, you look hot right now. Don't really know why you're wearing your reading glasses sha but it's adding to your hotness now, with the whole bumshort and oversized Jersey thing you've got going on".
I blushed hard now. I didn't even know I was still wearing my glasses.

"I forgot to get them off, just got back from school not too long ago you know. Can you help me get them off", I said facing him while I steadied the pot with one hand and stirred with the other. He slid down and helped me with the glasses while stealing a kiss in the process. Naughty.

"Gosh…i think I've eaten enough to last me a lifetime. Thanks babe", Dibz said as he dumped his himself beside me on my sitting room. Out of instinct, I pulled him closer to me and placed his head on my laps while I continued with the latest episode of Tyler Perry's episode showing on my TV screen. I caressed his head softly with my left hand while I used the other to help myself with some popcorn.

"Babe"?, He called.

"Mhmm"?, I answered absentmindedly, feeling so engrossed in the series I was seeing.

"Cmon now, look at me", he whined. Sometimes, he acted like a big baby. Always seeking attention and I loved it when he acted this way. It kinda reassured me that I really matter to him and that's really huge to me. In fact, it'd be huge to anybody cus if Onyekachi Manuel (His Royal Snobbishness) seeks your attention then you're special and that ladies and gentlemen I am….well at least to him, which is everything.

"Ooohhh, what is it you big baby"?, I cried out as he switched off the TV to get my attention. He just rolled off from me as he laughed.

" You love this big baby", he said smiling then he wiggled the TV remote in front of me and brought out his tongue in mockery to me.

"Geez how did I end up here"?, I hissed as I placed my hands on my waist. Truth is the whole thing was hilarious and I wanted to burst up in laughter but that would just be me encouraging him the more. He really loves playing like this and I do too but I was already into the 'Sistas' I was watching and disrupting me when I'm in the middle of something isn't nice.

" This weekend was supposed to be about us, just the two of us but a few hours in and you've already pushed me aside", he whined again, this time he was even pouting. He's right though, this weekend was just supposed to be about us and us alone.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. So what would you like to do"?, I asked. I'd just come back in the middle of the night when he's sleeping and finish my series.

" Don't know, what about you"?, He asked.

"Umm…..how about we just go for a ride, maybe even get some pics cream? I think I'm out of stock", I suggested.

"Aight cool", he shrugged as he stood up. "No ice cream for me though, my tummy's still full".

"OK, more for me", I smiled.

We drove around for a while with no destination in mind. We went in my convertible and we sang out loud to songs on the radio. Of course we got some nasty stares from other drivers, some even insulted us but who cares?…besides it's Nigeria, some people are just angry for a living.

We stopped at Cold stone to get the ice cream. As we got in, I went to the restroom to ease myself not before instructing Dibz to avoid getting me anything with even the slightest hint of vanilla. I finished my business quickly as I couldn't wait bless my taste buds with my ice cream but instead my eyes was cursed with something rather unpleasant.
There at the counter was a lady hanging off Dibz's shoulder. From afar, especially ths rear view I was having, they appeared chummy with each other but as I got closer I could see the discomfort in Dibz's stance. Getting much closer, I got another shocker when I got a clearer view of the girl's face………Hailey.

Yeah, It was the very spawn of Devil herself acting all chummy with my man.

"Baby"?, I called out in a bit dramatically. Right now, I didn't care if I was being dramatic, I just wanted this b***h to know not to overstep her boundaries, which is to not talk to my man.

I subtly nudged Hailey aside as I pinned myself right beside Dibz, wrapping an arm around his waist letting her see I was marking my territory.

"Of course you'd be here too", she said with a fake smile and I just hated her the more.

" I know right, you say that like it's a bad thing though", I said flashing her a fake smile too.

" Oh nonsense", she said as she smiled the more. " I mean it's just logical that you help your cousin by keeping him company as she's away now. You're really a good cousin Fola, others would have tried something else but you wouldn't right,or would you?", She asked and instinctively my hand moved to slap that mouth of her face but Dibz silently held me down. She just loves messing with me.

"Anyways I should be on my way now. See you guys some other time", she said as she walked to Dibz and pecked his cheeks. "Bye Dibz, bye cousin", She said as she looked at me and smiled evilly.

"Argghhh. I hate her, I hate her"!!!, I screeched. " You should have let me slap her", I ranted. Honestly, I felt like killing her now.

" She's not worth it babe, just calm down. Here, ease off with your ice cream", He said as he held me close to him.

Back home now and my mood is still sour from that unfortunate encounter with that thing.

"If only I could just shoot her down then much of our, no humanity's problems would be solved", screamed as I held my head in frustration.

"Babe calm down", Dibz cooed.

"I wanted to tell you later this weekend but I guess now is the best time", he said he turned me to face him.

"I ,no, the guys and I might have a found a break in the quest to take Hailey down", he said and my mood soured immediately………TBC

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Re: Undecided by Eaglernorwich(m): 11:08pm On Dec 11, 2020
Thank you very much,u ar the best writter av ever seen,pls keep the update comming
Re: Undecided by doctorexcel(m): 11:03am On Dec 12, 2020
Weldone moura and thanks for the update
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 6:47pm On Dec 18, 2020

I couldn't sleep all night. I kept tossing and turning around the bed while Dibz snored softly.
I smiled as I watched him sleep so peacefully. One would think he had it all on the side but they know nothing about what he's had to go through at this very young age. I softly stroke his head as I watched him sleep. I don't know how but I became at ease for the first time since we got back from Cold stone as I stroked his head.
I couldn't resist the urge to lean down and kiss him. I just pecked his lips as i didn't want to wake him up.

"Mmmmm…", he mumbled as he turned his head to the other side and continued with his sleep.
I gently placed his head back on the pillow and slipped out of bed to get a drink. As I walked to my kitchen, I thought about how this night would've been much different if we didn't run into Hailey, the she devil. I figured, we'd have watched a cool romantic movie, preferably an oldie, say The Notebook. We'd have argued about which version of out ending would've been best for the movie. I remember the time we saw ' the perfect match', OMG we kept on bantering on who was at fault, whether it was Terrence J or Cassie. Hailey might be a witch but she was right about something tonight though and it had to do with the ish about Olivia. Olivia and Dibz didn't officially breakup which means technically, I'm cheating with her boyfriend and the thought of that just pisses me off. She's still out of the country and might not return anytime soon but what if she does…what if she comes back suddenly and decides that she still wants to give it another shot with Dibz??…

"Nah, that can't happen. I won't let that happen", I said to myself as I banged shut the door to fridge. The thought of another person coming to claim my Dibz boiled my insides just by thinking about it, even if that person is my own cousin. This time around I'm all down to fight for him.

" I'm sorry Liv, I love you but I love Dibz more", I said softly as I downed the remnant of my drink.

Damn you Hailey. If only I had mystical powers that I could use to just make her spill the truth out or some fairy godmother that could just come to my rescue and wave some magical wand that make Hailey just disappear. And that was when an idea hit me….

Dibz's POV

"Morning sleepy head", Fola greeted immediately I opened my eyes. It seemed as if she'd been watching me sleep.

"Hey, morning", I greeted back with my croaky morning voice as I sat up, squinting my eyes trying get the sleep outta my eyes.

"Were you watching me sleep?", I asked as I rested by back on the wall.
"Mmmhmm", she smiled while nodding her head.

"Wow, that's... that's a bit creepy", I joked but forced back the chuckle that was about to follow when I saw the smile vanish off her face immediately.

"Wow, so I'm a creep now, huh"?, She asked rhetorically in a soft voice. Next thing she stood up and carried off what I assumed to be a tray of food from the table and began to walk off.

"I know you wouldn't want to be fed by a creep so..", she was saying before I jumped off the bed towards her. Normally, I would have held off but damn, I had just ice cream last night and I'm freaking hungry right now plus the aroma of scrambled eggs assaulting my nostrils isn't helping matters.

"Cmon babe, you know I was just joking. You see you didn't let me finish what I wanted to say, I was about to say you watching me sleep was creepy in a sexy way", I blurted out foolishly.

"How does that even make sense"?, She asked with a 'WTF are you saying' expression on her face.

"Um, I mean…you know..", I stuttered not knowing what to say again and then she laughed. I didn't even have the time to be ashamed to be caught by her mischief, the worms in my belly didn't care anyway.

"You're such a kiss ass", she said still laughing but I didn't care. I took the tray back to the bed ready for the onslaught i was about to unleash on this poor meal and I wasn't going to be merciful in the least bit.

"Umm…maybe you might want to wash your first?", She asked. I knew that was her polite way of saying my breath was bad.

"That bad"?, I asked as I brought my palm close and exhaled but I turned my face away immediately I caught whiff off my, you know…breath.

"OK...it's …its quite bad", I admitted. "But that doesn't mean I'm going leave this food, I'd brush later", I said and with that I put two slices of bread in mu mouth at once.

"Pathetic", Fola said quietly with a hint of disgust on her face as she walked off. That's hee problem, though, like we haven't kissed with the bad morning breath and all, hers is even worse.

After the whole morning show, we both refreshed and settled for the day's activities. We didn't really have anything planned out though so we just played video games while we thought of something to do later. Fola is just a cheat, like a real armed robber. This girl didn't let me win at all, she'd sit on my lap, sieze my game pad or try to block my view all just so she could win even after she pleaded that we played Need for Speed instead of FIFA that I'm used to.

"Argghhh", I screamed in frustration as I lost yet another race. "I hate you", I said to her.

"Love you too, babe. Loveeee you",she said smiling mischievously as she came up to me and drew my cheeks.

"Oh ma big big baby", she teased as she continued drawing my cheeks. I just pouted and turned my face away. "You know you're evil right"?, I asked.

"So I've been told on some occasions",she smiled.

"Umm, babe"?, She asked gently. Now something is wrong, that's the tone she uses when she's got a crazy favour to ask. The last time she used that tone on me, I ended up in tight yoga pants doing palates in the midst of ladies. It wasn't funny at all.

"No no no, I know that tone. Whatever it is the answer is NO", I retorted while shifting away from her. The one she's done with this game session isn't enough, she wants to do more.

"What"?, She asked. " I didn't even say anything".

"Well whatever it is you want to say, I don't to hear it", I said blocking my ears with my hands.

"Hmm…ok. I was going to tell you about my idea on how to get Hailey but since you're not interested, fine", she shrugged as she took out her phone to press.
Now I wasn't expecting that, at all.

"Alright, go on", I said like I was doing hee a favour by granting her audience while I was really dying to hear what she had to say.

"I thought you didn't want to hear whatever I had to say"?, She asked with that mischievous smirk on her gorgeous face.

"Yeah, I'm not interested", I scoffed, as I took up my game pad to play by myself. As I began playing, I hoped earnestly for her to give in and tell me.

"OK Ok", she finally gave in. "You know you're proud shey…like your ego is as big as Jupiter", she continued. I just smiled as I dropped the pad and faced her.

"Let's spend next weekend at your place", she said and I got confused. She said she didn't feel comfortable there anymore, so why the sudden request?

" I thought you didn't….", I was saying but she caught me off.

"I know I know..but the person who can help us is there", she said and I got confused the more.

"Which person …infact what are you even on about"?, I asked, feeling totally lost on what she was saying.

"OK", she said and took a deep breath. "Promise me you won't freak out when I tell you", she more like demanded than asked.

"OK", I replied quickly.

"I want to go to your house because I want to see someone and that someone is…",she paused as she stared at me nervously.
Now she getting me really worried.

"Is who?..cmon babe, you know you can tell me anything", I said softly so she feel more comfortable. She nodded softly as she took another deep breath.

"It's...it's Beatrice", was what left her mouth and immediately I shifted far from her. I knew it from the instant she used that tone on me, that she'd be up to one of her crazy antics…only that now she's upgraded to dealing with ghosts now…..TBC


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Pls people comment more, it spurs me on. The ending is around the corner. Happy weekend y'all

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Great updates. You are a talented writer. Very engaging and entertaining.
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Thanks for the update. Keep it coming.
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Fola and ojuju beatrice. A wonderful combo
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Dibs 'll be like fola jus tell me yah speaking in the rubbish yah speaking in the nonsense yah speaking in something dah dinor av sense Twale boss me dey follow you like bro j disciple
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 4:14pm On Dec 21, 2020
Thanks alot for the comments, even the ghost ones too lol. Would update tomorrow, let's see what Fola is up to now.

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Nice one. Thanks fr d update
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Dibz's POV

"She's lost it", I whispered to Josh. After the Fola's revelation of her rather blizzard plan, I decided to call the guys over. Maybe they'd be able to understand what the heck she's on about.
Josh came with Tiara while Femi came few minutes later followed by Victor and Debbie. Debbie rushed to hug me immediately she saw me, crying and apologizing. I consoled her and convinced her that all was water under the bridge now, the main issue now was my crazy girlfriend. The first time she came up with the whole "I can see your great grandma Beatrice" thing، I thought she was kidding then or maybe she had a little too much to drink at my family's dinner then and the fact that she didn't bring it up again helped in me discarding it but now she's back with this ridiculous theory again.

" Dude I don't know, you know your mum-"

"Yes I know what my mum told us and that's just a bunch of bull bro. Wait, don't tell me you're actually buying Fola's theory"?, I cut Josh off, getting abit angry that he was even considering in the tinniest bit what Fola said.

"Look man, I'm just saying….she might be right", he said again. It was like he wasn't even listening to me.

"Dibz just chill abit, Ok"?, Femi stepped in. "What if it's actually true your great grandma Beatrice actually shows her self or…ghost to the girls to be married into this family?", He asked. "I mean think about it bro", he continued. "Maybe you should just for a second, take your mind from the insanity of the theory and look at it with an open mind. If Fola sees Beatrice then that means she'll be married into your family, probably to you except she becomes gay or bi overnight and decides to go for Debbie instead".

"Not funny bro", Victor who'd been silent all through chipped in, obviously getting pissed at the last part involving Fola going for Debbie.

"Or who knows, she might eventually go for the your instead, she might have thing for daddies", Josh joked and immediately received a knock on the head from me. It was so reflexive I couldn't even stop myself.

"Alright guys, enough with the joked already. Now from this angle, it doesn't seem so bad, I mean Fola is definitely 'Mrs Manuel' material, right"?, I asked rhetorically and quickly eyed Josh who seemed to want to say something, daring him to say some other rubbish and he quietly closed his mouth and looked else where.

With that, we went back to Fola's sitting room where she sat talking with Debbie and Tiara. I sat down beside her, taking her hand in mine and bringing it up to my lips to kiss. I felt a bit bad with the way I acted, just debunking her idea without even listening to it, no matter how unreasonable it seemed.

"Alright babe, I'm sorry about my behavior earlier. Let's hear your idea", I apologized. She just smiled and took a deep breath, to ready herself to talk. She seemed nervous but I guess that happens when you're seeing a real life ghost.

"So I was thinking that you know, we all have some sort of get together at Dibz's", she started."We'd spend like maybe, four days or five days top".

"Ok…why at Dibz's though, I mean we've all been there countless times for it to be a spot for a getaway or get together. We could use a hotel or Villa outside Lagos. We could use my Dad's resort at Ogun, I can make the call", Vic offered.

"That's the only place she's showed herself to me", Fola said.

"Oh", I said softly, feeling abit scared now. If this is actually true, it means a ghost has been living in our house all this while.

"Ok, how would Beatrice help us with Hailey"?, Josh asked.

"I'm getting to it and the next person that interrupts me again would find my Jimmy Choo stuck in his or her head", Fola retorted looking directly at Josh then at everybody one by one, even me.

"So I'm thinking, we invite Hailey to join us too and..", she saying when Femi was about to raise his hand to indicate he had something to say. A frown quickly sported her face and I signalled to Femi that he should drop his hand if he wanted to leave here alive and he immediately lowered his hand, smiling nervously.

"You", she said turning to me. "You're the one to invite her, she'll only come if you ask her since…since she's obsessed with you. Make her believe we're fighting if you have to, it'd encourage her the more cus she might see it as an opportunity to win you over for herself. The rest of us will have to do everything possible to convince her that the house is haunted by a ghost. I know you want to ask how we're going to do that,well I'll let you know in due time, so who's in?", She asked.

"This is crazy", T sighed. "But I like crazy so I'm in", she finished with an exciting smile on her face and Fola smiled too.

"Obviously", Josh muttered when T said she likes crazy.

"And Josh's in too",T said looking suggestively at Josh, batting her eyelids.

"What?…when did I ever say that I wanted to be locked up with a ghost for five days. Nah, I'm definitely not in", Josh refused instantly.

"Wow, so you're just gon leave your girlfriend by herself to slug it out with a ghost"?, T asked. "Boyfriend of the year, ladies and gentlemen", she mocked.

"Yeah whatever", Josh sighed.

"Ok, such a shame and here I was thinking that this would have given us the much needed time we've not been able to have lately, plus I wanted you to check out the new lingeries I got for……"

"I'm in, I'm in, I'm so in, I've never been so 'in' in my life before", Josh quickly said cutting T off at the mention of lingerie.

"So I guess we're all in then", Femi said. "Let the start of 'the haunted house's begin", Vic chipped in excitedly.

"Too cheesy bro", Josh retorted.

"Corny", T added

"Lame", Debbie seconded.

How they were all cool with the whole ghost thingy was beyond me. Well I guess we just have to see how it goes……TBC


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Thanks for the update
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Nice story
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