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Re: Undecided by YoungBruzzy: 7:46pm On Jan 10
Now I must say that, this is a wonderful piece, I mean, its well interwoven... I give it to you Moura7, you truly got this..

Can't believe that a story got me glued to my phone since dawn. Gosh!! Pls endeavor to give us lengthy updates. Jah bless ya man.
Re: Undecided by Asek1(m): 12:34am On Jan 12
Now am finally here cool

Nice one bro

The plot, the use of words, expressions et al

I just love everything about this story

Ride on bro

I can't wait to read the next update

Moura7 rocks
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 9:37am On Jan 12
Thanks alot Youngbruzzy and Asek1, I really appreciate. New update tomorrow
Re: Undecided by Shedyprosper(m): 7:16pm On Jan 12
God bless you Moura7
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 4:33pm On Jan 15
Hey guys....so so sorry about not updating again on Weds. My phone had issues and I just got it back now after taking it to be fixed. Pls make una no vex too much....will update tomorrow unfailingly. Happy weekend

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Re: Undecided by Aprishyn06(m): 6:56pm On Jan 15
Hey guys....so so sorry about not updating again on Weds. My phone had issues and I just got it back now after taking it to be fixed. Pls make una no vex too much....will update tomorrow unfailingly. Happy weekend
No probs. Tomorrow, then.
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 8:28pm On Jan 16
Dibz's POV

Images from last night flashed through my eyes for the umpteenth time this morning as I sat on a stool in the kitchen sipping hot cup of coffee. Hailey sure looked scared to death from the look on her face when we all gathered to see why she screamed. I'm even surprised she didn't leave last night no matter how late it was.
Maybe we were taking this whole vindication thing abit too far. Where did Fola even get the blood from? I sighed as the thought of Fola crossed my mind, I hadn't spoken to her yet and it's not because I'm angry… Well, Ok I was abit angry that she reacted to my mistakingly pecking Hailey by claiming that all was well blindsiding me while inviting Moe over without asking me when she knows how I feel about him. I don't hate him or anything, but boy, the guy is like perfect and it's only narcissistic dudes that won't feel even the slightest bit intimidated by him. Anyways back to the main ish, jealousy can be cute at times but not this time, she acted pretty petty this time around but well, it's already been done. I know she feels remorseful now and prolly thinks I'm mad at her and the fact that I didn't sleep in my room or our room( this has a nicer feel to it) might all the more make her believe I'm mad at her buy I'm not. I didn't sleep there because Josh dragged me to play games all night while I listened to him whining about how annoying T was and so we ended up crashing in the parlor.

"Hey", Fola greeted softly as she leaned against the doorpost, looking hot in her night wear. She seemed a bit nervous as she slowly walked up to sit on the stool across the other side of the kitchen island.

"Hey", I replied back.

"So um-I'm sorry about yesterday. I acted childish",she apologized.

"Ok",I simply replied.

"Ah ah, babe cmon now. I'm really sorry. I wasn't thinking, I just get so mad at the thought of Hailey or any other girl for that matter being so chummy with you, pls forgive me",she pleaded the more.

"It's all good it's just….you gotta tone the jealousy down abit", I said.

"Yeah I'll try", she replied gleefully as she ran round to sit on my lap.

"So I can kiss you now, shea"?, She asked excitedly. "I've been wanting to do so since yesterday but I thought you were mad at me".

"Uh..yea but have you brushed"?,I asked jokingly and that resulted in me getting punched on the shoulder.

"Like we haven't kissed without washing our mouths before", she said.

"Really"?,I asked feigning ignorance. " I don't recall..", I was saying before she claimed my mouth with hers and immediately my eyes shut.

"You guys are disgusting", Josh groaned as he staggered to the fridge, startling us with his remark.

"Whatever", Fola retorted as she kissed me again disregarding his presence.

"Whatever too", Josh said back being the kid that he was.

"What are we eating this morning I'm famished", he said as he poured himself a glass of milk.

"Don't know, maybe we should ask T what she'd like to prepare this morning", I teased and Fola snorted.

"Not funny man, that's my woman you're making fun of", Josh said.

"Hey guys", Femi said as he walked into the kitchen.

"What we having this morning"?,he asked as he took a glass out.

" Uh… Tiara's cooking...", Fola began but Femi immediately spilled his drink out the minute he heard the name Tiara and we all burst out laughing, including Josh this time.

" Haha..very funny. So glad my misfortune amuses you guys", he said.

"Good morning everyone",Hailey said as she walked in and everywhere became quiet almost immediately.

" What's wrong, why the sudden silence"?,she asked with a lost expression on her face.

"Uh, hey Hales. About last night…", I began.

"Oh that, you guys had me you know",she said smiling and we all looked at each other confused.

"What do you mean"?, Femi asked.

"The whole red paint prank on the wall and then putting the B there, making it look like it was the ghost Beatrice that put it, just after telling some folklore about her being a ghost. I gotta admit you guys nailed it", she said smiling.

Wait!! She thought it was a prank? Well of course it's a prank but she wasn't supposed to know that but then again, the plan wasn't all that fool proof though.

"We..we- we didn't do that. We all were literally all outside the whole night with you so how did we plan it", Fola stuttered as she tried to deny Hailey's honest claims.

"Yeah sure", Hailey replied sarcastically. "Whatever helps you sleep at night. Maybe next time you guys should try to clean off all traces to make it a bit believable. The droplets left a trail which I followed later in the night to some room like a store down the hallway my room was in. Just imagine how stupid I felt when I saw the bucket of red paint or blood or whatever and the brush. Oh wait.…don't tell me, that's Beatrice's room"?, She continued with that smile still on her face and I won't lie, the part where she said 'Beatrice's room?' was funny. I almost laughed if not for the fact that it was Fola she was referring to……….TBC.


Re: Undecided by hotswagg12: 9:22am On Jan 17
Keep em coming. Thanks
Re: Undecided by YoungBruzzy: 4:02pm On Jan 17
@Moura7, please don't keep us waiting for too long ooo... And endeavor to give us lengthy update.. I know its not an easy task but the lord is your strength.. We all believe in you... Gracias brudda.
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 6:58pm On Jan 20
New update tomorrow...this week's been mad with engagements. Hopefully I'd have time to update tomorrow


Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 9:29pm On Jan 21
Dibz's POV

"You guys just had one job, just one small job and you blew it and then got paid. All you had to do was just to write the words and leave without a trace but no, you had to leave a trail of red paint all the way to the store room, bravo", Fola shouted to the guys she'd hired to paint the words in the room Hailey was staying in. She was absolutely furious and I think a huge chunk of the anger came from the fact that Hailey figured her out. She hated being outsmarted and worse more by the person she loathes the most in this world. I just laid on the bed playing with some sort of puzzle cube, trying to match all the colours. As much as I wanted to say 'I told you so' , I knew she was only trying to help myself and my family redeem our name but cmon using the ghost theory? Haba now, that's quite lame but of course I won't tell her that before I become the one who's lame, literally.

"Babeee"?, Fola whined as she stumped her way towards me and laid on me as I was just getting some leeway in my game. I sighed when the cube fell of my hand due to impact from her laying on me.

"You know one of these days I'm going to put you up on all media platforms and say 'Girlfriend for sale' ", I said as i wrapped my arms round her waist, pressing hee more into me( me that was complaining just now).

"Oowwm, stop", she whined again but with a giggle this time.

"On a more serious note babe, I don't know what to do anymore. It'd would have been easier if Beatrice would kindly grace us with her presence", she continued, saying the last part abit loud like she wanted Beatrice to actually hear how angry she was at her.

"Uh, I think you mean grace you with her presence, I know I speak for the rest of the guys when I say I don't want to meet no ghost, especially a vengeful and matchmaking one", I countered.

"Yeah right, I know you're still doubting it but don't worry you'll see soon that she's real", Fola said as she pecked me and stood up.

"No no no, come back. You got me all booed up and now you're leaving? I even forfeited my game and I was this close to solving it", I complained, using my thumb and index fingers to describe how close I was to solving it.

"Aww, sorry lemme just whip something up for us to eat. Hailey ruined my mood earlier and I couldn't cook anything again", she said and skipped off.

"You're evil you know that right?!!", I shouted at her retreating figure.

"Love you too!", She shouted back and I shook my head smiling when I heard a knock on my door and Hailey peeked in.

"Hey, can I come in?",she asked smiling.

"Yeah sure", I permitted as she walked in giving my room as once over.

"So this is where the great Dibz lays his head", she whispered dramatically and I smiled.

"Hey, um..about last night—"

"Oh cmon, it's nothing. It's just a harmless prank friends pull on each other but I don't know…",she paused and looked at me.

"I feel like I'm not wanted here and like I said earlier, I wouldn't want it to seem like I'm imposing or intruding. I just..o just..", she stuttered and all of a sudden grabbed my hands.

"I just wanted to spend some time with you, you know, get some alone time together. You know, we can go somewhere else where we can just be alone, just the two of us", she continued and there was this sense of urgency in her tone, like suddenly she became a junkie in desperate need of drugs.

"Uhmm…..Hales", I started as I carefully took my hand away from hers so as not to trigger any sort of spite as I don't know how she'd react given the instant change in her mood. My fear almost materialized as she frowned deeply when I took my hand away.

"What"!?, She raised her voice up abit. "What… because of Fola? You said it yourself that you and Fola aren't in the best of terms at the moment and she even invited Moe over too, to spite you but I'm here, I'm here",she said taking hold of my hand once more.

"Okay..breakfast, no lunch or brunch, whatever in bed", Fola said as she entered with a tray of food and paused when she saw us. Hailey immediately withdrew her hand and just like that her facial expression returned to normal.

"Hi Fola", Hailey said as she stood up and left but not before pausing at the door and staring at me briefly.

"Babe.. I ..", I began explaining but she beat me to it.

"I heard it all", she said as she set the tray on the bed and sat beside me. "Damn, she really is crazy. I was at the door the whole time", she went on. I sighed a sigh of relief at that, thank God she witnessed the whole thing myself.

"I was about to start cooking when I realised I forgot my phone , wanted to play music so I went back for it only to see Hailey peeking hee head in and then entering fully into the room so I snuck and hid at the door the whole time", she explained.

"She's really out of it", I muttered as I sat back well and then something hit me. " Then how did you still manage to whip something up for us to eat"?, I asked curiously.

"Oh, about that….", she said and opened the coverplates to reveal empty plates. I gasped in shock, mostly because I was actually hungry too.

"Babe, I'm hungry now", I whined.

"I know I'm sorry but I had to think of an escape for you now, one that would not make it seem like we are onto her. I'm sorry, let me order something", she said as she drew my pouting self to her and kissed the top of my head like I was a child. I loved it sha.

Late in the evening, we all gathered in the garden to just chill and talk about stuff. I zoned out at some point cus nothing they were discussing seemed to interest me. Hailey was there too and she was acting all normal like she hadn't just suggested we elope early today when she knew I was fully committed to Fola and she also had a boyfriend. What haunted my thoughts more was that look of sick rage on her face when I took my hand back and was about to politely reject her offer. It was like she was possessed instantly by another personality, like there was some switch in her mind that she could just switch on and off to whole other personality. I know nothing happened but what about later, when we are alone or she's alone with Fola, where there'll be no one to stop her from harming us or even do something crazier. I had to come up with a plan quick to end all this, Hailey's not stable mentally and is a ticking time bomb to us all, she needs to be locked up some place where she can get the help she needs. All the evening different strategies went through my mind but I just couldn't get the perfect foolproof plan, they all had one or two loopholes, and at the moment there was no room at all for any but what to do, we just had to try.

"Hey guys, anyone else feels like this get together thing isn't working"?, I asked interrupting whoever was speaking. I had a plan to try out,it was crazy but worth it.

"Uh…. I mean it's not that bad but it could be better I guess", Femi ever the diplomat answered. No matter how foolish your idea is, Femi would find the most polite way to rebuff it such that you won't feel hurt.

"I thought I was the only one and didn't want to voice my opinion so as not to be tagged a killjoy", Victor added and after that, there were other unified responses except from Fola because it was her idea to stay here so as to seek help from her ghost bestie lol.

" Yeah, so I was thinking maybe we do the get together somewhere else, like another location, somewhere more exotic", I said and got positive responses from them.

"Cool, there's this really cool and exotic reserve in Ogun..", T was saying before I cut her off.

"Uh, sorry for cutting you off T but I was thinking something, international, I mean school is on break, we've got all the time, besides it's just a week tops. Any country at all", I suggested.
"We could even spin a globe and let it decide if deciding by ourselves would be an issue", I added.

"Uh Ok,guess we all have to break our banks now", Vic said.

"Nah, don't stress I've got it covered. Everything covered, I can have a jet ready early tomorrow morning", I said and that brought some hypes reactions from them, even Fola gave me a 'what is it' look as I said I would sponsor everything. I needed everything to work out perfectly and so I wasn't scared to spend some dough to ensure that.

"Bankole himself", Josh hailed.

" Ehh, why Bankole..Is that his new name or what"?, T asked.

" Cus he's got a bank on him", Josh replied smiling, feeling like some sensei. I bet that one got him all sugared up.

"So, it's all settled then. Tomorrow at first light we move", I said and all cheered to it. Great, the first stage is a go, now on to the next one. I turned to look at Hailey and as I sensed she was looking at me too with a coy smile on her face like she knew something was up and then she mouthed 'thank you' to me and I was left confused the more. I was confused at that gesture but then it hit me that maybe she thinks this impromptu trip is a way of me giving in to her earlier demand of me following her to another place where we'd be alone. Joker.

"What's going on babe"?, Fola asked as we came into the room.

"How..you don't want to go on the trip"?, I asked. I already knew what she meant but I need to play dumb now and not give away anything for it to go well.

"No, not that, it's just that…its all impulsive and you..you didn't even discuss anything about it with me", she continued.

"I know, I know…its just that with the failure of the first plan, I just felt we actually needed a real getaway to refresh ourselves, get some exposure and fun. Who knows we might just discover something that'd be of great help to us", I said as i held her worried face and drew her cheeks and smiled.

"Besides, I've got a surprise for you tomorrow", I added and that seemed to get the desired effect. She immediately forgot her worries and became overly anxious about what my surprise was going to be, even I was anxious about what I was going to come up with cus I also said the surprise thingy out of impulse too to throw her off my back.

Tomorrow came quick and fast, we got to our private hanger at our airport where I gave the manager all our passports to carry out all the necessary protocols. Perks of being the owner of an airport, no need to stress over this kind of things. We'd even be in the clouds already before he's done.
Conveniently, they'd spun the globe and it stopped at Italy although I don't fully believe it was spun fairly but who cares.
We all settled in as the hostesses brought some drinks for us to cool off and the security personnel checked everything to ensure all was alright and like that we started our journey.

"Oh sh*t, look at this",Femi said as he waved a gun in his hand. The girls gasped as they saw it but dude was just smiling.

"Woah, what are you doing with a gun"?, Debbie asked scared.

"It's not mine, saw it here. I guess one of the security personnel forgot it here", he replied.

"Well, if that's the case why just keep it and let God use you well on this flight", Vic said as he sipped from Debbie's cup. I wanted to tell him to stop that but I couldn't cus Fola was on my lap drinking her wine. I just don't know why she can't sit on a seat, I mean it practically meant for sitting but somehow she feels more comfortable on my lap, and sometimes it's uncomfortable for me.

"You said you had a surprise for me", Fola whispered in my ear and I smiled. I knew she wasn't letting that one go. Well, here goes nothing. I stood up hitting my glass getting everyone's attention before I started. I didn't plan well for it so I just went with it anyhow.

"Folakemi Alicia Dokubo", I began , my heart beating faster than normal. Out of tension I mistakenly let my glass fall off my hand.

"I'm..I'm..sorry", I bent to pick the pieces but Fola dragged me up immediately.

"Oh please leave the useless glass already and continue silly", she said impatiently while keeping a nervous smile on her face.


"Oh, I know my name just…just..go on..go on", She urged.

"I..I mean …will..you..will you marry me", I asked , facing the floor. One second, two seconds, three seconds..still no answer.

"Uh…you know…you don't have to answer now..take your..", I was saying when she pulled me closer and kissed me. I knew her answer already with that kiss, it was slow and very intimate. There and then, kissing became a means of communication cus everything was understood through that kiss. I knew I was madly in love with her already but now I was lost in it, like I can't find my way back again. It's her or nothing else.

We still kissed admist the Cheers and claps when we heard it. Gboooa! Gboooa! In shock we all turned and saw Hailey with the gun raised up high and then lowered to point at us. She had shot the ceiling of the plan and punctured it causing the plane to become unstable.

"Everybody, get down now except Fola. You my dear, are not going to live to marry my man",she said and pulled the trigger…..TBC

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Re: Undecided by Ven97: 10:53pm On Jan 21
Thanks for the update...

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